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International Apollo Who
LOS ANGELES, Cal. The champion
"best man" In all Los Angeles
was discovered the other night. He Is
G. G. Harootunlan, who lives at No.
1147 Dewey avenue.
To his credit he has oloven mar
riages. All these ho personally ar
ranged as matchmaker, and at all
of them ho acted as best man. What
Is more, all tho marriages havo re
sulted happily, and an even dozen
healthy and hearty youngsters have
been added to the population of Los
Angeles as a result
Tho latest consummation of the
matchmaking proollvltleB of Ha
rootunlan occurred when Miss Bessie
King, a charming English girl, and M.
G. Ilooblnn, a thrifty young Armenian,
were married by Rev. P. J. McDonald,
pastor of the Reformed Church. Of
course, Harootunlan was best man.
The activity of Harootunlan as an
ally of Cupid had Its origin in a
desire of tho thrifty young Amenl
ans of Los Angeles to take unto
themselves English girls or girls of
other Saxon nations as wives.
It began when Harootunlan, him
self, fell a victim to the bright eyes
of an English "lass. That was about
"Odiva, the Diver's" Bathing Suits Are Burned
BROOKLYN, N. Y. Six charred gar
ments, once tho dainty bathing
suits of Miss Alma Beaumont, who Is
known to fame as "Odiva. tho diver."
were offered as evidence against Mrs.
Emma Adams, wife of Charles F.' Ad
ams, Odlva'B manager, who was
charged with malicious mischief bo
foro Maglstrato McGulre the other
Mrs. Adams, who eat erectly In
court and manifested supreme disdain,
merely snlfTed when the flame-scarred
garments were displayed to tho court.
Mrs. Adams apparently was very well
pleased over the fact that Odiva nev
er again would don those suits to emu
late the mermaid.
The first witness against Mrs. Ad
am b was her husband, the Impresario
of tho swimming tank. Mr. Adams
told a sorrowful story. Ho had brought
Odiva In from a tour, during which
sho had delighted thousands with her
amphibious performances. Eight bath
ing suits, that cost in the aggregate
$170. needed laundering. Would Mrs
Adams please launder them? Not on
your life, she would not!
"Well," quoth Mr. Adams, "then 1
myself will launder them."
And ho did, hanging them out to dry
on a clothes line In the back yard of
tho AdamB' homo, at Bergen Beach.
After he had finished the washing and
"hung tho wash out, Mr. Adams came
into the city and did not return until
Brand New Baby Is Hunted Down as a Burglar
iywi $&?) lo im
CHICAGO. The stork made so much
noise breaking into tho rear door
of Lawrence McCarthy's house, at
1769 West Twenty-third street, early
the other morning, that neighbors
thought that It couldn't be anything
less than a burglar perhaps a dozen
of them.
A frightened woman who saw lights
suddenly turned up in tho house and
saw several persons moving about
within telephoned to t,ho police and
askod that policemen bo hurried to
tho placo to capture the supposed
Policeman Joseph Hoffman hurried
to the house, drew his trusty revolver
and tapped lightly on the front door.
McCarthy answered tho knock.
"Merry Widows" Were
DETROIT, MICH. Untutored women
who have not learned that one of
the rules of baseball excludes outsid
ers from the diamond during a game,
are learning better these dayB when
they undertake to take the short cut
cross tho city hall lawn.
Exciting contests nre staged every
aftornon on the broad walk which
runs from Port to Griswold streets
past the city hall steps. The teams
are made up of "newsies," who while
away tho time when waiting for edi
tions. The space Is somewhat limited
for n life-size game, and ground rules
requlro a "dead" ball, improvised from
a tobacco pouch stuffed with paper
Baro palms serve for bats, and the
hits are usually such as the pitcher
can field. To tag a base-runner all ho
haB to do Is to throw the "pill" nnd
hit any part of the runner's person.
All would bo well It outsiders did
not trespass on tuts- diamond. One
day last week the game was nearly
disrupted by a woman with a hat that
survived the "Merry Widow" epoch.
She came up behind tho pitcher un
seen by him. Ho sent ono singing
over the middle of tho plate and It
No Task.
