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American Bluejackets Drive Kic
araguan Rebels From Hills.
Federals 3eize Chance to Capture
Masaya and Break Famine Number
Of Marines Wounded Native Loss
Heavy on Part of Both Armies.
In a gallant assault, American ma
dues and liltiojackets drove the Nica
ragunn revolutionary leader, QflBWal
Seledin, and his forces from Coyotepe
ind Hnrrancas hills, near Masaya,
liter thirty-seven minutes of fighting,
but In the action lour privates of the
United States marine eoi ps were
killed and a number were wounded.
The victory of the Americ ans opened
the way for the Nicntiigiian govern
ment troops to assault the town of
Masavn, which they took from the rev
olutionists, and the starving inhalil
lants were relieved.
The insurrectionists losses were
heavy, while the government forces
lo'-t Kiu killed and BOO wounded.
General Zclcdon, the rebel leader,
escaped, bi t later was cornered and
killed by a tr:.op of led' ral ravalry.
One thousand American marines and
bliicjni k"is, under Lieutenant Colonel
Charles O. LOB81 are moving on the
eity or Leon, the remaining rebel
New York Congressman
Named For Governor by
Errnirc S!ate Democrats.
Turkey Must Give Guaranty ot
Reforms in Macedonia.
Eight Men Lose Lives in Accident on
a Bridge in Philadelphia.
Phdadc lj b'a, Oct. 7. A collision on
a bridge in which three automobiles
were involved resulted in the deaths
of Bight men at Thirty-third and
Thompson streets in this city.
One of the machines, containing
tifne men, came onto the bridge at ter
rific speed. Its rapid approach was
sren by John I. Spade, a Philadelphia
contractor, who was going over the
bridge fa the opposite direction in a
motor. He tried to avoid the car, but
he was too late in steering out of its
way and a collision occurred.
A third automobile was direc tly be
hind the speeding car, which ran Into
it, with the result that the first ma
chines was catapulted over the bridge
and down into a coal yard alongside
the Pennsylvania railroad tracks.
The drop was about forty feet The
other tWO cars were damaged, but
their occupants were uninjured and
Immediately went to the rescue of the
Denizens of Chicago Vice District
Spread Through City.
Chicago. Oct. 7 Chicago has no
south side -levee." The segregated
vice distric t which has been a brightly
lighted, crowded quarter in the heart
of the- city ever sinc e the great fire of
"71. was dark and deserted for the
first time in forty years.
The levee' is populated, according
to statistics Collected by the vice com
mission, with 4 000 denizens of the
Underworld, 2.200 of whom were worn
The dlvekeepere decided that state's
Attorney Wayman meant war. They
turned their inmates Into the Street
am! ordered them to seek lodgings in
other parts of town. They closed
their hou-. s and dance halls and Red.
some to conceal themselves in othe.
cities S Louis was the mecca tor
( IC'l'.', by American PreaS Assnriatlnn.
This photo of Congressman But r was
taken at Sy rue use, N. V.. where he was
nominated for governor by the Democrat
ic state convention. It Is B Splendid like
ness of him. Bulaer is forty-nine yenr?
old. tie was bora in BUsabetk, N. J., and
has lived nearly all his life on the e;iFt
side. New York. IU served In the New
York assembly three terms and has been
In congress sinee tSM It Is a CoinCtdeMt
that Joli K. Hedges, 'he Republican can
didate for governor tn New York, was
iilso born in Kltzabeth. N. J. Mr. lleilges
is a year older than Congressman SuUer.
Colonel on Stand Denies Making Prom
ises to Contributors.
Washington. Oct. 5. "1 asked no
nan to contribute to the campaign
(end when 1 was elected president of
the United States, and I wish to reit-
nit" thai Mr. Hliss and Mr. Cortelyou
Mth assured me that no promise had
teen made as a return tor any contri
bution. Neither they nor any one 1 lM
having authority, asked me to act. or
refrain from acting in any matter be
cause any contribution had been made
r withheld.
"Gentlemen, could i put it more
iweepingly ?"
