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A Child
Depends much
upon the nutritive qual
ities of its food. As
bread makes up a large
part uf Qur diet, order
Metz s Bread and your
bread will be right.
Pakota City
The following is taken from
an address delivered by Profes
sor Woodrow Wilson before the
tariff board in 1882, showing his
xiow then on the question of the
tariff and the distinct announce
ment of his position as a free
trader, opposed to all tariffs ex
cept merely for the purpose of
raising revenue:
"But the danger of imposing
protective duties is that when
the policy is once embarked
upon it cannot be easily receded
from. Protection is nothing
more than a bounty, and when
we offer bounties to manufac
turers they will enter into in
dustries and build up interests
and when at a later day we seek
to overthrow this protective tar
iff we must hurt somebody, and
of course there is objection.
They will say: 'Thousands of
men, will be thrown out of em
plqyment and hundreds of peo
ple will lose their capital.' This
seems very plausible; but I
maintain that manufacturers are
made better manufacturers
whenever they are thrown upon
their own resources and left to
the natural competition of
"Protection also hinders com
merce immensely. The English
people do not send as many
goods to this country as they
would if the duties were not so
much and in that way there is
a restriction of commerce and
we are building up manufac
tories here at the expense of
commerce. We are holding
ourselves aloof from foreign
countries in effect and saying,
'We are sufficient to ourselves;
we wish to trade, not with Eng
land, but with each other.' I
maintain that it is not only a
pernicious system, but a corrupt
"By Commissioner Garland:
"Q. Are you advocating the
repeal of all tariff laws?
"A. Of all protective tariff
laws; of establishing a tariff for
revenue merely. It seems to
me very absurd to maintain that
we shall have free trade between
different portions of this coun
try and at the same time shut
ourselves out from free com
munication with other produc
ing' countries of the world. If
it is necessary to impose restric
tive duties on goods brought
from abroad it would seem to
me as a matter of logic, neces
sary to impose similar restric
tions on goods taken from one
state of this Union to another.
That follows as a necessary con
sequence; there is no escape
from It."
ft A1 A h AArA ftfckft AAAAAAA'ArA h ft trick
Trade Marks
rryvt Copyrights &c.
Anyone (lending a rtcten ana description may
qutcklr ascertain our opinion free whether an
litTentVm Id probably patentable, Communlm.
ttnnaBtrlctlyconlUloiiir.il. HANDBOOK on I'ntenu
sent free. Oldest asency fur securing jiatonls.
1'atents taken turouuli Iunu & Cu. receive
tpttlal notice, without charge. In the
Scientific Jlinerican
A handsomely UltwtraleJ weekly. Largest clr.
eolation of any aclontlUn Journal. Terms, f 3 a
jean four months, gl. Bold broil newsdealer'.
MUNN&Go.36'6"""1-'-New York
Branch Offlco. (25 F BU Washington, I). C.
Secured Loaixs Spell Safety
.Less than fifty dollars losses in a qnarter century's
banking, Mid-West Management history.
Do you not think a bank thus careful with ample
Capital and Reserve guaranteeing each deposit with
every dollar of the owners, deserues a portion of YOUR
It will be fully appreciated and well cared for.
lid. - West Bauble
"Where Welcome Wears Well."
m mmmm mmmmm mmmm
m !
de Zedde
Local Items
Headquarters for all sobool supplies
at thu Dakota City Phurmaoy.
Mm D H Hagor loft Tuesday morn
ing for Fnllerton, Neb, to visit Lor
sistor, Mrs Lottie Huuptou.
Henry Weigand, wife and dunghtor
of Sioux Oitr, were over Sunday guests
hero iu tho R L'Broybill homo.
A opooial meeting of the Masonic
lodge will be held Saturday evening
of this wook for work in tho 1st, de
gree Wo have u uico display of nlum
ninuni waro and also a nico stook of
hardware, granitwnre, etc, at right
prices. Schriovcr Bros.
The first frost of the season visited
this locality Wednesday night of last
week. It has frosted some nearly ev
ery, night since, and vegetation shows
tho tfftct of it,
If you uru fond of smokiug a good
pipe, go to Vau do Zeddo's md see
the elegant assortment he has ou din
piny before you buy elsewhere. You
nill find the m priced so low thut you
uun't uffotd to look further.
