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TUP A 1 T T A uro T n mm f t r - m.
5 .
j. I
Py Rev. R. J. Minoii, P4or of
the First H.iptist Church, Alliance)
Wf at livinir in a Hay when the
personality, or personal tualitie of a
person, art (rrmlually ilisapw.irinir, a
far as practical lif i concr-rnH. We
live in a Fuper-in-stitutional aire, when
we srrk more anl more to lo our du
ties through institutions, or their
1-ranches. We IK-Ionjr, to clubs lodges,
chnithe. and what not, smd we support
thrse organisation nwne or ies, ami
M-fk to fu'full our n"pon-..bilitiPS to
our fellow men in and thiough thee
Heal personal .rvice is trialuully
fia-sin? away. Is our nt;isrhixr sick
t.r in need? Then we will minister
unto him throuith a committee ap
jiointl accordinij to UobortA Rules of
t)rlrr. We will Riant this represent
:tie of ours full ower o s-ponl or
r.iini.-tor to our nredy neiphhor. As
far as real pernonil contact i con
cerned, we have no inclination or de
sire. We seek to fulfill our duty ami
responsibility to the nedy by proxy.
J iniRht Hay that we Americans are
affected with provihtu. It was thi.
.spirit, no doubt, that moved two in
dividuals to complain in a recent case
that certain ch'l Iren shouhl le .sent
to a state institution for children, re
p;m!less of the fact that th mother
was willing to at lea.-t try to feed ami
Vcp them.
Mr. Mitchell". mother from Scotts
blufT is keopini? house for him during
her absence.
I Last Saturday while working for
, Robert Mitchell, Claude Hookham had
what mi)fht have hoen a very serious
I accident. While leading hi horse
through a gate, he either kicked or
struck h'"m. Claude was unconscious
for a short time, and really doesn't
remember how It happened, but no on
will care just so he get along all right.
He fels pretty good but is quite
badly bruised.
Marshall Sheldon was on the sick
list Saturday and Sunday.
I.. I Dyers and ('. K. Dyers were
callfrs at the Cal I,eis home Sunday.
Hurl Dyers, W. A. Dyers. Dert
Lance and C. Woods went to Agate
Last Monday night the biggest rain
of th spa-nn fell. There was 2: is
inches fell here. The neichUrs south
got a very bad wind and very little
It wasn't that thpse people did not
feel that this mother thuuM have help,
ind that they as individuals owed her
atnd her childern a certain amount of
service, but thee folks said they had
paid taxes and the tale thereby be
came their servant, or provy, to do
what waj necessary for these children.
I often question whether from
moral standpoint we have a right to
delegate to another person, or institu
tion, the responsibility we owe suffer
ing humanity. Of course, there will be
thoM. who will say, "But what of our
hospitals and other benevolent institu
tions! Were it not for collective ef
fort these could not exist." To a cer
tain extent this is true, but this is
dodging the question under discussion.
We are speaking of the daily simple
duties we owe one another in our daily
We insist that the curse of the acre
is the increasing tendency to do avay
with real, personal service to one un
other. Consequently, we ae a.-, a rae
robbed of the sweetest ble.ssing of life
the cominir into contact with
needy in our effort to help them.
There are Itxlire members who mp-
rt the lodye with their money, but
when it comes to attending the meet
ings or business of the lodge they are
not there. They hie perfectly willing
to let the others do it. In the
churches we have many who are will
ing to pay other folks to do their work,
but when it comes to contributing
)crsvnal service they are not theie.
The world is hungering for the per
sonal touch. The tnjn in need will ap
preciate the personal touch much bet
ter than money. Try it out on the
reedy family in your neighborhood;
that sick neighbor; that discouraged
friend; that down-hearted ami tiisap-j-ointed
acquaintance who has suffered
a reverse of some sort. Cio to them,
with a personal word of cheer, and you
will find that a personal visit will do
them much more good than a dkzen
bouquets of flowers.
