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BIr. McKinleys letter
brings cheer to' all who
may bo sufferers as he
was. Read it:
"I can honestly nay that I me
my life to I'cninn. After Bomo of
the beat doctors tn tho country
Rayo me up and told mo I could
not live another month, rernna
avcd me. Travelling from town
to town, throughout tho country
and having to go into all kinds
of badly heated atores and build
ings, eomotlmca standing up for
JiourB at a tlmo whllo plying my
trade as auctioneer. It is only
natural that I hnd colds fre
quently! so .when this would
occur I paid little attention to It,
until last December when I con
tracted a severe case, which,
through neglect on my part
settled on my lungs. When nl
,niot too Inte, I began doctoring,
but, YTlthont avail, until I heard
of Perunn. It cured met so I
oannotpnilse it too highly."
Mr. Samuel McKinler, 2C04 H.
22nd St., Kansas City, Mo., Mem
ber of the Society of U. S. Jewelry
Sold Every-vrhere.
Tablet or Liquid Form
IBmnM KiJ?RHHlfflffl iia
HHMHf:i hfii fM-. vgmsB .oi
mW&imafcw v Mr VCwW V J 8K5Wtf j&mlza
iMany Cities Seek Substitute) " " NOTEwnrmrv-rrJplf PN " I
I for Fire Crackcrj and r ZM), v5 xm
-W- 7- HAT Rtinll wo do with tlio CA V-ilV-.' il K ?Wi
Mi Fourth of July? A r cS 'VWTiK J . ' U
llllilll The continental congress, ( S4tit J& lS $4SWW&k fL V X
JWJKffi Passed July 'A 1770, the resola- X JfiM V&MiMZ? TllT WJii
rW'Tlwi tlon presented In behalf or Vlr- Y Hw W T 2JJL' JMM
I iK""T Ti Kliilu by Richard Henry Leo fl ( 'Sl( tt. i " gBKSS saHH
";L that begins: I 5N? ) 7Vl$3t MM
.V . "Itesolved, That those Unl- "V-'f K tfEflCWPx HIH
4w'rr "x Um1 Co,0Illus ,,ro ,U111 of rlK,lt ""-- VP' l5 2 "w HH
jv (jtUxpil ought to be free and Independ- r N. "' !2f AiYV flH HM '
'!! cut amies; uuu uiey nro uii- t z j-jarM . uJt:- . jlfJf J 1 1 V T
i -- ig i
Shave, Bathe and
Shampoo with one
Soap. Cuticura
Cutlcun Soap the f irorltt f ortf ttyr iorhTln.
HAIR RA1 ;aiw
ncsore Loior and
Beauty to Crarand Faded Hair
wwm. mm i w n. ui u(t.t.
nitcoTPhcm. Wki. ratohognf. W.T
HINDERCORNS nemormi 0.. c.i.
mutes, etc, atops all pain, ensures comfort to tbs
'et, makrs Tralltlne eaT. ISc. by mall or at Drue
I'ltto. UltcoxCbenilcal Woras.l'atccocae.Y.
Bealers and Agents
The most wonderful flro extlnRulsher made.
Sells on eight. Blc profits to agents.
Wrlto for Information to
Minneapolis, Minn.
HAT Rluill wo do
Fourth of July?
The continental congress,
In hohhIoii !n Philadelphia,
piiHsed July 2, 1770, the resolu
tion presented In behalf of Vlr
Klnla by Itlchnril Henry I.eo
that hcKlus:
"Itesolved, That those Unl
ted Colonies are and of rlht
oiiKht to be free and Independ.
cut states; Hint they uro ab
solved from all nllleKlanco to
the llrltlsh crown, and that nil political connection
between them mid the state of drent Urltaln Is
and uuglit to bo totully dissolved."
This of course Is the real Declaration of Inde
pendence, tho document now known as the Declara
tion being adopted two days later. Of the adop
tion of the Lee resolution John Adnms wrote to
bis wife the historic letter which says, iiiiioiik
other things:
"Tho second day of July, 1770, will be the most
remarkable epoch In tho history of America. I
inn apt to bolleye that It will bo celebrated by
HUCcoodltiB KcncrntloiiH as the j?xent anniversary
festival. It ought to bo commemorated as the
day of deliverance by solemn acts of dovotlon to
God Almighty. It ought to bo solmenl.ed with
pomp and parade, with shows, gumes, sports, bells,
bonfires and Illumination from cno end of this
continent to tho other, from this tlmo forward for
Time has proved that John Adams, though ho
pot hlfl dates mixed, was n true prophet. Probably
tho Fourth of July Is our distinctively American
celebration. All the civilized world celebrates
Now Year's, F.nstor, Memorial day, Thanksgiving
and Christmas In one way or another. Hut Inde
pendence day Is ours nlone. To bo sure, we hnvo
Washington's birthday and Lincoln's birthday,
which nro also ours alone but "the Fourth" In.
eludes most If not nil of what they stand for.
