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Down the
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AVENOUS whirlpools, tigers, i
lB sharks, cannibals and malaria
m aro Incidents of an amazing
J voyage ot 4,000 miles made by
a St. LoulBan, part of the way
on a fragile raft from near the source
to the mouth of the Amazon, which
la the longest river in the world. The
marvel of the trip Is Increased by the
fact that for most ot the journey he
was without money.
The hero of the ndventuro Is Frank
B. Farrar of St. Louis, a mining engi
neer. His thrilling story, with humor
ous episodes, is told In his own
I left home In February, -906, under
contract to take chargo of placer
mines in tho Interior of Bolivia. The
company by which I was employed
left me stranded and unpaid at La
Paz, Bolivia, In debt to a hotel $200
for board and lodging. Unable to pay,
I stole off in tho night, stowed away
on a boat crossing Lake Tlticaca
(which. 11,000 feet above tho sea
level, is said to bo the highest lake
in tho world), and so made my way
to Peru.
Here, with varying fortunes, I ob
tained work which occupied mo for
more than three years. I was em
ployed at various times by the Peruv
ian Railroad corporation and by dif
ferent mining companies. I was at
ono time superintendent of tho Yanl
mina camp, 16,600 feet above sea level,
In the Andos, and rich in copper and
In the fall of 1910 I went to Lima,
tho Paris of South America, and
passed three months. I also spent all
of tho money 1 had saved, not fore
boding that I was soon to fall ill. I
obtained work in a lead smelter at
Huancayo and becamo poisoned with
the metal. It waB then that I deter
mined to mako my way to Yqultos, a
city on tho upper Amazon, to which,
although 3.A000 miles from the coast,
ocean steamers penetrate. I expected
there to obtain passage to New York.
It was 1,000 miles from Oroya, where
my Journey started, to Yqultos.
Two Hundred Miles Through Forest.
At Oroya I met a locomotive engi
neer named Paddy O'Nell, who was
out of employment, and, like myself,
without a penny. He decided to go
with me to Yqultos, where he had
lieard there was plenty of work.
The first leg of the trip was a 200
mile walk over the mountains to the
Pochitea river, which is the beginning
of the Amazon. This tramp was 1G
days of nightmare. Wo followed a
eovernment trail through the Impen
etrable forests, in which at nights we
could hear the roars of tigers and
Jaguars. We subsisted by begging
from the natives whose huts we en
countered. On the ninth day wo were
so nearly famished that I took
O'Nell's watch, walked back ten
miles on the trail and sold it for $4.
With the money I bought a bag of
corn and lima beans, on which we
lived for tho rest of the "hike."
We passed several "tambos," or gov
ernment posts, in which wo were per
mitted to sleep, but the officers of
which never thought of inviting us to
eat. At last wo reached the river, and
O'Nell built a raft of logs twelve feet
long and five feet wide, surmounted
by a bamboo platform, on which we
were to sit to keep ourselves dry. The
logs were tied together with tho bark
of the balza tree. Wo had no paddles,
but only long poles.
Tho Pachltea river at that time was
narrow, but very swift, and there were
many logs floating on Its surface. It
seemed as if our raft perversely In
sisted upon striking every nn of
these logs, and at each collision I
feared that tho craft would go to
pieces. Onco it struck a stump and
turned a complete somersault, fling
ing us into tho water.
Our danger wao extreme. Tho wa
ter waB Infested with venomous
snakes, alligators and fresh water
sharks. It was impracticable to swim
ashore, because the donse tropical
bamboo forests would not pormlt us
to land, so thickly did they grow. But
' if we could have landed wo should
have been at the mercy of wild beasts.
Evidently Loved His Teacher.
It was a dry seasou, but a stern
old farmer of a certain neighborhood
had declined to attend tho meotlng
callod to pray for rain on tho ground
that he didn't believe that God would
pay any attention to such petitions.
