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Meat For Everyone
Try to rcmenilier how long it has been since you saw prices
so low.
Your Choice of Roasts, lb. l."c
Good Tender Steak, lb. Lsc
Hound Steak, lb. 20c
Sirloin Steak, lb. 20c
Porter House Steak, lb 20c
Plate Rib Roll. lb. 10c
Brisket Roil, lb. j .8c
Hamburger, fresh, lb. 12 Vic
Fresh Liver, lb. l 10c
Fresh Drains, lb. 12'2c
Veal Roast, lb. 18c
Veal Chops, lb. 2."c
Veal Steak, lb. 23c
Veal Stew, lb. 15c
Whole Fresh Hams, lb. u20c
Fresh Ham, sliced, lb. 22c
1? rook field Sausage, lb. 28c
Home Pure Pork Sausage, lb. 18c
Pork Chops, sliced, lb. 22c
Dry Salt Pork, fancy, lb 20c
Pure Lard, lb. 16c
Fresh Meaty Spare Ribs, lb. . 13c
Roiled Ham, lb. 33c
Minced Ham, lb. 23c
Wieners, lb. 20c
Frankfurters, lb. 20c
Bologna, lb. : 20c
Dried Reef, lb. .60c
Morris Supreme Smoked Hams, whole, lb. 33c
Morris Supreme Racon, by slab, lb. 33c
Small Cured Hams, 6 to 8 lb., per lb. 15c
Fancy Racon, by Slab, lb. 23c
Fancy Hams, whole, lb. 28c
Cheese, lb. 28c
We Handle Meats, Bread, Butter and Fresh and
Canned Milk.
People's Meat Market
Next to Lowry & Henry Garage
F. E. Melvin, Prop.
508 Box Butte
Sunday School at 10 a. m. - All the
children who formerly attended St.
Matthews' will be welcome. Morning
services at 11 a. in. Morning prayer
and instruction. Subject of instruc
tion, '"God Visible in HU Creation,"
Text: "For the invisible things of Him
from the creation of the world, .are
clearly seen, being understood by the
things that are made." (Horn. l:2i.)
Huying a staincd-gla.H window may
make a few folks remember yon; be
consistent in your church attendance
and we will got to know you.
Evening service at 8 p. m. Even
ing song and sermon. TexU '"Be of
(J ocw I Hcait. Son, 'lhy Sins are For
given Thee." (Matt. ix:3.)
B sure you're right that the thing is
wrong, then go ahead and don't do it.
You ought to know if you don't, that
Jesus Christ has a right to at least one
hour of your time on Sunday. To leny
Him this hour is wrong. Don't do it.
Choir practice every Wednesday
evening at the church.
An entertainment for the Sunday
school children of St. Matthews' will
be given in the Parish hall on Satur
day afternoon. All of our Sunday
school children are invited.
. Any offer that is made by The Omaha Daily News
will be accepted by us.
Send or bring your subscription to
Masonic Temple Building.
Men in all Walks
of Life
succeed or fail according to their ability to
save. It is with his savings that the working
man buys a home for his family. It was the
professional man's savings that enabled him
to attend college and reach the goal of his
ambition. .
The money saved from his profits in the small
shop or store, helped the business man to en
large his place and make it a big business.
All these men have made themselves valu
able assets to their community. They are de
sirable citizens, commanding the respect and
admiration of their fellow men.
Today is the day for you to open an account
at this reliable bank and make your start on
the road to success.
V.V Pay 5 Interest on Time Deposits.
First National Bank
Have you a church hornet Perhaps
you have just recently moved to Alli
ance. Perhaps you are an old resi
dent, but have never affiliated with
any church. In either case a hearty
invitation is extended to you to attend
the services at Immanuel'a Lutheran
church, corner Yellowstone and Seven
th. Services for Sunday at 2:30 o'clock
in English. Come and hear the gospel
for the salvation of your poul. Sun
day school after the service.
"Gratitude" is the subject for the
morning discourse next Lord's day.
