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Big Circus at Sioux City,
liiugling Broil. World's Ore tost Show
to be There Saturday, Jnly 9th.
KiiiuIIiib Bro' World' Orentot 8liow
will, on Hnturdnr, July 0th. (tlvp two per
formances In Blru City. Thin will 1 the
only opportunity this ypar o( awing th
best of all rlreim entertainments. This U
tin' how that amazed Now York City with
Its Kuropt'iin company of IK-tors, ami Its ex
tensive new tnenaKPrle. Its parmlo Is the
rst and most superb spectacle thnt ever
sel throiiKh the streetB of any city on
mth. On April 8. iss.1, the five brothers
live their first performance In their home
town, Karalioo, Win, on the public square.
They miule their own tent and their own
rlim properties. The audience saton planks
Im.i rowi'd from a IuhiIkt yard. They had
but one horse. From that little one-rin
HlTiilr to their present stupendous oriranlza
tlon the history of the Ktnullnn Bros, reads
like a fiilry tale. They Isuan with nothing.
They now own the greatest amusement en
terprise In all history.
Among the many K.uropean features of
fered this year are the Hchumiiii horses
from the Circus Rrhuninn at llerlln, Hchev
enlngen mid Frankfort. Allicrt Hchumnn,
as it trainer of horses. Is the most wonderful
man In history, lie has made $l(i.n07i ex
hibiting the animals he lias trained. There
Hre In minimis In his net. They enter the
arena concealed In large licer barrels piled
on an Immense brewery wagon. They nrs
not discovered by the audience until they
kick the bends out of the barrels nnd Jump
Into the ring. They pull the bungs from
ki gs. drawing a hci-r-llkc llulil nnd drinking
It from glasses. They roll encli other Hlxiut
In lurrt Is, waltz In time to music, skip the
rope, nnd smoke pipes. From the liegln
nlng to the end of ihelr net they remain
stutidlng on their hind feet.
Local Items
Friday, July x, xgio
Btati or Ohio Citt or Toledo. I
Fiiank 1. Ciiknet mnkpfl osth that he la senior
partner of Ihn firm of F. J. ( 'reset 4 Co., dolnu
iiusiness in me tity or Toircio. county ana mam
Unrpsiitil. and that said Arm will pay the sum ol
ONK Hl'NIiRKD DOLLARS) tor enrti and every
ease nt i'atakhh that eannot be cured by tbe use of
Halls Catarrh cure.
flwnrn to before me and subscribed In my presence,
tin fith day of December, A. D.. 1886.
A. W. 0LEA80V.
Notaiit Public.
Internally and arts
Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken
dlrrrtly upon the blood and mucous surface ot the
system. iM-ntf lor testimonials, free.
F. J. CHUNKY 4 CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by nil PruKirists, 75c.
Take Halls Family fills tor constipation.
Yon will find 8 good lino of nweat
pads for homes, whips, machine bolts,
and a very good line of hardware, tin
warn ami gramteware at right prioes,
at Schnever Bros,
Bargains at Van's every day.
The girls' basket ball team will go
to Emerson Monday to play for a
purse of $20.
If you haven't got time to do your
own shopping call up No. 1, and he
will deliver the goods promptly.
The Detroit gasoline and coal oil
stoves the best safe, durable and
clean. For sale at Fred Schriever &
Graco Marrall, stenographer in R E
Evans' law office, will go to her home
at Stanton Sunday, to spend her sum
mer vacation.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver bd
bowels to expel poisonous matter,
cleanse the system, onre constipation
and sick headache. Sold by all drug
gists.' Miss Florence DeBell, seoond eldest
daughter of Dr E J DeBell, former
resident of this place, was joined in
marriage Wednesday at her home in
West Point, Neb, to Ed Lundquist.
Warner Bauer, a cousin of the bride,
who is stopping here at present, went
to West Point to attend the ceremony .
When the stomach fails to perform
its functions, the bowels become de
ranged, the liver and kidneys congest
ed causing numerous diseases. The
stomach and liver muBt be restored to
a healthy condition and Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets can be de
pended upon to do it. Easy to take
and most effective. Sold by all Druggists.
