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!cnd Us Your Name
YE have a good money
making proposition
and want to tell you about
it. Write to-day for par
ticulars. Address
C30 Broadway
Seed corn lor Sale
Crop f.f 1908. $1.00 per
taken at
tbe crib.
A. M. Nixon,
llomer, Nob
Herald for News when it is
County Coroner
v y
Klrt publication 4-H-KH-Bwki
Nniii.n 1. liprobr elVrn thpt the pi-tltlon
of Frnnx lichnmnn for IIopiimk to HI mnlt,
MplrltiioiiH anil vinous liquors on lots 4 anil
ft In blix-k I, In the vlllmrp of Nacora, Dnkuta
rounly, Nebranka, Is on llln In the otlli-o of
tho county clrrk of Dakota county, Nolir.,
and all objection thereto tnimt lie llleil on
or Ixfore Katurtlay, April , 1110, or the
same will Ih grnnteil.
Dated this ifnil tiny of April, 1PIO.
Kkami I.kiimanw, Applicant.
11. F. Sawyer
Jackson, Nebraska
First publication Apr 8 8ws
Notice Is hereby (riven that on thi'4th ilny
ei Inrll llllO I III 1 It tl A 1 1 fTe 1 111111 11 ICtl W 1 1 ll
the villnire clerk of Hubliaril, Neb., their
implication nn.l petition for a license to sell
...uit unipit...,.iii nn, I vinous ilmiors, ami
roniliiet a snloon In snld vllliwe. on lot S in
block 12. under the laws of the state of Ne
braska nnd ordinances 01 111111 VI liwo. ""J
and all objections to the icrantln of said
it Mii.mhl ii on (lie with the village
clerk by the Stoth day of April. Wl''.
DuKKan A llelTernan,
D. O. HefTernan, Applicants
VIIIuko Clerk.
Local Items
Friday, April 23, 1910
Yon will find a good line of sweat
pads for horses, whips, machine bolts,
and a very good line of hardware, tin
warn a nil graniteware at right prior".,
at Schriever Bros.
Notice Is hereby (riven that on April IS,
1IH0. ) W Nles tiled with the vIlliiKtt clerk
of DnkotaClty. Dakota county. iMjurasan.
his application and petition for a license to
sell malt, spirituous and vinous liquors, and
conduct a saloon In snld vtllatre. durtiitr the
IInciiI year lieitlnnliiK on tne nrst juesmiy
in May. Win, under the laws of the state of
Nebraska And the ordinances of snld vll
hie, in a building located on parts of lots
14 and IB, In block 140. Any ana Bii onjec
tlons to tho granting of said license should
tie on tile with the vllliwe clerk of snld vil
lain) on or before the :ith day of April, 1U10.
(i. W". Niks, Applicant.
Patti, Vizky, VUlnne Clerk.
Dated this liltb day 01 April, mi".
1 Patronize Home Industry buy your rrvzats of
Proprietor of , I
City Iy2ea,t Market
Fresh and Salt Meats always on hand
Cash paid for Hides and Pelts
Agent for Seymours White Laundry. Basket goes on
Tuesdays and comes back Saturdays
A full season's time, hard work and money by planting
poor seed. Be wise, and get the best in the seed line.
We have it. A full line of
Clover, Alfalfa, Timothy, Rape,
Cane and Grasses
All good seed at a fair price ; no poor seed at any price.
Tell us your Needs. -.
FHwarrk& Rradfnrrll nr. Co.
laVI IIMI Vl J WW V I Wli Vl I w 1 X kaa w "
I Special Hates Given to Teachers J
Lippincott's Magazine, Philadelphia. Pa.
witH oxr I
Public Schools
By Joseph M. Rogers I
A series of article creating widespread comment from I
the press and educators of America. Now running in f
Get It Kead It !
S&turdtxy, April 23 rd
3 pounds Extra Choice Peaches 25c
6 Loaves of "Quality Bread" 25c
3 packages Corn Flakes 25c
7 boxes Matches 25c
Sevturilay, April 30tH
A 2-nmind Can of Peas, for 9o
A 25c Can of Sliced Apricots, for.
A 20c Can of Salmon, for. .
