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(Report Progress on
Campaign for the
Methodist Hospital
The financial canvass began this
week which will mean the material
ization of the West Nebraska Meth
odist hospital to be located at Scotts
Wednesday was ladies' night for the
Alliance Kotary club. It was observed
with a dinner and special projrivim at
the Palm Koom I tie Alliance hotel.
The features of the program were a
contest and a debate on vhe subject:
"Resolved, That it is more noble' to
be fat than lean." The contest con
sisted ot setting an alarm clock so that
it would sound within seven minutes,
f.iiaCno. .mnn, th o I Mrs. Harry A. Johnson returned
lemon among the men. Whan the from Thursday after visiting
alarm rang, Mrs. Harry Thiele was in . everal day3 with friends.
6. Initiation and short program, fol
lowed by refreshments, is the order
of the evening. All teachers who are
members of the order, are cordially
invited to attend this meeting.
The Fortnightly kensington will be
entertained by Miss Mamie Collins at
her home Monday evening.
possession of the roses, and the lemon
was just in the act of passing from
Charles, Fuller to A. V. Gavin.' 'Ihe
two men were permitted to present a
gift to the holder of the roses, and
to pay the bill for the same.
The debate was the chief feature rf
the evening, and resulted in much mer
riment, but no decision, due to the
fact that the judges, two of whom
ranked with the leans, feared to give
the award to their s.de and disliked
to rule in favor of the fats. Th
heavy side of the argument was taken
by bail Mallery, Mrs.- C. E. Slagle and
Mrs. C. W. Fuller, and the thins were
represented by F. V. Hams, Mrs. A.
V. Gavin, Mrs. W. R. Pate and Fred
G. Gurley. The adherents of loth
Fides caught it hot and heavy from the
debaters, but as a fun-make the ar
gument was a decided success.
An operation was performed upon
Walter H. Tyler of Lakeside at the
St .Joseph hospital Wednesday evening.
Joe Vaughn has returned to Alli
ance from a summer trip to California.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Miller drove to
Oshkosh yesterday, where thev were
called by the illness of Mrs. Miller's'
selves that trains werf dirty, unpleas
ant things anyway, may now begin
thinking about taking that little trip
they have put aside for so long, be
cause the government admits that o
far as railroads are concerned the war
Is over, and war tax on ticket will be
dropped January 1.
The reduction will be 8 per cent
anywhere, applied on tickets of all
description, including communication
Subscriptions of large proportions "cursion nciceis. ine em is nox
are already reported, one man giving ,mean Mavi" t
the enormous Vum of $2,500 for the J "" unlry 'f,?
equipment of a first class operating t.Jbua, matenal.f or the
liferent rooms in the hospital are traveling, the roads mav apnlv for a
being named far the donors of large
subscriptions, the gifts ranging from
$500 to $1,000. $250 names a bed
while $25,000 will endow a room to
the extent that it will be used free of
cost three-fourths of the time. I
Many special workers are In the
field and it Is not too soon to see that
cut in their own behalf.
The Pullman surtax, representing
fifty per cent of the regular charge,
remains in force. It is not a federal
tar, but an extra charge levied by the
railroads for their own benefit. This
means that the principal paving
Mrs. H. A. Dubuque and Mrs. A.
E. Nelson entertained at a 1:30 lunch
eon Tuesday, November 29, at the
home of the former. The tables were
decorated with roses. .Those present
were: Mesdames H. A. Copsey, C. H.
Brittan, Fred Hayes, H. E. Gantz,
We Mitchell, Harry Brew, ' Dewey
Donovan, H. P. Toohey, Minor Morris,
Addie Durham, H. A. Cole, I. H.
Standard, C. L. Flinch, D. L. Sturgeon,
'H. Patrick, Lee Basye, A. B. Stur
sreon, J. B. Irwin. Charles Younsr. S.
G. Hitchcock, F. E. Holsten, A. W.j
Newberg, H. L. Sims, E. M
Job's Daughters will meet Saturday,
December 3. A full attendance is de
sired, as there will be election of officers.
the hospital will be a realitvf
liioKe wno are in close touch with
the situation find it to be the senti
ment of the majority that if a clear
title to the North hotel property could ,
be delivered the opportunity should be
irrnstml without (fpliiv Into this orent 1
unfinished hotel there has gone almost IjWttJUUmJUyiUU:
$uu,uuu worm or material and labor.
In fact the building will make an
ideal hospital with very little Chang
ing in the original plans. The few
changes necessary will be the placing
in different places of some of the par
titions and the elevators. Experts
have inspected the property and favor-,
orably report it as being of most per
manent and solid constructions. It
stands six stories hich. is one hundred
forty-five feet long, seventy-five feet
throuch elimination of war tax will be
1 on short journeys, On the other hand,
if the long trip Is long enough, the
saving will amount to a considerkble
"The Girl From God's - Country,"
Nell Shlpman'8 latest production. Is
the attraction at the Imperial tonight,
and it should prove a drawing card
for those who are interested in thrills.
