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Give an the newt of
ox Butte County and
City of Alliance.
The Alliance Herald
Largest circulation of
any newspaper In Wit
em Nebraska.
DAPT flCCIPC DDIUADV h candidates, at leaal ton days
hw-ji ui mul i niifmn i
before the primary.
I President Box Butte County Wilson
President of Box Butte County Wil-, an Marshall Club.
son and Marshall Club En
dorses Plan and Makes
Alliance. Nebr.. Feb. 3, 19i:i.
Kditor Alliance Herald:
In your laat iseue of The Herald
you have formulated three plans, by
which there could be a primary for
the. purpo.se of eliding a candidate,
to be appoint Oil postmaster to suc
ceed Mr. Tash at the expint ion of
his term. I, as a I'r gressive Dem
ocrat, believe in ,'n sic 'an, "Let Un
people rule", and ain in favor Of the
first plan. Permit all legal voter
that are patrons of this office to
vote for their choice. The candi
dates o be patrons of -this office
and residents of Box Butte county,
and must tie good democrats, it is
true that some people differ as to
the right method to approve of an
appointment. This in my Judgement
Is the right way to select our next
The candidate must declare if ap
pointed that he will look after the
office to the best of his ability, that
be will not run the offleeby an as
sistant, but will attend to the office
The reason that I approve of this
system is because I think that the
patrons of this office know better
who they want than four or five
men down three to four "hunon u
miles east do. No man would like to
get an appointment 'uness he at
least had his home indorsement. II
this should be chosen as the way to
decide. I would suggest that some
fSimmluy should be set for the pri
mary and that there he one voting
place, the candldulea o put up
enough money to print the ballots,
and pay for the Judges and Clerks
of election. .Candidates fo file as
The Elks will hold their regular
lection of officers Friday night. A
lull attendance Is requested.
The members of the Alliance Vol
unteer Fire Department fiave been
invited to a big banquet to be given
at Scottsbhiff next Monday evening.
It Is expected that, a large delegn
t'rn of members of the department
will go over Monday noon, returning
Tuesday noon.
Notice, Kinkaiders !
Homesteaders in the south half of
llux Itn i e and Sheridan counties and
the north part of Morrill and Garden
counties are rt quested to call at The
Ik raid office, or write us, before
giving u Ice of their Intention to
in-ike final proof. An experienced
man wM make out your papers free
if Charge and guarantee them to be
correct, BeHdm of I'hls paper who
have neighbors that expect to make
I'lnsi.1 proof the coming summer are
requested 10 call their attention to
'his request, us U may otherwise es
cape their notice.
More Than Half Ton of Print and
Book Paper Necessary for
This Issue of The
7 I
-f , I !
IHetaBHsiHfiV s7 . JSaF
Compnrat ively few people- have
any idea of how much paper is re
quired for an edition of a leading
newspaper or magazine, or even how
mitefa is required for a special edi
tion Of a total paper, such as this
i-stie of The Herald. There are
many magazines ami metropolitan
news). apt ri that require several
tons of paper for a single edition,
while there are a few that the
amount necessary for one issue runs
into car loals. Compared wth these,
riie Herald would, look very diminu
tive, but compared with oineri In
our class it makes a nood showing.
It requires about fifty pounds of
paper for an issue of an ordinary
country newspaper. WelUe one hun
dred to two hundred pounds Is suf
fUWnt fcr the average pup r of
-.owns having a population t.f !,onh to
5,000. The above information will
show something of the relative im
portance of this issue or Die Herald
wlun w e say that it rt quires I ,:100
pounds ef-paptr to print it, 1 ,0M
pounds of "8up rior" print and M
pounds Of hook paper lor tin- cover
To brin: the comparison closer
home, we esCinate that the cost of
postage on this one issue of The
IBrald will be more than that paid
by the Alliin Times for an eni rc
mouth, altliough that paper is pub
lished twice a week.
