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Alliance Icxlpre No. 961, B. P. O.
Elks, will hold the annual roll call
Friday evening of this week, and a
larpe attendance of members is de
sired. . In addition to the initiatory
ceremonial, there will be a butfet
lunch. It is said thnt the Blackbird
committee, those rare birds who make
life interesting for baby Elks, will be
present at the meeting and prepared
to do their awful work. The Elks are
making a number of plans which are'
interesting the member:;. In addition
Miss Velda McClure and Miss Freda
Clapp of Chadron visited aver Thanks
giving at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
K. C. McClure, returning to Chadron
H. E. Miller, third trick operator at
Broken Bow, came Mor.dav to take th
place of Dispatcher H. H. Giles who
is spending his vacation in California.
W. W. Norton left Saturday niuht f
for his home in California, niter an
extended stay in Alliance on business.
Mis Aileen Nelson of the Univer
sity of Nebraska spent Thanksgiving
holidays with Miss Margaret Brennan.
Mrs. G. A. Gaiberg received word
yesterday of the death of her father
at atevens Point, Wis.
Dispatcher A. J. Walsh of the Alli
ance division has been on the sick list
for the past week.
C. H. Caldwell of Ediremont. R. D.
is visiting with his brother, Dispatch
er j. i. uuuwell.
Mr. and Mrs. I S. Brcdlev and
family returned Monday from a visit
at lork, Neb.
Mr?. Jack Conner. left to.lav toL. There. wi" be no meeting of the
J; VAM V..KnH.l . r.. t...i iir- Lnmn I.liMV4. Hid cnriPti' Wc(lnacfli:
m i t . . ju.ii nci iiupuni hi ml itrfiiuii wvn.. . - -.-. . -w . , v......
7f 'STlfnned fr Whw he is employed in the Burling,
winter, of which the successful ton shoos there
Thanksgiving affair is an example, a. P . ,
committee consisting of Jim Graham,
w v rn:- f 1, It ; i .
" tiuniiiKci . c. n. narris anci m. j
as planned.
Quite a number of the members of
U- All:. -tj-i. i
Ellis has been aooointed to Bnn ;"' "A" run ar? en(.-
pool tournament. ' ; i", l"e. ' meeiin al "eming-
i j
Roy Robinson
ingford were in
and father of Hem
the city Monday on
The Ecnailla Campfire girls enter- Miss Dossie Cunningham left Satur
t&meri their mothers at a six o'clock dav for n few dav visit ;th f,;on,
at Umaha. bhe expects to return
I Tuesday.
dinner Friday, November 25 at the
high school gym.' The menu consisted
ot oyster soup, roast pork, gravy
creamed peas, and ice cream and waf
ers. There were present Mesdames,
Thompson, Hawes, Fuller, Laing,
juoie, tseai, rate, Kiiian, liest, Lang,
Whisman, Hui-st, Harris, Hacker, Van-
ierias, tines and n. ts. loung. By
serving this the girls have earned
their rank in cooking.
The regular meeting of the Alliance
woman's club will be held at the club
rooms Friday afternoon at 2:45, with
Mesdames Barker, Weyrens, and
O'Connor hostesses. Subject, "Immi
gration." "The Immigrant and How
He Becomes a Citizen of the United
States, Mrs. Standard. "Immigration
Laws," Mrs. Cantwell. Elli3 Island,"
Mrs. Finch.
P. O. McDonald of Chicago, who
is engaged with the civil engineer
ing department of the Milwalkee road
spent Thanksgiving with Dr. and Mrs.
Ii W. Bowman. H and his wife, for
merly Miss Edna Bowman, and baby
Paul, left for their home in Chicago
Friday night.
At a meeting held at the High
school Monday night for the purpose
of organizing a parent-teachers' as
sociation, it was decided by those
present that they did desire such an
organization at this time, so no steps
were taken to organize.
MrsD. E. Purinton and sister, Mrs.
Alice Chambers ' of Ohio, returned
from Lincoln Sunday, where they had
been attending the funeral of their
brother, Elmer Bevard. Mrs. Cham
bers will remain here for a short visit
with her sister.
The ladies' aid society of the M. E.
church will hold a bazaar Thursday,
December 8, at the armory. Dinner
and supper will be served at the price
of 50 cents each meal. 105-1-2
'Monday morning Judge Tash issued
a marriage license to Ward C. Joder.
son of Mr. and Mrs. B. I. Joder, and
Miss Ruth 1. Donovan, daughter oi
Mr. and Mrs ,M. F. Donovan. -
Phillip Groves, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Groves, was poisoned last Fri
day from eating canned tomatoes.
He was very ill for a few days, but
has now recovered.
H. H. Giles left Monday moninr
for Sidney, where he will meet Mrs.
Giles and from there they will go tc
Los Angeles, Cal., for a two weeks'
visit and vacation.
William Maunier has accepted a po
sition with the Lakeside Development
company as tool dresser. He was for
merly employed in the oil fields neai
Casper, Wyo.
Mrs. S; E. O'Banr.on of Seward re
turned to her home today after a two
months' visit at the homes of Mrs.
Oscar OBannon and Mr. and Mrs.