W E Snotheu at.d uifo left Mondny
for a couple of weeks vacation which
they will spend at Enter, Neb, at tho
homo of Mrs Siiethen's parents. 8
Adams is acting iTB relief ugent for tho
Ituiliiigtou during Mr Snethcn'a ab
sence. Mrs Emma Hetts and baby were
here from Diillas, S D, lust Thursday
iintl Friday, vieiting Mrs llettb' broth
er E Igar Fredoiiok. Mrs Hetts had
been to Omaha with her baby to con
sult a specialist in thu treatment of
Announcements have been received
hereof the approaching marriage o(
Miss Elizabeth I Bonis, daughter or
Goo L Bnuls mid wife, to Poter H
rfmetzer, on Oo'.ober 9th at tho First
Congregational church in Sioux CJity,
Iowa. Mr and Mrs. Smetzer will re
side at Loomiu, Cul.
0 W Lynch, who camo here from
Columbus, Kans, a couplo of weeks
ign to tuko the job us assistant at the
Ed wants & Bradford Lumber com
pnny's yuniB, decided ho was too far
north ami quit his job Saturday and
left for Putridgp, Kaus, whore ho has
secured a position in n lumber yard.
W U Dean, who contiactod to placo
a wooden apron in the river eust of
town to protect tho bunk f mm, cutting,
ivob hero Tuesday and finished up the
work, pulling in an additional barrel
of cement to bold the apiou in posi
tion, Those who huve seen it seem to
think it will do the work required of
it, only tbero should bo more of them
Mtrimg along the river bank at proper
ilistauoes apuit. ' ,
A deluded old man, pulling an old
four-wheeled cart riggod up with abed
iiul stove, was taken in charge by his
relatives from Sioux Oity, Snnduy,
u ml taken buck to his home, lie talk
ed iu a rambling niunuer, otating that
be was bound for 'Niobrara, whero be
had a large sheep ranch. 8henff Mo
tion brought his cart and outfit to
towu, and from the looks of it a mule
team would havo tt job pulling it for
any distance
On tho eve of their departure for
their new homo at Orchard, Neb, the
people of tho Methodist church con
cieL'Htion smiinc a snrnriso on 8 E
Moore and family Friduy evening at
tho church parlor. Titinoh was Borv
ed during the evening, and ub u tokou
of too appreciation ana regard for Mr
Mooro and his estimable family for
the great interest thoy havo taken iu
church work during their residence
bore, a handsome set of silver spoons
was prest-uted to them. Mr Moore
and family shipped their household
goods and departed for Oroburd Tuesday.
RobI ostato loans. Geo VilkltiS.
Tho Herald for News whou it is News
Seo Dakota City Pharmacy
buying your paluts aud oils.
Guy BtitiNon was a visior at St
Paul and Minneapolis last week.
Wo want Nebraska Farms. Soo
Land Oo 405'FonrtU St., Sioux Oity.
Buy a good farm on the Dakota
oounty bottom. I have Eimers.it,
Miss Gertrude Fair, of Lusk, Wyo,
waB tho guest of MIbs Elllu Engoleu
over Sunday,
Harvey B.oals and wife are here
from Dallas, Ore, visiting relatives
and old friends.
Tho sale notioo of tho land belong
ing to the John L Nixon estate appears
iu this issue of the Herald.
Ohas T llarlo returned to Wakefield
last Thursday, offer a weeks stay bore
looking after bin property intoists.
ThirHerald and MoCall's Mugasine
with free pattern, for $1 ilu, is somo
bargain. Ask for froo Bumplo copy.
Judge II E hvans wbb in Omaha
Wednesday attending tho eenmony of
laying the cornerstouo of the Musculo
Georgo Barnett, jr, aud Harold Lon
drosh went to Omaha Monday to tao
iu the Ak-Sar-Ben features during
tho week.