"Perhaps he would not listen to us
grown folk," remonstrated tho dis
trict schoolteacher, devoted but not
popular, "but all tho children of my
school are going to attend In a body.
Don't you suppose that God will an
Bwor their Innocent prayers?"
The farmer, not wishing to hurt
tho faith of the little son, who was
present, hesltatnd, but the little son
spoke up without delay.
"If God answered our prayers you'd
have been
dead long ngo!" ho ex-
Old Servian Monastery.
In a hollow of the hills In the cen
ter of Sorvla there nestles a wonder
ful relic of tho middle ages. It con
sists of a white church and monas
tery, entirely nurrounded by tunotod
walls ot excoudlng thickness, Tho
approach Is by precipitous tracks, aud
There was nothing to do but swim
aftor the raft, whlcn was floating
swiftly down tho current.
After great efforts wo overtook it,
and in a few days reached Porto Ver
inudlfl, whero there is the first ot a
string of wireless telegraph stations
extending to tho coast.
Hero O'Nell and I both fell HI of
malaria. Despite the fact that wo
could scarcely lift our heads, the na
tive hotelkeeper made us cut down
trees to pay for tho scraps of food he
doled out to ub. Thero was no medi
cine available. A native woman,
struck with pity for me, took up a
collection of money to buy me a tick
et to tho village of Marecasas, 50
miles down tho river. O'Nell got a
Job as engineer on the same launch
on which I traveled, but was put
ashore bocauso ho was too 111 to per
form hlB duties.
Monkey Saved Farrar's Life.
' Hero I should have died but for a
monkey, the property of an unfeeling
native, the keeper of a hotel Into
whose tender mercies I fell. Although
I was shaking violently with chills, ho
paid to me:
"You've got to go to work." I pro
tested and begged fo quinine. "If
you don't work," ho replied, "I'll put
you In tho stocks." I was too sick to
care, and told him to go ahead.
The Btock, an Instrument of tor
ture, consisted of a framework with
holes through which my feet, arms
and head were thrust. For two days
and nights I sat in this machine, al
ternately freezing with chlllB and con
suming with fever. The time passed
like an evil dream. It was the cus
tom of the peoplo to pelt with missiles
tho unfortunate occupants of tho
stocks. But the natives pitied me,
and some of them even gavo me tea
and food by stealth.
Finally tho hotelkeeper, muttering
that ho didn't want mo to "die on
him," set me free and ordered the
cook to give mo the water In which
ho boiled the rice, so that I would not
When my health iras a bit better I
rovenged myself on the hotel man by
appropriating his canoe one night and
paddling away down tho river. O'Nell,
who had been almost as HI as myself,
went with me. We made our way In
15 days to Cantumayo, begging our
food as we wont. Tho natives were
moro than kind to us.
The trip was made hideous by mil
lions of huge mosquitoes which
swarmed down on us until our feet
and hands wero black with tho in
sects. It happened that the chief of police
at Cantumayo was an acquaintance
of mine. Ho permitted me to sleep in
the police station and paid for my
meals at a neighboring houBe. Tho
mistress of this house had a mania
for medicine and insisted upon doBing
me with a horrible mixture until I
was sicker than over.
This decoction waB a bowl of strong
liquor made from sugar cane, lemon
Juice and salt. I Implored her to give
me quinine, but she refused and felt
that I had Insulted her nostrum. I
believe I should have died had I not
met an American negro named Tolblt.
Ho gavo mo a pound, or $4.86, with
which I bought quinine and cognac.
In four days tho fover was broken.
Tolblt obtained a canoe (I suspect
ho stole it) and we floated down tho
river for seven days, stopping at vil
lages for the nights. But on tho sev
enth night tho negro disappeared.