Still Ii the Real Estate business
wish to say to our friends that we arc better than
ever prepared to supply their wants in Real Estate
Investments, in southeast South Dakota, or north
east Nebraska, We own 1,000 acres in Sanborn County,
S. D., and have a large list in Jarauld and Buffalo, rang,
ing from $15 per acre for unimproved, far from railroad,
to $65 per acre for well improved, close to railroad. We
have located many of your neighbors there within the past
four years; all are well pleased and glad we induced them
to go, and we are ready and anxious to do the same for
you if you will give us a chance. We have an auto with
which to show the land and are in a position to make your
trip pleasant and expenses very light.
We also own 1,700 acres in Dakota County, Neb., at
from $35.00 to $100.00 per acre, and have a large list on
the Omaha and Winnebago reservations, from $47 to $80
per acre. We can make good terms on all of these and
you will deal direct with the owner. If you think of in
vesting it will pay you to call on, write or phone us (at our
expense). Iowa Thonc 10S. Auto Phone 31 IS.
South. Dakota. Land Co
A.. P. DORAN, Manser
Office 302 Iowa Bldg, Sioux City, Iowa.
Scviurdevy, Jly 2nd I
25c off on any Pair of Shoes in the house t
7 Boxes of Matches for 25c J
7 5c Cigars for '. . . 25 C I
3 pounds bulk Crackers for 25c
A 10c package of Gloss Starch for 5c
2 packages of Tost Toasties for 25c I
1 .
Saturday, Jily 9th
A good Dress Shirt for 35c
3 pair Shoe Strings 5c I
A package of Pins 4-C J
All Laces up to Sc, for 4c
4 Bottles of Catsup for 25c
25c package of Oats for 20c I
S tin son
Dakota City. Nebraska
C 0
July 5th
Ctxstcr's Massacre
Under Canvas
Hear the Cow Boy Band at Noon ;
A Genuine Hand of
We cm always use sober workingmcn. Apply to Supt. of Canvas
Don't forget the Date
Hester's big shows will bo here on
Tuesday, July 0th.
Rev J J Kemper of Martinsburg,
Neb, was the guest of Rev Warren of
this place Tuesday.
For Bale 200 acres of hay, one mils
south of Coburn Junction.
J M Davey, Pouch, Nebr.
The Dakota City rbarmacy will fur
nish vou Paris Green in large or small
quantities, and the price will be right.
M 0 Ayres And son Edgar departed
Thursday for Reno, Nev, to run down
and witness the Jeffries-Johnson box
ing match.
Roy Orosvenor and Chas Mathew-
son jr came op irom wbuuui iasi ni
urday and defeated Harry Adair and
John Ducschl in a tennis match.
Sioux City has purchased an auto
for the use of the police dedartment.
There's about tbe only chancb some
of us will ever get to have a joy ride.
Mrs Q B Warren and daughter Vol-
ma are visiting at the Methodist par
sonage. Mrs warren is tue wue oi
Rev O B Warren, pastor of Tekamab
Methodism .
An advertisement for the Island
Beach Hotel appears lu this issue of
the Herald. This popular hotel, on
the north bank of Crystal lake, is the
finest place on the lake to spend your
Fred Duensing finished repairing
the foundati n to his farm house, left
from the recent fire, and ou Monday
Contractor Ashley Londrosh began
the erection of a new house to take the
place of the one burned.
Mow the weeds around yonr prem
ises, as tue law requires, ui iud
will be done and taxed up to your
property; also clean your alleys oi
1 rubbish and ri tD. or tue same win
be done at your expense.
By Order of tbe Village jviarsuai
Tn writinir to have The Herald sent
to liia address at Owanka, Bert Bras
field adds the crops are looking fine in
that locality, even better than in Da
kota county : also that WVter Hileman
and wife arrived in Owanka, lust Sun
day morning, where they will take up
their residence.
Ed Frederick, Paul Kinkel and John
H Ream, with their families, formed a
picnio party at Jackson lake Sunday.
They fouud the camping, uoaimg anu
bathing fine; but the fishing bus been
"all shot to nieces" since the local au
thorities transformed the lake into a
Missouri river.
PreDaratious are already under way
for the Old Settlers' picnic to be held
in Dakota City Thursday, August 25.