Doo McKernan attended n dunce
given at Pouca last Weduesduy even
ing by H Weudto on tho evo of bis
Bert G Harden orders his Herald
sent to Ft Smith, Ark, whero be will
spend tho winter if the climate is
James Lspsley camo up from Oms
ha Tuesday ovemng, haviug been ex
ousod from duty as a juror in tbo
federal court.
Mrs L al Saulsbury, who has been
visiting at the Horace Dutton home
for tho past month or two, left for bor
homo at Ames, Io, Tn-sday.
E J Robertson, of Lincoln, was bore
tbo past week, making bis annual ex
amination and checking over tho books
of the oouuty treasurer's i fllao.
We bavo NebraHka, So Dakota, Min
nesota, Iowa and Tex us faruiB for sale
or trade Also city propetty. Soo
Lund Co. 405 Fourth St., Sioux City.
J Van do Zedde and son Harold
went to Omaha Thursday to seo the
Aksarbou sights and attend tho dedi
cation ceremony of iho W O W lodgo.
Gnrl Sund and wifo went to Lyons
Saturday for a visit ut the John Young
home. Mrs Sund was taken ill there
and their vital is being prolonged ou
that aoconnt,
Rev W It Warren nnd family loft
Tuesday for their now location ut
Greely, Neb. Mrs Warren and child
ren will spend a few days at Gibbon,
Neb, while their household goods are
in transit.
All kinds of pipes suitablo in prico
to jour poofcptbook. If you want a
high priced pipe something fiue we
have it, Or if you want a cheap ono,
and a good ono, too wo havo tbem
nlso. Yan de Zedde.
Rev John Crews, the Methodist
ptifetor appointed to this place to suc
ceed Rev W It Warren, arrived from
Blair, Neb, Wt Saturday with his
household gooda and is no.v domiciled
iu tho M E parsonage.
A new nutsido rail was laid on the
curve of tho Omaha track ut this place
Tuosday by a gang of about 30 suction
men picked up on the Omaha line
The old rail a as so badly jroru that it
had become duugerous.
Tho following lotters remain un
claimed iu ttie postofllco at Dakota,
Nebr, for the month eliding Septem
ber 30, 1912: Ira Fletcher, Anno
I 'no Hoebouer, Jack Uiggius, Ruy
nold Huelner, Edwurd Johnson.
John H. Ream, Fostmastor.
Win Lahrs bus purchased tlib resi
dence property of 0 B Howard, occu
pied by Fred J Parker, and will re
build it to somo extent before occupy
ing it. Mr Parker and family ure
moving to tho Ruo Altemus farm
southwest of towu,
Geo Carter shipped his household
goods to Omaha Monday, wl ero he
has taken up his residenen, at 1418
Piuoknoy street. Since returning to
work as conductor on the Omaha road
it was deemed much more convenient
for himself and family to hvo in
Fred Robbina was arrested at South
Sioux City Monday on complaint of
loliu Peysen for attempting to "frisk"
him of his pocketbook iu tho "hull
pen" at one of tho bullions. Rabbins
wus given 20 days iu thu county jail
by Judge lltffernan Wednesday, in
which to repent.
Attorneys George W Case, uf Water
town, S D, and E G Smith, uf Sioux
City, wore here Tuesday and took tho
deposition of J J MoAIlii.tor in the
oaso of Win Curtin, plaintiff, vs Leti-
tm Hnwart and A bherin, defendants,
ltivolviug the estate of Agnes Curtin,
u former resident of old Covinylon.
Mis Robert Orr camo down from
her homo noar Vermillion, H D, last
weok to assist in curing for her broth
er, Alfred Seymour, who is laid up
from the effects of injuries received
when his team run away. Frank Orr,
a nephew of Mr Homour, ouno Bun
day and is looking aftei MrSoymour'a
farm work. Mr Seymour is recover
ing nicely aud is now able to sot up
and bo moved about the houso.
Mrs A S Mason aud sou Paul, while
returning hnuiu from town Wcdaosduy
evening, their horse became frightened
at a bicyolo and run away, throwing
them both out of thohugpy, Mrs Ma
son was serioiihly injtiroil in her back'
and Puul suffered a broken arm aud
other bruibes, The accident oecured
near tho Richard Shortley home.