"Do you believe, sb some teacher
says, that boys ought to be encour
aged to fight?" "Well, about In the
tame degreo that ducks ought to be
ancouraged to swim."
-T x. jJ-WiJl '1' '"P !"I"P
Is Strong on the Job
flvo ycnra ago. The marriage of tho
Horootunlans was bo blissful and re
sulted In so much happiness that
ho decided that the marriage of tho
200 young Armenians of good stand
ing and sufficient worldly goods In
thlB city would solve tho iroblein
of taking caro of these fiery young
His first "victim" was a friend, O.
Mouradlan. Ho met llio latter In the
park ono day and told him of his
bnppy home, and then took him
thero to dinner. Ho knew of a
charming young KngllBl girl who
wns of marriageable ago and was de
sirable. Ho brought tho two together
at the Reformed Church, nnd within
two weeks a marriage resulted. Cer
tainly Harootunlan was best man.
Then In rapid succession followed
S. Marsho, a musician, who was In
troduced to a young Saxon girl and
gavo her no pcaco until sho was
Mrs. Marsho: Jacob HalvaJIan.
George Gasvlnnle, Samuol Bahl,
Robert TootJIan, M. Garo, II. DluJIan,
D. Safady and lastly M. G. Itooblan.
All were prosperous, In the prime of
manhood, and good citizens, Haroo
tunlan kept In touch with the deslr-,
able Saxon girls and Introduced thomc
to the sturdy young Armenians andj
marriages followed with wonderful
rapidity. Harootunlan always best
"There are 520 Armenians In Los
Angeles," said Harootunlan, "and all
of them are thrifty. Of this number
perhaps 200 are young men of mar
riageable age. There are but two
Armonlan girls In Los Angeles."
the next day, which wan ug. 14. Deso
lation awaited him. The bathing suits
lay In a charred maBs before the por
tico of his home.
"What Is this?" ho demanded.
"Tut, tut!" replied Mrs. Adumu.
"They are burned. Can't you see?"
Mr. Adams reported the catastrophe
to Odiva, who procured a warrant
against Mrs. Adams.
"I .waB going along In front of the
Adams houHe about 10 o'clock at night,
Aug. 13," said Harry Deaves, a show
manager, "apd saw a bonfire, which
I put out, dragging from the flames
six partially burned bathing suits."
Mr. Deaves soberly Identliled tho
six charred garments as tho ones ho
had rescued.
"Mrs. Adams," ho continued, "re
marked that she would not thank me
for putting out that fire."
Magistrate McGulro released Mrs
Adams on tho ground that thero was
no evidence to show she had. started
the Are.
"Is he there?" whispered tho police
man to the happy father.
"Sure, and a big fellow, too," wa3
tho whispered reply.
"Where Is he?"
"He's in the back bedroom. Want
to go back?" asked McCarthy.
"Certainly, I'll go back. Just let
me get ono look at him."
"Tho nurse Is In there, too," said
the father, eyeing the policeman.
"What! Why, she may be killed by
this time!"
"No, he Isn't so savago aB that, al
tnoiiFh he Is a strapping big fellow."
Iho door was pushed gently open
and tho policeman, still clutching his
revolver, leaped In. He looked at tho
baby, soundly sleeping in the arms of
a smiling nurse, and then turned to
tho father.
"I thought all tho tlmo It was a
burglar. Isn't It?"
"Of course not. He's going to be
a policeman, not a burglar," said Mc
Carthy Then Hoffman returnet to the police
station and announced that It was too
early to arrest the person who had
broken Into tho McCarthy home.
Barred in This Ball Game
was mot on tho nose of the bat or
fist and came back spinning directly
on tho middle of the big head-piece,
where It lodged.
Ground rules failed to provide any
basoj limit where the ball foil on a
"Merry Widow" hat, and tho batsman
was burning up tho baso lines with
good chance of a home run. It waa
an emergency, nnd tho pltchor-flelder
proved a Ty Cobb. f
With ono hand on tho woman's
shoulder, he made a jump for tho new
millinery ornament. Tho woman did
not understand, and turned to protest
and as she did so tho ball fell Into the
pitcher's band, Just In time to "paste"
the baso runner between third and
home plata
Overcoming Action of Tides.
