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Published every Thursdny by
The Herald Publishing Company.
4QHN W. THOMAS. Editor and Mgr.
Entered at the postofflce at AIM
anee, Nebraska, for transmission
through the inatli as second-class
Subscription, $1.60 per year In ad
vance. The circulation of this newspaper
4s guaranteed to be the largest In
western Nebraska. Advertising rates
will be furnished on application.
Sample copies free for the asking.
Westover Certifies
Wasmund's Democracy
Democratic Candidate Has Always
Given Support to Democratic
and Fusion Candidates
Hon. H. P. Wasmund, Sr.. writes
The Herakl to refute storlew said
to be in circulation culling in ques
tion his democracy, and encloses a
MUw Bran Itttffs W, H. W$tof
Ami a clipping from the Rushvllle
Standard for publication:
Letter from Judge Westover
RuKhville. Nebniaka, Oct. 4. 1911,
H. F. Wasmund. Sr.,
Ruahvllle, Nebraska.
My Dear Sir:
It having been brought to my at
tention that the story is being cir
culated by some parties or this rep
resentatJve district, that in the post
you have failed and rfeused to sup
port democratic tickets Mm) fusion
tickets regularly nominated; and it
appearing that the purpose of these
.report is to induce democrats to
vole against you this fall: Now, for
Jhe purpose or stating the tacts,
permit me to say that I have been
intimately acquainted with you ami
your political acts for the last twen
ty live years, ami have known what
your political action lias been each
fail al our general elections, and I
want to say most emphatic ally, u i, I,
out fear of contradiction, that at
wvery election you, as wi II as your
targe family of boys, as soon as
the became old enough to vote,
have given unqualified support to
our fusion and democratic tickets,
national, state, and county. These
facts are so well known by demo
crats generally in this community
that I believe that each and every
one of them who is ml opposed to
you for personal reasons, would
give a certificate as I have done
to this letter. Very truly yours,
Clipping from Rushvillc Standard
Voters, we call your nidation to
the fact that 11. F Wa-mnmd, Sr .
is your candidate for representative.
U1 who know him kn r full well
that he stands for th interests of
UM peopl c and can be trusted to
do What is best to their Interests,
lie cannot be ought, coaxed or
sca.ed in'o doing something that the
Vnterists want. Cast your vote for
Mr. Wasmund ami you will have a
true representative in the legislat
ive halls at Macon this wilnter.
Democratic Candidate for Governor
Speaks from Automobile to
Attentive Crowd
it Is being conducted now, and Ml
If will be conducted in the evpiM of
his election He promised If elect-
l 9 (In hi- MM ii mii 60
work of the office during his term
and not be a candidate fcr re elec
tion, saying that he believed a gov
ernor should devote his time to the
duties of the orrice and not to the
building up or a political machine.
From here the automobile party
went to Humingrord. thence to Mars
land and Crawford, expecting from
the lasi named place to go east
down the line or the Northwestern
Judge Westover ac c-otnpan led them
a rar as trordoti The following
named persons went in automobiles
as far as Hemingford: Mr. and IfM
Win Mitchell, .Toe Westover and
Fred Mollring In Mitchell's car;
Sheriff Cnl Cox. Ktlgelle Hurton.
Robert Graham and John O'Kecfc in
Cox' car
Waller Graham, colored, passed Bad
Check and Is Arrested
.A colored man by the name of Wal
ter (rraihaiu in tit to the storo cr J.
R. Denton Saturday niglit and pur
chased a pair of mittens valued at
forty cents. He tendered in payment
a piece of pner purported to be a
check for nine dollars, which he had
signed on the back Mr Denton did
not examine the paper closely and
gave the sum or eight dollars and
sixty cents in change
On being examined the paper was
found to le a crude attempt at. be
ing made into a note or check. Tie
IMC 10 had told Mr. Denton that he
was employed at the Drake Hotel,
and the paper had the MUM Dlftfct
on it with other names (!raliam had
signed his. name on the back before
presenting it.
After cadiliiK the check the negro
wvnt to 610 Third streeet where
sniiie colored people Ml living a lie I
demanded a gun, frightening the In
ates of the house, who phoned the
police station. Police Judge Gregory
Bum did not know the man but! w.-ni
toward the depot looking for him
and arrested him in company with
0IIM other negroew h the deKt.
