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( I
! into buff, but the R. I. Red Standard
calls for clear red undercolor, free
1 from slate, which is one of the points
-. which separates the breeds.
In all the above I have not said one
word about condition, but for the love
of poultry, don't send a bird to a
show that is not in the pink of con
dition, for sickness is often contracted
by the healthiest birds, and the 1osj
of a valuable show bird is something
I one never ceases to regret.
I Our doctor's son at home always
wanted chickens, but never attained
I his desire until he was married and
I settled in a home of his own. Then
I "Gene" bought a sitting of the best
I eggs he could get from a veteran
Brirrcd Rock breeder and raised a
1 en of beauties. He exhibited them,
and won over the veteran himself.
A prouder fellow I never saw, and his
joy was the delight of all who knew
him. Even his skeptical father en
joyed his victory, and the way he
hung around that pen was a sight to
sec. Well, a couple of weeks after the
show, his father stopped me on the
street to tell me that "Gene's" cock
erel had dicd. I tried to console him
by telling himi how many I had lost
from show room colds, but he testily
stopped me, saying, "You arc an old
soldier and arc used to it, but this is
poor 'Gene's first birds." Verily, I
thought, the Frenchman Rider Hag
gard tells about has lots of relatives.
You know the Frenchman was dread
fully frightened when the boat shot
into the side of the mountain, in the
underground river, and in the dtirk
ncss, amid the roaring waters of that
dreadful cavern, he prayed his prayer.
"O Lord save me, never mind the
rest, let them drown, for they arc
used to it, "but 01 Dear Lord, do save
One word in parting and I am done.
I Don't bank too much on winning. Do
the best you can, and await the out
come with patience, and remember
this motto: "Blessed1 arc they who
expect nothing, for they shall not be
Like Sparking.
Judge Chas. McClave, the genial
and popular ex-President of the A'. F.
A. says: "Fitting birds for the show
room is like sprucing up to go spark
ing, and it is no worse to put a bird
. in the best condition possible than
for a pretty girl to curl her hair when
.she expects a beau." But remember
$thart .missing feathers will count
against a bird just the same as"
hough they were present and off
colored, perhaps more, and where
birds have broken their wing-flights
fighting through fences, it detracts
from tlieir chances of winning. Mrs.
Mctcalf in California Cultivator.
Kindly mention th "Deseret Far
mer" when writing to or doing busi
ness with our advertisers.
WANTED. To buy 30 hens and
Spring Ctfickens. 'Phone, Murray,
69-K or address, Poultry Farm, 786
Scott Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. .
Teacher Now, Bobby, what is the
population of New York?
Bobby Geel How kin I tell, when
dcrc's a new bunch ur emigrants
comes every week.
Single and Rose combed Brown Leghorn Cockerels tor
sale at from $2 to $5 each Remember we can sell you
Birds much cheaper now than in the spring.
We need FRESH EGGS and TURKEYS. We want an ege
collector In each locality. Quotations cheerfully furnished.
Line-bred farm raised, pure Hansen strain; standard color, shape and M
size. A few very fine Cockerels for sale. m
LOUIS C. DUNCAN 1075 so. 8th east 1
Taf t and Sherman Won! I
:So have J
Incubators and Brooders I
With the new models there is absolute-
ly no GUESSWORK Heat, Moisture 1
; and Ventilation, measured and regulat- I
ed to a Scientific nicety j 1
; Porter -Walton Co. I
Salt Lake City f
Agents for Utah and Idaho I
. . -
(Partial List)
Rhode Island Reds. H
Anderson, E. W., 234 S. 10th East. H
Barnes, W. D., Kaysvillc.
Coulam, Geo., 751 E. 2nd South.
Cramer, G, 15th South and 3rd East H
Cox., J. H., a 140 S. oth East.
Duncan, L, C, 1075 8th East.
Druk, J. W.. 1885 S. 7th East.
Farley, A. B., 1325 State.
Hewlett, O. H. 125 E. 7tk South.
Home, j. L.. 235 E. nth Soutk. H
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville. M
Larsen, E., 346 18th St., Ogden. H
Parsons, E. A., 79 N. 7th West H
Poultcr, Geo. A., Ogden. H
Simmons, A F., 2456 Pine St. M
Smith, Hugh W., 858 E. ist Sotk.
Sharman, Geo., 716 E. iat Soutk. H
Thomas, M., 468 7th St.
Woodfield. Wm. Ogden, R. D. 3.
Vadner, C S., Forcstdale.
Leghorns. H
Anderson, J. H., 665 5th Are. H
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. Temple
Crawford Bros., Manti. H
Carter F., Provo. H
Cox, J. H., 2140 S. 9th East. H
Bay, S. O., 75 7th Ave.
Erickson, C. E., 875 E. 5th South.
Gorline, C. S., 1224 E. 12th South,
Haslam, J. W., 544 W. 3rd North.
Hagman. J. D., 226 N. 2nd West. H
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville. H
Maxson Hy., 2009 E 12th South. H
Peterson. John, 1608 S 3rd East. H
Sheffield. Geo. B Kaysvillc. H
Stewart. W W., Kaysvillc. H
Ward. Fred. 354 E nth South.
Vawdrcy. Thns.. Draper H
Plymouth Rocks. H
Bird J. W & Sons. 2222 S W Temple
Cramer, C, 15th South and 3rd East
Day. S O., 725 7th Ave.
Duncan. D., 234 S. 7th East. H
Linnell. W H., 209 E 12th South.
Maxson. Hy.. 2000 E. 12th South. H
Pinnock. H H., 870 F 4th South.
Spiers, Geo. A., 824 E. 6th South.
Trump C J., rear 451 5 Rth TCant
Adorn Earl, 75i Fast Fifth South,
Wyandottes. H
Adams, J. M., 357 S. 5th East.
Anderson, J, H., 665 5th Ave.
Aldrich. Tri R,. Rupert. Ida.
Betts, A., Calder's Station. H
Carlwricrht T H., 20 N West Temple
Kendricks. J H., rear 836 S ;th East
Solomon. R H.. I7?6 S 5th East.
Simmons A R, 246 Pine St H
Sander C J., 006 Lincoln Ave. H
Sheffield. Geo B Kavsville.
Stewart, W W. Kaysville
Stnrklev Geo F 7tt 6th Avf
Young, H. J., 229 East nth South. H
White, Chas T 8n T , 3rd South.
Black Mlnorcas. H
Haslam. J W S44 W ird North.
Kendricks T H.. rear 836 S. ;th East
Solomon R H iik6 S sth Fast
Smith Hutth W . R;R E Tst South
Vogeler. A' H 74 0 St
Orpingtons. H
Plummer Dr C G 535 F. ist Sot1i
Cook A R . TT20 F 6th South
Gorline, C. S.. ma F 12th South
Vawdrey, Tho Draper.
Houdans. H
McGkie, R. L.. u6. State St.
Games. H
Be.rgen, F., Ccn-rAri11e. H
J. W. Smith, R. D. 4, Murray.
mith L L., Calder's Sta. H
Springer, S.. H
Turnin Geo M Logan,
Kindly mention the "Deseret Far- H
mer" when writing to or doing busl- I
pess with orady.tctl8ersf.,: -,. -

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