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Motto: All The News When It Is News.
VOL. 21.
iff JH.J. I
NO. 24.
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Section 23, Article 2, Chapter 93-A
Is Quoted.
Tho legislators aro being forked
on considerably to legislate in tho
matter of the water power of tho
Btate, and to do something to provont
tho StntoBoard of Irrigation from
giving away all tho water power. This
agitation has reached such a stago
that an investigation of the persent
laws and tho board lecords was made,
with tho resut that contrary to tho
lmpiossion being given tho state U1I3
board has not and cannot glvo away
iho water power of tho state. An in
vestigation of tho present laws and
tho records of tho board by a state of
ficial brought out tho following:
Tho law Is clear to tho effect that
tlift Stato Hoard of Irrigation has no
power to grant a. water right. That
power Is lodged exclusively in the
legislature. Tho only power which
tho Stato Board of Irrigation has In
Telatlon to this matter is tho power to
cither approve or reject an applica
tion ror a permit. This permit Is not
an appropriation of tho public waters
of tho stato. It simply entitles the
applicant to undertake its project
' within ski months after tho approval
thereof. Tho right given by the per
mit Is merely a contingent right, and
Is entirely defeated by tho falluro of
tho applicant to comply with the re--quiroments
of the statuto within six
.mohths after tho application is ap
proved. Section 2S. article il, chapter 93a,
Compiled Statutes, makes It tho duty
of tho Stato Board of Irrigation,
through its secretary, to approve an
application where there is unappro
priated, wait.- In tho sourco of ( supply
named In said application. It 13 then
incumbent upon tho applicant to take
such steps as may bo necessary to
perfect an appropriation thereunder.
If ho fails to do this his permit is
subject to cancellation. If ho goes
ahead and constructs his projects he
does not oven ttion have an -appropriation
untill ho shall have applied tho
waters to a beneficial use.
To Pribe Industrial School.
That C. B. Manuel, head of tho
"boys' industrial school -at Kearney,
hats failed to' furnish any Information
as to a deficiency of nearly ?50,000,
was. assorted by C. H. Busch, chair
man of tho houso deficiencies com
inltte -who asked a committee to in
vestigate where tho money was
spent. lie said the deficiency
amounts to half the total maintenance
appropiiation. A' committee of three,
with tho sonato committee, will
Soldiers to Police Fair.
Marked changps in the policing of
the stato fair groundB arc to be made1
ly tho state board of agriculture if
that body's present plans are carried
through. It is propobed' to havo 100
guardsmen selected from all tho com
panies of tho stato erect a "model''
camp on tho grounds during fair
week and to havo tho soldiers attend
to policing tho grounds day and night
during the how.
County Assessors Close Session.
Tho county assessors of the state
havo closed their session and have
returned to their several counties.
They woro unanimous for a repeal of
that section of tho revenue law re
lating to taxation of mortgages,
claiming that every county experienc
ed a decreaso in taxation on nccount
of its operations. They contended
that with the law ropoalod all mort
gages would bo subject to taxation
while as the preaont law has a
clause which exempts the loaner from
paying tho tax on the mortgage when
tho mortgage agrees to do so, and
much Is lost on account of It.
For New Agricultural Building.
Representatives Leo of Douglas and
Jackson of Nuckolls havo Introduced
a bill to appropriate $108,000 for tho
pin chase of land and tho erection of
a modern agricultural and horticul
tural building on tho stato fair
groundo, from a piolimlnary sketch
for tho building. Representative Lte
in speaking of this bill at a recent
gathering of tho managers of tho
state and county fairs said that the
farmers aro too modest in their re
quests for tho advancement of agri
culture; be snld'that tho old buildings
mo ii dlsgraco to tho Btuto and that
tl.e should bo replaced by a modern
tuuctnre r.t once.
Bill For Pure Teachers.
Tho doeiro of legislators of tho pres
ent session to havo puro food, pure
cloth, pur's iron, puro politics and what,
not. Is to extend even to tho field of
pedagogy. A bill by Sonator Uummoll
of Wobstor county bars any person
addicted to tho uso of opiates, liquor,
clgarots and profane language from
obtaining a teacher's certificate in th's
state Tho measuro has the backing
of a nu.nbor of prominent educators
and churchmon and is aimed to clean
up what Js said to bo only u mildly
Icv-'ont condition In Nobraska.
