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Morrp: All The News When 1 1 Is News.
ti i IT
VOL. 21.
NO. 4.
Statue Cost, All Told, $36,000, All of
Which Hat Been Paid Out
. About $2,GC0.
Dr. BroBtroin. Btato veteilnaiian,
reports tho horso disease spreading
to tho north part of tho statu. Ho 1b
of the opinion that it is a, bacterial
disease. Ho says thero is no doubt
that tho brain and spinal cord of
horses aro highly Inflamed and he
pronounces it spinal meningitis
though this condition can bo pro
duced by at least three causes. The
government theory that it is a fungus
poison in tho pasturage or hay or
grain, is not accepted by Dr. Bro
Btroin. He admits that the germ may
be found in grass or hay, but that
does not prove it to bo a fungus poi
son. Tho Government's theory that
th poison comos from a fungus
growth in pasture and its growth Is
fostered In damp places is not borne
out by tho fact that the disease ap
pears In both damp, low ground along
the Missouri river and vJso in the dty
sand hill region where grass is too
ehort! -and "the weather has been too
dry to promote such growth.
Dr. Davison and his assistants of
the government servico are still in
vestigating in Nebraska and have
assigned to new stations. One went
to Shelton, Elm Creek and Lexington,
another to York, Thayer, Bradshaw
and other towns in York county. An
other went to Fremont and Dodgo
county towns and another has been
sent to Beaver City, Wllsonvllle, Red
Cloud and Superior.
Accepts Lincoln Monument.
Tho board of public lands and build
ings formally accepted tho Lincoln
monument and returned a bond to
Daniel C. French, the sculptor, to
gether with commendation of his
work and the work of Mr. Bacon, tho
architect who designed the architec
tural feature of tho monument. Mr.
French rocolved $20,000 for the sta-
tue of Abraham Lincoln and subcon
tractors received various sinrm mak-
ing a total oi $.so,muv puiu uut uy mo
monument commission. Tho commls
aion has at its disposal $34,000, being
made up of a stato appropriation of
520,000, an appropriation by tho city
of Lincoln of $5,000 and private dona
tions amounting to $9,000, leaving a
balance of '$2,000 not provided for. It
is said private parties will subscribe
thlii sum and perhaps tho legislature
will bo called upon to reimburse
The resolution adopted by Land
Commissioner E. B. Cowles, Secre
tary Addison Waite. Stato Treasurer
Walter A. George and Attorney Gen
eral Grant Martin, is as follows:
"Resolved by the board of public
lands and building that we accept on
behalf of tho state of Nebraska, tho
statue and monument on tho stato
bouse grounds in memory of Abra
ham Lincoln, and commend the work
of Daniel Chester French, tho sculp
tor, for his excellent statue of the
martyred president, and commend al
so the architectural design of the ac
cessories by Mr. Bacon and the secre
tary of tho board, is hereby Instruct
ed to forward to Mr. French, his bond
given to tho stato for tho satisfactory
fulfillment of tho contract."
Bank Incorporated.
The Farmers' Stato bank of Tal
mage has been incorporated with a
capital stock of $20,000. Tho officers
aro B. C. Marquardt, president;
Adolph Ititter, vice president; E. G.
Spencer, cashlor.
Morrill to University.
Prof. Walter J. Morrill, for several
years in the forest service of the
government in Colorado, ha been
selected to head the department of
forestry at the state university. Ho
arrived in Lincoln n few days ago
and has been getting acquainted with
the work here preparatory to the be
ginning of tho school year. Prof.
Morrill Is a graduate of the Maine
university and of tho forest school at
Cattle Also Dying.
Governor Aldrlch received a mes
sage from ox-Mayor McConaughay of
Holdrogo saying that eight hoad of
cattle had died a few miles from that
place with a disease which had all
the symptoms of tho horso dlseaso
that Is raging In Nebraska.
Suppressing the Horse Disease.
Peter Youngers of Geneva, accom
panied by Mr. Brown, called at the
office of the governor to ask for aid
In suppressing the epizootic In Fill
more county. Fiom forty to fifty
horses have died daily .
Care of Insane Patients.
