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I matortonl society op
Largest circulation of
any newspaper In West
ern Nebraska.
The Alliance Herald
Gives all the news of
ox Butte County and
City of Alliance.
From North to South, from
East to West, Election
Returns Tell the
Same Story
Wilson and Marshall
Sweep the Country
Omaha, Nebr., Nov. 7, 191 2, 5 p.m. Special to The Herald:
Chicago All indications Wilson carries Illinois. Has
overcome Roosevelt's lead and now 1,500, expect 15,000
Taft gets Vermont, Utah, Idaho.
Roosevelt Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, South
Dakota, Washington,
Wilson all the rest.
Cincinnati Longworth probably defeated.
Des Moines governorship doubtful, may be democrat.
Omaha Lobeck elected over Baldridge.
New Hampshire has democratic governor.
Omaha Close margin legislature. Senate probably re
publican. House democratic. Probably democratic on joint
ballot. Official count necessary some districts-
Lincoln Aldrich claimed election' until this afternoon,
when he gave up. Senator, Norris by obout twelve thous
and. Practically entire republican state ticket except Aid
rich elected.
Nashville, Ten ft. Republican governor elected.
Cheyenne. Wyo. Senator Warren seems safe.
Denver, Colo. Democrats have both houses, insuring
Democratic senators.
Portland, Oregon Senator Bourne defeated.
San Francisco Result very close, but believe Wilson has
Indianapolis Wilson's vote over Taft 522,000, over
Roosevelt 116,000.
Omaha First, second, third, congressmen demoeratic.
Fourth, fifth, sixth, republican.
Chicago Roosevelt's loss of Illinois most surprising re
sult of campaign.
Detroit Woman's suffrage wins in Michigan.
Princeton, N. J. Wilson will go to Bermuda for two
weeks to escape job-hunters?
Chicago Speaker Cannon defeated for re-election.
Phot-nix, Ariz. Constitutional amendment recall of judge
adopted. This exact amendment Taft vetoed.
St. Paul Roosevelt takes Minnesota by 1.500.
Omaha Wilson's plurality Nebr. probably 35,000 brr
head's majority not less than ten thousand, probablv fifteen.
New York Wilson will have 439 electoral votes, Roose
velt 77. Taft 12. Taft worst beaten any candidate ever.
Washington With two democrats from Colorado, one
Nevada, one Montana. Democrats need only one to con
trol Senate, Eight states uncertain.
Chicago Senator Cullom eefeated, also (iamble South
Dakota. Curtis Kansas,
Sioux Falls Roosevelt gets state 5,000.
Chicago Socialists start 1916 campaign tomorrow.
1 if . 1 1'
Members of Methodist Chuich Giv
M Reception to 8. K.
Warrick and Family
Hundreds ot mmbera of the Mei h
odia church and friend thronged tin
parlors of the Drake Tuesday even
In! to Wrl farewell to 8. K. Warri. k
and family before they left for
Scotlabluff to make their home.
At seven-thirty the Sunday school
children stnrlecl coming and thronged
the hotel, arh and every 114 tie tot
anxious to tell their friend, Mr War
riek, that they were sorry to aee
h1m Had hie family go away. The.
older member of the Sunday achool
were there alao, and Mr. Warrick
waa well rewarded for the yastre of
patient effort and work spent In
building up the large Sunday achool.
Mrs. Warrick came in for a good
ahare also of the credit for her work
and aaeiHtanr.e.
During the evening hundred of
Alliance people attended the recep
tion. Muaic whh furnished by an
orchestra. Piano duets were render
ed and vocal muaac was alao given.
Everyone wan well pleased with tho
recent km, and the Drake was packed
Punch and wafers were served in
the dining room by Mra. C C. Smith
and Mra. ('. O. Davenport. It was
delicious The Drake hotel manage
ment were very kind In throwing
open their doors for the occasion and
have the thanks of the members of
the Methodist church.
Mr. Warrick shipped Mb goods
day and ls'atuylng at the Drake.
They vytllj leave KHdas noon foj
Scottabtuff. The Herald Joins Wff'r
many friends in wishing them-soc-eeaa
and prosperity In their new
Piiolo copyright. Ill, by American Press Association
m liliii.
Scarcely wciv the first returns
from the election received ie
fore tlx' wiseacres began telling
how it happened. Speculation
along the line of cause and ef"
Un'i in election results is Inter
voted tlif fusion straight, except
on governor.
