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Nebraska News Notes
riaylnff Tag Wth P.ooflc ggerit.
S COT I' .S BI.L'F V O (Ti cc r pi a y rd a
merry game of t:ig with bootlegger
rear here Mondav, accord ng to word
received by Stute- Shoriir Gua Hyerft,
Tuesduv morning. State rgentri and
locjd otficois had c.ipturod pnven Ftills
In the vicinity of Srottsbhiff, ami then
the officers tliemrelves wore victims of
the bootlr""f i, who j-tole their car
-hile the officers were eating pupper
t Scott 4,1 u!?.- According to Sheriff
llyers. State Agents Oliver Hedge and
John Johns, were assigned to look for
ftills in northwest Nebraska. They re
ceived orders to stop at Kimball and
i Sheriff Froslyng, who furnished
them with his ttuick car, and a deputy
to drive it. The party then proceeded
to Scottpbiaff near which city they
found and poized peven Ktills Monday.
These the officers took to the county
reat at Gering. , ,.,'..
Following turning in of the 'tills,
the party of officers went back to
Scottfbluff where they had supper nt
restaurant, leaving their car out
fide. Bootleggers who had trailed
the officers stole the car, while the
officers were eating. However all is
-ell that ends well, as the officer leit
Tuesday morning for Cheyenne follow
ing receipt of word from there that the
ear had been recovered there, and the
thieves were under arrest. The thieves
be brought back to Nebraska.
n Two Sets of Triplets.
FREMONT Although there were
nly four sets of triplets born in the
entire state of Nebraska lat year, two
uch events graced Fremont's record
for last week. The" first set was bom
to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Porter. All
were boys weighing five and one-hair
pounds. Despite the fact that the
three were physically perfect in every
way, the first two died shortly after
birth and the third passed away the
next day. The mother is recovering
The secWl ret of VP'ets tne
week were born Saturday morning to
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crash. As in the
first case, all were boys and of the
name weight. Two of these died four
hours after birth. The third infant
survives and will live, according to
the physicians. Carsh is a Northwest
ern railroad conductor.
Vast Mr. Burleson.
FREMONT A delay in the mails
Tnay cost County Judge Waldo Winter
tteen and Clerk of the District Court
P. T. Mitterling the sum of $3,400.
I.ast August they mailed a check for
that amount to the heir of an estate in
Los Ansreles. The envelope was mark
ed for a five-day return. For some
reason the letter and check for $3,400
laid in the Los Anireles post office for
sixty-two days. The check finally was
returned to the senders in Fremont
reaching here on October 28. They
Immediately mailed another check for
the same amount on that day. Before
the check had time to arrive at its ties.
tination this time, the First National
Bank, upon which the money order
was drawn, cioscu its coors.
Women Swat Carnivals.
ORD Resolutions adopted by the
Kebvnska Federation of Women's clubs
at Hs convention, at Seward were made
iiiTli T!.!!illT lr 1ra P f PflM-x-.
man, corresponding secretary of the
1 A ' .T ll
ieienu:on. some oi mem are:
WllnriVl fnrni'!i! rjinin'iniaj
they now exist are detrimental to the
moral and financial welfare of the
county or community, be it resolved
that this convention place its stamp of
disapproval upon this class of enter
tainment. "That the federation co-openite
with the state forestry association in
the work of conserving the timber rr.d
encouraging the forestation movement
on a large scale in Nebraska.
"That the - federation give time,
strengih an I thoughtful study to the
limitation of armaments nr.d earnestly
strive to strengthen public rentiment
In favor of puch reduction through
ngrecment letween nations and that
an expression from this convention be
pent to President Hardintr, our delega
tion to the disarmament conference
nd our Nebraska congressmen, urging
full publicity of deliberation ar.d
speedy and rad'eal limitation of arma-r-.ent
nw, looking forward to disarmament."
ther. In his opinion, wine capable of
producing intoxication, or which con
tains more than one-half of one per
cent of alcohol with prescription, can
not oo administered, the law J.j in
terpreted that the prescribed com
pound mu'-t be a medicine of a nature
such as to physically prevent a hu
man being Irom using it as an intoxi
A provision of the prohibitory laws
itates that a regularly licensed rn'
.ic.m or veterinary purgion may pre
scribe intoxicants to animals and peo
ple, provided the intoxicating liquor is
iMixet. with other ingredient, and fur
ther providing that the irgredients are
of such a character as to render the
compound unfit for use n3 a beverage.
This clause, the attorney general be
lieves, makes medic. nal prescriptions
devoid of intoxication.
De-pite new treasury regulations al
lowing physicians to issue an unlimit
ed number of prescriptions for beer
they will be held to the old maximum
of 100 prescriptTon every three
months, whether the doctors prescribe
whisky, wine or beer, Commissioner
Hayes announced. He added that he
saw no reason for changing the old
A decrease of about $12,000,000 in
taxes collected on non-beverage dis
tilled spirits during July, August and
September as compared with the cor
responding months of last year was
announced by Mr. Hayes.
No Change In
Schedule for
Valley Trains
The schedule for Burlineton route
valley trains will not be changed at the
present time.
The proposal to change the time of
30JJ-310, from Bridgeport to Morrill, so
that it would leave Morrill early in the
morning for Bridgeport, instead or
shortly afternoon as at present, has
been vetoed by L. W. Wakeley, general
passenger agent of the railroad, be
cause of opposition that developed in
towns of the valley.
ScottsblulF and Minatare favored the
change, which would have improved
some connections at Alliance and
Bridgeport. Other valley towns op
posed it, and because ot that opposi
tion, toirether with the cost of the
change, Mr. Wakeley decided against
it. - "
New potato sacks, in any
quantity. O'B a n n o n &
Neuswanger. lMf
Wild Duck Was Tasked.
