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consTiPATiori I &mmrAmv Fo& Wcnm
im4 BUN u
pation. In hit
r i. f..
Munyon's Paw
Pair 1'illa are ua
like all other laia
tives or cathartics.
'1 hey coat the liver
into ai'-vity by
K' iitle methods.
I hey do not scour;
they do net gripe;
they do ni t weak
en; but ther do
aurt all the accre
tions of the liver
an.l stomach in a
ay that aoon putt
th-w organ in a
luaithy condition
and corrects cotiati
oiiinnin cons'.iTntiou
a resnon-ihle for 1110M ailments. There
an? thirty -two Icet o! i.uuuin nowei-,
which is roilly a sewer pipe When this
pipe becomes clogged, the whole system
becomes poinmcd, cunning hi.icunejs, ill
difjcntion unit impure blood, which often
produces rheuiiimtism and kidney ail
ments. No woman who sufferg with con
tipation or any liver complaint can ex
pect to have a clear complexion, or enjoy
good health.
Mmyou's Paw-Paw Pills are a tonic;
to the" stomach, liver nnd nerves. They
Invigorate instead of weakening; ttu-y
enrich the blood instead of impoverish
ing it; they enable the stomach to get
all the nourishment from food that ia
put into it.
These pills contain no calomel, no dope,
they arc soothing, healing and stimu
lating. They school the bowels to act
without physic. Price 25 cents.
s Year Health
Worth 10c?
That's -what it costs to fet a week's
treatment of CASCAR.ETS. They
do more for you than any medicins
on Earth. .Sickness generally shows
and starts first in the Bowels and
Liver; CASCARETS cure these ills.
It's so easy to try why not start to
night ana have help in the morning?
Till IMrccloIre Frock.
Ins, languid lim- unbroken by a frill,
Superfluous! festoons reduced to nil,
A figure like n seal renred up on end
And poking forwnrd with n studied bend;
A aliortixh neck Imprisoned in a rufl".
Skin-fitting sleeves that show a stint of
A waist promoted half way up the buck.
And not a sliroil tlmt's comfortably
slack ;
multitude of but tons, row on row.
Not there for business merely iimde tor
skirt whose mender gores neoessilute
The wnddle of a Chinese lady s gnit.
A "IiumIi.v tocpie extinguishing the Hair
As if a gi.'Hit hand had crushed it there
Behold the latest mode: and write be
A winter blossom bursting from its
sheath.' "
oinl That Won't Full Oat.
Tliore Ik no lonu;tr nny reason for
romcn losing their backcombs. A Mas
sachusetts 111:111 litis devised ft coin!)
that "stays put
and will not come
out unless the hair
comes off, so wom
en with detachable
puffs must anchor
It securely. This
comb Is made lu
two parts, one of
which Is a plain
comb with nix-r-t
tires nt the top.
anil the other n
plate, on which is
CASCARETS ioc a box for a week'i
treatment, all druggists. Biggest seller
union t
la the world. Mill
boxes a month.
klenrr Vlll'a Antlirina San br Ca
thedral Choirs.
"The first of the English sovereigns
who won fame as a composer was
Henry VIII. Many of his anthems are.
ting to-day by cathedral choirs. Ho
also wrote a melodious effusion. 'Now
Fayre, Fnyrest off Every Fnyre,' to
quote the original title, for the mar
riage of his sister, Margaret, with
James IV of Scotland," suld Miss Alys
Lorraine, in the Imdoa Chronicle.
"Charles I was another composer
and I am Including In my program his
affective setting of Thomas Carew's
poem 'Mark How the Blushful Mora.
"I think everybody knows that Queen
Victoria was a fine singer and a good
pianist, and the late Prince Consor
was most zealous In popularizing the
art In this country. The majority of
Prince Albert's compositions have been
collected and published. Of the pres
ent members of the royal family the
most distinguished as a composer
Princess Henry of Bottenberg.
Turning aside to foreign courts, the
German emperor has won some fame
for his 'Song of Aeglr,' which la in
cluded in my program. The lnte Duke
krtoeh thpforecelrn cnif rhpranhtp
brother of the prince consort, composed
several operas.