I was picked up by a tall and pom
pous porsonaco who called hmlsplf by
th resounding name of Don Pedro
Segunda La .lera, and who made an
averago of $100 a day by selling
phony Jewelry to tho natives. Ha
took mo along to pnddle his canoe
He was so utility that ho would not
permit me to use tho condonsod milk
he carried for his coffee, nnd refused
to pay for the provisions he purchas
ed unless compelled by force. I left
him at Porto San Francisco, where I
got work cutting down trees for 75
cents a day.
Hero I remained 16 davs nd left
only to avoid starvation.
Manassla, as It Is called must have
been very difficult to assault In the old
days when bands of lnlldels roamed
about the land. Once Inside the walls,
you find yourself in a plcasance of idyl
lic repose; there aro verandas and
creepers and vlneB and fragrant flow
ers, and in tho society ot tho kindly
monks you may while away many a
happy hour. Every Servian Is tho
bouI of hospitality, nnd the Archi
mandrite is not backward in exhibit
ing the natural characteristic. The
monastery was built 0Q0 years ago by
tho son of the famous Tsar Lazar, who
perished with tho old Sorvlan empire
at tho battle ot Kossovo. Wide World
Her Fellow Feeling.
The children had been disobedient
and trouble'some, and tho mother, In
Etead of punibhlns thum, brought them
Into Una by telling them a pathetic
story of orphans who had no home
Little Jack, In tears, rolled undor the
sofa to hide his grief. Mary stood out
a llttlo longer, and then called: "Come
on out. Jack; I'm crying, too." Lipnin-cott's.
Simple Device Invented by Ohio Man
for Preserving Office Records With
Little Trouble.
An Ohio man has patented a simple
bookbinding device by means of
which business offices can bind their
own records with little troublo mid
expense, The device consists of a
plate, with ono edgo as long as the
sheets to bo sewed, and notches along
tho edgo to correspond with holes In
For Binding Records.
the book, through which tho sewing
threads pass, the tongueB botweon the
notches being grooved on tho under
sldo, to allow ot passing tho needle
from one notch and hole to tho next.
This apparatus works in conjunction
with a letter press, the sheets to bo
bound being held In position under tho
plate by means of the press. Tho
sheets are then perforated with an
ordinary brace and bit and the thread
run through them.
Built to Run With Liquid Tar as Fuel
Test Successful and Larger
Ones Being Built
A new German typo of oil engine is
built to run with liquid tar as fuel.
Ono of tho large gas companies had
the engine designed in order to Bee
whether such tar coming from coal
tar distillation could not be used to
operate an cnglno. The present en
gine Is built for 100-horeo power and
was tented by coupling with a dyna
mo. Starting and heating up in the
first place was dono by means of par
affin oil. The engine was run on a 66
hour endurance test, carrying a two
thirds load, and after tho trial it was
found that the valves and the other
parts wero very clean and there was
no deposit such as might be feared
Inside the engine. A very regular run
ning was also ono of the good points
observed. Following this successful
test, there are to be built engines of
much larger size, which are to give
600-horso power. It is found that thef
full valuo of the tnr comos not far
below that of paraillu oil for tho same
Transfer of Empties From Cooperage
Plant to Rod and VIre Depart
ment Made Easy.
The transfer of empty kegs from
the cooperage plant to the rod and
wire department of an Ohio manufac
turing concern, is now accomplished
by means ot a wire coble conveyor.
The gravity discharge chute at the
lellvery end of the conveyor Is shown
End of Gravity Chute.
m tho accompanying Illustration, says
tho Popular Mechanics. The convey
or, driven by a 3Vs-horse power motor,
travels at a speed of 60 feet per min
ute. American Enterprise Wins.
That American engineers havo won
world-wide fame ns bridge builders
has ngaln been demonstrated this
time in connection with a competition
tor a statu railway bridge over the
River Jumna near Allahabad, India.
Twelve leading bridge building con
cerns competed, and tho awnrd was
given to nn American company, whose
bid was 2CV4 per cent less than that
of the lowest British tender.
Enlarge Iron Works.
