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. . r"Tit;nu::.l fro'.i FYe 1)
t rirlur'riR the ranch country
jiihcv o" io i.t' homes, wrecked by
Wk h f..T:krc.l rl;:.i to srpport the
rancher t.ml en:.l':? h.m to tide over
ti-p s!i i:i-,rr.rv, Mr. ('anib,!l ea;s:
"You cannot font; bnck to the cuttle
rmintvy for your breeding and feediriK
rat tin Mt'ter thi f;.!l v.vd for some
time lo tor.e. To ktcp your cows and
r.r'fVr .n! r;.ie your own cuttle
scrv: the orly th:m4- to do.' i
"The Mi.u'l . tfxl.mai.. the man w'h
Pivir.il tnctr s find a anv'.ly v iil jro un
les pome f nrncial p'iin c: r. le worked
out to jv Kim n diancr," lc Kay?.
Hi.- Mtcr foltov.: :
Short 01 Call!1.
In cur country farmers fpdirg
tl pi.iM iv s shott oi nit!; ere looking
about for a rtjHon in which live stock
rave not been sold down e!ofC. As
& county .t 1 went up into the very
heail of ihe. cattle country up
thicujfh Mt Thr .mm, Hooker end
Cheiry and talked with men from
Grnnt end Thonsis cour.ties. They all
told the same, tale this whole region
is short o' c!ittlr and w'll be shorter
at the er.d of the season.
"To meet oMipat'ons fotno ranchers
me. : rllii.c down to the last hoof. They,
I ke a lot of other folks, are hoping
hrt they cm My bruk later. Where
sre they to ro? If the ranchers are
Fellinir short row and the fr.rmers have
nly haif enouph who will supply the
breeding stock to cac up the surplus
"In the farming counties com, oats
roufch feed and pdsture are abundant,
heap, and without a market. In the
cattle country hay was kept over from
last year and this year's crop has no
demand. Pasture grass stands un
touched upon a thousand hill. For all
this 'There is a reason.' The war
stripped the cattle country of its young
men and young men are needed to
Tai.se cattle. Finding the care of the
stock too heavy for the family the
ranchers sold short. They gave to the!
Red Cross and other war calls 'until
it hurt.-1
"Then came the call to rake more
food. With a supreme effort more
cattle, were bought at a high price. -on
short notes of a year or less. , .Men,
women and children worked and toiled
t 'carry on.' "Then "came the' close
lown. Liquidation was demanded. One
rancher with a certain number of cat
tle bought as many more on time.
Now he is shipping all every hoof to
take up his notes on the half he
Draining the Dregs.
"Oh yes, more cattle will go to mar
ket this fall, but it will drain the cup
to the dregs. Who will restock the
cattle country. The ranchers that hold
out will prosper, but the country as a
whole will be the loser. The small
stockman, the man with small means
and a family will go unless some finan
cial plan can be worked out to give
him a chance.
"A few short months ago these peo
ple offered their youth and their all on
tbealtar of their country; today they
are closed out Their home stands
desolate. Coyotes prowl where happy
children played . Wild fowl multiply
where domestic poultry flourished.
"From boxcar roofs hundreds of men
eome hungry, me hunting, for work,
look on the scenes I have described, as
ihey pass through on the westbound
Burlington freight.
"Establish a better system for
financing these men on the small as
wtll as large ranches. Let the farm
ers in the g rain counties also be
financed so that they- will not be
compelled to sell their breeding stock.
Yoo cannot look back to the cattle
eountry for your breeding and feeding
rattle, after this fall and for borne
time to come. To keep your cows and
heifers and raise your own cattle
seems the only thing to do."
Have you listened lately to the
woman who has the National
Vacuum Electric washer tell how
simple her laundry work now is?
Just ask her if she would care to
do without the machine .Rhein
Hardware Company. 72
E. G. r Column
"Modem Clothes l or Men"
SOS F.ox Hutte Ave.
j Well the cokrcl folks hf.d a big
'picnic yei'torday, the fourth of Aujrust,
; and down south where 1 u.'ed to live
we were taught to call the Fourth of
Auirut, "Km.incipaiion Pay", and b'v,
, ckb-Mion thty us-ed o X up down
. tl em And tlu.t rem in Is me lht burling-
n big forced march thi.t my com-
p.iTiy of lhr old Twentieth Infantrj
ipvitfcui over in the ni!;iiiine. Vt
j were climbing the Caguyenne? moun-ti.in.--
in the north of the . S. ianl of
Luzon where our o'dcis w-e to heml
' . 'V i, A " 1 1 1 1 1 1 e
uii vivii. .'VRuinuidu mm nis onci 01
insurrectos. Well we veie to climb
the mountain in about three days and
iriieet re-inforcements theiv, so we
took rations for three dnys, but there
were pn road.-, and we therefore made
them, and it took time, so we were out
about ten days before wo met the said
re-inforcements and we foraged on the
mountain country through which we
passed, and when we met them they
were the 10th Cavalry, who are colored
troopr. Well it happened to be on the
fourth of Augu.st, and they were feel
ing fine, and their commander gave us
an order to their Quartermaster who
was with the rest of their company
about half a mile further on to feed
us. Well, we went on and presented
our order, and imagine our surprise
when they sat us down to a supper
of beef steak and onions, with good
light bread, all of .which we had not
had for seven months. Well the first
quest;on we wanted to ast was this,
"Where did the beef come from?" but
we did not 'atk it, for we had proof
that they had it, and' that was enough.