In these words, Colonel Roosevelt
lummarised his te stimony at the close
t the first part of his hearing before
ihe Clapp committee of the senate in
vestigating committee
The colonel specifically denied that
he ever asked tor contributions to bit
1904 campaign fund; w that he bad
known of any contribution by .1. P.
To those onequl vocable statements
Colonel Roosevelt added again that be
BOd ordered the return to the Stand
ltd Oil company of any contribution it
night have made In lnt; and That he
lid not believe Cornelius N. Miss had
vei demanded a contribution from
1 oh n !) Arch bold or from tiny cor
po ration by any methods of extortion.
Mlies All Accept Suggestion With Ex
ception of Great Britain, Which Wdl
at Once Fall in Line Slight Change
In Proposal.
Pans. Oct ".- Austria has given ad
hesion to the plan formulated by the
French and Russian foreign ministers
to deal with the BfelkM situation
Austria, however, suggested a slight
rhange In the wording of the pro
posal:', which met with the Immediate
approval of both M. I'cnncare and at,
Sazonoff. The only effect of the
Stnendmen! Is more sharply to define
ihe Intentions of the powers and pre
sent a mora prec ise statement of these.
it is understood the proposals do
not include a demand for th" auton-
nm of Macedonia, but urge the adap
tation of the provisions of the tteatvj
of Berlin providing for a larger mens
tire of home rule. It is believed here j
the proposals will remove any lurking I
suspicions In Rn gland that the eontl -
rental power- possibly were conteni
piatinc a BOttleuenl wholly nt the ex
penss or Tariwjr,
Germany and Italy have npptovei
their nllv's modifications; o that. With
full adhesion of the British govern
meat, which is expected today, the
powers will be in a position to sav t"
the Balkan coalition that the Balkan
stales ryiii no longer have to depend
nn the promises of Tarkt v, but ir the
pic dged word of Europe.
The Frenc h government Is confident
that all the preliminaries will he com
pleted in time to permit Hussin and
Austria, as the mandatorh i of Europe,
to present a collective note to Sofia
Belgrade, Athens and Cettlnje tonmr
row. As soon as this is done, Turkey
will br Invited to give guaranties
which will render effective the prom
!se that Europe will tnke upon Its
shoulders resnonsildlity for the reali
sat ion of the n forms.
In official circles the feeling pre
vails thai this guaranty offered by the
powers ought to satisfy the Ralkan
states, if, as they profess, their sole
motive !n mobilizing against Turkey
was in forc the- reforms provided foi
111 the ueatv of Berlin.
Turks Win Fight on Border.
Constantinople, Oct. 7. An engnr.e
men I fas taken place at Berana, neat
the Montenegrin frontier, between
Turks and Hontenegrlna. The Monte
net'iins were repulsed. Recording tc
fedvloes Venelved here. The Turkish
government, it is understood, vl wi
this affray as practically the beginnins
of hnsTl'Ifies.
ppoposed constitutional
amendment no. one.
Th following proposed amrndmrnt te
the -ont.iutmn ot tlie Stair of Nrbtuhka.
hf rt in.,ftc.r set forth In full. Is sub
mitted to the rlector of the State of Ne- '
hrnak. to 1 voted upon at the general
lection to be held Tuesday. November ,
Uh. A. I lilt,
"AN ACT for a Joint resolution Tropon
ins Stni Miiini nt to Section 1 and Sec- ;
tlon 10 Article i of the Constitution of
the State of Nebraska, and supplement
SSg Article entitled 'Amendments.'
Be It lbs lived and Knurled bv the Legla
Inture of the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That nt the general election
fSf state ind legislative officers to be
heM on the Tuesday sacceedins the first ;
Monday In November. 191S. the following ,
provisions be proposed and tubniltted as .
amendment to Section 1 and Section 10
of Article 3 of the Constitution ot the
State of Nebraska:
Section 2. That Section 1 of Article I
of the Constitution of the Stato of Ne
braska is hereby amended to read as fol
lows: Section 1. The legislative authority Of
the state shall be vested in a legislature
eonsistltiK of a senate and house of repre
sentatives, but the people reserve to
themselves power to propose laws, and
amendments to the constitution, and to
enact or reject the same nt the polls In
dependent of the legislature, and also re
serve power at their own option to ap
prove or reject at the polls any act. Item,
section, or part of any act pussed by the
British Warship Cut in Two by the
Steamship Amerika.
