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Mr. ppd Mr. Kenneth Mohrman en
tertained the Young People's Mission
ary focicty at tneir home Mondav
evening. The si.bjrct for the meeting
was, "Japan", ami the houre wa3 very
tastily decorated with Japanese lan
terns, fans and flowers, with Japanese
pictures on the walls. There was an
interesting: program on the character
istics, people and conditions of Japan,,
with a piano duct by Mrs. Hall and
Mrs. MrFarlund. Miss Florence Flet
cher gave a reading on "l.ola, a
Japanese Girl," followed by a talk on
Japan by M.ss B:lly Swanson. with
the lights turned low and all the
guests sitting Japanese fashion on the
noor. dainty refreshments of rice Col., next Sunday.
with cherries r.nd vanilla wafers and
Japanese tea was servel. Tho.e prcs
fiit were Lev. ard Mrs. Stephen J.
Epler, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Larkins,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Atz, Mis. Wade Smith, Mrs.
Florence Atz, Mrs. Joa Robb.ns, iur.
and Mrs. Leslie Hall, Mrs. W. A. Wills,
Mrs. Cora Lewis, Mrs. McFarand, Mrs.
J. W. DeMoss, the Misses Inez Jen
rings, Valentine Lawrence, Mildred
Ryckman, Frances Fletcher, Billy
Swanron, Evelyn Kobbins, and the
Messrs Sam Novbeck, Charles Groce,
Charley DeMoss, Joe Ausbaugh, Rob
ert Lawrence and Raymond Donahoe.
' ioonard Sampey, old time resident
of Rox Butte county, died at the St
Joseph hospital Monda ynftemoon, the
' ot naih being bionch:tir. Mr.
Sampey, who was over eighty years of
-. n-iii iioen declining in health rap
idly for revcrnl months, and last Sun
day an immediate operution was found
necessary. The ojeration, which was
cnl it-ely successful, was performed
Monday by Dr. J. P. Weyrens, but due
All members requested to be t0 advanced age and weakened condi-
1 . ' 1. ! I . . -1. . I ...1. 1
iuiii ins nioiAtiiiu iuws oecame
clogged, and death resulted.
Mr. Sampey was a native of Ireland
and came to America when he whs 2?
years of age, settling on a. homestead
live miles south of Hemir.gford in
1885, and sine that time has boon
I prominent in farming and public
m; vnM! r:n.t.i; ...t. .1.-1 work. From 1891 to lf2 he was a
nary 12.
Mrs. Ro-e B. Wilkinson, of Bethany,
Neb is visiting at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. H. D. Shellcnberger.
She epects to be here for an extended
friend ' rntur I T K-T" w' " about ten years ago.and he then re.
JJeatlwood, S. D., Sunday night
moved to Hemingiord, where he made
Mrs. Florence Atz is expecting
cae me Kin ot me ween to attend a
reunion ot rrr family at Foit Collins,
his home wit hh;s d'.mhtcr4 Mrs, B;ri
. 'nty Shepherd. At Mrs. Shepherd's i
l" death in 1920 ho made his homo with
his fon, John, of Hemingford. Fu
r.eral arrangements have r.ot been
made. His on is the only suivivir.tr
1 . . w - r
T.. IT. Mother, who has l-een v'sit'n"- re, , ,. ,,. ..
with his son, Henry, at Butte, