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THE ALLlANCh JifcKAUJ, miuw, muuooi a.,
The Omaha and Lincoln newspaper?
nave jut learned that nn Alliance
rninirter was hailed into court for fish
ing without a license, ami two or
three weeks after that m1 oc.urance
the headline are showing up.
Now who has nerve enouuh to say
tv.at the Alliance correspondents to
the drilies send in only the sensational
news ?
Jut to kCO histnrv ctrjiiVht. Irt if
te known that at leapt two of them
were in the city when it happened, j
The fellow who spilled the beans was
the depvty frame warden. One would
think that he never arrested a-
preacher before.
The reverend fisherman ppoke at Ihe J
union services last Sunday niyht, and j
he must have made one of the best i
sermons of his career. Half a dozen
people, knowing Judge Tash was in
terested, told him how splendid the
sermon was. The judge took some of
the credit on himself, for did he not
preach to the preacher before he im
posed the fine? When the steenth
man spoke to his honor about how
he appreciated it, the judge scid: "Of
course it was a good sermon. I knew
my talk would have a good effect on
him. Why, if I can get him up before
me a couple more times, I'll make a
bishop out of him."
Talking about the judere reminds us
that we saw him on the street two
r three hours after our return from
Hot Springs, and the thought passed
throueh our mind that it was pleasant
to talk standing up.
We shudder to think how we would
have felt if that fiiwer didn't have
Bhock absorbers.
Warning to golf bugs: The Hot
Springs course covers at least two
sections, and there are "half a dozen
fences to crawl through.
The Passing Show
"Do you mean to tell me that those
four little tomatoes weigh a pound?
"It looks like rain and tastes like
"I just know we're on the wrong
road. You should have turned back
there at that little white post."
"He just walked all over my feet
during that fox trot."
There's one disadvantage to being
bulky. The morning we started we
fractured our right trouser-leg at the
knee, and half an hour before we left,
while crawling through a barbed wire
fence on the Hot Springs polf links,
we suffered a serious accident to the
same trousers in the region where the
pint flask should be carried.
As luck would have it, we only had
to walk a mile and a half throu.crh
the city, of course to rejoin our coat,
which concealed the discrepancy.
However, we called it a vacation, so
let it pass for one.
One of those statistical bugs has dis
covered that a Ford has exactly eight
thousand parts, you are reasonably
safe in cupssinp that Tint nvi tun
thousand ever get out of whack at the
same time.
One of the boys in the shop picked
up a band ring wedding ring on
the ftreet this morning. He thinks all
he needs now is the girl. Some day
he'll know.
The Hard Working Millionaire.
Nebra!-ka City Tress: The printed
word is often confusing. On the cover
of the August American Magazine in
large, convincing letters, are the
word?, "Young Vanderbilt Tells Why
He Works."' And the story shows that
in Cornelius, jr., they re talking about.
Then the society columns inform u.
that Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt
jr., are at their summer cottare in
iji -iiisn Loiumoia, wnere tney will stay
until October 15.
Today's Bt Story.
Speaking of white mule, two rustic
sports were unceitainly flivvering
their way home from the county seat.
"Bill," said Henry. "I wancha to
be very careful. Firs' thing y' know
you'll have us in a ditch."
"Me?" said Bill in astonishment.
"Why I thought you was drivin'."
No trespassing will be permitted on
the following described property:
South half of section 34, township 25
north, range 45, west of the sixth P.
M., all in Box Butte county, Nebras
ka. All trespassers will be prosecuted
to the full extent of the law. 74-82p
Little Jay Hall who was sick with
the measles last week is up again.
Mr. and Mrs. John Caha of Heming
ford visited at the Jay Hall home Fri
day. They went to Hookhnm's Sat
urday and stayed until Sunday even
ing. Jim Kennedy and family visited at
the Cal Leis home Sunday.
Joe Komers attended church at
Hemingford Sunday.
L. T. Dyer and family and Mrs.
Dyer's mother, Mrs. Fox, visited at
the Schocilander home Sunday.
Grover Bayne visited with his wife
and daughter at Koy Grosses's home
last Saturday.
Warren Moore from the eastern
part of the state is vfi-iting Byrl Dyer
this week.
Byrl Dyer started to stack grain
Charles Folden and Fete Farrell
motored to Alliance Wednesday, going
down to see if Mr. Folden could get a
grain separator.
Will Moravek and parent.? visited at
Ivor Meeker's last Wednesday. Mar
ven Langford came out with them tak
ing one of Ivar s cars home with him.
Lonnie, Ernest and Sad.e Wilkins
attended the ball game north of Alli
ance Sunday.
Al Hall and wife and Mrs. Elsea
motored to Alliance Thursday.
We are glad that Lee Moore is able
to be at home again. He is getting to
be an expert with crutches.
The mail route will be changed
around by the Kilpatrick ranch after
he 17 of August.