"Marie Antoinette will be represent
ed In the program by her setting of
' Florlan's 'C"est Mon Ami,' and from the
many works of the Saxon monarch An
thony the Good, who died In 1830, I
have chosen a song he composed In cel
ebration of the birth of his nephew,
Prince Clement.
"Who was the greatest royal com
poser? Well, I should think that honor
might fall to the nephew of Frederick
the Great, Prince Louis Ferdinand of
Prussia, who was killed at the battle
f Saalfeld."
the carrying, the gold or silver mount
ing or whatever there is of ornamenta
tion. This plate has projections on It
that fit into the apertures lu the top of
the comb proper, and by catching a few
strands of hair, between the parts be
fore they are joined the whole will be
kept in place. Many a valuable comb.
jewel-studded or otherwise costly, has
been lost through working its way out
of the hair ami falling to the ground or
floor unnoticed. With this new device
in use there will 1m- no danger of such
misfortune, and my lady may wear the
most costly hair ornament without
1 II 111
111 w 3m
illUtf Jy
(fa One Wsntu to lo It, bat So
llnt W III Wear .No Longer,
When you have it Job of pnlntln
floiie, you don't expect to have It dont
over apaln very soon. Hut to make a
lusting Jolt, several tilings must I
inken Into consideration the propel
line to palnl the condition of the
surface the kind of materials to u
etc. A'l these matters are fully cov
ered In the apecIHeatlons, which ran
be had free by writing National Lead
Company, Itsrj Trinity P.ulldlng, New
York, and asking for IViiseowner'
rotating Outfit No. I!. The Outfit also
Includes n book of color scheme, for
both Interior atid exterior painting,
and a simple Instrument for detecting
adulteration In the paint materials.
The outfit will solve niaiiy painting
problems for every house owner.
Meantime when buying paint see that
every white lead keg bears the fatuous
Dutch P.oy Painter tiiulemnrk, which
Is an absolute guarantee of purity and
quality. If your paint dealer cannot
supply you National Lead Company
will see that somo ok else will.
A stunning creation in coral satin,
with pointed design In front of skirt
and bodice embroidered In small Jet
and gold beads. The Greek key on
hem of skirt and on bodice 1 done In
Jet beads. A band of Irish crochet lace
outlines the sqtuire cut ueck and under
sleeves of same fall Just a trifle below
those of satin. This Is oue of the rich
est costumes shown by a well-known
For the most part hat shapes are
Among (be small hats are turbans of
silver with colored aigrettes.
There Is a fad just now for making
the color of the hat pins contribute to
the trimming of the hat.
Some of the smartest of the new hat
pins are small enameled plaques In all
tones of color.
The lavender sweet pea is new and
Is seen only on the most expensive
Grapes are used as millinery trim
mings nnd In Iridescent colorings, chief
ly greens, they are beautiful.
Handsome Erenlag Toll!.
lie Knew.
"Why is It," asked the teacher of th
class in chemistry, "thnt there is more
nutriment in benus, for example, than
tbert ia in pork?"
"Because," answered the boy with tha
bad eye, "when you order 'em at a lunch
counter you get a plateful of beans and
only half a bite of pork." Chicago Tribute.
Breaking Up Colds.
A aM mnv be stoDDed at the start by a
eonple of Lane's Pleasant Tablets. Even
la caaea where a cold has seemed to gain
o strong a bold that nothing could break
It, these tablets have done it in an hour
er two. All druggists and dealers sell
them at 25 cents a box. If you cannot get
them send to the proprietor. Orator ST.
Woodward, Le Roy. N. Y. Sample fr;e.
P fthlna. a C'blltwtlon of Nation.
China is not a nation in the sense in
lhlch we ordinarily uao the word. If
we picture to ourselves the countries
ct Kuropo, with their different lan
(uagca aud different customs, drawn to
gether into a loose confederation uuaer
the government of a conquering race,
we shall have some small conception
f what this Chinese "nation" really Is.
The people of these different European
countries are all Oaueashins; the dif
ferent peoples of China are all Mon
golians. These. Chinese peoples speak
lgnteen or twenty distinct languages,
acb divided Into almost innumerable
dialects ami riib -dialects. They are
governed by Mum-hti, or Tartar, con
querors who spring from a different
attock, wear different costumes, and
peak among themselves a language
sa-holly different from any of the
eighteen or twenty differeut native
tongues. Success Magazine.