The Japanese government plans to
gradually enlargo Its Iron works at
WakamaUu until thoy are largo
enough to supply tho entire demand of
the nation for Iron and steel.
Barge Mixes Coal.
Because economy of fuel consump
tion In steamshlpa often requires that
two or more kinds of coal bo mixed,
an Englishman has invented a coal
ing barge that mixes coal as It de
livers it Into a bunker.
Largest Automobile.
What Is claimed to be tho largest
touring automobile ever built, a car
having a wheel base of 198 Inches, has
been completed for the chief inspec
tor of the HnanceB of Franco.
Glass for Ventilation.
A porous gloss for ventilation is be
ing mado in Frnnco, the holes being
small enough to exclude dust and
The life of a steel rail on tho main
trie under ordinary circumstances Is
v,elvc oars
I3r n- X"J..A W"
Exceedingly Light In Construction nc
Framework Supports Seat-
Move Quite Caslly
They aro using a now form of wa
ter cyclo in Germany It is of ex
ceedingly Blmple construction A
couple of parallel, pointed, water
tight tuber of galvanized Iron, 10 Vi
feet In length, aro nttached to each
other SW feet apart. A light frnmo
work supports a scat. Beneath this
is a pair ot pedals, tho motion of
which la communicated to propeller
blades. A handle bar In front of tho
neat la connected with a rudder, Tho
traveler using this novel crnft, by n
pedal action Identical with that of tho
ordinary bicycle, moves easily over
tho surfaco of tho watcrj nnd nltors
his direction promptly nt will. Ho 1ms
an advantage over tho power In fac
ing forward, ns docs a canoo paddlor.
The lolrtl Welfiht of a one seated hy
drocycle is 66 pounds. Tho Inventor,
an Austrian (Herr Fr. Kaspar), at
tains a speed of six to seven miles
per hour The now craft oilers an
agrecablo variation from ordinary
rowing, for use on Inland waters and
along tho scnBhoro.
Machine Invented In Australia Will
Manipulate Row of Cant In
Very 3hort Time.
All tho way from Australia comes
this machine for soldering the ends
on tin cans, but It is worth tho Jour
ney. With It a row of cans can have
the ends affixed in a very short time
and fixed right. Tho machine has a
channel along which a series of cans
aro continuously rolled, n wclghtod
belt feeding them Into tho channel
and keoplng them from slipping or
rolling out of place. A soldering ap
paratus with an extended Up Is set
alongside, this channel nnd as tho
cans pass by the hot solder flows from
this lip over tholr revolving edges
nnd makes the ends fast. In addition
Soldering Machine.
to tho actual work of soldering this
machine spaces each can as tho latter
Is fed to it and compresses each con
Into exactly the samo slzo as its
Unbreakable Glass.
Unbreakablo glasB, which tho Eng
lish might find useful In theso days
of suffragette militancy, was Invented
tieurly 2,000 ears ago, according to
PetroniuB and Dion CassiiiB, though
Pliny casts doubts on tho story. An
artist appeared before Tiberius with
a cup of glass which ho dashed violent
ly on tho ground. It was neither
broken nor cracked, but merely dent
ed, llko a piece of metal. Then tho
man produced a mallet and hammer
ed the cup back Into Its proper shape.
Tiberius, howevor, asked whether
anybody else knew tho secret and
when tho artist proudly answered
"No," had him Instantly boheaded.
Tho emperor feared that such glass
would terribly depreciate tho valuo ot
precious metals.
Aerial Mall Service.
Italy is experimenting with aerial
malls, an aviator recently carrying a
sack of letters 101 miles in 88 min
Australia has taller trees than Cali
fornia. A Frenchman invontod tho cnvelopo
In 1053.
Sulphur Is mined In Louisiana by
Pins were first manufactured by ma
chinery in 1S24.
Cider was mado In England in the
thirteenth century.
French scientist says "flower of
sulphur" Is n vnluablo soil fertilizer.