Executive Department of National Gov
ernment Now in the Hands of
Progressive Democracy
o A strong man fcr president has immeasurably strengthened htm- o
o self for the arduous duties, of hit office in the selection of cabinet o
o advisers. Without giving unnecessary offence to those who may dif- o
o fer ofi minor matters, President Wilson has selected a cabinet that o
o may be properly classed as aggressively progressive. Following is o
o the personnel of the new cabinet: o
e Secretary of State William J. Bryan, of Nebraska. o
Secretary of Treasury William G. McAdoo. of New York. o
Secretary of War Lindley M. Garrison, of New Jersey. o
Attorney General James McReyolds, of Tennessee. o
Postmaetter General Representative Albert Bulreson, of Texas o
Secretary of the Navy Joseohus Daniels, of North Carolina. 0
000000000000000 09 000000000000000
Seoretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane, of California
Secretary of Agriculture David F. Hueston, of Missouri. o
Secretary of Commerce Representative Wm. C. RedTield, r" New o
York. o
Secretary of Labor Reo. Wm. B. Wilson, of Pennsylvania. o
i tvi t
QUO, W. Ml Kit IS
JNw Senator from Nebraska who
helped Alliance stcure fed
eral building appro
uriai Im
We are iuformttl, flOM a
source, that the town of
was named by
now living at
J. N. I'aui, a banker
St. Paul, Nebr He
was a civil engineer working on the
Hurlingtou when the road was con
strucled through here, and suggested
that this town be named after Alli
ance. Ohio.
Notwithstanding its demon-atic sim
plicity, the inauguration of I'resident
Wood rOW Wilson was one of the
grandest in the history nf the coun
try unii was attended by the lurges
number of people thai ever BtTsadnfl
the induction into office of u presi
dent of the United States. The
weather was favorable for the jjriat
event, quite different from the
tone that prevailed at the in
augural ion of I'resident Taft four
years ago. Thirty thousand people
marched in the por.id ih'H o ciipied
five hour to ,.i's.
President Wilson's inaugural ad
dress is printed on another page of
'.his issue of The Herald Accord
ing to the account of the inaugural .
( en monies as published in tin
World-Herald, while the president's
concluding inaugural words were
tossing in tumultuous waves of ap
plause the retiring president clasped
his hand and enlisted as a patriotic
servant in the ranks of private citi
zenship Mr. President." said Mr. Taft.
his face beaming with a broadening
smile. "I wish you u successful ad
ministration and the carrying out of
your aims. We all will be behind
"Thank you," said' I'resident Wil
son, and he turned to shake the band
of his secretary of' stale. William
Jeuuiugs Bryan There the) stood.
Toft, standard bcnivr of a parly at
ter sixteen ytars ot power. Ilryuu.
persist), lit plodder of progressive tie
in icracy. thrice defeated, accepting
a commission from a new chleftaiu.
ami Wilson, i he man of the hour,
victorious, musiej-lug, as he express
ed it, "not the forces of party, but
the forces Of ItUlltHllfty ."
It v. as a pohlii-MiCt-juy Juv heW
vond imaginings of a few years gone
by, a setting that stirred the r -nli
of the assembled hosts w hose cheei -ing
at the scene seeiued actually to
reverberate from the distant Virgin
ia hills.
Continued Next Week
When we dtt-lded upon thirty two
nigta for this issue of The Herald
vv i supposed thnt would give ample
space for all the im" r which we
might wish to publish in If, but
rind that it does not. Quite a nun
her of advertisements and writeups
tlOVe been unavoidably crew did out.
Their will bt continued nxt week.
I. W. Tynan
in Denver.
C. A. Newberry is In Omaha for a,
w days, on business.
W. K. Harper pur: h i-. I I
'w cash register this wctk.
"Equality Before the Law"
Deavere Plan to Raise Money for Box Butte County Woman's Suffrage
Homesteaders Is Interesting Club Organized and Offi-
Omaha Capitalists
cers Elected Tuesday
limit Interest is developing in l.
Clem ' Heaver's plan for raising mon
ey to assist homesteaders to stock
and improve their farms, as publish
ed in The Herald last week. Yes
terday morning's Omaha Hee con
tained the following regarding the
m: ti r:
I). Clem Denver, head of the home
si . kers' department of the Hurling
ton, has called a meeting of local
capitalists for March 14. This meet-In-'
will be held In Omaha, at which
time the question of loaning money
to Kinkald homesteaders of the state
will he taken up anil discussed in all
its phuses.
At the presint time homesteaders
in the western pari of the state, af-.
ter they have nrade final proof on
their lands, are paying a rate of In
terest that amounts to about 10 per
cent, including commissions. Mr.
Deaver is of the opinion that they
ought to secure the money at from
6 to 8 per cent.
This spring, according to Mr. Den
vi r, there are hundreds of Nebraska
homesteaders who will make final
proof on their lands and if tiny can
borrow money a: reasonable rates of
intettst they will mortgage and put
the proceeds Into cattle, generally
cows, thus making the west half of
the stale i gn at dairy section.