The picnio grounds huve been cleaned
up in nice shape, and a men's toilet
building is being erected. The officers
of the association are preparing to
make this the banner meeting of the
Principal J A Chio6ine, of Jefferson
8 D, and ABwistant. Principal, Miss
Julia Power, of Wayne, were here
Monday in attendance at the annual
school meeting, where they took a par
tial inventory of the books and scLool
ilinrnuhenalia in order to ascertain
what was needed for next years school
woik. Prof Chicoine was very anxious
that this be made an accredited school,
allowing that it could be done very
easily by adding one or more brances,
especially agriculture, which would lit
io nicely .
The $2,000 bonus asked by the pro
moters for extending the electno car
iiib service from Crystal lake to this
lace, has been guaranteed and it is
.i . , .i
now up in me malingers in mc mu
to fulfill their promises. liiley IIow-
rd. of Orchard. Neb, who now owns a
controlling interest iu the tf oyo road,
iub given it out that the line to this
luce can bo equipped with electricity
n thiitv days. M O Avres, who look
ed after the matter of raising the neces
sary funds, has been assured that the
ine will lie put lu lust as muck as the
material can be secured and the work
of transforming the Hue to electricity
eau be done.
Fire destroyed the Northwestern de
pot at South Sioux City Tues lay after
noon at about 'JoVlock. '1 he agent
occupied the upper story of tlie build
ing with his family, and was up stiiirs
when the hre broke out in the lit igbt
room on the west end of the depot.
The ageut and his wife had a narrow'
escape iu makiug their exit from th;
burning building, and saved nothing
but what thoy wore on their backs.
Even the money in the operator's otlice
was lost, so fierce and quickly did the
fire do its work. An Italian bunk oar
standing near the depot was also con
sumed. It took hard work on the pait
of the crowd that assembled to save
the Smiley buildings just northw.st of
the depot. The origin of the fire is
attributed to a passing freight engine
Fletcher Cooper, the station agent
was severely burned while attempting
to save tbe money in the ticket omce
Fred Wood visited over Sunday with
friends in Omaha.
W R Adair of Omaha, was a Sunday
visitor with relatives here.
For Sale seven young full-blood
Duroo Jersey pigs. Fred Ducnsing,
Horace A Monroe, of Homer, audi
tor for the E & B Lbr Co, wus a busi
ness visitor in town Monday,
Save your money and see Hester's
big shows on Tuesday, July 5th. Cus
ter's massacre will be portrayed under
Mrs James Fueston and daughter,
Mrs Agnes Hartranft, left Thursday
for Rock county to spend a fo weeks
visiting friends.
The T & W Envoys defeated the
Stock Yards team at Crystal lake park
Sunday afternoon in an eleveu inning
game, by a score of 8 to 7.
"The three-days-old baby of David
Dorn and wife, of South Sioux City,
which diod Tuesday, was buried in the
cemetery at this place Wednesday.
Lev Willey, who was arrested at
Crystal lake last week on a charge of
assault, was dismissed Saturday as no
one appeared at the preliminary hear
ing to prosecute.
Frank Johnson and Leona Frye,
both of Sioux City, were eranted a
license to wed on Monday, They were
married by Rev Blessing at South
Sioux City the same evoniug.
An opportunity is offered iu this
issue of the Herald to purchase a Da
kota county farm at your own price
the Robert Blume farm, which will be
sold at public auction at the court
house in Dakota City, Saturday, July
The continued dry weather has dam
aged the Bmall grain to some extent,
causing it to head so close to the
cronnd that it will be a hard matter
to get it all with a binder. The early
potato crop io already badly damaged,
and if we do not soon get rain the late
crop will be a failure.
Soreness of the muscles, whether in
dnced by violent exercise or injury, is
quickly relieved by the free applica
tion of Chamberlains Liniment. This
liniment is equally valuable for muscu
!ar rheumatism, and always affords
quick relief. Sold by all druggists
Mrs E J Tochtermau of Lawton,
Okla, and her daughter, Mrs M Craig,
of Oklahoma City, arrived here Tues
day for a month's visit with the form
er b sister, Mrs W S Baughman.
They are now enjoying camp life at
the Baughman cottage at Crytal lake.
The world's most successful medi
cine for bowel complaints is Chamber
lain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It has relieved more pain
and Buffering, and saved more lives
than any other medicine in use. In
valuable for children aud adults
Sold by all druggists.