Guy Bides took both the injured ones
to a Sioux City hospital iu his auto,
whero thoy are receiving troatmont.
At uu adjourned soHsinu of tho din
trict court held heto Tliuri.iiy aud
Friday uf liiHt week, the following
ciihes wero disposed of : W II Ryan
vh lleriy Hkidmorc, a decree by con
stt oi all purues, umouiit dim plmu
tiff $1 20H. In tho ex ho of the E & I
I Air Co vs the H It Land Uattlo U,
j u igment for $911 1F Mind decree il
f irecI6iure as pnty im! for granted
d hi. tiff In thu citue uf Tims 1' Lao
vh C K Km lib, a decree was gr.iutt
as pr iv- ( f. r, aud cents of uuso tuxm
Jo plaiutiff.
Plus Dedgo and Louis ltookwoll
autoed to Emerson Hiituiday.
Fall underwear in all grades at 0
Anderson Co's,
Albort Hanson nnd Joseph Christen
sen were fixing up tolophouo troublo
last week,
Mr and Mrs Edward Jonson visited
friends on Fiddlot's crook tho first of
the week.
You will nood n good lantern. Get
tho Liberty lantern, thoy will satisfy
Geo Timlin.
Anna lagan was hero last week vis
iting relatives.
The danco given hero last Friday
night wub not very well attoudod ow
ing to the iuolomout weathor.
Husking mittens and all kinds of
busker's supplies at 0 Anderson Co's.
Mrs J O Sullivau and daughter,
form near Nacorn, wero visitors at the
comity seat Saturday.
CommiHsiouer Thot Long attendod
a meeting of thu board ut Dakota
Oity, Tuesday
No need to fear tho coming of cold
nigtits, if you will supply your wants
in blaukots from our Btook, just re
ceived. Geo Timlin.
Mrs Carl Nelson nnd childron, of
Sioux City, camo down Tuesday even
ing to vioit her parents. She left
Wodnosday morning for Omaha where
sho will attoud tbo Ak-Sar-Bcu.
Mr and Mrs Ohas Olseu, of Sloan,
Io, wore hero last weok visiting rela
ativos and ftiends. They returned
Monday morning,
A lino assoitmont of outing flannels
in all pi loon and grades at C Ander
son Co's.
Francis Soronson was an ovor night
visitor at tbo Francisco homo tho first
of tho weok.
OUie Ogburn, of Dixon, Neb, come
down Tuesdoy to visit bis folks.
Ohas Dodgo autood to Sioux Oity
Heavy dnok coats in all tho best
grades, at C Anderson Go's.
Bert Dyer and wifo attended tho fu
neral of tho former's nicco, Mrs Jon-
sun, ut South Sioux City, Thursday ol
last week. Mrs Jensen was well
known hero.
Mrs Joo Leedom and Bert Francisco
were Sioux City passengers from her
Men's sheep lined coats, aud men's
sweaters, aro items on which wo will
save -you money. See our now line
beforo you buy. Goo Timlin.
Mrs Louis Larson received word last
week thitt her mother, Mr Mads Han
"(in, was very ill. Later Mrs Hansen
is reported greatly improved.
Mrs O Harty and daughter Mary,
wcro city passongorB ouo day last
Fall oaps for men and boys, also a
fine line of aviation caps for girls ut 0
Anderson Go's.
Mamie Cluusen spent Sunday at bor
Mr and Mrs H Nelsen, Mr and Mrs
E Christeusen, O Rasmusseu with IiIh
family, Harold and Arthur Jacobseu,
Thoruald Rasmusseu uud Louis Bogg
were all Sunday guohts at tho Chris
RasmiiNSon homo.
Wo will pay you highest market
for butter and eggs, alho ereum. which
advanced to 30 cents this week. Geo
Tom Grahnm has started to cut flax,
He has 40 acres of the finest flax in
Dakota oounty, which will go 120
bushels to the acre.
Mrs .Thornton and little sou Jimmie
visited' relatives and friends hero from
Friduy until Suuday.
Several from hero took in tho play
at the Now Grand last weok.
Ed Keuruoy aud wifo aud tho ois,
tors of St Catherine's academy, of
Jaokson, wero cullers at tho Graham
homo Sunday.
