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I When
I Buying
1 Baking
I Powder
. f Fur this is the
baking powder a
S thaP'inakcs the
I baking better."
9 It leavens the II
I tund evenly
throughuul; puns m
Z it up to airy light-
I ness, makes it de- f,
lighlbilly appetit- a)
, ,1.1 ) i. , - v. II ! I '
J 111 I I V. , , IV -. " I I I i
I Kemember, Calu
met is moderate in
price highest in
quality. -
fAsk your grocer for i
Calumet. Don't take a I
J substitute.
WarM'l Pur. ro KMlllw.
ICmci. IHln.l.. Pjf I. lp..li.n.
Franc.. Mirth. IMS.
i. ""V i MR - aftsw v .am
Vou fon 7 Mte money u hen yu 4uj
cheap or tig-can balrinq powder, Don't
he misled. Buy Calu-net. It's mom
economical more uiAoeionM give
hest resuUs. Calumet it far superior to
nour milk and soda.
Alliance Peddlers will give unusual
and new Entertainment to the
Traveling Fraternity on
November 28th.
The first HnntiH. IjhII hiuI feed will
bo given by th Alliance peddlers at
th. Phelan Opem Hons.. Thiirsrin.v
night, November 2H. 1912. Invrtat Ions
nn- now being Issued to nil l lie local
members of the fraternity and ad
mission will be by Invitation only.
Thin In the first time Hint the bojn
have taken it upm theinselvsa to
show wlin I a renl live hunch ol Ne-
hniMk.i trnvelttiK men conhl lo ami
what they won't do will not be
t.-llini; Kven the newspaper ,-rril.e
enulfl not beg. borrow or steal an in
vltation and the best he ould Ret
to Mil exclusive affair MM the prom
ise or a turkey drum stick If hod
keep unlet and not bother.
The music will be something new.
An Italian orchestra of five members
will furnish It Pedro Welcha Ca
POMO will he the director and from
reports given or his proformancos In
the .vk- cities hi the tnctiKlitan
newspapers his bunch will sure be
some winner. He can entice the
sweet strains I'rolll the goddess nf
music without a bit or trouble.
The peddlers will all he represent
ed, so the committee sas, from a
threshing tnaching pedler to the need
ier. All traveling men who are In
town on that date will be Riven the
glad hand and no excuse will he ai
cep'ed for staying away
And the eats wHl be some pickln's.
That swell hamiuet given to the pa
triotlc citizens and fellowmen when
Alliance tried to ge the Normal will
not be in it with this rine. delieioirs,
swell, appetizing, twelve-course ban
quet that will greet the eyes and pal
4Xf.es or the hungry horde when they
Kont themselves with their fellow
gobblers and others to what the
downTall of Turkey, chicken and or
I u k
Kietv peddler will he reouired to
leave his grip and his raz.er at the
Church notes head
llcv. Krs. Monaghan and Brady or
the Apostolic Missionary Hand com
pleted a most successful two weeks
mission at Holy Itosnry Church Sun
day November ::. The rirst week
wan for Catholhs nd the second
week was devoted to our separated
hi' ihem. The church wnts crowded
at all services both weeks and an im-
Illense :.mrimi1 nf unu.t u:iu iiw,m.
worm . t -,- - - -
pushed ur the greater honor a n d
glory or (Sod. Over .".nd went to om
nium Ion during the mission Tor our
own people and a numlier who had
not been to their duty tof years Strata
brought back into the rold. The sub
jects or the sermons during the sec-
ond week were chosen with a it w
or enlightening those outside t h
church on the doctrines and beliefs
or the Catholic Church and creatin-
a better feeling ami bringing them in
closer touch with each other. Coth
Krs. Monaghan and Itrady are rervent
eloipn nt speakers thoroughly devoted
to the work they are carrying on anil
impressed all those who heard and
met them w ith their . al tor souls
Much or the success of the mission
must be given to Kr. Donley and his
assistant Fr. Molony w ho worked ear
If nnd lat . Hood tnusicwas furmsh.
by the choir every evening or both
On last Sunday the holy Name So
ciety was organized Mid instituted by
Pr. Brady and over 100 gave their
names in and took the solemn obli
Ration to give up swearing and bias
pheming for the) future. The follow
ing ofHcers were elected sml Mt'VC
until the first of January next: .las
P.. (5ra. prisident; John Tynan, sec
retary: and John Mreiinan, treasurer.
The Daughters of Isabella are los
ing one ot their nest mourners tins
week iiv the departure Of Mrs. I'red
a v ii.t .i...
.ivoi.e niiisni ...iKing ,, , f(;.s fo ,mv., to Mv(
will be snuelched by a hired squelch- m.v,i,-,
it Sjlill aiijone .aught wearing a dres
suit will he held up to everlasl inn ig
noinlny. It is to 'be a strictly formal
affair with no frills or furbelows.