A number from here went to Sioux
City Wednesduy, Thursday Hnd Fri
day to see ttie manbirds fly at the
aviation meeting. On account of the
high wind which was blowing the first
day the aircrafts tlew pretty low. but
1 with calm weather they promised to
demonstrate their ability to fly as high
and as fur as they pleused.
Teething children have more or less
diarrhoea, which can be coutrolled by
giving Chamberlain's Colio Cholera
and Diarrhoea Keniedy. All that is
necessary is to give thej resoribed dose
after 'euch operation of the bowels
more than natural and then castor oil
to cleanse the sytem. It is safe and
sure. Sold by all druggists.
W D Whittacer, former station
agent at Hubbard, and Miss Laura
vockwell, of Hubbard precinct, were
married by Judge D C Ueffernan st
the county court room Wednesday af
teruoon. The newly married couple
will take up their residence at Win
side. Nebr where Mr Whittacer will
have charge of the northwestern sta
At the annual school meeting held
in Dakota Citv Monday afternoon
Harry H Aduir und Thomas Orahani
were elected members of thejboard to
succeed Mrs Etta M Spencer and Mrs
C II Maxwell, who both refused to
serve longer on the hoard. The re
ports of the secretary aad treasurer
were approved. It was shown by tue
reports that there had been ezpended
by the district dining the year jm'
closed, for all purposes, $ 105:1. 2H. It
was recommended that a levy of $:H)00
00 be made for school purposes for the
coming year, and thnt $500.00 bo lev
ied on the bond sin mug fund. It was
decided to re-arrange the school work
and make this an accredited high
school. This will be beneficial in the
fact that graduates from this school
can enter the university or other col
leges with examination or other prepa
ration. It was also decided to remove
the delapidated fence which surrounds
the school grounds, and to build a ce
raent walk to tbe brick school house,
Go to the Dakota City rbarmacy
for your i'aris Oreen.
Mrs D O Evans spent the past week
visiting at Kansas City, '
Mrs Fred Duensing went to St
Joseph's hospital, SioUX City," th
week to be treated for rheumatism.
Mildred liurkett and Mrs lannie
Crozfcr left Monday evening on trip to
points in New lork and Pennsylvania.
Howard Rockwell arrived home
Thursday from Grand Island, Nebr,
where he had been attending business
A F KronemsD, a former resident of
this place, writes to have his Herald
changed from Mt Hope, Wis, to Che-
wolau, Wash.
F W Mnnson of Tonca, and Flor
ence U ivellogg of Lmerson, were
granted permission to wed by Judge
Ueffernan Monday.
A train on the Omaha road killed a
hog for Wm Cheney Monday. When
a railroad company kills a pig nowa
days it generally costs thera something.
Geo C Wallway, formerly with the
Farmeis State Bank at Emerson,
writes us to change his Herald to
Clinton, Mion, where he is now loca
ted for the present,
Archie Joyce writes us to change Lis
N"-aid from Orchard, Nebr. to New
Luuerwood, S D, where he is now lo
oated in the hardware, fnrnitnre and
implement business.
Jack Fitzsimmons, of Hubbard pre-
oint, was brought to this place Wed
nesday, and was placed in charge of
Sheriff lvockwell, on a charge of beinir
drunk and disorderly.
Hester's big shows will be in Dakota
City Tuesday, July 5th. It gives the
Custer massacre iu all it details, true
to life. A cowboy band concert at
noon is a pleasing feature of this big
F II Forest, manager of the local
telephone exchange, informs us that
he has put in a pay station at Homer
Scace's place at Crystal lake, aud will
put one in at Finnerty's place, for the
accommodation of the public.
IN ot ico of appeal has been n led iu
the case of A J Westfall vs Paul
Sharpe. The case was instituted in
the county court by Westfall to recov
er the price of a cream separator, iu
which Sharpe was victorious.
Cards were sent ont last week by
Mr and Mrs Moll A Sohmied anuouno
lug tbe marriage oi ineir aaugnter,
Venus Melaford. to D D Dryden of
Sioux City, on May 19th. They will
be "at home" after August 1st.
Paul Pizey, wife and baby left Mon
day, the former ou a business trip to
Otis, Colo, and the latter to Randolph,
Iowa, for a isit with Mis Pizey's pa
rents. Mr l'izey will return by way
of Randolph and accompany bis wile
and baby home.