We have beard eX'Oovernor
Bhallenberger say be never
ui anything without fighting
or it. It is a tart that political
honors never came to him bv
esUn (to the person Indulging accident, as to some public men.
in it), and if engaged in as an hi.t have always been won by
investigation may be profitable. I sheer force of his Indomitable
The Herald does not undertake (energy and his SO per b ability,
to analyze results at this time, His defeat for the United Stales
and it isn't necessary. Some senate was brought about by I
things about it are so evident as sirange combination, or rather
to be easily seen without analysis by the combined opposition of
The seciaJ interests have had two factions having opposite in
their way at the nation's capital j terest. "Politics m a If e
so long that the people got tired strange bedfellows." It wasn't
of it and decided to have a Chris Gruenthcr ami his friends
change. They didn't want a that defeated BhaUenbcrger, and
change backwards either, that's it wasn't friendship for lit van
evident from the vote given or lack of it. In plain words, it
Wood row Wilsou. was the wholesale licjuor inter
In Nebraska a closer look may ests and the Anti Saloon League
be necessary in order to see the that did it. Take it from us, we
inwardness of the situation. It know what we are talking about,
was easy to see ladore election Had either the brewers or the
that .lolin H. Morehead would Anti-Saloon fstiagnr been favor
be elected governor, it was al able to BhaJlenberger, he would
so easy to see that if the repub J have won easily. He was op-
I leans and in nosers heM together poaed by iath.
on the balance of the candidates In the local election in liox
for state offices, they would be Ibitte county, politics had Utile
elected; but in view of the woHcjor nothing to do witli the choice
that had bono dose by the Onaa- 'hat was math- by the rotera.
ha liee in showing up who oflFbr representative Karl Mallery
the candidates were Taft men J received an overwhelming mu
and WHO for Kxevelt. it was joiity, not because he was a te
expected that they would not be publican oi a mooser. but li
able to hjII the combined vote cause of being a resident of this
of the two parties. It is evident county and his ersonal popular
now that the rank and tile of the ity. Hetween the two candi
voters of the two parties did not 'dates for county attorney voters
distinguish Is-tween the two found it difficult to make a choice
classes ot candidates on their between Mr. Mutton and Mr.
ticket, and for fear of scratching tiilman. Kithet would have
thosr tor wh.o4i tlx wished to .been acceptable, had the other
vote did not scratch at all but been out of the rare U. F.
Gilman, the defeated candidate,
is an attorney of splendid ability
and unquestioned integrity. Had
he been elected he would have
given the county faithful and
efficient service. John Jelinek
was elected county assessor on
account of his ability as an as
sessor, as stated in The Herald
before election. Alliance gave
him a majority and his own part
of the county gave an almost
unanimous vote.
The court house bonds carried
by a small majority. We are
pleased that Hox Hutte county
is to have a better court house
but regret exceedingly that the
matter was decided almost ea
tirely by the vote of this city, in
stead of by the vote of the en
tire county.
Mm. WiniiiK. dnuKliicr of H. K.
Iloou, went to Homier MoiidH.v to
Slav with her husband, who is ha I
hm hay there.
A. Sharer went to llridgepott Mon
day to be KOOe a Week.
I, Hedge i JssM, Nebraska.
TlM Herald's ..oi respondent at tuat
poiut, has beeu in town hi busin -
lor several days. Me made a trip
to Itustoille. NebraHku, the faitl of
Oie week.
Mr, and Mrs. Joq Auderauii visited
friendx m KdKvlUoct the last of Hie
Mra. Mary Kenan has beeu i k
and eoiifined to her home for some
Mra. Kliner f'arauus of l.tnait, VV
oiuIok. waa vstitinic frievda in Alli
ance Saturday. Kroiu Alliance tdie
Hent to eaaierv Iowa to visit relatives.
Superintendent Young Given Grand
Birthday Party Yesterday
by Mrs. Young
One of the most brillian: social af
fairs of the year w:ta the birthday
party and reception riv n by Mm.
Younic to her bsSsSMSj in h StOT of
hle fifty-third biiihday at their home
at 5L'2 Ho.x llutle avenue, yesterday
tbtu ra oa and av atec
.Mr. Young is Keneral superinend
Mkl of (he narttajMsB. with head
uuartera at AlliMnce. and is well
known in railroad circle. Mrs. Young
was Dr. Alice M. Day before heir
marriage Inst January ii Denver, af
ter which they came lure to make,
thlj their homo in March. Since
that time Mm. Young hua been a.
I adcr in Alliance society.
The houiH was decorated with the
Battens! OStani, red, Whte and blue.
A laTge birthday cake, ornamented
uiiii nriy-ihrei rad, white and blue
randies de,M-d.ted the center of the
table. The flowers were red carna
ttona and maidenhair fern. During
the cveiiiiiK and thru tbe afternoon
inuxic waa futulalied by the best mus
ical talent in Alliauce.
KocNiteOU.-. 1 1 -pasi of twelve court
ea waa Served A prominent t.-atuiv
of the din li table waa a young
iu.i-i pig with a leauuat hi its mouth,
r'e.ctures of the lunched were roat
iirrk-. duck ami chicken. Home
uiade pivaerves and jellies. pretarsl
by Mm. Young wer srved. Psn h
wait served by Miss Dorothy HSvith
from a beautiful cut glass puavh
The ladlea atieiiding Were U n .it
in beautiful gowns Mr. Young re
ceived many haudttome presents from
the gueala. his present from Mm.
Yuitng being a beautsful dUuaond
mi. k pin set wuli mi cj noise and
pearls. The eveut was one to be
remembered in Alliance aoc-ieky.
Claude Vaughau and wit went to
!: ranch near Bonner yrraajt.

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