There are no less than ten of them
In this film, ranging from an aero
plane driven by a blind aviator to a
rfile through the rapids on a log.
Saturday's attraction is "Sowing the
Wind," with Anita Stewart in the
leading role. The story concerns
itosnmomi, wno emerges from a con
vent to plunge into the evil environ
menti of a gambling dive over which
C resides her benefactress, Baby Bra
ant, who is later, revealed as the
girl's mother. Her flight from th
den of orgies and her subsequent
meeting with the man she loves and
the accidental finding of her father
combine to make a story, of sustained
For Sunday the Imperial will pre
sent "Quo Vadis," a picture that made)
a tremendous .hit in 1913-4 and is now
be'ng revived. The tast contains soma
thirty thousand players, and the film
enacts the rise and fall of Rome un-.
der the reign of Nero. There is a
powerful love story running through
the film, and in add'ion to this thera
are dozens of remarkable scenes.
Hfnr thft npw Victor rcnrila for
I December at Thiele's. They are al
I way glad to play them for vou, 2
wide, full basement already equipped
- The Matrons and Patrons club of tn first class bo. ers, plumbing in
the Eastern Star held a meeting Tues- P,ace' "i'1". pjFeac,y ,athFd. f ml ,ar
day evening stores of finishing material in carded
K" ' ' ' piles make this property one of the
Mrs. Hatrhrr of Omnha. who i,n-1 best investments that it is possible to,
hoon vUiW for W ,iv with hr conceive, in fact the purchase of this
Deen visiting, ror a few days with her rv,;. i
daughter, Mrs. Doyle, returned Thurs- K'nAf n' i CC' nZ-JKM Ks'
day to her home. .1 5?" ?rp?,?y 'L!
Mrs. H. A. Dubuque entertained the
N. W. bridge club at a theatre party
Thursday evening. 1
Mrs. -Calkins of Ashby fs Visiting
with home folks in Alliance.
H. E. Felter, Frank Adams, Roy Mc
Kenzie and F. Mackey. Mrs. Minor
Morris won the high score prize, a
hand-embroidered apron, and Mrs. Lee
Basye won the free-for-all prize, a
pair of silk hose. Mrs. A. W. New
berg received a bouquet of roses.
Harry Thiele is selling White Ivory
Griffith.! Powder boxes and Hair Receivers for
$1.49 each, Saturday.
Everyone having articles for the fish
pond for the M. E. bazaar please de
liver to Mrs. W. R. Pate, 809 Box
Butte avenue, by Monday, December 5.
DIMES for the big fish at 5c and
10c each at the zsh ponds at the
Armory Thursday, December 8.
Ward C. Joder and Miss Ruth I.
Donovan were quietly married at the
home of the bride's parents Wednes-
.1 . : . i . . 'l 1. T
JKri CSmith oiatwith Children's hour from 4 to 5 p. m
single ring ceremony. Only- the par-; w- ' beautiful vounir
ents of the contracting parties and a' MksZV?doT thffihe ough?
few close friends were present John , telJ to get a license or
Donovan, brother of the bride, acjed
as best man, and Miss LaRhea Lunn ,
was bride's maid. Immediately after
the ceremony a wedding dinner wa3 MMiiiiiiiiiimiiiiHiiiiHiiiiiiiiii'iiii'
served. Both Mr. and Mrs. Joder were
brought up in Alliance and have a
large cir cle of friends who wish them
worth a quarter of a million dollars
for an, investment of $150,000, $50,
000 of which has already been rub-J
scribed" by Scottsbluff. I
So great is the need for a Christian
hospital, in the North Platte valley
that it is expected that whole com
munities outside the city of Scotts
bluff, from Torrington to Bridgeport
and from Alliance to Harrisburg w'll
give liberally toward the project. The
campaign will be confined to the Meth
odist church, but to the entire valley. I
It has been predicted that the com-'
mittees immediately surrounding!
Scottsbluff will subscribe three-fifths
of the total of $100,000 toward the
hospital. Effort will be made to get
each community back of it as a whole.
An Eight Per Cent
Drop in Railroad
Passenger Fares
People who have been seeing their I
home towns first and telling them-
Ail . of ihe thrills you
want and romance too.
Adm. 9 and 36c and W. T.
A night of revelry and
then the whirlwind.
Adm 9 and 36c and V. T.
The Great
Adm. 22 and 50c & W. T.
The cast for the high school "Spud"
play, which will be given to cover a
deficit of $200 inherited from last
vear's annual Spud, has beeji selected.
The play will be "Nothing But the
Truth," and the cast' will include Row
land Threlkeld, Lee Strong, Edward
Morrow, Bernard Shirk, King Rob
bins, Mariellen Beagle, Verna Dow,
Josephine Wright, Miriam Hams,
Belva Tipple and Tressa Looney.