Laws Changing Customs of Red Men
to Be Made.
Boforo tho joint Judiciary com
mittee of tho senate and houso, thero
will soon bo a hearing on a couplo of
measures affecting tho .-Indians of the
Both bills Were Introduced by
Shumway of Dixon "county. No 73
relates to tho sale of Uquor to Indiana
and No. 74, covers tho marrlago of
A delegation will bo down from tho
reservation headed by Frank Beaver,
who will act as Interpreter for tho In
dians, who represent a council select
ed by thorn to present tho matter to
tho legislative committee
No. 71 is tho bill in which thoy
coom to bo tho most interested and
will legalize marriages by Indians In
tho futuro. Any Indian, which at tho
present tlmo has moro than ono wife,
tho result of marrlago, according to
the Indian custom, will, If this bill be
comes a law, bo required to contract
a legal marrlago according" to tho
white man's law With tho ona with
whom he has been living last or at
tho present time. It la understood
that this meets with tho approval of
tho Indians and it was at tho requost
of tho Indians themselves, voiced at
tho mooting which selected the dele
gation which will appear before tho
committeo Wednesday evening at tho
stato house, that Senator Shumway
was a3kcd to prepare and introduce
tho bill.
Tho members of tho committee are
Frank Beaver, Walking Priest, John
Boar, Harry Ravo and Edward Lin
coln. They will be accompanied by
Itov. G. A. Waermulder, a missionary,
who works among tho tribes of the
Indian reservation in northeastern
RallroadG May Stop Grain.
Tho state railroad commission
has granted permission to tho Bur
lington railroad to step grain in tran
sit at Lincoln when shipments orgin
ato iu territory north of tho capital
city and aro destined to points east
and south. This allows tho Burling
ton to stop all grain shipped into Lin
coln over tho Schuyler and Ashland
branches for purposes of milling or
cleaning; whereas heretofore they
havo only boeif allowed to stop grain
in transit when the shipments orgin
ated In, territory west of Lincoln.
Head of Guard Talks.
Adjutant General Hall will inaugu-,
rates a new system of creating ofllc
ers of tho National Guard" of the
state, which ought to go a long way
In making the guard a moro efficient
organization. Ho belioves that sim
ply because a member of tho guard
isya good fellow is no reason why he
should be commissioned an ufllcei un
less ho ha3 other qualifications.
To Investigate Lobbyists.
Speaker Kelloy has appointed
Shipley, Mockett and Heiligo a com
mittee to investigate tho work of
telephone lobbyists, under tho Ship
ley resolution, which has not yet
even come up for discussion In the
After Fee-Splitting Doctors,
Dodgo of Douglas Js going after tho
city doctor who gets his patients
from the country by splitting tho foo
with the couutiy practitioner. Ha Is
also going to try to put a stop to tho
Jail feeding contract In Douglas
1 To Investigate Institutions.
Apart from tho action of the house
in providing for a legislative investi
gation of tho affairs of stato institu
tions for tho 'past ten years, tho sen
ate will bo given an opportunity to
express itself along the same lines. A
resolution introduced by Pi!acek of
Saunders provides for such an Investi
gation of four years of tho Manuel ad
ministration of tho boys' industrial
school at Kearney.
Immedlato action was not taken on
tho resolution, tho protest of Cordeal
of Red Willow boing sutllciont to lay
tho matter over one day under tho
senate rules. A promised deficit o'f
close to ?30,000 at tho school furnish
; tho supporters of the resolution
with sufficient reasons for its adop.
tlon by tho senate. It Is likely that
former Land Commissioner Cowles of
Falrbury, whoso rows with Superin
tendent Manuel during tta past two
years havo been many and varied, will
be called in to give testimony If tho
senate decides to approve tho Placek
Bushco's bill relating to tho false
advertising of rea stato offered an
ecuso for several senators to giv
their Idcas-on tho winters' ink gamo
and tho leal cstato business as well.
It was finally agreed to by the mem
bers, but a somewhat drastic amend
ment providing that nil real osato men
should Inspect, all Nebraska land
listed with them for sale before they
rndthvored to dlsp-co of It to their
clients was voted down.
Fee Splitting Doctors In Bad.