"Say It With Flowers" is a common
saying, and I feel that too many of us
sre doina; that very thing. The world
wants personal attention, and will
appreciate it. You may call up your
neighbors over the phone and invite
them to church, or send them a written
invitation, but the thing that will like
ly bring them thre is a personal visit
and personal imitation.
To Live Again the
Old Pioneer Days at
Platte River Roundup
On Augu-t 22, 23 and 21 will Ix?
staged one of the most spectacular re
productions of pioneer life of fifty
years ago. This event will take place
in the open country on the old range
and Indian country north of Suther
land where nature provided a natural
show ground and where the earmarks
of the old range days still exist.
A few of the eld cow boys, Nate Tre
go, John Schick, hl .Mcl-Iothlin, tAl
Coates. Tug Wilson, Jack Veach, Will
Coker, Frank Coker, Jack Palmer. Bert
Snyder, John Harsfield, Chas. Chess
more, Lee Cae, James Cuffey, Fred
Pierson and others will take part and
stand back of the enterprise. This is
a guarantee that the Fioneer Days
Exhibition will be a place for you to
enjoy three days of sports anil have
an outing in the open country free
from du."t and where the best water
in the country is found.
Chiefs Two Sticks, Running Dog and
Two Thunder are expected. There
will also be a Ikjvv of Western Cow
Girls who will do their part to make
the three davs exhibition a success.
The first "lay will consist of sports
peculiar to the west in those days
such as riding bad horses and Pteers,
roping and branding, wild horse races,
and a ball game between the cowboys
and a city team.
The second day will see a real re
production of the old roundup, the
trail herd of a thousand cattle, the
horse cavy, the bed wagon, cow camp,
branding of calves, etc.
The program of the la.t day will
show an envgrant train which will
be attacked by Indians who wiil cap
ture and massacre the men and chil
dren and hold the women captives.
They will pillage and burn the wagons
ami attempt to escape with the women
and horses. Rangers and Foldiers
save the women and put the Indians
to rout.
The second and third nights will
how the Siouv Sun Dance, the Indian
War Council and War Dance.
A goo l orche-tra will he secured
and a Lmce will be given each night in
one of the largest dance halls in west
ern Nebraska.
It is reported that a car'oad of wild
ponies will if brought nere trom tne
plains of Idaho.
An effort is s.No being made to have
Cuney, The C;ow, who was an Indian
scout for the government and the only
one to est-are at the time of the Custer
massacre, to be present during the
three davs entertainment.
We are fast doing away with the
personal element of religion. We like
to perform our religious duties as
lodge members do, through proxy, in
the shape of committees; but it cannot
be done. God expects you to use your
personality for the building up of his
kingdom, and you cannot by your
money be the sum ever so great
fulfill these responsibilities to your
Ood or neighbor. The greatest need
.of the church is not more money; but
more consecration of self. In fact, un
less you consecrate yourself along
with your substance you consecrate
noth'ng. The personal touch is infi
nite y more powerful tlun the imper
sonal. (Continued NVt Week)
La.-t Wednesday a numler from
this neighborhood worked on the Can
ten telephone line. . , ,
Mrs. G. E. Dver was on the ..st
Wednesday, but is some
improved at this writing.
vc Vin-pnt Murnhv who was sick
lait week is able to be up and around
!r Mrs. Emil Murwhy are re
joicing over the arrival of a 10-pound
:irl. who arrixed July 20.
Charles Hookham i on the sick
1-st !ut week.
vTrc Hnd children visited at
fhnrfes Hookham's last Wednesday.
R bert Mitchell cut Hookham's oats
last Wednesday. . .
Cl Leis cut I- I- Dyers gTain I n
. I n.i Snturdav.
K.y Crosse cut Ivor Mevkori" grain
Mr. and Mrs. WVd We Hie visited at
i.'i.r'. home rr.dav nigut.