The Hritish submarine B2 was run
down by the Hamburg American liner
Amerika of, Dover. It sank at once,
drowning fourteen of the crew. The
officer in charge was rescued.
The disaster In which the B-2 was
punk occurred while ihe third patrol
flotilla of submarines, f'onsisting of
six vi sds, was maneuvering ofT the
south forelaAd on th coast of Kent
The liner Amerika appears to have
cut the submarine in halves.
lieutenant Richard 1. Pulleyne, who
was se ond in command, was the only
man among the crew of fifteen whe
was saved. He was found floating in
the sea, too exhausted to say more
when he was rescued than, "The sub
marine Is cut in two ! went down a
Phvsici3n Holds Up Boys, Kilting One
and Wounding Another.
Clint wood. Va.. Oct. f. Dr. Snmuei
I, Stell;rd. a veil known physician ot
this plate, held up a party of boys on
1i.e road near here and commanded
them to "line up so he could kill
them " One el the hoys ran, and
Btehard shot him la the leg. He thee
tun: il the agog on the other Iniy
and killed one, the others escapin.
Unhurt BtellaWI was arrested He i
teller u to be insane.
Prospective Witness In Becker Trial
Shot in Street Car.
New York, Oct 7. "Big Jack" Xeiig
nan shot to death. The east side gang
eader and prospective witness in the
t r in 1 rf Police Lieutenant Charles
I tec leer for the murder of Herman P,o
'centhali the rambler, was seated in a
Second avenue opon trolley car when
Philip DavldSOOi who says he is a
ft ult d: aler. jumped cm the running
board and fired the fatal shot.
Davidson leaped from the car and
rnn away, hut was caught, weapon in
hand. He admitted the shooting and
lectured it was for revenge, the poiicp
V-eording to the prisoner. Zefll
had held him up ar the point of a re
volver in SB east side hallway and
robbed him or $4n''..
The police were at a loss whethet
to believe David son's story and re
ports thai Zeliir bad been lured to the
scene of the SbOOting by a telephone
message are heine investigated.
From Dun's Viewpoint.
U fj Quo Co.4! Weekly Review ol
Trade sgys: la VO I 'ction la com
plait 1 of deficiency in trade now
heard, while in most sections there It
pronounced 'usiif sm y. with the vol
pme of business in excess of tormci
yean :n ntg'iit demand tor initiod!
ai- delivery and S satisfactory do
p. and for future delivery rem bin
well lute next year
Taft on Long Auto Trip.
Dart en, Mass.. Oct. 7 Under s
tloudtess Sky the president and Mrs
Taft find Mum Mabel lloardman. thelt
.lest, rede for t s 2 miles in a Whit
Hours "utnnmhile from Beverly to
DaltOI The presidential party tested
in DaKcn until this morning when it
began ihe s-'cnnd dav Of the -i-il!i
motor tilp through Vermont and N w
Teacher Shoot9 Taxi Driver.
Salt Lai.r-. Oct 7 Invest g it ion n
the k'Hina of T. st White, a tab s
driver, found "ho1 to death in his BOB
v. r.i', ' d to ths trresl of fj A In
kw, nperlnt ndeal cm' srhooN si
Blnghnm ITtah Inlaw Is swaltlai trial
t'ii a burglar) ehargs White was tr
bave been i wMnsas for the state at
his ttial
German Ment.il Specialist Testifies tc
That Effect in Court.
Do-Mii, Oct. 7 Dr. Ktrauch. a men
tal specialist, has discovered a new
disease which he calls telephone ner
vou sneer, A prominent Berlin st tor
n:v had been in continual eonfflcl
Willi the poatofllcs for more than a
year regarding h.ts telephone, Several
fintes he was pi os-'ciited on the ehSJgi
of insulting the telephone gitl. an
finally his telephone connection W$i
eul off.