A 20c Can of Egg Plums, for
7 Bars of Beat 'Em All Soap, for
F A Wood is recovering nicely from
his illness.
Judge Evans transacted legal bust
ness in Tender Thursday.
Cliff Teterson and family moved to
(Joburn tins week to reside.
Mrs L W White returned to her
home at Woodbine, Iowa. Tuesdav.
Peter Garner has been appointed to
take the enumeration in St John's pre
cinct. A baby daughter was born to James
Eeiley and wife of bonth Sioux City
Attorney Paul, who succeeded Fred
S Berry at Emerson, was here on bus
iuess Thursday.
Mrs George Carter of Omaha, was
an over Snnday visitor at the home of
her father, M O Ayres.
Do you keep an eye on Van's black
board, if not you had better as he al
ways has a bargain listed there.
D L Allen of Sioux City, was a bus
iness visitor here Tuesday. The Her
ald acknowledges a pleasant call.
Ihe whisky trust Has announced a
decrease in the price of its product of
oo per gallon, ivery little bit helps.
J E Fleck, a former resident of this
place, but now living in South Dako
ta, is here on a visit at the J F Lee-
dom home.
Mrs S A Stinson spent tbe past
week at Omaha visiting friends and
looking after Ham, who is serving on
the federal Jury .
Fred Parker went to O'Neill, Nebr,
Wednesday to sign a relinquishment
to bis 640-acre homestead in Rock
oounty, be having disposed ol It at a
good figure.
J J Eimers this week moved the two
safes that he bought from the Atlee
Bart estate when he purchased tbe
Dakota Connty Abstract (Jo's business,
to the W P Warner office which be
occupies. v
John B Dewitt and family, wboj-e.
moved to Sioux City temporarily, a
week ago Sunday, departed from
there on Wednesday of last week for
Anaheim, Cal, where a half-brotber of
Mr Dewitt resides.
Barney Qribble visited last week
with his sons, John and George, at
South Omaha. He brought home
with him one of those "Sunday closing
laws" canes, that holds about three
good swallows of "schnaps."
A J Parker of South Sioux City was
here on business Wednesday. He had
just returned from a trip to Canastota,
8 D, where his son Bert resides, and
he says that the recent oold snap was
much more severe in that locality than
it was here.
Mrs Helen Cunningham arrived
here Sunday morning from Seattle,
Washington, for a few weeks visit with
her mother, Mrs Etta M Spencer. She
stopped off at Denver, Colo, while
enroute here and spent a few dajs
with her sister Mary Spencer.
Miss Bertha Bowe, while enroute
from Lot Angeles, Cal, to her home in
La Grange, Ind, stopped off here Mon
day and spent a few hours at the. J H
Gribble home, she being an old ac
quaintance of Mrs Gribble and also of
the Mre Ueyer family in Lios Angeles.
The little building belonging to D C
Stinson which stands just east of the
coutt house, was discovered on fire
Monday night, but ft few pails of wa
ter saved it before much damage re
suited. The fire is supposed to have
been started bv some bum who was
making it his sleeping place,
Congressman Latta writes us from
Washington, D C, that Mrs Isabelle
Scollard, of Jackson, Neb, has been
allowed her claim for a pension and
that her name is now on the pension
roll at the rjrte of $12 per month and
$2 additional for each of her two minor
children. The pension dates from
June 18, 1908.
W J McEathron, supervising drain
age engineer from the U S department
of agriculture at Washington, V V,
was here this week and in company
with Judge R E Evans and Dr C II
Maxwell went over tbe pro
posed route of the ditob to be built
by the newly organized drainage dis
trict. He spoko very favorably of the
George Stone of Coleridge, brother-in-law.
of Mrs George Pranger of this
plaoe, last week joined tbe St Louis
Brown's, with whom be has played for
tbe past several seasons. Mr Stone
plays left field, and held the cham
pionship for batting in the American
association for two years prior to last
season. He commands as high a sala
ry as a United States senator.