In short tlio Fourth of July comes mighty near
being our national day when tho Amerlcnn Knglo
screams for everything from the Mayllower to tho
Argouno from 1020 to November 11, 1018.
Armistice day I That Introduces tho pertinent
point that another change must bo inndo In tho
long evolution of tho celebration of the Fourth of
July. For If tho Fourth of July stands for ono
Kpeclilc thing that ono specific thing h Just ex
actly what Its original nitine Independence day
signifies. And after Armistice day and all that
It stands for It's ipiHe evident that the .American
eagle must bo taught to coo Instead of scream
when It goes to tlio John Hull part of Us perform,
For wo have seen our old-time two-tlmo enemy
fighting for his life and for our lives too against
n fou that would have destroyed all that we Kng
llsh'Speaklng peoples In common hold dear. And
after a long while we crowded In alongside our
ancient enemy and got busy to make up for lost
time. Never mind who won the war, We have
gumption enough to know exactly what John Hull
did for Uncle Sain and are grateful accordingly.
And It's quite likely that Uncle Sum came near
enough to saving John Hull's life to feel something
more than a friendly Interest In him. .So some
parts of our Fourth of July celebiatlon will have
to bo toned down from now on.
Moreover, It's high time that the American peo
ple put their mind to fixing up the "day we cele
brate." For tho Fourth of July celebration right
aow Is betwixt nnil between. The old-fashioned
Fourth was done nway with, The "Hane Fourth"
iiipplanted It, Now the "Sane Fourth" Is In dan
rer of becoming merely n holiday. Holiday cele
brations, like men and nations, do not stand still,
fuid the Fourth of July Is worth Hie closest at-'entloii-and
best effort of tho American people.
Tho first Fourth of July celebration, which was
leld In 1777 In Philadelphia, cauol serve as n moil.
rl. Its principal feature was a banquet at which
fiany tonsts were drank, each toast being follow,
fd by the discharge of firearms anil cannon. Cor
hilnly too "wet" mid possibly too nolay.
The peace era Inaugurated by the coming of the
MjMiroe jiiJiiiliilstniUon mid continued during the
'twenties wim uiifnvo'rnblt to a domoiiwrutlve cole-
In New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allow
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pain3 and aches. Guard
against this trouble by taking
Tho world's standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric odd troubles.
Holland's national remedy slnco 1696.
All druggists, three sizes. Guaranteed.
Look for thai name Gold Medal on aiTery bos
and accept no imitation
Kill All Flies!
brntlon of Independence day. The enthusiasm of
our people for their country and ling can usually
be mensured by the bent of the natlonnl pulse.
A typical celebration of tho day Is that of 1&'50 In
Hiiffnlo. N. Y., which Is described at some length
In tho HufTalo Joumnl. That newspaper says:
"Tho return of our national Jublleo was cele
brated In this vlllngo with more than ordinary
splendour and tho dny was duly honoured, 'not In
tho breach but the observance.' "
The proceMfclon formed at tho Knglo a famous
tavern located on Main street between Court and
Knglo streets and consisted of veterans of tho
Revolution citizens and strangers, escorted by tho
Washington and Frontier gunrd nnd tho cadets of
tho Western Literary and Scientific academy, "tho
wholo enlivened by muslck from tho nuffnlo band."
The orutlon was pronounced by Sheldon Smith,
Ksq., nt tho Haptlst church nnd religious services
were conducted by Hov. Mr. Shelton of St. Paul's.
From tho church the procession inarched to tho
Huffalo Houso In Seneca street and there nn "ex
cellent dinner was partaken of." Dr. Powell was
landlord of the houso nt that tlmo and tho papers
recorded as something worthy of speclnl mention
that therq were no liquors on the tnblo. Hut tlio
good lesson this statement was Intended to convey
loses Its moral In tho very next lino of the narra
tive: "After tho cloth was removed wlno was
served with the toasts, which wero drank with the
utmost regularity." It Is hardly necessary to draw
on tho Imagination to any extent to picture tho
final state of ninny In that noble company of 100
who drank tlio wine "with the utmost regularity."
Hut that was before tho days of temperance soci
eties nnd adulterated liquors.
The marshal of the day was Colonel, afterward
General, Sylvester Mathews, a veteran of tho war
of 1812 a hero of the Hattle of Chippewa.
Apart from these proceedings was discourse by
Hov. Mr. Katon of the Presbyterian church on civil
and religious liberty. Tho festivities closed ac
cording to time honored custom with a ball In tho
evening. No mention Is made of any fireworks.
