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A TBe best btoroaca
Mil Liter rills known
sad a positive and
speedy cur for Cob
V aUpatioa. Indigestion.
' Jaundice, Blllouaness.
r Sour Stomach, Head-
aoae, 11a m uiuimu
arising from a dLaor
Mind stomach or
vrflslusrs-I liver. They
IconUla In eoneontrat-
fed fsraa all to vlr-
ituee aiul rsiuaa or
Muavoa'a Taw-Taw
toalc aa are mads
from tUa Jains of tb
faw-Paw fruit. I unhesitatingly reootn
snend these pllla aa being the beat lata
tire and cnthartlc mc compounded. Oft
a S!i-rnt bottle and If yon are not pef
fevtW ntltied I will refund your money
63d and Jetlcisoa SK. PhQadelpIila. Pa.
Education. "
The class In very elementary chem
istry was having one of 1U early ses
sions. The matter of sea water cams
up. "Peters," said the teacher, "can
you tell me what Is it that makes the
water of the sea so salty?"
"Salt," said Peters.
"Next!" said the teacher. "What la
It makes the water of the sea so
salty T"
'T'be salty quality of the sea water
answered "Next," "Is due to the admix
ture of a sufficient quantity ot chlorld
of sodium to impart to the aqueous
fluid with which it commingles a sa
line flavor, which is readily recognized
by the organs of taste!"
"Right. Next," said the teacher, "Go
up one!"
In Ilia Honor.
Reporter I suppose there's no lack t
babies that have been named after youl
Distinguished Pedestrian Er no ; it
was only a tow days ago that a friend
of mine named Smitbera named hit
youngest boy Walker,
Vienna Sausatpa
4 la distinctly different (torn any
other tausage you ever taatad.
Just try one can and it is sure to
become a meal-tune necessity, to
be served at frequent interval).
-1jis,i.iSi -r ;".. v
Lib by 'a Vienna Saw
agO just suits for taeakfatt, u
fine for luncheon and satisfies at
dinner or supper. Like all of
Libby's Food Products it is care
fully cooked aad prepared, ready
toserve, in Libby's Croat
White Kltohen- the
cleanest, most scientific kitchen in
the world.
Other popular, aeady-to-aenre
Libby Pure Foods are:
Oookod Oomed Bod
Pcorloan DtUhJ Boot
Evaporated Milk
Bokod Boana
Chow Chow
Mixed Plokloa
Write for free booklet, "How
to make Good Things to Eat".
Insist on Llbby'a at your
Uhby, McNeill A Ubay
oo n 1 ent ,cfc p.
L fll mm-. Cab
not pill or tip
o-ar, will BotwU
o rtn Jii wsui r xh 1 mr.
GuAranitkrxi tfie
tU. Of.ll.kim.
r t prepaid fw
HOD Kftlk) AveatM,
rwofclja. Vm I
"I tried all kinds of blood remedies
which failed to do me any good, but I
have ionnd the right thing at last. My
face wa full of pimples and black-beads.
After taking CascareU they all left. I am
continuing the use f them and recom
mending them to my friends. I feel fine
when I rise in the morning. Hope to
have chance to recommend CascareU."
Fred C. Witten, 76 Elm St., Newark, N. J.
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Tasta Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Grips.
10c. 23c, 50c. Never told la bulk. The genu
ine tablet stamped C C C. Uuarautcad to
curs or your money back. 92?
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
Tliey also relic-" Dis
tress from Dyspepsia. In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating, A perfoct rem
edy tor Dizziness. Nausea,
Drowsiness, Bod Taste
la the Uouth, Coated
Tongue, Pain In the Bide,
regulate the Bowels, purely Vejotabla.
Gsnuins Must Bear
Fas-Simita Signature
man ETC?
U.1 fitul Curt
ftCX CO OmpL D5 Mtaa..t, kit mm.
rnfl Mir l,OM lir-t UW.ImprOTH oriinlniiTivM
tW City prtrir iljt will id i'r nt i-rr a
, w ru fur iru4.-uisvxB. &m m tMraua,iuia,uia
.T f t 1 u i r,y
far tjn, im
President Taft plays golf fairly well,
but oa his return from Cuba, away
back In hla career, he did not make a
good impression on the links. After
pome pretty bud work on the flrat two
holes, he said apologetically to his
caddy, a stranger from the East: "I'm
certainly out of .form to-day. I've
been on a so voyage, you sec. It
muKt have upset me." "Played before,
have ye?" Mid the caddy.