Mr and Mrs J P Rockwell received
word tbe first of the week that their
nephew, "Jimmie" Biggs, had died at
his noma in llichland Uenter, wis, on
April 12, 1910, of tuberculosis. The
young man was about oo years oiu,
and was born in tins oounty. wuen a
child of about 5 years he suffered a se
vere attack of scarlet fever, which left
him totally blind. He attended an
institute for the blind and thereafter
was able to support himself and his
Two automobile loads of detectives,
.- m TV t. sj-v 1
Leaded oy uniei oi 1'oiice uict. iuou
ards of Sioux City, were here Tuesday
scouring tbe town in search of the ban
dits who dynamited and robbed tbe
bank at Randolph, Neb, a few weeks
ago, the officers having traoed them
to Sioux City and from there across
the river into Dakota county. If tha
bank robbers had been in town they
ould have had plenty of time to get
ander cover while the offioera were
sailing around town. It is claimed
Bargains at Van'a every day.
Soe Ir G Stanard for heating, plumb
lng and lighting.
Judge R E Evans wort to Lin col
Monday on legal business.
Buy a good farm on the Dakota
county bottom. I have it. Eimers
Jas Barnett has started a sawmill i
the Herman Roost giovo iu Brushy
1 he village board met last evening
and swore in their new member, Louis
Mrs Elizabeth Fa gun, of South
Sioux City has been granted a pension
of $12 per month.
Frank Brovbill took a bunch or joy
riders" to Allen in bis automobile
Wednesday evening.
Mrs Lottie Hampton came down
from Wakefield Thursday and spent a
few days with relative.
Mrs Georgia Jay came up from Law
ronne, Kans, last week and is visiting
at the Henry Wood borne.
Bertha Hamilton is home from Lead,
D, where she holds a position as
teacher in the pubho schools.
Mrs S J Fansset, of Canon Citv,
Colo, spent tho past we ek here at tbe
home of her son, T J Knoppor.
If you haven t got time to do your
own shopping call up fo. 1, and be
will deliver tbe goods promptly.
A brother of Henry Ley arrived
here from Michigan Thursday and is
visiting with Mr Ley at Crystal Lake
Found a pooketbook containing
money. Owner can have tbe same by
paying for this notice and proving
Mrs Homer Skeen returned to lor
home at Cody, Neb, Monday after a
week's visit at the home of her father,
M O Ayres.
Thomas Debien returned Monday
from Rochester, Minn, where he went
to consult the noted surgeons, tbe
Mayo brothers.
Paul Pizay and bis mother went to
Randolph, Iowa, today to visit over
Sunday at the home of Mrs Tsui
Pizey's parents.
L V Hall has moved to town from a
farm southwest of this plaoe, and is
occupying the Mrs Orr house east of
the M E ohuroli .
Edward Howard and Loraine How
ard, age 27 and 29 respectively, were
granted a license to wed Wednesday
by Judge Heffercan.
It pays to trade at Vans, and be
sides he will give you, free of charge,
a handsome chromo in tbe course of
time. Go and see bim.
R. M. VUey Ends Life.
After suffering untold agony for
tiro weeks with severe pains in Id's
head, chest and stomach, and rocoir
ing little encouragement from the at
tending physician, B M Pizey, one of
the old pioneer residents of this plaoe
in a fit of temporary insanity took i
quantity of Paris green Saturday af
ter noon shortly alter 4 o'clock, from
tbe effects of which be died Sunday
morning at 4 o'clock. When discov
ered soon after taking tbe poison he
was 10 tbe act of trying to end his life
with a knife and had nearly severed
his windpipe, A physician was im
mediately summoned and everything
possible was done to alleviate bis suf
fering, but without avail.
The funeral services were held from
the residence Tuesday morning, con
ducted by Rev W R Warren, pastor of
me m ju ounrcu. interment was in
Logan Park cemetery, Sioux City.
a sorrowing wiie and two sons,
Paul Pizey, an attorney of this place.
aod Alfred Pizey, an attorney of Sioux
tUy, are left to mourn his untimely
Deceased was born in England May
21, 1821. Came to Dakota county
in tbe early COa and ha resided here
continuously since. He owned some
valuable property in Sioux '"ity which
bo purchased whilo driving stnge in
early days, ne was a quiot, unassum
ing man, of pleasant disposition and
was never known to wrong anyone.
Hay for Sate
Some good upland hay for sale in
the stack. Enquire of Mies M A De-
loughery, Jackson, Nebraska.
