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. bu7 omethlnj? Hub-
a? , P'CP' " th Want
column lcokin for what you
r others have to offer. Get quick
L,u1.1; -by admiln In Tha
Harald Want Ad department.
RATES One cent per word per
Insertion. Cot no more than
ether newspapers and we ituar
antee that you reach several bun
red more readers. Buy circula
tion, not hot air.
WANTED To lease a frcotl paying
rooming house or hotel in fir npr
Alliance. Inquire at THE HERALD.'
Ko. il8. 75-78
WANTED Six-room house unfur-
nished, with garage. Call phone
170 cr 757. 70-tf
WANTED Girl for general house
work, phone 173. Mrs. Chas. Brit
tan. GMf
WANTED Washing. One clay Ferv
ice. Hand work. Satisfaction gaur
rtced. Phone 002. Mrs. J. C. John
eon. 60tf
FOR SALE Cafe doing excellent
business. A bargain if taken bv
August 15. Inquire at the HERALD.
No. 517 74
FOR SALE Certified Kanred seed
wheat. Free from Rye. Best yielder
for state. Order soon. S. J. 10SSI,
Thone 813F13. 74-75
FOR SALE An Adam period living
room suite, in antique brown ma
hogany, upholf ,-erel in velour. Has
been used but very little. Will sell for
a reasonable price. Inquire at the
HERALD OFFICE. No.516 73-tf
FOR SALE Dresser, chair and table.
Phone 746. ' 71-tf
FOR SALE Big type Chester White
boars: best of breeding. Phone
801F11. D. E. PURINTON. 71-tf
FOR SALE My 5 room Bungalow.
Inquire 703 Toluca Ave. 71-74p
FOR SALE Base burner, in first
class condition at a reasonable price
if taken at once. Inquire for 515 at
Herald office. tf
FOR SALE Old papers, 5 cents a
bundle, at The Herald Office.
FOR SALE Good used cars. A. H.
JONES Co., 3rd and Cheyenne, tf
FOR SALE Large modern house, six
rooms and bath. Full basement.
Hard wood down stairs, full basement
stationary tubs. Two-thirds of present
building cost. Garage. Terms to re
sponsible parties. Inquire at FIRST
FOR SALE At a bargain, Sonora
Phongarhp. Phone 1021, Mrs.
Mohrman. 74-tf
FOR RENT A nice four room house.
E. V. DOYLE, Phone 572. 75p
FOR RENT One 2-room house, fur
nished, modern except heat; also 1
4-room house, furnished. 220 Big
Horn. - 75
In Vile
"The Education of Elizabeth," is
tonight's attraction at the Imperial,
with Billie Burke in the leading role.
The heroine is a chorus girl whose
slang wins the love of an aristocratic
man of wealth and who places her in
his home to be properly educated.
While her sweetheart goes to Texas on
businees, Elizabeth meets and falls in
love with his brother. Meanwhile she
is being educated to be the charming
woman she soon grows to be. Her
fiance meets another chorus girl in
Texas and falls in love with her. He
returns and finding Elizabeth trans
formed, releases her from her engage
ment. Wednesday's feature is "The Flame
of Hellgate," one of those cattle pic
tures, w-;th Beatriz Michelena as the
star. One of the more important fig
ures is the cattle king who dominates
the whole region. Ke is responsible
for the election of a sheriff who is
little more than a "yes boy," having no
say in more important matters. When
a murder occurs for which the forces
of the cattle king are responsible the
sheriff refuses to make an arrest.
This rotten political condition leads
to the declaration of war on the part
of the daughter of the murdered man
which motivates the story.
"Clothes" is the expressive title of
the Thursday photoplay. Olive Tell
takes the leading part, that of Olivia
Sherwood, a pleasure-loving, caprici
ous reckless young woman who has
known nothing but wealth, and who
is not even permitted to know that
the has been left with only $2,000 a
year nothing at all in Olivia's world
until the man who has been advanc
ing her money, tells her the money
was not left her by her father, but
that he had been giving it to her in
tending to "buy" her. His shocking
disclosure precipitates a dramatic dis
aster. The man who is blind to his own
faults and deaf to the praise of oth
ers is never dumb in regard to his
own virtues.