The celebrations of soveral succeeding years
seem to have been much like this one, according
to tho Journal's files. In IS It), however pre
sumably because of the Mexican war the celebra
tion was regarded by the Journal as noteworthy.
Tho Sixty-fifth regiment made Its first appear
ance on this occasion. At 8 o'clock hi the morning
a detachment marched to the Fillmore House and
fired some small anus In honor of tho vice presi
dent, The lino of innrch Included Revolutionary
soldiers. Think how old they must have been
sixty-eight years after the surrender of Yorktown
and seventy-two years after the battle of Lexing
ton I There were also soldiers of the War of 1812
In tin line, otllcers and soldiers of the army and of
tho Mexican war. The Friendly Sons of St. Pat
rick, the Sous of Krln nnd tho (ieriiinn Young
Men's association u sure sign that tho city was
beginning to take on cosmopolitan form were In
tho line of march. The exorcises wero held at
Johnson's park, the orator of the day being II. 1C.
Smith. Vice president Fillmore attended the ox
erclhos and was lustily cheered.
The Sons of Temperance had charge of tho
celebration In IfiW), which was held "at the grove
near tho workhoUM." John H. Cough, the leading
"temperance" speaker of kw tiny, was orator.
With tho breaking out or the Civil war HufTalo
broke Iooho on Its eoluhnillon of 1801. Tho parade
I'l.rxt im.li.r. nAI.IV KI.Y Klf.T.F.It attracts and
kills all flies. Nest, clrsn. ornamental, convenient and
eneap. i.asi antra
'son. Made of metal.
can't sDill or tin over:
will not soil or Injure
nythimr. uaaranteeu.
u A la z
at your dealer or
E br KXPRESS. prepaid. 1 26.
HAROLD SOMEKS. 110 Da Kalb Ave.. Urooklm. N. Y.
Zr& msciUa?VPitM
jp&st?&35jis&&u!?32R& s
was tho "most Inspiring In the history of the city"
nnd occupied CS minutes In passing. Even more
pretentious was tho celebration following tho sur
render of General Lee. After 180.") Buffalo's cele
bration of the Fourth of July was rather humdrum
and innrked by no speclnl features Just as In
most other American cities.
I!y 1010 the "powder dlscnso" hnd come to Its
climax and those bent on reforming tho observ
ance of tho day called It the "nntlonal nuisance."
Moreover, the nation was alive to the tremendous
loss of life. Tnbfes prepared by the Journal of
the American Medlcnl Association, showed thnt the
number of tho killed and injured In the celebra
tion of 1009 was 5,307; for the seven years pre
ceding 1010 tho total was 31,003.
Perhaps tho first notable "safe and snno" cele
bration was that In Springfield, Mass., In 1900.
However, In 1010 most of tho largo cities of tho
country presented an entirely new kind of celebra
tion, the basis being tho parade and pageant. Fire
crackers wero taboo; tlio displays of fireworks
wero municipal affnlrs.
"I must confess that I always like to brag on
tho Fourth of July," wrote Chauncey M. Depew,
a good many years ago. "It Is tlio greatest day
In the American cnlcndar. Nay, more, It gives
perfume to the whole air that encircles thlr. globe.
Kvery limn, woman, or child who breathes It, no
mutter where he or she Is, feels the better for It.
There Is not a liberal sentiment whero civilization
Is known that Is not quickened on the Fourth of
July. It reaches tho hut of the peasant, and It
enters Into tho tent of the conscript. Tho one
says: 'There Is for mo and for my children some
thing better than this hut.' The other says:
'Why should I light to uphold thrones and cut
the throat of my brother to maintain enste and
privilege?' The Fourth of July lifts tho thought,
the nsplratlons, the prayers of the people of all
countries to higher planes of living, thinking and
dying. Why It Is a unherslty, a college, a high
school, a common school. It is a liberal educa
tion In patriotism and manhood."
That's tho way a good many good Aniorlcans
feel nbout tho Fourth of July even to this day,
even If there nre those who hold that noise Is vul
gar and "brag Is our national vice." Some of us
hao an Idea way down deep that the American
who will not brag on the Fourth of July Is hnrdly
worthy of his birthright.
SHU, It la u self-evident fact that the old Fourth
of July Is gone, never to como back. Of course
we must keep the day and celebrate It. It Is too
Iniportnnt a day to bo slighted. It must be cole
t rated right.
Hut let nobody make the mistake of trying to
refine all tho light out of It. Our ancestors handed
down to us freedom and tho love of freedom and
and that still more pieclous thing the readiness
to fight for freedom. ,nd that's got to stick out
of any proper ohscrvanco of tho Fourth of July
In the United States of America.