Servioes at the Methodist Episcopal
church every Sunday as follows:
Preaohing, 11am; Snnday school, 10
m! Class meeting 12 ru; Epworth
League, 6:80 p m; Preaohing, 7 pm.
For Sale
I have a lot of young lambs for sale
at 50- a bead. This is a cheap way
to start a few sheep. Come and buy
them and have pets for vour children,
for I have hundreds of them. I also
have a lot of sheep for sale.
Fred Bartels, Hubbard, Neb.
Barrel of Salt, for ' $l.SO
The' Dakota County Ilomemakers
clnb will bold their next meeting in
Dakota City about the middle of May.
A program is being prepared.
A daughter arrived at the home of
Mr and Mrs Wm Powell last Saturday,
the 16th, aud a son at tbe borne of Mr
and Mrs Albsrt Johl on Thursday, the
The democrats of North Nebraska
will banquet at Emerson Nebr, on May
2nd. Governor Shallenberger, Mayor
Dahlman and W H Thompson are on
the program. ,
Mrs J W Spidell and children are
visiting here at the Mra J G McKernan
home. Mr Spidell has accepted a po
sition at Auburn, Iowa, and will be
joined by his family as soon as he can
secure a house.
All kinds of coal, feed and hay for
sale at reasonable prioes.
l 'ivlds & Sladohter Co.
ThcoE Bliven, Manager,
Dakota City, Neb.
Go to Fred Bartels, Hubbard, Neb,
to buy your young lambs to feed, for
be wants to sell his old sheep for
mutton sheep, ne is selling the lambs
at a low prioe of 50i a head. This is
cheaper than they can ever be bought
for again.
Lottie Orr came down from Win
side Thursday anal on Friday left for
Phillip, S D, for a couple of weeks'
visit with her brother Frank. Her
mother, Mrs R B Orr, is taking care
of the telephone exchange at Winside
during her absence.
The base ball season will be opened
at Crystal Lake park Sunday with a
double header between teams from
the Sioux City amatenr baseball
league. Tbe Dakota City-South Sioux
Citv team and the Shepardsons will
fight for honors in the second game.
Eaily Ohio seed potatoes for sale.
Brought from Red River Valley last
year. Also a nice lot of Rural New
Yorkers. On Warner's farm 6 miles
southwest of Dakota City, 4 miles
northeast of Homer. 50 cents per
bushel. II Zentmire,
Dakota City, Nebr.
S A Stinson, who has been serving
on the federal grand jury at Omaba
for the past few weeks, returned home
Wednesday evening, the grand jury
avicg finished its work for this term,
Mrs Stinson who had been visiting at
Omaha the past week, aoenmpanied
him home. Tbev visited relatives at
Lyons Tuesday night on their way
The village fathers received a new
chemical fire apparatus Monday from
tbe factory in Minneapolis. Tbe new
machine holds about 40 gallons of
water and is charged with a mixture
that when released into the water
forms a gas that will smother out a
good sized fire, especially if on the in
side of a building. The engine will
be chargod and kept in readiness for
the next fire.
A couple of drunks were arrested
Thursday morning and lodged in jail
bv Marshal Feuston for fighing and
naioinn tk. niuftivhonAa nn Mia irAnt.M
Judge Heffercan gave them just flvel J&CKSOA,
minutes to get ont of town. Ibese
are probably the vaga Police Judge
Sims of Sioux City gave an hour in
which to get aorosa the combination
bridge into Nebraska the day before
They will probably see you again Mr
S.A. Stinson
I Dakola City. Nebraska
that the five men who did tbe job at
Randolph and sot away with about
$10,000, Lave been making tbeir head
Quarters at Covington and Sioux City
and from the amount oi muiuiateu
bills in circulation lately, we don
doubt it. As yet the yegg men are
till enioving their libertv. Tbe local
officers were not taken into the confl
dence of the deteotivea, who probably
do not care to divide the 12,000 re
ward offered for the capture of tbe
From the Kecord
Mrs. S. E. Nelson, of Omaha, Is vis
iting her brother If. U. Hannah this
eek. Mrs. iselson and Mr. Hannah
are twins.