The attorney becrnn proceediturs foi
Its restoration The poetotHee depart
men! offered as a defence that the at
lorney was eontinuallv instilling of
Dr. Ptrauch was c atted as exp n
nnd testified thai telephone nervous
nes is a serious ailment The tela
phone, hs said, acts on certain per
tams i;. poison He continued:
"I ki:ow a case In my personal prat
flee of ". phvelclan who was so workec'
tip bv delays and other unpleasant ne
enrrenes thai be became permanent
ly Insane. Rxcitable persons shouh
never use the telephone"
Dr. Sherman Coolidge of Minnesota I
Chosen President.
Columbus, O., Oct. 7. Appointmei,i
of more Indians to the OVernmAm
eerxiee, eodific-ation of the htws relll
ing tt this race and batter school fs
clliilcs tor their children were antont
the measures embodied In a plat fo: 11
adopted by the delegates to the Ann r
lean Indian congress here.
The delegates voted to petitini
President Taft to defer the sppoinl
nieit of a succ esscjr to K Q Valen'ir.e
Indian conrmlsiioaer, who resigned
ntonth ago, until alter the election
Among ofHc rs sleeted lot the com
int vear w-re Key If. Sherman Cool
Idas 01 Karibault. Minn , president
and Thomas 1. tloaa of Pander, Neb,
first vice president.
Cbarpe Arebach With Murder.
Baldwin, slick,, Oct a. o m. Are
ii :c h of ChlrggOi who for two sreckl
has in ' :i a rohsntary Betsaoer' her
during an invest! an tieu into the deatl
nf Harry W Fisher, a Cbieaae pro
niote', wn formally arrested n
warrant easrgijBg him with the muidet
of prishef
StriKef-s Stp Passeivier Trains.
iugusta, ;a.. Oct. 7. -Two pseaea
per tti'ns running in opposite dlrec
lions h 'w. en here and Atlanta on th
(leorgla railroad were held up i
rink- syatpathiaers sad the ronducto
nnil Hggmen badly beaten, glmila
treatment was accorded ihe strike
preekfng train efear of :i frafghl train
Customs Officers Eene Gould Germ
New York. ( ct 7 - Thirty si pOtl
Of liag'iuse which Frank .1. (Joii'-I hi
wife and her three sister drought 11
America when they arrived frofl
Fr,,ine. sre helhg held up hy the cus
foir 1 mi o' 1 1 With their eont" nt
af i ems sad taw as the trunks n
aasei Bet to .i valued : UBafOfl
ectlon 1A. The first newer reserved
hy the pro)ii Is the Initiative. Ten per
cent of the legal voters of the state, ao
distributed ns to Include five per cent of
the lcral voters In each of two-fifths of
the counties of the state, may propose
sny measure by petition, which shall
contain the full text of the measure so
proposed. Provided, that proposed Con
stitutional Amendments shall require a
petition of fifteen per cent of the legal
voters of the State distributed as above
provided. Initiative petitions Cexcept for
municipal and wholly local legislation)
hall he tiled with the Secretary of State
and be hy hlni submitted to the voters at
the first regular state election held not
leas than four months after such filing.
The siime measure, either In form or In
essential substance, shall not be sub- ,
mltted to the people by initiative petition
(either affirmatively or negatively)
oftsncr than once la three years. If con
flicting measures submitted to the people
at the same election shall be approved,
the one receiving Ihe highest number of
affirmative votes shall thereby become
law as to all conflicting provisions. The
Constitutional limitations as to scope and
subject matter of statutes enacted by ths
legislature shall apply to those enacted
by the initiative.
Section 1B. The second power reserved
ie the referendum. It may be ordered by
a petition of ten per cent of the legal
voters of the state, distributed ns re
quired for Initiative petitions. Referen
dum petitions against measure! passed
by the legislature shall be tiled with the
Becretary of State within ninety days
after the legislature enacting the same
adjourns sine die or for a period longer
than ninety days: and elections thereon
hall be had at the first regular state
lection held not less thun thirty days
after such filing.
Section 1C. The referendum may be
rdered upon any act except acts making
appropriations for the expenses of the
state government, and state Institutions
existing at the time such act Is passed.