Ynur dmarsrlat op fa
" is - TT -V. -T-S n. I .TT
nsus, one rrmm pok. ur i n amrrt
C. 297SMiChl(anAvnu.Chlcaco,
Elsie's Little Scheme to Test Sweet
heart's Fidelity Could Hardly Be
Called a Success.
Elsie, nbout to be married, decided
at the last moment to test her sweet
heart ; so, going to her friend, Maude,
the prettiest girl she knew, she said
to her, although she knew It was a
great risk:
I'll arrange for Fred to take you
out tonight a walk on the bench in
the moonlight, supper, nnd nil that
sort of thing nnd I want you, In or
der to put his fidelity to the proof, to
ask hiin for n kiss."
Maude lnughed, blushed, and as
sented. The plot was carried out.
The next day Elslo visited her friend,
and said, anxiously:
"Well, Maude, did you ask him?"
"No, Elsie, dear."
"No I Why not?"
"I didn't get a chance; ho asked me
Airplanes Used to Overtake Liners and
Drop Bags While the Vessel Is
Experiments hnvo proved It entirely
practicable to deliver belated transat
lantic mall to ateainers at sea by air
planes. The ship may bnve taken Its depar
ture several hours previously, yet the
flying mnchlne, with a speed of 100
miles or more nn hour, can easily catch
up with It and put the mall aboard.
A plane of the "flying boat" type H
used for the purpose, and the water
proof mall bag Is held In a chute on
the side of the bull. The nvlntor flics
over tho ship and the rigging en
tangles a long line dropped from tho
plnno that has grapple tails on Its end.
This line Is nttached to the mall bag,
which, when tho grapple tails catch,
Is jerked out of Its chute, falling Into
the sea.
It Is then an easy matter to haul
the mall bag aboard, while the steamer
continues Its uninterrupted voyage.
The prices of cotton nnd linen have
been doubled by the war. Lengthen
their service by using Red Cross Ball
Blue In the laundry. All grocers, 5c.
Got Her Revenge, All Right.
"Gentlemen of the jury." the emi
nent counsel wound up his eloquent
oration, "I leave the rest to you. You
are Americans; you como of a valorous
race. As men, you would scorn to In
sult a woman or llltreat one to say
aught which Is unbecoming or unman
nerly to one of the gentler sex "
He pnused, with nn angry glance at
the back of the court, where there
was a sudden disturbance. Then ho
shrank back as a stem-looking woman
faced him coldly.
"And only this morning," she said
loudly, "that man called me a meddle
some old cntl"
She was his mother-in-law. Reho
both Sunday Herald.
When Doctors Disagree.
John Jlnison was very 111. He called
In a doctor, who hemmed nnd hawed
and called In n second doctor. Then,
while John Jlmson Iny and suffered,
tho two quarreled about his case.
"You are wrong," said Doctor No. 1.
"I'm right," retorted Doctor No. 2.
"You're wrong," repented Doctor
No. 1.
Here tho pntlent gave a groan and
brought the medical men to a realiza
tion of the needs of the moment. But
Doctor No. 2 couldn't resist a Inst
swipe. . fc
"Go your own way," said he, "but
I'll prove I'm right nt the post-mortem!"
From tho Argonaut.
Here's Something Worth Knowing.
Listen to this, fishermen. There's
a man residing In New York state who
tins discovered a reliable way to learn
when the fish nro biting, without go
ing to n stream and trying bis luck.
Here Is the formula:' Catch and keep
alive a cattish. When you wish to go
fishing, dig some worms and throw
them tv the catfish. If he cats them,
the fish will bite; but If he don't, you
might as well slay nt home. Exchange.
"Stop hey, stop!" yelled nn excited
looking fnrmer, running toward the
road as wo passed In our car. My
friend put on the brnkes and ran bacL
to give first aid, when tho farmer
turned and beckoned frantically to a
little boy who came from tho houso
to the road and then close to the car.
"Look It over," said his father as
the boy walked all around us, "this
running machine Is cnlled an nuto."
"All right," said the boy at last. "I
saw enough of It," and we wero al
lowed to proceed. Exchange.
This time of year
it's a good idea
to combine fresh
fruit or berries
with your morn
ing dish ot
The blend of flavor proves
delightful and is in tune
with June.
"There's a Reason9
(f&3&BrT dat
Electrical Hair Cutting.
There Is In use In France nn elec
tric substitute for tho barber's scis
sors. It consists of n comb carrying
along one side of its row of teeth a
platinum wire through which flows nn
electric current. As tho comb passes
through the locks to be shorn the heat
ed wire Instantaneously severs the
hairs, leaving them of even length nnd
sealing tho cut ends as In the ordlnarj
process of singeing with n tnpor.

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