Mr. and Mrs. James Eaton and baby
motored to Alliance Saturday evening.
Mrs. Nelse rcteison was on the sick
list last week.
Mr. Hanks spent the week-end at
There were quite a number fishing
it the dam Sunday.
I.onnie and Ernest Wilkins were Al
'iance callers Saturday afternoon.
Miss McCormick came out with the
mail man Saturday, looking over the
rountry to see about a school.
A car broke down ner.r the Kilpat-
ick ranch Sunday night. The oc
upants spent the night at the ranch
house and fixed their car Monday
morning and went on their way.
Wilkins certainly have the best gar
den in the country, as they have had
cabbage already. And they are feast
ing on roasting ears these days.
Mr. Renswold and son and son-in-law
were callers at Scottsbuff Mon
day. We certainly thought winter had
come when that cold wind started to
blow Saturday.
Mrs. Brus and son were Alliance
shoppers Monday.
Mr. Peterson was a caller at the
Nichols' home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kilpatrick
motored to Alliance Tuesday.
Ab Hall called at the Nichols' home
Sunday to get Miss Zola to work for
his father.
Mrs. Alsea and Nola drove to Hem
ingford Tuesday afternoon.
No aches and pains from wash
day when the wife uses a Na
tional electric washing machine.
It takes the drudgery from the
housewife's most disagreeable
task. Rhein Hardware. 72
1 Jtt ' ' "y ji J? "
II (h,
Viscosity? kMB
Sandy and Donald were paying
their first visit to the metropolis ami
found the ways of the big hotel were
not their ways. The morning found
thorn prepared to fare forth, but un
able to locate the stairway. Sandy
discovered the elevator shaft with the
door open ind very promptly tumbled
to the bottom. Leaning over the
opening. Donald called to hi.s friend
sprawled out below:
"Did ve get doon a' richt, Sandy?"
"Aye, tlmt I did," replied Sandy,
"but, mon, be careful o thot first
step 'tis a brute."
Jazz is reported dead in London but
Dr. Furgeson of Lincoln is visiting 'let London not rejoice too soon. One
They drove j remembers several times when its dc
Imise was reported in this country alao.
at Gentry's this week.
over to Leis s Sunday.
Viscosity, simply stated, is wearing quality.
By examining an oil under a strong microscope
you find that it is composed of very small glob
ules or roller bearings. In fact, it looks like, a
mass of fish eggs. When machinery is properly
lubricated it is simply run on these little roller
bearings of oil and the ability of the oil to re
tain its globular form under pressure or heat is
Try MUTUAL OILS They Are Guaranteed
No Need.
a Basement
With the IDEAL Areola Hot Water Heating Boiler
You Can Modernize Your Home Without Digging a Cellar
Splendid for Farm Homes
THE ARCOLA Hot Water Heating Boiler offers the
easiest and best means of doing away with the annoy
ance and inconvenience of stoves that heat the house "in
spots." Why not have that nice, warm glowing feeling
at all times this winter? You could never do without it
when once you have it installed.
3 rr, . f. i
I TswU VfftVy- 4
Office Buildings and Flats
THE ARCOLA offers a solution for the heating
problem in office buildings. Often there is no place for
an underground heating plant, and there is no need to
go to the needless expense. THE ARCOLA can be erect
ed on the same floor. It's a small neat boiler, looks nice
and is used to heat the same as the other radiators.
The Plan is This ij Features of Areola Value Ask Us About It
I" . . .
The principle of the IDEAL ARCOLA is a
hot water heating boiler that will heat six
large rooms nicely in the coldest weather.
The boiler itself is used to heat, looks nice,
and can be placed in any room where there is
a chimney connection. It burns a moderate
amount of coal, is so built that it is easily kept
clean. A large ash pit, ample grates, and
easy access make it honestly IDEAL for its
: i.
: ii.
S 12.
Scientific in fuel conservation.
Compact, attractive and long-lasting.
Large Fuel Space makes frequent coaling unnecessary.
Vertical Flues are self-cleaning and assure efficient
devolving Grates enable fire to be cleaned with ease.
Waterbacked Base may be set on wooden floor.
Nickel-plated Trimmings and Graceful Lines give the
heater neat appearance.
The Spout-shaped Fire Door Opening enables fuel to
lie charged without spilling.
Sliding Draft Door enables perfect regulation of fire.
Extensive Exterior Heating Surface supplying heat for
room in which Areola stands.
Deep, Snug-fitting Ash Pan insures cleanliness.
Large Clearance Between Base and Floor facilitates
cleaning under Areola.
i a i
If you can see where you could install one
of these boilers in your home or office, why
not come in and talk it over, or write us a
letter. There are many features that appeal
to the lady of the house no running up and
down cellar steps; water backed base elimin
ates danger of fire; can heat two stories if
wanted; sectional to permit enlargement
when needed.
No Tarts Destructable
Nothing to Burn Out.
The Heating System You
Have Long Wanted.

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