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Gives alt the newt of
Vox Butte County and
City of Alliance.
The Alliance Herald
Largest circulation of
any newspaper In West
ern Nebraska.
Alliance Firemen, Accompanied by Visi
tors, Attend Annual Convention
at North Platte.
Biggest Ever, Weather Ideal
Mrs L. K.
Cox, expe. ts
hospital the
has been in
Cox. wife of Blacksmith
to be able to leave- the
last of the week. She
the hospital about ten
Qvery Alliance citizen take pride
In her fire department. The reason
for this is that It is their duty and
their business to protect the lives
; nd property of our people. The
nupport given to
partinenl by the
Is largely responsible for the excel
lent standing of the department in
the State Association. This article
la written from North Platte at four
o'clock Tuesday afternoon. We write
it fully because we believe that you.
the readers of The Herald and the
members who had to stay at home,
wish to know what your representa
tives do. I am going back to I a si
Friday night and tell you first of the
athletic entertainment, pulled off by
the special committee, composed of
Pilkington, Hand, Atwell, Iarge and
Rebester, and other willing ones who
helped to make H a success.
It takes money to go on a trip of
this kind, so the boys arranged some
thing that had never been attempt
ed before in Alliance. It was a com
bination of boxing bouts, wrestling
matches and difficult and dangerous
; thletic stunts.
The house was packed and the en
tertainment started at 8: .10 o'clock.
The program ran as follows:
16 man hand stand.
2 man pyramid.
Boxing bout between Hart and
Zedtker of three rounds. Welterweights.
Hand springs from stand, Snyder
Pox. Zediker. Hall and La
was the stand.
Wrestling match between Hall
('hair dive. Very dangerous,
i-iirge. Nation and Snyder.
Iloxine bout between Roland
Schafer. Made a big hit.
High kicking by Nation and Large.
Wrestling match between Monier
and Peterson. -Strenuous and made
a big hit.
Hoxing bout between Large and
Barrel Jumping by Nation. This
was not finished on account of the
'art that he was overworked in the
earlier pait of program.
Boxing bout between Johnson and
Klassin. Comical at times but a
contest that caused intense inU-r.-M
A boxing contest by Pilkington and
Large, as well as a number of ath
letic stunts by other members, fur
nished interesting amusement. The
delegates and visiting delegates then
went to the private car.
A merrier, happier and better man
nered bunch of live fellows was nev
er thrown together than we have
this excellent de- ! here. Every one of them is an A
people of Alliance Number-One fellow, with the beat of
habits and the manners of a gentle
mam. Our happy family consists of
Pilkington, Spar lit, Romig, Reiser,
Snyder, Ridgell, Guthrie, ljalng, Has
kins and your scribe from Alliance.
Alexander, Rodgers, Wagner, Bohn
ert, Carlisle, Scofleld, Rhodes and
Vanderburg from Scottsbluff; Ed
wards and Ewing from Mitchell;
Mote, White, York and Gray from
Chadron. Barnum from Rushvllle; El
liott, Ralney and Bergman from
Crawford. Everybody bad a good
sleep after leaving Alliance at two
o'clock last night, until arrival at
North Platte at 8:46 this morning.
We were met by the famous North
Platte band this morning and were
escorted by the North Platte delega
tion to headquarters, where we reg
istered and received our tickets and
This afternoon we (1 mean the 260
delegates who are here) were taken
out to the famous home of Buffalo
Bill (Colonel Cody) about two mile
from town. He calls the ranch,
which contains U.iiOO tteras of Irrlgn!
ed land, "Scout's Rest Ranch". It
is wonderful. We were also shown
over the town.
An auto load of "we-uns", con-
Istlng of lllklngton, Romig, Spacht
and your scribe, was taken by C. F.
Temple, who Is a leading member of
the North Platte department and at
whose offices we register, was taken
to see the State Experimental farm
three miles from town, across the
! South Platte river We enjoyed this
trip immensely. Alliance and Box
! Butte county would certainly be ben
i etitted if we had a farm of this kind.
I it contains six sections. We were
! shown hundreds of head of cattle,
j hogs and horses, all being fed scien
tifically and in different ways to de
! t ermine the value of certain kinds
of feed.
The federal building at North
Platte, which cost 1 00,000, interests
us Immensely. If North Platte, which
fireuiens convention aal two
Klassin. with his good reputation and , is very similar to Alliance, can have
fine work, was cheered time and a building of this kind, why cannot
again. Johnson brought the house to 'Alliance have the same?