Louis F Wallway and Mis" Rose
Dahnis, both of Emerson precinct,
were joined in marriage at the bride's
home Wednesday. Both these young
people are well known and have the
best wishes of a host of friends in their
venture on the matrimonial sea.
Celebrate July 4th at Emetsou.
Address by Hon J J McCarthy. Two
ball games Emerson, Hubbard,
Thurston and T & W, of Sioux City.
Uttsket ball, Emerson vs Dakota City
Balloon ascension, wire walking aud
slide for life. Magnificent lire works.
Thc EDcxyc of Trcxvcl
tvrc Here
"The Bank that ALWAYS eats you RIGHT"
is prepared, with Steamship Tickets, for all the best
lines, Travelers' Checks and Foreign Drafts. '
You would scarcely think that we sell tickets to
parties from Sioux City and other towns but it is so.
And we see that they are Treated lligllt aboard ship.
rytHInrf In Dk.fklrtf IIr.
II iv 1 1 lnsursvivos
Bank, of Dakota County
I Abstracts of Title
A 10.000 Surety Bond
Guarantees the aoouracy of every
Abstract I make
Successor to
Dakota County Abstract Co;
Bonded Abstracter
Kp Your Eye on' tK
Burlinsrtoii's New Main Lino
Through Central Wyoming
Is now so well started on its great wealth producing era that it
not only appeals to farmers looking for new lands upon which to
establish new homes under favorable conditions.but appeals to the
Business Nan, Prof ssstonck.1 M&n,
MIrvs Opsrtor and Manufacturer
in new towns tnat are sonncine up like macic and wiiere raw
material in plenty can be handled at a profit.
lhc business opportunities consist of locations for New
Banks, General Stores, Creameries, Blacksmith Shops, Butcher
Shops, Barber Shops, Bakeries, Harness Shops, Hotels and Re?
taurants, Farm Implement Dealers, Lumber Dealers, Flouring,
mills, Canning Factories, Furniture Factories, Lawyers, Doctors
and Dentists.
WORKMEN NEEDED: All kinds of labor is in great de
mand, and the highest possible wages are paid; carpenters get
from $4 to $G per day, farm laborers from $30 to $50 a month;
there is not an idle man in the Basin. .
CHEAP RATES: Landseekers' excursions to look over this
new country, June 7th and 21st, and July 5th.
D. Clem Dkavkr, Gen Agt
Land Seekers Information Bureau,
1004 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebr.
mm I.
Kirst Publication July I 2w
Holt if'Holvi'd by tin' (Hmlrnmn and Honnl
of Trust i'i'!4 of tli VIIIiikc of Dakota City,
Nrbrnxkn, thnt new HldcwnlkH lx coiistruct
imI of fi'iui'Ut iiIouk mid abulUiiK upon the
followliiK lots nnd blocks In said VUliiK"
iln follows:
Along tin- south sld of lot II, block":!,
K. W. KruiT heirs owners;
Alonx south side lot In, block 7:1, W. I..
Connohuii and V. t I rr record owners ;
Sou 111 side lot I'.', block 7:1, Kdwnrds A
Bradford iAiinlx'r Company owner;
Kast side of north !' feet lots 1 and 1,
block I7:J, 1'. V, Kllnson record owner;
Kast side lot IS, block Mo, 1) und Johanna
Van de Zeddo owner:
Kast side lot 1, block 110, James rueston
Kast side lot 1'-'. block I'Ji, II. K. Kvans
Itcninlmh r or Mouth side or hlock in, Mrs.
KvaOar, Helen Orr and uladys orr. ow ners;
Hon 111 shin lots 7, M nnd H. Plock IM, Airs.
Kva orr, Helen irr and nlndys orr. owners:
Houth slue or m K'minwesi auarier oi
block Mi. Trusteed of Methodist hplsoopal
i:liurch, owners:
West side lot a, mock VK xelia onuey ue-
Walt. owner:
West side lot 7. block 4", Helm or Martin
Wlckedal, (l ore II. Haase, record ow ners;
North end lot II, block ho. ri. A. ritllison,
South end lot :i, block 1 II, Julia rruxes,
West side of Court House mock, unkotn
dounty, Nebraska, owner.
All or the iiimivm waiKs snail is construct
ed of the width prescrllMMl by and In ac
cordance with the vlllaKH ordinance.