Graham had been in trouble a few
nights before but gor off without be
ing , arrested. He had frightened
some women He Is now locked up
In the county jail awaiting a heariim.
It is doubtful ir a more .serious charge
tbM obtaining HtOOt under false
pretenses can be placed against him,
in whk'h event the sentence would
be from ten to thirty days in jail.
The Alliance Times lias been sold
ng&iin. the purchasers this time be
ing Messrs. John II Moist and lien
J Sallows pf Cody, Wyo. The Her
ald extends a fraternal hand and
good wishes to the new proprietors
Now that Congressman KlnKaici
has withdrawn from the race for
re-election, Hon. W. J. Taylor, dem
ocratic and peoples independent can
didate, seems to have a walkaway
for the position held by him. This
is as it should be.
K is scald to be a dirflmU task
to "carry water on both shoulders",
but it's like taking candy away from
a babv compared with the job some
candidates are having this ye ir uv
ing to entry the O. O. I', elephant
Niiel the bull IB BOM DOtty fti Ohe,
same time. looks now HKe some oi
them are liable to get tramped on
h the elephant or kick) by the
bull moose, or bulb.
Scot ts bluff is now without a dem
ocratic paper. The Herald of that
e it. democratic, and the Star, bull
moose-, have been purchased and
consolidated under the name of the
Seottsbluff Star Herald, by A. B.
Wood and II J. Wisncr. 'I hey an
nouiM e that the new paper will be
independent .
Hon. John II. More-head of Falls
CHy, a deuioci.i.ic cuudidatc for gov
ernor, la mak ,ig an uotumobile tour
of northwestern Nebraska, accouipan
led by Hon. Klowl Sc holt of Gen
eeva and their chafl'eur. They WOM
to have arrived In Alliance from the
North Plane valley Tuesday evening.
Bills were printed announcing an ad
dress by Mr. Moreheud at the fipmt
house that night, but Judge iClgell
was uotified earlier itn the evening
Lhat he would not be able to reach
this cky thai night
They arrived the next forenoon and
Mr Morehead spoke from the auto
mobile to an a'ttiiihc audience In
font of the lAlliance National' Hank
H is no repwu t to be much of a
apellbinder, but he speaks fluently
and made a very favorable impression
upon those who heard him, speaking
in regard to how the office of the
governor should be conducted, how
A. K. Clark, editor of the Hem
ingford Journal, Is again trying to
branch out in the newspaper busi
ness, having purchased the Ma island
Former Ooverueir Shalleiiberge'r of
Alma, now candidate on the Demo
cratic ticket for I'nited States Sen
ator. will speak at Alliance and Hetu
ingrord on October N or 2i, ihe
e.xae t date not jf: being decided up
on. The Herald will advise its read
ers of the dit'e and plac-e or speak
ing before that time.
it K Roberts has leased the build
ing at II Hox Butte avenue, next
door south of Tile Herald office, and
has it fitted up fer the Alliance rifle
range A good deal of interest lias
been addad to target shooting by
I ho offe r of valuable prizes The
prizes for this week are as follows:
First, --' Kemiugton; second, fa.Oti;
third, 12.50. The winuers thus far
are Ira Phillips. It. J Hettlein. Karl
Douglas. Frank Merriti and P F
m s
uer s
ooday, Oct. 14, and closi
hi Saturday, Oct I!)
We want every lady to know that during this sale
unusual prices will be offered in Ladies'
and Children's Cloaks
We want every lady to know that during this
Special Sale we shall quote you better prices
on Ladies' and Children's Furs than
you have ever heard
Wool and Cotton Blankets, prices will be slashed
Regular $2.50 Swan's Down and Lamb
Wool Comfort Batting, Special
20 pr. Down and Feather Pillows, at $1.50 pr., $1.75 pr., $4.50 pr.