Douglaa county Is anxious for the
tate to tako caro of Insane patients
In that county who ave now kopt In
tho county hospital. Ilobert Smith,
clerk of the county Insanity board,
Jnae written Land Commissioner
Cowles that thirty four men und nine
teen Insane women aro In tho hospital
jrtid lecently several Insano killed
themsolves Tula, self detraction,
the clerk says, was simply because
,tho county has no means to gWe them
proper care wnen new uuuumgs
pj- ready pationts will be receUid.
General 8ry The
Owes Nothing.
DoputyAttorney General George W.
Ayres is prepared to go Into the su
preme court at the next Besslon to
combat the claim of Sam Patterson of
Arapahoe, who sued the state for
$G,000 salary alleged to bo duo him
because Governor Shallenberger ap
pointed him secretary of the stato
banking board when the former was
in office. Because the new banking
law was suspended by tho circuit
court of the United States Mr. Pat
terson did not get to serve.
In the district court of Lancastor
county the state won, and tho suit
has been appealed by Patterson to tho
supreme court. Basing its argument
on the admitted facts in the case the
state contends:
First. That Edward Royse was
either tho de facto or the do jure sec
retary of the state banking board
during all the time for which tho
plaintiff claims tho emoluments of
that office.
Second. That having paid him the
salary of such office, the state is not
compelled to pay same a second time
to another.
Third. That irrespective of the pay
ment of the- salary of said ofllco to
said Itoyse, tlie plaintiff, in view of
the peculiar wording of his appoint
ment and In view of the fact that he
performed none of the dutleB of tho
office, is not entitled to recover com
pensation therefor.
Deputy Attorney General Ayres Bays
In 'his brief.
"It will be remembered that plain
tiff's commission from the governor
to hold tho office of secretary of tho
state banking board names no specific
date at which his term of office shall
commenco nor how long it shall con
tinue. It merely states that he is
nppolntod to said office for the term
beginning from and after taking ef
fect of said act 1909 for such time as
he shall satisfactorily pert -m all the
duties imposed upon such officer by
law, not to exceed, however, a pe
riod of two years.
"Inasmuch as the law to which ref
erence is made In tho plaintiff's cer
tificate of appointment aever became
effective, so far as the carrying out
of its provisions was concerned, until
long after tho plaintiff had withdrawn
his bond and virtually abandoned all
claim to the office, and inasmuch as
he never, even for an instant, per
formed any of the duties' of said of
fice, it is clear that ho is not enti
Uftd' ,n any cront t(J recovcr a salarJ.
as such officer. To hold otherwise
would be to hold that the law took
effect at a time when all the officers
charged with its oxocution were en
joined by a -court of competent Juris,
diction from enforcing any of Its pro
visions and that tho plaintiff was per
forming all the duties of said office
in a satisfactory manner when In
truth and in fact ho was not perform
ing or even attempting to perform
any of them, being enjoined there
from by the order of a court of com
petent jurisdiction.
Employes' Company Appeals.
The National Employes' association
has appealed to tho supremo court
from the district court of Lancastor
county. Tho association insures Its
policyholders against loss of work. As
this does not come under the regular I
insurance law, tho auditor donlod
them a license to do business In this
state. The lower court sustained the
act of the auditor.
Believes Worms the Cause.
Worms in last year's corn crop are
believed by one Lincoln man who
owns a large number of valuable
horses to bo the cause of the dlBeaso
which is carrying away so many
horses in the state. He has spent
more than a hundred dollars during
thovpast year In having his corn care
fully Bitted and the ends of all tho
cars cut off before feeding the corn
to his horses.
August Weather.
August, according to the report of
tho weather bureau, was a cool and
wet month. The mean temperature
was a trifle over 71 degrees and al
most a whole degree less than tho
average acquired In the thirty-seven
years that records have boon kopt. In
tho southeastern poitiuu of the slute
the mean temperature rose abovo tho
normal, but this was otfsct in tho
western part of the stato, where tho
average was two and three degrees
lower than the thirty-seven-year aver
age. Tho warmest porlod of the
month was tho last nine days, when
In soveral parte of the state tho mer
cury mounted to tho 100-degree mark.
Asks Release of Property.