It further resolveii that tno cement
walk In front of lots Irtnnd 17, block U". It.
K. Kvans, owner, shull lie repaired Willi
And that a special moi-tinn or m ifoani
of Trustees of the V IIIiiku of Dakota Oily.
Nebraska, will lie held lor the purpose ol
considering Is'iiellts derived rrom said Im
provements and placing valuations and
aHsesxiiieiits accoruing io law, upon me i.ns
anil blocks abutting and adjoining said
lines of sidewalk on Monday, the sKitli day
of July, IIHu, at No'clock p. in., at the olllce
of I'iiiiI I'l.ey, lu said Village of Dakota
Olty, Nebrasku.
Moved by Koss, svconileu oy i.arseu, nun
the sidewalk resolution Just presented lie
approved and adopted as read. Voting
aye: lloss, i.ai'M'ii anil uocuweii ; voting no;
Itesolutlon declared approved anil auopi-
'd as rend.
Kline i.f Neliraskn. Dakota County ss.
I 'mi r .i v. c ei k or Dnkoiiii ly.ceriny
thill lh" alsive resolution wasapproveil anil
adopted at the meeting of the lioard ol
trustees of said village ou .nine .m, pun.
I'iiiii l'l.i y.
(UKAl l lllage I'h rk
Klrst publication a-17 In Itws
Al'I'l.lt'ATION KOK I.lgl'OK Llt'KNHi:.
Notice Is hereby given that cm June 17th
llilu, Kred II. Stniiard Hied with the villain
ei k of Dakota 'It j-. Dakota County, M
biaska. Ills implication and petition fin
license to sell malt, spirituous anil vinous
Illinois, and conduct a saloon lu said VII
lime, dining the fiscal year iH glnnlng oi
the first Tuesday lu May, llilu, under the
laws of the stale of Nebraska and the ordt
nances of said village, in a nullilliig local
ou pari or nils 1 1 nun l.i. Ill oiock l li. Any
and all object Ions lo the granting of salt
license should Is' on tile Willi the vlllngi
clerk of said Hinge r U-fore July x, Inn
KlIKIlli. M V N A IUI, A ppllcaut.
l'AI'l, ll.KV. Village Clerk.
Dated this 17lh day of luiier.iiu.
Klrst publication iM7-l't-:iw ks
To Aug. Kountze. .John i. Ogden am
(ieorgla Jny. lu w hose names title unpeai
ou record, and all persons interested in m
(li I, lock one hundred seveiily-i'lu
( I7ii i, and to Aug. Koun I .. Dakota Count
hi id .loli ii i. ouden. ii ml to all persons In lei
I'sted In lot t wo iJi, block one hundred sev
cut y-nlne I I7). all In Dakota City. Dakol
counly. Neb., you anil each of you will Ink
not Ice I lial on I he inth day or hepleiuis'i'
I'.hm. William lllermanii nim-lnned at r
vate tax sale from the treasurer of Dakot
county, Nebraska, for the taxes due an
delinquent, liiereou for I he jeni s IH77 to l'."l,
Inclusive, lUe following real estate in I'll
kola county . Nebraska: IaiIs I and i, bloi
17V, Dakota City, Nelnaska; that said ion
wer assessed in no name whatever III in
yearn IN77 to bum. Inclusive and thai sal
lots were taxed for lhc years 1S77 to lll, In
elusive, and that said Wllllaul lllerman
will apply for a deed for said lots under sal
tax sale and rertltlcnte on or before the '.
day of October, Jul".
I iw uer of said cei Ullcate
Dated this :tb (lay of June, lulu.
For All IKc News when it IS News
aunici only Jpl per yn
Right Now
Good Lawn Mowers at $3.00
Better Ones at 5.40
SS.00 Values at 0.75
$10.00 Values at ! 7.75
Grass Catchers. Shears. Hooks and Lawn Rakes.
Quality Goods at Right Prices.
Edwards t Bradford L'mb'r Co.
Dakotck. City, Nb.
This lji-in. Coucurd Harness No. 70
no collars $31
Our No. 171), la-i"- Concord, with
Hat backs, a better job $35
Sturges lSros. 4iL5a.?'
Dakota Citt. Nt.. ZU1VtVC
Bonded Abstracter
608 Metropolitan Blk.
Sioux City. Iowa

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