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Mrs. W. L. Edmonds
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "I Iiavu taken
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription mid
found It very helpful hi troubles pe
culiar to women. It is very strength
ening to the Internal organs and espe
cially does it eliminate suffering nl
special times and regulates In the
proper way. My daughters have also
taken, the Favorite Prescription with
the best of results; they would suffer
so at times that they would bo com
pelled to stay home from work, but
nftcr taking tills medicine they have
not suffered since. Fnvoritc Prescrip
tion is the best medicine n young wom
an can take if suffering in this way."
Mrs. W. L. Edmonds, 105 Second
Ave., W.
' The usq of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription has made many women
hnppy by making them healthy. Get
It at once from your nenrest fliuggist,
in cither liquid or tnblet form. Write
Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo,
N. Y., for free advice.
Restores Color nnd
Beauty to Gray nnd Faded Hair
we. una i wai irrurrcifii.
TTlwiix Chcni. WliM'iteliognf.N.Y
looses, etc. stopa all pain, rmurca comCort to tlio
feet, makfi walktnir ranri lSu. by inall or at Drus
datclllicoz Chemical Works, fatcbocno, N. , J
Woman's Slogan.
Woman's dress nowadays may begin
n little late nnd end a little early, 'but
the cjnlc exaggerates when ho says
the modern girl's motto Is, "Never put
off till tomorrow what you can put olT
today." London Opinion.
Hurry, mother 1 Even n sick child
loves the 'fruity" taste of "California
Fig Syrup" and it never falls to open
the bowels. A tenspoonful today may
prevent a sick child tomorrow. If con
stipated, bilious, feverish, fretful, has
cold, colic, or if stomach is sour,
tongue coated, breath bad, remember a
good cleansing of the little bowels Is
often nil that Is neces";ry.
Ask your druggist rjy genuine "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup" which hns directions
for babies and children of all ages
printed on boltle. Mother I You must
Bay "California oi you may get an
Imitation ltg syrup. Advertisement.
Paternal Influence.
"Whom does Charles tnke his mu
" Blcnl talent after'".
"WelJ, his father noser liked work."
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" con
tains directions fo simple thnt nny woman
can dye or tint Sailed, shabby skirts,
dresses, waists, coats, sweaters, stock
ings, hangings, draperies, everything UU
new. Buy "Diamond Dyes" no other
kind then, perfect home, dj einc is guaran
teed, even if you have never dyed before.
Toll your druggist whether the material
you with to dye is wool or silk, or whethei
It is iinen, cotton, or mixed goods. Dia
mond Dyes never streak, spot, fade, o
run. So easy to use. advertisement.
Water Sport.
The Ancient Mariner shot tlio nl
bn trass.
"You should have shot the synurn.Y
Mo admonished him.
The Cuticura Toilet Trio.
Having cleared your skin keep it cleni
by making Cuticura your every-day
toilet preparations. The Soap to cleanse
nnd purify, the Ointment to soothe and
heal, tho Talcum to powder and per
fume. No toilet table is complete
without them. Advertisement
The less religion n man has the
moie lie thinks his wife ought to
6 Bell-ahs
Hot vater
Sure Relief
25fc and 754 Packages. Everywhere
and MICE
Always iue the genuine
It forces tbrse pet to tun from tbo building foi
wMerard frcthnlr. IUU.lulr,cockroachr, water
bugt and anvi destroy food and property una n
carriers of im-;m
. IlroctIunlniaUr)EUtfMli)-!r; be.
' 2oi. Ur-aKc Ucr. Jltoll U).
r iww dack ir rr rA'.n
Qtories of
Copyright, 1V22, Western Newspaper U11I011.
SHOULD the apologist for tlio In
dian try to Justify tho red man's
cruelty by citing cases of white bar
barity, ho need only refer to tho enso
of King Philip of Poknnokct, chief of
tho Wumpnnoags. When lo was killed
the colonists treated ids body as though
it were the carcass of a wild beast.
Tlicy beheaded and quartered him.
