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Maiple Home-Hade Itemed? That
I Frr tram Opiate and Harm
fol IrnR-a.
An effective remedy that will usu
Illy break up a cold In twenty-four
hours, Is ensUy made by mixing to
gether In a lurpe bottle two ounce of
Glycerine, a hair-ounce of Virgin Oil
f Pine compound pure and eight
unc3 of pure 'Whisky. This mixture
will cure any cough that la curable.
nd la not expensive, as It make--enough
to Iat t!ie average family an
latlre year. Virgin Oil of Pine com
pound pure la prepared only In the
laboratories of the Leacu Chemical Co.,
Cincinnati, Ohio
At-ruuiillnif for It,
Imoj?ene Why Is It that so many
Weddings happen on Wednesday?
EsmerRlda Well, on Sunday every
body wants to Bleep, you know; Mon
day Is wash day. and Tuesday Is Iron
ing day. Wednesday Is the first day
In the week when there's really any
Ume for marrying.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
frith l.OCAU APPLICATIONS, nit they can
lot roneh tlie cnt of the dlsmse. Catnrrb
Is a blood or constitutional dlscnae, and In
rderto cure It you mtmt tnke httprnnl rem
liilps. Hall's Cntirrh Cure Is taken Intor
lally. and acts dircrtly on the blood and
Duron surfan-g. Hull's Cntm-rh Ciiro U not
I qnnrk medicine. It vn prrscrllir-rt by one
f th best physicians In this country for
rears and is a rosnlnr prescription. It Is
ymiposed of the host tonics known, combined
lth the best blood purifier, actlr.ir directly
m the mucous surfaces. The perfect com
llnntlon of the two Ingredients Is what pro
luces such wonderful results In curing Ca
arrh. Send for testimonials tree.
F. J. CHUNKY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Fold ty rni!?;lsts, price 75c.
Take Hall's Family l'llls for constipation.
Preparing: far nn Operation.
Doctor Your cnso Is a very serious
one, sir, and I think a consultation
had better he held.
Patient Very well, doctor, have as
many accomplices as you like. St.
Louis Times.
Krirms for a Year Got No Itellef
Kvm at Skin Ilospltnl In Despair
Until t'ottenrn Cared Illin.
"I wa9 trouliled by a severe Itching
and dry, scurfy skin on my ankles,
feel, arms utid aealp. Scratching made
It worse. Thousands of small red pim
ples formed and these caused intense
Itching. I was udvlsed to go to the
hospital for diseases of the skin. I did
o, the chief surgeon saying: 'I never
saw such a bad case of eczema.' But
I got little or no relief. Then I tried
many so-called remedies, but I became
so bad that I almost gave up la de
spair. After suffering agonies for
twelve months, I was relieved of the
almost unbearable Itching after two or
three applications' of Cutlcura Oint
ment. I continued its use, combined
with Cutlcura Soap and Pills, and I
was completely cured. Henry Searle,
Little Koek, Ark., Oct 8 and 10, W."
Potter Drug & Chein. Corp., Sole
Props, of Cutlcura Remedies. Boston.
Sunken Human Galleys.
Beneath the waters of Lake Nami,
In Italy, lie burled two pleasure gal
leys. They belonged to the Emperors
Tiberius and Caligula, and it Is said
they contain art treasures that have
been covered for many centuries. Sys
tematic efforts were made to recover
the contents of the old hulks by Sig
nor Borghl in 1895. Divers were en
gaged, and the two galleys located,
measured and carefully examined, and
from both bronzes, pieces of wood, an
chors and ornaments of all kinds wero
collected. The larger vessel measures
about 2D0 feet in length and 80 feet
In beam, and the smaller 200 feet in
length and 65 feet In beam. Some
pieces of lead pipe were found in the
vessels. They bear the inscription,
"Caesaris Aug. Germanice," the official
name of Calfenla.