When the referendum is ordered upon an
act or any part thereof It shall suspend
its operation until the same la approved
by the voter; provided, that emergency
acts, or acts for the immediate preserva
tion of the public peace, health, or safety
hall continue In effect until rejected by
the voters or repealed bv the legislature.
Filing of a referendum petition against
One or more Items, ectlons. or parts of
an act shall not delay the remainder of
the measure from becoming operative.
Section ID. Nothing In this section
hall be construed to deprive any mem
ber of the legislature of the right to In
troduce nny measure. The whole number
of vote cast for governor at the r rulaf
election last preceding the fillni.
Initiative or refeienuum petition snail
the basis on which the numb. '.:!
voters required to sign uch pe . n. so. ill
be computed. The. veto pOWei ; the gov
ernor shall not extend to measure Initi
ated hy or referred to the people. Ml
such measures shall become the l.i w or a
Krt of the constitution when iroved
a majority of the votes cast t'nereon.
rirovhled, the votes cast In favcr of said
nltiative measure or part of said Consti
tution shall constitute tlilrty-nve per
cent (357,) "f the total vote cast at said
election, and not otherwise, and shall
take effect upon proclamation by the
governor, which shall be made within
1 ten days of the completion of the official
, canvass. The vote upon Initiative and
referendum measures shall be returned
' and canvassed In the same manner as Is
prescribed in the case of presidential
! electors. The method of submitting and
adopting amendments to the constitution
prodded by this section shall he supple
mentary to the method described In the
article of this restitution, entitled
'Amendiie-nts.' and the latter shall in no
case he construed to conlllct herewith.
This amendment shall he self-executing,
but legislation may tie enacted especially
to facilitate Its (nictation. In submitting
petitions and orders for the Initiative and
the referendum, the Secretary of State
and nil other officer shall be ruidecf by
this amendment and the general lawa
until additional legislation shall be espe
cially provided there for: all propositions
submitted in pursuance hereof shall be
uhti.it ted In a non-partisan manner and
without any indication or suggestion on
: the ballot that they have been approved
, or endorsed by any political party or or
ganisation, and provided further that
only the title, of measures shall be printed
on the ballot, and when two or more
measures have the same title they shall
be numbered consecutively In the order
of filing with the Secretary of Stato and
Including the nam of the fleet petitioner.
Section 3. That Section 10, of Article 3,
f the Constitution of the state of Ne
braska be amended to read as followa:
Section 10. The style of all bills shall
be "Be It enacted by the people of the
State of Nebraska." and no law shall
be enacted except h" bill. No bill hall
be paaaed by the leajlalature unlaaa by
assent of a majority of all the members
elected to each house of the legislature
and the question upon final passag shall
b taken immediately upon its last read
ing and the yeaa and uaya aliail be en
tered upon the Journal.
Section 4. That at aald election on the
Tuesday aucceeding the first Monday In
November. 1912. on the bullet of each
elector voting thereat there shall b
printed or written the words: "For pro
posed amendment to the constitution re
serving to the people the right of direct
legislation through the initiative and ref
erendum," and "Against propoaed amend
ment to the constitution reserving to the
people the right of direct legislation
through the initiative and referendum."
And If a majority of alt voters at aald
lection lull be In favor of such amend
ment the same shall be deemed to be
adopted. The returns of aald election
upon the adoption of this amendment
hall be made to the stata canvasaing
board and said board shall canvaas the
vote upon the amendment herein in the
aame manner aa is prescribed In the caae
of presidential teetors. If a majority of
the vote cast at the election be in favor
of tne proposed amendment tne governor
within ten day after the reault ia ascer
tained, aim 11 make proclamation declar
ing the amendment to be part of the con
stitution of the state, and when so de
clared the amendment herein proposed
hall be in force and aelf -executing
Aoproved March 24. 1911
I, Addison Wan. gserstary of S'.at. ot
the Stale of Nebraska do heieby certify
that the foregoing propped amendment
to the Constitution of the Stale of Ne
braska ia u true and correct copy of the
original enrolled and eugroaaed bill, aa
pased by the Thirty-second session of
th Legislature of the State of Nebraska
aa appear from laid original bill on file
in thla office, and that said proposed
amendment la submitted to the qualified
voters of the atate of Nebraska for their
adoption or reject! m at the general elec
tion to be held on Tuesday, the 5th day
of November. A. D. Hi:.