A motion to have the United States
marshal release property belonging
to Campbell Bros.' circus on the
ground that It Is atlll in the hands of
tho state courts was filed before
Judge T. C. Munger. Sevoral days
ago an action was brought by a llth.
ograplilng company of Kansas City to
collect a bill for $9,000 from the cir
cus. State University Filling Up.
If the registration of students the
first day at the Stato university Is
any Indication of what tho attendance
will be this year, tho record will be
broken by a considerable margin. Tho
first day's regiatratlon this year
shows tho healthy number of soventy
two, while last year tho first day only
290 registered. This year there are
only four days for registration pur
poses, v.hllo last year llvo dayH wera
given to tho work, Mhlch may pos
sibly account for tho rush on at this
rwR If J 2
fine at Js'iUst-"
Ortle McManlgal Is Expected to Be
Principal Witness of the Govern
ment Senator Kern to Defend
Indianapolis, Sept. 24. On October
1 fifty-one men, who wero Indicted in
connection with the dynamiting caueu,
will be placed on trial by the govern
ment. The district attorney Is at
work on the cases and expects to be
ready by. tho time the cases are called.
Almost the entire list of officials of
tho International Association of
Bridge and Structural Iron Workers
for ten years back will appear.
The district attorney has mar
shaled his testimony, consisting
largely of documentary evidence, in
such a way as to expedite tho trial
as much as possible. The records
arid letters taken from the offices of
the Iron workers have been arranged
in the order of their dates and In
tho order in which the prosecution
assert tho writers stand toward the
conspiracy that tho government
charges existed in the organization
to dynamite property.
John J. McNamara, the Inter
national secretary, Is said to have han
dled all the correspondence and given
practically all tho Instructions re
garding places whero explosives
1 should bo used, and tho prosecution
holds there Is abundant evidence that
the instructions wero acted upon.
I Letters alleged to have been writ
ten by Ryan to other members and
by them to Ryan constitute an Inter
esting part of the correspondence.
I Tho letters, nearly 200 of which
are In the possession of tho govern
ment, are alleged to bo from or about
all the men Indicted, and tho govern
ment asserts it Is able' to trace prac-
( tlcally every Job of dynamiting to
I an immediate or remote connection
with them. In this connection the
evidence of Ortle McManlgal will be
very Important, for it Is said it will
show that he received instructions In
harmony with tho letters, and that
ho carried out these instructions to
tho letter nnd received pay for them.
Sonator Kern has recently been
employed by tho defense nnd Is now
going over tho indictments nnd is
frequently In consultation with tho de
fendants. OOOO
Columbia, Mo., Sept. 21. Mrs.
Champ Clark was named president of
the Missouri ham and bacon show In
January at tho University of Missouri
Agricultural college. She will bo n
Judge in the ham and bacon contest.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sopt. 21 More than
2,000 personB havo been vaccinated at
the public safety building within the
last 21 hours The majority wore
children brought in by their pareutB.
Knox Guest at Dinner.
Tokyo, Sept. 23. Philander C. Knox,
who attended the funeral of tho late
Emperor Mutsuhlto as the special am
bassador of the United Statos, was
the guest of honor at a dinner given
on Friday by Baron Shlbusawa
Halts Rate Raise.
Washington, Sept. 23. Advnnces In
rates on grain between points In Iowa
and Chicago over the Chicago &
Northwestern railroad wero suspend
ed by tho interstato commerce com
mission pending investigation.
.LifflieM 'v&mMMii
aumwm je v' wmm
3 .
fc SP'f
Charles P. Taft and H. Clay Pierce
Named as Members of Syndlcato
That Financed Madero.
New Orleans, Sept. 21. Charles P.
Taft, Henry Clay Plcrco, president of
tho Waters-Plorco Oil company, nnd
representatives of tho Harrlman in
terests are charged by Juan P. Dldapp,
diplomatic advisor of tho Mexican
revolution, with having furnished the
money needed to finance the revolu
tion against Diaz to Prcsjrient Madero.
Dldapp made this alienation on Thurs
day before leaving for Mexico,
Ho said that $5,000,000 had been ad
vanced and that the loan had boen re
paid with a $20,000,000 premium. Mr.