Hs feet many times by his fast and Alliance has been signally honored
clever boxing. He has been through j by the appoint incut of Chief Romig
many bouts and when a soldier at to the position of state deputy fire
Fort I). A. Russell at Cheyenne had j commissioner by Judge Ridgell. who
a big reputation. He made a very j has received the appointment 'jf fire
.lean record as a soldier during his J commissioner and who Is with us
army term, never chewing tobacco, here.
smoking or drinking. loo more delegates arc expected.
The department cleared a profit of i This will be the biggest convention
7:s .25 on the evening entertain j ever. The weather Is ideal. The
ment and desires to thank the peo-j clean, inter sting and varied forms
Miss Mary Regan Is able to at-
'eml to business as manager at the
Stuckey store, after an Illness of
several weeks.
which will be given by the 1 -a 1 1 n
Olub of the High school. Friday ev
ening. January :ilst
H. 8. Morris of Bitot, Wis . who
lias been visiting his brother, A. S.
Morris, has terminated his stay in
Alliance and gone to the coast.
Charley Snow was in from the
ranch a couple of days this week, on
Uncle Thomas Strupper, who is a
veteran of the Civil war and resides
at the National soldiers' home at
Hot Springs, 8. '!., visited with Alli
ance friends Tuesday and Wedncs
day of this week.
A. K. Wilson Informs The Herald
that the suit which has been pend
ing in the supreme court, involving
the title to his fine farm west of
Alliance, has been decided in his
favor, so that he now has not only
one of the best farms in the county,
but as good a title to M as any man
could want.
Chas. Wr. Ixxkwood, one of the
leading business men of Hemlngford,
was in Alliance on business a short
while Tuesday.
Mrs. A. S. Enyeart and Mrs. Luke
Phillips of Hemingford were shopping
In Alliance last Friday.
v i i
James Whitaker of Canton, and
James Lovell, J. B. Scan Ion and C.
11 Henderson of Curley composed I
party of Sioux county homesteaders
who made finml proof on their claims
before the U. 8. land office at Alliance-
on Tuesday.
The Alliance Cleaning Works Is
standing up for Alliance by securing
business from neighboring towns. C.
M. Keeley makes a trip each week
to Mainland to take aiders for and
deliver work.
Miss Edna Duncan departed last
week for Gymou. Oklahoma, where
she will visit with friends for a IV -weeks.
or, Mrs.
and visiting
A. D. Snow.
with his moth-
Mel vln Hale Is expecting his moth
er, Mrs. Laura B. Hale, of Sioux
City, to arrive tomorrow for a visit
with him. Mrs. Hale Is a pnnninein
W. C. T. V. organizer In the slate
of Iowa, and will no doubt, be a
source of inspiration to that society
while in this city.
MrB. F. W. Iester rcr-ied a t(4e
gram this morning from her husband
at Seneca asking her to come there
and spend three or four days with
him. He is buying horses there and
expects to remain till he secures a
couple of car loads. MrB. Uwter left
on 44, accompanied by her grandson
m w m
Rev. C. H. Burleigh, pastor of the
M. E. church at Marsland, formerly
editor of the Hemingford Journal
passed through AlJIance on 44 today
with his wife, who Is in very poor
health. Three weeks ago last Satur
day night Mrs. Burleigh had a par
tial stroke of paralysis which came
near being fatal. She has partly re
covered but is still very feeble. Mr.
Burleigh was taking her to lakeside
Coming Into Its Own After Facing Bitter
Opposition and Unjust
This Paper Has Many Friends
agement never was large but their
position was such that, with the com
bination that was formed, their oppos
ition seriously afferted the business.
In fact, to be frank, they nearly ac
complished their purpose of driving
the paper out of business or com
pelling It to change hands.
to be
with relatives there for n
The writer is beginning his fifth
year as editor of The Alliance Her
akl. It has been our endeavor to
give the people of Alliance and sur
rounding territory a clean, lo'iil
newspaper, distinctly progressive in
politics, and without sectarian prej
udice In matters pertaining to mor
als. Durlna the nasi four year the
laper has, with one exception, sup- The Herald Is not for sale and it
ported the democratic nominees for I not expected that any change will
state, national and congressional of be made ki editor soon It is plnn-
flcea. On account of The Herald's nod now for the editor to OOCOp the
aggressive progresslvelsm under its position for four years longer at
present editorship, It soon eticoun- least.
tered Intense opposition from a m- Things are coming our way. With
binatlon of standpat republicans and in the last few month the Alliance
reactionary democrats. Had we city council voted to make The Her-
becn trying to find a town of the aid an official paper again. As will
same size In Nebraska where a ;be Seen by the minutes of the coun-
srtronger combination of this kind 'y commissioner' proceedings in this,
could be forme than In Alliance, we Issue, this paper again becomes one
probably could not have found It. of the official papers of the county.