Going Through the Files
Dispatcher A. V. Gavin of Sheridan
has been transferred to Deadwood as
dispatcher of the Burlington lines in
the Black Hills. L. H. Mo.-her will re
turn to Alliance as dispatcher on
firt trick.
Trouble over some settlement or
failure to settle resulted in the head
cook at the Charters hotel quitting
work Monday and subsequent dis
charge of all d'ning room help. No
meals were served for four dayf, when
new help was secured. Mr. Pardy,
the ex-cook, announced that he would
open up a dining hall in the rear rooms
of the MeWhir.ney building.
John W. Warner. uperiner.(lnnt o
the poor farm, while standing in the
field, was struck and instantly killed.
He leaves a wife and four children.
G. W. Duncan is now r.icely located
with his grocery store in the new brick
building erected by S. Reck.
A new porcelain lined bathtub is
being put in the club rooms. Every
thing calculated to add to the com
fort and convenience of the members
is carefully looked after.
On a recent excursion coming down
from Hot Springs, a colored man
named McDulTle was making (juite a
racket -on the car. D. W. Lcee, mar
shal of Alliance, was on the car and
called to the man to make less noise.
Whether hearing him or not is not
known, hut he did rot stop makirg
the noise anyway and Lee cracked him
over the head with a beer bottle,
knocking him down. Last week the
man's wife went to Chadron and filed
a complaint for assault with intent to
kill. Sheriff Dargnn came down to
make the arrest, but Lee had gone to
Hastings with his horses for the races.
The sheriff there was wired to arrest
him, which he did, and Lee gave a
$500 bond to appear at Chadron when
wanted. In the meantime the case was
settled at Alliance. Simon Spry paid
the costs and a paper dismissing the
suit was drawn up by Judge Wilcox
for the complainants to sign. Thus
does a great tempest in a tea pot wind
up in the air.
Monday afternoon there was a
rumor of a shooting scrape at Bridge
port in which the names of well known
men lown there were connected. In
vestigation proved that a man named
Tracy sent word that he had been shot
at by five men. The parties were
brought up and testified that they had
been shooting at coyotes and never
knew the man was around. Thus an
other sensation went up in the air.
They are great for shooting coyotes
down in that country and men not de
sirous of being shot at should be care
ful to not resemble coyotes.
The sale advertised to take place
Tuesday for the Charters hotel prop
erty did not come off because the
nctice was not published the length of
time required by law. The proceedings
will have to be gone all over again re
quiring some weeks yet before a sale
can be had. Some of the parties con
necte(Lwith the deal had a personal en
counter on the street which gave the
county court a little business.
A number of Dr. F. M. Knight's
friends in Alliance received a card
from him -this week from the Yellow
stone Park, where he is now viewing
the wonderful sights. The cards were
very neat, each one having a different
view of the park on it.
Dr. James P. Maxfield, the dentist
who came to Alliance from Lincoln
home weeks ago, has completely re
modeled the office in the Rumer block,
over Brennan's drag store, and it is
indeed a model of neatness and con
venience. The Herald is pleased to
note that Dr. Maxfield is doing a good
business and is very well pleased with
his location here. He will have his
horse and buggy shipped from Lincoln
to Alliance for his use in driving
around the city and adjoining country.
Ringling Brothers circus always
draws big crowds, but it looks now like
the crowds it will bring to Alliance
next Saturday will be the biggest ever
assembled in this part of the state.
Robert Graham came up from his
Garden county ranch the first of the
week and spent a whi'e in the city
greeting friends and transacting busi
ness. We are pleased to note that the
democratic state convention made him
a member of the state central com
mitte. Messrs. Hall and Graham are
giving especial attention this year to
the live stock business, and are on the
Gene Byrnes Says: "Here's the Music
B.?.C IF J M" Wll''I i. J lift. -V ITJ'' hi I ! I f 'V-it, I I'.r i'i-i I I II I iVl'X w
matket for cows and calves. They arc
also looking for a bunch of Mock hogs.