George Uartels is slowly recovering
from uu attack of pneumoniua,
Mr Whittiour has succeeded Mr
Mayfield us station agent at tliii
place. Miss Lena Bartols was a city shop
per th first of the weok.
Blankets in cotton and wool, ..11
kinds of winler bedding at C Ander
son Co's,
Tho heavy frosts of the past woek
have stopped the corn from growing
and will help it along in ripening.
Frank Ufliag's new farm homo is
coming tight uloug and when finished
will bo one of the best modern dwel
lings in these parts
Bring in yonr produce, buttor, eggs,
eto. Wo always pay tho top price. C
Anderson Co.
F S Higelow wns hero on W O W
lodge business Tuesday. A nnmbot
of tho boys will attend a meeting of
the grand lodgo in Omuha this weok.
Flonnory delivered
bushels of corn to tho Atlas
Mra Peter Garvoy and daughter,
Muurine, of Hartiugton, Neb, spent
over Sunday with relatives hero,
Puarl Ryan and brother Joo wore
over Sunday guobts of thoir sister
Mrs A E leukinson, of Sioux Oity.
Katie Qiiiun was home from Ban
croft, Neb, over Sunday.
Uotdo Louguo and wifo deparfet'
Tuesday for Soattlo, Wash, whore
they expeot to make their homo.
Mrs Carrie Thompson, of Water
bury, is visiting her daughter, Mrs O
A Itarber.
Three orphan children from the
Sisters of Cliarity, New York City, ar
rived here last Friday and wero ad
opted into the homes of M Delonghery
and T H Sullivan.
Mrs lumoH Kenuelly arrived home
Monday form an over Huuday visit
with relstives at Potion, Nidi,
Monica Hurtnett departed Monday
evening for Omaha to visit relatives
uud attend the Ak-Sar Hen.
Mary Beaeom, of Waterbury, spent
last Fiiday with friends here.
Teresa O'Connoll is touching school
at Hurrishorgh, H D.
'MiHs Kuthenne Mitchell has accept
ed it position iu the intermediate do
piitmoht of the Oolome, S I), school
Geo Teller leturued Saturday fioin
Sonlli D.thnta, wheio h owns u farm
Kd O'Neill rotUrned home la'
rhuiHiliiv from a nnnith'H visit will
datives in Now York City, aud much
'o the surprise of everyone lis cam
buck alone. Ho ou joy o.l his trip ver;
innoh ,
MrH E H Hoatty, of Blair, Nob, im a
iguoitt in tho M Bolor home.
It took an organized body of stove ex
perts nearly fifty years to perfect it.
There is no other Base Burner like it,
because the features that make it such
a wonder ail and economical heater are
patented. It is the most attractive
and best made stove, too.
In the Triple exposed Flue3 you will find one
reason why it will save fully one half on your
coal bills. But there are many other
gsgH&y reasonstoo many to mention here.
Come and see us, and we will show
you that there is no other base
burner that will compare with
the Favorite.
Edwards & Bradford Lmbr. Co.
Diikola City, Neb.
E 1' Kemieby iil V J MoUouiglo
havo fo mod parlnorsip and write
iuBitrunco with thn Pioueor Laud uid
Loan Insurance company, of Linooln,
Mike Heffernan had a load of cattlo
on the murkot Monday.
Job L Barry, jr, has gono to Sionx
City whore ho has a poeition with
the Riley & Sullivan Commission com
pany. Kato Sullivan and littlo nophow.
Milton MoCuuo, bi Sioux City, spent
Sunday hero.
D F WutorB is having cemont walks
laid in fioul of his leeidonco property.
M Mimnuugh and wifo wero dowu
from Waterbury Wednesday.
Section Foreman 0 J Smith uud
family on Monday moved to Ytitun,
Neb, whero ho will bold a similar po
sition'. Mrs Hello Scollurd, ot Ponou, spoilt
last Saturday vith her daughter,
Alice, who is u studeut at St Cuthur
i nu's (.cudemy.
The danao last Friday night did
not draw us largo a crowd us was ox
pected on account of tho weather,
There were thirty uumbors sold uud a
tlim timo oujojod by all.
