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Saturday, November x4. x. THE D ESERET FARMER -.T . 111
m excellence. And, yet that is just what
m must be done to combine the two at-
H tributes.
H Now, the same law applies to brccd-
H ing birds for table use, but in a dif-
B fcrcnt way. For a fine roaster, we
H want a fowl with a. well developed
breast, long keel and short legs. None
H fill the ideal better than the Orping
B tons or Wyandottcs, for they possess
H these characteristics in a marked' dc
V grcc and both breeds mature quickly;
B they arc also exceptionally good fry
H crs and the mature hens make cxccl
I lent stews. Who is there with a taste
I so uneducated that he can not apprc
M ciatc savory stewed chicken and
dumplings. Can you convince the
I public that one of these full plump
breasted birds is no better for the
1 table than one with long, narrow
I breast, short body and long big
thighs? In breeding for table use, the
birds should be selected as carefully
and systematically as for exhibition
or laying qualities, but in this instance
we would select females with long
I keels, full breast and short shanks
and strive to develop these character
istics year after year. Such traits will
be transmitted just as faithfully and
accurately to the progeny as any oth
er traits and a strain developed just
as distinct in type and as superior to
the ordinary type as the O. T. C. or
Poland China is to tlve ordinary hog.
Tf there is any one class of people
who ought to be more interested in
breeding utility stock than others, it
is the great farming element. With
unlimited range and facilities for pro
ducing feed-stuff cheaply and in abun
dance, there is every incentive to pro
duce utility stock of high exccHcncc.
The brcd-to-lay strains arc rapidly
taking the place of the barnyard mon
grel and choice market fowls arc mak
ing their appearance in greater num
Ibors each year. Under ordinary farm
conditions, such utility stock can "be
made highly profitable and with but
little expense attached. Its a. mighty
nice thing to be able to take in a few
dozen plump farm fattened fryers or
roasters to market on the weekly
trips to town pays for a lot of nice
things that the human heart has a
fashion or longing for, and its just as
nice, if not a Wttle more so, to be
able to talje in a big tub of nice fresh
eggs on those weekly trips. Butter
is a nice factor to bring in the wished
for joys, but gathering nice .clean
rresh eggs isn't as hard work as mak
ing butter, and' its a mighty poor kind
of man, woman, boy or girl that
doesn't feel a joy and constant de
light in the musical cackle that heralds
the approach of clanking silver in ex
change for those eggs.
In breeding utility stock, it should
be the aim of the breeder to special
ize keep one kind or the other the
kind that lays or the kind for table
use. Ail purpose fowls are well
enough in their way for those who
desire them, but if profit is sought,
specialize iby all means keep only
the kind that lays, or a strictly high
class market fowl.
The most enthusiastic meeting of
the Utah State Poultry Association
held since last season was that which
convened in regular monthly session
at the Commercial Club Thursday.
Most "everybody" was there and all
were alive with interest. The annual
poultry show, now only two and a
half months away, was the all-absorbing
topic, and discussion of the propo
sition was thorough. Action was tak
en fixing the date for the show, Janu
ary 25th to 30th. It was decided to
again endeavor to secure the services
of D. T. Heimlich to judge the event,
and many minor matters in connec
tion with the exhibit were practically
disposed of, so that the affa.. is well
launched and in motion with a force
of enthusiasm and interest that leaves
no possible doubt that 1908-9 show
will be the ibiggest and best ever held
in the state.
The general enthusiasm manifested
at the Utah State Poultry Association
inciting Thursday night was prolific
of immediate good results in the camp
of the "Red" Men. After adjourn
ment of the association meeting, the
breeders of Rhode Island Red poultry
went into session and organized as a
State Branch of the Rhode Island Red
Club of America. Hugh W. Smith,
the well known "Red" specialist, was
clccticcS president, George Coulam,
vice-president, and E. W. Anderson,
secretary-treasurer. The Rules and
By-Laws of the national parent body
were adopted as the form of govern
ment. At the next State exhibition the
"Red" men will present six handsome
silver cups to be competed for by
breeders of their favorite birds three
from the National Single Comb
Rhode Island Red Association of
America, and three from the State
Branch the cups from the state or
ganization to be won twice before be
coming the absolute property of win
ner. The first of these splendid' tro
phies will be given to the exhibition
showing finest exhibition scoring 91
or ibetter, the second to the next best
bunch scoring over 90, and the third,
the "Shcpard" cup, which is present
ed to the "Red" men by the irrepres
sible enterprising and public-spirited
"Shcpard, the Magazine man," will
go to tlvc third exhibitor in the 91 or
over class. There will be some tweri-ty-fivc
ribbons awarded to winners
The cups arc all of exceeding beau
ty, and as an incentive for "Red" mten
to make effort and preparation for the
prize pen should certainly prove very
attractive. Undoubtedly with these
for leaders the Rhode Island Red
breeders will come down to the an
nual exhibit with a showing that will
far eclipse anything ever before seen
in our sUtc. The local dues of the
association arc merely nominal, hence
not burdensome, and the promoters
expect to line up every "Red" in the
The Wyandotte people expect to in
ject new life and vigor in their local
organization at next association meet
ing by holding an auxiliary meeting
that night. All Wyandotte "sports"
should be there.
