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I 6 THE DESERET.rARMER . Saturday, October i7) i9q8.
, , r . mmHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I w4255i5S2r QombauIFm
ikw OILED a i- n i
I k2GARMENTS Caustic Balsam
H IatsT ) are cut on large 4k
H Q&TTxz J patterns. designed Jfl.
sH v; '"'' ) I rw tun mm m '&' asHHtB5l!?QPPtBfH
1 ,o. ra -f:aaw Hm Imitators Bit Ko Competitors.
II A. Safe, Bpeedy and Positive Cure for
Oera, Ifllnt Iweaay, Cappea Keek,
"" " . Hralaea Teadaaf, rtundar, Wis
Fi, as all UnnM freaa f pavla,
j i Mtaa aaa ether feeny tiiim
H Oaraa all aWa iUaMfl er raraaita.
, . Taraak, Blphtkarl. Jtemeva all
run uALt ?sssssl
l W f XttT7 bottlo of Oauatio Salaam aold ii
H Tnrarrmntcd to (rlro aatlaUctfon. 1'iico S1.S0
Hi bula. Sold by dniffgUta, or aont by x
Boiwtll Winter Oats, VX&ti;&l?&
H UaMmeaUla, to. Addraaa ,,
H' BoSWell Winter Barley. ttBeUwrence-Wllllami Ce., Cleveland, 0.
Write for particular!
H J Name and Address. Numbered If Desired.
H LEG BANDS for Poultry. Plgeens, Turkeys
m "" 51 LAKg TAMP co ' Lak un.
National Field and Hog Fence " BIG bargains in Registered
B H-7, ','-" Cr.7-' -Tl Duroc Jersey Swine. Remember I
H . , . L , , , 7TXT ZT . .k'.?. L "Z ZZE am 'the State's Pioneer Breeder and
H 1XIIZI ZTplll . vTlZlfrL g"' jb w' Pav express.
H SsSj-JL AiL Jl:-. JL Ji .-.ii F. R. PEART. Cornisk, Uuk
B KhfbcKtorTlot laHtHlonutwt.ciMU'i'Hno troulil(. ixm't
B buy a Icncu until you lmo wrltttn about IIiIm, ih.p
e Li "ul,mnL nit,.wwib.,i.wi. -r,..? FOR SALK.
H pfnmni r a riii., i 4 uwiiatynu n-nulro urtl w -.
H rSVOtVaSQ lBARBh1f? doMVcW."cc.ou l,,,l,i'ftl Registered Duroc Jersey Swiot.
D'Fanc.C,., DoKa.b,,.,. Kaeaa, Oily. M.. Fo infornaalo it,. or phoaf
1 HARNESS, BUGGY TOPS CollinHon - - Utak
M Dressed with MtAmeiBii
m AI. O CHAPMAN'S 1 R& R R A I N !
H DRESSING A pair of Registered Jerseys, Bull
H Guaranteed to Preserve Leather and and Heifer, for $105.00. They are
H Make it Look Like New. beautic3.
m Whocsalc and Retail by JOSEPH BARKER,
M Z. C. M. I., Salt Lake City. Ogden. Utah. R. D. No. 3
B J. R. ALLEN 8l BROS., Proprietors
1 Breeders and Importers of Perchcron Horses, Short Horn Cattle
M and Cotswold Sheep, We now offer the trade 1,000, 100 to 150-lb. Ram
B Lambs; 300, 200-lb yearling Rams; 500 Ewes. All pure-bredl Cotswold,
M all in, the very best condition. Our Cotswolds lead the world; one of
B our Rams, bred and reared as they are, is wort!, threa brought in from
B Canada or the East. Flock headers a specialty.
H Vim 1 ij "i" iiij' I'm) ' j ' 1 1 t in 1 mi in 1 11 j 1 iimiiiii 'iiin,n n 1 n 1 in
'Edfted by J. C. Hogenson. x
(Continued from page 3)
exceeding twenty-five dollars or inv
prisonment in the county jail not ex
ceeding thirty days;
Pure Seed: No person, firm or cor
poration shall, by himself, his agnjnt,
or as agent or representative of any
other iperson, firm or corporation, sell
or offer for sale or for distribution
upon the market any flowcrhig, gar
den vegetable or agricultural seeds
for the purpose of seeding, sowing or
planting unless the same shall, when
put up and offered in closed packages,
have plainly written or printed there
on in English the name, kind and year
when grown, its percentage of purity
and freedom from foreign matter, its
percentage of germination and the
kinds of impurities, if any. If the
same or any of them be put in open
packages, or other receptacles there
shall be a plainly written or printed
label giving in English the name,
kind, year grown, its percentage of
germination, purity and freedom from
foreign matter, giving the names of
foreign matter present, if any. Any
person, firm or corporation, agent or
'representative who shall violate any
provisions of this section shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and
upon conviction thereof shall be pun
ished by a fine of not less than ten
dollars for each and every offense.
The weed and seed specialist shall
obtain in the open market samples of
seeds of grass, -clover, alfalfa, flower
ing, garden, vegetable or other agri
cultural seeds such as arc in general
cultivation in this state. These sam
ples arc to be forwarded to the Di
rector of the Experiment Station
where the same arc to be tested for
purity and vitality as time permits
and the results published togcthct
with the namvs of persons by whom
the seeds are offered for sale, their
address, the" adulterating ingredients
used, if any, and the percentages o
the same, and such other information
as may be deemed necessary for the
protection of the public. Seven hun
dred and fifty dollars per annum is
hereby appropriated from the mis
cellaneous state fund to the Experi
ment Station for his purpose.
K idly mention the "Deseret Far
mer" wheri writing to or doing busi
nm With our advertisers.
Just reoiivtd a Car of Dry
Land Turkey Red Wheat for I
Seed. I
Salt Lake City
The State Fair this year is really I
very fine, much superior to any for
mer display. The dry farming ex
hibit is most wonderful. Wheat, corn, I
oats, sugar beets, Egyptian corn and
many other rare products arc material I
evidence of what is possible to bring
out from the lands in Utah that can-
not be irrigated. The Moapa exhibit j
of pomegranates and other fruits is
superb. In fruit Salt Lake county f
seems to wear the blue ribbon. Some
of it is perfect, especially the peaches
and apples. The live stock display is
vastly increased this year in size and
many of the animals- arc individually ,
worth the price of admission to sec.
The coach and draft horses seem to
be in preponderance and some of
them arc beautiful monsters.
The shorthorn, Hereford, and Jer
sey cattle arc in evidence in vastly in- j
creased numbers and corresponding j
excellence. Utah is beginning to be I
in real evidence in fruit and domestic 8
animals. The whole display is an I
honor to the state, and the arrange- i
ments arc an honor to the manage- I
ment. It is an educational display I
The Telegram.
There were three judges at the fair i
who have oi national reputation. Mr.
A. J. Knollin who judged the sheep, j
Prof. C. F. Curtiss who judged the
horses and Prof. Erf who scored the
dairy cattle and dairy products. The J
work of these judges was, in the main,
very satisfactory.
Prof. Curtiss who has been a judge
rit the International was heard to re
mark' that he had seldom, if ever,
Jteppcd into a better ring of horse
flesh than that which he found here
last week. Utah made a showing in
horses of which any state might well
be proud.
The Agricultural College and Ex- K
periment Station had a variety of dis- K
plays, all of which were extremely in- KJ
tenesting. The. State press made very B
fnyorflbjc ppmment pn this exhibit. SJ

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