1 J :1
As one grows
old the bowel
row less active. Some
then take harsh cathartics,
unci their howels harden. Then
they multiply the dose. 3ome
take candy Cascnrets. They act
In natural ways, and one tablet a
Vest-pocket box. 10 ccata at drukVtort.
People bow ii no million boies monthly. 06)
mmmi gahaqa
What Governor Denocn, of IHinol:,
says Aoout it i
nAMmn. TXnnAUn t Till I.
t nil at litnrl iit N'.ui.l.,
i "i.mna.. a". -t?m.. i... i
'fit I I T
an a:urrii-nn x 'till
nmrU.tUe rui:ros of
ntfsturn ( .ini . la., thir
itMrS'l rr I'iloiinll-kiMjrriui
VI w FM W . CTM u" ,mi w i, H million
A I IWV1 3 h hnl ma 'o nukH.
CirvrTJiWi' ' ore "!1 J 'uJ ',L"
a. -1 -v'-l minify in'i MM !'o or
pVri' 'fl not ft rpm4 iii.vLiv.t in MiiUiUi,
ryo '"-ain fawlctt,li4Wia or Altorlti,"
125 Midori Cushcls of
Wheal Ki 1909
Wentra Cnnadu field rropo for
rW-tf w.ll "iiv moI I totiin Uru
tor $170,(Ho,Oio. ni 1u r.iAli.
llntiiet faUtf J OO arr,
iuJ ir-4'iiiitloiiPt if Itiilm rt-
J tit U.OO un tun. Hi.iiw.ty mu1
ffl oi ran(mulle I'riotn. ftliiny fiirm
ijM rrs luto paid for Un lr lauti out
tmiltit rutiwaty fu-liltii,iatv
L-'X 1 1 frtIjrtlt ntltM. wimmI, hmUiT uU
C.r Kffl IuiuImmt WMiiy o.tinlrtl.
r ' V. n f rl irvicutiu to aulUbio locution
V avud low naUfrir1 ru ii to
ikiirt of lututitfTAtiua. Otltwa.
Kn, or III fullOWlBf iUaVlt-VJI buf I AW1U:
ft. T. Holntv, tit JttukiMja Ut., bL foul, Mioo..tiiJ
J. U. Mtu'lAciilou. Hm Wotortuwiv, ooOUi i&itwio
(Uooailrtro-o ooorort yom.)
neoaa my oor jom mm
"How oflon dees your ear kill a
man?" "Only riue, ruviioi;" replied
Ihe chauffeur. Tli-P.lts.
Poet Did she think my sonnet was
good? Friend She must have. She
didn't believe you wrote It. Kansas
City Journal.
I want one of the new spotted face
veils, please." "Yes, madam. Kpeiked,
spattered or splotched?" Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
"I ordered a love of a hat sent up
to the bouse and asked hubby to buy
It for me." "Did he?" "No; my love
was returned-."
Mr. llenpeck We're going to re
move to the seaside, dodor. Duttor
Put the climate may disagree with
jour wife. Mr. lbjnpeck It wouldn't
are! Philadelphia Inquirer.
Pat Could yer give a man a job,
yer honor? Darber Well, you can re
paint this pole for me? Pat Pe Jabers,
I can. sor, if you'll tell me where to
buy the striped paint. Punch.
"You say you are In love with Miss
Iiaggs?" "1 sure am." "But 1 can't
see anything attractive about her."
Neither can I see It. But it's in the
bank all right." Cleveland Leader.
The Night Nurse lias that medi
cine come that the doctor promised to
send. The Day Nurse Not yet. Th
N'ight Nurse Then I guess the patient
will live through the night. Chicago
"After all, there's only one thing
absolutely certain in this world." "In
deed. What?" "That fashion will
never Increase the slue of women's
Bhoes as It does their hats and
sleeves." Boston Transcript.
St. Peter (to applicant) What was
your business when on earth? Appli
cant Editor of a newspaper. St.