Tho bill by Dodgo of Douglna to
prevent tho splitting of foes by city
and country doctors, tho latter acting
as agonts of tho former In working up
cases, has alroady attracted consider
able attention. Mr. Dodgo has state
ments from many roputablo surgeons
supporting tho measuro and urging
him to do everything posslblo to so
curo favorable action at tho hands or
tho legislature. Tho surgoons admit
tho practico has grown to such an ex
tent that tho doctors themsulvos can
not remedy It or stop It
1 1 1
Work to Be Done Under Direction of
United States Department of
Omaha, A state-wide plan for
county development wan presented at
the Public Affairs luncheon of tho
Commercial club of Omaha, at a Joint
meeting of tho club members and tho
Omaha Grain exchange. Tho plan
vbb presented by Bort Ball, secretary
of the Crop Improvement committeo
of tho Council of Gluln exchanges,
composed of tho leading grain ex
changes of tho United States. Tho
plan has been placed in tho budget
bf tho Grain and Agricultural commit
teo of tho Commercial club for con
sideration and will bo discussed at
longtn by that body in tho near fu
ture It is proposed to form a farmbn
roau in each county of Nebraska,
which will hire a county agent who
shall work undor tho direction of
Pugsley, stnto leader, representing the
United States Dopartmcnt of 'Agricul
ture and the Agricultural College
at Lincoln.
The county organizations aro to bo
Tormcu in connection wun mo local
comnurclnl clubs and farmers' organic
zatiojs, treating tho county an a mill,,
'to encourago not only greater produc
tion but to see that tho marketing
conditions aro so perfected that tho
olt'r.ons of each corns ty 3hall bo able
to collect every dollar which is com
ing to thnt county.
Tho work will bo conducted locally,
'by cpecial committees of those most
.cmallilled in tho county to encouragi
crop improvement, road building, ngri
culture in tho schools, llvo stock,
dairying, homo economics, farm ac
counting, marketing ale.
The agriculture committeo of the
'club consists of millers, grain men,
.railroad mon, bankers, Jobbers and
manufacturers of which Mr. M. C.
Peters, of tho M. C. Peters Mill Co., is
Tho state-wide Nebraska plan will
"'bCmndo with no individual member
ship, but each county as rapidly as
organized will be affiliated and repre
sented by its president on the Stato
Advisory Committee. Tho eonimtU
tee is not scientific, and will not of
.for any advlco whatever as to agri
'cultcral methods, such owrk now be
ing in tho hands of Prof. Pugsley,
tho State leader.
070 counties in nil p.uts of tho
United States havo undertaken this
work, and 102 county associations
have already boon incorporated and
have employed county agents under
this plan. '7 Nebraska counties havo
practically completed organizations
up to this time.
Position of Turks Hopeless.
London. Tho Daily Telegram pub
lishes a long unconsorcd dispatch from
Its correspondent, Ellin Ashamed Bart
let, at Constantinople, in which ho
says tho Turkintt pnnple. nro in such
a stato of misery and destitution as a
result of tho war, that they are com
pletely Indifferent as to tho fato of
"Tho cabinet is in a quandary." says
fho correspondent. "It knows that it
will bo compelled to ccdo Adrlanoplo
and Is only seeking some means to
3avo its face.
"There is not a cent in the treasury
and thoro are no means of getting
money until peace is concluded. Mean
while, tho country Is, drifting to ruin
pnd bankruptcy.
"A great nnti-war demonstration oc
curred recently in front of tho war
bfilco, at which tho Young Turks were
publlcluy denounced as murderers and
thioves. Mahmound Shefket Pasha
appoared on tho balcony and tried to
mako a speccjj, but was greeted with
opprobrious epithets.
"Tho misery in the Turkish camps
Is indcrcrlbable. It has been bitterly
cold, with a heavy snow; tho soldiers
aro 111 fed and badly sheltered. Small
pox, enteric fever, dysentery and pnou
monla havo replaced Asiatic cholera.
N. Y. Gambling Houses Raided.
Now York. Tho hlglior-up circles of
tho gambling fraternity woro upset by
the raids which woo mndo simultan
eously upon eight big alleged gamb
ling establishments in tho Fifth
nvonuo and other theatrical districts.
As tho pollco In eight taxlcab parties,
undpr command of Inspector John F.
Dywor, swooped down upon tho sus
pected places, firemen gaining entrance
by either protending to Do inspecting
tho buildings or by shouting "tire."
Bartholdt In Peace President.