In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto
et my hand and affixed the Great Seal
of the State of Nebraska. Done at Lin
coln, una join day of Mac. In the year of
our I.ord. One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Twelve, and of the Independence of
the United Statex the One Hundred and
Thirty-aixth and of this State the Forty
(Seal) Secretary of State.
The following proposed amendment t
the constitution of the State of Nebraska,
aa hereinafter set forth In full. I nib
milled to the elcctora of th State of Ne
braska, to be voted upon at the general
election to be held Tuesday. November
6th. A. D. 1912.
amendments to Section five (6) of
Article six c) and Section thirteen (13)
of Article sixteen fit) of the constitu
tion of the state of Nebraska aa found
In the Compiled Statute of Nebraska
for 19t) cSectlon thirteen c!3) of
Article eighteen cl) of Cohhev s An
notated Statute for 1909). relating to
time of electing Judge of the supreme
court, fixing the time of the general
election and providing for holding over
of Incumbents until their successor
ar elected and qualified.
Be it Rolvd and reuni ted by the Legis
lature of the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That Section Five (ii) of .
Article Six (6) of the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska be amended to read a
a, non 5. That at the genernl election
to be held In the State of Nebraska In
the year It Ik, and each six years there- I
after, there shall be elected three (31
Judges of the Supreme Court, who shall
hold their office for the period of six (bt
years: that at the general election lu be
held In the State of Nebraska In the year
ISIS, and ench six year thereafter there
hall be elected three (3) Judge of the
Supreme Court, who shall hold their office
for the period of six year: and at the
general election to b held In the State
of Nebraska In the year 19-0 and each
six it) years thereafter there shall be
elected a chief Justice of the Supreme
Court, who shall hold his office for the
period of six (6) years. Provided, That
the member of th Supreme Court wIiom
term of office expire in Janmiiv. 1914,
hall be chief Juatle of the Supreme
Court during that time until tlie expira
tion of hi term of office.'
Section 2. Thai Section Thirteen (18)
of Article Sixteen (16) of (lie Constitution
of the State of Nebraska aa found In the
Compiled Statutes of Nebraska for 1909
(Ssctlon thirteen (13) of Article eighteen
(18) of Cobbey's Annotated Statutes for
1909) be amended to read ns follows:
Section 13. The general election of thla
tat shall be held on the Tuesday suc
ceeding the first Monday In November
In the year 19U and every two year
thereafter. All state, district, county,
precinct nnd township officers, by the
constitution or law made elective bv the
people, except school district officers, nnd
municipal officers In cities, villages and
towns, shall be elected at a general elec
tion to be held a aforesaid. Judges of
th supreme, district and county courts,
all elective county ond precinct officer,
and all other elective officers, the tlm
for the election of whom Is not herein
otherwise provided for. and which are
not Included In the above exception,
hall be elected on th Tuesday succeed
ing the first Monday In November, 1913.
and thereafter at the general election
next preceding the time of the termina
tion for their respective terms of office.
Provided, That no office shall be vacated
thereby, but th Incumbent thereof shall
hold over until hla successor is duly
elected and qualified.
Section 3. The form of ballot on the
amendment! proposed herein shall be a
follows: "For proposed amendments to
the constitution providing for goneral
election once In two years" and "Against
proposed amendments to the conatltutlon
providing for gensral election once In
two years."
Approved April T. 1911."
1, Addison Walt. Secretary of State, of
the State of Nebraska do hereby certify
that the foregoing proposed amendment
to the Constitution of the 8tnte of Ne
braska ! a tru and correct copy of th
original enrolled and engroaaed bill, aa
passed bv th Thlrty-cond session of
the Legislature of the State of Nebraska,
aa appears from aald original bill on SI
in thla office, and that aald proposed
amendment Is submitted to the qualified
voters of the state of Nebraska for their
adoption or rejection at the general elec
tion to be held on Tuesday, the 6th day
of November, A. D. 1912.