COLUMBUS While hunting near
ini3 city some weeks ago, II. G. Person
shot a duck, on one wing of which he
found a small metal band bearing the
number 4t8 and asking that the man
ko Hoved the Irid notify the Mani
toba Trading Co., St. Paul, Minn. Mr.
Ferson did so. In reply he has receiv
ed a letter from H. W. Martin of the
snortsman's department, Canadian Na
tional railways, Port Arthur, Ontaria,
Keying he had banded the bird along
with over 500 others of variousspecies
in northern Saskatchewan during July,
this year. The purpose of marking
them is to determine whether they fol
low a definite line of flight on their an
imal pilgrimage southward, and what
Krcentage of them fall victim to the
rpori.snian s gun.
No Chance to Get
, Medicine With Any
Kick in Nebraska '
Nebraska's prohibitory law forbids
physicians the right of prescribing al-4
coholic spirits for medicinal purpose,
whatever interpretation the federal
government may place upon the right
of administering the beverages for
such purposes, according to an opinion
of the attorney general. State laws
do not admit federal statutes to gov-,
em in prescriptions containing intox
icating beverages, the attorney gen
eral says, and no physician in the state
has yet received such a permit. i
ivti...i.. i ;
State prohibitory law, which prohibits'
the prescribing of intoxicants for use
as a beverage," the attorney general
The attorney general has gone far-!
Saturday, Nov. 12.
9--Amazing Keels--9
Adm. 9 and 36c nnd W. T.
WORTH $1.00
Sunday, Nov. 13
'4 '
May Allison, in
4 ACTS 4
Monday, Nov. 14
By Request, Special Show,
ing of
Rotarians Hear
Old Time Democratic
, Political Thunder
The members of the Alliance Rotary
club, which assays about )!) per cent
pure nnd impure republican, were priv
ileged to hear nm impassioned and in-'
tensely partisan democratic speech at;
the Wednesday evening dinner at the
I'iilm JUtom of the Amance hotel. The i
orator was IJotr.rian Hairy E. Gantz, ;
and it was purely the fortunes of war'
that he was permitted to make that
kind of a speech in company which
was so badly in need of it. There were
five speakers at the dinner, all drawn
by lot and sentenced to speak on a'
topic that was handed them by the
Mr. Gantz made the most of his op
portunity. He gave a long list of dem-1
ocratic achievements during the eight
years the party was in power, played
up the successful outcome of the war
for all it was worth, and then spoke
harshly of the failure of the present
republican administration. Mr. Gantz'
took a tremendous risk in telling the
plain, unvarnished truth to the repub
lican members of the club, and got
away with it. He rose to heights of
oratory when he denounced the repub
licans for the 121 investigations that
had been made in a futile effort to show
up the democratic administration in
its conduct of the war. Mr. uantr I
subject was "My Political Tarty and
Why I Belong to It." i
Dr. H. A. Copsey drew "What the
Average Woman Considers Her
Pights," and he hadn't discussed the
subject for over two minutes before
the club realized that he was speaking
from experience. j
Charles Fuller discussed "The Ad
vantages of Being Forty-five Years of
Age." He gave some interesting
references to an article by Wallace
Irwin on the same subject, and then
added some observations of his own
that were equally pertinent.
A. V. Gavin spoke on "What thev
City Manager Plan of Government Has
Done for Alliance." It is too early, ne
explained, to say just what the plan
will accomplish, inasmuch as it has
been in effect in the city for little
more than half a year, but in that time
City Manager Kemmish has more than
saved his salary. There have been
ravings in practically every depart
ment cf the city's activities, the pay
roll in every department having been
cut down. A water ma;n extension,
for which bonds of $10,000 had been
votd, was put in for a little over ?G,
000 from other city funds when it was
discovered that there was a technical
ity that prevented the, issuance of
bonds. The city's biggest nuisance,
the septic tank, is being made efficient,
nnd this nt very small expense and
without hiring expensive outside labor.
The biggest problem for the future i.i
the storm sewer, as some plan must
be devised to care for the flood waters,
The present plan simply dumps this
water into the lowlands east of the
city. Mr. Gavin said that the council
is well satisfied with the working out
of the plan in Alliance, and with the
ability of the city manager.
W. R. Metz, past president of the
club, was assigned by lot the subject,
"What Are the Rights of the Average
Man." He quoted Blackstone at some
length and discussed the purely legal
aspects of the situation, and then, in
a lighter vein, offered some good ad
vice drawn from his personal exper
ience. The program was something of a
change from the regular run, and was
so successful that the' speakers for
next week were alro drawn by lot. M.
S. Margraves, W. R. Pate, H. P. Cour
sey and Harry F. Thiele were select
ed, and their subjects will be based on
the November issue of the Rotsrian.
The victims w:llnot know the theme
of their discourses, however, until 4
o'clock p. m. of the fatal day.
New potato sacks, in any
Quantity. 0'Bannon &
Neuswanger. 96tf
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And fo German immicrants are The whine of the man nhn U hnnl
coming over here to dodge taxes, i up is never quite so annoying as the
en, ferjuony eise over nere seems complacent smile of tne man who
to get away with it. in't.
( ciftSti
Diamond Rings
$10.00 each
These are very pretty rings, a brilliant diamond,
set in the fashionable black onyx, fringed with white
gold. The ring is solid gold. Last year the same kind
of ring sold from $25 to $30.
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We Pay 5 Interest on Time Deposits
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Alliance, Nebraska
mtmmmmmiiuiiiiiii Hflllllliiintit

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