Judging from the experience of after being deprived of the privilege
. . . 0 4 . 1 1
men who had encountered t tie same lor some ihiib. as win u seen oy
kind of opposition on a larger scale-. notice in this issue, this paper will
men such as W. J. Bryan, Woodrow be given a share In the final proof
Wilson, Robert M. . Follette, we notices whkh are published In Alli
knew that we would come out vie- ance during the balance of the prea
torlous if we could atand the strain ent register's Incumbency. After
till the tide turned. But to stand that well, we will see about that
the strain, that was the rub. The later. Under the bitter and persrst
general public honor those who ent work of those who were trying
stand unflinchingly for the rights of to crush The Herald, the subacrlp
the common people, but popular re- j Hon list slumped, but it has been
sponse Is often slower In coming coming up nlceliy for some tbne.
than the opposition of those whojljiM. month the net Increase In the
stand Tor special privileges. The number of subscribers waa, we think
number of those who have fought I without counting, about ten per
The Herald under the present man- cent.
Retiring Chief
sloner of
pie of Alliance who
and nobly assisted by
so generously
their presence.
Monday noon delegates began ar
riving from Scottsbluff, Mitchell.
Chadron. Rushvllle and Crawford, i
They were met at the trains by a i
delegation of Alliance firemen who j
escorted them to the special car
which had been reserved, where
they deposited their grips and val-
ises. They were then taken to the
de part men i headquarter in Hie city
The Alliance Fire Departme nt was
given an opportunity at noon to show
their work by a fire call. A coal
and storage shed on the Horace ;
Bogue residenc e property at H06 '
Cheyenne avenue, in which was mut
ed thirty gallons of gasoline, caught
fire from hot ashes. The depart men i
was compelled to run for eleven
bio. ks with tin heavy hose and lad
dr trucks. In spite of the fact that
there was imminent danger of an
explosion from the gasoline. Fire
Chief Komlg personally stood at the
head of his men and directed their
work. In a fe m minutes after th
department arrived the fire was ex
tinguished and part of the shed sav
ed. Mr. Bogue carried insurance
amounting to $X5 on the' building.
The visiting delegates were enter
tained at a snicker and banquet Mon
day evening at headquarters. The
members of the department who
gave the athletic entertainment
were also honored guests. Music
M kindly furnished by the Alliance
brass band, who have the (hanks of
the department for their services. At
10 p in. the banquet was given, af
ter which interesting speeches were
made by Guthrie, chairman, Chief
Romig. who gave the address of wel
. ome. President Spacht. Messrs.
"jdng, Hand. Ridgell and Supctse.
Among the visitors who spoke were
Mayor Alexander of Scottsbluff, who
responded to the address of welcome,
Messrs Baskins and Scofleld. Ewing
of Mitchell, Mole of Chadron, White
of Chadron. and Barnum of Huh
of entertainment furnished by the
North I'latte department is receiv
ing a great deal of commendation.
This c i en lug at 7:30 the convention
will be called to order and the first
session held.
C. M. Carey of Lakeside came to
Alliance on 411 Friday on business, re
turning home the next day on 44. lie
informed The Herald dint he re
c ently took the contract to bore ten
wells and put up ten windmills for
('(arley Tnlley on the U Cross ranch,
forty-five miles northeast of Klls
woi th.
T. H. Hlllts of Pacific Junction,
Iowa, who attended the wedding Of
his daughter Pearl in Atliance lasi
week, called at The Herald office be
fore leaving for home last Friday
and ordered his native placed on the
subscription list for .he paper the
coming year. Miss Klva Hillis re
mained in Alliance for a visit with
friends till ill's week
A regular meeting of the P. K. 0.
in. t Monday afternoon with Mrs. F.
A. Hlvely. The regular Bayvie-w
magazine lesson was taken up, af-
Deputy Fire Commis
Nebraska Issues
Annual Report for 1913
One or the last official acts of Hon.
C. A. Randall, chief deputy fire c oin
misfioner of Nebraska nuclei die
Aldric h admlnistrnti n, was to it- MM
the fourth anuual report of the of
fice, it contains a large amount of
interesting ami valuable Information,
but some of the da a Is Incomplete.
In the list or fires, by towns, from
Dec. It. 1H. to Dec. M, 1812. Alli
ance is omitted, although we had
quite a number or riies during that
time. Omaha had the largest num
ber, "iii"; Lincoln comes second with
134; and South Omaha imi.l With M
ter which a
luncheou was
meeting ot P
:!, entertained
lovely three course
served. The next
K. O. will be on Feb.
by Miss Grace Klckell
the home or Mrs. Gene Hall.