Dldapp added that a now Junta would
be formed to replaco tho one which
has been broken up by tho arrests of
Its members by United States officers
Marfa. Tex., Sopt. 21. -Col. Pascual,
Orozco, Sr., and four other staff offi
cer" of Pascual Orozco, Jr., rebel com
mander of tho ntorth, arrived here last
night from Presidio, Tex., where thoy
fled after the rebel defeat at OJInaga,
Mex. They were in cuBtody of United
States Marshal Mathows and a squad
of United States cavalry. '
Tho Mexican consul hero haB filed a
complaint against all tho prisoners,
charging violation of the United
State neutrality laws. Tho trial will
be held before United States Commis
sioner Griffin. Several attorneys are
hero to represent tho defendants.
Darrow Jurist Withdraws Name
Race for Re-Election to Bench
In Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, Cal., Sopt. 25.-Judge
George H. Hutton of tho Los Angeles
superior court, who presided at the
recent Darrow bribery trial, wlthdrow
from tho race for re-election on Mon
day, becnuBo hla health had becomo af
fected by the months of strain of tho
trial. With tho termination of his
duties on tho bench, Judgo Hutton
will head an expedition of In ventila
tion nnd exploration Into Now Mexico
nnd Arizona for tho American Archae
ological society, for tho purposo of
studying the evidences of an ancient
Irrigation system of prehistoric races
In that section.
Incipient Revolt In Town In China Is
Started by Defiant Chief
of Police.
Foo Chow, Sopt. 25 A largo num
ber of Americans in this city aro In
danger of tholr lives becnuBo of nn
Incipient revolt started on Monday by
the chief of police, who has dollod the
authority of flio central government
and has throatoned to doatroy tho city
In cnBo ho is attacked
A largo force of federal soldiers
has been dispatched from Poking to
Foo Chow. Shnft) fighting is antici
pated within a short time and all for
eigners havo boen warned to gather
within tholr own legations and help
protect them from tho attacks of tho
Quiet In Nicaragua.
Washington, Sept. 25 Tho navy de
partment dispatches from Corlnto re
ported all quiet near Granada, Nica
ragua, but added that tho rebels, still
woro manifesting great activity along
the shores of Lako Nicaragua.
Oil Chiefs Ire Called.
New York, Sept. 25 A subpoena
was IshUPd for John D. Archbold, to
testify In the hearing In tho suit
which wns brought to prevent threo
men to servo on tho board of tho Wn-ters-PIerco
OU company,
Of the 150 Passengurt on the Ill-Fated
Vessel Only 35 Are 8aved Ignor
ant Peasants Struggle Frantically
In Attempt to Escape.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 25. Ono hun
dred and fifty porsons woro drowned in
tho Dwlna river, following a collision
botwoen tho Btoamer Obnoska and an
unknown Bhlp during a fog on Mon
day, according to dispatches rocolved
Thero wero 150 passongors on the
Obnoska at tho time of the disaster.
The dispatch says tho vossols met
in a fog and so quickly did tho Ob
noska sottlo that only thlrty-llvo pas
Bongers and member -at tho crow
woro rescued.
Tho Dwlna river Is wide and swift
where tho collision occurred.
As tho boats struck, passengers on
tho Obnoska rushed up on tho decks.
Many of the pussenguiH wero Ignorant
peasants and thoy struggled frantical
ly with officers and sailors, who tried
to marshal them In lino for debarka
tion in tho few lifo boats which wete
carried. Part of these boats had boen
wrecked In tho collision and wero use
less. As the first boat was loosened from
its davits tho big steamer listed and
plunged to its grave.
Only a fow passengers and sailors
had opportunity to Jump Into tho wa
ter and savo their lives.
Boats from tho stenmer which hit
tho ObnoBka picked up tho fow surviv
N. C. Dougherty of Peoria, 111.,'Named
In True Bills Woman Sees
Errors In Dream.
Peoria, 111., Sopt. 25. A young wo
man's dream led to an Investigation,
the sum total of which Is that Nuwton
C. Dougherty, formor head of tho city
schools hero, may bo brought to stand
trial on indictments against him
which wero voted by tho grand Jury
on MosvVAy.