In Testimony Whereof. I have hereunto
et my hand and affixed the Great Seal
f the State of Nebraska. Done at Lin
coln, this iiOlh day of May. tn the year of
our Lord. One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Twelve, and of tha Independence of
the United States the cine Hundred and
Thirty-sixth and of this State the Forty
(Seal Secretary of State.
The following proposed amendment to
the constitution of tlie State of Nebraska,
as here, natter set forth in full, i sub
mitted to the elector of the State of Ne
braska, to be voted upon at the general
election to be held Tuesday, November
llh. A. I ). 1912.
"A JOINT KKSOLUTION on proposing
an amendment to Section 4 of Article
i of tiie Constitution of the State of
Be it Resolved and Enacted by the Legis
lature of the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. Thai at tlie general election
for state and legislative officers to be held
011 the Tuesday following the first Mon
day In November, 1912. the following be
submitted as an amendment to Section 4
of Article S of the Constitution of th
State of Nebruska:
Sec. 4. At the fl't Election of mem
bers of the legislature held after the
adoption of this amendment member of
the Senate and House of Kepi eaentatl vea.
shall be ele. :,.d for the term of two years.
Both senators and representatives shall
each receive pay at tha rate of ix hun
dred dollars for each regular cession of
the Legislature, during their term, and
ten cent for every ml: they shall travel
In going to and returning from the plac
of meeting of the legislature, on the mot
usual route. That neither member of
the legislature nor employe shall re
ceive any pay or perquisite other than
their salary and mileage. Bach sesalon.
xcept speeail session, shall not be leaa
than sixty day. After th expiration of
twenty days of the session, no bills nor
Joint resnlutlona of th nature of bill
hull be Introduced, unleaa the governor
ahall by apeclal message call tha atten
tion of the legislature to the necessity ol
passing a law on the ubect-matter em
braced lu the message, and the Introduc
tion of bills shall be restricted thereto.
Provided, that tha general appropria
tion blll may ba Introduced up to and
; Including the fortieth day.
Sec. 2. That at said election on th
Tuesday succeeding th first Monday In
November. 1912, on th ballot of each
lector voting thereat there ahull be
printed or written th word: "For pro
posed anitiidniiiit to tha conatltutlon fix-
i trig the term of office and salary for
members of the legislature." and
"Against proposed amendment to the
constitution fixing the term of office and
salary for membera of tha legislature."
' And If a majority of all the voters at the
. aald election ahall be In favor of auch
amendment the aame shall be deemed to
ba adopted. The returns of said election
upon the adoption of this amendment
shall be mado to the State Canvassing
Board and that Beard shall eanraas the
. vot,e upon the amendment herein In the
aame iiutwv aa ia prescribed in the mm
of presidential elector. If a majority of
the vote caat at the election be In favot
Of the pnpoaed amendment the governor,
wltMn ten daya after tlie result ia aacer
taiued. ahall make proclamation declar
ing tho amendment to be part of tha
constltutlan of the atate, and when
declared tha aame shall be In force.
Approved April 10. i9ii."
I. Addison Walt. Secretary of State, of
tha State of Nebraska do hereby certify
that the foregoing prop 1 amendment
' to the Constitution of the State of Ne
1 braaka is a true and soriorjt copy of the
I original enrolled and engrossed bill, as
: passed by the Thirty-second session of
1 the LkkIs! itur of the State of Nebraska,
! as appears fr m aald original bill on file
I In tills office, and that aald proposed
! amendment is submitted to the stifled
' voters of the state of Nebraska for thelt
adoption or rejection at tha general elec
1 tlon to be held on Tusday. tha 5th day
or November, a. u. isii.
In TSSMl ny Whereof. I have hereunto
et my hand and affixed the Great Seal
of the State of Nebraska. Done at Lin
coln, thla 2uth day of May. In tha year ot
our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Twelve, and of tha Independence Of
the United States th One Hundred and
Thlrtv-sixth and of thla Stat the Forty
(Seal Secretary of Stat.
The following proposed amendment te
the constitution of the State of Nebraska,
aa hereinafter set forth In full. Is ub
mttted to the elector ef the State of Ne
hrnaka. to bn voted upon at the general
election to be held Tuesday, November
tth, A. D 1912.
tlon nineteen (19) of Article five (I) of
the Constitution of the State of Nebras
ka creating a Board of Commissioner
of State Institutions.