Peter Big circulation, of course? Ap
plicant No, small; smallest In the
country. St. Peter Pick out your
harp. Epoch.
The small son and heir had been
sent into the garden to fetch a stick,
with which be was to be punished.
After some delay he returned, saying,
with a sigh: "Couldn't find a stick,
mover; but here's a little stone you
might frow at me."
I can say one thing in -favor of
Mr. Featherly," remarked Mrs. Hen
dricks, the landlady; "he never takes
the last piece of bread on the plate."
No, Indeed, Mrs. HendrlckB," assent
ed Dumley, cordially, "Featherly ain't
quick enough." Bazar.
'Here, I say! Be a bit more care
ful with that razor; that's the second
time you've cut me." "Well, well, so it
is; but there! always deduct a ha-
penny for every cut. Why, it s noth
ing for a man to go out of here having
won fourpence off me." The Tatler.
' Returned Explorer Yes, the cold
was so intense at the pole we had to
be very careful not to pet our dogs.
Miss Youngthlng Indeed! Why was
that? Returned Explorer You see,
their tails were frozen stiff, and if
they wagged them they would break
off. Boston Transcript.
Bridget Will yez have your dinner
now, sorr, or wait for the missus?
Head of the House Where is your
mistress, Bridget? Bridget There's
an auction beyant the corner, sorr, an'
she said she'd stop there for a miu
nit. Head of the House Have dinner
now, Bridget. New York Sun.
Traveler What do you think of th
tariff? Old Fanner What they doln'
to it? Traveler Why, haven't you
read the papers? Old Farmer Well,
I used to, but 'bout a year ago I stopt
'em off. They got to be too frlvoling
for me. Since then I've been took up
reading a book. New York Sun.
'Your husband has been 111," said
the caller. "Yes," replied the little,
worried-looking woman, "he has been
feeling very badly. I do my best to
please him. but nothing seems to sat
isfy him." "Is his condition critical?"
"It's worse than critical," she an
swered, with a sigh, "it's abusive."
Willy You see, It wus this way.
They were all three so dead in love
with her, and all so eligible, that to
settle the matter she agreed to marry
the one who could guess (lie nearest to
her age. Arthur And did she? Willy
I don't know. I know that hhe mar
ried the one who guessed the lowest.
"I bear that your church has In
stalled a phonograph stuffed with sa
cred music?" "Yes. Had to do it.
Choir bad struck." "New scheme work
all right?" "It's beautiful. Never
quarrels with itself, has no skirts to
rustle, doesn't fret ubout the angle of
Its hat. refrains from giggling or pow
dering its nose, an. I If It gets out of
order a mechanic can repair It."
Philadelphia Ledger.
"It makes you look small," said the
saleslady to the elephantine woman
who was trying on a hat. Sold! "It
makes you look plump," she said to
the cold, atttniiiited damsel. Sold!
"It makes you look young," she said to
the falr-fat-and -forty female. Sold!
"It makes you lnok older," she said to
the hUite-and-sums miss. Sold! "It
makes you look shtA't," she said to the
lamp post lady. Sold! "It brings out
your coloi," she said to the feminine
ghost. Sold! And of course all the
huts were exactly alike The Sketch.
Iave You an Aeroplane Asad?
!' '
- ill nir? i v -a
ILL the development of aeroplanlng bring
about a new species of man a bird man?
Tills is a question which students of hu
man science are asking, as they note the
physical and mental peculiarities of those
who have been most In the public eye In
connection with the advancement of avia
tion in the field of heavler than-alr machines.
Phrenologists were the first to see the curious resem
blance between the heads of the chief aeroplane invent
ors, and from this beginning there has grown a more
rxtended Inquiry into the reasons therefor. Then, there
has been the incidental feature of the possible devlop
mcnt, In greater d'egree, of the same characteristics in
others as aviation brings more and more students into
Its field.
