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Wut te buy omthlne? Rua
treta f people acan thaae Went
A.4 column looklnr for what you
r etbere haT to offer. Oet quick
raaalte by adertielna; la The
Herald Want Ad department,
RATES On can par word par
taaartlon. Coat no mora than
thar newspaper and we rnr
ante tbat you raach aavaral hun
dred mora reader. Buy circuia
ini, not bot air.
FOR RENT Modern house; 6 rooms,
large bath; full basement; lot lOOx
130; good location will lease 1, 2 or 3
yearn; prefer to rent to parties who
will buy the furniture. Must have
references. Apply at THE HERALD
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FOR SALE Purebred Barred Rock
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Phone 801 Fll. 6-tf
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CLERKS, fp Postal Mail and Govern.
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Experience unnecessary. For free
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WANTED Ladies to introduce new
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filled with powder, each containing a
beautiful Christmas gift. I3ig values,
Sample dollar each. LEADER CO,
4167 Olive, St. Louis, Mo. 6p
LAND BARGAINS Write for my
largo list on crop payment plan.
JESS K.1SNEK, Garden City, Kas.
In the County Court of Box Butte
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Frank Fishbaugh, deceased. :
All persons, both creditors and heirs,
Interested in the estate of Frank Fish
baugh, deceased, are hereby notified
that M. A. Reeder, formerly M. A.
Pease, filed her petition in this Couit
as the owner of the following describ
ed real estate, to-wit; the Southeast
Quarter (SEVi) of Section Four (4)
Township Twenty eight (28) Range
Forty Seven (47) Box Butte County,
Nebraska; that she alleges that said
Frank Fishbaugh departed this life in
Box Butte County, Nebraska, on the
9J0th day of July, 1890, leaving no lust
'will or testament, and praying that a
time end place be fixed for a hearing
on said petition and that on said hear
ing further administration bo not' had
and determining the right of descent
of said real property, the persons to
whom it descended and their legal in
terest therein and the interest of the
petitioner therein.
You and each of you are therefore
notified that a hearing will be had on
said petition on the 30th day of De
cember, 1921, at the hour of ten o'clock
in the forenoon of said date at the
room3 of the County Judge of said
Box Butte County at the Court House
located in the town of Alliance, and
, that if you fail to appear and contest
said petition the court will grant the
prayer thereof.
(Signed) IRA E. TASH,
(Seal) County Juuge
Hollister & Cunningham, Attys.
In the district court of the United
Stat3 for the district of Nebraska,
Chadron division.
In the matter of Fred E. Allen,
bankrupt. ... ,
Case No. 59, in bankruptcy. Vol
untary petition.
At Chadron, Dawes . county, Ne
braska, in said district, before Fred
i erick A. Crites, referee in bankruptcy,
December 13th, 1921.
On the second day of November,
A. D. 1921, Fred E. Allen was duly
adjudicated a bankrupt, and on the
10th day of December, 1921, said bank
rupt filed his petition for discharge.
It is hereby ordered that the 18th day
of January, A. D. 1922, be, and the
same is hereby fixed as the date on or
before which all creditors of and all
wmorrow Alright
other persons Interested In said estate
and in the discharge in bankruptcy
of said bankrupt, shall, if they desire
to oppose the same, file in my office
at Chadron, Dawes county, Nebraska,
in Raid district, their appearance in
writing in opposition to the granting
of said discharge, and also within ten
days thereafter file in my said office
specifications of the grounds of said
Witness my hand this 13th day of
December, A. D. 1921.
Referee In Bankruptcy.
Dec. 18
CTF. No. 5.
To Sydney Fielden Wilson, and
Benjamin Graham, if living, if dead, to
his unknown heirs, devisees and lega
tees; Owners.
You and each of you. are hereby
notified that on the 3rd day of No
vember, 1919, H. E. Reddish purchased
at public sale for taxes, held at the
office of the County Treasurer of Box
Butte County. Nebraska, the North
west Quarter of Section 31, Township
28 N. Range 51 w. 6th P. M., in Vox
Butte County, Nebraska. t
baid sale was made for taxes and
special assessments for the year 1918
and was assessed in said year in the
name of Sydney Leiden Wilson and Is
now assessed in the name of suiey
Fielden Wilson. .
After the expiration of three months
from the date of the service of this
notice I will apply to the County
Treasurer of Box Butte County.Ne
braska for a deed to said property.
Dsted at Alliance, Nebraska, De
cember 15th, 1921.
Owner of Certificate.
If an editor ever accientally got
into one of those fashionable summer
resort3 where the inmates di ess three
times a day, his other necktie would
do all right for the second time, but
the third time he'd have to appear in
his pajamas.
London silversmiths advertise that
they have special facilities for mount
ing in an artistic and suitable manner
all kinds of war trophies, shell', car
tridge cases, bombs, etc., and show a
fetching design of a shell case mount
ed as a gong. What a lovely tou
enirl The color of the shark's nose does
not rfatter if it's teeth are sound.