The Paris critic, Martin, oissp only
had taken his chocolate in a place
other than the Cafe Foy, awl ho then
found It not gold. This happened at
the ReKeiuie, and the young woman
nt the desk, to whom he expressed hU
displeasure, said: "You are the only
one to complain. All of the gentle
men of the court who come here find
It good." "They also say, perhaps,
that you are pretty," he replWl,
The fair young debutante was sur
rounded by an admiring crowd of offi
cers at the colonel's ball. Mamma was
standing near by, Bmillng complacent
ly at her daughter's social sucoess.
The discussion was over the quarrel
pf the day before between two broth
er officers. "What was the casus bel
li?' asked the fair debutante "Maud!"
pxclaimed mamtna, in a shocked voice,
"how often have I told you to say
Little Willie wrw miasod by his
mother one day for some time, and
when he reappeared, sho asked:
"Where have you been, my pet?"
"Playing postman," replied her "pet."
"I gave a letter to all the houses fn
our road. Roal letters, too." "Where
pn earth did you get them?" question
ed his mother. In amusement. "They
were those old ones In your wardrobe
drawer, tied up with a ribbon," was
the innocent reply.
"There will be a meeting of the
board," said the preacher, "at the con
clusion of this service." So the official
brethren of the church gathered
around the pastor after the benedic
tion was pronounced. Among, them
was a stranger, whom it was neces
sary as delicately as possible to re
mind that his presence was not need
ed. "I beg your pardon," said the
stranger; '1 understood this- was to
be a meeting of the bored, of which I
claim to be one."
In 18G8 Judge Little, a testy man,
but a good lawyer, was suddenly ap
pointed to fill a vacancy on the supe
rior court bench In North Carolina.
He had a habit of swearing which
could not be suddenly laid aside. At
one of his first courts, a lawyer, net
tled at one of his decisions, said, in 1
a rather emphatic way: We will ap
peal from that." The old Judge forgot
the proprieties of hi? new post, and
promptly replied to the startled coun
sel, in the same tone: "Appeal and
be d d!"
This is one of the old stories told
by Henry Clews, of Travers, the New
York stammering wit. Mr. Clews al
ways insists that the average Wall
street broker is the most honest of
men. "Travers," said Mr. Clews, "was
once invited to be a guest at a yacht
regatta. The waters of Newport har
bor were covered with a beautiful
squadron. Mr. Travers found that
each yacht belonged to a banker or
broker. He gazed blankly Into the
distance for a time, and then in
quired softly: 'W-w-w where are the
c-c-customers' yachts?" '
Land of (V0,MO Suac Mlltn, with
Millions of Wild IW-nxta.
It la estimated by faunal naturalists
that 4,000,000 zebras roam those up
land plains and that no less than 10,
000,000 of wild aninwls are on the
game preserves of British East Africa,
says Peter MaoQueen, Afrloan explor
er, in Leslie's Weekly. The British
government has laid aside as a game
preserve 50,000 square miles, or an
area equal to six times that of Massa
chusetts. The land thus reserved for
game is healthfully located and is rich
and fruitful and, thqugh it lies almost
on the equatorial line, Its great ele
vatlon above the sea renders it one
of the most delightful and homelike
countries for the white man to live
and thrive and farm upon that can be
found in any part of the world. To
make the problem more simple for the
English aettlers, these are not many
native peoples inhabiting those plains
In an area equal to twice that of the
British island there are only 5,000,000
of the aborigines. Thta colony, rented
by the British government from the
Sultan of Zanzibar for S5,000 a year,
has now 3,000 English farmers and
25,000 Portuguese and Hindoo It has
a governor and a legislative council at
Nairobi, where Mr. Roosevelt was en
tertained by Mr. Macmlllan, the Amer
ican millionaire.
