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Largest circulation of
any newspaper in West
ern Nebraska.
The Alliance Herald
Gives all the news of
Box Butte County and
City of Alliance.
New York Lunatic Follows Ex-President
to Milwaukee
No Politics in the Case
Monday evening it was reported
in Alliance that ex-President Roose
velt had been shot in Milwaukee,
Just, before beginning a political
apeeeh. Full details of the occur
rence were not received here until
the daily papers arrived the next
day. A ma.il by the name of John
Sc hrank who had evidently been fol
lowing Roosevelt for some time with
the intention of assassinating him.
leveled a revolver at him as he was
leaving his hotel for the auditorium,
where he was to deliver an address,
and fired. The shot took effect in
the right breast, fracturing the
fourth rib. The force of the bullet
was broken by the manuscript of the
speech which was In the colonel's
coat pocket. Had It not been for
this, the shot would no doubt have
proved fatal.
Colonel Roosevelt's courage, which
is one cause of his great popularity,
was shown lly him insisting on pro
ceeding to the auditorium and deliv
ering his speech, oecupyiag nearly an
hour, before even permitting an ex
amination by the physiciaas
That some newspaper correspond
ents' minds naturally run in narrow
channels is shown by the eort sent
out immediately after te shooting
that the assassin "was probably a
socialist." The man wbe did the
shooting and mho la ihe son of a
New York saloonkeeper, is evidently
a republican, if anything In politics;
but it is absurd to charge his crime
to any political party or its adher
es. The following letter found in
his pocket shows him to be a man
iac: "September 15, 1912.
"September 16, 1801, 1:80 a.m. In
a dream I saw President McKinley
sit up in a monk's attire in whom I
recognized Theodore Roosevelt. The
dead president said: 'This is my
murderer, avenge my death.'
"September It, 1!H2, 1:30 a. ni.
While writing a poem, someone tap
ped me on the shoulder and said:
'I jet not a murderer take the presi
dential chair. Avenge my death.'
"I could plainly see Mr. McKinley s
"Before the Almighty God. I swear
that above writing is nothing but the
Another note in the man's pockets
reads :
"So long as Japan could rise to
the greatest power of the world de
spite her surviving a tradition more
than 8,008 years old. as General Nogi
so nobly demonstrated, it is the duty
of the United States of America to
uphold the third term tradition let
every third termer be regarded as
a traitor to the American cause. Let
it be the right and dnty of every
citizen to forcibly remove a third
termer. Never let a. tbird term par
ty emblem appear on the official bal
lot. "I am willing 10 die for my coun
try. God has ratted me to be his
instrument, so be-rp me God.
(Signed.) "Innocent Guilty.
"In German a .strong tower is our
Mr. and Mrt. iPeter Rubendall
Ward Rubendall Return
from Omaha Wedding
Dr. Clarence Rubendall, of Omaha,
6on of PeUST liuhcndall of Alliance,
was married to Miss Kli.abeth Short
lift Monday evening in Omaha. The
happy couple were showered wit li a
great many expensive presents. The
present of Mr. and Mrs. Rubendall
was MM thousand dollars ash.
The following taken from the O
niaba Daily News of Tuesday gives
details J the wedding and reception:
The wedding of Miss Elizabeth
Shorilil't." daughter of Mrs. .Margaret
Short liff. a&d Dr. t'laren.e Hubert
dall took place Monday evening at
the home of the bride. L'M7 Shirley
street. The marriage lines were
read by Die Rev. Thomas II. Mct'on
nell. The bride's go WD was or white
charmeuse with bodice and sleeves of
t'liantilly lace. The skirt was fash
ioned with it pointed train and a pan
el of t;ie lace. The long tulle veil
was wo.ru Jind she carried a shower
of bride's ros( s and lilies of the val
ley. Miss Adeline Jiearns of Moline. 111.,
cousin of the bride, was maid of hon
or mui wore pink charnictise with
an overdrew of white duchess lace.
She carried un arm bouquet of pink
chrysanthemums and wore a band of
brilliants in be.r hair, gift of the
bride. The wedding march was play
ed by Miss Helen l'i arce, and her
gift from the bride was a MfWl
bouuuet pin. Ward Rubendall of ai
llaace. .ebr.. served as heat man,
and was preseuted with a gold knife
by the groom.
