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stn. Historical Society cp
Dive all the nwi of
Bo Butte County I
Cty of Alliance.
The Alliance Herald
Largest circulation of
any newspaper in Welt'
ern Nebraska.
That the People Will Know
the joint meeting last evening of
committees appointed for the
big banqLiet next Tuesday evening
at the OWrikHouse all arrangements were completed. This interesting banquet will be for men and women, those
who havebedto in this section of the country for many years and those who have arrived in recent years. Wives bring
your husbandik husbands bring your wives. The business men want every one to help celebrate Alliance's 25th birth
day. The bor program ever given in Alliance has been arranged. The best orators in western Nebraska will speak.
Anyone who nfeei&in western Nebraska is invited to come. The price of tickets is $1.25 for those who live in Alliance
and $1.00 for outsiders. For tickets notify W. D. Rumer; A. D. Rodgers, phone 54; or L. H. Highland, phone 56.
will make them look pretty small
on election day. And the candidate
wHl get In the game.
My endorsement would be of very
i little value, yet several are after It.
But from mm on 1 Ml recommend
none till the people apeak. The
spoils may belong to the victor, but
Ei 11 x n r T- 1 ii n MM may belong to the victor, hu!
ndorsed by Hon. W. J. Javlor, W no i deny tit u belong to the bosses
Liet the people rule, this is goot'
was Democratic Candidate for
Congress V
democratic doctrine.
Very respectfully,
If there is one thing more than
soy other in politics that The Her
ald has stood for under the present
editorship, it Is government by ihe
people, rather Mian by pollMeal boss
es and machine petttfclans. And
this is what tne democratic party
stands for. "We arc aware tliat some
life-JerTg republicans have
lot deprfng a
more represent -
Another Game Added to List By Al
liance Boys When They
Defeated Lodgepole
By winning from Lodgepole by a
score of 50 to :!, the Alliance boys
again proved to the basket ball eo-
SUIIfieniY , ftf,,, iiw-nrft Kv mi il--t itin u.'oll Mft
become converted to the democratic ver, i8ed and fa4r)y conduotea) carrl
principles of extension of civil ser- mvre weight than one from one res-
vice rerorm ami popular election oi ident and several uon-asldent politi-
reoerai ouice nuiuerts, niensiy uiai
they may extend their tenure of of
fice or exert a controlling influence
in the. selection of their successors;
but this fact ought net to deter those
democrats who are charged with the
administration of the government
not dessntig a way
'1 niusi repeal, tile only law on
this says that the president shall
appoint, but how do you reckon he
can tell who to appoint in the theu
sands of different places? He ap
Doints whoever comes with the best
recommend. Ought not a recommend j thusiasts of thi city that the High
direct from the patrons of an of- School team is in no great danger
or losing tne championship pennant
this year. Although failing to score
but one basket, the Lodgepole boys
proved that they had good material
in the team, and throughout the
game put up a good fight. The cU
ing of the Alliance gymnasium belfig
sliahllv lower than that to which the
! Lodgepole boys had been accustotnhd
put their basket shooting on the
cians? And have w not good reas
on for beieivlng ho, with a progress
ive president, a progressive party
and progressive times?
Politicians are, as a rule, not very
favorable to this new way, it de-
and succeeded In throwing
six iltt the first half. Schafer, aided
by the team work of Tully, scored
three goals In this half of the game,
one pretty one being loudly applaud
ed. After Alliance had scored 24
points there was a long period In
which neither team soared, and the
first, half closed with a basket, each
from Schafer and Spacht.
In the second half Beach was giv
en Tully s place In the forward posi
tion. Lodgepole's first point was
made when Keegon fouled and Heng
8ton scored his throw. Only two
fouls were called by Referee Clem
ents in the game, both offenders be
ing Alliance men. Hengston took
Bruner's position as forward In the
second half, but the latter wa re
placed when Barlow suffered nn In
jury to tils nose, which was broken
in a previous game.
The first and only field goal for
the visitors was made by Heiig,ston.
who shot from the enter of the
field. The game closed shortly after
Darnell scored and brought 'the score
up. to 60 for Alliance.