.Mae Boleroutortuinod the Boler
O'Gutu wedding party at dinner
Tuesday evening.
There will bo a card party at St
Putt ink's hull on Friday evening,
October 4. A small admission of 10c
will be churgtd. Everybody invited.
E I T Kearney has rented furnished
rooms iu the city aud his family will go
there thu last of the week to opond thu
winter months.
A very pretty wedding oecured ut 8
o'olock Weduexday morning in bt
Patrick's chinch when Mary Zita B t
ler and Gilbert O'Gara were joined in
maniage, Rev Father O'Sullivau ofll
oiutiug. Tho bride wore a beonming
(Ires') of whito ohiffon over satin trim
at"! iu whito luoe. Thoy wro attend
ed by Geneva Brady and Willinm
O'Gara. The bridesmaid woro a whit
serge dress trimmed in silk. The
bride is tbo popular and accomplished
daugliter of Mr and Mrs Michael Boler
and has spent her entire lifo here
Tbo groom i-i a fine young man of ter
ling qualities, highly esteemed and re
spt-oted by all who know him. Th
wedding march was played by Ruth
litiBsoy, u student iu St CathuriiieV
iciide my. After the ceremony a wed
ding hroukftiftt was served to tho im
mediate relatives ut the homo of the
bride. Tho nuwly married couple lett
on a western wnddiug trip, tin
bride traveling iu brown with hat eno
loves to match. They will bo at
home at Qinithwicb, S D, alter No
vember 1st,
Avoid Sedative Cough Remedies.
If you want to contribute oirectly to
fie occurrences of cupilury bioiiuhitb
and pneumonia uso cough mediciner
tliut, colitiiin coiline, moiphiue, lieroii
and other si datives when you have
ii"Ugh or cold. An expectorant likt
Chnm'erliiiii's Cough Remedy is what
is needod, That cleans out the cut
turn beds or breeding places for tin
germs of pneumonia and other diseas
es That is'why pneumonia never re
iiilts from a cold when (Jhamberluiii'
I'ntiuh Itemody in mcd. It has a
world wide reputation for its cures
It contains no morphine or other se
dative. For sale by all dealera,
Items reproduced iu the Si'iux City
Journal from llies of twenty year
ago, Meptember'J'J, 1HU:
J P Twohig list- purchased the in
terests of Win S White and John M
M "in iu thu OitiistHiH Statu bunk o
Snath Hioux City, and now owiis ut
tho stock iu the institution,
J)oi5iJ5iirn Up
Scores of women will do it this
winter, in some poor, old base
burner ; and they'll get very little
warmth out of it, too.
Don't you think it would be a good idea
to buy a First Class Favorite Base Bur
ner, with Triple Exposed Flues, and save
enough on your coal bills this winter to
buy a new dress in the spring? It is a
positive fact the Favorite does burn
less coal and throws out more heat than
any other base burner made.
Specials for Saturday, Oct. 5
For this D&y Only
15c Carpet Beaters ,. 10c
Uibless Overalls, worth 75c, at . . .50c
Barrel of Jonathan Apples, A-i $4.40
4 No. 1 or 2 Iitnp Chimneys 25c
25cpkge Oafs 20c
2 Cans Yellow Peaches f 25c
Cranberries, per quart .' 10c
2 Mb Cans Salmon 25c
0 Cans Beauty Milk 25c
25c' pkge Gold Dust 22c
Underwear0f all description, and at Prices guaranteed
as low as can be found anywhere.
High Cut Shoes for Children and Misses. Also High Cut
Shoes for Men and a complete stock in Black and Tan,
button and lace. Best line of men's high shoes on the
Dal&oi&t. City
It W 1mn.
Incensed Umbalmer
Ambulance Service
Wi. F.
Kali 71
A.ito 2471
. .. Mb h -
pi.wM4 rt nO n4 ..Mll.t.r.
r. hfntf f-rri-
HAgga-HOBfiH iBl AHKgTfc'
Lady Assistant
415 Sixth Street
Sioxix City Iowa
tet-WwWfcatfciw n

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