In a rural contest in Kentucky, the
winner dressed a chicken in 183 sec
onds. But the metropolitan chicken
won't wear seconds.
One of, the best road records of
see a man with a plan for ending the
war trying to raise a car window.
With gasoline and golf balls both
cheaper the sufferings of the unfortu
nate rich are eomewhat alleviated.
Old men may say they feel as young
as ever, but they never admit feeling
as foolish as ever.
M 1.3 U fev
This undertaking establishment occupies a position of
eminence in the public mind. We have won the people's
commendation by painstaking, praiseworthy methods and an
up-to-date equipment. If you are in need of our services you
will be pleased by the manner in which we transact busi
ness. . ' , w.kwu1
Miller Mortuary
Phones: Day. 311
Night. 522 or 535
Gene Byrnes Says: "Here's the Music
" I 4 r7 . r: : I ; . " " ; i
KHITTIM6 J . . - ; j
SOLOItRS jf ' '
By Rer. B.' J. Minort. Pastor of
the First Baptist Church, Alliance)
Pigmy Church Programs for Sturdy
. Men.
In a speech before the Rotary club
we recently had occasion to refer to
the comparatively small number of
men, especially business men, who at
tended church services. We said some
things that seem radical to some, and
have been askd to put some of the
thoughts in this corner. We believe
that there are real reason why the
modern church fails to hold the inter
est of real red blooded men.
This Is a day of big things, ugi
programs. Men tninK in minions, the work of tne cnurch that they have Hookham's attended the farmers'
where a few days ago they thought in no time for the church. The great corn- vmion convention at Alliance last Mon
thousands. Today we speak ot air- mercial and industrial questions with day
ships rather than rubber tired buggies, vhich our C0Untry groans to lay are, u l. Pvr and family motored to
as yesterday. We speak of disarming 8)0wed to pass unnoticed by the aver- Alliance Friday.
nations, rather than the man carrying aRe church and preacher. God intend- jira, l. Dyer received a telegram
a concealed weapon, we nve in a
much bigger world than ever before.
The church seems to be the only in
hAfAM i
stitution that hesitates to progress.
BishoD Stuntz told a story at Lin
coin in the hearing of the writer that
aptly illustrates my point, iw pbiu
that a farmer went to sleep, and slept
for twenty years. Upon- awakening
he Jumped up, and looked for the lit-
tie log cab.n home, but found that his
home, with all the improvements, i
such as electric lights, etc. He ran
to the hog lot to see if his little
scrulby pigs were all right, and found
that his children had specialized on
toroughbred Poland China hogs. He
looked in the cow lot, and jnstead of
the skinny, scrubby cows that he had,
before he went to sleep, he found the
up-to-date, highly bred whiteface
Herefords. He looked in the wheat
field and instead of the old-fashioned
cradle, they were cutting wheat,
threshing and sacking it at tne same
time. : He went out to the field and
found, instead of the walking plow of
his day, there whs a gang plow with a
tractor. He ran to the cowshed and
the milking machine was pumping
away. About that time the high pow
ered automobile backed out of the
garage. . In consternation, he started
across the hill in a southerly direction,
and after three miles, he caught a
glimpse of the buihling on a hill in
the distance. Running faster he ar
rived, and stopping in front of it, he
noticed that the chimney was sidling
and about to fall, the window frames
were sagging and out of proportion,
the door was minus or one ninge, tne
window panes were about half broken.
He stood looking at the building for a
minute or two, then he made a rush for
the door, falling on his knees at the
old mourner's bench, and cried, "Thank
God the old church has not changed."
It seems to me that if someone would
have left this country about thirty
years ago, and came back from no
where, he would find only one institu
tion that has rot changed the
church. The twentieth century church
is -faced not with first century prob
lems, but with twentieth century
problems, and she must adapt herself
123 West
Third Street
to these problems if she wishes to at-
tract the attention of the twentieth
, century man.
J We live in a day of big difficulties,
big achieve fents, big programs: a day
I when, instead of cursing a difficult
pass, we pass it. The great trouble is
I that the average church sets for itself
' such a pigmy program that a man
With any respect for manly jobs has no
time for it. The church has too long
lett the solving of the really great,
vital, throbbing, living, burning ques
tions to professional politicians.. The
church is letting lodges and other in
st tutions solve its boy and girl prob
lems, then complains because the men
and women who make up these institu
tions do not give the church the atten
tion they should.
Lodge members are so busy do:ng
the church to be the leaven tnai
. i 1 t .1 1 I I A
wouui leaven me wnoie lump, uuv vv sister-in-law, Mrs. ueorge rox, had
practically withdraw from the world pasped away on Friday at Lexington,
and then complain because the world . Qa I eis and family took hes to
is not influenced more by the gospel, Alliance and she left on the midnight
when all the time we withdraw from.trajn JOr Lexington.
the men the gospel was given for.