Of all tho cities In tho United King
dom Belfast has tho smalloBt ptxeen-
tago of unemployed workers.
Fourteen million dollars' worlh of
heating apparatus is mado and distrib
uted in Now York city annually
With an adjustable handle a slugle
blade serves in a new Implement for
a sickle, corn knlfo and pruning paw.
Motion pictures will bo used by n
Georgia railroad to teach elements of
railroading to Its more lllltorato em
ployes. In a now German welding process
magnetism Is employed to deposit all
of tho molten inotal at the exact apot
Hecent tests In Europe of tho dura
bility of various bronzes showed that
tho wear was proportional to the con
tent of tin.
A now rhoe for men Is laced in
front, but has an elastic section In
the back so it may be removed with
out unlacing. '
A register has been patented to)
record tho tlmo a locomotlvo safely
valvo b open aa a check upon tha
engine's crow.
Experiments conducted In Cuba for
threo years indicate that sea Island
cotton can be grown there successful
ly, and provo a valuable Industry,
To hold a miter Joint firmly while it
1b being glued Is tho aim of a simple
clamp invented by a Now Jersey man.
Professor Brldgcman of Harvard
has manufactured soino lco which is
hot by putting water under pressure
of 800,000 pounds to tho square Inch.
Fancy prices havo recently been
paid for prize winning ostrich plumeB
in South Africa, tho hlghcBt being
$78 a pound, far above the ordinary
market valuo.
Modern Improvement of Draft Horse
Brought About by Observance
of Principles Given.
Considering what has been said wo
may next sot down sumu simple
rules for tho conduct of our breeding
operations upon sensible, Bclontlflo
and successful lines. It may bo said,
too. that the modem improvement
of draft horses Is bolng brought about
by tho following of theso rulos, and
tholr observance has led to tho suc
cess achieved In foreign countries.
Tho mares choson for draft-horse
breeding should bo draft marcs In
slzo, weight, character and tompora
munt. They should bo Bound, work
ers, over 15 hands In height and not
not less thnn 1,200 to 1,500 pounds
weight In work condition. It would
be best wore they 1,600 pounds and
up In weight The slro should bo a
sound, prepotent, muscular, thorough
ly worked or exorcised, pure-bred,
registered stallion of draft breed. Tho
resultant progeny of tho first cross,
It a male, should be castrated; if a
Champion English Shire.
female, It should, whon tho tlmo
comos, bo bred to a puro-brod slro of
tho Bamo breed as tho original Biro,
and this plan of breeding should bo
contlnuod, cross aftor cross, until flvo
or six top-crosscB of tho Bamo puro
draft breed blood havlne been put on
tho progeny la practically puro bred
of tho brood usod In Its making.
Thero should never bo tho slightest
deviation from this plan ot branding.
Had thoro been In Franco wo would
not havo tho modorn Perchorons of
today; and mixed breeding, such ns
has characterized American opera
tions, would havo absolutely prevent
ed tho origination nnd perpetuation ot
tho Clydesdalo, Shire, Suffolk or Bel
gian breeds. Selection nnd somo mix
ing In blood had to bo followod In tho
early origination of these breads, but
It Is no longer necessary and now
would be ruinous. Then, too, tho slro
must be sound, and throughout tho
entire operation of horso breeding, ns
we have seen, adequate feeding must
be tho rule
Excellent Device for Harnessing and
Unharnessing Horse Prevents
Straps From Tangling.
