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Mat. Historical Society cp
Gives all the newt of
Box Butte County and
City of Alliance.
The Alliance Herald
Largest circulation of
any newspaper in West
ern Nebraska.
Joe Bills Raises and Fattens 300 Pound
Fat Hogs on Box Butte Corn.
Sell for $7.60 Cwt. '
Interesting Reminisences
i ' 5 ; i :v' ' -MTrfi
A Few of the Fat Porkers
On Friday, January ::rd. Joseph properly. They can be marketed at
Bills, who lias a large ran h and a priee ranging from 50 cents to $1
farm about five miles south and east per bushel. Two or three crops of
of Alliance, shipped to Denver a j potatoes will enable a man to pay
carload of 70 fine, fat hogs. These for a fine little home here, while
hogs welshed an average of 300 the farmer in eastern and southern
pounds .each. They were far super- states would be working from throe
ior to the alfalfa fattened hogs of to five times as long perhaps tori t;- ,
Colorado, and s.ild in fifteen mlnutnier, .
after being on the market, for $7.t0 "I shipped four ai loads of choice
per cwt., topping the market. I cattle to the Allen Dudley Couinils-
All of these lios were raised and slon Company of South Omaha re
fattened on Mr. Bills' farm. It took tently They netted me a good
anon I .three months to fatten them. I priee. We can raise just as good
Tha pictures shown herewith show grass fed cattle here as can be
he hogs fm ding and five wagon raised anywhere else. The grass in
load on Box Bu'.te Avt nue. AHi- this section of the west is very nu
ance, cool haS Into town to load M;e j trltlous and fattening,
car. Mr Bills is standing on the! "America iB very different from
from wagon the phi, . I the old country. 1 was apprenticed
In ;. inter-, a v Mr. Bills i flic j when a boy for four years to learn
Herald reporter his views cf farm-' the carpenter trade over there. My
1::, Stock rais'i:., and the Chan esi father had to pay fio to get. me
for making a emd livir ; an:l snvlne; started and he also had to furnish
in Box Butte coanty. His reinlnls- my bed. My mother had to do my
censes are very interesting and tell washing every six weeks and I had
of early days in Box B ttte unity. to walk twenty-six miles through the
Mr. Bills said, "Hot raising in snow to get the washing home.
northwestern MohrsslM is far super "When I go: to be IX years of age
lor to that of the eastern nud south-1 Prince Henry wanteil me for a re-
ern stales for several r.asons. There . cruit for his army. I de'lded to
is no hog cholera or Other dlasttae fool him, I went to Branchovan and
here. It does not require any mare gave a man tea dollars to lake DM
land than elsewhere where land cut five milts on the water to a
c.ost.s from $lat to 2on per a r sailing vessel which was going to
while good land can be purchased I America. My fare cool DM $22 and
here for per acre. Hogs can be board an the ship. We had some
raised in thi rrgion with less ex , very hard storms. We landed in
pense, less work and less capita,) Baltimore. Maryland. I worked there
than in the neighboring and eastern awhile and in Ohio, from w o re I
states. Tin re too mu h ol the haul went to southwestern Kansas. I
earned profits are squandered for went west as far as lirnett, which 1 fun and enjoyment after the busi-
something thai will realize nothing in was the terminus ai that time of the n ss had bet n transacted.
return. Of course our land here is old Santa Pe railroad. I walked 26 A lumber of new candidates wen-
to miles west from I -a met t and struck initiated into the order and speech-
is made by several of the uiembeiv.
ans from stealing them. I was arm
ed with a couple of bIx shooters so
that when the Indiana came I had
to fire twice as a. signal. The buf
faloes came to water in the after
noon about three o'clock. The hunt
er would shoot them for their hide
and a little of the meat, which was
sun dried and sent to Kansas City,
1 saw all kinds of wild game. We
took our seven wagons full of buf
falo hides and dried meat and start
cd for Kansas City. When we got
there they sold the meat for eight
Cents per pound and the hides tor
from four to five dollars each. These
hides would be worth a great deal of
money now.
I left then and wandered about
through Tennessee, back up to Iowa,
and finally wound up at Pawnee. Ne
braska, where I heard of Wymore,
which was the new division point on
the Burlington. I built the first
house in Wymore in a corn field. It
was for Sam Wymore,' who has been
dead many years. I stayed there
for six years and after wandering
around through Wyoming for some
time struck DouglaB juet as it was
starting. 1 had to pay eight dollars
a day for poor board and slept with
rattlesnakes for bedmates. The town
of Douglas was built in ten days. I
then went to Fort Robinson and
helped build the officers' quarters.