The tribes scattered over this vast
area are the Klkuyu, the Kavlrondo
and the Masai, the fantous blood
drlnktng warriors. These latter peo
ple are of Semitic origin and have
enormous flocks ot sheep and goats
and cattle. They will not do menial
labor, but they will go on a safari
(caravan journey) as guldos or aa sol
dlers. f ormerly they made war on
their neighbors, the negro Klkuyu
tribe; but, since the advent of the
British government, intertribal wars
have practically ceased. The tribes
around Nairobi are the Wukamba and
the Klkuyu, both negroid pxh1uh. The
Klkuyu are the principal porters, and
with a few Masai and some Swahell
from the oiajst at Mombasa, form the
entourage of Colonel Itooaevelt la his
hunting tour.
The plains rLte Into foothills as one
prrceeda toward Mount Kenla (19,000
feet). The rolling foothills have a
homelike view, like Connecticut or
Vermont, and will In fifty years be
come the homes of thousands of white
men living under British rule. The
English laws regarding the welfare of
the natives of to-day are very much
in favor of the aborigines. For exam
ple, a white man cannot strike a black
man in Uritlsh Fast Africa without a
warrant from an English magistrate.
A white man cannot employ a black
man without supplying him with at
lpaat one dollar's worth of blankets;
and every five men must bo given a
shelter tent before they go on a sa
fari. Moreover, the land has been re
served to the native tribes with refer
ence to their increase during the next
one hundred years. There are 253,
00(1,000 acres of valuable fertile land
In the colony and the natives are now
occupying less than 2,000,000 acres of
that whole area, and yet the British
government will not throw open to
white settlers, for the present at least,
moro than 50,000,000 acres. The land
is worth about 30 cents an acre and
the farms range from 5,000 to 100,000
acres. An American with $5,000 as
capital could do well in this colony.
lint, lint ami Snnllotri llnre Dren
Huokril by Angler.
Tl hooking of a partridge on the
wing by a Frome angler while mak
ing a cast recalls other similar occur
rences where birds, and even rats,
have been accidentally caught on rod
and line, ft is by no means uncom
mon for trout anglers to hook swal
lows and martins; Indeed, these birds
sometimes hook themselves through
darting at the fly and mistaking It for
the natural insect.
The writer has caught a swallow
with a May fly on the Kennet, and
two more swallows, these latter in
one afternoon, while roach fishing.
This happened on the Lark, the pret
ty little Suffolk River, and at the time
many swallows and martins were
hawkiDg" over the strenm. Doth the
birds daihed at a bunch of gentles and
hooked tnemselves in the beak. One
was saved and went oft all right, as
did another swallow which was res
cued after being knocked Into the riv
er through coming In contact with
the rod while a cast was being made.
The late James Tayler (Red Palm
er), who was so well known as the sec
retary of the Gresham Angling Socie
ty and a skilled trout fisher, once
hooked and landed a water hen on a
Hampshire stream, and several in
stances of bats being accidentally
hooked have also occurred.
One evening, too', as an angler made
a cast close under the bank on the
Herts Colne, a rat rose to the surface
and In the fading light was taken for
a trout. The angler struck and hook
ed the rodent in the tall, a perform
ance which was instantly followed by
a series of loud squeaks and a plunge
Into the rushes, where the hook came
away. More than one fly fisher has
before to day also hooked a cow, when
that gentle domestic creature has, un
observed, been quietly browsing In
the line of the cast. Westminster Ga
Languid Pursuit of Knowledge.
One of my pupils, writes George Al
lan England in "Success Magazine,"
was the son of a tobacco king. Lordly
was he. Contrary to custom, he re
fused to come to my room. I had to
go to his, or "nothing doing." Rather
than budge he would have flunked, so
I had to yield the point.
This young elegant never got up
until about half past ten. He would
make appointments for ten, but would
Invariably keep me waiting half an
hour vhlle he roused himself from
slumbers which none but the eye of
inexperience could have mistaken as
resulting from anything but late
hours. At about half past the hour he
would appear In very violent pajamas,
his foet thrust Into Chinese slippers,
and would yawnlngly order his "man"
to procure breakfast at the Bunster
Cafe across the street from his sump
tuous suite. Then, while he toyed
with oranges and eggs, he would con
descend to listen very (oh, very) lan
guidly while I lectured from my notes.