The Pigeon men will be given some
thing special at the coming show.
WANTED. To buy 30 hens and
Spring Chickens. 'Phone, Murray,
09-K or address, Poultry Farm, 786
Scott Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah.
We need FRESH EGGS and TURKEYS. Wewantanegg
collector in each locality. Quotations cheerfully furnished.
(Partial List)
Rhode Island Reds.
Anderson, E. W., 234 S. 10th East M
Barnes, W. D., Kaysville. M
Coulam, Geo., 751 E. 2nd South. M
Cramer, C, 15th South and 3rd East M
Cox., J. H., 2140 S. 9th East. M
Duncan, L. C, 1075 8th East. M
Druk, J. W., 1885 S. 7th East.
Farley, A. B., 1325 State. M
Hewlett, O. H. 125 E. 7th South.
Home, J. L,. 235 E. nth South. '
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville. M
Larscn, E., 346 18th St., Ogden. H
Parsons, E. A., 79 N. 7th West H
Poultcr, Geo. A., Ogden. H
Simmons, A. F. 2456 Pine St. H
Smith, Hugh W., 858 E, 1st South.
Sharman, Geo., 716 E. 1st South. H
Thomas, M., 468 7th St.
Woodficld, Wm, Ogden, R. D. 3.
Vadncr, C. S. Forestdale.
Anderson, J. H., 665 5th Ave. H
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. Temple
Crawford Bros., Manti. H
Carter F., Provo. H
Cox, J. IT., 2140 S. 9th East. H
Day, S. O., 725 7th Ave.
Erickson, C. E., 875 E. 5th South.
Gorlinc, C. S., 1224 E. 12th South.
TTaslam, J. W., 544 W. 3rd North.
Hagman, J. D., 226 N. 2nd West.
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville. H
Maxson Hy., 2009 E. 12th South. H
Peterson, John, 1608 S. 3rd East. H
Sheffield, Geo. B., Kaysville.
Stewart, W. W., Kaysville. H
Ward, Fred, 354 E. nth South.
Vawdrcy, Thos., Draper.
Plymouth Rocks. H
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. Temple
Cramer, C, 15th South and 3rd East.
Day, S. O., 725 7th Ave.
Duncan, D., 234 S. 7th East,
Linncll, W. H., 209 E. 12th South.
Maxson, Hy 2009 E 12th South.
Pinnock, H. IT., 870 E. 4th South.
Spiers, Geo. A., 824 E. 6th South. H
Trump. C. J., rear 451 S 8th East H
Adm Earl, 751 East Fifth South.
Wyandottcs. H
Adams, J. M., 357 S. 5th East.
Anderson, J. H., 665 5th Ave.
Aldrich, Ira R., Rupert, Ida. fl
Betts, A., Calder's Station.
Carlwright T H., 29 N West Temple
Kcndricks, J. H., rear 836 S. 5th East
Solomon, R H., 1756 S. 5th East.
Simmons. A. F 2456 Pine St.
Sander C J 906 Lincoln Ave.
Sheffield, Geo B., Kaysville. fl
Stewart, W. W., Kaysville.
ctnckley. Geo F 7TT 6th Ave. H
Young, H. J., 229 East nth South. M
White, Chas T 843 E. 3rd South.
Black Minorcas.
Haslam. J W . 544 W 3rd North.
Kcndricks. J H rear 836 S. 5th East '
Solomon. R H 1756 S 5th East. M
Smith. Hugh W 858 E. 1st South.
Vogcler, A' H 74 Q St M
Orpingtons. H
Plummer. Dr C G , 535 E. 1st South.
Cook A R., 1 129 E 6th South.
Gorlinc, C. S.. T224 E 12th South.
Vawdrcy, Thos Draper.
McGfcie, R. L., 1464 State St.
Games. '
Bergen, F., Centcrvtlle.
J. W. Smith, R. D. 4, Murray. 1
Smith L. L., Calder's Sta.
Springer, S.,
urpin, Geo. M., Logan. I
Kindly mention the "Descret Far- I
mer" when writing to or doing busi- fl
ness with our advertisers. I

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