The local team this year is one of
the strongest, and lias some of the
best material, that has ever been in
the A. H. S. Under the direction of
Mr. Clements the team Is winning by
large margins, and although beaten
at Sidney this year, expect to turn
the tables on that team a week
from Saturday, at the Hiigh School
Following is 'the lineup of last Sat
urday's game:
' V. 1 1 1, " .. I , V. U ..... ...... I ....... I
"" . " nrlc thftn nt an nmrti,ml tr """" weim B""U
from taking such progressive steps Jji 7hY ViTJw .,rv I cam nea-r the basket as possible
hi the appointment of officials under ounces Vnu ,5L ta w,thout oln ln
tne new administration as may bejpln" c""" a nl. ? , Darnell, who played his usual fast
consistent with the rights of those ! 'J ,???m- mt Sh fe"?! j game, led the pace in the basket
mh hu.va fnnirht .inrt he In., I In win m "' Ki"- v ,
the battles of democracy. Hr . tir of bo8e a"d machines.
We feel confident that every dem- . w hRVe arranged for an- election
ocrat. who holds a -position that will . Saturday afternoon. Feb
entitle him to a voice in the final 'ruary ,5- at from - 6 clo k 1,1
recommendations for appointments In ,ne ,mnV no"e-
Nebraska, under the incoming ad- Five democrats Joined In this call
ministration, will .gladly defer to the lit in not good policy to leave or con
popular choice of democratic voters, fine this to a precinct or county
But how can the popular will be as- chairman, for too often these are
vertained? Certalnlv not by petitions the very fellows who think they own g ij rj 1
merely, for many voters will sign j the postmaster) and made all the OUTt JTlOUSC DOtlOS lcHTV
the first petition presented, even arrangements for the election. We
though some one else might be their will have two Judges and two clerks,
first choice: so that the candidate The men were of such reputation
who gets his petition circulated first that no kicker or defeated candidate
secures the largest number of slgna- will be heard to say after election.
right forward
- 'in "tfi''.
left forward
right guard
left guard
Mires, although he might be far from
first choice. The same applies to
some extent to written endorsements,
secured by request of the candidates.
The fairest way to secure an ex
pression of the popular will )s by the
secret ballot In a popular election,
when that la practicable.
An 'his U a matter of public in
terest, we have mentioned it ln this
public manner. Next week we wish
to discuss several methods proposed
the election was unfair. The candi
dates are required to pay to one of
the selected Judges 'i filing fee,
with which to pay the Milling elec
tion expenses. This fee must be
paid by February 12th, In time for
the print r to print the ballots. The
election will be conducted as nearly
as possible in conformity with the
genera) election laws. Then the
election officers will make oath to
a statement showing that the elec-
by Small
Majority School House Big
lor holding primaries to recommend tlon was well advertised and fairly
candidates for appointment, and In- conducted mid that one certain dem
vite contributions for publication, par ocrat, Mr. . receivsd the most
Uculsrty Trom those who may be votes. Bvery patron of th office,
candidates for appointment. wll hi legal voter, can vote. No
Letter from W. J. Taylor ballot will be counted for any other
Following letter from lion. W. .i. ' t11"' democrat,
Taylor of Merna. demo. SrtfcJe caii:!! ' Yi,e wiimli. one Is rexiuired to
date for congrtss at the last elec
tion, was published in the Custer
County Herald, Feb. 6th:
Mertw, Nebraska. Feb, 4, 191.1.
Dear Kditor: As per request, I
am glad to Rive my reason for Imv
oriiin the election of postmasters.
No officii.! m nearer ihe people in
pie offlciftl duties, yr further from
them in lbs metlifxl of his selection.
The only law w have on, the sub
Ject says ihe pftMWMil with the ton
sent of the senate shall appoint.
He turns this over to his assistant
in the post office department who
according to the old way
upoo. the recommend of the con
'fe'l'essman or senator of his party.