For uso on rivers Bubject to great
tidal changes an Alabama engineer
has Invented a floating wharf which
runs up and dovn upon a solid incline
laid with mils.
4rttv '
PHOTOGRAPHS from London of tho funeral of General Booth rovcal graphically tho lovo of tho people for
tho founder of the Salvation Army. Tho cortege was ono of tho greatest of modern tlmos and passed through
BtreetB thronged with hundreds of thousands of mourning people.
Fear the Extinction of Species
Through Reckless Waste.
Board of Agriculture and Fisheries Is
sues Report Warning Against tho
Consequences of Excessive Hunt
ing in Northern Waters.
Washington. Danger of tho total
extinction of tho vihale through "over
fishing" Is dealt with in the thirteenth
annual rtport on fisheries, issued by
the board of agriculture and fisher
ies. It Is unquestionable, says tho re
port, that in the case of a slow-growing
and alow-producing animal like
the whale, although, owing to its wide
range, It will probably never be ab
solutely exterminated, excessive
hunting speedily resultB In a very
marked depletion of tho stock.
The practical extinction of the
Basquo and Greenland whale fisheries
has abundantly proved this. It must
be remembered, too, that this result
was brought about by 'means of tho
open and hand harpoon methods
which are now obsolete.
The Greenland whale was av com
paratively sluggish and timid ani
mal, whose capturo by the method re
ferred to presented little difficulty,
whereas the rorquals and other spo
cles were not only too swift, but too
dangerous to be attacked in the same
manner as tho "right" whale.
With tho Introduction, however, of
the harpoon with explosive shell, dis
charged from a cannon mounted in
the bows of a steamer, the conditions
were entirely changed, and the spo
cles formerly immune from attack
could now be hunted with impunity.
Tho result of this revolution in the
conditions, under which the fishing
could bo prosecuted Is seen in the
enormous dimensions which tho In
dustry has attained at tho present
It is estimated that in 1911 be
tween 19,000 and 20,000 whales were
captured lb the southern hemisphere
alono (South Georgia, South Shetland,
South America, South Africa), to
which has to bo added the catch In
North America, Japan, Faroe, Iceland,
Spitsbergen and Greenland, and these
figures will probably be greatly ex
ceeded In 1912, as numerous new com
panies havo been formed to exploit
Alaskan, Australasian and Sandwich
island waters.
This wholesalo destruction must In
evitably tell its tale within a few
years, and, as a matter of fact, in New
foundland and Iceland fears are al
ready entertained that the fishing 1b
on the decline.
It would not, therefore, be a mat
ter for surprise If, within a few years.
Woman Saves Her Money Because I
Her Tlckllshne6s Starts Too
Much Row for Robbers.
KnnsaB City, Mo. Being ticklish
saved Mrs, Francis Justine from los
lng her purse to robbers and a meet
ing that might have been terrifying
turned Into an amusing affair. Sho
was on her way home when two arm
ed men commanded her to walk back
with them to the shadow of a ware
house. "Wo want money, that's all," they
said. "So throw up your bands."
Sho obeyed and Informed them that
her purse was tucked In tho top of hor
corset undor her arm. Ono of tho
men tore open her waist nnd thrust In
a hand. It camo out In a hurry to
clap over tho woman's mouth, as she
screamed "Don't!"
"I didn't mean to cry out that way,"
she laughed, as the hand dropped and
gavo her a chance to speak, "but I'm
awfully ticklish and I Just can't stand
Btrange Shaker Cult Taken Up by
Tham Abjures Medicine, To
bacco and Profanity.