"Prom Port Kobinson I went to Al
liance, which was to be the new
division point. 1 went to Brand
Lake. There was nothing there but
tents. 1 bought fifty dollars' worth
of ship lap. tar paper and a cook
stove from Otto Kelt li son and hauled
it to the place where Alliance now
stands. I then built the first house
in Alliance. 1 stayed here and work
ed at the carpenter trade while the
town was building. Helped build the
high school house; Pletcher build
ing, Norton building, Opera House
Mid a lot of buildings that were burn
ed up at the time of the two big
fires here. However, some of my
work is still standing. I made store
fronts for Newberry, Norton and
pletcher, I also made furniture
from rough w od-s, one lutercstlcc
piece being the Alliance National
Bank counter, which was made from
rough Missouri walnut which cost
lno per thousand feet. The freight
made it cost $20 per running foot."
Mr. Bills has accumulated a good
sized chunk of Box Butte county
laud since Fettling hero and ;s m t
ins a success of fanning and ranch
ing. His success with hogs shows
w hat can easily be done h pr iper
met hods.
R. R. Dept. Interested
Railroad Department of the Interna
tional Committee of Young
Men's Christian Asso
ciations take
Dr. AUce M. Day Young has been
In correspondence with a number of
parties outside of Alliance who
should be Interested In the new Y.
M. C. A. building for this city. Pol
lowing is a letter received todny in
reply lo a letter addreesed to the
New York headquarters of the
Young Men's Christian Association:
St. txnits, January 16, 1913.
Mrs. K. K. Young. Alliance, Nehr.
My deer Mrs. Young: Your letter
of recent date nddroeeod to Mr.
Lncien C. Warner, New York City,
has been referred to me as traveling
railroad secretary with a relation to
some of the roads In the west.
We are very much interested In I
The Biggest Ever
Athletic Entertainment
Odd Fellows with Families and F,r oy' Big Athletic Entertain-
Peddlers Have
Enjoyable Time
Western Nebraska Traveling Men
Enjoy Themselves at Regu
lar Monthly Meeting
The Peddlers, the new trawling
men's organization with headquarters
it Alliance, in: at the I. O. . P.
hall on Saturday evening and spen'
an evening of pure, unadulterated
Friends Meet In Grand En
tertainment and In
The installation of the new offi
cers of the L O. O. P. No. IBS, lo
cated at Alliance, was made by
Onuir C. Strong, of llemlngford, DIs
trict Deputy Grand Master, at the
ball Tuesday evening. The ele five
officers who were Installed are:
Charles .leffers, N. O., Lincoln l,ow
ry, P. O., II. II. Brandt, V. Q., A. 3.
Macy, Secretary, and J. H. Denton,
Over two hundred people wci
present In the hail, which was filled
o overflowing. After the installa
tion ccremonrtes, which were very
Impressive and In which (Band .in-i
tr Strong was assisted by a number
of the Brothers from llemlngford, a
the organization of a Railroad Young j PW. consisting of speeches. d
Men's Christian Association for your
community SOd I hope that your ex
pectations and desires may be real
ized. I have an cngngeemcnt next
week with Slate Secretary ItaMey
of Nebraska who has had this mat-
tor upon his heart for some time.
We shall talk it over and probably
at an early date either Mr. Bailey or
nivself will plan to visit Alliance
aim I want to assure you tli.it
in this connection we shall certain
ly get In touch with you.
You will be Interested to know
that qtrlte a number of the various
Itailroad Young Men's Christian As
sociations scattered throughout the
country are in existence today be
cause some good woman appreciated
the importance of making some pro
vision for the railroad einiih
were spending much of tin Ir time
in saloons, pool halls, etc.
Under seiutratc cover we are send
ing you some pamphlets relating to
.'he work of the llallroad Young
I'tjjl'e Christian Associations which
may he of special interest to you I
wish you would examine with care If
you have time the lititle pamphlet
which describes the Association at
Helper, 1'tah
With appreciation of your kind
letter and assuring you of our Inter
est in the matter that Is upon your
heart, I bt g to r Mia in,
Yours very truly.
A. 0. KNKBKL. Itailroad Secy.
alogues and music, was enjoyed.
After the program the hall was
filled with tables and the banquet be
gan. The orchestra played a nuni
ber of choice select lone of musk'.
When the tables hud been cleared
speei lies were made by a number of
i lie lodge members of Alliance and
Tjy a number who were visiting. A
flash light picture was taken by Ml.
(Irebe and all went to their homes.
feeling that this woe the best enter
tainment ever given of its character.
State Apportionment
of School Fnnds
December Apportionment of Funds
for Schools of the Stats
Amounted to
County Superintendent Delia M.