Plain and Figured Madras
Draperies of all kinds
Plain and Printed Swisses
All Embroidered Bed Sets,
Pillow Cases and Sheets
in Cartons for Holiday
At this time we will place
on sale our fine line of
All our Amoskeg Outings
on sale at Special Prices
e CD
S- 3D CO
9 pr. Colored Leather Portiers
Domestic and Marseilles Bed
Spreads. Marseilles: Cut
corners and fringed, cut cor
ners and scalloped edged.
Domestic: Plain hemmed and fringed
All Renfrew, Amoskeg. Bates, Seer
sucker, Taile Du Nord Ginghams at
A uumber of lacly Kebekahs and
their husbands met at tike home of
Mrs. John R, Snyder WadMMdajr e
cwintK and tied a comforter for the
L O. 0. F. home- at York, Xe)
ka. The ladies present were Mt-sdaiues
Coursey, l.eidy. Zurti, Hucluuan, Car
rol, Beach, Scott, tleo. Snyder axui
lester. The Keiitlc-nu-n preMWl w,-:.-lleMIS.
Lester. Zurn. S-ott. Snyele i
ajwl Carrol.
A delicious three course luncheon
was served and ail depart eel at a
late hour after an enjoyable even
The Baptist young people hold a
party at the home of Mrs. Nina
Miller Wednesday evening. A good
crowd was present and all had a
very enjoyable tiin.
. . 1 -
church announced last Sunday morn
ing that special subjects would i
treated for a few weeks. Among
others he said he would speak on
the following: "Character of Judas.'
"Ktenial Punishment." "A Reason
able Hell," "Vision or Opportunity,
the Crisis of Life," "A Kationali Re
ligion." etc. The last two subjects
are for next Sunday morning and
ex an ing
Wednesday evening. October 16. Mr.
Warren, who is the police judge at
North Platte, is said to he a fino
public speaker. All are invited to
at i end. Admission fret.
The civil service examination for
el. rks and carriers for the Alliance
post office, that waa announced to
be held last Saturday, woj postponed
to Saturday, October 1!'.
Ti." pastor of the Methodist
Miss Fauna Schaper. a trained
uurse of Lincoln, arrived in Alliau-
a week ago Monday from Bayard,
with the intention of remaining unci
following he-r profession here She
is stopping with Mrs. Kd. KM red.
Mrs. Kd. Kldred has received word
that her sister-in-law. Mrs. Belle Wat
sou. of Newcastle. Wyoming, aiet
with he mlsfortuue of having u
iimh broken the first of last week.
Mrs Kldred left the last of the week
for Newcastle, to remain a while
with Mrs. Watson.
Fred J. Warren of North Plutte.
socialist candidate for cuugress from
the Sixth Nebraska district, will
speak iu the Phelau opera house.
The Denver "Festival of Mountain
and Plain" will be held next week.
Tue-sday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, October li to It. There will
probably be number of persons
from Alliance in atteadam c.
Several of the most prominent Al
liance business nun arei talking very
seriously of reorganizing and reviv
ing tlie Alliance Commercial Club.
This should receive encouragement.
Mias l.ora Waddiim. cashier at the
Burlington frieght office, is taking
her annual vacation. She is mak
ing a two wec-ks' trip to Salt Uike
City and other western points.
Lloyd C. Thomas has returned to
Alliance for the winter, preferring
to spend the winter here- than in
the east again. Lloyd will give his
attention to Herald business from
mow on. ,
A man by the name of Frank Cop
pock was arrested Friday lor drunk
enness. He had a grip checked at
Mie depot which was secured and
(eentaincd a Salvation Army uniform
vliich fitted him. He was fined 5
ai. ' costs, working his fine out on
h streets. On being releioied he
left for Denver Wednesday.
Jack Coinbler was arrested Satur
lay, charged with drunkenness. He
Ktti fined one dollar and costs, wh ch
he paid
Frank Lamb was arrested Monday,
h.tiged with drunkenness. He was
fined one dollar and costs, which ht
Kiank Brown . is arrested Wed
lie.sday charged with drunkenness. He
fined one dollar and costs, which
he paid.
Frank Speck, from Crawford, was
arrested Wednesday, charged with
drunkenness. He was fined one dot
lar and oosts, which he paid.
A uew wiudow is beHig placed in
the rear of the fire cart room in
the ii hall, fating on the alley.

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