Among the foreign notables who
have I n invited to attend and who
have acepted will be an honorable
from 0 reere, Russia, Jerusalem, Ire
land. Heroa. C.erinan. and one from
spaghetti land. They will be both
st n and heard on that evening. All
Kr Donley has just completed
new church at Kllsworth. Nebraska,
and regular services will be held
there once a month in the future.
St. Agnes Academy Is crowded with
pupils this year and pariitlons had
0 be put in to make additional dor
mitory room. This worthy Institution
has made remarkable progress in t he
gobblers attending are rcpi-sted to ,,iua four yo.ir;. ,:iI.tilll. it, , btBM
please put plenty of powder on their
red noses and hot to lr. to tH BOO
uieiii and thn e story brick building
6(1 x 100 and t' tore two MsVt had
conspicuous diii io give some or ""lttpTu M MHttOB larger than the
others a i-hartce to be seen a. n d ,.ii,,.,i u-ne ntwtavH ;lnil
....... v.v.... , .
See me before you build.
I can do your work and
save you money.
1 tie committee in charge ol the ar
rangements are the following celebri
ties. Jack llawes. I. K. Schott. Jno.
Saegar and Jack Merry. The diwi-
cili will begin at $:'.'( Voil're on.
a i
Chase l-Yagins is understood to bo
uM-y miiooalj considering the pur
chase of a large banana plantation m
Mexico, which has been offered him
at a low price. Chase, ever since;
his trip south it few months ago, has
DJHQ very much in-terested in that
section of Hie country and since the
war in Mexico has been settled, or
ver nearly so, he has been very
that is s -arcely adequate to accom
modate the pupils. The good sifters
have done and tire QofeaS Ml ItMUeOM
amount of good in training the minds
and ill-arts of :h" young people of
this and adjoining states and ii has
!.. a ireuent!y remarked the dif
ference In Hie deportment of the
fOlini ladi'-s On dOT their charge train
Hio.-e who have not had advantage
of their i: luetice and counsel. V e
predict for this institution great future.
St. Josephs Hospital has been filled
with path nts for some time ast and
much praise has Is'on Riven the sis
ter in charge for I heir care and at
tention to those entrusted to them
or seeking their services. This hat)
seriously considering the proposition a Jon(; fe wan, fn northw(tero
or locating tlieroiuiu eugagmg m uie Nebni8lu, mu mOBt u,Ceptably filled
raising ot tropical fruits. K the suters of st Kr,lM,ls
It Is iKissiblc tout other AUlanci
parties may Invest in the proposition w C. T. U. WILL MEET
fttoo, a local syndicate beinv Interjsl
Horace Hague lias always
Tin- W C. T. C. will meet this af-
ternooB at me name oi .u.
11 " Bruce Wilcox, the land atiorney
Plans & Estimates Furn
ished Free.
Why Not Let Us
Your Patent
We "uianufactuiv under OOq
tract Dies, Tools, Models, Novel
ties and Hardware Specialties
Parts stauioed and former
from Steel, Tin, Brass, Copper
German Silver. Aluminum, etc
at almost Wuiv cost of material.
If you have an idea not per
footed, let u help you. Sfe QM
save you trouble, time and
HI Novilty Mf., Racine, Wis.
1 6th. and Mead St.
proud of the fiict that he has been returned to Alliance Saturday after a
he first one to vote at every elr business u-ip south.
lion in tic first ward tor a number
of v v :u but C. C SmitJi has had
his ey i li top of the column
for BOUie .tine and slipped owe over
on Mr. B -;ite b. K-ttiiK there first
elwiii.ii niorinun Mr Bogu? de
dart . i hat he will never again al
i ki all to happen and that if no;
eeaery he will cimp on the uoorsnep
aft. i this, wait hi k ror the polls lo
op-o. ;
Chadron Happeninfls Always Interest
Our Readers
Baker of Sunthinr Biscuits
We believe that in our
Sunshine Biscuits we
have, without argument,
The Quality Biscuits
of America"
. ....... r-3l&sT'$.
We wish to
prove it
to you
may we ?
. -Ay;
J J y f
Just mail this :
Coupon for Free "Surprise Box"
Looi.Wils Biscuit Companr
J Omaha, Neb.
Please snd me FREE "Surprise
i Box" of assorted Sunshine Biscuits.
J Nam m
J AiJren
I Orocer't Name
I AJJreat -
Two Ford Roadsters, one
Metz and one Cartercar.
Splendid values for the
money. I also have a
mail route to let.
Arier rinding of so many people
in out- town who have been eured by
Unans Kidney Bills. the Question
naturally arisen: "I this mediilne
.,i..:.llv sneeessful in our neighboring
towns?" The generous statement of
this Chadron resident leaves
room for doubt on thi point
umu K.i.-.v 8. -Main
Chadron. Nebr.. says: "l have used
. r Hriium. HUtrh-t plant ehief of Doan's Kidney I'llls on severs, uv-
. asions and I am sure nwi .