Robert PilRrlm, who recently re
turned here from Minnesota, will start
work in a short time on a new house
in Railroad addition.
Mrs. M. H. Armour and daughter,
Miss Apnea, of Sioux City, were here
Monday enroute for Lutein to vialt
Mra. Armour's daughter.
V. II. Meeker and daughters, Misses
Agnes and Ilazel, are spending the
week at West Held, la., where Mr.
Meeker is looking after nursery busi
J. C. Oelster this week moved into
the Evans' store building and will use
It as a residence until he gets his new
house, which hp expects to start bulld
lnp soon, completed. '
John Voss. manager of the Union
Tea company In Sioux City, has pur
chased 12 lots in the western part of
town and will commence the erection
of a new home et once.
The Edward West house, which was
moved from Walker's Island to town,
a distance of about two miles. Is now
In place on Frederick street and the
foundation Is being laid.
special Agent Cook, of Lvoim. wajj
here Monday looklngaftercensusenum
erators. He was looking for a man
to take up the work In St. John's pre
cinct. Clarence Phillips will probably
db namea.
J. P. Meredith this week rented his
property in Sioux City, the Iowa Coal
company outfit, to J. H. Beaver, for
merly of South Sioux City. Mr. Reaver
will add a lumber yard to the coal
Marshall Austin, who Is employed by
the Consumers' Ice company, was quite
badly hurt the first of the week by
having a large piece of Ice fall upon
him. His head, shoulder and leg were
Electric car service to connect with
the Traction comjvany cars at South
Sioux City will make the accommoda
tion of large crowds an easy problem
this summer. The large electric car
seats 80 people, and the two trailers as
many more. A service of 15 minutes
can be maintained between the Park
and town.
Amzi A. Adams, a well known and
respected citizen of South Sioux City,
died suddenly Tuesday evening- at St.
Joseph's hospital In Sioux City. Mr.
Adams hud been HI ever since winter
when he was forced to quit work. He
hud been gaining strength apparently
and expected next Monday to again
go to work. Ho was taken suddenly
III Monday and removed to the hospltul,
where he died Tuesday evening.
The baseball season for the city
league will open at the Crystal lake
ball park In this city Sunday, April 24,
at which time the South. Sioux City
Dakota City teams will play the Sheap
erd8ons. Guinea will be played every
Sunday at Crystal lake. Riverside and
Leeds by the six teams of tho city
R R Time Table
C B ft Q
91 Local Freight' 7:15 am
17 " Passenger . .12:47pm
19 " " ... 7:30pm
92 Looal Freight 2 :25 pm
16 Looal Passenger.. 6 :07pm
18 " " ...11:50 pm
daily. daily except Sunday.
K.ff Cochms
To look up your Seed Corn. Very Important
this year. Send us sample of your corn about 100
grains and we will have it tested, free, and give you
the Government Report on it.
"The Bank that ALWAYS treats you RIGHT"
Bank of Dakota. County & iSubt"0"
"ALWAYS hungry for MORE business"
Repair Work Promptly
Attended to
Heating, Plumbing tvnd LlgHtlrtg
Haven't you ever heard of the
Ideal Lighting System?
If not let us tell you about it. A card will se
cure a demonstration and descriptive matter.
Phona No. 33
Dakota City, Neb.
NortU Sid nt Hrdwvjr
Ut. Ith nd It5h Sta.
59 lfca,rs
on f Ike I3a,rlket
39 years since the Minnesota Linseed Oil & Paint Co.
commenced the manufacture of Pure Prepared House
Paints. The BEST then, and during a period of 39 years
has given such universal satisfaction that today it is rec
ognized as the Standard of Quality Everywhere.
You can't afford to run any risk if it's MINNESOTA
PAINT You KNOW its the BEST.
A good stock always on hand at
Edwards & Bradford L'mb'r Co.
V. 0. Lake, Resident Mgr.
Dakota City, Neb
Plan Ea.rly for . .
PdCiflC Coast: From June 1st, low round trip excursion
rates to the Pacific Coast, and on special dates April to July,
still Lower Coast Excursion Rates.
YflllOWStone Park: All indications point to a larger num
ber of Park tourists during the summer of 1910 than ever before.