A devlco for harnosslng nnd un
harnessing horseB Is described nnd
Illustrated In the Iowa Homestead by
J. F. Forest and which ho has In use
on his own farm. It consists of a
Inch rod threaded and tlghtoned with
burrs and lnsortod betwoon tho Joists
abovo tho horso, similar to a manure
carrlor cable. Thero aro awning pul
leys fastened together in a pair so
that ono pulley runs on tho three
eighths rod, and the other has a ropo
run through It with two hooks tied
in so that thero is an end of rope
hanging bolow each hook. Theso
hooks aro tied In according to tho
height of the horso, ono hook bolng
clear up to tho pulley and tho other
to hook into tho hamo ring or strap,
pull tho othor end of tho ropes which
lifts the hamoH clear of tha horse and
hook tho other hook In hamo ring or
strap. Tho back pad and breeching
nro lifted In tho same manner, ono
hook to lift the back pad and tho
other can bo used above the breech-
Device for Harnessing.
ing. Tho harncsB now hangs abovo
tho horse and is Bhoved back out of
tho way against thu wall. To harness
up tho horse the hamos are pulled
ahead and are hanging ready to be
lowered again In position on tho
horse. After bocomlng accustomed
to It n devlco ot this kind saves lift
ing and tho harness does not got
tangled up.
To Avoid Scours In Pigs.
A good remedy for scours in pigs
consists in dissolving a chunk ot
quicklime as big as your two fists In
a bucket of water. Stir well and al
low It to Buttle, dive from ono to
two quarts of tho cloar liquid to each
sow dally at feeding tlmo, twice a day
it nocossary. Begin soon after far
rowing time, and glvo two or throo
times a week as a preventive.
8heep "Finish" Rapidly.
Sheop may bo put through a feed lot
and mado In condition for tho butcher
In ninety days, but with cattlo It is a
longer process. No othor stock will
make tho samo showing that sheop
will wUh the samo caro in tho samo
1 f
Different Feeds Havo Much to Do
With Money Returned Seven
Months It Best Age.
(Ily W. C. HOSTAND.)
I wrlto only from my own experi
ence of over 20 years In raising hogs
for tho market
Dtfforent localltlco and different
feeds mako a groat deal moro or less
profit In tho keep of tho hog. Some
feed too long and consume part of the
profit, while others feed not long
enough or llborally enough to mako
what thoy ought to make,
I run alt my hogs on alfalfa from
birth until sold, cither for breeders or
for tho packer, nnd ns soon aB they
weigh 200 pounds each, or about that,
I sell or kill thorn.
It you aro feeding puro-blooded
hogs (especially It tho blood 1b red)
thoy will weigh from 175 to 225
pounds each ul six oi olght months
of age. I think sovon months old Is
tho boBt ago, and the most profitable
hog wo can sell.
Tho younger you soil, tho less risk
of disease, tho less troublo, time and
food it takes. Tho sooner you sell,
tho moro room and tho better caro
for tho loxt Utter.
Tho cheapest gain Is mado whllu
tho pig Is small. A pig weighs about
throo pounds at birth. With reason
able caro It will gain on an average
ono-tourth pound a day for tho first
10 to 20 days.
So you soo It doubles its weight in
12 days, and at 65 cents por bushel
for corn, and $1.50 for 100 pounds
for shorts tho first three pounds of
gain cost about threo and one-fourth
cents per pound, nllowlng eight pigs
to tho Utter for each sow.
Don't try to got tho markot ready
for your hogs, but got your hogB ready
for tho mnrket. Sell thorn whon they
aro fat and not before. Keep tho kind
that top tho market and you will mako
monoy it feed is high.
Registered hogs gain faster, bring
moro monoy for tho focder, and mako
moro pounds ot meat out of tho grain
fed them than any other animal on
Should Be Hung Downwards With
Hinges So That the Hogs Can
Push Their Way Through.
' A gato which will allow hogs to
pass and at tho Bamo tlmo will
restrain cattlo and calves, will bo
found convenient qn any farm, Bays
tho Iowa Homestead. Tho Illustra
tion shows a small gato easily con
structed which la hung between two
Swinging Hog Gate.
posts In tho lower part of, tho fence.
Hang tho gnto downward with a pair
ot small hinges so that It will swing
both ways and tho hogs will soon
learn to go through that way.
The Horse's Hoofs.