St. Louis. Congrossman Richard
Bartholin of St. Louis has accopted
the presidency of tho Fourtli annual
peaco congress held horo Muy l-!l.
Suffragetcs Sent to Joi.
London, Sylvia Pankhurst, tho
militant suffrageto leador, was sen
tenced to two weeks imprisonment or
a lino of $10 at Bow street police
court. Tho samo punishment was
meted out to nineteen other women
who participated In the raid on thn
Houso of Commons.
This photograph of Hnloy J. Shopnrd and his bride, formerly Miss
Profr-lHolen Gould, was taken Just as they
'honeymoon trip
They departed a wook
their friends
Questioned on Money Trust, After
Long Search, Financier Falls Back
Choking and Speechless.
Jekyl Island. Gn.,Fob. 10. Between
William Rockefeller and the Pujo
money trust Investigators the shadow
of death camo Friday. Face to faco
with tho oil magnate, brother of John
D. Rockefeller, after a pursuit which
lasted over u jeuiS Chairman Pujo
and Samuol Untermyor, counsel to
tho committee, were compelled to
abandon a victory which was In their
grasp through tho danger that tho
long-sought witness might dio under
tho pressure of cross examination.
But twclyo mlniitcs elapsed. Mr.
Untermyer had been able to ask but a
slnglo question germane to the inves
tigation When tho witness was at
tacked by a violent fit of coughing.
His whole frame trembled; ho became
absolutely speechless. Tho blood
rushed to his face, which turned pur
ple and crimson. To all who looked
on it seemed evident that a crisis was
at hand. Doctor Chappell hastily ad
minidtuied nn opiate, undor which Mr.
Rockefeller partially, revived, but bo
foro the examination could bo re
sumed, the doctor intcrpo&ed:
"I strongly urge you not to pro
ceed," ho said, "as In doing so you nro
endangering his life at the presont
In tho examination Mr. Rockefeller
said, in answer to Mr Unlnnnyers
question, that his residence was C89
Fifth avenue, New York. Thnt ho had
never played a gamo of golf in his
life. Romembered the organization
of tho Amalgamated Copper company
In 1S9S.
Mississippi Mob Forces Sheriff to Per
mit Lynching Second Darkey
- Slain for Woman's Murder,
Evansvllle. hid., Fob. 11. With an
automatic pistol In cucli hand, Alien
von Buhreii, a military school gradu
ate, twenty-three years old, walked
through his father's factory here Sat
urday and shot to death threfe nogro
workmen who had been giving him
trouble and at whoso hands ho feared
The men were shot down without
warning. None of them wero armed.
Two of the men, John Gordon and
Henry Gordon, wore shot through tho
head;- a third, Walter Washington,
Was bored through tho heart, but aft
er ho was shot tho young man fired
tiireo times moro
Houston, Miss., Feb. 11. Whllo
nrmed -members of a mob, estimated
nt 1,000, v hold tho sheriff and his
deputies undor guard, Dlvol Rucker, a
negro, was tied to an Iron pump,
soaked with oil and set afire Sunday.
Then a man stepped forward and fired
four shots Into Rucker's body, killing
The killing of Rucker was tho sec
ond lynching growing out of tho mur
der of Mrs. I. C. Williams.
Asphalt Tank Blast Hurts Seven.
Chicago, Feb. 10. Ono man was fa
tally hurt and six others painfully In
jured whon an asphalt tank oxploded
in the plant of tho Patent Vulcanito
Roofing company. Fire followed tho
Clear Watson and Chilton.
Washington, Fob. u. Senators
Wntuon and Chilton oi West Virginia
vero exonerated of tho churgo of cor
ruption Saturday In connection with
eloctiona two years ago In a report
decided on by tho sonato body.
Raise Henderson Memorial Fund.
Dubuque, Ja., Fob. 11. Over ?10.000
was rained horo Saturday afternoon
townid a memorial for tho late Sena
tor Allison aim Speaker David il, Hen
derson of tho national houso of representatives.
woro about to sail for Europe on their
earlier than had been expected by
Flyo Companies Are Sent by Gover
nor to Round Up Strikers and
Sympathizers In kanawha District
Moro Troops Await Orders.