Tiftoon indictments ngalnst Dough
erty wero returned by tho grnnd Jury,
which has boon In session throe
weeks. Tho truo bill charge forgery.
Tho embezzlement charge, which It
was said tho evidence found warrant
ed, having becomo outlawed. Judgo
Worthlngton fixed the bond at $B)0
each, or a total of $12,000.
Miss Lillian Adams, private secre
tary to Stato's Attornoy Scholes, was
tho young woman who had tho dream.
For soveral days she has been direct
ing a corps of assistants In tho com
pilation of the blank indictments, and
Sundny night she dreamed that the In
dictments wero faulty. ,
Taft Welcomes Delegates to Congress
of Hygiene and Demography at
Washington, ScpL 24. One of the
most Interesting gatherings of sci
entists ever brought together In this
city was called to order on Monday by
Dr. Henry P. Walcott of Boston. It Is
the International congress of hygiene
and demography and among tho
2,500 d-legal-H ai soma of tho fore
most savants of Europo as well as
tho leading hygienlHts of America.
Tho delegates were formally wel
comed by President Taft, who has
been made honorary president of tho
association. Mr. Taffs speech was
short. Ho complimented tho mem
bers of the congress "" the past work
of their organization nnd expressed
gratification over the largo and notu
bio foreign lepresentatlon that re
sponded to the Invitation to hold tho
meeting here Tho president enter
tained tho delegates at a garden
party on the White IIouso grounds
in tho afternoon
Work of British Air Scouts Strength
ens Theory that Aviator Will
Revolutionize Warfare.
Cambridge, England. Sept 21 Tho
science of aviation nppatrntly Is to
revolutionize warfare An official an
nouncement wns issued on Thursday
that tho army maneuvers had been
abandoned, nnd that a military confer
ence would bo held hero nt onco to nd
Judgo tho rrsultB and explain tho cess
ation of operations
This surprising situation nroBe from
tho fact that the rival armies, number
ing about fifty thousand men, had
reached a sort of stalemate, owing to
effectlvo air scouting which entailed
a constant change of tactics and made
impossible any broad plan of action.
English Bid Is Lowett
Washington, Sept
'......,,..: ?v7.
Meyer will have to decide whothor tho
navy will give a contract for 2,000
fourteen-lnch shellH to the Stool com
pany of Hatfield, England. Tho com
pany underbid nil competitors.
Leprosy Reported at Spokane,
Spokane Wash , Sept 21 Surgeon
General Rupert Bluo ol tho public
health and mnrlno hospital fcorvlco
has been askod to Isolate the family
of Antonio Volcano hero, who aro said
to be suffering from leprosy
Richard C. Velt at New York Hear
ing Tells About Meetings at
26 Broadway.
Now York, Sept. 23. That tho for
mer directors of tho Standard Oil
company still gather dally at tho
Bamo tablo In a dining-room at 26
Broadway, as was tholr custom when
they directed tho affairs of tho com
pany, was tho testimony of Richard
C. Velt, secretary of tho Standard Oil
company of Now York on Friday be
fore a roforeo In tho Standard Oil-W'aters-Plerco
"Who meets thero t" inqt'-rd
Samuel Untermcyer, counsel tor the
Wntors-PIorco Interests.
"I don't know nil of them."
"Does John D. Archbold Btlll sit
at that table?"
"Does Percy RockofellerT"
Similar questions elicited tho infor
mation that others who sat at the
"big stablo" woro John D. Rockofcllor,
Willing Rockefeller, J. A. Moffctt, A.
C. Bedford. II. G. Folger, Jr.; C. M.
Pratt, Walter Jennings, V. C. Tcagle,
M, F. Elliott andi others who woro
formerly officers ind directors of tho
trust, but aro now officers or directors
of the former subsidiaries.
"Don't theso men dlscuBB their busi
ness thero dally I"
"You hoar tlnm talking, don't
"Yos, they talk In generalities; I
hoar them laughing and Joking."