Once In a while he would favor ma
with a glance at my diagrams. He
was awfully bored, aw! Promptly at
eleven' he would call the lesson off.
Gladly would he pay his two dollars,
and gladly drag his languid limbs
back to the silken sheets again, where
he would He and inhale Turkish cigar
ettes while I tried to urge upon him
the nocesnlty of getting a brace on. He
never got that brace. All he got was
an E-minus. I got the money a lot of
It, and it was easy. It was Justifiable
larceny, and I defy any man to prove
the contrary.
llreakli.K the Xenrs.
Marlon, who had been taught to re
port her misdeeds promptly, came to
her mother one day, sobbing peni
tently. "Mother, I I broke a brick In the
"Well, that Is not very hard ts rem
edy. But how on earth did you do
it, child?"
"I pounded It with father's watch."
Success Magazine.
"Charles, dear," said young Mrs.
Torklns, "didn't you say that horse
you bought has a pedigree?"
"Yes," was the complacent reply,
"Well, knowing how unlucky you
are with horses, I connulted the veter
inary surgeon. You needn't worry.
The doctor says It won't hurt him In
the least." Washington Star.
In the Mlulon Sunday School.
Teacher And what do you suppose
all the animals did during thone forty
days In tlie ark?
Smarty Williams They jest loafed
around and scratched 'themselves.
Sandy Toole (disdainfully) Chuck
it, Smarty. What'd they scratch for,
when tlkeie was only two fleas? The
'I'll 1'syc holoulcal Moment.
Tls1 time Im rii ! I will nt pause,
But put the question fateful.
I know hlu' lovtn Hie well, becnuw
Slu- wiys I'm "jiiHt tio hateful."
Culho'.ic Standard urwl Time.
Any man may be jubtlfied In blowing
his own horn, but not in going on A
Any man becomes an ideal husband
the da his wife becomes a widow.
A (hnuue r pin I n-d.
'Tcn't tl.ry tun any more a'Vfm
modatlon trains on this line?" s:'.d the
man who had been away for some
"Huh?" rejoined the conductor.
"I don't poe any accommodation
trains mentioned. IJon't you stop at
the snmll stations any more?"
"Certainly we do. But the trains
that make the ftops are called locals.
This Is a conscientious 'company and
the word 'accommodation' might load
the public to expect too much."
Washington Star.
Store lo It.
The Tall Man I admire the busy
The Short Follow Yes; but I'd
gather be the man th-it superintends
the hive and holds the first mortgige
ro the honey.
Romance nnd Dr.-ict)-.
"-J JL
Kitty What is tho title of your
graduation essay?
Mabol "Behind tho Alps Lies Italy."
What's the title of yours?
Kitty "Beyond the Altai. Lies tho
i Gave Illmxelt Away.
Customer Why, you haven't cleaned
that coat at all. I can still see tpota
on it from here.
Tailor Exema me, but I got you
mixed up with your brother, who Is
Too I'artlculnr.
"You say Mr. Wadley 13 a particular
friend of yours?"
"Yes, indeed. So particular that he
won't lend me a penny." Birmingham
Well Supported.
Bill Are the doctors well supported
In your town?
Jill Well, two of 'em are. They
married rich wives. Yonkers States
The Tarty lie Di-IniiKed to.
A matron of the most determined
character was encountered by a young
woman reporter on a leading country
paper, who was sent out to Interview
leading citizens as to their politics.
"May I see Mr. ?" she asked of a
stern-looking woman who opened the
door at one house.
"No, you can't," answered the ma
tron, decisively.
"But I want to know what party he
belongs to," pleaded the girl.
The woman drew up her tall figure.
"Well, take a good look at me," she
Bald. "I'm the party he belongs to!"
Unlversallst Leader.
ItPKalatliiK Commerce.
"What will you say to the consumer
when he demands an explanation?"
"The usual thing," answered Mr.
Dustin Stax.
"What is that?"
"Fleaso remit." Washington Star.
Welcome lo Stop.
Man at Window What are you
makln all that row about?