It is possible, therefore, that there Is an aeroplane
head. While it may be easy to look upon it as a co
incidence, nevertheless there are several reasons for
thinking differently. The photographs of Curtiss,
Beachey. Knabenshue, the Wrights, Farman, Blerlot,
Santos-Dumont, Do la Crange and others phrenologists
declare to show certain qualities upon all their skulls
without which they never would have attempted the
problems which they have so nearly solved.
The eesentlal feature found In all the aviators whose
photogiaphs have been examined phrenologlcally is a
certain width above the eyebrows, which Is designated
as demonstrating by the study which has been made of
tho bhape of the human head that this peculiar width
ha3 always been accompanied In its possessor by a
balancing capacity, a steadiness of hand and muscular
control and application of the laws of gravity, of mo
tion and of momentum, and is examplcd In power to
keep the equilibrium while walking on high elevations.
In riding a horse, skating, climbing, sailing, etc. In
addition, it has its bearing on tho judgment of weight,
of resistance, of density, etc., while giddiness, stagger
ing, liability to fall, seasickness, etc., have been attrib
uted to a lack of this power at least In considerable
degree, or to Its temporary disturbance.
All the aviators show the Inventor's capacity. The
faculty of niarvelouKness, as the phrenologist calls It, Is
distinguished In the width above and In front of the
ears. In the Individuals given ns examples there are
variations In the height of the head, but It Is easily to
ie seen that though, In some Instances, the head rises
higher, it still has width In this particular locality.
To this quality of marvelonsness the phrenologists at
tribute the imaginative and even Inspirational mo
ments which have led these inventors to think of the
new things that have been made necessary In their ef
forts to conquer the upper air.
A third quality which Is discoverable upon investi
gation of the heads of these conquerors of the air, is
that of constructive ability, which Is responsible for
their ability to carry out a conception onco It has ap
pealed to them. This quality is, of course, peculiar to
Inventors, and its evidence Is closely allied In the shap
ing of the head to the evidence of the faculty of mar
velousncss. .That the world gradually will develop aeroplane heads
as the work of the avlatois bring navigation of the air
closer to us. Is the belief of students of human science,
as indicated by tho outward characteristics of the skull.
Our brains, they declare, have already been considerably
modified by the development of the Inventions which
have been applied to or used In everyday life, and the
intense interest in the aeroplane Is regarded as likely
to have an even stronger bearing on the human facul
ties than any discovery or Invention of the recent cen
turies. In human Bclence It is accepted that the brain
will develop much as the muscle does when demands
are made upon it. Muscular exercise nrings anoui an
increase in power and in size which we ail accept with
out question. The exercise of the brain along certalu
lines Is regarded as positively having the same effect,
though much more plow In making Its effects apparent
in the outward evidences.
That we shall become a race of man-birds is among the
possibilities, and that It will have its effect on the
physiognomy is even more certain than the accomplish
ment of air navigation, for In this we have the prece
dents of the past to go upon, while in the matter of
aviation we can only guess at the future, despite the ad
vancement which has been made.
There has been the bicycle face and the automobile
face, but we must wait to determine Just what the aero
plane face will be.
It Ifesi
f.Z !
A 0
t -
tiny (lie SiomafJis aruiUowisi
Promotes DisHonrJifcrful '
ncss and Rcstrontains nciihtr
Opiimi.Morphiiic norMiacraL;
Ara tfOlJIkM.ILmiMil
i Snrf
hiBrrjrm'tknm I
AnerfrrtRemcdv forOonsnpa
I Ion . Sour StomacU,Dlarrhota
Worms .Com'ul.sions.rfvrrish
ncss anil Loss of Sleep.
lac Simile Signanutrf
Guaranteed under tteTood
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For TnfanTa and Children.