Now this is all I am go'ng to ray in
this, column this time, but I just
wanted to bring out the fact that they
always fared "well over there, and they
continue to fare well over here, and it J
seems to be their penchant for finding
the best there is in life, and I am going
to call your attention to my ad on page
4 which I claim is the be;t there is,
in these lines end at thei-e prices, at
the present time. So I am calling your
attention to an extra special sale on
good dependable work clothing, at a
time when the harvest is at it height.
u m m
Come in and look over these lines.
Yours as always
An announcement party was given
Wednesday morning by Mrs. II. F.
Toohcy for her sister, Miss IJva Hilli.
whose marriage to Alvin J. Winn will
take place ' at the Kpincopn! church at
i o'clock Aurrust the I Oth. Monto Cur-
' lo whist was played. Those present
weie: Me.Mlnmes lluelc, ll. H. Cox, 1.. 1
J. 1 coney 01 Ilemirrord, r. V. (jra
hj.in of Ifeiningford, Herslimnn, Mitch
ell, Ganti., Cogswell. 15ert iHincnn, A.
V. (iavin, K. I- Ued, Koy lleekwilh,
md Misses Nell A 1 eson, Katheiiiie
Kliegle, and Flva Hillis.
Miss ! eona Shreve underwent an
operation for tonsiliti Thursday morn
ing and is reported as getting along a
eil us could Ih expected.
II. M. Hmee, slieriff of Shei idne
county, nassed through Alliance toiay
on h;s way !o Antioch, lakeside, Kli.
wcrth ami ll'ngham on business.
One of Oor Prominent
Business Men Said:
"I have been in business
in Alliance for many years.
I have seen many .others
come and po. I believe I am
a pood judge of human na
ture and know how to give
my patrons what they want.
I've mode pood. I've owned
several ears, have a pood
home rmd am happy. But
let me tell you Mr.
I have never in my life re
ceived as much nor as pood
iuitomo'iile service on any
of my cars as you are giv
ing me on this old boat. I
know you will make good
because I will loost and I
know of mr.ny others here
th.nt say the s?me. Go to it.
old ton. I'm for you and I
want to say I've received
more for mv money in your
shop than I ever got any
where else."
That's what I call
service. Take the tip
and call at
Iletween Drake Hotel anj
Elks Club.
Miss Mary McNuity and Mr. Walter
Muilanc were united in holy matri
mony Wednesday n-.orninir t Kf-vcn
locloek at the Holy Kosary church, thci
I l!?v. Father Manning officiating. The'
bride wore a brown tricolettn traveling .
suit and carried a corsage bouquet of,
w hite roses and sweet peas. The bride j
was attended by Miss Lillian Bcrzina
and Mr. Raymond McNulty, brother of
the bride, acted as best man . After
the Ceremony n wedding breakfast vt.s
served at the home of the bride, tt
tended by the immediate relatives.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mullane left at noon for
iVeston. Minn., where thev will pnend
n few days with Mr. Mu'lane's parents!
and then visit Milwaukee, Chicago and
other eastern points, returning ' in
about three weeks.
The litile run of Mr. and Mrs. L R
Tilber vs o,uite seriously injurel last
week Xv'nn he was caught in a gas
oline em ine. One arm was broken and
severely nit. He and his iMotl er have
been staying at the home of Kd Owcn
but rcturred to their home in the
country last nitrht.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mohrmnn
have put chased the H. O. Condie home
on Sl! lirnerson St. f
Mrs. Tom Kelly and small .son went
to Edgemont Thursday for a short
visit with Mrs, F. A. Lape.
Mrs. II. O. Condit returned Weelnes
day from the IJlack Hills where she
has been visitjng with Mrs. H. A. Du
Puque at their summer home.
"Modern Clothed For Men."
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Herman
Rehder and Mrs. A. M. Southwell en
tertained the East Side Progressive
club at the country home of Mrs.
