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Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Brown were
shopping in Alliance Saturday.
Several from this neighborhood at
tended the birthday surprise at the
Geo. Osbom home Saturday night, in
honor of Mr. Osbom and his son,
Thomas , birthday
Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts spent
Sunday with their parents, Mr. Lou
O. W. Cox and family spent Sunday
at the Thomas Squibb's home.
Mrs. James Ervine and Mrs. E. J.
Bryant were shopping in Hemingford
Miss Leota Squihbs is at home a few
days on account of sickness.
Roy Rader was a pleasant caller at
the Squihbs home Sunday evening.
Ferg Timblin left Sunday morninjr
for Pine Ridge to bring back some
Glen Osborn and family call;! at
the Ix)u Roberts home Sunday evening.
Miss Fern Eaton spent Saturday
and Sunday at her home in Hemin,?
"Is your wife a good cook?" asked
"I'll say she is!" replied Jones.
"Gosh! You ought to taste her home
brew !"
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I-'-'- --: " ...li:'-..t-.'..iihMr1:'.i,.'-- ?Jbsm ,minL..iknfal,llim
By Rev. B. J. Mirtort, Pastor of
the First Baptist Church, Alliance)
Christ and the Socir.1 Life.
(Continued from Tuesday's Ilerrdd)
The modern church leaders yeem to
overlook one of the most imnort:int
parts of the young people's nutuvo
the social. This forms IX) per cent of
the makeup of the young. At nn early
age, yea, as balx-s we see it cropping
out. The church thnt seeks to 'velop
the religious nature of the young tnd
neglect the social, is not looking after
the needs of the young, or developing
a well rounded character, but a lop
sided Christianity.
Man is a four-fold creature. He has
a physical, moral, social and religious
nature. To develop one or more of
these and neglect one or more is to de
velop a lopsided character. Thj trou
ble with the church of the present p.ue
is that it has been doing hat very
thing; consequently the church hns not
the attention of the young as ome of
the social organizations have. "At the
right hand there is pleasures for ever
more," are the words of one who was
looking at man's entire nature.
A preacher of this town condemned
the writer because he ' attended a
wrestling match, as setting a danger
ous example before the young. Put
nowhere in the Bible do we find that
the young christian is to be robbed of
the usual pleasures of life, be they
athletics, or the more general social
gatherings. The writer as a young
man was an inveterate boxer, .nd we
do not believe that now, as a minister,
we are any more moral than .ve were
then. There is nothing more manly
than a clean boxing contest or -nest-ling
for either man or woman.
Boxing is almost universally con
demned hv the minif trv of thi rnnnrrr-
but why? They can give no reann,
save mat it is "brutal." well, we love
football and baseball, and practically
every other sport going, but I must
ftflv. from e v norlonr a f rnrn vvifl-iiw
J - - r - - ' v . i ,
that football has boxing "skinned sky
high for real brutality" if we may so
call it.
These criticisms of boxing and
wrestling are in a class with the criti
cism of the writer by a woman mem
ber of his church, who said, "I think
that the pastor is setting a very un
christian example before the young
when he goes out and kills those inno
cent squirrels." She maintained it
was cruelty and would lead the young
to thinking of murdering human
beings, etc., etc. Yet that same
woman did not hesitate to murder her
neighbor's character.
Young people need recreation, ant'
Christ rejoiced in seeing the children
at play. (Matt 11:16-19.) The nee:
of good wholesome recreation is unl
versal, and some general principles are
laid down in the Bible for christians to
guide themselves by. The following
might be mentioned: We may indulge
in anything cbout the propriety of
whicl we have no doubt. Foi
Our worthiness as funeral directors is a fact firmly es
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Miller Mortuary
Phones: Day. 311
Night, 522 or 533
on oor. Door. . V ovtu fcMN J NQTH .?A
Romans 14:13 says: "Whatsoever is of
doubt is sin." Each must make the ap
plication to his own life. Let every
man be guided by his owrf conscience.