These men rely upon the precinct
county and state chairmen of their
party. The pre in t chairmen favors
.b friend and opposes his enemies,
the same thing prevailing all along
the line. Political expedW lic and
selfishness are the first considera
tions, the publics Interest Is second
ary. One resident and a few non
resident politicians pacticnlly name
this official, with more regard for
self than the public. It is so un
n pres ntatlve as to make one won
der why it has Bo long been tolerat
ed. Since w have arranged f r an
election at Merna, some complain,
and others who never took the pains
to learn how ikkM masters get their
appointments, wonder and inquire
where the law for such an eiec
lion. My answer is. there is no law
for It or aieainst It. Neither is there
anv for the old method. True, It's
send copies of this affirmation to
men men in ihe party as he believes j or bondB Dy four v0le8
mm "eip mm. wmi uie requtwi wiai vote wa 55s for bnds
iney endorse ami nis meiiioii 01 ;l(rBjn8t
e trv 1 1 1111 , 11 ail reiuae, v w
publish such fact in our local paper.
Some politician say ihey will not
endort a man chosen by this lair
method. Which recommend do you
.Li.! will carry the QlOft "eight
The special election on I'uesiiay
resulted in one of the closest votes
ever recorded in Box Butte county.
A hard contest had been waged by
the opposing sides on the court
house bonding proposition and, ac
cording to the unofficial figures re-,
reived at The Herald office, which
are conceded by the court house .
bond opponents, the election carried First Ward
The total ?m ond nrd . ,
and 554 r;ojr Butte pres.
' Boyd ....
I The question of voting Alliance
ehOol bonds in the sum of
j for the purpose of erecting a new
, Central school building, carried by a
vote of 481 to 14.
It will be impossible to give the
Hi pl vote on the election until af
es the town of llemingford, polled
the largest vote in Its history, while
the city of Alliance dropped down a
good many votes since the election
last fall.
Following Is the tabulate. I rote
Feb. 18, Nov. 5
1913 1912
Yes No Yes No
. . . m
Western Nebraska Editors
Association for This End of
State 1 1 Counties
Realizing the need of an organlzu- ! work of printing the books. Frob
tion among the newspapers of west- ! ably not more than 10,000 of the
ern Nebraska, representative from j 200,000 voters in the state would sv
the different papers throughout this j er ask for the books. It Would
end of the state met In Alliance mean practically no publicity for con
Monday afternoon and formed a per stltutlonal amendments. A legislative
manent organization to be known as committee was appointed and brought
the Western Nebraska Editorial As-! In the following report:
soclatlon, covering the counties of . .(. , . .
Sioux. Dawes, Box Butte; Seotts LW?' yoT """'" appointed tor
Bluff, Banner Kimball, Morrill. Che,- .h p"rphJeh D Kip Ve"'U
enne. Deuel, (larden and Sheridan. ont ' brTht ', thf a ;tf'
TKu .; whi, -,m k the Nebraska State legislature,
sented In the association are Bayard ' rTW?f.lh.at. ,he ,foL,OWln8J r?0,u"
Transcript, Hrldge.port Blade. Chad
ron Journal, Crawford Courier, Craw
ford Tribune, Uordon Journal, Harris
burg News, Harrison Sun, Hay
Springs Knterprise, llemingford Jour
mil. llemingford Farmer A Knncher,
Hyannis Tribune, Kimball Observer,
1 ...I... I.1 v ...... . l .11 I. ..I...
""i""' "'"v"r" "J" iintttConlHtle In. tht
Mullen Tribune Morrill Msll Mini.- an,a0nm.tK l. tne
tare Free Press, Marsland Tribune.
Northport Herald, Rushville Kecord
r. Kushvllle Standard. Scottsbluff
Star-Herald, Scottsbluff Republican,
Oerlng Courier, Oerlng Wasp, Sidney
Teli graph. Hay Springs News, Broad
water News, Chappel Register, Osh-
kosh Herald, Lewellen Qnxette, Lle
co Tribune, Chndron Chronkle, AIM- 1
ance Herald. Alllam-e Times.
The oficers elected were, John W.
Thomas, Alliance Herald, presideui;
Geo. C. Snow. Chadron Journal. BSC
retary-treasurer; V. A. Oapen, Sid- I
ney Telegraph, vice president; ! B
Mark. Mitchell Index. John W. Thom
as and (J. C. Snow, executive com- !