Dick O Bannon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Overman and
family spent Thanksgiving at Ashby
with Mr. Overman's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James Overman. They returnee
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Wagar, of
Edgar, -Neb., arrived in Alliance Sat
urday morning for a few days' visit
with'their daughters, Gladys and Harriett.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schreder and
son', Herman Jr., of Atkinson, return
ed to their home after spending
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Oscar O'Ban-non.
The ladies of the M. E. aid society
are requested to hand in an article for
the bazaar to Mrs. W. A. Bennett
M6 Emerson, by Saturday, December
The ladies' guild of the Episcopa'
church will meet at the parish house
Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs. R. L.
Johnstone as hostess.
Roy and Clint Bevard of Idahr
Falls, Idaho, arrived Sunday for a few
days visit at the home of their sister
Mrs. D. E. Purinton.
Mr. and Mrs. Munger went to Edge
mont Saturday morning for a few
days' visit with Mrs. Munger's sister,
Mrs. Maggie Huff.
The choir of the M. E. church will
meet at the home of Mrs. A. T. Brown
919 Cheyenne avenue, at 7:30 o'clock
Thursday evening. '
Mra. H. A. Dubuque ente-tained thit
afternoon at a 1:30 luncheon and
Monte Carlo whist party.
Krit Pen Pirce of Hemingford waf
: A l..u. 4
Mrs. W. F. Hinman of Hickory Is
staying with her daughter, Mrs. A.
Gregory, while taking medical treatment.
Claudia Muntr. was ,on the sick list
wast week, but is now able to return
to work.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sternberg went
to Edgemont Wednesday to spend
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Maggie Huif.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Sickels of
Scottsbluff spent Thanksgiving with
Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Drake.
R. C. Miller, proprietor of the Miller
Auto company of Hemingford, was on
Alliance visitor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Atz returned
Saturday morning from a ten days'
wedding trip in Colorado.
James P. Thomas, cashier of the
Potash Stte Bank of Antioch, was an
Alliance visitor Sunday.
Mr., and Mrs. William Vernon spent
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Vernon's
brother, R. R. Reddish.
Miss Billy Swenson returned Satur
day from a few days' visit with her
Fi.ster at Sterling, Col.
John Chastek of Hemingford and
student of the Chadron State Normal,
was in the city Friday on business.
Farris Dedmore and family and
Miss Loree Carson spent the week at
, Mis.s Corine Moore of Antioch spent
the week-end at the home of R. L.
Miss Orva Wolf has been quite 111
for the past week but is now recovered.
Lewis Walters of near Hemingford
was a visitor in the city Monday.
Joe Duhon, of Marsland, was a busi
ness visitor in Alliance Monday.
Thiele'a cough syrup gets the cough.
Try a bottle. 105
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will hold a bazaar at the
church Thursday, December 1,
beginning at -2:30 o'clock. A
cafeteria lunch will be served
during the afternoon, consisting
of baked beans, brown bread,
potato salad, meat sandwiches
pie, cake, doughnuts and coffee.
William James Dimond.
William James Dimond d'rd at his
home, seven mies north of Bingham,
November 1!, aged sixty-five years.
The cause of dath was blood poiton
ing resulting from a carbuncle.
Mr. Dimond. w'th his wif ami fuM.
Trouble at Ellsworth
Over Attendance
of Kids at School
(Special to The Herald.)
ELLSWORTH, Neb., Nov. 28. Minn
M. Beihosheimer, connected with the
State School Welfare hoard at Lincoln,
recently stopped o(T in Ellsworth to in
estigate several cases whirh hn.l l.Mn
ily, moved from Smith Center, Kas.. to'ca,le' to nor attention concerning reg-
ningnam eleven years ago and settled " ar "C"00' attendance, economic con-,
on a Kinknid homestead near Bingham 'Iltioh'' treatment, etc, for children of
ami have lived there ever fir.ee. , school age. On this investigation she;
A short funeral service was held Ported to county authorities the'
from the late home Sunday morning, n,,c of children with Gus Sandoz.l
uev. i nomas I). Dav a of the Virt xmriey Lancaster, anil Mrs. Rice, for
(. ongregational church of Hyannls
being in charge of the services." The
remains were taken to Libertv, Kas.,
for interment.
The family wishes to exprers their
inuiiKH u irier.us lor ineir kiik np
merly Mrs. McKenn e. It was venoit
ed that the adopted son of Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Sandoz was not receiving!
proper chances for fchocding, as per,
ieorasxa ;Maie law requiring children
under sixteen yer.rs of age to attend
durnr the il Ire; s and after the death schools over six months per school
of Mr. Dimond. j year until the eighth grade had been
I passed. The Lancaster ca.-e was re-1
Alary l.iizabeth Garberg. ported lor alleged improper home
Man. iT..m(i. r--i. .. 'treatment, while the McKennie case
...... j 'i(.,n-i in vi.h wi vri iiiuini.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Gar
was reported under moral conditions.
I Many from here and throughout this
community subpoenaed to testify at
the respective hearings which w'll be
held before the county court at Rush
vine Wednesday. Among those sub
poenaed were, Mrs. C. E. North, Miss
.saruh mug, Henry Uillman. J. B.