Hubub., Wash. "Timothy George,"
an Indian ranchor living near hero,
la an enthuslastlo exponent of a re
ligious sect called "Shakers." The
order was founded In Olympla some
seventeen years ago, and now several
Indian tribes throughout tho north
west havo become Shakers. One re
It may be found necesstary to estab
lish something lu tho naturo of Inter
national coutrol, and tho precedent of
tho Behrlng seal flshory shows how
voxed a question whaling may ultl
mutely become
Its Endurance Wears Out All the
Quadrupeds In Bench Show In
Sausallto, Cal. Ono lone soa lion,
with a strong pair of lungs and a dis
position bordering on acute melan
cholia, nearly broko up tho dog show
at the Marlon County Kennel club by
developing a bark that was such a
challenge and Inspiration to tho four-
legged canines that they had to re
spond. Starting early in the morning, the
big seal, which was exhibited only as
a curiosity of tho deep, and not be
cauBo of his vocal possibilities, howl
ed all day, and tho dogs, big and
little, howled with him. Braced
against the railings In front of their
konnels they threw their souls Into a
chorus that would havo Intimidated
an ordinary sal. But this one was
When nightfall came ho was still at
It, In good voice and gdlng 40 howls
to tho minute, but ho watt alone lu
the field. Tho poodle and tho terriers,
nnd even tho long-winded hounds, had
barked themselves o a whisper.
Traffic in White Slaves Profitable
to Many.
Expert Who Seeks $1,000,000 and
Uniform Law to Stop Traffic,
Makes Some Startling State
ments About the Evil.
Washington, D, C "From 15,000 to
20,000 girla between tho ages of 13 nnd
25 years, a majority of whom nre native-born
Americans, aro tho victims
each year of the while slave traffic in
the United States. About 60,000 men
and women make an 'easy' living ev
ery year selling, buying and living on
the earnings of these girls."
Stanley W. Finch, for 20 years an at
torney and official In the department
of justice, made this startling state
ment. When Mr. Finch made tho
statement above quoted he qualified It
by saying that it was a conservative
"White slavo traffic In some form or
other has existed for 6,000 years,"
said Mr. Flinch. "In Europo it has
Tho continued efforts of the men to
find tho purse, whllo Mrs. Justlno'a
protecting nrm wouldn't stay up,
threw her Into fits of laughter, which
so disturbed the rubbers that, as sho
sank to tho pavement they ran. Tho
policeman who camo up as sho roso
and brushed her dress found hor
very gleeful over her experience.
"Headache" Pay Stopped.
Washington. The new provision In
the army appropriation bill providing
that no officer or enlisted man shall
receive pay for absence from 'duty
caused by disease resulting from bis
own intemperate use of drugs or al
coholic liquors, or other misconduct,
Is now in effect
Arrested for Giggling.
Homo, Ga. Hecauso thoy giggled
during services Rev. Mr. Curtis of this
nlnco had tun (1 mi chip nf T. fl
Waters arrested nud put in Jail charged
I with disturbing public worship.
deeming feature of tho order Is thnt
a member docs not swear, drink,
smoke or use profane language Tho
Yakima IndlanB boast of over COO
members belonging to tho order, whllo
the Kllckltats In this county Include
60 members.
When asked what composed the vir
tues of the Shuker creed, Timothy
George replied, with much waving of
the arms:
"We all good Indians. Help one
another. When one sick we all shake
bis 'hands. Shake all tho tlmo until
Paris Papers Make Much of Two
Days of Sunshlne-
for Crops.
Paris. Kor two days last week the
nun shono In Paris, and tho phenom
enon was reported In nil tho news
papers under spread heads, for never
before Blnco nnyone can romombor
has there been such a cold, rainy,
dark August In Frnnco. On not one
day this month hnn tho thermometer
reached 74, whllo tho average tem
perature has been a llttlo below that.
The lowost previous August averago
was 7D.
Camlllo Flammarlon, tho eminent
astronomer, says tho records at tho
Observatory of Paris, which was es
tablished undor Louis XIV., moro than
200 years ago, show that thero has
been a gradual Increase In the rainfall
since 16S3.
This year rainy wenthor has been
general all over Franco, so that fear
Is felt for tho crops. Already thero
has been considerable talk In tho
newspapers of probable suffering next
wlntor. Although theso discouraging
reports are rcgardod as too alarming,
It Is realized by all that, unless tho
weathor changes for tho bottor soon
great damago will be dono.
Gozzotl Fresooes Found.
Pisa.--Some deteriorated lrcscoen
by Benozzo Gozzoll, the Italian palut
er of tho fifteenth century, have been
discovered in an oratory on tho high
way leading to tho CaHtle Fiorontluo.