We may ingnge in anything that we
cr.n do so to the glory of God. If by
going here or there, or doing fo ami
so, 1 am convinced that I am disgrac
ing or dishonoring the cause of reli
gion I nin to refrain. 1 Cor. 10:31.
Read for yourself.
We enn r'o anything that will t.ot
hurt our in!luerct:s as christians with
the non-christian . Some amusements
that ore harmless in themselves hurt
our influence with a certain class that
we are trying to win fo rGod. II. Cor.
8:10. Paul said that if eating meat
causes his brother to stumble he would
refrain from eating meat. This is to
to be taken comparatively and figura
tively. We may engage in any amusement
that we can make a matter of prayer.
If you cannot ask God's blessing upon
what you are doing, or where von are
going, it is a pretty good M$n that it is
wrong. Can you ask God to help you
win at a poker game? If so, play
poker. Can you at k God to helo vour
effort at slandering the neighbor 1 If
so, slander. Can you ask God to help
you dance well in the publLs dance
hall? If so, it is your duty to go.
This argument applies to all amuse
ments of any kind. This may keep
you away from certain church gather
ings. Who knows?
Again, we may go anywhere where
we have reasons to believe Christ
would go with us. Would Christ feel
at home in a brothel, or on the .'loor
doing the shimmy? If o, it is not
wrong for you to go there. If not
it is wrong for you to go. I may do
anything or go anywhere in which I
would like to be found, should Christ
return while I am here. For lie is
coming again suddenly and we should
be found doing what would not cause
us to blush were he to surprise us in
it. These few principles are unerring
guides to amusements for christians.
Guy Speaker of Curley visited at A.
Lore's a few days.
Miss Jessie Burns began her school
Monday in district No. 17.
Mrs. G. M. Burns stayed a few days
w'th her elaughter, Miss Jessie, at A.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vaughn visited
with MYs. Ada Langford Sunday.
Ernie Essex was a caller at Swan
son's Wednesday.
Arthur Tabor and Orma Nichols are
trapping at Kilpatrick's dam.
Miss Margueriette Lore, Ernie
Wienell and Lester Hashman took sup
per with Mrs. Amy Schwaderer Sun
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Schwaderer visited at
Wills' Sunday.
John Lore and G. Schwaderer ship
ped their cattle Saturday.
Edgar Hashman was a caller in
Snake Creek vicinity Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Coufiled was callers at
Nichols' Saturday.
Lester Hashman is working on the
f'-rl Hashman is on the sick list this
week. .
123 West
Third Street
Gene Byrnes Says: "It's a Great Life
Cal Hashmnn called at Frank
Vaughn's Sunday evening.
Walter Curley's mother is very low.
They expect to take her to the hwpital
this Meek.
Everyone Mas surprised to see a
snow storm, niter a couple davs of
summer weather.
Henry Koos and wife were Homing
ford callers Saturday.
The dance jit Iln:l. m'c c .,..,! ...
mght was well attended and a big
time was vrp i ted by all.
Jonn'e Wilkins was an Alliance vis
itor Mlurday.
Frank Cnha and son, Charles, of
Hemingford visited with his brother,
Joe. Sunday. They spent the morning
hunting on the creek.
The Peterson children spent Tups.
day nirht at the Huilbuit home, while
their parents were in Alliance.
Mrs. A. J. Elsea is visiting friends
in Hemingford this week.
Thorwald Lunn motored to Homing
ford Saturday in Laui sen's truck.
James Kennedy and wife motored to
Alliance Saturday.
The fanners' union tnoolinnr Mrna
wen attendee and a hne time reported.
The ladies served refreshments ufter
the meeting. f
James Eaton is busy hauling wed
C. P. Mann and wife were Alliance
callers one day last week.
Lou Hood and family were callers at
the Peterson home Sunday afternoon.