Mrs K W. Harris served a dainty
Inucli Wednesday afternoon to a
number of friends calling on Mrs
('. McVickers and Mrs K. Sharp
Lincoln, sisters of K. W. Harris
Interesting Program Which
Well Rendered Last
The literary department cr t-ie
Woman's Club met last Friday after
noon with Mrs. Fred Campbell. Mrs.
W. W. Johnson hud charge or the
program. The topic- or the af.niiooii
was The Passion Play. Many (.er
H1I features we're given during the
afternoon. Mrs. Johnson sang a
Uo from the Passion Play text, Miss
Beulsk Smith gitvu the lnstrume:. al
s. lo ' The Lio t Hope." Mrs. Rowan
and Mrs. Johnscu sang "Hie Uirelel"
in German, and MU Sherderman
recited the "Karl Koenig" in :he
Gt i man.
The DtttPh lun: h was served In
the original Dutch style w'th red
table linen and o'her Du: h chera.
teristlca. Dutch maidens In their
freaks and aprons served the nuests
with the dutch lunc h - What nefc r
grows old". Miniature w'ndmllU anc'
the Dutch tulip were- the de oratU is
rr the day.
Pile next HHetillg of the club will
be by the II c rary department. -Famous
Women iu History" being die
subject, meeting 'H1 Mrs. James
Hutu- avenue, nen
Mis. Highland Is
of the I
Mrs. Percy Cogswell, assisted by
Miss Julia Frankie. gave a delightful
dinner party lawt Thursday evening
in honor of Miss Matilda Frankie. A
course dinner was served, with a
birthday cake holding the place of
honor. A uuessiUK contest was one
features of the evening. Miss
Hawkins was awarded die
prize for the best poetry. Those
present were Martha Hawkins, Mar
garet Harris, Mabel and Janet Guess
man. Hannah Cotant, Mabel Weiden
hamer. Hannah Keane, Helen Rice,
Delia Holsten. Katie Kelser, Katie
Graham, Matilda and Julia Frankie.
Invitation are Issued for canU
Sal ill lay afternoon at Ml. N. G.
Nelsen's he me.
Mis. F. vV. Lester and Mrs. Claude
Lester Entertain at Their
Home on Toluca Ave.
On Tuesday evening the beautiful
Lester home on Toluca avenue was
the- scene of one of the largest and
most elaborate dinner and card par
ties ever given in Alliance. The In
vitations rend: "Mrs. V. W. lesler
and Mrs. C. L. Lester at home Tues
day. January twenty-first, nineteen
hundred and thlrte.n. Dinner 6:J0
o'clock. Cards. R. 8. V. P."
The parlors and tables were dee--orated
with white carnations and
rerns. The tables were resplendan!
with cut glass, china, and embioider
t linen The rive course dinner
was perfect In every detail and re
riec led great c redit on the Ltf
ladles, under whose supervision M
had been prepared. Misses Minell
Highland. Hazel Bennett, Leone
Mattery and Delia Mallery assisted
in serving. All were lieaur.rully
Kownt-d In white and added ve.ry
much to the pleasure ol the even
ing. Dinner was followed by cards. Tin
EMM 500 was played and punches
were counted. Mrs. Grace ReODC
i. nd Mrs l N. H skins were high
On HrH cut both ladles cut kings
On second cut Mrs. Kennedy won
i Her prize was a handsnne dish el
Ki. nier ware. The free tor ajl prize
was won by Mrs. H. H. Giles. This
prize was a bon bon diii of Vat)
ttan ware.
guests were MIbs inn
J. R
Register of U. S. Land Offic Will.
Send Final Proof Notices
to The Herald when
it has been so long since a final
proor notice was published in The
Herald that U seem like a dream
to know that the paper Is about to
come Into Its own In this matter, aa
well a in other things. Judge W.
W. Wood, register of the United
Slates land office at Alliance, called
at our office yesterday and Informed
us that he had decided to permit
homesteaders to choose the paper
i In which .their final proof notices will
be pjbllsh'Hl. in cases where there
are two papers published in the town
I to whi:h their final preor notice go.
This will be pleasing new to the
friend of The Herald who expect to
nuke final proof.
Aid Society of the
met Wednesday
Chief Deputy Fire Commissioner
with Mrs. C. D. Hall. Lun. li
s. red A missionary program
given for the afternoon's work.