Tho Kind You Kayo
Always Dought
Bears tho
M . If J
iu1 J
For Over
Thirty Years
aamaMbf 'JUUi
If life were caught by a clarinet
And a wild heart, throbbing In the
Should thrill Its Joy and trill its fret,
And utter Its heart in every deed,
Then would this breathing clarinet
Type what the poet fain would be;
For none of the singers ever yet
Has wholly lived bis minstrelsy.
Or clearly aung his true, true thought.
Or utterly bodied forth his lire.
Or out of life and song hus wrought
That perfect one of man and wife;
Or lived and sung, that Life and Song
Might each express the other's all
CareleBS If life or art were long,
Since both were one, to stand or fall
So that the wonder struck the crowd,
Who shouted nbout tho land:
His song was only living aloud.
His work, a singing with his hand!
Sidney Lanier.
Poelr ami I'rune.
"What a beautiful sight it Is. Mrs.
Kates, to see your two little boys al
ways together:" the summer boarder
exclaimed, In an ecstasy, on the ap
proach of Bobby and Tommy Bates,
band In band. "Such brotherly love la
as rare as it is exquisite.
Mrs. Bates nodded In pleasant as
sent. "I tell Kzry," she said, "that they're
as iusep'r'ble as a pair o' pants."
. A boy's idea of hardship is to have
to wao bis neck tad tars every da.
Claude Morrlssey tramped the floor
from the door to the window and
back again. He was Just as sadly
off as a scapegrace can be, disinher
ited and in love.
The latter was the most discour
aging of all, considering pretty Grace
Collutn knew all the bad tuinga about
him; Claude had been a reckless
gambler In college, and Grace, just
In long dresses, sided with bis father
and promptly turned her back on the
luckless young man.
Claude, poor wretch, at the wrong
moment showed spunk, and bis father
sent him packing.
New York swallowed blrn, his nils'
demeanors and loose change. Ho
hunted for work; Allan Perry, a col
lege chum, got him a small lob on a
hlg paper.
Presently Claude threw himself on
his bed nnd picked up the morning's
paper. The first item his glance
found was this announcement: "Mrs,
fdlum. Miss Grace Colium at home
lo-uay rrom i un o.
Morrlssey stared at the words with
breathless Interest.
"it Is Grace; her aunt lives In New
York, and Grace Is staying here for
the season."
Suddenly he sprang up and began
pacing the floor again.
"I must see her," he moaned. "Oh
girlie! If you only knew how sorry
I have been If father could know"
Then he struck his baud fiercely
across wet eyes.
But a smile came Immediately after
wards, and the lad looked so hand
some with the mirth In his gray eyes,
that his pood angel, taking pity, pop
ped the Idea of an escupade Into bis
head which he at once seized upon.
At 2:30, dressed la afternoon togs
he stood on the steps of the folium
house and rang with outward calm.
The butler who opened the door,
stared stolidly over bis head while
Claude reached for his cardcase and
broke into a cold perspiration on not
finding it. Just when despair swoop
ed down upon him. Perry came up the
They greeted, and as the butler still
stood and stared Indifferently, Perr?
"I was sent to write this up; com
ing in?"
Wltn a gulp Claude assented. In
a short time they were shaking hands
with their hostess. Claude, following
Allan, pressed Mrs. Collum'a hand,
then the vibrant fingers of Grace.
Her conventional greeting sank to a
whisper, and he clung to her band
till her low, distressed voice reached
him: "Claude please let my band
He did so, but stood where he could
watch her till suddenly she was gone.
Then he began a search for her, find
ing her at last pouring tea, and look
ing white and distrait.
He made his way to her Bide and
leaned over:
"Grace," he exclaimed Imploringly.
"Pray go!"
"Never!" he cried with emphasis.
"Please come away somewhere; I
must speak to you."
She hesitated, then beckoned one of
her cousins to take her place and
conducted him to the deserted morn
ing room.
She faced him there, and spoke
"You are a cruel son you are
breaking youv father's heart. You
don't know how old he has grown
this last year."