They exhibited tho head on a gibbet
at Plymouth for 20 years and they
united the- quarters on trees. One
of ids linntls, mutilated by a bursting
pistol, was given to Alderman, his
King Philip (Metncomet) was tho.
second son of friendly old Mnssasoit
but he had no lose -for tho white men.
He saw that unless their expansion
was stopped Ids own race was doomed.
So lie began uniting tlio tribes of New
Englnnd against them. The colonists
suspected thnhhc'was preparing for
war but he succeeded In deceiving them
until June, 1075, when hs warriors,
contrary to his orders, attacked
Swansea, Mass. Concealment being
no longer possible, Philip "plunged Into
the conflict with salvage fury. Tho
next three months his wnrriors nnd
their allies, tho Narrngansetts, de
si royed 12 of tho 00 towns In Now
England. vr
Tho "Terror of New Englnnd"
reached the peak of his career at tho
Battle of Bloody Brook near Deerlleld
where he killed 00 colonists. After that
the star of the Wampanoag begaj; to
wane. Wetumoo, his sister-in-law, tho
"Sqnw Sachem of Pocnsset," who had
led 800 warriors Into the field to aid
Philip, was killed by tho colonists who
cut off her head and set It up on a
pole at Taunton, Mass. Then the
chief's wife and son were captured
nnd sold into slavery In tho West In
dies. "My henit breaks now. I am
ready to die," said the great chief.
By now he, with only a few faithful
followers, was fleeing from placo to
place llko a hunted wild animal. Ono
of his wnrriors suggested surrender
and Philip instantly killed him with
one blow of his tomnlmwk. Alder
man, tlio slain wnrrior's brother, im
mediately deserted to. the English and
offered to lend Captain Church to Phil
Ip's hiding place.
On August 12, 1G70, the English sur
rounded the swnmp whero the Wam
panoag, had taken refuge. As, they
closed in tlicy sighted their quarry
speeding nlong a path, ono of tho few
nvenues of escnpe from tho swnmp,
Suddenly Alderman rose up before the
lleelng chief. Ho fired nnd King Phil
ip fell with two wounds In his breast.
Aldermnn's gun had been double
charged ono bullet for his brother
and one for himself I V
THEY hud told Cauoilchet thnt he
must die.
"I llko it well," repVjpd tho old
sachem of the Narragansetls. "I shall
die before my heart is soft or I hnve
said anything unworthy of myself."
Canonchet had good reason to liato
the English. They had taken his fa
ther prisoner and turned him over to
ids enemies, tho Mohegans, who had
tortured Mluntoi.omo to death. When
King Philip formed ids confederation
of Mew England tribes agnlnst tho
whites, Canonchet was sympathetic to
the Wampanong's cause, but he did
not take the field immediately. The
colonists suspected him, however, nnd
demanded that he sign a treaty agree
ing to glye up to them nny qf King
Philip's people who lied to him.
"Deliver the Indians of Philip?
Never!" was the chief's indlgnnnt re
ply? "Not a Wampanoag will I ever
give up no, not tlio puring of n Wam
panong's null!"
So the colonists sent nn army
against Canonchet and on December
10, 107C, It struck the Narrngansetts
In their fortified town of Sunke
Squaw, It. I. There Canonchet lost n
third of his nation, but with tho re
mainder, he carried the war to tlio
colonists with such fury that his nume
was second only to thnt of King Philip
as n word of terror In New Englnnd.
Finally In April 1070, he was cap
tured. Tho English offered him his
life if he would help them ngnlnst tho
hostile Indians, a proposal which was
met with haughty silence nnd un in
dignant Hash in his eyes, Next they
offered to spnre him If ho would send
orders to Ills people to make peace.
"I nin n saolicm," declared Canon
chet proudly. "You have no ono hero
of equal rank, so I will not talk of
"If you do not accept the terms of
fercd, you will be put to denth," he
wns told. "I would rather dlo than
remnln a prisoner," replied Canonchet.
"On'eka, son of Unons, Is here. Ills
father killed my father. Let him kill
hip." f
JJIs request was denied? They took
him In triumph to Stonington, Conn.