Itehler. About, fifty memliers were
present, and the afternoon was spent j
in giving "Helpful Hintsuu, ami dis
cussing, "What Women in the Home
Should Know of Business Affairs." A
dainty luncheon was served at four
Mrs. George McMannis and daugh
ter, Dixie, left Wednesday for Milton,
In., whre they w ill remain for the
Hire flnil Trir rnlprlfimoil nf n
. . . 1 . j 1 !
inree course uinner eiinvsiaj evt-n-ing
at seven o'clock. Monte Carlo
Whist was played, Mrs. Blain Beck
with winning high score.
Mrs. Oscar O'Bannon is entertaining
this afternoon in honor of her son,
fTVi.irln' ninth birthday . The cuestJ!
were- entertained tt a theater party
after which a two course luncheon was
served, Edith O'Bannon assisted in
Miss Avis Joder left this mon'.'ng
fcr Hot Springs to join the Campfire
The insanity board held a hen ring
Tuesday afternoon in the car of Mrs.
Mary Partridge of Esther, Neb., who
has been in the Alliance hospital since
May. , Ksther is in Dawes county, but
the heaving was held here at the re
quest of relatives. The boprd con
sented to have her remain in the care
of her husband, but guardianship pro '
ceedings will be started.
Mrs. Charles Madison Reed of Alta
mont, Kas., formerly of this city, ar
rived Thursday evening for a visit
with her parents.
Mrs. Prettyman plans to spend Sun
day in Hot Springs, S. D., where her
daughter is with the Alliance Camp
fire girls on their camping trip.
Little Miss Winifred Tully daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Tully suffered a
broken collar bone last week when she
fell off a chair. She is getting along
nicely now, .however . .
The Ladies Circle of the Christian
church will gUe a food Me at Hirst's
More, beginning at. 1 o'clock Saturday
afternoon. .
. A beautiful new' fur piece or
fur set will enhance the beauty
of your fall costume. Why not
take advantage now of 1 the pre
season discount of 25 at the
Fashion Shop. 72
nrxt l J-t vi 1 n ftl rTx?T If L" VT
Thf rnuntv nnd ritv imliee Author!-
ties picked up a couple of colored men
this morning wno were lounci in ine
neighborhood of the pest house. One
of them gave his name as Ernest Ly
man and his age as eighteen and his
horn in East St. Louis. The poMce re
searching for a third man, who was
seen with these two last night. Lyman
confessed the three men had broken
into a box car in the local yards.
Among the loot so far discovered is
two new automobile tires, six boxes of
underw ear, shirts, half a dozen enam
otiA uvih K'ioin nnd other articles.
I Lyman admitted to having been in jail
in Council Bluffs, omana, Lies .moines
and East St. I-ouis.
' '
HaVe you looked over the ofr
fdr.lndr nf fur Jt the F&chion
1 Shop during their August sale7
23 Off on the choicest sarmenis
you will see this season.) "72
One Alliance woman tried to
prevent her husband from buy
ing her a National Vacuum Elec
tric washer, but now she says
she would not take $1,000 for it.
It takes away, all the aches and
pains from washing. See RheuVs.
'' '. '! .
If you want to live better
for less money
Trade at Morgn'i
Starting at Once all Orders Will be
be Delivered Strictly Cash.
for Butter and Eggs
Morgan Grocery Co.
We Repair
Auto Clocks
It is only to be expected that the jolt
ing of the clock in the dash gets will make
repaii s necessary; But the clock is such a
great convenience the cost of having it
put in order is a small price to pay.
When yours gets out of order, drive
up and have us repair it. It is very quick
ly removed from the car.
, We are thoroughly equipped to do this
work, and make a specialty of it
Charges are kept as low as it is possi
ble for an A-l job we do no other kind
and the work is done without a minute's
unnecessary delay. i
Nuy this No. 1-A Ansco
Juinor CUunera.
It takes good, sharp pic
tures, 2Vi x4iir that can
easily be enlarged if you .
desire. -
It is one of the new fold
ing cameras, covered
with fine black leather
and equipped with a
leather carrying strap.
Here Are
Some Of
The Latest
Dance Records
Records that have the
swing and rhythm and
make you want to dance.
Cho-Cho-San Fox trot
By Paul Whiteman, 85c
Oh Mel Oh My Fox trot
By Paul Whiteman, 80c
St Louis Blues
Jazz Me Blues .
By Orifrinl . Dixieland
Jazz baU 85c
th Strt WiJi a Guarantee Wilktul PjJ Tap
Give 'Em Help
Buy Your.Ticket Early for the
'Beeefit Daece
Monday, August 8
The music will be fine, the weather will
be cool, the crowd will be there to have fun,
and all your friends will want to see you
Everybody plan to come. You will have
more than your dollar's worth of fun.
Admission, $1.00.
War Tax, 10c.

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