This community was saddened to
hear of the death of Mrs. Hansen, an
old resident of this vicinity. We wish
to jo:n with the entire community in
offering our sympathy to the bereaved
Mrs. Langford received word from
her son, Altert. that he had reached
Las Vegas, N. M., and that his health
was considerably improved.
There is to be a farewell dance at
the John Lulu home Saturday night ir
.. .. :
Service First
The Corn
The Service and Facili
ties are Better than
Ever Before
Company, of Omaha, Ltd.
Service First
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Butler,
who expect to leave soon for Califor
nia. Everyone invited.
Cam Eeton and wife and son, of
Alliance spent Saturday night and
Sunday with his brother, Jim and fam
ily. The Wilkins' young folks attended
tho dance at Duskin's Saturday night.
Jay Hall nnd family motored to
Hemingford Saturday. They spent ti e
n'yht at the Jenkins home.
The road men were n round in this
vicinity Monde y setting flakes for a
Jake Winter and brother, Emil, were
Hemingford callers Saturday
Leo lirandle was a caller' at El sea's
Sunday evening after a stray calf.
James Eaton and family sxnt Tues
day evening st the Hurlburt home.
Theodore Johnson and family of
Oregon, who have been visiting his
daughter, Mrs. Peterson, for the past
week left Monday,, going to Heming
ford for a few days' visit. Then they
expect to motor to Omaha and on to
the eastern part of the stnte. Their
son, John, expects to start for Norway
soon to visit relatives.
We notice that Thornwald Lunn has
built an auto gate on the road to
town. We would be glad if more peo
ple would follow his example.
Emil Winter, Leo Brandle and Jake
Winten and sons were hunting on the
creek Sunday.
Mr. Hookham and family were
Hemingford callers Saturday.
Raymond Kapper ami Mr. Feather
kile were business callers at Eaton's
Mrs. E. M. Stake of Morrill was vis
iting last week at the home of her
sister, Mrs. L. A. Howser.
(juite a few farmers are making the
trip to the Pine Creek mill to exchange
wheat for flour last week. C. M. Bow
ser, T. O. Myers, George Parkyns, J.
Jelinek and Allen Gordon mads the
Service First
Belt Market
Service First
If You Don't Weaken."
trip this Lift week. Wm. Ather, Mike
....-..v.. 1uv.rn, wr, nucKe ann
Oenrge Parkyns nlo went.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Macek of
Hemingford spent Sunday at tho
Jor-pylind farm.
Mrs. M. T. Coffin returned homo
With Mr?. E. M. Stake to Fpend a few
weeks at hpr rimirhtcr's home.
Mrs. Walla of Morris Bluffs Is hero
visit ing with her daughter, Mrs. Anton
The Hunning Water local spent nm
enjoyable evening Friday. After tho
bus'npss meeting was disposed of tho
hostesses of the evening enteitaineil
with music nnd the old time songs,
nfter which they served a luncheon of
sandwiches and cotree.
The bazaar and supper given by tho
Jolly Neighbors club netted the m,m
of $23 which is to be sent to the Ne
braska Homeless Children's society.
L. A. Bowser and C. M. Bowser
made a sale of Jersey cows, each sell
ing two milch cows for f 125 upieco
pnd the heifers for $75.
GEO. n. BRECKNER 210 W. 3rd
"When Ifii Your More,
Let Us Know"
Office Phone, 15; Res. 884 and Dlk. 730
' F. A. BALD
Office in Reddish Block
Let Me Cry Your Sale
Auctioneer 1232 Missouri
Telephone 884
Drake & Drake
Doctors of Optometry
Glasses Accurately Fitted
Not Medicine, Surgery, Osteopatkj!
Chiropractors Palmer School
Telephone 8G5 Wilson Building
Real Estate, Loans and
Reddish Block
rhone 684 ; Alliaac
Harry P. Coursey
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