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Largest circulation of
any newspaper in West
ern Nebraska.
The Alliance Herald
21, 1912
Gives all the news of
ox Butte County and
City of Alliance.
Hemingford Citizens File Petition and
Secure Temporary Injunction Re
straining Commissioners and
Clerk from Acting
Copy of Petition Given Here
On Tuesday of this Week IttajM W.
H. Westovcr of ttM district court
grant temporary injunction, on
the petition of Hemingford dtiaena,
n straining the county commissioners
of Hox Unite county fatal issuing
bouala purauaal to the election held
on the 5lh inst. The grounds for
contest are set forth in the petition
of the contestants, the full text of
which is printed below:
In the District Coinl
County, Nebraska.
for Box Unite
NrtitkMl for Injunction.
Theodore Johnson. Ah in If. Miller.
Calvin J. Wild.v. C. A. Hut-lew, A.
B. Clark, and H. L. Hushnell, Haiti
The County of Itox Butte. Sang C.
Reck, Joseph M . Wnnck. Calvin l.
Iloahiiiah, County commissioners of
said County, and Monte S. llar
graves, county clerk of said
county. Defendants.
And now conies the above named
plaintiffs, alxjve named by ". M.
Jodence and W. ("rites, their attor
neys, and complaining of tlie aboe
named defendants and each of them
avers and respectfuJly shows to the
tttr; :
1. Each of saiil plaintiffs Tor
himself avers that he nou is, and
ivr many years last peal has peon
a tax-payer and epinlifieel elector oi
sid county melding at the Villas-
os Hemtacgfard therein.
2. Tiiat the said county, at the
aevaral datea hereinafter named as,
amid -till Is it duly aut horized and
organized county within said Ht.it e
wjid poseeaaed of all of the powers,
functions and franchises of such.
:s. Thai ihe defendant Bang C.
Reck, Joanna m. Wanek sod Calvin
. Ihuiliuiiiii, are now the duly elect
ed, qualifies! and acting county com
missioneis of sail county, and the
defendant Monte S. Hargr:ives is
nw the duly elected, Qualified and
acting oautsty clerk thereof.
4. That on or about the 1st day
of October, A D. i:hl'. the said do
iansjaata Banc c. Keck. Joeepfa m
VSamk and Calvin L. Ilashiuau. while
in stssion as a board of commission
an of said county, adopted a reso
tuLhon purporting to submit to the
eli tor.-- of said county ;it the elec
tion, to occur on the Kth day of
November. A. D. I M 1 1T . which was a
general election Par the election of
nu mbers of congress, state officers,
members of the legislature and cer
tain county officers within snid
auite, a proposition in substance to
the effect: ' Shall the .said Board of
County Commissi oners issue the
'bonds of mid county In ihe sum of
amenity five thousand dollar.-- of the
following denominal ions, viz: seventy
five bonds of one thousand dollars
eaoh, to run for a period of twenty
years from date of Issuance of said
bonds, bearing Interest at the rate
of five per eenl per annum, interest
payable semiannually at the fiscal
agency of said slate In the city of
New V.,rk Said hauls to be htwued
for the inn-pose of erect InfJ, con
st.ruct ing and furnish, ns a court
house fcr the use of said county on
lots twenty-iwo ujjb Sjgsj twenty-
three SSI 1 in County Addition lo ihe
City of .Alliance, in said county ac
cord i h u Ul the recorded plat there
tof. and shall said cotuu'.V" comi.it is
SIOIH1S be empowered to tuak- an
annual levy for a sufficient amount
U pay said Internal and create a
Kinking fund f ir ihe payment of the
. That said purport mI submission
nam named upon the records of said
Board or County Commissioners. Mid
on Hie loth da.v of October, A D
WIS, and not earlier, the saal com
ssjaeronarn canaed notice thereof to
tie published in the 'Allian -e Her
aid and on the Mb day of O toiler.
I'M. ami not aarUer in the "Alii
once Tinier.' " newspapers of anal
county, purporting io submit to the
vol is of said OOUJlty a' the ele -liiMI
to In- held in the several prccin.is
llmielll on the .".III ela.V of November.