Her voice was indignant.
"He drove me away."
"Who was to blame?"
After a long pauBe, he answered In
a hoarse voice: "Myself."
Her cold face altered till it was all
loveliness. "You have learned much,
Claude; go back and tell him that."
They looked at one another till
I kll'NIi Oi'itJiX TO YOU.
something In bis eyes made her turn
for (light.
"Do you think be will take me back
Into his heart, Grace?" Claude stod
before her.
"Yes," she breathed, her delicate
llesh on fire.
"And you, Grace will you?'
"Let me pubs please, Claude."
"Oh, girlie! If you knew the dread
ful, sick months " The agony In
hit voice overwhelmed her womanly
"And I, too, Claude I have Huffer
ed," she whispered agalnBt bis neck
Dea Molne-i News.
When a business man U shiftless
and doesn't get along, we have noticed
that he often tries to lay the blame
for failure on railroad rates.
Any discussion in which you are not
Interested seems very trivial to you.
, "
m science
AV.tltlnir at tho Church la 11)2(1.
Pausing at tho entrance to the
lhurc.li wherein the wedding cere
mony Is being performed, we note an
alr&liip tugging at iu moorings, and
one side, concealed In the shrubbery,
a huge mortar or siege gun. About
this party are grouped a merry party
of young folk, who are laughing gay-
ly and are loading the weapon to the
muzzle with old s.hoes and rice.
"What are you doing?" wc inquired,
"They're going away in their air
ship on their honeymoon 'trip," ex
plains one of the joyous party. "Just
when they clear the steeple of the
church we are going to let them have
the contents of this gun." Chicago
"If I were as ugly as you are," aatft
tho clam, "I never would 'thrust my
self Into good society."
"And If I were as tough as you are
retorted the oyster, "I'd reform."
I Beit for Baby and Best for Motler
I 1 '
TVonM Da a Mlaflt.
Scapegrace Nephew I wish I bad
your appetite. Uncle Henry.
Elderly Relative Bo thankful you
haven't, my boy. It wouldn't fit your
i I fine (or children and adults, very plea
. . if I v .,
to late ana tree irora opmies. it tooine
nd heU the aching throat end suuretrettiul
aighti to both tnothet and child.
AU Druggists, 23 cants.
t.a"i'liMiiiiiilri .v
uuiui uuu luiiu fill gaiuj
nd Kill lit II
S. C. N. U.
No. 511909.
The slipping of carbons in arc lamps
which the subjected to the Jarring o!
buildings may be prevented by sus
pending the lamps from coll springs.
An English woman has patented a
jeweled sunburst in which one set of
rays Is made to revolve over another
by clock-work inserted in the setting.
Every building In Kobe, Japan, Is
thoroughly cleaned, both inside and
out, twice a year, under the super
vision of the city's sanitary authori
A device that turns the lamps of au
tomobiles with the wheels, so as to il
luminate the path when rounding
curves, ha3 been patented by an Ohio
European engineers are said to.be
very appreciative of the value of ce
ment grouting for repairing defective
masonry, lining wells, and for making
tunnel roofs water-tight. In Germany
a well polluted by infiltrations was
put into satisfactory condition by low
ering into it a sheet-Iron drum, filling
the Bpace between the drum and the
walls of the well with Portland ce
jnent, aud withdrawing the drum after
the cement had set. The damaged ma
sonry of a tunnel was repaired by In
jecting lbjuld cement under pressure.
Air at a pressure of seventy-eight
pounds per square Inch sufficed to
force the cement into place.
A substitute for the kitchen range
as a source of supply for hat water
has recently been Introduced in Eng
land. An Iron block, cast round a coll
of pipe, Is heated by a small electric
heater placed In a chamber In Its cen
ter. Outside the block is a circular
tank coutaiulng the water, which in
its course through the coll is heated.