. . - - . . -1
One of (lie richest as well as the
most beautiful gowns seen this season
h an empire model of roso pink chif
fon satin with low corsage and sleeves
of wide bands of Irish lace. It Is
extremely simple In construction, but
every line and fold Is perfectly hung.
Tills codld, of course, lie carried out
In any of the soft clinging materials
with enually good results.
goes down luto the pores nnd cleanses
them, carries off more old skin and
particles of dust and waste than the
ordinary wash cloth, and stimulates
the circulation. The soap is next thor
onirliltf rinsed off with hot water, and
the bath followed by a cold shower
and a brisk rub. For the not too vig
orous person, a slight rest adds to
the beneflclnl effaet. but. whether with
or without the concluding soup, the
treatment will be found both refresh
ing and Invigorating.
The Home Hospital.
The hospital drawer should be fitted
up with the following articles:
Two large and four smali bed pads.
To make these use two old bed quilts,
one cut in two pieces and the other In
four. Fold these together, the best
side out, and quilt on the machine.
iTuve two covers for each pad. The
best Is cheap unbleached canvas, as it
washes white and looks well.
Three packakes of thin cloth. This
is to be used for mustard plasters.
Cut iu various sizes, some square and
some longer than wide.
One roll of old linen. This cloth is
used Tor bathing the face or for'burns,
cuts or sores.where lint or cotton cloth
would be harmful. Save for this pur
pose all old tablecloths, napkins and
One roll of long strips of muslin and
flannel, lise this for sore throats and
sprains, cuts and abscesses.
One roll cotton.
One package large, square, soft
cloths. Sew on two shies for making
bran, slippery elm, hop and flaxseed
meal poultices.
One package small sacks for dry, hot
poultices, such as salt or hops.
One and one-half yards of rub
ber sheeting. ,
One box mustard.
One cake pure castile soap.
One hot water bag.
One bottle smelling salts.
One small Jar of alr-slnkcd lime and
linseed oil, as it affords Instant relief
for bums.
Pin a label on the rolls so that no
matter who goes to tho drawer they
ran lay their bauds on Just what Is
wanted and not keep the suffering one
waiting. -
gloves are very often omitted in the
The fashionable stocking Is the film
lePt, laciest, daintiest bit of gauze Imag
inable also the costliest.
Double effect veils come n all sorts
of modish colorings, green over brown
being a smart combination.
Metallic net bids fair to be much
used for hats for more dressy occa
slons during the coming season.
I Th paper of thl entintry hriv nst
nrslly made the most of the brief pe-
rlod of depression which swept over
Canada, but now Ibere Is not a sign of
It left from Winnipeg to the coast.
? ver hare the three great wheat rala
t'ig provinces leen more prosperous.
Capital Is coming Into the country from
all qtiarler. taking the form of cash
for Investment, Industrial concerns
eking locations, and. best of all, sub
stantial and sturdy Immigrants come
to help populate the prairies. Town
are booming; scores of new elevators
are springing up; railroad are sending
uit their branch lines In all directions;
thousands of prosperous farmer are
leaving their prairie shelter for new
and modern home "built by wheat";
everywhere I a growing happiness and
rotiterifinent happiness and content
ment built by wheat the "dollar
wheat.'' which ha come to stay. Not
withstanding this, the Canadian gov
ernment Is still giving away Its home
steads and selling pre-emption at $.1.00
an acre, and the railway and land com
panies are disposing of their lands nt
what may be considered nominal fig-
'loo HmiicMltr,
The prospective purchaser whs taking
. . . . . , . ... .1. ... i. .i
a trial trip in me nioior car nun nun
been the most littclily recommended to
Ulni, find was speeding along in the coun
"What clump of buildings is that over
there on the lij'itV he asked.
"That's the county pom-house," answer
ed the chauffeur.
"Well, don't stop here," he rejoined
nervously. "1 don't want to add another
to the list of lii'Mi whose autoinoliilcs have
taken vhein to the poerhoiise !" Chicago
Htsht There.
Stranger (in Drcaryliurst ) Where Is
the town pump?
Uncle Welhy Gosh I'm the town
pump. Who be y, mister What busi
ness are ye follerin, an' how long are ye
goin' to stay in town?