The round table circle of
Christian church will entertain
different aid so-.-ietle-e of t!ie
Hunter, on BOX
Friday arterncon.
In c harge of die
Leo Conway, living about ihlrty-flve
iiil.s southeast of AlltaaVca. and
iiss Kama Cptralt, who lives in the
vicinity of Pieman, were married in
this ily Saturday evening at 6:30,
at the residence of Rev. Wolen.
win performed lbs ceremony. Mi
Covalt la well known here and afl
friend are extending congratulations.
The W
1'itli and
next Wednesday
or the Christian
iu the
C. T. U.
with Mrs.
La ramie
is meeting thii
Geo. Fernald on
The to. il (lumber of Qr4 ie,i r'cl
in the slate 'or that lime-, a little
le 4 than a year, is I ..'.:
A r-iudy or the causes or dees will
ka about as profitable as any part oi l
Sparks from chinine-vs
in number with 2 See' I
ih is attributed to I
7:; Dele, live dues
with T, Matches and
credited with the rourth
The lnvlte-d
lieliwood anel
Win. Mitchell
II. H Giles
C H. Tulley
l! U e- Wileox
Claude Vaughn
limy Gauu
Bad wick
r. J. Ray cro
V D Butler
A. V. Gavin
Percy Cogswell
V W Norton
M 10. JohlU Jii
C. N. Hopkins
Oral " Renin dy
F. E. Holsten
W. D Ruiner
Jas. Feagins
F. M. Bro MM
Jerry Rowan
H. K. Marvin,
C. F Hamilton
W. W. Wood
H. H. Pell wood
Pec kenpaugh
F A Hlvely
Chase Feaglus
K. C McCleur
M. K Grbe
('. A. Bennett
Dr. l-e'e
K. Ik'brulcr
It. J. Nelnon
James Gaddis
R K. Knight
Request to Herald Reader
We wish to rexjuest Herald read
ers in the aouih part of Box Butte
and Sheridan counties and the north
part of Me rrlll an i Garden co mties
to call the at lent Inn of their neigh
bors to thii matter. Persons i io
desire to make final proof are re
quested to (jail ai our off; -.
their, papers made out.
1'iake them out carefully
rectly free it charge The
t.ds paper was at one time
up to
i . did d
Mrs KariieiM l.aliib of KdgeinolH.
S D , was visiting her later Mrs.
A. P. Brown the past week
Many interested In home luleuta
are patiently looking forward to die
play "Dido, die Phoenecian Queen,"
the re joi t
comes first
ci.l laigesi
in e adiary,
re mes third
. liihlren are
largest number. . Gasoline
coming dfih crowds do
matches and children. Im'iiik
with !S fires.
Mr. Randall was an energetic offi
cial and did much k-xkI work His
sue at WOT, Judge W. S Ridgell or Al
liance, is a until well uualiried for
die work or chier deputy Bra com
niisslener aad we exptct to see him
make a record fully as good as thai
of M prede e'soi . and probably
Mra affective iu the prevendm of
fires. The Herald is at his service
In heloina to give publicity to any
matters that he may wish to put
lore- I lie people of the slate
Meet, ncj of Alliance Commeicial Club
Held at Burlington Hotel
Last Evening
meeting or the Alllalli e Comm. r
Club waa held last evening at
Burlington Hotel, iucluding a
banquet Business of imnortance
was transacted.
The matter of providing for the
annual stockoieu's convention and
to have
We will
ali.l cor
I ' r of
a home-
tender In western Ni bras kn end lat
er publishtd a payer In which many
rinal procf noiices were published.
We shall be plened to give home
s me vis the benefit of our experi
ence in any way possible, and shall
consider otirselves well repaid by be
ing permitted to publish their final
proof not'. s.
: 1 1 '
the state firemen's tournament wat
taken up As there is yet no defi
nite information in regard to dates,
arrangements could not be complet
ed, but It was the concensus of opin
ion that the two should be held la
conjunction the latter part of June
ir possible.
Officer were elected as follow:
A. I) Rodders, pres.; W W. Norton,
vkc pres.; Geo W. Duncan, treas.;
Bruce Mallery and W. R. Harper,
members of the board of directors to
act with alove named offlcera.
The secretary will be elected by
the board of directors at a meeting
which is being held this af:eruooti
8. K. WarrUk was la Alliance to
day forenoon on his way home to
Scottsblud from the east. HJ bus
iness iuteres( and many friend oc
cupy his time e:oupleiely when la
his city, but he is never Iu too much
of a hurry for a handshake and cor
dial greetings.
"Life of Woodrow Wilson" begin
ning this week on page two.

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