At the evening hour the subject is
"Important Teachings of the Bible,"
or "Did Christ Deal in Non-Essentials
?" Ia'I us enloaor to show our
gratitude to God by conforming our
life to". His teachings.
The Ii.ble school has room for a
larger attendance. The superintendent,
Mrs Reed, and her helpers will wel
come you in helping to make 200 who
are in time to be counted.
Toniirht the Endeavors will hold a
waterncion social at the church. 'I he
nublic is invited to come and see what
other attraction will be presented.
The minister will attend the f-tate
convent on of churches of Christ at
Hastings October 3-6. Others are
planning t attend.
UeK'n"'"? October Hi, u. w. i.ooper
will be the vangeli.-t for a series of
meetings. Let r.ll be in prayer for
the results making a successful meet-
nir. Come to the church with a mes
sage and a welcome.
STEPHEN J. tatu, aunisicr
Ran Awiy to Join Cnnival.
LINCOLN Flossie Feather and
Mildred Snydir, 11-year-old girls, who
ran away liom their homes in Lincoln
last week and were found by detectives
in Omaha, where thev hud vnnn in inin
H Carnivul. Wni-P irivnn nn infm-mitl
hearing before Judge V. M. Morning
in juvenile court. 'J be girls are being
hfid at the fount V llrlpnt inn linniA un
til the final hearing of ' their case in
juvenile court Friday. The story the
girls iol Judge Morning was that
they had planned to run away and
join a carnival show in Omahu. To
finance themselves one of the girls
took a dollar from her mother ami
1 li n 1 rrr frtrrrAil tun 1 w L- K
ed them at Lincoln stores before leav
ing, une ot the girls purchased a new
dress in Lincoln and the other a dress
in Omaha. Alter arrivinir in Omnlm
they had their hair bobbed. They
secured a job with the show but refus
ed to take it. While trying to obtain
other employment their money gave
out and they were found Sunday
Hoy RIack-Handera Caught.
OMAHA Two school boys, James
Wilson, 15, and George Schwaibold, 13,
were arrested Tuesday night following
three nights vigil by police armed with
shotguns near a tree in llenson acres,
a suburb, and are held in connection
with "death notes" signed in regula
tion blackhand style, received last
Saturday and Sunday by Gould Deiti
and his brother C. N. Deitz, wealthy
lumbermen. The notes, written on
school stationery, demand $200 be
buried "two inches under the ground"
beneath the tree, police said. They
said that the Wilson boy has confessed
the plot, explaining that they wanted
to "buy a wireless outfit." The Wil
son boy is also said to have confessed
he wrote a letter to Peter Cravert, de
manding $200.
Phone Strike Still On.
BLOOM FIELD Contrary to cer
tain published reports, there has been
no particular change in the. telephone
situation here. The big majority of
striking patrons are still sticking to
their guns.. The exchnngc is open and
long distance is now available but only
a small er cent of the strikers had
their phones re-installed. The opinion
is general that nothing will be clone
until the first of January, at which
time the rates will go back to thow; in
elfect prior to April 1, when the com
mission granted the tilt in rates that
caused all the trouble.
Pntnuiiinn SiMuinv npt Sundnv in
(n c.hnt I t fvprv teacher nrenare
a list of her pupils who are ready for
promotion. ix oi xne phmoi s nuss
will be given classes.-. This does not
mean that this class shall be disbanded
for they will meet with the pastor
every other Sunday afternoon to con
tinue study in teacher training.
We had a full house last uniay
nvam'nnp ntli I u-a are cxrjectini? a large
crowd next Sunday, both morning and
evening, I he morning sunjeci i.
"Christian Militant," Eph. 0:10. The
evening series of sermons on me
topic, "The Second Coming oi ennsu
The question of its importance, etc,
will be taken up Sunday. Two more
of our young people will speak at -the
evening services. They are Alta l oung
and Elsie Fowler. Last Sunday two
young men spoke. Each evening we
will have two to tell the story of their
Let the members take the front
seats, thus making it easy for stran
gers who ma yattend services.