Tourist I've lost my way and want
to know If I can stop here for the
Man at Window Stop there for the
Eight? Of course ye can. (Slams
window.) London Tatler.
Ou Hand With the Hoods.
1 want a home," said tho city man.
"where I can see plenty of fresh green
vegetables and have live stock and
chickens about me."
"I've got the very thing you want."
returned uie entnusiastic agent; "a
cozy six-room flat right next to a mar
ket house." Washington Star.
I'nder a tipcll.
Biggs Your frhiiid Meekerton woms
to lead a charmed life.
D1K158 Vua; I guess his wife ke'j
tlrn hypnotized.
The Man on the 1 1 rl !:.
Boaslok Wife (feebly) John, dear.
llurilmml Yea, my love.
Seistlck Wife Won't you pleiuto a.sk
that fat officer not to keep w;iklng
from one Bide to the other. lie's mak
ing the ship roll so. DoHtou Tran
Limited t'oulldrnce.
First Vlf Do you truat your hus
band Implicitly?
Second Wife What a quentlon!
Why, of course I do -4o a certain ex
Uood Iteason for Iluultt.
"Does he always speak the truth?"
"I guess not. All his friends pralae
his Judgment." Detroit Free Press.
Fnllonlnar Advtae.
"The old man told me If I wanted
to marry bin daughter I would Uave to
go to work."
"Well, did you work?"
You hot I did. I worked Mm."
Baltimore American.
Front Different VawvpMnta.
Anxious Moihcr I cannot permit
you to have such late callers. It was
after 11 o'clock when Mr. Hugglrm
left laat night.
Pretty Daughter Why, mamma, I
don't aoe how you can class Mr. Huff
gins as a late caller. It was only
7:30 when he came.
AVentern ( llnutr,
climate In considered very
healthy here, I believe," remarked the
iurlst In Arizona.
"Yes, If you mind your own busi
ness," replied the native. Philadel
phia Record.
rmme simI tCffttct.
"I see your hair Is falling out, sir,"
remarked the barber, getting ready to
spring the hair tonic Idea ou his cus
tomer. "You don't see anything of the
sort," rejoined the victim. "What you
see Is the sequel to a falling out be
tween Mrs. Codgers and myself." TU
BUS. Oil n-d iiis niutr.
"Yes," said young Wlndtg, boasting
Jy, "I pass most of my time between
Chicago and New York."
"That's what your cousin told me,"
rejoined Mies Cayenne.
"My cousin!" replied Wlndlg.
"W-what did (she say?"
"She Bald." replied Miss Cayenne,
that you lived In a little town In
Woman's ltlht.
The Bachelor Is it true that you
are an advocate of woman's rights?
The Spinster Yea.
The Bachelor Then you believe
that every women should have a vote?
Tho Spinster Oh, no; but I believe
every woman should havo a voter.
To lie Sent.
The Bride I want you to send me
some coffee, please.
The Grocer Yes. ma'am. Ground?
The Brides No, third floor front.'
Woman's Home Compnnlon.
.Not Quite the Sonic.
Grace He said 1 lov?ed lovely In
that gown, didn't he?
Helen Not exactly, dear. He said
that gown looked lovely on you.
Brooklyn Citizen.
After Ills Flrat Top.
She What do you think of this tea?
lie Well er what sort of a prem
ium did they give away with it?
Horse and Horse.
The Village Grocer (peevishly)
Look here, Aaron! What makes you
put the big apples In the top of the
The HoneBt Farmer (cheerily)
What makes you comb that long scalp
lock over your bald spot? Puck.
. Too Old to Learn N'e.v Words,
"Why don't you try to drive that
horse without profanity?"
"It wouldn't do any good," answered
the canal boatman. "It ain't fair to
the 'orse to ask it to start at its time
o' life to learn a lot of polite words."
Haw Some, Any war.
Sho Did you notice the
palms In the restaurant?
He The only palms I saw were the
Was Heady.
She How old do you think I am?
Ho I don't know, but I'm prepared
for the worst.
Tnklnjr IVo Chance.
"What did Barker do when ho dis
covered that his wife and his chauf
feur had planned to elope In his car?"
"lie oiled It thoroughly and put It
In first class shape." Brooklyn Life.