For the rereption. following the
ceremony the living room was decor
ated in white chrysanthemums and
fenrs and the dining room in pink
chrysanthemum Assisting wre Mrs
Nell Felt of Sioux Oty. Mrs. K. L.
Kearns of Moline. UL, Miss Bertha
Kllingwood ami Mrs. Fred Pearce.
Dr. and Mrs. Rubendall leave soon
for New Vork and will be at home
after Decanber I, at .".NO" Shirley
The Hfersry ' depart inent ' of the
Alliance Woman's Club will meet Fri
day afternoon, at :i o'clock, with Mrs.
A. J. Mucey
Re (ieo A. Witte left last Fri
day noon tor Wayne, Xebr.. where
he went to attend the annual state
((invention of Use Maptists church.
In the -absence of the pastor. J. W.
Thomas occupied the pulpit at the
Alliance llaptist church last Sunday
morning, there being no preaching
seMice in the evening. Rev. W it te
will return before next Sunday.
The (litis Fours Square Club will
men at the llaptist church Friday
afternoon at 4 o:elock. Rey. God
frey will lead. A tree will offering
will be taken.
J." H. DeBoard, of Oskaloosa. la.,
president () the artificial ice com
pany of thai city Mid interested in
other large enterprises there, was
in AllMince several days this week
looking attar his property interests
here, lie owns a good sized tract
of Box Butte county land and came
to look over the salne
Score by Innings
li II
Roston il li II 0 0 0 I 0 0 23 8 4
New York 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 9 2
Batteries: Mathewson and Meyers;
Bedlent, Wood and Cady.
Fenway Park, Boston, Oct. It!
The Boston American league club
won the world's championship for
1!M2 today defeating the New York
Nationals by a score of :t to"2 In a
ten-Inning contest hore 80,090 peo
ple. Mathewson pitched a wonderful
game until the final inning When he
The Red Sox were one run behind
when they came to the bat at the
end of tne tenth inning. A glaring
muff by Snndgrass of Bngle's long
fly put the batter on second.
After Hooper had filed out Speak
er came thru with a single and Fn
gle rushed across the plate with the
tieinj; score. On the throwing Speak
er went to second, Yerkes having
gone to third on the play. Ijewis
was purposely passed in order that
a forced play could be made tit the
Then Gardner came to the plate.
The stands were in a turmoil of ex
citement. Gardner caught an inshoot
on the end of his bat and sent it to
Devore, whose throw to the plate
mm too wide to catch Yerkes at the
plate and Bos-ton held the world's
Th ecrowd rushed on the field and
gathered around the Red Sox bunch,
cheering the home players. Some
spectator addressed an insulting re
nin rk to McGraw and there was an
exchange of blows.
McGraw was on his way to the
Red Sox bench to congratulate Stahl
on his victory. The crowd pressed
about Mathewson and patted him on
the back for his clever work Bed
lent and Wood pitched effectively
for Boston.
John Vogel. after Weeks of Suffer
fcring. Died Monday Evening
John Vogel, who for a number of
years has been farming In Box Butte
county and w ho had a w jdjsj acquaint
ance, died Montlay sr after five
weeks' suffering caused by" falling
from a hay stack and striking on
tils head
The fall Injured the base of the
brain, causing paralysis, from which
he died. Ilr. Bell wood was In charge
of the case and did everything that
medical science could do.
Hev. Father Maloney conducted
the funeral services Wednesday at
in o'clock, a.m., at the Catholic
church, after which the remains were
taken to the depot for shipment to
Stanton, Iowa, for Interment.
- i
Team Runs Away and Breaks Hip
of Well Known Box Butte Man
P. H. Bobel was severely injured
Wednesday afternoon by his team
running away and throwing him out
when the wagon tipped over. His hip
was fractured.
Mr. Zobel was immediately taken
to the Alliance hospital after the ac
cident and was attended by Dr. (
K. Single Mr Zobel will be con
fined to his bed for several months.
II Is doubtful ir he will be able to
make use of the injured limb agirn.
Former Governor A. C, Shallen
berger, democratic candidate for U.
8. senator, will arrive in Alliance
Monday morning, leaving the same
noon While here he will speak on
the street at 1 1: ."I ft. He is an inter-
Ntitm speaker and thoroly posted on
the political sitsmtion. He sure to
hear Mm.
Chas. F Ford. president of the
First National Bank, returned to
the city this morning by auto from
a trip up the North Platte valley
Mr. Ford will return to Chicago the
last of the week.