Be It Knnrted by the Legislature of the
Stato of Nebraska:
Section I. That Section nineteen '19).
of Article five (5) of the Constitution ot
the State of Nebraska, be amended ta
read as followa:
Section 19. The Oovernor hall, prior
to the adjournment of the thirty-third
session of the legislature, nominate and.
with the consent of two-thirds of the
msmbers of the Senate in Kxecutlve Ses
sion, appoint three elector of the state,
not more than two of whom shall belong
tn the same pnlltlcnl party and no two
of whom shall reside at the time or thelt
appointment In the aame congrslonal
dltrlct. ns member of a board to be
known ns a "Hoard of Commissioner Of
State Institutions." Said member ahall
hold office as designs ted by the Oovernor
for two. four and six years respectively.
Subsequent appointment shall be made
a provided and, except to fill vacan
cies, shall be for a period of six years.
The Hoard shall at nil tlme be subject
to the above restrictions and limitations.
Th Board of Commissioners shall have
full power to manage, control and gov
ern, subject only to such limitations aa
shall be established by law, the Stato
Soldiers' Home. Hospital for the Insane.
Institute for the Deaf. Institute for the
Blind. Industrial Schools. Institute for
FMble Minded Children. Nebraska Indus
trial Home. Orthopedic Hospital, the
State Penitentiary and all charitable, re
formatory and penal institutions that
thall be by law established and main
tained by the state of Nebraska. Thy
hnll ench give bonds, receive compensa
tion for service, perform all duties and
romply with nil regulatlona that shall he
established by law. The powera pos
sessed hy tha Oovernor and Board ot
Public Landa nnd Bulldlnga with refer
ence to the management and control of
the Institutions here.n named ahall. on
July 1. 1913. ceaae to exiat In tho Oov
ernor and the Board of Public Landa and
Buildings and shall become vested In a
Board of Commissioners of State Institu
tion, and the ald Board I on July 1. 1913,
and without further proeea of low, au
thorised and directed to assume and ex
ercise nil the powers heretofore vested
In or exercised by the Oovernor or Board
of Public Lands nnd Buildings with ref
erence to the Institution! of th state
named herein, but nothing herein con
tained shall limit the general supervisory
or examining powers vested In the Oover
nor by the law or constitution of tho
stair, or such as are vested by him liv
sny committee appointed by him.
Section 2. That at the general election.
In November. 1912. there ahall be submit
ted to the electors of the state for their
approval or rejection the foregoing pro
posed amendments to the constitution la
the following form: On the ballot of each
elector voting for or against said pro
posed amendment shall b printed or
written "For proposed amendment to the
Constitution creating a Board of Com
missioners of State Institutions" and
"Against said proposed amendment to
tha constitution creating a Board of
Commissioners of State Institutions.
Section 3. If uch amendment to Sec
tion nineteen (19) of Article five (5) of
the Conatltutlon of tha State of Nebraska
thall b approved y a majority of all
electors voting at such election aald
amendment hall constitute Section nine
teen (19) of Article five (6) of the con
stitution of the tate of Nebraska.
Approved April 19. 1911."
I. Addlaon Walt, Secretary of Stat, of
the Stat of Nebraska do hereby certify
that the foregoing proposed amendment
to th Constitution of th Stat of Ne
braska I a true and correct copy of the
original enrolled and engrossed bill, a
passed by tha Thlrty-cond seaalon of
the Legislature of the Stat of Nebraska,
aa appears from aeld original bill on file
In this office, and that aald propoaed
amendment 1 submitted to the c uallfled
voters of the state of Nebraka for thalr
adoption or rejection at the general elec
tion to be held on Tueday, the 6th daj
of November. A. D. 1912.
In Testimony Whereof. I have hereunto
et my hand and affixed the Great Seal
Df the State of Nebraska. Done at Lin
coln, this 20th day of Mav. In the year of
our Ixird. One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Twelve, nnd or the Independence of
the United States the One Hundred and
Thirty-sixth and of this State the Forty
Seall Secretary of Stale.
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