We are looking forward and mak
:M nrnnr-itinn tnr mir meet inns in
November. The pastor will conduct
lU. mini inrr uritVl wi'hans the hell) of
IIIC 111V. 1,111, ....... j - J
an evangelistic Binger. Welcome to all
the services.
Let all who have clothing or fowl
that they wish the needy to have call
c nn iml wa will nlnra them for you.
The need of clothing is already leing
felt. Have you any wearable clothing
to spare T A
B. J. MINORT, Pastor
Sheriff J. W. Miller of Alliance was
I n mllor in town Saturday.
i . . ... . . .l.
Arivne uiancnaru spent we ni
end with the home folks.
Irwm Wright ppent the week-end,
with the home folks.
K. J. Elliott of the Chadron state
normal was transacting business in
town Saturday.
Mrs. Watson and daughter, Doris,
Mrs. Rustin and Helen Andrew of
Chadron, motored down Friday even
ing, returning Sunday evening. Helen
Andrew is attending the normal at
Mr. Andrew has completed the po
tato cellar on his ranch.
Blanche Oliver spent the weekend
with Miss Margaret Kiester.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kiester and
daughter, Magaret, and Blanche Oli
ver motored to Alliance Saturday.
William Ruse and friend of Tabor,
la., were in town the middle of the
week looking for work and renewing
old acquaintances.
Irene Hayncs has accepted a posi
tion as hou-semaid for Mr. Joe Carter.
Joe Carter started to dig iwtatoes
the first of the week.
John Wiltsey and family visited at
the M. C. W right home hurulay.
Nothing Doing on Heart Balm.
LINCOLN The district court suit
of Lois M. Newman, in which Miss
Newman sought judgment for $10,000
for alleged breach of promise, has
boon dismissed by agreement. Miss
Newman alleged in her petition that
Mr. Hurst piopnscd to her June 5, 1!M7
and she urceptcd. The date and place
were set lor the wedding lhanksgiv-
ing day 1I)J, Council Bluffs. Ia. It
was alleged Miss Newman stated that
she spent $C00 for her wedding trous
seau and remained almost in seclusion
at her home at Mr. Hurst's request.
For a year following their engagement
Miss Newman alleued that Mr. Hurst
called at her home almost nightly,
bestowing his love and affections upon
her. On November 1, 1920, the last
time Mr. Hurst called on Miss New
man, he kissed and canessed and told
her she was the only woman he could
ever love, it was alleged. Without
warning to her Miss Newman alleged
tha ther supposed husband-to-be mar
ried Ethel Johnson of Havelock on De
cember 20," 1920. Three years of her
life and the opportunity to meet others
were given up to Mr. Hurst, alleged
Miss Newman.
RlWIIIIHMIillUI ' " - , llu r-
f 1 TT r nr ir t- m )) t
win tn HMttMtttmtMi (miHtttnmf mihhhh tiiHiMiiMwiMmtrntmuiMii n
The Wonderful Nov Novel by Sinclair Lewis
Daily, ?l.oi) per year; Daily, with Sunday $5.00 per year
Subscribe now and read the most talkcd-of
story of today. Send check or money order to
Those School Dresses are big
values, at $1.29.
Ilighland-IIoiIoway Co.
EXAMINEa heavyrugafterithasbeengiven
an air baihby.the "Universal" Cleaner.
You will eo and feel only cleanliness deep
down cleanliness because the "Universal" gets
all the deep-down, trodden-in dirt.
It pulls with powerful fingers of air all the stub
bornly clingingparticlesoflint.thread and paper
and leaves rugs clean to see, clean to touch.
Let us prove to you irhat the "Universal" will do.
The Wool Dresses for Gills
are snappy.
Highland-IIolloway Co.
Save Your Old Clothes !
i Mir fl
i$mk J i III
This is time of the year when the clothes of last winter are removed from the Cedar
Chest and sent to the DRY CLEANER.
And in doing: this you should use the utmost care in sending them to the most re
sponsible place in your town or vicinity, one who is careful and the best work obtainable.
Send your next suit to
Thone 132
207 Box Butte

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