Ueed has divided tho December
I .V.- -w--... . .
j state apportionment of school funds
j for Box Butte county among the
districts entitled to receive I lit same
and sent out notices lo school dir
jeclors last week. Nebraska has at
fine school fund lo be divided twice
j each year among the schoc'.. of the
! state, amounting to n-arly two-thlnls
Of a million null.. i per annum, The
'amount appor' ioned to Box Butte
! county la $ 1 .744 :D. To this is tidd d
Hie sum of $745 00 from other sou re-
The marriage of Miss Pearl Hillls ; '""king the total amount to be
to Mr. Henry Patrick Toohey wa8 apportioned by the county superin
-olt unitized by itev. Pr. Donnelly d pendent $2.48!.1)Q.
Holy Rosary chafed Wednesday j n. list of the districts of
morning. The bride was beautifully iox ,,u,, county entitled to a
attired in a while messallne bridal "'""'" In the D eii.b. r apportion-net. .
ment st Opera House, Fri
day, January 17th
Kverybody come and bring your
families. It will lie Tor ladles us well
as gentlemen. There will be quite a
number of boxing and wresrtltng
matches, and as the Indies and child
ren don't have the opportunity of
seeing an exhibition of this sort very
often, let them come and enjoy a '
nice evening's entertainment. There
will be any amount of hletlc fonts.
such us clmlr and barrel Jumping.
hand springs from different positions
ami mat work of all kinds. -Among
the most Important features will be
Frt.r k Carter ami Jack Klaiwin. two
aspiring heavyweights. In a fle
round corniest. Un Pllkinglnti and
l. P. Large will go four rounds.
These two men have given several
exhibitions In Alliance, and their
services are in demand quite Crs
quently Then, there will be a three,
round go by D. P. Zedlker and Prank
Hart, two good boxers who oan ghe
n good account of (themselves. Wm.
Monier and 5us Poterson will give a
wrestling exhibition They, too, have
appeared before the public several
limes, and are good ones. Ward
Hall and Clarence Schafer will also
do the wrestling stunt. They are a
pair of small boys, but exceptionally
strong, and will interest you. Be
tween all of these contest there
will be athletic feats of all kinds.
tJeorge Nation will appear In some
high kicking him) will also do a very
high barrel Jump that is out of the
ordinary. H. P. Ijarge will do a per
ilous leap, head foremost over a row
of chairs, lighting on his head. This
is a feat that would make Mat Oay
sit, up and take notice. P. H Noh
will give an exhibition on the paral
lel bars. Quite a number of the fire
boys not mentioned above will take
pari in minor events too numerous
o mention. We have Nicholas Bchi
folio chested wore ways than 'a farm
er can whip a mule. The proceeda.
will go toward sending a delegation
to North Plaite January -1st to at
tend the Plremen's Stale Conven
Htm. Kverybody welcome, and don't
forget to bring the family. Admis
sion, main floor 50 cents, balcony
cents. ;
not so valuable when H 'Ollles
selling il. hut we raise just as much a buffalo hunting outfit going west,
good corn here as was raised in I r j! a Job night herding with them
eastern and southern Nebraska. Our at Jl'.I per month. Saw nothing but
staple crops here are corn, wheat,
spi lt, oats, barle.N ami potatoes
ho' winds and swarms of grassJiop
pi US thai darkened I lie sun
principal crop t lie wind didn't blow they
"Potatots are the
in this county. The funnels raise drop to Hie ground and pile up knee
all the way from to 9M bushel" deep on a horse.
per acre, depending upon the work All I had to do at night was to growing and will be a power in Us
they do and their ability to farm watch the mules to keep the Indi- field.
Before the refreshments were sen
d a boxing contest was furnished by
two of the leiding fire department
When b:,xers, who acquitted thelliselve-,
would nobly in a fh c round bout.
The organization, which was badly
nttded in this section, is rapidly
I'&mhLL JLV 1 i?r -"85
-own. with bridal veil, carrying
white roses. The grtom was dress
ed in conventional black. The Im
3rcive Catholic wedding service,
during which the beautiful ring cer
emony was observed, made an im-
ipression on the many friends who
I filled the large church, that will be
rcmoJubeivd for many years. Mr
lobfl Burke actetl as best man and
J Miss Klva Ilillis, sister of the bride.
Im bridesmaid. She was attired in;
i I . : ' . Ill 1MI lullllA l . tun
mi . - . i a pj i r mm .
A fiv;.' course wedding breakfast 1
us served to the bride and groom
and sixlien guests, who were prea-
Bt b invitation, ut the Triplet i
home, after Hie ceremony. The hap
py couple were escorted to the noon
train by a large crowd. They d ;
parted for Denver, where they visV
cd until this evening with re Is lives
of Mr Toohey. Prom Denver they i
'iu lo Kansas City and easti in points.