A. D. LUIS, at the hour Qfeih(
o'clock a til. and eon t i n ui tig uniil
tin- boar f nig a' 'lock p in of
mad 6th day nf Nnvaailsnr, 4. B
1913, the afomneld ajaaatton that
mid 'AlliiUl.ce Times was published
Keiiii-wecki on Tuaadniy awl Prtdje)
f each week and plaintiff avers on
information and belief, that snid nu
ftjoe was not published in the I'rl
dnv Issue of said newspapir. and post
lively avers that it was not publish
ed therein, in the issue of Tuesdav
: Nov. I, I tlX.
. That on said 5th day of No
vember. . D. 1912, a general elec
tion was held at the several polling
places in said county and in the sev
era! preciecta therein for the elec
tion of members of congress, gover
nor and other state officers, mem
bers of the state senate and house
, of raprmentntlam, and oertala emta
ty officers therein, Including county
attorney, count comminntoner, county
assessor, and other precinct officers.
That the Judges and clerks of elec
tion at said general election acted
as judges and clerks of the election
on said bonds and the same, to eve
ry intent was one and the same
election and held at the same places
in the several Dolling phces, wards
and preejocta, by the same judges
and clerks, at the same time, and
by the same election machinery.
7. That the said count v caused
sample and official ballots for said
general election and said bond elec
tron, to be printed and given out for
the purpose of mid elections, mid
i hey were all circulated and used
side by side and handled and ;in
vn.ssed by tin- same officers and by
the name machinery, that said sam
ple and Official ballots were so cir
culated,, useil and voted in the fol-
l 'w.ivt form so far retauMII "V
sfMd proKed is -nance of Ixmds, to
wit :
ballots, as
and voted
said of f i
any clause
voters at
"Shall the county com in issioners of
BOX Butte, Nebraska, issue the bonds
of said ODUnty ill the stun of seven
ty five thousand ($75,000.00) dollars,
of the following denonitnnt ions, viz:
Seventy dElve bonds of one thouaand
dollars each, to run for a period of
twenty yeam from date of issuance
of i.iel bonds bearing interest at
the ratel oil five per oertbl per tin
num. interest payable semi annually
said interest and principal payable at
the fiscal agency if the state of Ne
braska, in New York City, state of
New York, said bonds to be issued
for the following purposes, to-wlt:
Kor the erection, construction and
f u rn is hing of a court house for Ho
uses of said county, to be erected
and Constructed on lots 89 and in
County addition to the city of Alli
ance, Box Itutte county, Nebraska,
according to the recorded plat there
of, and shall said county commis
sioners be empowered to make an
annual levy for a sufficient amount
to pay mid interest unci to create a
sinking fund, for the payment of the
"Kor the Issuance of Monds . . i
"Against the issuance of bonds. I I
V That the said Official
above set forth were Deed
al said election: that the
del ballots did not contain
by the force- of which tlu
nid election expressed their choice
and will for the b vyiiiK of a tax to
pay the interest on said bonds, but
that part of said ballot providing for
the expression of the choice of said
voters. Mled ta contain an ex
pression or to provide for an
express'"!! of their will that said tax
should be levied and their consent to
the leeytanj of the same
! Thai at said elec tion there was
neat for members of mn gross, state
and county officers as aforesaid, one
thou sand i three hundred ami tblrtj
three ballets and more and a major
lly thereof would be six hundred and
si XI V -sev en vol eg.
B. That on the queaUon of the is
SUattce of said bonds. there wc re
cast at -aid eb-ciion thirteen hun
dred and thirty vole- and more, and
a major:! thereof would be- sis Inn
died sm.v -. vcius that ot the bal
lots mat a' said election "n tha
gueatlon nf the iaauaace ot said
bcincls, l here was actually canvassed
ami onunted one thonaaad three una
died and four vc.'c , sad no moi'e, of
able fa lis hundred and :i;v votes
w are canjrnaacd m being in favor of
Hn Imuanee of - tic.l bonds and sin
hundred Forly-fcKir v ;t -s ware can
vassed as be sjg against Hi UWUaace
of mid hwidn and upon which can
voss and rouM Hie board of county
c anva.--. i s declared Hie propo-iiion
for the hiBunntie of the mid bonds to
be duly carried i ehereae, in iru'h
a-ici in ta-i. i nere vas nit cam a
i majority of ih votum
tio aatnin a of said
here watt not east ,,t
a majority of l wo-thirds
in favor of i be hutuanoi
of said son da; that not withstanding
the fad thai a majority of (be VOtea
cast tit said eleciion on -he guostlon
of the Imuanee or hanoa were not
cast in teVOr the.ccif, the said de
fendMatn, n mch board of county
comniissionei-s, and as such county
c lerk, are aaauming and pretending
that the said pi-oposition for the Is
suance of said Isnids. tor snid p:ir-
pose. was duly can ied at said elec
tion and they are threatening to Is
sue and negotiate mM bonds ami
threatening to proceed to in eon-
tracts for the erection mid t final TtlC
lion and furnishing of a proposed
COUrl house for said county. and
have advertised for bids to 1m- pre
sented therefor, and submitted to
seiid board, by the L'Hth dav of Nov
eratber, A D. Iff, and they will
from year to year proceed to cause
ii levy of taxes to be made for the
.payment of the interest on said
bonds which said levy of taxes to be
made for the payment of the inter
est on said bonds which snid levy if
made each year, will be spread out
upon extended to the real mid ier
sonal property of this plaintiff, taxa
ble in said county and will cloud his
title thereto and unless restrained by
tin- win of injunction they win pr
cead wiih the performance of all of
the roregorng wrongful ami Hlrignl
note, thereby missing great ami h
roparaiiio loss, injury ami damage to
this plaintiff, for which he has in.