Cliff Hubble and wife moved Into
rooms In the Norwegian parsonage
Roy Clark from Iowa was here the
first of the week buying potatoes.
He left on 44 Thursday.
Mr. and MjVs. Scales of Iowa ar
rived Wednesday for a visit with
their daughter, Mrs. Isaac W od
.Miss Kmma I'rbnnosky was an In-
cojni.iuv-lpJsseijger. on -i , Wednesday
from Alliance when she has been
for some (line.
Splendid Increase in Business in Every
Success Pleases Many Friends
St I eel
M is.
Out-of-town guests present
Elisabeth Short liff. Moline, 111.
K I.. Kearns. Moline, HI
Nell Felt. Sioux Fiiy
Margaret Hinder, Corning, la
Adeline Kearns. Moline. III.
Agnes Itiggir. Corning, la.
Thomas Short liff, Moline. III.
Peter Uuliendall, Villain a
Ward Kubeudall, Alliance.
The Alliance firemen have realized
the need of an athletic club ever
since th; young men's club disbanded
a yoar ago after a season of useful
ness. A number of those who veffu
live members of thai club and oth
ers have organized an athletic club
for members of the fire department
A gymnasium has been equipped
at fire department headquarters: and
new members are rapidly being add
ed. All firemen are eligible.
Chase Keagins, the cattle man,
was at Guernsey, Wyoming, yester
day loading Uj cars of Texas cat tin
which tire being shipped to western
Nebraska for winter fattening.
Owners of Beautiful Addition to AI
ance Selling Lots on Re
markably Easy Terms
N. P. Dodge at Company, or O
malm, are selling this week a num
ber of lots in their beautiful addi
tion to Alliance, Belmont. This ad
dition, which was platted a short
time ago, was entirely sold nut on
very easy terms at that time.
A few purchasers did not make
payments and a small number of lots
are now for sale on terflM of one
dollar down and fifty cent per week
The sale starts Friday and will con
Maud only a few days.
Oae. C Flack, A. L. Hoot and li.
Hall are the salesmen who will be
on the ground and attend to the
customers. They are thoroly posted
as to prices on the different lots
and no time will he lost in rtoaatlg
the deals when lots are selected.
Those who desire to get the choice
lots should make their selection
A number of fine homes have been
built in Belmont addition and the
company will assist lot owners in
htllldlai more m very easy i.rins
In fact the terms are so easy that
it is cheaper than to pay ront fi
own a li'ime in litis addition.
The three departments whjch con
stitute the business of the Herald
Publishing Company tire enjoying an
increase tiiat is not ouly gratifying
to us but is very plrhsg to the
mauv friends of The Alliance I let
The Alliance Herald stands for
Decency and Democracy" in the
truest sense. We may have made
mistakes la the advocacy of what we
believe Hie paper ought to Man, I for
-- and wbo has not made mistakes
but thai the people have confidence
in, and appreciate, our efforts is lu-
I growing lately, V are glad to in
form lis many friends -and it has a
host of friends that the business
dicatcd by the way liusin, ss has been
has hit the high road to prosperity
During the past fewweeks subscrlp
lions have come In splendidly, both
en and renewals Orders for job
priming have come in such QtMntl
lies as to make an increase in our
working force necessary. This issue
will show the demand for ad v crt 1st u g
I space, makinj the priming of t dre
pages necessary tins week, with pro.,
pacta of having to eouttaue the same
To Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Gavin, Ml
Monday morning, I win duughters.
weight four and a .half pounds each.
Mother and babies are doing fine.
To Rev. and Mrs Titus ling, on
Thursday of lasl week, a line baby ',
girl, weight nine pounds. AH are
getting along very well.
Hud Hill, a cow puncher, attempt
ed Wednesday evening to do SjOtoa
fancy shooting slums In the local
shooting gallery. After taking shots
ai the different target and failing
to make a satisfactory score, be
pointed ther Ifle at the elect ric
globes and put the place in darkness.
He was arrested and fined one dol
lar and costs in police courl this
To Mi. and Mrs. W. T. Spencer,
a baby boy, weighing nine pounds.
To Otto Ijiurscu, liviug twenty-two
miles northwest of Alliance, a baby
Frank Lamb was arretted Thurs
day of last Week, charged with be
leg drunk and disorderly. He wiis
fined ten dollars and costs
Tom Morris was arrested Saturday
charged with drunkenness. He was
fined one dollar and costs.