As a rewnrd to the frldndly Indians,
tlio Pcquots rerc allowed to shooj
'him; the Mohegans to behead him
and tlio NIautics to burn him. As n
return favor, thq Mohegans presented
his bend to tlio English council at
ijo Canonchet of tho-Creat Jlcnrt
ramo to 'be end of tbo trail. "
- - ' k ,
Compiled by tho Nebraska State
EflflB Lower. Poultry Slightly Higher.
Cattle Practically Steady. Hogs
Slightly Lower. Lambs Steady to
Cattle: Tlio supply of cattle at Om?'
nun last week was liberal and offerings,
showed improvement. Steers showing
quality and finish were In strongest de
mnnd. Best long yearlings reached n,
top Wednesday of $8.G0, with good to
choice steers selling at $8.25B.40.
The biflk of beef steers sold at a range
of S7.OO08.25. Beef cows sold up to
fC.no nnd fnt heifers reached $7.00.
For the week, veal calves were 2o
50c lower.
Hogs: Local receipts wore liberal
but supplies at outside markets wcro
comparatively light. For the weok,
prices at Omaha were lfi(52oc lower
on butchers and 10c lower on pneking'
stock. The bulk of good hogs sold at
$t0.-100 10.70; with a lop of $10.85. '
Sheep: Receipts of sheep wcro
heavier, both at Omnha nnd elsewhere:
The bulk of the offerings consisted of
fed wooled lambs. Wednesday's top
on choice handy-weights wns $15.50,
while the bulk of fed lambs cleared at
fl4.7n15.10. Ewe top, Thursday,
wns $8.75.
Wheat: The Government Crop Re
port, issued Mnrch 8th, placed thq
quantity of wlient on farms March 1st,
at 131,130,000 bushels, or 10.5 of thq
1921 crop, compared with 217,037,000
bushels, or 20.1 of the 1920 crop on,
farms March 1st Inst year. Prices de
clined as. a result of liquidation In
fluenced by lower prices on foreign
maikets, nnd Improved crop condition
In the Southwest. For the week, .Chi
cago May wheat was down 10c.
Corn: Tho Government Crop Re
port estimated the quantity of corn on,'
farms March 1st at 1,313,120,000 bush
els, or 42.0 of tho 1921 crop, com
pared with 1,504,832,000 bushels, 48 8
of tho 192Q crop on farms March 1st. n
year ago. For tho week, Chicago May
corn declined 0 at Olc.
The- car lot movement Increased
B.7G7 cars, n gain of 000 cars over the
previous week and nbout 300 cars more
than the same week a year ago. Total
from 18 leading late shipping statoa
for tho season to dnto wns 327,027
cars, compared with 104,347 cars last
year to tho same date. The first car
of early potatoes from west Palm
Beach, Florida, appeared on the New
York market March 0th.
Consuming markets were generally
steady to firm, with demand limited.
Northern sacked Round Whites wcro
down 10c In producing sections nt $1.50
1.C0. Omaha Market: Minnesota
sacked No. 1, R. R. Ohos, $2.03.
Western Nebraska Irrigated District:
Carlots f o. b. Sacked No. 1, Pearls,
$1.15; Russet Rurals, $1.25.
Tho movement of eggs was slightly
affected Ty recent weather conditions;
but supplies were still plentiful. For
the week, tho N. Y. market was down
5c and Chlcngo 2c. California white
extra firsts sold In N. Y. Wednesday at
81c Local prices to farmers, 18c.
The demand for poultry continued
good even tho prices wero higher.
Local prices: Springs, 20c; Hens,
(light) 18c, (heavy) 22c; Stags, 17c;
Old Roosters, 12c.
Phi Beta Kappa Founded In 1776.
..The Pl Beta Kappa college fra
ternity is the oldest of tho Greek
letter societies. It was founded nt
William und Mary college, Virginia,
in 1770.
To Remove Spots from Hardwood.