"What'd you catch?
"Measles, so far."
la the I' sua! War.
"I think his wife has set him on his
"She had money?"
"No, in the usual way."
"In the usual way?"
"Yes; she took charge ot his income
and put him on an allowance." St.
Louis Post Dispatch.
Color-nil nd.
Three Irishmen were stopping at a
second-rate hotel and one of th-n Im
bibed so freely at the bar that he had
to be carried to his room, in which
also slept a negro in a separate bed.
Ilia (v-vrades, as a practical Joke on
hint, i ;eedod to paint the Irlnh-
man's .ac bluck. In the morning,
when awakened by the proprietor, lie
got up, and happened to catch sight
of himself in the mirror. "Oh, lie
Jatiers," ho exclaimed, "if the bluim-d
idiots haven't gone and woke the nl
ger by mistake!"
And he crawled back into bed.
Bucce.Hj Magazine.
I'orccd to Listen.
"My daughter 1h u fine ptanlnt. Have
you ever heard her play?" naked the
lady from next door, calling.
"Hear her?" exclaimed the ottwr,
"Of course we've heard her! You don't
think we can keep the windows uhut
all the time, do you?" Yonkers States
It a mau tells a woman she's all the
world to him, sho can forgive him for
wanting the earth.
Shake InloYour Shoes
Allen's FootEae, powder lor Ike feet. It relieves paJtiful, swol
len, smarting, nervous fert, and Instantly takes the sting" out of
corns and bunions. It's loe greatest comfort discovery el tha age.
Allen's FoofKase makes tlg'ht-fittlng'or new Bhoca feel easy. It
is a certain relief fnr ingrowing- nails, perspiring1, callous and hot,
tired, aching feet. It Is always in demand for use in Patent Leather
Shoos and for Breaking in New Shoes. We have over 30,000 testi
monials. THY IT TODAY, fiold by all Drug-gists and Shoe Stores.
25c. Do not accept any Substitute. Sent by mail for 25c. in stamps.
FREE TRIAL PSCKACC sent by mail. Address
"la a shva.
s.f aiirss
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., and Return t20.70
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MONTREAL,. QUE., and Return 20.00
PORTLAND, ME., and Return 27.39
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NEW YORK in. Return, during June and July. . . .$25.50
Thirty days' return limit. Liberal stopovera.
Excursion fares to all Tourist Resorts In Canra, New Enjland,
New York and New Jersey. For particulars apply to
W. S. COOKSON, A. CP. A. 13S Adams St, CHICAGO, ILL.
TOT CA rAMl.Y OWN A IIAMOMOR WATCH, nrprHmtm.u a l to aom,tsTMl one. Rend for
our beautiful doM-iiptlToMtAlni. Whatever you eelert therefrom we aeud on eiiprovel. If rot. tike It. pe, one-
nrtn on delivery. Mlence in eeqitei
the loweNt. A. e iMt Inrevtment
BilOS.ftCOelrept-tZaU, aataV SUM St., t
Itched atnd Darned Terribly Could
Nat Mots Tbnmbs Wltboot Fle.b
Crack In ST Bleep Impossible Cotl
enra Sooa Cared Enema,
"An itching humor covered both my
Lands and got up over my wrists and
even np to the elbows. The Itching nnd
burning were terrible. My bands got
all scaly and when I scratched, the
surface would be covered with blisters
and then get row. The eczema got so
bnd that I could not move my thumbs
without deep cracks appearing. I went
to my doctor, but bis medicine could
only stop the Itching. At night I suf
fered so fearfully that I could not
sleep. I could not bear to touch my
hands with water. This went on for
three months and I was fairly worn
out At last I got the Cutlcura Reme
dies and in a month I was cured. Wat
ter II. Cox, 10 Somerset St., Boston,
Mass., Sept. 25, 1908."
Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., Bole
Props, of Cutlcura Remedies, Boston.
Trof, Charles Zueblln, of the Univer
sity of Chicago, was discussing his re
cent lecture, "The Family," wherein
he advocated a compulsory six months'
Interval between marriage license and
"Marriage is entered Into too has
tily,", he said. "The six months' Inter
val should be an Interval of thought.