Henry Lear was arrested Saturday
charged with drunkenness and disor
derly conduit. In police court Mon
day he was fined ten dollars and
cost H
Xrthur Koiih-11 was arrested Wed
nesday on charges of being drunk
and disorderly He was fined one
dollar and costs.
Peter Dailey was fined one dollar
aud cos is in police court this morn
lag tor being drunk and disorderly.
Congressman Kinkaid's Illness Proves
to be Fear of Defeat
Re-enters Race for Congress
The "Big Sixth" congressional dis
trict has Just had an example of
quick recovery from an acuV: attack
of cold feet. When it was annotate
ed lasl week that your Uncle Moses
I'. Klnkaid had decided to withdraw
from the race as a candidate for re
election to conurcss again, and had
gone so far as to transmit his with
drawal to the secretary of state,
giv ing ill health as an excuse lor do
ing so, a good many voters looked
askance. Of course, they did not
like to uuestloii his sincerity, but it
did look strange that his health was
quite good during that period of the
camnaltin that he was trying to land
I lie endorsement of the progressives,
Inn as soon as they emphatically
declined In their convent ion to en
dorse such a rank standpatter and
nominated another man as their can
didate, he at once discovered that,
his health was In a precarious GOB'
dlt Ion.
The republican congressional com
mittee got together at Crawford and
although they had better material to
select from, from the viewpoint of
real statesmanship, they well knew,
as has been pointed out In this pa
per, that Mr. Klnkaid was an over
rated man and had a hold on a lame
number of votes to which he la not
entitled by his ability and record
as a congressman. By some means
which they have not published to the
world they persuaded hlin to re-enter
the race, and now he Is the stand
pat, or Taft republican candidate, by
nomination of the congressional baa
tral commit tee. Iltit w e shall see
what we shnll see.
Brown Church, w ho has bet n mak
ing his home at Kaxeiina for the
past year, returned to Heiningfoid
the lasl of the week, where he will
work the coming winter
v e
1. K. McClusky spent a few days
the lasl of the week at Alliance.
Carl Frosstroin was a passenger to
Alliance between trains Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnet Mcfnndless
I ft ou Wednesday (or their home,
after spending the past lew w.ek
with relatives here.
Dr Boland ictiiniul from Onnha
Friday w her. In has apeol the pael
K A Clark made a business trip to
Marsiand Thursday, returning Krldaj
a a a
Wesley Ureen mad.- a haelaaaj
trip to Alliance Friday, returiiign
Miss Fanny McCoy of Alliut. ybj.
it. d from Saturday until Sunda
with her sister. Mrs Cliff Hubble
Mrs. C. K. Rosenberger left Satur
day for Pennsylvania, being called
there by the serious Illness or her
Win. Mounts and daughter of Alli
ance visited Sunday afternoon with
Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Kidwell.
Potmesll Unit hers shipped five car
loads of cattle to the Omaha market
Sunday evening.
Miss Stella Klester went out to
Sioux county Sunday where she will
teach school this winter.
Mi.se Agnes Delslng , began ler
CbOOl In the Frohnnpfel district Mon
.lay morning
Mr. and Mrs. George Baker spent
a few days last week with her par
ents. Mr and Mrs. Frank C.reen, at
the river.
Charley Hubs left. Friday for Hot
Springs, S. D.. where he expected to
miend a few .lavs Oil business.
Ward Hall returned Monday from
a week's pleasure trip to Denver,
C.recley and oilier points.
a a
Fail Durnall of Bridgeport, for
merly of Sidney. arrived Sunday
no;pii for a short visit with friends.
Ross Knyeirt left Sunday for Lin
coln where he will attend ,-ifool the
coming winter.
m m m
Mrs. II. U Bushnell received word
Monday of the birth of a 814 l"nd
daughter at the home of her (laugh
t( r, Mrs. C. C. Canfield. on Sunday.
Oct, the 18th.
Grandpa Satupy was a passenger
to Alliance Monday, returning T c
Mrs. Path from Iowa came in Tues
day for a visit with her son, Dei-
trick Path, and children
A. S. Bay earl was an incoming
paaa tget M 88 Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hunter MUM
I up from Alliance Tuesday, going out
I to the ranch for a few days.