Nicaragua Rebels Attack American
Forces Who Are on Way to
Rescue Girls,
Wnshlngtpn, Sent. 21. Three com
panies of marlncB with three machine
guns left Managua on Thursday for
Granada, near whero It Is reported a
detachment of United States salloro
und marines haa been fired on by
General Mcnn's rebels and whero n
largo number of college glrU are
still at tho mercy of the bandit sol
diery qt tho revolution.
The navy department has only a
brief dispatch from General Pendle
ton, ii churge of the, marine forces ut
MnnaKua, reciting that It was neces
sary to hurry tho three companies and
mnchlno guns to Managua. It is re
ported that tho first detachment sent
to tho rescue of Grannda by Pendleton
was fired on at Masaya, a point on
tho railroad between Managua nnd
Granada. It Is therofaro assumed that
the first detachment, which was com
manded by Major Butler, has not
renchod Grnnada and has cent a hurry
call for reinforcements.
Interesting Event Occurs at Betch
worth, England Infant Will In
herit $50,000,000.,
Baltimore, Md Sopt. 24. A cable
gram announcing the birth of a son
to Mr and MrB. Alfred Gwynne Van
derbllt nt Betchworth, Surrey, Eng
land, was received on Sunday by Mrs.
C. Hazentlno Bashor, mother of Mrs.
Vanderbllt, who wns formorly Miss
Marguerite Emerson. Mrs. Ilaahor'a
cable messago was from Mr. Vander
bllt. It was brief, simply stating that
Mr, and Mrs. Vanderbllt were the pa
rents of n flno boy nnd that both the
mother and hor child aro doing well.
The Vanderbllt Infnnt will rank
with the richest children In tho world
nnd In all likelihood will becomo as
famous as tho celebrated McLean
baby of Washington. It will bo heir
to not less than $50,000,000 and prob
ably more.
Assisted by Two Men They Gather In
Three Men Who Attempted to
Rob Town.
Ran Francisco, Sept. 24. While at
tempting to hold up tho ontiro town of
I'lnlnficld. llvo miles south of here,
three robbers lost their nervo and Bur
rendered to four porsons, two of whom
were w onion, Mrs. Henry Purlnton,
Mrs. Anna Stanley, James ' Purinton
and Ehorty Thomas fired on
tho trio bocoro they had com
pleted tho robbory. Tho rob
bers woro surrounded by Mrs. Purln
ton and Mrs. Stanley on one side and
young Purlnton nnd Thomas on the
other Tli3 signal was given to fire In
the air. Tho burglars wero so sur
prised nnd senrod that they soon
waved a Hag of truco.
Soon to Know Fate.
Washington. Sept. 25. Tho long
wait of Porter Charlton for tho final
.word as to whether ho must return
to Italy for the murder of his wife is
drawing to an end. Tho Supromo court
will tako up Charlton's caso Oct, 14.
Turks Reject Peace Terms.
inr,n Cnllt " R A f t o T tlin 'Turlf.
Ish council of ministers had ratified
tho draft of tho peace treaty drawn
up by the Turco-Itallan commissioners
In Geneva. Switzerland, tho govern
ment decided to tujoct the torniB,
Train Loct Is Recovered.
Ponsacoln, Fla , Sept 25. The
money suppohctl to havo been stolen
from an express car on tho Loulsvlllo
& Nahlnlllo was fouud at tho Uack
door of tho First National bank here.
Tho package contained $55,000.
Graphic Story Related by Dr. Melcher,
Who Brought Corpse Out of the
Confederate Lines.
'Samuel H. Melcher, who now Uvea
nt 2327 West JaokBon boulovard, Chi
cago, obtained the body of Gen. Lyon
from Gon. Prlco after tho battlo of
Wilson's Creek nnd carried it into the
Union lines, accompanied by a volun
teer escort of confederato soldiors. In
hlB capacity of army surgeon Dr. Mel
cher was Immune from capture and
imprisonment by tho enemy and made
his way without troublo to Gen. Price'
headquarters, assisted by a friendly
colonel. He can speak authoritative
ly on tho much discussed subject of
Gen. Lyon's garb at tho time of the
battlo nnd states that tho gonoral wai
dressed In military uniform. Tho otory
of tho recovery of tho body Is told in
Dr. Melchor's own words as follows:
"When Col. Steel's reserve, which
had retreated on the Wire road south,
halted at the Thompson farm Bomo of
the men brought to mo Gen. Rains' di
vision surgeon, Smith, who had been
captured while coming with help for
the wounded. I had him Immediately
released and wo started back on tho
Wlro road In tho direction tho fighting-
had taken place to look for wounded.