If tho horse's hoofs aro hard and
Inclined to bo "shelly" do not lot
anybody put oil or grease on thorn,
for this only cloga thu hoof material,
which should absorb water instead of
repelling it. Such hoofs nro bent
troatod by soaking thorn several
hourB together In warm water slight
ly salted, or by turning out tho horso
at night In a pasturo whore ho will
got tho hoofs wot In tho dew.
Danger of Concentrates.
Bo careful about giving your pigs
too concentrated foods. If you do tho
first troublo Ib scours, and It Is often
tho last, for thoy die quickly. When
thoy get older und tho tlmo comes to
fill up tho miiBclos and tissues with
fat, mix wheat middlings and a very
little cornmeal. Mako In a rather
thick slop and f9tJ very carefully.
Value of Hogs.
No stock upon tho farm is more
quickly turned to monoy than tho
KceniiiK the colt's feet trimmed pre
vents largo and lll-shuped ankles.
Romovo tho hot, sweaty harness
from tho horses while they rest at
It Is a mlstako to keop a nonde
script bull simply becauae he cost a
Uttlti monoy.
I logs follow tho rows and tramp
down less of tho rape If it Ib drilled
instead of broadcasted,
For sheep tho sllago should be cut
very flno. Otherwise thoy loavo the
butt sections of tho stalks.
With the silo flvo Bteors can bo fed
as cheaply as four without. That
gives you tho gain of one steer froo.
Aside from tho feed prohlom, nhoep
cause tho flock master llttlo troublo
In summer, unless we except tho
As a general proposition It mny bo
sold that tho sow' that has pigs bo
foro she Is a year old will disappoint
her owner.
Clover silage makes excellent hog
feed In wintor. Thoy eat every bit of
it. Somo waste in feeding corn
sllago to hogB.
When you turn your team over to
a hostler at tho feed barn bo pure to
nee that thoy get tho water, oats and
bay you pay for.
In hot woathor a horso should not
ba fed much corn. Oats and bran aro
much bettor. Tho more work tho
moro food of course.
I,lvo stock husbandry will postpone
soil depletion for a longer period of
tlmo than grain farming, but it will
not provent doplotlon.
Green forago muBt bo tod with dis
cretion nnd sparingly nt first or pro
fuse sweating will result and somo
times colU and wsaknu.
pa fa
It is a duty of
tha kidneys to rid
the blood of uria
dd an Irritating
poison that Is con
stantly forming
When the kid
neys fail, uric add
causes rheumatic
attacks, headache,
dizziness, gravel,
urinary troubles,
weak eyes, dropsy
or heart disease.
Doan'a Kidney
Pills help the kid
neys fight off uric
acid bringing
new strength to
weak kidneys and
relief from backache nnd urinary ills.
A Utah Case
Mm. Jmn Crook. Klrt Bt. K. Vf
American Pork. Utah. aava. "For over
ten yeara I via aflltctrd with kldnfy com
plaint. Often the pain In my back i
ao aevrre that I Almost fell to the floor.
Tha kidney aeoretlona were unnatural.
Tlu-iu u luiuttuij THTSZ3 rr.r !slr..
Donn'a Klilnfy IMlla were brought to my
attention and they cured me."
Cat Doan'a at Any Drug Store, EOo a Box
rOSTER-MlLBURN CO.. Buffalo, New York
W. N. U., SIOUX CITY, NO. 39-1912.
Nervous Swain Meant Well, but It
Was Not Likely He Won Love
of Fair Maiden.
He was dimdont and unversed in so
ciety's ways, but he was badly aralUen
with a rolgnlng belle, and had nerved
himself to woo and win. So ho se
cured an Introduction, and In duo
course went to pay his first call.