Prof. E. L. Meyer, principal-elect of
the Alliance hiph Fchool, left Saturday
morning for his home in Peru, going
vi.t Omaha to take in the tmnis tour
nament, in which he will play. Since
the close of school he has been setting
the youths of Alliance an excellent ex
ample of in lustry, having been work
ing for 1. W. Hughes, the ice man.
F. N. find J. G. Wal'ace, operating
under the firm name of Wallace Bros.,
leased the Vounkin rooming hour-e and
Crystal theater, and took immediate
possession. They expect to make some
improvements in the theater.
N. A. Kemmish, superintendent of
the city water and light department,
is again f t peace with the world, his
wife having returned from a western
trip of several months, visiting in
Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
Candidates for the primary election,
to be heid Aucust 15, were: County
treasurer, D. W. Butler, Emery Cornu,
Glen Miller r.nd I). W. Hughes, repub
ican; Isaac Rockey and Edgar M.
Martin, democrat. County Clerk
Monte S. Hargraves, republican; John
B. Kniest, democrat. County Sheriff
Al Wiker, W. G. Zediker, Koy C.
.Strong, rernubiican; C. W. Cox, Geo.
Snyder, democrat. Comity Judge, L.
A. Berry. County Superintendent,
Delia M. Reed. County Coioner
Charles E. Slagle, republican; Dr. F.
W. Boland, democrat. Commissioner,
second district, C. L. Hashman, repub
lican and J. P. Jemon of Hemingfcrd,
For the fifth time in three months,
the city council was compelled to pott
pone a regular meeting because no!
enough members turned out to make a
legal quorum. Mayor Rodgers did his
best to get the members to turn out,
but even with the assistance of the
city clerk and the chief of police
wasn't able to make the hill.
The Alliance Rotary club, at its re
gular Wednesday meeting went on
record as favoring the five-commissioner
plan of city government.
The census bureau intimated that
Alliance would not be allowed an offi
cial recount of its population, and the
chamber of commerce was up in arms.
E. K. Haldeman, district commercial
manager for the telephone company,
was in the city for two days. He ex
pected to wrestle with the council over
a franchise, but there wasn't a quorum
to hear him. '
The organization of the Nebraska
Potato Growers' exchange was com
pleted at a meeting held in Alliance.
Today Best Story: Charley Brittan
and Billy King were waiting for a
train bet ore leaving for Newcastle,
after a little visit to their oil wells,
lhey had half an hour an wandered
into a beanery for a light lunch. The
waitress was fresh and the grub stale.
"Say, sister," Billy compained, "our
beans seem to be cold." "Well," she
suggested, "why not put on your
Mrs, Ernie Essex was called to Iowa
her mother being very low.
Edwin Dunlap is on the sick list.
Annabel Lore and Kole Nichols were
cauers at the De France home Thurs
day afternoon.
Jim Eaton called at Lore's, looking
for a man to stack grain..
Mrs. Brown of Hemingford is help
ing cook for the threshers at De
France's. They still have another
week's threshing.
Ben Swanson went to Alliance for a
load of material Thursday and return
ed Friday.
Mr. Bean of near Scottsbluff stopped
at Lore's en route to Cherry county
Ms. Duskin called at De France's
last Thursday.
Ernie Wienell returned home Thurs
day from cutting grain for E. Essex.
Mrs. Fred Crawford and children
jand Mrs. Crawford motored to Alli
lance Wednesday.
j Miss Iva Wilkin and Howard Essex
i motored to Alliance Friday afternoon,
i Mr MPm-Vlo p;i11pi1 t. Lore's trvinir
to find someone to cut grain.
The mail man wishes everyone
would take more interest in the mail
route. If everyone that lives within a
mile or a halt mile would put their
HnoS on the route, we could get a
daily route. Let every one lend a
neiping hand. If fl
n.-. joi... Duskin called at Lore's
j,",.m,v t-'tovroon.