The coulitiitlon reads as follows: ,
CONSTITUTION and by-laws: No. The following telegram as sent to
1. Name and obiect. The name of Senators B. K. Busliee. W V. H.i
this association shall be. 'The West-"8nd' w H Reynolds tnd to repre
tlon be adopted nni forwarded to
each paper represented in the or
ganisation, and that a copy ot this
be wired to the representatives and
senators from this territory, in order
thai general public., may be receiv
ed. WHKRKAS". it has come to our
notice that House Roll No. 10. is
pnses of the
state and a direct help to some of
the big printing concerns, in its
present form will result in only a
very small portion of the voters of
the state ever reading the amend
ments, be it RKSOI.VHD that we.
the members of the Western Ne
braska Kditorial Association, do pro
test against the passage of this bill
and that we endorse the passage of
Senate File No. 202, excepting that
we recommend it be amended to
state that all amendments be pub
lished in at least one paper of gen
eral circulation in each town in the
sta,te. Instead of one paper ln each
county. In order that every voter
may have the opportunity of learn
ing the contents of such amendments.
ern Nebraska Kditorinl Association
The object shall be to promote the
inti rests of the newspaper busing,
in western Nebraska. No. 2 rerri
lory, The counties of Kimball, Ch.
inn.', Daajpt, Carden, Morrill. Ban
ner, icotubluff, llox Dure. Sheri
dan, Diiwhs and Sioux -hall be the
ttrrltory covered. No. .!. M mher
shtp. Any editor, publisher Of Mr
ploye on any paper In all of the a
bove named count! shall be enMt-
sintatiM K I) Mallety, Louis
Hrott, H. K. Ritchie and K. K.
Stearns: Wet-tern Nt jru.ka Kditor
ial Association, representing all west
em Nebraska newspapers, lu con
vention here today, respectfully uge
that you use your Influence to pre
vent the passage of bouse roll one
hundred eight sad for the pnesage
of senate file tw hundi.d two, with
amendment suggested in letter mail-
wlth A progressive president the
recommend of the patrons or tin- 01- ' ter SatunlaV. as the ballot boxes
lice or the reiommend of some non ltave not Hll le4,n brought in from.
Itm-tisau politician? i,he polling places in the dlftereat
1.. m tokm m ,1 mm fall' t ........ I Is, ft a II I V. 1 1 . A , I. n f I K.i la. I
... .',111, . 1 , , " ' 1 i 1 1 1 1 , -1 lit. 1 . uiiviii.io. 1. 10 :., 110 , ...
iimiolnti. mirnt ie anai(iaus who would
in. . . w ,ii 11,- BUI II uieiin.u.
iik men would spurn to take
Nonpariel . .
Running Water
Snake Creek
1 M
ed to you. Oeo. C. Snow, Se retarv.
ltd to nwiubtrshlp In the asso in-' At six-thirty in the evening a ban
Hon. Hcvevtr, each paper nhall be iu t ws In Id at the Burlington bo
ent 'ltd to bul one rots No 1 Of- ,el Hcu. W. S. Kidgell vwis one of
554 M till
office from a politician after the peo
ple had chosen another. There has
come to my positive knowledge a
town where the precinct chairman
refused to Mderae one ooitoh. can
didate, till he, himself conceived, n
notion in. 1 1 he too wanted a federal
Job, and might need this cand;djte's
help, then be endorsed him; and In
another instance the precinct man
refused to endorse a worthy appli
cant, he said, because the candidal!
School Bonds
1 Yes
re-1 ble given below is accurate anu tnai rust warn
Yet the official count will result the Second Ward 181
an same. Dorsey precinct, which ln lud- j Ijike 58
fleers. The off in rs of the associa
tion sin M be a areatdent, rice ores
ijj ldcnt and se retary-ireMSrsr. No.
H-t 1 5. C jinnili ; 1 . s", Thi' r shall h an
2j , exveutive ci.uin::iet CJ3HA !l ' UK of a
IJ9 ' presldin. -ci . t' r -1 r. tsittctr RBd
In ' one member, elecied by the assoiia
59! tlon, which c ommittee shall conduct
49 the buslnt ss of the association
U according to their Judgtmnt except for the plac e (he latter part of Aug-
; as instructed by the nss::-,atioii. ; usl of first ot SeptemlMr.
;2 There ii be such o'her i "ii' t j ,
t fg ns tne nso."iaiioii m.. wish
No. 6. Membership fee. Thv EQetu..
bcrship fee shall ht $1.50 per yiar.