Ho thought It would help him out a
bit if ho took her somo flowers, so
ho bought a superb bouquet for her. As
ho reached tho house, however, ha re-,
mombored that she had a splendid con
servatory, and ho tried to think ot a
way out of tho difficulty. Suddenly ho
recollected tho saying anent "taking
coals to Newcastlo," and dotormlnod
to mako use ot It. But ho was dread
fully nervous. Ho broko Into a cold
eweat as ho rang tho bell, 'and when
tho divinity appeared in tho recep
tion room ho didn't know whether he
stood ou liis head or on his heels.
"I I thought," ho stammered,
"that I would b bring you a bouquet
b but It's llko casting p P poarla
before swlnol"
Tea's Conquest of Rome.
Of all tho conquerors that have
coma to Rome no ono has gained such
a comploto victory as tea has won in
tho Italian capital. Twenty years ago
tho British nnd American tourists who
carao to Romo were catered to in tho
matter of tea in a rather shamefaced
manner In tho strangers' quarter near
tho Piazza dl Spagna, and "English
Tea Rooms" was tho legend to bo
seen in a few windows hard by Cook
& SonB' ofllcoB.
Nowadays tho palm lounges of the
Grand and tho Excelsior hotels at tea
tlmo aro two of tho sights of Romo,
for all Roman society drinks tea
abroad lh tho afternoons, and ihcro
aro as many uniforms at 5 o'clock in
tho big hotels as thero aro at sundown
on band dayti on tho Plncan hill. All
tho big pastry cooks' shops In tho
Corso nnd tho other principal streets
now havo "Afternoon Tea" in gold
letters on tholr plato glaBs windows.
Grasped His Opportunity.
A Baltimoro clubman tells of two
convicts who met for a momont alono
In a corridor and took advantago of
tho fact for a hurried Interview. Said
ono, "How long are you In for?"
"For life," responded tho other.
"And how long are you in for?"
"Twolvo years," responded the other.
"Then," said tho "lifer," cautiously
extracting a letter from Its hiding
place, as he glanced fearfully around,
"tako this and mall it for me when
you got out,"
Willie's Strategy.
"Undo Qeorgo, I wish you wouldn't
glvo Willlo any moro nickels."
"Why, that's all right, Jano. The
llttlo -fellow ran right up tho front
stairs to put tho coin la his savings
"And he ran right down the back
stairs to tho nearest candy Bkop."
When the Egg Is Laid.
Patience The ben never counts
her chickens before they aro hatched.
Patrice But you must remombor
she does a whnlo lot of cackling.
It you would acquire a reputation
quickly set yourself up aB a weather
Prescribed Change of Food Instead of
It takes considerable courage for a
doctor to deliberately prcscrlbo only
food for u despairing patient, lnstoad
of resorting to tho usual list ot medi
cines, Thero aro some truly scientific phy
sicians among the present generation
who recognlzo and treat conditions as
they aro and should bo treated, re
gardless of tho value to their pockets.
Hero's an lnstanco:
"Four years ago I was taken with
severe gastritis and nothing would
stay on my stomach, so that I was on
tho vergo ot starvation.
"I lieard of a doctor who bad a sum
mer cottage near me a specialist
from N. Y. and ns a last hope, sent
tor him.
"After ho examined me carefully
he ndvlsed mo to try a small quantity
of Qrnpo-NutB at first, then j as myj
stomach became stronger to eat more.
"I kept at It and gradually got bo I
could eat and digest threo teaspoon
tuls. Then I began to have color la
my face, memory becamo clear, where;
before everything seemed a blank. My
limbs got stronger and I could walk.
Bo I steadily recovered.
"Now after a year on Q rape-Nut 8 I
weigh 163 lbs. My people were sur
prised at tho way I grew fleshy and
strong on this food." Namo given by
Postum Co., Battle Crook, Mich. Read
the llttlo book, "The Road to Well
vlllo," In pkgs.
"There's a reason."
13 rr rend the above letter? A new
onr niiiienra from time to tlme.r They
lure (cmulne, true, aud full oC liuuiaat
imeioi, aiivi
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