adequate remedy by the strict rules
of the OOm mm law, but only in a
court of enmity.
in I Ins plpiiiiiff further avers and
shows to the court upon information
and belief that iluriiiK the day of
said election no copy of the quanting
submitted as to whether the said
board of county coniiiiNsioners
should issue said bonds and levy said
tax was posted up in tiny of the vol
ins places of said county duriiic the
day of said election, whereby the
voters thereat should be notified of
the pendency and consideration of
.-aid proposition.
Wherefore, plaintiff prays judg
ment auainst the said defendants,
and each of them, and their sue
cannon in office, thai they be forev
er prohibited and enjoined from is
suing. ueKotintiiiK or selling said
bonds, in any manner whatsoever,
and from levying any iax to pay the
interest accruing thereon or to pro
vide ;my fund for the payment of the
prlnclpaf thereof, or to carry into
effect any pail or portion of the
mid propositions now wrongfully ami
unlawfully claimed to have been ear-
ried by the voters at said election;
that a temporary Injunction bmue, re-
straining the said defendants there
Iran, dining the pendent-y of this
suit, and that on the final bearing
Ml1 Injunction be made perpetunl
and for such other and further and
different relief in the premises, is
lllit.v be just and BO, Ui table.
Calvin .1. Wildy,
A. M Miller,
c. a Btuiew,
Theodora Johnson,
. K. Clark.
H. L Bunhnell,
Cat Cox,
ll iningford
sheriff, made n trip to
yesterday noon
John i Lucas is PUIing; ins real
dene e lot up to grade this Week.
Karl D. Mallery returned from
business trip up the river on Kriclav
Ih W l I
trip to Uikeside
made a professional
on Saturday
Dr. Botand, of liemlnerford,
an 'Alliance called on Kridny.
Mrs. Ceorge Jones of Denver
been visiting friends in the city.
v Hushnell, of lleiiiingl'oi'd.
Alliance- Saturday on busi-
A. V. Criles,
vV. M. lodence
Attorneys tor
11.1 III M I fl
Mrs. II. K. Iloon entertained a
number of friends at her bolae in
Duncan's addition to a chicken sup
pel given by her daughter, Miss Jen
nie. The supper was uiven as a
tare cvell recept ic.n for Mis. Went
worth, sister of Mis. Boon, who
cated for her during her illne
Mrs. Went worth departed for lioi
home at Craaoo. Iowa, taking with
he- the best wishes of many Alli
ance friends, and well pleased mui
her sister is recovering nicely from
dec Illness, being able noKv to be ai
home and around again.
i.asi week's Herald gave an ex
tended notice of the first annual ball
I lite Allianc e peddler.- i ii v nations
have:: bee li sent out, but Ihi OiMU
mil tec request The Herald ut slate
train v ivk thai it In their dcaure tnat
ever traveling salesman in th?j
pan Of the World who may be so aii
t on una I e a to be away from bona
on Thanksgiving day attend this ball
nnd enjoy the Hospitality of tha Al
ibi nee boys.