Charleston, W. Va., Feb. 11. As a
result of a fierco battle between strik
ing coal miners mid pollco authorities
in tho Kanawha district, near Muck
low, W. Va sixteen persons aro dead
and at least a scoro injured, some
Twelve of tho dead aro strikers nnd
four wero members of the rolno
guards and railroad police. Of tho
Injured fifteen are said to bo strik
ers and the others gunrds.
FIvo companies of state militia, two
from this city and threo from Hunting
ton, W. Va., aro on routo to Mucklow,
having been ordered to tho troubled
district by Gov. Wllllnm F. Glasscock.
A number of additional companies mo
under arms and may Btart for the coal
fields at any moment.
Striking miners matching toward
Mucklow were met In tlin innuntnlriH
by a posse under Fred Lester, a for-1
mor captain of the West Virginia Na
tional Guard, now In tho employ of n
coal company. A sharp engagement
followed. A bookkeeper and two mine
guards were shot dead and sevoral oth
ers wounded. Lester and his men woro
slowly driven bnck.
Roinforcomontu from other mine
companion, railroad pollco and deputy
sheriffs Joined Lester's men, but with
llttlo success. Tho minors Btcudlly
advanced, pouring a hot flro into tho
ranks of tho officers.
Tho coal ctriko In the Paint and
Cabin creeks districts of Kunnwlm
county had Its inception Inst April,
Governor Glasscock Issued a procla
mation of martial lnw, tho first ever
declared In West Virginia. After a
timo tho troops wero withdrawn as
conditions becomo normal.
After a fow wooks' Interval rioting
ngaln broke forth. Trains woro held
up, col tipples burned and porson3
shot and beaten. Governor Glasscock
declared martial law for the second
tlmo. With tho coming or the troops
striking miners and their sympathiz
ers took to tho mountains. Last Fri
day tho first serious outbreak iu over
a month occurred, when a passenger
train was shot up. Mucklow wan rid
dled with bullets and a number of per
sons shot down. Slnco that tlmo there
havo been almost continual outbroaki.
Dreadnoughts Are Sent to Central
America Indications of Much
Unrest There.
Washington, Fob. 10. Four yUnciI
can warships were ordored to Central '
America to obbervo what uro bcllovcd
to bo indications of unrest Frldny. '
Tho Annapolis nt San Diego, Cal., I
was ordered to Amapala, Honduras;
tho Denver, at Acapuleo, Moxlco, was
ordered to Acajutlu, Honduras; tho i
Des Moines, at San Domingo, was or- i
dried to Blueflclds, Nicaragua, and tho
Nanhvlllo nt New Orleans was ordered !
to Porto Cortoz or Porto UarrioB,
Senator Cullom Is Better.
Washington, Feb. 11. Senator Cul
loin's condition, according to reports
from his residence Sunday, showed
further Improvement. Ho Is not con
fined to his bed and could, should oc
cuslon demand, resume his duties.
Confcsseo He Murdered Father.
Chlllicotho, Mo., Fob. 11. Confront
ed with fingerprints identified us his1
own, Leo Hoyt Sunday ndmltted mur
der of father, Edwaid Hoyt, a wealthy
cattleman, Iu Novombor, 1011, accord
Jug to Prosecutor Marshall.
Couple Will Spend Honeymoon In
Florida John Grler Hlbben, Head
of Princeton University Officiates
at the Executive Home.
Princeton, N. J., Feb. 12. At Pros
pect, tho Hlbbon residence, Mrs.
Francis Folsom Cleveland nud Prof.
Thomas ,I.V Preston, Jr., woro mar
ried horo Monday by Dr. John Grler
Hlbbon, presldont of Prlncoton. Tho
utmost simplicity was obsorved In tho
ceromony. tho Protestant Episcopal,
service boing uso. On account of tho
rccont Illness of Professor Preston
tho wedding was private and no an
nouncement cards wero sent out.
Tho members of the Immedlato fam
ilies who witnessed tho ceremony
wero: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Preston
of Aurora, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. John
Hoppon of South Ornngo, N. J.; Mrs.
Florence Preston JoncB, also of South
Ornngo; Miss Esther nnd Richard and
Francis Cleveland, the throe children
of tho brldo. Asldo from theso rela
tives, tho only other persons present
wero Presldont and Mrs. Hlbbon, Miss
Elizabeth Hlbben nnd Dean Andrew F.
West of the Prlncoton graduate school.