John Wallace finds that in teasing
buslntss makes it necessary to put
another team and wagon on the Wal
lace dray line, which he hits .loin
with Art Donovan as driver.
II. I' Coins. y and F. II MclKin
aid. auctioneer and clerk of (he O.
A. Putman sale, sixteen miles south
of Alliance, lasl Monday, got stuck
in th saad on their way out by
automobile. The sale did not begin
till after u ion, but there was a
good attendance and bidding was
good so that It turned out well, not
withstanding the d. lay in c inimeitc
lng Fred II. McDonald made a irtp to
Newcastle. Wyo.. this week, going
on 18 Tuesday and relur-iing m 44
Mrs C K. De llrul.-r and Mrs C
A Braaateoa gave a theatre parti
at the Kutpreee Tuesday night in
honor of the former's sister. Mian
Hazel Carney of Seneca, who has
be.n visiting in Alliance since Sunday
Highly Respected Pioneer Citizen
Succumbs to Cancre of Stom
ach After Long Illness
Mrs Itertha Calmer and Mrs. Me
diums of Hill City, s D. aere in
Uliaiice a few days within the past
week taking orders for the Lincoln
Star in order to secure voles foi
Mr.-. Palmer in the wiling contest
which thai paper Is conducting
!.a-i Sat in day morning, October 12.
the wires brought the sad, but not.
unexpected, newa to Alliance that J.
C. Berry of Reno had passed away.
He had many friends In this city as
well as in Sheridan and Garden coun
ties, by whom he was held In htgheat
esteem and whose hearts are made
sad h his dejaiaa.
John Clinton Berry ;is born lit
1852, at New Salem, In Fairfield
county, Ohio, where he lived until
twelve years of age. His father
died iit I NaT and t wo years later his
mother married Samuel Stewart. The
family removed to Charlton, Iowa, In
1X114. At the age of twenty three
Mr. Berry began work for tho C. B.
& y. railroad, where he contmued un
til 1875.
In 1875, Mr. Berry was marri-d
to Miss Nebraska Louise Wilson of
Lucas county, Iowa, moving with hla
family lo this locality in November.
inss To Mr and Mrs. Berry were
born seven children, all of whom
were at his bedside at the time of
his death, with the except!.. n of one
who had preceded him to the better
He Is survived by his widow and
the following children: Minnie L.
Blair and Fanuie L. Seit.er, both of
Reno. Nebr. ; Todd P. Berry. Boise,
Idaho; Nellie F Moulton. Anseltno,
Nebr.; Myrtle K. Betebenner, San
Juan. Texas: Mam hie H. Berry. Re
nj, Nebr.; and also by thive broth
ers and one sister. One brotlur. W.
II. Stewart of Chariton, low i, was
present at the funeral.
Mr Berry was allowed iu years,
i mom lis and 5 days to comp.'cie his
work here upon earth, but In this
short time he made good use f It.
He was an earnest Christian, uniting
with the Presbyterian church when
a boy and on coming to Nebraska
united with th,- Congregational church
at Reno. He was always reiidy to
give his si rv ic.s hi any way. acting
as superintendent of the Sabbuth
school, deacon of the church, or In
any way he might aid in the I. rd's
work. Hence, there la a vacancy
which will be fell for years In the
Christian w:rk. He was a loving
husband and a devoted father, aud
highly respected by his neighlMus and
He was a patient sufferer for two
years from cancer of the stomach,
uud. rgoing an operation for same at
Ho luster. Minn , one -ir ago. which
gave him temporary relief.
The funeral was conducted Mon
day, at tu o'clo k, a.m., at the Reuo
Congregational church, bv Hev. J. B.
Hrown. former pastor fter the
funeral service at the church the
remains were brought to Alliance on
the train and taken to Grewod
cemetery for interment.
To the many friends at Reno and
Alliance wlio showed their deep sym
pathy by kind words and dei da in
the tliae of our affliction we wish
to tender our sincere iltanks. May
the God of all gra-e in whom our
loved one trusted be your stay and
comforter in time of sorrow
., JmI
Tout Heeson, manager of the Ne
braska Telephone Company at Alli
ance, was a bUSin. B culler sj Heiu
iugford Wednesday
. . - , , .
Mis Krinsl Kinsley and Httle son
lefl Friday for their home at Raven
na, after visiting relatives here for
th past few days.

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