The preservation of tho frescoes Is
been carrlod on with fluctuating sue
ccsn for 3,000 years; In tho United
States, with varying but ever grow
ing success, for 100 years,"
Desire for fortune and "easy" living
on tho part of the dealers, and tho sus
ceptibility of young girls to fraud and
decolt, aro tho causos, directly, for tho
startling growth of tho traffic In tho
United States, Mr. Finch Bald.
t "Ono million dollars will suppress
the traffic, and for $250,000 a year It
can be kept Buppreasod," said Mr.
Mr. Finch began his real campaign
for suppression of white slnvcry last
May, and tho system he Iibb perfected
has been Installed In Maryland, Vir
ginia, District of Columbia, North Car.
ollna, South Carolina, Ohio, West Vir
ginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. It will
bo worked In all the states or the
Union by May 1 next If the money
holds out
The system provides for nt least one
local offlcor of the dupurtment of Jub
tlco in every city In the United States.
Tho work of theso officers Is to keep
track of tho Inmates of every ques
tionable house, know who aro tho pa
trons of tho cafes, and take cognizance
of nil tho hubplcluub and new charac
ters who camo Into tholr districts.
"Whito blnvo traffic Is bolng rapidly
suppressed," declared Mr, Finch, "and
onco It la suppressed, It will cost only
a comparatively Btnall amount to keep
It down. What Is $200,000 or $300,000
a year If you know your homos are
protected from theso monsters?"
Efforts are bolng in ado to havo uni
form "alavo" laws enacted In nil tho
Btatos, and with thlB law more crim
inals will bo apprehended.
Government Engineers May Have to
Abandon Survey of the Bering
ttlver Coal Fields.
Cordova, Alaska. Tclophonlc ad
vices received from Katalla state thnt
tho bargo load of supplies for tho
llvo government engineers sent north
to exploro tho Bering river coat fields
has broken loosu from tho tug and
Is being driven to sea by a gale. If
the suppllos nro lost tho oxpedltlqn
will havo to bo abandoned for this
ho gots well. No medicine. We nlso
shako hnnds with each othor when
somo one sick. That mnkos him woll.
We tako caro of family whon somo
ono sick. All gopd Indians."
Insane Over U. 8. Bulletins.
Sandusky, O. Heading the Con
gressional Record ind numorous oth
er publications sent him by Congress,
man Andorson for a year drove Carl
Hcssenmcyer of this city insano, ac
cording to his own statement In Pro
bate court
Marriage Arrangement Seemed Some
thing of a Bargain, but It Turned
Out Happily.
George A, Birmingham, tho widely
known writer, Bays thoro is no coun
try in tho world whoro marriage, at
least In tho peasant class, Is moro a
matter of bargaining, nnd yot shows a
higher averago of stability and con
tent than Irolnnd. Sometimes tho
man hna never Been tho woman bo
fore thoy nro brought togother, the
preclso nuihber of pounds, sows, or
pigs to bo handed over hnvlng boon
by that tlmo sottlcd.
This Is Illustrated In personal recol
lections just published by an Irish
woman. Sho waa visiting with an
r.unt n cottngo In tho neighborhood,
nnd admired a fine mahogany chest of
" 'Twns for thnt I wna married,"
said tho mlstroBs of tho cottngo. A
young farmer had also seen and ad
mired. A bargain waB struck. Thero
wbb no monoy, but tho brldo was to
havo a couplo of sheep, a yearling
bullock nnd tho chest Tho prudent
young mnn measured It, and then
turned nnd asked:
"An' which o' thlm llttlo girls In It?"
Sho was tho oldest unmarried
"nlxt tho doore," aa tho phraso was.
"An' bo I wlnt," sho said, "nnd was
happy over afterwards." Tit Bits.
For plmplea and blackheads tho fol
lowing Is a most effcctlvo nnd eco
nomical treatment: Gently smear the
affected parts with Cutlcura Oint
ment, on tho end of the tigor, but
do not rub. Wash off tho. Cutlcura
Ointment In flvo minutes with Cutl
cura Soap nnd hot water nnd continue
bathing for somo minutes. This treat
ment Is best on rising and retiring.
At othor times use Cutlcura Soap
freely for tho toilet and bath, to as
sist In preventing Inflammation, Irri
tation and clogging of tho pores, tho
common cnuso of pimples, blackheads,
redness and roughncsB, yellow, oily,
mothy nnd other unwholesomo condi
tions of tho skin.