Tho bildo woio a whlto silk gown
tmd carried n bouquet of whlto Killar
ney roses. Tho main drawing room
at Prospect was piottily decorated
with palms.
Professor nnd Mrs. Preston will
spond tholr honeymoon in Florida.
Thoy will leavo at onco, owing to tho
health of tho bridegroom.
The leport Unit Mm. Preston -will
roslde permanently at Wells colleg"
causes much sorrow at Princeton,
whoro tho etudont3 consider her a
part of tho unlvorslty.
Japaneso Premier Katsura la Stoned
by Riotous Mobs In Street
of Tokyo.
Tokyo, Feb. 12. As a result of
rioting throughout tho city Monday
nnd Monday night ovor tho political
situation six persons woro killed and
slxty-fivo othors wounded. Tho situ
ation Is decidedly serious. Tho mobs
burned several pollco Rtnlions, stroot
cars and numerous private residences.
All streots aro patrolled by mountod
troops nnd heavy guards havo been
sorvod with ball and cartridges with
Instructions to usp thorn If necessary.
Martial law was declared.
Premier Katsura was stoned In tho
stroet Just after ho had loft tho pal
aco where ho had handed his roBlg
nation to tho omperor. Tho premier
was not seriously hurt and took refugo
In a incnr-by building. Tho crowds
around tho pnlaco lntor attacked sev
oral paper ofilccs nnd nttomptod to
fire the buildings, but woro prevented
by tho mountod pollco.
After tho omperor had roccived tho
resignation of Katsura and tho cab
inet ho summoned Marquis SitlonJI, a
former premier nnd long a proml
nont figure In public life. Saloiyjl is
now leader of tho constitutional party,
ami it is understood tlio omporor will
impose upon hhu the duty of forming
a now cablnot.
After Long Debate Senators Adopt
Proposed Law to Prohibit Rum
Washington, Fob. 12. After an nil
day debate tho senato pasBod what is
known na the Webb bill Monday, that
prohibits tho shipment of liquor from
any other stnto into a "dry" ntato, or,
ns oxprcssod In tho bill, "when intend
ed to bo received or sold in violation
of tho law of tho stnto to which tho
shipmont Ib made."
This bill already has passed tho
house. Tho debate In tho sonato was
over a senate measure almost identi
cal In terms, but which contained
a proviso thnt intoxicating liquors
should become subjoct to stato laws
upon crossing tho border. Tho houso
bill, which absolutely prohibits the
article from lnterstato commerce
whon destined to a "dry" state, was
substituted lato In tho day and agreed
to without n roll call.
Prussian Nobleman 8hoots Self.
Borlln, Fob. 11. Count Guonthor
von Koenlgsmnrk, a member of a cele
brated Prussian military family, shot
himself at Monte Carlo hotel Sunday.
Ho was dismissed from tho army on
account of oxtravnganco In living.
New York Banker Is Indicted.
Washington, Fob.. 12. Goorgo O,
Henry of Now York, " momber oi
Salmon & Co., bankers, was Indicted
by tho fedornl grand Jury Monday for
contempt of a congress committeo.
Amazons Assail London Clubs.
London, England, Fob. 12. Suffra
gettes raided tho West End district,
known as clubland, Monday. Women
throw pieces of lead and hard flroclay
bulls through windows of tho Carlton
and Reform clubs.
Defense Scores.
Kansas City, Mo Fob. 12. Testl
many concerning tho convulsions of
Margnrot Swopo was ruled out in
tho third trial of Dr. B. Clarko Hydo
for tho murder of Col. Thomaa II,
Swopo Monday.
Turks Have 4,000 Killed and Wounded
In Fighting Near Scutari and
1,000 at Bulalr.
London, Feb. 11. Balkan allies ar
gaining victories nt sevoral points In
tho war zone, but only after most do
porato fighting.
Tho combined Montenegrin and 8et
vlan forces captured Bardonjoll HllIaJi
Scutari, inflicting losses of 4,000 killed"
nnd wounded. Tho Montenegrins ar
executing a determined assault on tB
heights of Tarabosch after threo dayl
of skirmishing and Intermittent fight
Tho Turkish "forces have yet to
mako their first successful advanca
from tho TcliftlaIJa lines.
Tho Turkish lossen In tho fight at
Bulalr nro now glvon as moro than
1.000. Tho Bulgors. who lost 412 killed;
captured numerous trophies, soma
heavy fleldploces nnd gront quantities
of rifles, shells and cartridges.