Beadera of Tea Herald will ob
serve the remarkable TbnakuglViUg
loanu which the Burlington is putting
ou lor the small sum of fifty oanta,
a baaajnal in fact, lor whic h ordi,. ir
ily several tunes the pri'e per plaie
would be charged. Manager Lock
WOOd explains that as the hotel is
soma dlatuaca from the realdMee
iicsiriii of the oft) he makes the
iri e of the fraal low enounb ; re I
pay Alliance paogle for walking ihe J
extra duitaaee.
was in
Kloyd Warrick, of Scot.tsbluff, slaic
veterinarian, made a trip to Crawford
on SatunUiy.
Kolj' Craliam, of Mall & Craham,
in: id a business trip to Omaha on
Thursday niuht.
Mrs. I-' red lliicke of Hemitmford
was im Alliance several daya hist
w.-ek having dental WOTl dom-.
Mrs. Swltzer of Ite-no. one of Sher
idan county's school teachers, was
in Alliance last l-'ridny and Saturdav.
e a a
Mrs. .1 II Mann, of Undue-port,
litis been Vkrittng har relatives in the
city, tJ. N lloag ami fatnily.
Mrs J. H. McNei's of Alliaue-e, is
here for a vicsit with her son Uoy
and wife. Chadion Chronicle. Nov.
tion of
Nina Boy MO filled the posi
linotype operator for The
temporarily the first of the
A. E. Clark, of Hemingford, edit r
and publishe r oi Th I rfemfttgford
lourivi. was in Allianre- on a busi
ness trip Kridav .
W. C. Mounts now has a force of
Hre barbers employed In his tooaor
ial shop. This is the largest force
c ver employed in an Alliance barber
Chas. C. Jameson, Stsretary e,f
the Nebraska Stixk C.rovve-rs As
sociation, was in Alliance on busi
ness Monday. He returned to Ells
worth the same da.v
. car of bard e ii rnoasved by
.1. II. Vaugliiin A- Boa last week was
epile-kly sn -ipiied up ill ton lots, which
W!UB the la I ganl amount allotted lo
any oim neroon.
s a s
K. W. Hay is buildinn a Large j s
Mence building an the corner of Mon
tana and Missouri avenues It will
be modern and is locate-d on the
quarter-block winch Mr. Hay recent
ly purchaned.
Mike Bhlmefe of
Iran -acting business
first of tin- week,
eity h- favored The
call and
script km
in Alliance
While in
Herald with
w as
sei himself ahead ou sub
tle nry Shiniek and J. M. Woody, of
Marslaud. -topped ov,-r yea tarda
morning to pay their tax, and trans
act a Utile bOS Infill in 'Mitaip'r
They were- returning from Ousihe,
where they look several cai loads of
e little.
Mrs. James Murphy returned to
lor home near I . c k . ,el on Monday .
taking her tittle babe I toil was born
in Alliance. While here sh' made
use of ihe opportunity to attend the
mi.-sion at iioiv Senary naihoUc
Aflci more than a
any , ttenaloni being
-e ver syntmn of Altia
- i oouuoan c -u ngnln
iii. ot Hie city
contract ' was u
K'-r lor a Integral -r
UOTth from Third
year without
made t , tti"
tee, work hat
l Hi,- pjiea
council la-t week a
to Wayne D. Zecp
I The- Laxdaaa ot st Maithews
Qulkl Invite your presence and pat
I rOmUja al The AtLliual Ituzaar Thurs
i IIau ti .
block and a haitl" ..,,.. w,M-n,
atraet, between I Hoinan. Han4-mnde gffta on sale ur
Former Alliance Railroad Man
stantly Killed at Seneca
brother went
last Friday, called
death of a brother.
Alliance for
genie to Seneca
wiih Mr. and Mrs. I.andriunn
Al 1:80 p. in. last Friday Conduct
or Han Met rick fell and was almost
instantly killed. Hetrlck, who was
switching In Beneoa, was working on
the repair track with F'ngincer VV.
U Austin anl FMre'inan H. A (iavin.
They were backing dp very slowly
when the unfortunate man ran in
to pull a pin. The supposition is
that lie caught his left hand in the
c mpler and loll The engineer saw
the light go out and stopped with
one Wheel ou Hetrti Ks liodv . Moth
the engineer and ft reman went back
Mr. Hetrlck was perfectly conscious
calling them both by name, and at
the time had ne pain. To Ynnlinas-
ter MoKelvtn he said, "I don't be
lieve' that car is off of ine yet."
