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of order. I pus.li dose peg in yust so
far as I can, but notting will come
no egg, no tbuttcr, no nottings."
When Harold was four years old,
he went up town to spend a nickel
that had been given to him. At the
toy store he found "just a dandy
horn," but, unfortunately for him, it
cost ten cents.
I The Rev. Father O'C , who was
standing near, noticed the little fel
low's disappointment, and said, "I
will tell you how to earn the other
nickel, Harold. If you tell, me what
I am (thinking to sec if the little
child knew the word "priest") I will
pay you a nickel."
Harold was a very shy child, but the
thought of the dandy horn that would
be his very own finally overcame his
timidity, and he stammered, "Well
well yoUr'rc an Irishman."
He got the nickel. Exchange.
"Taking an early vacation as I did,
I was the only man at the summer re
sort." "Got lots of attention from the
women, I s'posc?"
I "Couldn't have gotten more if I
had been a convicted murderer."'--Washington
"I can sec you're worried1 about me,
dear," said the very sick man.
"Oh, not at all," replied his wife
"But why do you look so gloomy,
j then?"
"I was thinking whether my seal
skin sacque would be considered
mourning."r-PhiJadelphia Press.
1 n
An Exchange tells this:
An Indiana- hardware dealer getting
provoked because his customers failed
to show up with the coin they owed,
( pasted on the front of his building a
notice which read: "This sign is for
the people who owe . me andi don't
come inside; watch this space their
names will appear." It is said that
thc notice attracted much attention
rrnd comment, but the merchant did
Jlbt find it necessary to print any
. . names.
It has been said that "work is what
you don't want to do. If you want to
do it, it's play." Then would it not be
much better to make play of our
work? A" child will exert itself phy
sically for an hour or more at play
and not tire; but give it something
not half so hard to lo, and call it
work,' and it soon tires of it. Our
lives might often (be made much hap
pier if wc could go about our daily
duties as a child docs about its play.
Can't wc learn a lesson from the
child. Dallas Retail Merchant.
1 , n
Lucilc, a carefully brought up little
girl of five years, returned from her
first party in great glee.
"I was a good, girl, mamma," she
announced, "and talked nice all the
"Did you remember to say some
thing pleasant to Mrs. Townsend just
before leaving?" her mother asked.
"Oh, yes, I did," was the enthusias
tic reply. "I smiled and said, 'I en
joyed myself, Mrs. Townsend; I had
a lot9 better dinner than I thought I'd
have.' "-Exchange.
If you come down to the store some
morning with a strong wind blowing
from the cast, just caution the clerks
to hold themselves steady and be par
ticularly pleasant and agreeable, be
cause the devil and all will be to pay
with your customers. There is some
thing about an cast wind that plays as
unfavorably upon people's nerves as
docs a tom-cat concert on the back
fence. White House Magazine.
Kindly mention the "Dcacrct Far
mer" when writing to or doing fcust
Hets with our advertisers.
Owing to our extensive circulation,
market reports must be closed Wed M
ncsday noon. Figures quoted are Salt
Lake wholesale prices. These quota-
tiohs arc given at the request of many H
subscribers and ire furnished and cor M
rected weekly by the responsible firm H
C-f Vogclcr Seed and Produce Co. H
Butter and Cheese. H
Creamery butter, 25 to 35c; cheese, H
full cream, 14 to 15c H
Vegetables. H
Cabbage, par lb., ic.; Potatoes, 80c. H
per cwt.
Poultry and Egg.
Live hens 11 to 12c. per lb. H
Dressed hens 12 to 13c per lb. H
Eggs, per case, $8.50 to $9.00; Ranch H
eggs, No. 1, $12.00. 'S
Grain, Hay and Flour. H
Wheat, per 100 lbs., $1.60; corn, 100 H
lbs., $1.70; chop corn, 100 lbs., $1.75; H
oats, per 100 lbs., $1.60; barley, per 100 H
rolled, $1.35; bran, per 100 lbs., $1.25;
flour, high patent per 100 lbs., $2.40; H
straight grade, per 100 lbs., $2.20; al- H
falfa, baled, 55c. cwt.; timothy, baled,
70c. cwt; straw, baled, 35c. H
Honey. H
Honey, case, $2.75 and $3-00, ex-
tractcd, 7c, lb. I
- " "- -- "- "' I
("Tour of the Tourist" I
' :. I
Ij5j3j$3 REMARKABLE event in the history of automobiledom was the tour of I
IIIIm more lan thirty Tourist cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco and return, . , I
'Ui August 12th to 22d, 1908, carrying 94 men, women and children. k I
( This tour differs radically from any previous automobile run in that practicallj I
1 ( every car was operated by its owner instead nf a professional driver, thus demonstrating ; ; I
. ; simplicity and ease of operation, and provin ; forcibly that the Tourist is an owner's 1 I
( car so simple in operation and mechanism as to enable the novice to negotiate the f I
, severest test to which an automobile could be put. I
j vThis mbre-than-a-thousand-mile-run was successfully accomplished without mishap f 1
, or accident, and will live long in the annals of automobiledom as a glowing testimonial
to .mechanical genius and constructional ability. m
, ; The Type "KM Touring Car, that powerful, iturdy T The Type "O" Tourist Roadster represents the cuU
Western pant which earned luch an enviable reputation mination point in two-cylinder automobile construction. W
1 the past few year, it two-cylinder car of remarkable All the features of the now famous model "K" are here
ability. blended with the racy, chic line of the high-priced
lu construction U the very acme ef simplicity, and fcs roadster. m
1 accomplishment! havo earned for its makers world-wide Nothing on the market today can compare favort ;ly
' renown. I I with the type "O" for all around S
This car. beautifully finished in a serviceability, style, reliability and low W
choice of four colors 22 H. P. I l DDlNfflRD P""' , r . r . i . M
five-passenger removable tonneuu, U Ji i DIlAllur Usl U This car with a finely finished
$1300 at Lm Angele. mink on rear sells for $1300. With jK
1 Tourltl Cars t .J covered by vasy SALT LAKE CITY Bla rumble seat on trunk, $1325;
i ' -)"beral guarantee, and with the factory with double individual seat ot U
el at had to replace all juts quickly. UTAH was. $1350. F. O. B. Lee Asi

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