I'.t v Grossed sister and h jsbund of
Wt-ntine is visit In tit the Gross
Vnn-. this week. Thev c une oveilum
Mrs. George Fbherty r-'-urned home
Vr'.l v from he A i;iia'-' S-..-i.;t.U. MU-
iv. r M,-,-cprs visited -t t'iJ Walt
W..i. ' V.-rr.e SunJaV.
.'',. i:,lj.rt Mitch.-l! left Sat'ir-by
... v i nw.thr in 1 inco?n. She
txtcta to be gone f-r craily a incnth
Holy Communion, X a. m.
Morning Prayer, 11 a. m.
Church School, 10 a. m.
Services begin at 10:30 on Sunday
morning. Sunday scnooi at id oclocx.
Come and hear the gospel, pure and
"What does the Lord's Day mean to
you?" This is the question that will
be answered at the morning hour of
worship. We shall endeavor to give a
sensible answer and shall follow the
Scriptures in presenting the claims for
Lord's Dav observance. The evening
services will be held in the Baptist
church. The sermon will be preached
from the subject, "The Jerusalem
Church". The record of this church is
taken mostly from the Book and Acts.
If vou will read this i-v rrore Sun
day, then it will be easier to follow
the minister in his sermon. Ked rox
the Indian Chief is ill in a Denver
hospital and will not lie pble to I in
Alliance as we had hoped. We learned
recen'.'y the names of two ills that
seem to afflict ponle on the i.oru s
Day, they are "s'eeping sickness" and
"gasohneitis . We hope tnat in tne
future these will bo conquered by all.
Remember the Bible School and
Chrisitan Endeavor meetings at the
usual hours. Much depends upon you.
Come to the church with a message
and a welcome.
S. J. EPLER, Minister.
I net siiml:iv there was a slumn in
the attendance in the Sunday school.
Let us make up for this next ,unnay.
The pastor has been unusually busy
the past few days looking after the
sick. We need to pray more for the
State Tax Levy Wiil
Be Increased Almost
50 Per Cent This Year
The state levy of 3.0.1 mills to raise
approximately $10,000,000 of tax rev
enue needed to run the state govern
ment from Auditor Mar-h as to the
Nebraska for the next fiscal year is
the rate which Tax Commissioner
Osborne e tiniates will te required.
The state board of equalization
and assessment will meet either the
la-t of this week or the first of next,
to fix the amount of the levy. It
will have before it an official state
ment from Alitor Marsh as to the
appropriations made by the legislature
and the proportion thereof which must
be raised by taxation.
As the twirl will. have, bv that
time, complete assessment returns of
the state totawed and tabulated, it
will be a sirp!e matter to compute
the tax levy necessary to produce
one-half of the b'ennial revenue. The
rate may be slightly lower or higher
than 3.0.1 mill, but it will he in that
This will be about 47 per cent in
crease m the stte tax levy ubove c
year ago, when the r:;te was 10.31!
mills on one-ti!'th valuation, or abiut
'1.0 mills on actual va!ue. This year's
assessment to ,n actual va'.ue
as the new law- making that change
take. effirt next Fr'day.
Hair Nets. :i for 2"c, and the
douNe mesh Kc each. McYick
er's IJeauty Tarlor. 70
An unsinkable battle.hio wou'd be
fine, but an uasirkable freight am'
passenger hip would be worth run
to the world.
H Tomorrow Alright
ALLl.V.NCt. KblU CO.
Cool and Refrcshinff
IV HEX you are tired and
" wont out a cool, refresh
ing drink will put new life
and spirit into you.
We have all kinds of soft
drinks and flavors and
. pride ourselves on our
prompt and efficient
You'll Enjoy Our Drinks.
Fre.h Home-Made Candies
in Fancy Coxes
Kept in Refrigerator Case.
Alliance Candy Store
Phone 27
210 Box Kutte Alliance
nick. God has thus far blessed our
prayer in several cases and we feel
grateful for it. Hearts are happy ss
the result.