The electric current for the heater
comes from the regular house supply
for lighting. As the apparatus stores
considerable heat, it may be cut off
when the current is required for light
without seriously affecting the supply
of hot water. Ou tho other hand, thp
heaters may be permanently connected
with the electric main, Independent of
the light current.
A great deal of admiration has been
expressed for the feat of the veteran
Italian balloonist, Captain Spelterinl,
who has again crossed the range of the
Alps with his balloon, Sirlus. Ou this
occasion, early la August, he started
from Chamounl with four companions,
hoping to pass directly over Mont
Blanc. But the wind bore the balloon
eastward, across the Mer de Glace,
round (he Aiguille du Dru, over the
Tour Niilr, past the Zlnal Hoi horn,
and by a sudden leap over tho Weiss
horn mid ahove the valley of Zermatt.
Then It passed over the gigantic Dom,
skirted the towering Mutterhorn, and
descending on the Italian side, ap
proached Ihe Pizzo dl Huscada. Night
was ut band and a storm approaching,
to Captain Spelterinl landed on tin
edgo of a precipice, and the party,
after passing the night on the moun
talu, made the best of their way down
to Locarno. The balloon was saved.
Ho lie lloea.
"Do you bellevo that tough beef It
as good for a person as tender beef?"
"Better. The man who gets tough
beer gets both nourishment and exer-els-
The Fountain Head of Life
Is The Stomach
A man who has a week and impaired stomach and who dues not
properly digest his food will soon find that his blood has become
weak and impoverished, and that his whole body ia improperly and
Insufficiently nouriabed.
tnmtce Ihe mtomach stronti, promotes tho How of
ttliestlvo lulces, remtorca the lost mppetlte, mmkea
assimilation perfect. Invigorate the liver mad
purities and enriches the blood. It la the Hoat blood-maker,
tleah-bullder and restorative nerve tonic. It makes mam
( mtroni la body, active la mind and tool la ladiemenU
This "Discovery" is a pure, glyceric extract of American medical roots?
absolutely free from alcohol and all injurious, habit-forming drugs. All its)
ingredients are printed on its wrappers. It has no relationship with seere
nostrums. Its every ingredient is endorsed by the leaders in all the schools of
medicine. Don't accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this time-prove
remedy of known composition. Ass voua nriohbois. They must know of
many civet made by it during past 40 years, right in your own neighborhood.
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R.V. Pierce, Pres., Buffalo, N. Y.
' -:1 Ml fa?
The Largest manufactu
Men's Finc 8M0ta in thc
Woar W. L. Doutjlae comfortable!
easy-walking shoes. They are
made upon honor, of the beat tenth
re, by the most skilled workman,
In all the latest fashion. Shoes In
every etyle and shape to suit men
In all walks of Ufa,
If I could take you Into my large
factories at Brockton, Mass., and
show you how carefully W. LDouf
Ina shots are made, you would
i then understand why they hold
J their shape, lit Detter, wear longer
ana ara or grsaior mm. man an;
other make.
CAUTION. See that W. h. Douglas
name and the rotall price Is srainiod on
the bottom. Take No Substitute.
When Cold Winds Blov7
When cold winds blow, biting frost
Is In the air, and back-draughts down
the chimney deaden the fires, then the
Oil Heater
Equipped with 6mokeless Device)
shows its sure heating power by
steadily supplying just the heat that
Is needed for comfort.
The Perfection Oil Heater is unaffected
by weather conditions. It never fails. No
moke no smell just a genial, satisfying
best. The new
Smokeless Device
Srevents the wick being turned too high,
lerooved in an instant.
Solid brats font holds 4 quarts of oil sufficient to give out a glowing heal
lor 9 hours solid trass wick carriers damper top cool handle oil indicate,
Jkatcr beautifully finished in nickel or Japaa in a variety of styles. .
Every Dealer Ersrywhert. It Not At Yours, Writs for Descriptive CtreuISS
to the Mcaiest Agency el the
' '

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