Governor Parker of the Rotary dis
trict with headquarters at Greeley,
Colo., was in Alliance yesterday, vis
iting officers of the local club. Alli
ance will become a part of this dis
trict after July 1, next, it is believed
Heretofore the Alliance club has been
in the district 'with headquarters in
Iowa, and the new district will be
composed of club3 from western Ne
braska, Wyoming and Colorado.
The December banquet and meeting
of the Box Butte medical society was
held last night at St. Joseph's hosp
ital. Dr. Charles E. Slagle was the
speaker of the evening. He chose for
his subject "Catheter Cystitis," a sub
ject of very great practical importance
and he discussed it in a most thorough
manner. All of the doctors present
took part in the discussion which followed.
Miss Mildred Pate was surprised by
the P. E. P. club Thursday evening,
the occasion "being her birthday, A
seven o'clock luncheon was served,
after which the evening was spent in
playing "Tebahpla," Miss Vivian Cor
bett winning the prize. Miss Pate re
ceived many beautiful and useful
Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and Mrs. l. E.
Gantz will be hostesses to the Dsash
ters of the American Revolution Sat
urday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs.
Gantz will have charge of the pio-
gram, "Nebraska History."
E. C. Drake went to Minatare
Thursday to address a meeting of the
Odd Fellows held there for the pur
pose of good fellowship and to arouse
interest in the lodge. Mr. Drake re
ports a very good interest.
Miss Helen Woods, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. E. P. Woods who is teaching
near Pine Bluffs, Wvo.. spent Thanks
giving vacation with her parents in
Alliance, returning to Pine Bluffs f-..n-
The ladies' auxiliary bazaar held at
the Presbyterian church Thursday was
well attended. Cafeteria lunch was
served from 2 to 8 p. pi.
Mrs. H. B. Dedamore underwent an
operation at the hospital Thursday
morning. She is doing as well as
ould be expected.
There will be regular meeting of
and ' Monday
To Close Them Out!
We have only eight of these in Bfown and Navy
Plaid. Values up to $12.50; to close out at
Of pure gum, with an extra top. On sale to close out
In dull finish R. edge, reavy sole; to close out at ,
$1.00 ;
Extra heavy Bradley Knit Coats, all wool; to close
out at . ..kxjujLU.
v Extra heavy Knit all-wool; to close out at-- V
25c Pair
Horace Bogue Store
the Eastern Star Tuesday, December bU::;i;:;iii;ilii1iiiiilillUli:i:iliiii;iiiu
Thiele's f fr-Tg
I 'ML'! -3" , il-Wnf'H
III ' ,!
For Christmas Is a
Joy Forever
The Victrola will bring into your home the world's
neatest music for the whole family to enjoy not only
on Christmas morning, but every day in years to come.
All the supreme masterpieces of music, sung or
played by the foremost artists of the age, are yours
whenever you wish to hear them. '
Will there be a Victrola in your home this Christ
mas Come in and make your selection now, we will de
liver it Christmas morning. Ask about our easy pay
ment plan, a . , -
VICTROLAS, $25 t(T$l,5G0 '
For December are here Come in and hear them
we are always glad to play them for you.
10-inch Double-Faced Records 85c each
. 18811
Dec. "21
Dec '21
Dec. '21
Dec. '21
Dec. '21
Dec "21
Dec. '21
' 18820
Dec. 21
Dec. '21
Dec. '21
You're Just the Type for a Bungalow
Don't Throw Me Down'
Myunny Tennesnee "
Ain't You Coming Out Malinda?
Sally Won't You Come Back?
Bring Back My Blu&hinfr Rose
Ross Dost Trot Banjo
Ross' Reel Banjo
Sal-O-May Fox' Trot - '
Why, Dear? Fox Trot
Second Hand Rose Fox Trot
Peerless Quartet
Peerless Quartet
Smith's Orchestra
Smith's Orchestra
Whiteman's Orchestra
Have You Forgotten ? Medley Fox Trot
Whiteman's Orchestra
My Sunny Tennessee Fox Trot Benson Orhestra
Ma! One-Step penson Orchestra
Tuck Me To Sleep Fox Trot Benron Orrhestra
Wabash B'ues Fox Trot . Benson Orchestra
Kentucky Home Burr-Peerless Quarto
WhoU Be the Next One? Fields
One Kiss Fox Trot . . Benson Orchestra
Jup Like a Rainbow Fox Trot Benson Orchestra
Canadian Capers Fox Trot Whiteman's Orchestra
Bimini Bay Fox Trot Benson Orchestra
12-inch Double-Faced Records $1.33 each
33711 Santa Claus Visits the Children Part 1 Girards
Dec. '21 Santa Claus Visits the Children Part 2 Girard
85712 Christmas Hymns and Carols No. 1 . Trinity Choir
Dec. '21 Christmas Hymns and Carols No. 2 Trinity Choir
10-inch Blue Label Records $1.00 each
Dec. '21
Dec. '21
Darky Stories Monologue
Irish Stories Monologue
The Virgin's Lullaby
An Old Sacred Lullaby
Tkt Strt Wiik m CuaranUt Without ktd Tapt

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