Mr. Denver liguns that a Kinkald
homestead of I Mi acres, and that Is
tin area of each oue, would easily
Carry a loan Bern $1,110(1 to $1,500 a ml
that iht security would be xil: edg
ed, as the homestead rs won I be
willing as a rult to allow the mort
gage to eovir the -owh bought with
the pre. i id of the loan.
In Colorado, Denver c-jiiialists
have orsaotaed a company with a
capital or .;.Miii,mn Hi ( imiaey is
being U lined to faruicis of the
ita!.'.' To B;Jr. V. . H-.v give a
mortgage on tin it f ttU4 ann also on
'In icvvs tiny buy. Then tlu nton
ey it leant d at p.-r t en mid they
;t i the money at ; Mr ct nt cn the
suit- of its bintls. Dewvef will try
to organizt a et iiipany alonu s inilar
lines here for handling he Nehraska
fa i in loans.
I'usuant to anncunt enient a ineet
iti was held Tuesday afternoon,
March 4, at the residence of Mrs.
George Fernald In Alliance for the
purpose of organizing the Box Butte
County w oman's Suffrage Club. The
following named offlrees wire elect
id ror the first term: Mm. George
Fern a Id, ptesident; Mrs. A. It. Ache
son, secretary; Mrs. W. V. Patterson,
A committee of four was appoint
ed to canvass ror members, as fol
lows: Mrs. tJ. r'crnald. Rev. A. U
Godfrey. Mrs. A. R. Acheson and
Mrs. W. F. Patterson.
Pledges or donations ror Binds to
carry on the woman's aufrrage prop
aganda were received amount lug to
$10. Ku.
When iwljt unment was taktn it
sru Ul Ml" e' nt tht rail of the pres
ldt nt.
Mrs. H. Nolen, mother or Mrs. Kd
uar Martin, who has h i vfatttsi
hi r daughter here for several
vvt eks, startttl on her r. urn trip
Tuesday night. She will visit with
friends at Cln-vi ntn- Before return
ing to Bos An-;t!es.
C. K. Koji -nlierger came down
from Heniingford on II yt sterday on
tiusiness, re turn Ing on the lo -al this
mora log.
Goverument Building 1
el forts or Senutor
( Ik ock in the closing
i ;ress that txpired on
appropriation or $75,
d tor a ft : 1 1 sj build
As ti in pa red with
that have been made
s or no greater ini
Alllance, tht amount
what It should be.
Jllbert M.
days of tin
March 4th,
mm was st
In- - at Allian.
npproprlat lot's
tor other cltie
portance than
Is much below
K. A. Herbert came out with a
brand new dray wagon Monday.
J. I. Haul rd leaves ins afternoon
fur Sioux county on land business.
But Nolan has purchased a in w
lord Model T. from i.owry ii Henry.
The JU T. B. wUI meet at the
'"lited Presbyterian church. Sabbath
.iitt-ruoon at three o'clock.
the M. W. A. had an installation
of -.1! ii. is last utKUt A bi-4 cn...
' v a s present. I his catiip is :i.w
letting ill Hunt ..-lung conditloa.
v tnm y -
W. . Spencer, when in Omaha
recently. Ulet Ml. Todd, who useti
to be in businsas in Alliauce in the
Uarly das with Mr MtCleur Mr
Totld is now operating a successful
real estate business and was great
! ly iuteiiMietl in the birthday cele
W. C. Knglish. man;,, r or OCtln
Brothers Piano Co. s business at
Chadron, came down fn ai Crawford
on 14 Unlay and will n main 'ntll
tomorrow, visiting frieiu and at
ti tiding the player piano and Vic
lie'. i recital at the opt nt leaWMH to
night lie informs tht IB raid that
Mis. Knglish and the lime Itiltlrcn
,-tre all we'!. By the way, their-
yi ungesi ckild, a little girl. Is only
about thret uiontliH old. Mr. Kng
Itsh te lares t '.ie Is the fin si. girl in
wt-i in Ntbraska, which of eours
we can't blame him ror thinking
hi 9 , -
Mrs. S. Browers. or UtOBfloM, WgO
!ias been here for three weeks, re
turns home today on the night train.
She will be acconipanled by her
ilniightf r iu lavv , Mrs K S. Ilrow.-rs.
who will be golu: two or three
T. II. Barnes, who is employed ou
the new- Colorado a Southern rail
road, building lo Oriu Junction, W
iHiilug, rrom Themiopolis, has been
hi home for a short time but re
turns tonight to his work.
But it Is i h ginning and the people
i f ih s ity u.-ipr.-t late Senator Hltch
eock's efforts In the matter, without
whiih ih, appiopi iution wtmltl have
bet n se'-utvti.

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