Harold Essex is visiting his grand
mother, Mrs. William Essex, for a few
Carl Hashman and Frank Vaughn
motored to Alliance Fridav. J
E. M. Banks and the Kilpatrick's i
wrie shipping cattle Saturday. I
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lishman mo-'
tcied to Alliance Friday.
Bini!ham-"Oil Mnrnntes" p-ame nt
l akeside, August 7, was later decided i
in the Oil Magnates favor. Owing to
an error on the part of the rcorc
keepers the scores stood a tie in the
List of the ninth inning. The correct
score was 1(5 to 15 in favor of the Oil
Magnates, but the general understand
ing was a tie, so the game continued
two more innings. This resulted in
BiiiRham scoring 3 luns to Oil Mag
nates 1. The Bingham score-keeper
admitted the error a week later.
The Qil Magnates won the game
from the Ellsworth Grays last Sunday
at Antioch. Score 20 to 3.
George Lindley and son were Alli
ance visitors last week.
Mr. Dickerson left for Raj id Citv,
where he and Mans Peterson
will be in partnership of a shoe repair
ing business. Hans Peterson has bcrn
Icing carpenter work for P. A. Cook.
Notice is hereby given to the landowners
in Box Butte county that weeds along the
public highways, both the state and county
roads, must be cut by August 15. In cases
where this warning is not complied with
within the time specified, the commissioners
will hire the work done and the costs will be
charged up against the land as taxes.
Board of County Commissioners,
of Box Butte County, Nebraska
mf,. i-T
'fx? v
We faithfully discharge our obligation to the public.
We render a polite, conscientious service. We conduct well
appointed funerals along modern lines. We are discreet and
dependable. We will serve you in a 'commendable manner.
Glen Miller
Phones: Day, 311 123 West
Night, 522 or 535 Third Street
Box Butte County Farms and Ranches
Alliance City Property
J. C McCORKLE, Manager
Office Groin Floor First National Camk
Frank McGinnis was an Alliance
visitor one day last week.
Joe Kade went down to visit at Vern
renin's ranch a few days.
Earl Graham left for Mitchell last
Vein Perrin wns a Lakeside visitor
last Sunday.
John Moscrip was in from the De
France rnnch last Sunday.
Frank Cody shipped a few .ar loads
of cattle last Saturday.
"I've been sitting up with a sick
friend," explained hubby with brilliant
originality at 3 a. m.
"What made him sick?" asked wifey
sarcastically. "Was he losing?"
In the County Court of Box Butte
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Letitia Cole, Deceased.
To all Persons interested in said
Notice is hereby given that at the
Write Your Own Words."
County Court Room in the city of Alli
ance in said county on the 31st day of
August, 1921, at the hour of 10 o'clock,
A. M., the following matter will be
heard and considered : The petition of
S. H. Cole for letters of Administra
tion upon the estate of Letitia Cole,
Dated the 27th thy of July, 1021.
(SEAL) County Judge
If your car is not working, let us make
it work.
If your radiator leaks, let as stop it.
211 Laramie Rear of Herald
210 W. 3rd
Painting and Taperhanging
Work Guaranteed.
Corner Third and Cheyenne
"When It's Your More,
Let Uh Know"
Office Phone, 15; Res. 881 and Blk. 730
Office in Reddish Block
Let Me Cry Your Salee
Auctioneer 1232 Missouri
Telephone 384
- , PHONE 9
Drake & Drake
Doctor of Optometry
Glasses Accurately Fitted
Not Medicine,. Suruery, Osteopath
Chiropractors Palmer School
Telephone 805 Wilson Building
Real Estate, Loans and
Insurance 'I
Reddish Block 1
Phone 664 AIIianM
Harry P. Coursey
Lire Stock and General Farm Salaa
Transfer and
Successors to Wallace Trans
fer and Storage Company
Howard & Allen
"We Try Hard to PltaeM

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