On their honeymoon trip they will
visit with relatives of the bride ai
Pacific Junction, loam. Mr. T il
Hillls, father of the bride, came to,
AIMHiice from Pacific Junction for (
In ceremony The announcements
UnU' ilr.it the couple will lie M home
in Alliance after Pebruary 15th.
i Miss Hlllis has lived in Alliance
for some time and is w II known ami
'jSUtOJ in society here as at Bur '
. Iluvton headquarters, where she has
! ejtpahly filled a responsible position
I Mr Toohey has a host of fr.eitds in
I the city. He holds the important
M-siliou of manager of the Western1
!et graph Pnion at Alliance.
with the amount eweh will receive
Dist. No. Aim. Dist. No. last
1 $ :il.4L' 36 10.H2
'I Htf.Oo .1$ la4".
:i IB.06 HI 27.70
4 25. 86 41 28.:i
25.88 42 22.15
1.073.01 45 ... 24. imj !
4.1.45 It; 21.22
B) ::4.2i 47 fthtt
11 20.1 48 12.47 1
12 20.52 4! ... 20 !0 !
U 2.8:i 50 13.82 i
14 . . 25.8l 1 .... 2X ; j
15 2 !.0 52 18.45
Ml ... 2I .2J M 26.7H
17 ... 2ii. 7 68 ;:ii.il
18 M 67 14.74
20 (MS 68 25.85 j
21 2;.7! He .... 2122
22 .... 2I.:M 72 ... 17.09 !
23 ... 10.60 76 26 78 !
25 ... 2V86 78 24 3
27 .... I8 60 7h l'J.37i
28 .... 2.f.6 HO ... 13.82 1
15 25.86 81 36.85 '
If, . . . 25.86 2 14.31 '
31 .13.26 121 P.t.86;
3J 20 31 125 10 37;
34 ... 24.S4
J. B laicj s has resit led as d . ,
iity stsarlff to accept the p.isitiou of
James Prancls O'lmnnell. mono
logue a tor with a record of nfteeii
years on the American plutform. will
appear at. Hie Phelan Opera House
im Thursday, January 23rd for the
heneflt of Holy Rosary church. Mr.
tPDonnell Is without a peer in his
profession and he will be heard by a
large crowd. See the announcement
elsewhere In this issue.
i.iaiinger of the
urds .it AlHonce
C. H. Perrls, proprietor of the Or
iental store, Lincoln, who is a broth
c of Mrs. K Simmons, urriveti in
A 1 1 1 it n - jmaterday. bringing a large
il M rtnient :f Oriental ami funcy
;cot!s wh' h are being placed on
sale tit the Simmons store, us will lie
seen by the advertisement In this
ssue of The Herald Mr. Perrls
li 1- been in Alliance before and has
Judge W. S. IDlgell. who lias
Nebraska, received a wire yesterday
from tjoveruor .Moreht-ad ask In: him
to come to Lincoln. This looks very
much Bke an appointment
. 11
The fire department was called
out at l::hi this afieruooii to a fire
at tho rear of 522 Box Butte Av.
Hut a -.he- bad bet 11 thrown near a
frame, shed, wnJch was burning
fiercely when discovered, fanned by
Burlington stock . Iht, vt . na w wUk.h )tad
His reaignatlon b,H. blowing.
Bills and Five Loads of the Hogs- Photo by Grebe.
.4.. ....... ..1. lan . 1. .. . ......
as . 1 1 . 1 nuei'ii iihii enec. itita t
day and ho will begin atdJng as
stock yarils manager Saturday. D.
, ilavie.M who ha tteell manager of 1 lie 1
i stock yaids will go to Joneslmrough, i
I'huois, and engage in furmiug
Sheriff Cox lias appointed Jas Mil
ier douty ti fill Hie position made
vaxaut by Lucas' resignation
Ixn't tail to see Clifton Mallery
D. L. Wells will lecture at the
Crystal Saturday, on "Convict Life,
in Ohio Penitentiary." Has only
pictures ever taken in a penitentiary.
Mrs. Carrie Lore goes to Ikmver.m Ihtvkl Oarrkk " on January 20th.
tonight for a week's vlsK with with a company of nil e people Klks
friends. ! t.'ouree.
The department arrived in time
to proven: a serious bla.e, on which
water was being throwu by pontile,
w ho were Uviug nearby.
wi s 1
Owing to delayed train service
the story of the life of Wuodrow
WlbMiu will not begin in the tleraid
until next week Watch for H.
Important spesial sales advertised
In this Issue.

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