Hi.- .'h aka Telephone Company.
ii i, itiiimt-nitlio-' I
.l.i- i . ... n i i to " . J,
wwm i . .11 ii .ii "i s in uirimi i.auM, .a 8jgif symptoms of aisoraereu
ha I
UTtlM the extensive ne8 n(j UR there has been Bright'
n m, being made herv disease in my ramn.v !
generations, I deeiaea io cr,
M In. ni h. an atiey from Kidney WIU. Th,s
uUirn, Nebr.u-ku, was In Alliance) &id ' .i8 to be unenmilled for
KridM) a.: I Satuiduy on legal bus! vi.lnnv disorders."
For male by all dalers t'riee au
I-. Mllliaril Co.. HuffaiO,
m t he
im i v
M. h.
While here lie inapected snu
farm propel i y north or town (or a
c'ieut who is pl.tanUig on pun hating
Mi Miliunh Is Vrr well plasel
with M.. -tern Nehi-asiiu, bolii the Hox
But;. rniMstf land and the land in
the Nor-ii Hlatte vallev.
New York, sole agents for the Unit
ed States.
Remember the Mali
take no other
-Doan's and
An interesting isglit Wednesday
afternoon va a string or wttgons
loaded with potatoes on their way
to be sorted adn slicked and ship
ped to the eaat. Seven loads ere
in t-he bunch. This la gettinK bo
Ik a regular thing in Alliance and
From far away Porto Rico come
reports of a wonderful new discov
ery that is believed will vastly bene
fit the people. Ramon T. Marchan,
of Barceloneta, writes "lr King's
New Discovery is doing splendid
wokr here. It cured me about five
times of terrible coughs and colds,
atso my brother of a severe cold in
his clut and more than -J others,
who used it on my advice. Ve hope
this great medicine will ye! be sold
In every drug store in Porto Rico."
For throat and lung troubles there
in nothing better. A trial will con
vince yoti of It merit. M cents and
$1.00. Trial bottle free. C.uarauteed
by I'red B. Ililsteii.
Advert isemeul
- Qj .
Cluis. M. Phifer went to Newcastle
on Saturday, where he has MCapttsJ
a position.
. A, mBf -
I'.t.r OShea or Scottsbluff. form
erly of Madisiwi, Nelnaskn. I'll
AlHan.e Friday while m his way to
QsUMaHirar. Illinois, on buasneas. He
was a .ompauwd by C I.. Schuler
al-o of S. ottsblufr. Mr. O'Shea is
well rmiutntiul with a Urge number
of Box Unite county residents who
have come from Madison county anu
sett leu here.
Miss Bertha Parkyu. of Cauiou
wjvs visiting fneuob in Alliance Sat
urda and Simd..
Wm. Anderson, who has the con
tract ror hauling the stone for the
Kll pat rick dam. moved on the Mc
Ijcar pliife Sunday.
Ben Nicolal was hauling spuds
rrotn here Tuesday which he had
purchased from hem Duerr, the man
that raises the Big Crop
Cmi Ieir went to MaataM Mon
The rirst snow of the season fell
to the depth of four or five inches
but the crowd cheered, as, with
burned liands. he held up a souaii
round box, 'Fellows!" he shouted.
"this Rucklen's Arnica Salve I hold.
has everything boat for burns.
UUtht! also for boils, ulcers, sores,
pimples, eczema, cuts, sprains, brui
es. surest pue cure, n suouu m-
flaniination, kills pain Only '2a cts.
at Fred K. Holsteii .
Wm. King is delighted with his
brand new Cadillac This car is the
rflM of perfectUiti in the auto line,
IttSBl equipped with electric starting
and liglitlng system. The CadiPac
I.eople hnve equipped their ear with
a 45 h p. motor now, giving It ample
power. This had been the only ob
jeetion to it In the past.
It Can Be Relied Upon
The American Drug and Press As
sociation authorizes its members to
guarantee absolutely Meritol Hair
Tonic. It lias no equal. It is a
wonderful remedy. A trial will con
vince you. W. J. Brennan.
Mails close at the Alliance post
office as follows. Mountain time:
East Bound
11:10 a m. for train No. 44
11:00 p. m. for train No. 42.
West Bound
in. for train No 43.
m. for train No. 41.
South Bound
m. for tiaiu No M3
H:00 p. ni. for train No. 301.
On Sundays and holidays all night
mails close at 6:00 p. m. instead of
1100 p. m 1KA E TASH. P M
1:0 p.
11 00 p.
12:20 p.
West Florida Lands
Small farms, improved and un
improved, easier terms to pur
chasers than rent, crops frown
all the year round. Oranges,
pecans, tigs, corn and cotton.
Healthy climate; tuberculosis,
asthma, catarrh, rheumatism, all
disappear here. Large liodies
of tine timber lands. Kxcellent
mill sites, subdivisions to the
deep water city of Pennsaeola.
Ask us questions, theVtnswers
are FREE, i
; Charter Land Co., Pensacola, Florida
Advertisement litis I Ibt
PalaceShining Parlor
206 Box Butte Ave.
First-class Work for
Ladies and Gents
G. J. CIRNS, Prop.

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