No. 7. Tbifo f'hHll be an ii'in r ;
merting in February I h ysr. the
executive ccinmitt to fix the isJf
tls guests at the banquet. Kvery
one there praised the excellent seni
le rendered by h mansgmst of the
hotel. Aftr the banquet the editors
were taken to u picture show, follow
iig Whldi 'bey attended the le ture
nt the Methodist church.
It Is probable that a big picnic
will be held a( some uoilit fitted
l.aBeri.ice, the little daughur of
(Jeorge Fleiuing, a prominent Alli
ance news dealer, died of scarlet
Louis Williams Entertains
of the BlOlUh, for the election or lever Friday inn.: at 10:45. She
officers and the trail si. don of such was taken ill Just twenty-four hours
other business as may properly come before her dearfh and although ev-
As Will be noted by the bills ills
tributed over town today ihe A. H.
8. basket ball girls will play the
Crawford H. . Ilrls tomorrow even
ing, beginning at 8 o'clock, at the
un. I.. k UUk a .I.....I KnlLllnii
M.tbod.st church Mondav ewn.ng r.'". . wJ.". ....... ... Z. .
K. ...... .1... V.. "- "mi sum .lie 1 h .
.., f I,., .,. 1. .11..
i'.igue. in- n n n weiciuueti ty
. . . . . I flklL'n U.- ill llu.l.,IM.Un H u.a. tA 1
n old custom, out mai uoesn 1 m.iMe "-- ...... ... 1 un
it a reason for uie, u.n gi. ngni sneaa. ine people
4t. right, neither is
EUetiicat Wizaid Oraws Big Crowd
to M. E. Church Monday Eve.
liouls Williams appeared at the
1 It. U' u U u .. L 1 in,. lV u ,
nan. .11 nis isiper priuieu smueining large crowd, whose attention he
against one of his relatives. This nt w for u ,.OUple of hours while he
7 .V.. " ". ia, oeen none, demonstrated to them many
neu nrt-i. puniu- lust, how jo you
nk. i,
11 " He generated explosive gits frim
There ought to be five good pro water and then turned gases into
grtaslv democratu in every town, water. He made electricity in dif
ferent ways. Demonstrated the
workings fo wireless telegraphy.
Filled a member of the audience
with 250,000 volts of electricity and
'lien mads laughable experiments
with a number of small boys
in tore, the a-so-tation. there may
be other meeting at the 1 all of the
1 xecutive committ4K. No. 8. i'his
constitut'en or by-laws may be a
inendet' by a 1 wo thirds vote of
those VOtlM al any regular uuelliig
of tl.. assoi-iat ion. Ill LAWS The
eryihiug was done that medical aid
could do, there was no chance of
saving her life. She was a very in
telligeut little gill and well liked by
lur teachers and schoolmates. The
runeral was held at ten o'clock Sat
urday morning Interment was made
by-laws for the eg fort iug of the eon- in Greenwood cemetery. The bouse
of the
w here a postmaster is soon to be
chosen, with enough nerve to call
an election. A few f. i .,.- who
claim to be the whole party in your
Of Ml fu.-t
are Scarce, and this may be the last
Stituliou -hall he
utlve committee.
One of the most
made by the
important uuea-
otte of the season. Admission will Hons brought to the attention ! Hie
be 25 cents fur single ticket, or ad- new associate n was a bill now be
was fill.. 1 with many beautiful floral
un s i 1 by season ticket.
Jas. Feagius la buildl&K a bath
ronm on to his residence, and mak
ing other substantia) Improvements.
O. O Gentry Is doing the carpenter
work and K W. Kay Ihe plumbing
Mrs. Frank McDonald has
quite ill for the past week
fore the s ate legislature and Intro
duciil in the House by BoUfB of
Kn x and known as House Holl No.
108. This bill provides .that the
printing of the consiliutional amend
ments of the sta e he taken away
from the newspaiers and done lu
book form, to be distributed by mail
to voters on their request. This Is
very clearly a. move ln favor of the.
big city printers, 1io would get the
It is impossible for us U put into
mere words the thanks wbich' we
have in our hearts for the kind
neighbors and friends and the nurse.
Miss Scharper. who so kindly asetssh
ed us in the sickness and death of
our daughter The many beuutiful
boquets of flowers were greatly ap

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