It has been frequently noted by aero-
3iuils that the barking of a dog Is always
he last sound they hear from earth, and
It ha been discovered that this can be
tienrd under favorable circumstances at
m elevation of four miles.
The way Hamllns Wixard Oil soothes
and allays all aches, pain. orenes,
swelling and Inflammation is a surprise
nnd delight to the afflicted. It is simply
great to relieve all kimls ot pain.
A leading Swiss scientist declared that
(he Roentgen rays can l so applied that
white horses become black. He is now ex
perimenting ou old gentlemen a boards.
Take Garfield Ten ! Made of Herbs, it
I mire, uotent. befllttvcivinir the most
rational remedy for constipation, liver and
kidney diseases. At nil drug stores.
'i"he amount of money in circulation
per capita in the Cnlted States Is a little
over $:tY
otvWvc )Gwts; cVcawscs
vo sy sem gJJccXucx ;
assvsXs cWwovctcoTT
abia cotvsXxoXxotv
To 0e W's bcwcjvco
Fig Syrup Co.
45(o 50
Bashels of
Wheat per Acre
have been grown on Farm Lands ia
Much, ls would be satisfactory.
The general average U above 20 bushels
"All are lewd In tlielr praitfs ef tha
grent crop and lh.it wondrrttil country."
Kuract troin t "f re8y.ndfnre National
Kditonul As3oci;itiou of August, 1 9(4.
It In now potiilile to secure llomete4 ot
t6o acres lr and .mother luo actea at ii cc pet
Hundred h.iTe p.ild the roM of the'r fjrmj Ml
purchased) and then had a balanco of from fio.aa
to f ii.oo per acre lrora one crop.
Zfk .. 1 It l .mlf.-ii
The best treatment for baby during
its first year Is to attend carefully to
its physical wants ami to absolutely
inflect the fact that it has a mind at
nil. There should be no romping or
playing or, in fact, auything which
enn interest or excite Its mind. Next
In importance come proper feeding and
correct training In sleeping. Had nu
trition is the great cause of the nerves
getting Into that state which easily
lends up to nervousness, stammering,
St. Vitus' dance, and even convulsions.
If the nerve centers nnd the brain get
lnsulllcient food and sleep they be
come exhausted and over-strained. To
bo well nourished the baby must not
only have suitable food, but must be
fed at regular Intervals. Tho baby's
nap should be continued until he Is 4;
at this time ho should be having fully
twelve hours' sleep. Between 6 and
10. ten and eleven hours are required;
from 10 to Hi. nine hours.
Carina; (or the l'ten.
To keep paper patterns from being
mussed take a strip of denlin four feet
long, twenty-seven Inches wide; bund
or lveni edges. Take narrow elastic
webbing and make loops Just as wide
ss pattern nveloM's, winning across
denim. Make other rows of these loops
below the first alwut six Inches apart,
sew a large rin or loop to each of the
four corners of lot li, fold through
middle and hung on t small screws
in back of machine or sewing screen.
Your patterns are iu neat row and
the elastic holds them seceurely.
r'wr (be Haiti.
One athletic young woman Indulges
frequently in w hat she calls her "home
made Turkish bath." It is a fact, as
she mivs, that one cannot Always
cleanse the skin thoroughly with only
soup and water and comparatively
smooth clotli. A cold cream bath ou
the face will prove that. Therefore
he takes a small scrub brush, of the
sort Komel lines sold lu drug stores for
nail brushes, and, first wetting the
body with a sponge and hot water, th
brush snd a thick soap lather. This
Tali. KxercU.
It will be good news to the stout
woman to know that what she eats Is
now thought to have little to do with
obesity, and that if enough exercise Is
taken even a fleshy woman may eat
what she wants. To half starve ones
self means to look haggard and alto
gether unlovely. Im't drink while
eating, even watpr. Don't drink alco
holic stuff at any time.
fads and fimctes
Plain shirt waists prevail,
checks and plaids are popular.
The extra long corset has won out.
Many variations of bolero are seen.
The dainty embroidery vogue ill
Shoes, stockings ami gloves should
match the gown.
ltlack lace iiUcd with velvet Is tin
latest thing lu sashes.
The turnover linen collar with Jtibot
will be worn as of yore.
For the dressy waist the tucked
sleeve Is generally chosen
The old fashioned sailor collur lias
come back for the younger set.