Thought would cure many of the Ills
of marriage. Unselfishness would per
haps cure more.
"SclftstinefiS in marriage Is on the
man's side. Too many men look at
every qucstlop from one point of view,
the selfish one, only.
"It is like liosklns, of the Lako
Shore Drive.
" 'You are willing,' said Mrs. lios
klns, 'to lay out $1,000 a month on
your wlno and cigar bill; but you
grumble like a bear when I want A
few hundred for a dinner gown.'
"'Well,' snarled Hosklns, 'can I
moke or drink a dinner gown?"
At tha Wronar Iloaae.
"No, ma'am," said the man with the
valise; "I'm not trying to sell you a
medicine that will curs all diseases. I'm
not a doctor. I sell an elixir that keeps
people from ever getting sick."
"I see. You are trying to put the doc
tors out ot business. Well, my husband
Is a doctor, and yon can get out ef
here 1"
Emperor Joseph of Austria twice a
week holds an audience, when be Is ar
cessible to the richest and poorest of aia
Charms Children
Delights Old Folks
Post Toasties
s Mil Is' . I
!i'JL?i.'-lmted W
Special Excursions
montiiir iWTinenie. 1 our cretin eooo, uur prifei nre
nottilnf te eefcr thea s Diamond. It lorreeeee In Telue IS
I to per rent, enu'i.llr. Write todev for deeurlpllre i-t-
aigas. 111 Sreaekeei fltueer,, r. let Sk leal, Bs
S. C. N. U.
No. 281909.
Fnglinh locomotives which wers built
in the year 1S50 are still used on Swe
dish railrondn.
Better than eold Lika It la color
namllna Wizard Oiltha beat of all rem
edies for rheumatism, neuralgia, and all
pain, soreness and Inflammation.
The most illiterate country of Europ
is Houmania. Two-thirds of the popula
tion can neither read nor write.
drew, the pain and Inflammation from beaeMaf anA
Itieret bltee. Soothe and alia. the awful tlualai uS
auoeuulto bltea. aba., Uu. sua toe. battue.
Forest preservation In Canada Is beina
urged actively.
Sirs. TOIoalow's Soothing Brrsp for rblio
ren teething, softeoa ths fame, redness lav
flaainiatlon. aliaa tisJo, cures wind, cello,
800 bottle.
Bettr's Father to Her Mother.
Dearest Myra All's well with the
children; no sickness or anything reaV
ly serious It's finance; just aa we ex
pected. They've spent without appre
ciating it, a little here and there, but
the small things all rolled together
Into a big ball of misery. Their money
practically gave out before Thanksgiv
ing, and so they stayed here and at
corned beef! I gulped with Betty
over that.
You see on the first of November
the bills came In and the rent fell due,
and Dob's salary couldn't cover them.
They were In despair; stayed awake
planning how to meet It, and wonder
ing if they could write borne to us.
One day a letter from a loan agency
offered money ahead on bis salary and
guarantees secrecy. Poor Bob borrow
ed eighty dollars, which paid the bills
and left just enough to drag through
the month. But ever ainoe be has
been hounded, threatened with ex
posure, disgrace and the law; while
an for their demand, It'a usury I
I gave him the money to pay those
wolves in full, and be la new a new
man. We bad a long talk, with the
result that tha Betty-Bob Housekeep
ing Company has been organised, wltb
Boh as president and Betty as secre
tary and treasurer, and the money we
have lent them as a sinking fund.
You and I are the stockholders, and
the company agrees to pay tea dol
lars a month until clear. Thev are to
get a much more reasonable flat anoT
to apportion expenses so as to com
out even each month.
Both Bob and Betty Insisted upon
its being a loan and I agreed, as pay
ing it back will give Betty something
to work for. It has been the old sim
ple case of living beyond one's means,
Success Magazine.
The crisp, delicious,
golden-brown food,
made of Indian Corn.
A tempting', teasing
taste distinctly dif
ferent all its own.
"The Taste Linger."
Sold by Grocers.
Popular pkg., 10c.
Large Family slxe, 15c.
Postum Cereal Co,, Ltd.
Battla Crsck, Mich,

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