Tho Turks mado tholr first sortU
from Adrlanoplo, attacking tho Bul
gnrlnn eastern section. They wort
thrown back with a considerable loss.
Port Said rtportfl thsnt tho Turkish
cruiser Hnmldich, which ovndod the,
Greek fleet in tho Aegean son and
passed through tho Suez canal, arrived
at that point and procbedod toward
tlio Aogonn son with nil her lights out
Tho Standard prints an unconfirmed
roport that tho Hnmldich wnB later
surrounded by Orcck vessels nnd
forced to strike her fine,
A dispatch from Constantinople
plates that tho governor of Smyrna has
appealed to tho sublime porto ih ths
matter of a sailor of ono of tho Amer
ican warships crying: "Long live,
Greece!" In tho Btrcots.
San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 10. Mrsj
Mary Bradbury, widow of tho eccon
trio William Bradburv. Ih to defend
tho will contest; filed by two nophowa
ir il u"iiii,iiuu estate. Tnoy xuum
Bradbury wns insano. He BorvooTT'
yoar in prison forpfirIury
Fort Deposit. Md.. Fob. 11. Gloffed"
Todd, a stableman, has fallen hoir to"
f.100,000 through tho death of his
grandfather, who went west years'
ago. Asked what ho would do with
tho money. Todd smld ho would -try
to repay his friends for kindnesses.
St. Louis, Mo Fob. 10. Schuyler P,
Britton. husband of Mrs. Helon It:
Brltton, was elected president of the
St. Louis Cardinals, at a meeting of,
tho board here. Mrs. Hritton was,
olocted vlce-nrosldont. Herman Sea-
knmp wns re-eloctod treasurer, and,
w. u. actionem secretary.
San Quentln. Cnl Feb. 11. Tha-
body of Herbert Itopsold, known as"
tho "porfumed burglar," who escape
from San Quontln ponitentiary Janu
nry 10. was found on a marsh two
miles from tho prison Friday.
McPherson, Kan., Fob. 11. A cowt
belonging to J. A. Toolo of this coun
ty, has given birth to nix calves iq
two years. In January. 1911. she
gave birth to twin calves, nnil In .Tun-
uary, 1912, one calf was born. Last
woek she produced triplets. All tho
calves woro healthy.
Daughter of Secretary of Navy tq
Wed Lieut. Raymond Rodgers
Popular at Capital.
Washington, Fob. 11. Ono of tue
most interesting engagements of tho
winter was announced whon Secre
tary of the Navy and Mrs. George-Ii.
von Moyor cntcrtalnod at a large
birthday luncheon at their resldenco
In Scott circle Sunday and told thelc .
guosts that the luncheon was not only -to
celebrpt the anniversary oftha -birthday
of Miss Alys Moyor, but to
announce her engagement to Lieut,
Raymond Rodgers, U. ' S. N. Miss
Moyers is tho youngest daughter of
Secretary and Mrs. Meyer, nnd is one
of tho prottlest and most popular
girls In Washington.
Bucketshop Defendants Admit Their
Guilt After Their Appeal to
Supreme Court Fails.
Washington, Feb. 10. Several men
caught In the government's autb
bucketshop crusade In 1910 pleaded
guilty, or nolle contendere, In tho dis-t
trict supremo court here Friday and
paid fines aggregating $50,000. Loula
Colin of St. Louis mid Angela Cella
and Samuel W. Adior of Now Yorl
wero fined $10,000 each, Oscar J. Rapi
pel of Jersey City ?5,000, and William
F. Fox of Baltimore and Charles Ifc
Alley of Washington ?2,500 each. Thej
defendants had appealed in vain to
tho Supremo court of the Unite
Ship Distressed at Sea.
Quoenstown; Feb. 11. A messngo'
received horo Sunday from tho Steamy
er Chicago stated that tho Fumes
liner Crown Point was disabled in thej
middle of tho Atlantic with her rud--der
Brooks Wins Over Cropln.
New York, Fob. 11. Walter niooks
won ovor Dave Cronln on points at
the Fairmont A. O. Saturday nlght
Bombardier Wells was a spectator at;
tho ringatdo and received a rouslngf
fwalcQtno, '
' - J.
" l-;.-,tt5

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