The services at Angora are eonv'nir.
along nicely and we expect a good
work there.
The services at Hagerman'e prove
are well attended and until further no
tice we will have services thpre every
Sundav afternoon at 3 o'clock.
' The union services next Sunday will
be held in our building, with Brother
Kpler as preacher. Come and near
this good man.
! Pon t forget the B. Y. P. L, both
intermediate and senior. They meet
at i p. in,
Many request are coming in ask-!
ing when the pastor will deliver his
' lecture, "The Four Pillars of Roman
'ism. ' He is not in a position to say
a-s yet, bwt it will be amply advertised
whn he will do so.
By request, the offering at the Ha
german Grove services will be con
tinued. We are glad to see the people
anxious to help in this way.
B. J. MIXORT, Pastor.
American rag is of two varieties 1 1
jazz and the one so many persons are
chewing Colorado Springs Telegraph.
MR. HAPP y -iw
company coming-.
Why not use the telephone
for a go-between and we'll
politely fill and prompt'y -le-livtr
jour order. Get us on
the wire and tell us to
Fancy Hens,
dressed 2Tc
Springs, dressed 4Sc
Try our Home Made
Pot Roasts 17ic
All Kinds of Cold Meats
for your Lunch.
Watch for Mr. Happy Party.
J 16 WEST 4TH ST.,
phcne: 3a
r .7.
You41 get somewhere
with a pipe and P A,!
Start fresh all over again at the beginning! Get a
pipe! and forget every smoke experience you ever had
that spilled the beans! For a jimmy pipe, packed
brimful with Prince Albert, will trim any degree of
smokejoy you ever registered! It's a revelation!
Put a pin in here! Prince Albert can't bite your
tongue or parch your throat. Both are cut out by our
exclusive patented process. So, just pass up any old
idea you may have stored away that you can't smoke a
pipe! We tell you that you can and just have the time
of your life on every fire-up if you play Prince Albert
for packing!
What P. A. hands you in a pipe it will duplicate in a
home-made cigarette! Gee but you'll have a lot of
fun rolling 'em with Prince Albert; and, it's a cinch
because P. A. is crimp cut and stays put!
Frlfica Albtrt it
M in tappy r4
bmg; tidy rmd Una,
hmndfm pm4
mnd half pmn4 tin
hamidort mnd in thm
pmmnd eryttml glmst
hmmidmr with
cpfif mmigttntr
CoprrifHt 1921
my R. J. RernoUU
Tobacc C.
N. C.
the national joy smoke
'TTJiTXtl lLt .iL II II Hi T'liinHI'tt'""1'1"
None So Blind as Those
Who Will Not See!
) ) ) )
Some people boast that they "never read the adver
tisements." Such people merely boast that they are blind to
their own interests.
People who closely follow the advertisements in The
Herald are always getting the best bargains and saving
the most money.
The merchant who advertises is not only proud of
what he has to sell you, but he is inviting you to seize op
portunities to benefit yourself. The non-advertiser
neither issues you an invitation to visit his store, nor ex
hibits any pride in the bargains he may have.
Do you ever go where you are not invited? The advertisers in this
newspaper are inviting you to visit them. They are also proving that they
have confidence in their goods and prices. Further than that, they are
backing up the efforts of the biggest factor in any town's prosperity the
newspaper that is always heralding forth to the country the advantages
of it's town and territory.
If you don't read the advertisements, that is your misfortune. Don't
boast of it, for that is boasting of your ignorance.
People who study the newspaper advertising
columns are the people who save money.
Some merchants say: "We don't need to advertise; everybody knows
us." Fcrty years ago "St. Jacob's Oil" was r.s well known as "Kodak" is
t'vlav. "Everyl)ody knows ut us." said the manufacturers, and ceased
advertbing. today "St. JaccL's Oil" is as dt.i as J. CV.ciar!

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