Dr. Smith took the lead through the
timber and proceeded In a northwest
erly direction until wo ronched a large
confedorato emergency hospital, close
by a big spring.
"Receiving Information that most of
tho wounded of tho last part of the
battlo woro being attended to near the
creek, wo sot out in that direction and
woro soon In tho road crossing over
Bloody hill. Tho position or the dead
on both Bides of our path showed how
turrlblc tho struggle had been. On
each sldo of tho road wero dead boI
dlors, the gray on ono sldo and the
bluo on the other. After going a short
tlmo wo started to count and, as we
did not wish to go back, wo estimated
that thero wero 300 or 400 on both
sldos of the path.
"Upon dismounting at tho hospital
tho first and only person that I recog
nized was the long' hatred Col. -Em-4
met McDonald, n young lawyor of St.
Louts, ono of tho most outspoken se
cessionists. When he was taken at
the capture of Camp Jackson in St.
Louis no abHolutily refused to be pa
roled and waB accordingly brought to
the arsenal and hold n prisoner.
"As I had occasion several times
each day to pass tho tont whero Mc
Donald was held, I saw him standing
In front of the entrance dressed in a
Bort of Fronch cavalry unlfdrm. with
his arms folded, his eyes glistening,
hio swarthy countenance seeming to
threaten vengeanco if ho should over
be free again, I had never met him
and had no ill will, whatever opinion
ho might have, and so, as I passed, I
simply touched my cap, and to my
surprise ho seomed each time to sof
ten a llttlo and touched his In return.
"So, when I saw him step quickly
toward mo aa I entered tho confed
erate camp after the battle of Wil
son's Creek, and warmly take me by
tho hand, I was somewhat surprised.
After talking a moment in regard to
the wounded he informed me that
Gen. Lyon was killed. Instantly I
said: 'Can I have his body?' He at
onco Bald: 'Come with me and I'll
seo. Ho went with me directly to
Gen. Price's headquarters and, as he
had nover known my name, he said:
'Thla is Gen. Lyon'a surgeon, Ho
wishes tho body. I want you .to glvo
it to him. Ho Is tho only officer who
treated me decently In tho arsenal.'
"Gen. Prlco, who was dressed ns an
ordinary citizen, with no insignia of
rank except a black leather belt in
which was a small Colt's revolver,
hold out his hand In a fatherly man
ner and we clasped hands. Turning
to Gon. Rains, ho askod If ho knew
whero the body wrh. Replying In the
nfllrmntlvo, Gon. Rains was ordered to
bring It for Identification. In perhaps
twenty minutes n wagon drove up, and
I was askod to examlno tho contents.
Upon raising tho blanket which cov
ered the face of the dead man I at
onco recognize our gonernl,
"Gen. Rains asked: 'What Is your
pleasure?' nnd I replied that I would
Uko to have the body carried to the
Ray houso.
"As soon as a coffin Vould be made
tho body was taken to tho Phelps
farm. After tho body had been on ex
hibition for Boveral days Gen. Prlco
ordereo It burled. This was done Aug.
14 by Col. Snoad, who says: 'I burled
him by Instructions from Gen. Prlco,
nnd I said us I put him In tho ground,
"That Is tho greatest enthusiast I ever
saw and tho groatest man," ' Aug. 22
nn undertaker from St. Louis and a
party of relatives came and had tho
tody exhumed and it was taken cast."
Picture on the Greenbacks.
One summer during tho administra
tion of Secretary Chaso, when the
rcasury was more than usually low,
ho had occasion to visit some troops
that had not been paid off for a long
time. Among the mon was ono with
whom he wns acquainted, but did not
sown to recognlzo the Secretary,
whereupon ho Introduced hlmsolf.
"Oh, yosj you're Mr. ChaBe, Secre
tary of the Treasury. It's so long
slcco we have seen your 'picture' that
I had almost forgotten you."

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