Grease spots on hardwood floors can
bo removed by scrubbing the spots
first in water as hot as the hand can
bear and then dropping peroxide of
hydrogen on them and allow it to re
scln until dry.
A Different Gamble.
Few people seem to bo bothering
tehmsclves over whether thr Is or
Is not a futur life. The rcaosn prob
ably is that there's no chnnco to cash
In on bets that might bo made on it.
Her First Difficulty.
"I'm awfully glad you camo
mother," said Mrs. Youngblrde, who
was trying to do soirio cooking. "This
recipe snys: Tnko n good-hearted
cabbage." Now, mother dear, how do
you tell tlte disposition of a cabbagoV"
Boston Transcript.
Wedding Ring Finger.
Whatever tho fashln may bo nbout
wedding rings, the Episcopal Book of
Common Prayer says: "Tho fricst,
inking tho ring, shall deliver It to tho
man to put on the fourth finger of tho
woman's left hand."
Moat Rigid of Ostracisms.
Ono of tlio greatest penalties that
can be Imposed on n Hindu Is Hint of
being outenstcd. No man may ea
with him, nnd Ills own relatives wlli
notpermlt lilm In their homes. Ho is
completely ostrncls'cd.
Taste Is a matter of
tobacco quality
We state it as our honest
belief that the tobaccos wed
In Chesterfield arc of finer
quality (arul hence of better
taste) than in any other
Wfc W4 b'ISVWt t
Ucgctl & Jlfjw Tobacco Ct. J
"..,$ !,
"ST- ..j
Fool Question Met Merited Rebuke
From Colored Preacher Surely
Right on One Point.
Bishop Candler, of Atlanta, wns con
demning a certain theological contro
versy. ,
"Such Idle controversies," he said,
"remind mo of tho colored preacher
wlio began a sermon with tho words :
"'Breddern and jblstern, when de
fust man, Adam, was created, lie was
made oiiter wet clny and set up ngln
do pnlln's to dry.'
"A member rose in tho back of the
"'Pnwson,' ho snld, Incredulously,
'docs yo ser'ously stute dat Adam was
made outer wet cluy and set up agin
de pnlln's to dry?
"'Dem's mail words, Br'cr Slracox.
Dcm's mnh words I'
" 'Den, pnwson, who made do pnlln's?'
" 'Br'er Slmcox, set down,' said tho
parsQn severly. 'Such fool questions
,D3i yourn, would vupset any system, of
theology.' "
Perfectly Safe.
First Thief (In hotel bedroom) Go.
quiet, Jim. There's a woman asleep lu
thnt room.
Second Thief It doesn't matter If
blio wakes up.
"It don't? One scream would bring
half the folks in 'the house to the door."
"She won't scream. If she wakes up
she'll throw a sheet over her head nnd
keep still."
"Why will sho?"
"Her head is alt up iu curl papers."
Struy Stories.
A Visible Excuse.
Tommy nnd Billy had been fighting
on their wny lio'lrie from school.
The teacher received this note the
next day:
"Dear Sir As ono of your scholars
hit my boy in tho eye with a stono, ho
can't sec out of it. So will you plense
see into it?"
Poverty isn't' n crlnio unless It fur
nishes ono with prison fare.
A girl with prtjtfy teeth never misses
nn opportunity giggle.
with steWed
THERE isn't anything better for breakfast or
lunch than a dish of Grape-Nuts, with cream
or milk, and stewed prunes or peaches.
This delicious combination gives you tho elr
ments of a well-balanced food. For it contains
not only tho material needed to build tissue and
furnish energy, but it also supplies fruit adds,
that help keep the system in good order.
Go to your grocer today and order a package
of delicious Grape-Nuts. You will find that it
will digest more readily than most other cereals,
and it will "stay by" you longer because it's so
richly nourishing.
GrapeNuts for Health
i . i lv vvi "zvJ-nB
?& L.i&'v VrL
WmAmt '
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos blende&ir
Prehistoric Ruins.