Cutlcura Soap nnd Ointment sold
throughdut tho world. Snmplo of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Addreea
post-card "Cutlcura, Dept. U Boston."
Cutlcura Soap nnd Ointment sold
throughout tho world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dept L, Boston."
Forced to Work.
An Edwards county rarmcr wub
short n harvest hand. Ho went to
KlnBloy, a mllo away, In hla auto.
Ho found n man thero, dumped him
Into his auto and took him out to tho
Noxt morning, when tho drunkard
had como out of It, ho asked how far
It was to town. Tho fanner told him
fifteen miles, and promised to take
him In tho following Saturday If ho
would help harvest that week. The
man workod all week without know
ing that ho wua only a mile from
town. Kansas City Journal.
Inspiring Experience.
A lady who must certainly have
boon related to tho lato Mrs, Parting
ton recently returnod from a sovonty
day tour of Europo.
To hor friends she said with enthus
iasm that of nil tho wonderful things
that Bho had scon and heard, sho be
lieved tho thing sho enjoyed most of
nil was hearing tho French pheasants
sing tho mayonnaise. Youth's Com
panion. Not What She Feared.
"Georgo has told mo all tho secrets
of hla past."
"Mercy! What did you think of
"I was a xv fully disappointed."
Mm. Wlnalaw'a BoolMntf fiyrnp for Chllilrrn
tcrfliltitr, HufteuB the riiuih, reduce Inllltmuia
tlnn, ftllayu pain, cureu wind colic, 23c a buttle.
By tho timo a man gets old ho aught
to have senso enough not to let it
worry him.
A woman's hondnchcB aro natural;
a man's nro usually acquired.
Many a man who loves n woman
for her coin doesn't mention it.
AVegelablc Preparation Tor As
similating the Food and Regula
ling ihe Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digcstion,Chccrful
nessandRcst.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic
Fnfi sou DrSAfwuffrarstt
Junpli'n Sum'
hirm Sui
CUrStfU Suf
Winkrffiin 7iiter
Aperfecl Remedy forConsllpa
lion . Sour Slomach.Diarrhoca,
Worms .Convulsions, Feverish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
FacSimilt Signature of
The Centauh Company,
Guaranteed under tho Foods
Exact Copy of Wrspptr.
I u
For Fourteen Years. Restored
To Health by Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Elgin, 111. "After fourteen yean of
Buttering everything from female com
plaints, I am at last
restored to health,,
"I employed th
boat doctors and
even went to th
hospital for treat
ment and waa told
there wasnohclpfor
mo. But while tak
ing lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound I began
to improvo and I
continued Its uso until IwasmndowclL"
Mrs. Heniiy LEi8EBnRO,743 Adams St.
Kearneysvllle, W. Vn,-"I feel It my
duty to writo nnd say whnt Lydia E
Pinkhnm's Vegotabla Compound haa
dono for me. I Buffered from femalo
weakness and at times felt so miserable)
I could hardly enduro being on my feet.
"After taking Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegotablo Compound and following your
special directions, my trouble is gone.
Words foil to express my thankfulness.
I recommend your medicino to all my
friends." Mrs. G. B. WnrrriNOTOH.
Tho nbovo are only two of the thou
sands of grateful letters which are con
stantly being received by the Pinkham
Medicino Company of Lynn,Mass.,which
how clearly whnt great things Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound does
for those who suffer from woman's ills.
If you want special advice write to
Lydia E. Plnkhnm Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Hass. Tour letter will
bo opened, read and answered by at
woman and hold In strict confldenos
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Uin quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
act surely ana
gently on the
liver. Cure
ache, nizzi.
ncss, nnd Indigestion. They do their duty.
Genuine must bear Signature
Jackache Rheumatism
Kidneys and Bladder
Sioux City Directory,
"Hub of the Northwest." '
i"urpoiti on the form. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Art your local ( engine dealer or writ
Pool & Billiard Tables
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Stock Yards, Sioux City, la.
Write or call on us for prices.
Full lino'of Photo Suppltei for
ProfesMtonala and Amateur:
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B p
.MB mitti r
.UllV IVtK
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