The tour rates are very low, and include attractive diverse routes
through Colorado and Salt Lake City.
Tc tllO East: Special rates will be in effect to eastern
cities and resorts. Definite announcements should be made
within the next thirty days.
liOCky Mountain Tours: Tourist rates during the summer
to Denver, Estes Park and Coloiado resorts, Hot Springs, S D,
Sheridan and Ranchester, Wyo, fos the Big Horn region, Cody
(gateway for Holm's personally conducted camping parties
through the park), Thermopolis, Wyo, the coming wonderful Hot
Springs resort (railway completed July 1st). '
IIomeseekerS, Rates: First and third Tuesdays for investors
rnd landseekers through the newly developing
sections of the west. Get in touch with the
j-, - - - -'Pi nearest ticket agent, or with me, and let us tell
lihlnfiTiirilm yu vvhat ,ou want-
1004 Farnam streot.
1' mm J
Eggs, per setting of 15 50c
per hundred $3.00
Roosters $1.00 to $3.00
Hens $1.00
Chris Smith
For Sale
A large list of Cheyenne, Morrill,
Box Butte, Kimball,' Sootta Bluff and
Banner county Nebr, lands.
Banobea, relinquishments railroad
oontraota, school sections all izesl
and prices from $6.60 per acre and up I
for deeded lands.
Having a personal knowledge of
these lands I will go and show them to I
those who wish to invest.
B A Combs, Homer, Nebr.
v ' .4 Trade Mark
"MM CopvKioMTa 4c.
Anront litlni s ikatrh and dMcrlptlnn m?
anient? uwariaiii onr opinion fra wnihr ma
IllTaiitlnn la pruhalilf pamnmMa. Ciuiilnuiitra.
tloiiamriotlraiiindsiiMal. HANDBOOK on Hauuita
aaiil f raa. OldMt aaemtr curinir jwtanta.
l'aienta takau tbrouiih Munn Co. ioal
averUil nut tea, without cliama, lu tua
Scientific flimricati.
A hanrl.omelf llloatrat) waaklf. I.araaat fir
rulnllnii til aur aolaiitlUo Joiirnul. " arma. J i
nr; four months, tL MI b all jiawaiilarj
MUNN & Co.8018 New York
UrMi'J OIU.-. CI F BU Waabluglou, U. C
I Abstracts of Title Bto
I A $10,000 Suretv Bond toto COUUtj Abstract CO.
Guarantees the accuracy 01 every w.w.
Abstract I make J J CI NBRS
JL! HJTUB'wHl' M pill Ml IWW.'V
It. .. .J J .. I
iTf-T ' Vt J'
at A aarhajirtl l
is ready to mall. It will bt tent to any person interested in
fruit-growing on receipt of 7 cents to cover poatage. Tha
Stark Year Book for 1910 repreaentt an entirely new idea ia
nuraerymen't literature it ia a work of art at well as a
catalogue of Stark Nursery products. Within iu covert are 32 full-page illustrations of
fruits and flowers, representing 175 varieties, dons in four colors, and exactly reproducing
nature. 84 pages are devotedto descriptions, prices, and records.
Stark Delicious, the apple that has revolutionized orchard planting and established a
new standard of apple values (selling at $10.00 per bushel box this year); Stark King
David, another apple of wondrous quality and merit; Stark Kins; Philip, a hardy black
grape of California grape quality, and dozens of the very best things in tha horticultural
world are fully described, illustrated, and priced. .
To any one planting one tree or many, of fruits or ornamental, this book is of
inestimable value a horticultural text-book a guide to proper selection.
Stark trees have stood the supreme test of actual planting for 85 years they are tha
yard-stick by which all other nursery products era measured they are the first choice of
this country's most successful orchardista. The success of the orchard it dependent on
the kind and quality of tree planted. 6tark varieties are the best of the Ut.Our recstdj
of 85 yean of successful telling it a positive guarantee of tree quality.; '
Btfori yam itcidt f buy, sai t ! fir tk Start !
w Ytar Book 4 it today itftr tht diiim i$ txkatutid. j
Stark BroNurseries and I Orchards .Cpj
.j.. . Louisiana, Missouri . . .t. h

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