With the tailored suits course mesh
net waists will be much worn
Because of the thumb-length sleeves
Hewed? (or No Blead.
for obstinate aud persistent ose
bleeding eithur put an Ice puck or a
cloth rung out of Ice water at the back
of the neck Just at the base of the
brain, or drop (fold water from a sponge
held well above the head so that It will
strike the crown of the head with con
siderable force.
The head should be kept well ele
cted ; eveu lu cases of extreme weak
ness do not allow the patient to lis
down, and small wads of absorbent cot
ton wet with a weak solution of carbol-
acid should be used to plug the nos
If the arms are held above the head
for Ave or ten minutes the bleeding, If
not severe will usually stop.
Th blld'a Balh.
Some children are timid about ver
turlug Into a bath tub. Often the
fright comes from being plunged bodi
ly Into water that is either too cold
or too warm. Sometimes this plunge Is
accidental. One woman solved the
problem by laying a large Turkish
towel n the tub and providing a small
stool ou which the child could sit part
of the time. This was found very con
venlent when the little k 1 was having
her huir washed. Instead of filling
the tub with water, put a little in. The
use of the bath towel to prevent slip
ping Is also suggested for elderly per
sons, especially If you do not have
gum mat for this purpose.
b .lul 'I bal Hulls.
If the scissors grinder kept hi
blade on the whetstone unceasingly the
scissors would soon be useless. The
grind that dulls wonieu Is not dally
household duties, but never let ling up
on thoe duties. The housewife who Is
knowing keeps herself Mhnrencd with
frequent change and recreation.
In I.eaa Than FItb Years Onlral
Canada Will lie tailed Vpoa to
Sniiplr ! Vailed Slat".
A couple of years ago, when the an
nouneemciit was made In these col
limns that "dollar wheat" had come to
.tar. and that the time was not far
distant when the central provinces of
fnniwJA Manitoba. Saskatchewan and
Alberta--wuuiJ be called upon to sui
ply a large part of the wheat consuinp
tlon In the United States, there were
many who laughed at tho prediction?
and ridiculed the Idea of wheat reach
ing the dollar point aud staying there.
Both of these predictions have come to
pass. Dollar wheat Is here and It I
not only here, but is here to stay; and
tt the same time, whatever unpleasant
sensations It may arouse Iu the super
sensitive American. Central Canada 1
tlready being called upon to help kee;
up our bread supply, and within the
next five years will, as James J. Hill
says, literally "become the bread-has
ket of our Increasing millions."
There are few men In the United
States better acquainted with the
wheat situation than Mr. IUU. am!
'.here sre few men. If any, who are In
cllned to be more conservative in their
expressed views. Yet it was this great
est of the world's rallrond men who
said a few days ago that "the price of
wheat will never be substantially lower
than It Is to-day" and when It b
taken into consideration that at that
time wheat had soared to $120, well
ibove tho dollar mark, the statement i
peculiarly significant, and doubly slg
nlfleant Is the fact that Iu this conn
',tv the population is Increasing at the
ratio of !.- per cent, while the yield of
wheat and other products is Increasing
nt the rate of only 25 per pnt- 101
iieversl rears nast the caist of living
has been steadily Increasing in Un
united States, and this wide difference
In production and consumption is tut
This difference must be supplied by
the vast and fertile grain regions of
Manitoba. Saskatchewan nnd Alberta
There Is now absolutely no doubt of
this. Even the press of the country
concedes the fact. Results have shown
that no sther country lu the world can
ever hope to equal these provinces as
wheat producers, and that no ouiet
country can produce as hard or as good
wheat. Said a great grain man re
ntt "if TTntted States wheat main
tains' the dollar mark. Canada when
will be well above a dollar a bushel
for In every way It Is superior to our
home-erown grain."
