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H 8 THE DESERBT TARMlGR satukpay, December 12, 1908.
I Put yonr Cream in thi
JENSEN "Blue Top" Cans,
wire the lids to the cans;
see that the name "JENSEN
Lake City, Utah," is on the
shlppiig tac, alse your
name and pest office ad-
dress. Take the cans te
the nearest railway station;
If you do not have the
JENSEN "Blue Top" Cans,
I write er 'phone us for them;
I ise enly the "Blue Top"
Salt Lake City, Utah
H WANTED Real estate man who
H can interest party to assist us lo-
H eating monopolizing manufacturing
H home industries near natural gas
H belt. The product is indispensable
H and used by every family three
H times a day; cost 5 cents; sells for
H 35 cents by the car lor.db. We have
H got the dough and do bake the
H bread. The bi-products alone will
H more than pay for the entire plant
H within the first six months. Interest-
H ed parties desiring to locate a new
H'' and profitable home industry that
H pays big returns and costs 60 little
H, to start in small country towns, will'
H please communicate before John D.
H Rockefeller gets busy with yours
truly, Carl von Hartzfclt Co.,
' Wheeling, W. Va. Particulars re-
lating to Denatured Alcohol mailed
Hi rcc'
H MKKF Trade Marks
H Tnllfr Designs
rrrT Copyrights &c.
IH Anyone tending a sketch and description may
H quickly ascertain our opinion free wliother au
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li Scientific American.
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H year j four months, $1. Bold by all newsdealers.
Wc arc in receipt of an inquiry
from West Jordan as to the much
mooted question of feeding fat into
milk. Our correspondent complains
that the cream buyer finds no more
butter fat in his milk after he began
feeding a liberal quantity of grain
than before. He thinks that there
must be something wrong with the
The Descrct Fanner has often dis
cussed this question. All authorities
arc agreed that fat cannot be fed into
the milk. A' recent experiment by
Dr. Jordan of the New York Experi
ment Station seems to settle the mat
ter conclusively:
A Jersey cow, young and vigorous,
was chosen for the experiment. She
was thin in flesh and about four
months advanced in the period of
lactation. At first the cow was given
11 normal ration, consisting of untreat
ed timothy hay, commcal, ground
oats and wheat gluten. Her produc
tion with this ration was recorded.
Then her food ration was changed
and she received the same kinds of
feed, but with the fat taken out of
them. Wheat gluten is fat free nat
urally. Now if a cow must get her milk fat
directly from the food she cats, then
something out of the usual should
happen with a cow so nourished.
Never before had a sow been feed a
ration with practically no fat in it.
What did happen was the usual the
cow went right on making normal
milk. Indeed she even gained in
weight during the trial. When the
summaries were taken, Jordan found
that during the trial the cow had pro
duced 62.9 pounds of fat in her milk.
During this period she had1 taken in
with all her food only 11.6 pounds of
fat, of which she digested only 5.7
pounds. During this time she gained
47 pounds in weight. She was in bet
ter condition than when the experi
ment started, and some of this better
ment must naturally have been fat
added to the body. Thus, after more
than half a century of battling among
the scientists, it lias been settled be
yond peradventure that the cow need
not have fat in her food with which
to put fat into her milk.
From whence then comes the fat
in the milk of the cow? Animal
physiologists place the protein of
feeding stuffs first in importance.
Physiological chemists generally
started in their path by Licbig and
Boussingaullt have given the protein
in the food the first place, and this
properly. Some of these would have
the fat in the milk and in the body as
well derived wholly from this source.
Jordan determined the total amount
of protein given this cow during the
experiment. He conducted digestion
trials by which he found out what
part of the total protein went into the
body proper and what proportion
came out in the solid excrement such
portion having never really been in
the proper, he determined how much
was passed off as waste through the
urine and what appeared in the casein
and albumen of the milk, which is
the protein portion of that fluid. The
results of the studies in this line show
beyond question ithat only an incon
siderable part of the fat in the milk
at most could have come from the
protein in the food
By elimination wc have left then
the carbohydrates as the main source
of the fat in the milk of the cow un
der study. The carbohydrates in the
foods used consisted of starchy mat
ter and woody fiber principally. Na
turally wc do not think of these as
capalble of producing 'fat, and yet
there is no question of the truthful
ness of this proposition when we
have examined all of the data of the
experiments. The cow is one of the
animals that does not care for and
seems to be unable to use any con
siderable amount of fat in her food.
Dogs and humans arc lovers of fat.
The cow docs not require a consider
able athount of protein in her food
much more than she puts into her
milk or is required to maintain the
protein waste of her body. Protein
seems to be the stimulant and main
tainor of the animal organism, fur
nishing a stimulus that has to do with
the conversion of starchy matter,
woody fiber and sugar which plants
contain into milk fat. It seems to be
left, however, for the carbohydrates
the sugar, starch and woody fiber
of feeding stuffs to be used in sup
plying the heat and energy of the
body and for buildSng up the fat and
sugar portions of the milk.
The Elgin Dairy, Salt Lake City,
pays the highest market price for
cream at all times and gives absolute
ly the correct test. We offer no
premiums, for any farmer knows they
pay the premium in the long run. Wc
arc doing an honest, legitimate busi
ness and want your cream. Send
your crcami in Red cans and we will
send you pay for all the cream ' de
livered. ELGIN DAIRY CO.
The creamery patron has cash to
spend every month in the year.
How did you get along without that
manure spreader for so many years?
Low wages and frequent changes
in butter makers will ruin any cream
cry. Corn is not a milk making food
and should only tc used to balance
a ration.
Don't try to keep a cow .for milk
ami beef. She will disappoint you at
the milk pail.
Don't guess at results. It's too
expensive and it doesn't ."get" a man I
very much.
IE your cows like to sec you come
around you can rest assured that you
arc kind to them.
Plan on attending the state dairy
convention in your state. It will be
money and time well expended.
Every hand separator is built to
handle a certain amount of milk.
Don't try to crowd it too much.
Rich Eastern farmers arc coming
West and paying fancy prices for land
in the vicinity of good creameries.
The cream should be cooled imme
diately after separating, no matter
what disposition is to be made of it.
If there is anything a creamery
patron is justified in kicking about
it is when the skim milk is not heat
ed! sufficiently 'at the factory.
The best way for our dairymen to
insure high prices for dairy products
is to make them so good that the
people can't help eating them. Ex.

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