Tlio fascinating interest of the
ancient ruins in Rhodesia, South Afri
ca, drew tlio attention of tlio crch
cologlsts of tho British association
during Its recent meetings at Capo
Town. Among tlicso ruins the most
conspicuous Is tlio great Zimbabwe
temple, which lies about 200 miles ln
lnnd from the Indian ocean. Tlio old
est of the ruined buildings nro be
lieved to dato back nt least to tho
days of King Solomon. It Is thought
thnt they wero constructed by Semitic
colonists, whoso chief object was gold
mining, nnd who hnvo left indications
of their worship of Banl nnd Ashtn
roth, as described In tho Bible. Ex
perts' belicvo thnt precious metals to
tlio vatuo of $3,000,000 or $4,000,000
must hnvo been extracted from the
gold reefs of Rhodesia in ancient
Eskimos Slaughter Musk Ox.
The Eskimo hunts tho musk ox with
dogs from which they do not flee. On
sighting a small baud he lets ono or
two dogs 'loose whon the older nnl
nmls Immediately fnee outward in de
fensive formation with calves lu the
center, nnd prepare to give fight. As
soon as the herd Is thus "iinciiorcd"
tho Eskimo lets all his dogs loose nnd
then proceeds to kill tho musk ox
with gun or bow and nrrow. Tlio
musk ox nro very fierce, and If a
wounded bull charges tlio Eskimo, the
dogs in turn Immediately akack him,
which gives Uie hunter n cltmce to
shoot n second time. In this way the
Eskimo is ablo to dispatch tho whole
A Guilty Conscience.
"You look troubled, Zeke," remarked
Squiro Witherbeo.
"I nm that, 'Squire," said Chiggcr
vlllo's best-known loafer. "I'vo been
down to tli' gospel tent henrin that
new sawdust evangelist preach on tlv
sin of idleness. Before tli' feller got
through, dog my cats if I didn't think
ho wns personally acquainted with
mo I" Birmingham .Age-Herald.
Wco Donnld Angus "Please, sir,
what time will it be?" .Literal Gentle
man "When ?" Punch.
id you eveiftry 6rapeNuis O
prunes or peaches
"Jheve's a Treason "
in Earlier Years tho Illicit Liquor Wa
Supposed to Be Made Only
at Night.
America calls the liquor illicitly dis
tilled, especially in the Allcgbnnjr
mountains, "moonshine." Tho appar
ent reason is thnt it is believed to bcr
distilled nt night and secretly trnns
ported without payment of n tax or tho
nuthorlty of official permit. Tho fact
is, of course, thnt the secret stills
work ns hard in day as nt night.
Englnnd used tho word In Blmllar
manner, though not in tho sama
sense. Over Uiero inoonshlno h
liquor thnt lias been smuggled Into
tho country without payment of a tax.
The smuggling is usually dono, by;
smnil boats from tho continent, that
land at lonely shores at night, nnd the?
enrgo is unloaded by tho light of tho
moon. It was this that gave tho liquor
its generic name.
American moonshlno Is raw, un
aged and often uncolored spirits. Brit
ish moonshlno niny be tho finest bran
dy from Franco, the choicest rum frora
Jamaica. In tho British Isles, especially
Ireland, tho popular name for liomo
dlsttllcd spirits is "mountain dew," be
cause it is In the hills thnt it is mador
far from the prying eyes of the ex
cise man. .
They'd Know About It
Ono day young nunty was left In
charge of tho smnll i npnrtiucilt and
tho two children.
"I'm going Into tire kitchen to pre
pare baby's milk, Bobby," tBho tairj
importantly; "you bo suro to cnll ma
when bo wakes up."
"Oil, you'll hear lilm for youself,,,
flung Bobby; "that kid turns himsel
on tho minuto ho wakes up bo's Ida
own alarm clock I" .
Tho Truth;
"You enn't reason with a woman."
"No, my boy; worneii' nro bard to
fool." q;
, Outside influence.
Rub "What do you fblrtfeof Bbortr
Bklrts?" dud "wou, it uoeen'i u-
Tjend upon the skirts."
. K
k , "-Ml!
CA- il
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