With these facts steadily impinging
their truth upon our rapidly growing
population. It Is Interest lug to note J.ist
what possibilities as a -wneat grow
, t ..I . L. rLOUUOUUUg
er our northern iicihimhu --
iw,ii. thn 1'nltetl Slates will never
surrender her prestige In any manu
facturing or commercial line, she must
rery soon acknowledge, and with as
h c.-.ico she can. that sue is
mil' " " '
bound to be beaten as a grain prodm
r. It must be conceded that a great
Aeal of the actual truth about the rlcu
aess of Canada's grain producing areas
has hen "kept out of sight, as Mr
Hill says, by the strenuous efforts o
Mir newspapers aud magazines to stem
the exodus of our best American rami
!f tine reirlons. It Is a fuct
that up to the present time, although
Canada has already achieved the front
rank In the world's grain producers,
the fertile prairies of Manitoba. Sns
kalchewan and Alberta have as jet
scarcely been scratched. Millions of
acres, free for the Inking, still await
our American farmers; and when these
millions are gone there tire other mil
lions In regions not yet opened up to
ni'iilgratlon. A few year ago the
ni-lter who bad been through those
wheat provinces several times, laug'.ied
with others of our people at the broad j
statement that Canada was bound to
become ".lohn Hull's bread hns':et."
Now. after a last irip fund though he j
Is a atnimch Amcrl-sin) lie rraiiKij ie
lievex that tint only will ('-iiiadl be
come John Hull's til cad brisket, biu II
will within the next decade at !ust
jtKcoMi: thm in: K i r. v ki:t !
THE rXITKH STATKS. I'eihups th'
may be a bard truth for Americans to
swallow, but !t Is m truth nevertheless
And it Is at least ! partial lorupensa
tlon to know that hundreds a' thou
sands of our farmers are proving by,
the fact by becoming pronuews l thli
new country. )
Awful, Craiilril, Weep In Enema oa
l.lttl Snfferrr A Seora nf Treat
ment rrora Plamal Failure .
Cure Achieved for CoUcurti.
"My little boy had nn awful rash all
over his lM)dy and the doctor said it
was ecr.emn. It was terrible and used
to water awfully. Any place the water
went It would form another a.ire nnd
It would become crusted. A score or
more physicians failed utterly and dis
mally In their efforts to remove the
trouble. Then I was told to use the
Cutteura Hemcdies. I got n cake of
Cutleura Soap, a box of Cuticura Oint
ment and a bottle of Cuticura Resolv
ent, and before we had used nutr tne
Resolvent I could see a change lu him.
In about two mouths he was enflrely
well. .George V. Lambert, l.i'j est
Centre St.. Mahanoy City. I'a., Sept. -'U
and Nov. 4. 1007."
Potter Drug & Chciu. Corp., Sols
Props, of Cuticura Remedies, Hostou.
The Pope nas given an order to revise
the catalogue of lace in the Vatican. This
catalogue was started under Pius IX.
and Leo XIII. continued It. I
Wheat. Bnrler.Oat. Flax-all iln well. Mine
Farming ia a great aucceaa and Dairying i highly
Excellent Climate, aplen.Wd School and
Chnrche. Kailwara luing- moat every sUalrtat
wuhin easy reach ot market.
Railway and Land Companies haa laada foe
Sale at low pricea and on cjsjt tetma.
Last Heal West" Pamphlets
n .1 Ana Man, trmm V I. a. a ,. n rl i n ,..r m atla.
! as to how to aecurs lowcat Uuilwav RatH nnolv tw
W. D. Scott, Superintendent ot Immlgr.itlos.
Ottawa, Canada, or K T. ilnlmcs, 31 . J.c.msS
St., St. Paul, Minn, and J. M. Mm Lachlan, Boa
110 waienown, ao uaioia. Auiuornca uvianr
Bern Agents.
rlasss aat awwwa saw taa aa-arlisaaiasa
l..-j- I .id7-l
This Trade-mark
Eliminates All
in the purchase of
paint materials,
tt is an ali-olute
guarantee ol pur
ity and quality.
For yonr own
protection, see
tlut it is on the aide of
every keg oi white lead
you buy.
NATlGSaL lf0 COSmic?
1102 Trinity eiUim-. Saw tort
plana a jmn saw lh.a alwUuanai
lai this papsav
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A nuirk and powerful rcmedv is needed to break up an attack of croup.
Sloan's Liniment has cured many cases of croup. It acts instantly - - whea
applied both inside and outside of the throat it breaks up the phlegm, re
duces the ioriammation, and telicves the difficulty of breathing.
Sloan's Liniment
gives quick relief In all cases of asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, tonsiliti,
and pains in the chest. FHe, s.ic. sou., anil t .oo.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Boston. Mass.

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