When the car was moved he was e ar-
ried to the ee-Mtt and died ill a lew
The funeral was held Sunday af
ternoon In 1 heclloril, the old home
of both Mr. and Mrs l let rick lly
the t bought fill courtesy and kind-,
ness of the officials here a special.
in charge of Tmlnmaater D. J. .Nei-
son was run to Sionecn i-eiinelay morn
log ami from i in ref to Tnedford
bearing nearly one hundred aorrow-:
ing fellow workers ami frietiels. An-
other incident that shows the Inter-1
st taken by those higher up w as as
soon as the accident Happened a
light engine- in charge of Engineer
licit lien was run front Se-neea to
Thedford to bring some of their rela
tives to comfort the stricken family.
The pall bearers were all road
men: Conductor .Nets fc-derson,
ondUCtor Callander, Conductor Cole
man, I Irak, man Hoy smith. nitiKe- ,
man Frank ';iiiglm and Brakemnfl
Hlckey. A most beautiful lot of
tic wars was sent, by the O. It. C. oi
'Alll:iH'-e. the railroacl men of Seneca
and the citizens Of Seneca llev
Sprague of the Methodist church of
Thedford conducted the services I n
lil within the last year Mr Hat-
rick was a reside nt of Alliance, run
ning out ot here. lien he had a
h an "e to go to Benacn to switc h in
: n be ;it bxane more,
lie taaveg a wife and three ehilel '
en Mr. He trick had been working
nights The morning after tin- gc
e Ideut his four year old boy kept
watching for papa and asking Why
papa didn't come home His little
Sister told n i in papti would never
come hoine The' little fellow ,
thoughl a moment then ran to a
grt)Ui ot men, ami asaci, say, sn
is just joking, isn t she. My papa
will come pretty soon, won't he?"
There was not i Irj eye in the
e rowd.
. e -
Supt. unci Mrs. W'eieleiibainer,
l heir daughter Alma, accompanied by
Miss lb mic e Krldjeibauch, left Turn
lay evening in the W'eideiihamer-'
private car for Denver on a bust
Beam and social trip, Fr m Denver
the y will go lo MCCOOk and W'yinore.
returning via Lincoln. Mr W'eielen
haiiier will attend the fuel .,,..,,i
of the Burlington officials at the dir.
ferent points in Nebraska on this
1 rip.
Itrakeninn Then Bnck and Machln
1st Austin BHm last Sundav (n Sen-e-c
Machinist llnrney EgtHrt is again
very sick at his home In the Berry
I loir .
Engineer Austin and fireman Hav
In of Seneca are laying orr for
few days.
Vault.v Munis, a form
c all boy hee but tiov oh' a ratieti
was in Mliance Monehu
Bleckamlth Ed Morris is the proud
father of a baby boy, which tho
siork left at his home last l-'rldav
Fireman It. F Trenkle went to
Edge-monl Sunday on No. 1.1. lb
said he was going aft--r his trunk
Foreman Erwln and
to Ft. Scott. Kansas.
there by the
Mrs. W'hilesldes. who has been in
the itt nionth. has.
lo make her home
Trainmaster D J, Nelson left Sun
day morning ten- Seneca From there
he went to Thedford to attend the:
Itinera! of Conductor Dan Hetrlck
Engineer Allen Hordon and wife
have the sincere sympathy Of their
many Alliance friends in the death
of their little daughter Clara, aged
s' ven yearn. The funeral was held
in Setiei a last Saturday.
Conductor Forest Hill of the high
line has bee n transferred to Alliance.
He came down Monday. Mrs. Hill
win nei nit-Ae- prj AUamm naual
proves up on a fine Kink aid that she
is holding m-ar Chaxlron. Their time
will be up next February.
The house vv arming in the splendid
new depot in Sheridan bod Satur
day was a so ial triumph for Miose
In charge. The music was furnished
by tlie Sheridan band, .Mayor Kutc ti
er in behalf of the dtlaena of sin-ri
dan and F C I'aul. representing the-
Buaanem Men's ciub, made regy ln
ic resting add! ream . aim n a. supt
I-;, f: Noting and supt. Peckenpankb
in behalf of the company. A de-
ligliiful informal evening ot visiting
and dancing follow, cl
andrigan b ft
home in Sen
charge of g
was for year-
Mr. and Mrs D I
Sunday for their new
a. They will take
hotel. Mr. I.andr: an
one- of the most popular t-ngitice t e
on the C. II. & Q. loiter he was a
member or the Alliance police force.