Kennedy, W. Wightnmn, C. I Mur
phy, B. F. Hollinger anil the above
named defendants and their families.
On D(rmmt r f iinni vain ffnv w iV.na
of this city, died lat Saturday, cholera as necessary for one to go by way of
msmum oeing the cause of death, i Crawford and around, many will go
"i"ie wrre ne.u .-uniiay at overland.
irom the residence. 407 Sweet
water, in charge of Rev. B. J. Minort.
Interment was in Grecnwod cemeterv.
berg, died Saturday, November 2(, the
cause of death being autointoxication.
The child was born November 17.
Funeral services were held Sunday
nfiprnoM t.f a o'clock, in charge of
Rev. B. J. Minort.
Caii Rov Colprirlc. olpven-mnnf k.
old son of'Mr. and Mrs. Orie rnWlrlr
We wish to express our sincere
appreciation for the words of comfort
"What nationality is that prisoner?"
asked a visitor, muking her first tour
of the county jail.
"Well, I'll let you guess for your
self," relumed the keeper. "He's in
and the nets of kindness of our many here for" fighting with five civilians
friends who comforted us in the los
of our infant daughter. We wish es
pecially to thank the I. O. O. P. nm
the B. R. C. of A.
and Family.
and two
cops." American Legion
Tanlac will overcome that run down
debilitated condition and make you feel
n-t like your old self again. F. E.
Holsten. 105
New York has a car conductor who
used to be a doctor, and a lot of other
towns have some that might make
good conductors.
No doubt the modistes are already
hard at work on the campaign gowns
for the stump this fall.
Neat and Trim
. l . -x. -v . m i .v i
For Miludy'3 Pump3
make a world of improve
ment in their appearance.
We take a justifiable
pride in rebuilding worn
hcelsJ French, Military or
No Job Too Hard
Io-j u ', o do. If it can be
done, we c.i Co 't. Wo in
vito you to Pee what out
personal service means to
our patrons.
B&B Electric Shoe
C. W. Roclter. Trop.
Under Alliance Nat'l Bank
in n
To Mr. and Mrs. Anton Ustohol, 2F. Il iti I IseBS-Bf .alt s P W yfo i !
mdes of Alliance, Nov. 27, 1921, a El I C Sj' 1
Thielc's f ft f 'Thiele's I fL000 ' K .
Y : Do You Want W
But Dear
What Shall I Give?
You're wondering perhaps, just what
many other ,people are wondering just
now, What shall I give Mother, Sweet
heart, Father, Husband, Wife, Sister or
JEWELRY, of Course Gifts that Last.
Birthstone Rings $3.00 to $100.00
Fancy Rings 3.00 to 50.00
Men's Rings 3.00 to . 230.00
llaby Ring3. 1.50 to 4.00
Iter Pins ' 1.00 to 100.00
Bracelets 2.30 to 5.00
Necklaces 1.00 to 100.00
Cameos 5.00 to 50.00 '
Handy Pins 50 to 5.00
Lingerie Clasps 1.00 to 5.00
Scarf Pins 1.30 to 150.00
Cuff Links 1.00 to 50.00
Watch Chains 2.00 to 150.00
Belt Buckles 1.00 to 10.00
Be ahead of the Christmas crowds. Buy early
Selections may be reserved by paying a deposit. f
Ask for cur New Illustrated Caalog. It'3 free.
The Arts co
An Ideal Christ
mas Gift.
$2.50 to $50
Will be on sale
Thursday, Dec. 1
Don't fail to hear the
new Christmas songs
that are in this month's
Tkt Sr$ With m GuruU4 Without lUd Tmft
To Win $10.00 in Gold?
Get out your pencil right now, and take a
few minutes to name our loaf of bread. We
will give a total of
First Prize, $10.00; Second, $5.00; Third, $2.50
It Costs You Nothing to Try
This contest is open to all it costs you -nothing. Remember
our bread is made by experienced bakers, in a sanitary workroom.
, from the milk of the Holstein cows on our owrn farm. Each loaf will
be wrapped in sanitary, air-tight oiled paper.
4. All answers must be mailed or
brought to the Alliance Hotel, Alliance,
Neb., and plainly marked "Contest."
5. All answers must be received bv
12 'o'clock noon Friday, December 9,
1921. .
6. The judges will be: W. R. Pate,
Dr. II. A. Copsey and A. V. Gavin.
7. Prizes will be awarded strictly on
the merit of the name submitted, due
consideration being given to length, ap
propriateness, originality, etc.
The judges will be given sealed Hank en-
1. Any resident cf Bo Butte county,
adult or child, is eligible.
2. Each contestant may submit one
name only.
3. Instructions for Submitting An
swers. (a Suggested name must be
written on a blank sheet, (b) Enclose
this sheet in a blank envelope and seal
it. This envelope must be enclosed in
a second envelope with your name and
address on the outside.
Rule No. 3 will insure no partiality.
velopes, numbered, with no suggestion or the contestant's name. They will judge
on merit only.
Alliance Hotel
J. M. MILLER, Proprietor

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