That there Is a gulf between the
church member and the average non-
lf lg wi(leing cannot be ignor-l
I cm cure vour PlleaT Fistula.
Rectum except cancer a ahort time lonflex) by an original, pain
lett, dltsejvent method of my own, without chloroform, ether of
knife, and without danger whatever to the patient. My treatment la
so uccestful that I have built up the largest practice In thl line
between Omaha and Denver. My treatment la no experiment. It la
the most successful method ever dltcovtred for the treatment of
Diseases of the Rectum. I have cured many caste where the knife
had tailed and many other casts that had been treated for monthe
and years In vain. I guarantee a cure In every cate I accept or make
no charge for my services. My method of curing Piles and othe"
Rectal Diseases, aa well at Rupture, w laughed at twenty ytara
ago, but today I can point with pride to all of those who have be
lieved in me and have eome to Grand Island to get cured. If you are
suffering with some form of Rtctal Trouble or Rupture, write to me
today, telling all about your trouble, and let me tell you how easy It
Is to get cured. Be sure to use the free Information coupon when
you write to me. .....
. No longer Is It necessary for you to spend three or four weeke
getting your piles cured. Yeu can now be cured within five days,
and be up and around all the time you are taking treatment.
Dont doubt this amaxl.ig truthl 8end for free Information today
also convincing proof that my method of curing Rectal troubles
and Rupture should appeal to all those wishing to avoid a surgical
operation with Its attendant discomforts of dread and fear that
causes so many sufferers to delay in seeking relief.
due to the constant
train of even a mild
cate of piles on the
sympathetic nervcus
You can pour all
the medicine down
your throat that
money can buy, or
You can spend your
last dollar at the
world's best health
resorts, or
Tl "nil. l .t..t
UStASU causio at PIUS
You can allow yourself to be
lasl.ed, yet You will NEVER
these troubles until your piles
67 O
DR. RICH. Pile and Ruptur Specialist,
Grand Island, Neb.
Pleaae send me free, completa Informa
tion warding the method you uaa l.i cur
ing Pile, Fistula. Flaaure and other rectal
rtlwaaea and rupture, without a aevera
urgical operation. (Mention which trouble
you hav when writing).
Town R. T. D
ed. ' And that the fault lies on the
side of the average member is as evi
dent . We are anxious to leave the
feeding of the widows and orphans to
worldly, organizations, the training of
the young to schools supported by
worldly organizations; the reiorming
of the criminal that has been made by
our neglect to other than Christian as
lociatlons, and so it goes on, through
the entire catalogue of activities cut
out for the church by God.
Our churches are too often mere
mutual delight societies whei-e we
gather to compare our imaginary vir
tue and faults. Our buildings are so
much money cemented for show.
(lo Be Continued.)
rjov Gross, Ed Dyer and Charles
gnturdav mornine savin that her
. . ' - a
Soe of tne trends and neighbors
a Ufa n si faa Tt ! Tta eiirrnDAil
Ui lUll CLlil 1U1IH Wjll ;CI PU4'll.l
them last Sunday. Everyone brought
well filled baskets and all enjoyed the
Roy Moravek snent Sunday at the
Fissure and other Disease! of t
all cut and
get rid of
are cured.
Pile and Muptur
Grand lUu4, Neb.
I cure every case
of Piles I treat by my
mild serum treat,
merit, or you need
not pay me one cent.
AC. 1
Write Your Own Words."
Rdv Grosse home.
Jim Moravek and family spent Sun
day at the Cal Lei home. .
'cte r'arrcll and Al McCart have
been hauling hay from the creek this
Mrs. Al McCart has been sufTering
from a mashed foot for the last two
weeks. Full particulars concerning the
accident are not known.
Mr. and Mrs. Jny Hall spent Sun
day at Charles Hall's.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Grosse spent Sun
dny evening at vor Meeker's.
Charles Moravek Kas been spending
the last week in Hemingford, where
he visited his parents.
We will buy your furs
and hides. 0'Bannon &
Neuswanger. 4-7
. . i
The Russians are strong on high
speed, whether coming or going.
GEO. n. BRECKNER 210 W. Srd
"When Ife Vour Mote,
Let Ui Know-
Office rhone, 15 1 Res. 881 and Dik. 730
Office In Reddish block
Let Me Cry Your Sate
Auctioneer 1232 Missouri
Telephone 884
Drake & Drake
Doctors of Optometry
Glasses Accurately-Fitted
" . . . '. i r;
Not Medicine, Surgery, Osteopath
Chiropractors ptmr School
I'hone 865 Over Harper'
Real Estate, Loans and '
Insurance '
Reddish Block tf
rhone 664 Alliance
Harry P. Coursey
Live Stock and General Farm Sales
Transfer and

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