In all his work he made friends.
Though she has been out of the
weak a number of years Mrs. Icn
drbjaa is an nxnerien nad hotel man
ager and there is go d ;tb: bey will
run ne of the best places yi Seneca.
Herman Uund, who was recently
married, relumed to Alliance Tues
dav after a short honeymoon te"hjr.
Tha e ngine on Hie Denver train
c a in, ei iii with two hot boxen on Its
front truck Monday noon Hoih
boxes were burning fiercely.
.1 it Lane, of aVoUabluff, a prom
iiiein real estate agent and broker in
(hat city, speii some time in Alliance
the rir; ' or the wee k on a big real
cerate eh ai which he is petting thru.
very agreeably surprised to see the
grow h made. The- bono fill crops
r.tiseel lie re make htm N-el very luus'h
sal sfjed with his holdings.
i:d Burllngtan Bob i
kdvertkwmt nl Mtfllll
it. II MevU of Mloatare, one of
Sccns Bluff county 'a h.-, .mi rese
labia growers, was g l!iauce last
Friday i.v.a:: lo c.a,'ract the "ale 61
a e ar Ic. id cm' eiii ns
Mis Sylvia MeKtitiiv returned M
her bome in KortUvnd, Orcsjon, Hat"
urela.v aftar -c six weeks vi.-il here.
She was ac di.pai.aai by her sister,
Mim shiticv Hagatnan. who expects
to ret main them a year.
eiwat. r and Yellowstone XVre I ChrietnUM Cfaie ken pu
sa id elc i i ui
in favor of
b: nds, and I
-aid nlaftket
of the vcile
W'. II. I ai ii ii of Omaha, piano luu j
r w,-l! known in Alliance, has gem) I
doing work here- f r about two tvestska. I
ruaadaj veiling he received n bal
egrtoii from Orkio Brothern Com i
pany. b whom he is employed In I
urn ilia. reoeeeiUin nan to reiurii
soon. He- alred bac-k thai b;s work
beere ivould not permit him to leave
for some time The in xi gsonging
he receiveel vviel from them again
urging htm ie neane nogfi as pos
sible, as thev heeded bis
been spend-
itv'e on. Concert at eigb
i be young ladles buvci
leg ioi or nine masing, an un-iiiciih-
amount or home made- candy
tor this sale If will Is- for sale- at
the "Halsce of ftwneta" b) Lha young
tolies Von Will find every kind of I
1 m is' mas candy.
Car load ou 'nek Holiaiiiler and
Drumhead, good Winter staff. Will
k.ep well. Wll sell for HUM per
hundred from ear, this week only, or
will c!,'iv,r io any part of Ailbsnoa
at H.V" per delivery, any amoiini.
1'i.ot.e orders to Ida.
Uiverttsenici m M I -lit I
A rive
c ai, d at
I hone HI,
A t v n moment
I'ootll I ' i,'e feel- lellt l.ef
seventh and dig lloru.
'oi 1 1.. i ;
Mrs. v. ii Behruag'i repairing,
I'liamigg and pressing busiics-. which
bm been advertised in The Herald,
has ki-owii -o rapidly as le -k.- ail
services I dltkjaasl help aereeaary Mm. Hatlle
O.c-IIH l!i- iM-ell adele-el to the Wolk
bag .'one nf Mis Zehriihg's shop,
having OonMaencerd work for her on
TamdV) of this we-,-k. Mis ((wens
father, Jane- seaman, of York,
Near., will make his home wiih her
ifiis winter. He- ha- been here
the Mb ihivt.
tfttfTJ Bnbblti, formerly in th,- em
plo) of W II. iHahnWl m a painter,
i Mined Sane!. i. norniiig from liraiid
baUaad and has accepted ptailtlon
as brake-man, making his first trip
Tuesday. He has been Cfarbag IbW
the I'tiioii Pacific out of Bread is
land since tile- tirst of September
s a a
John like, of Clinton, Iowa, is in
Milan c- look hag i ' i lis ial an three
miles want of town He baa a half
section which he lots owned tor four
yeem Ha ha not seen Alliance
during 'hat lenglh of time and was
l ive litllr Santa Clauses knocking
on your door !
"Shop now," triey cry, "for soon
we'll le hut lour."
So Are the Toys. Buy
Those Christmas
Things Today

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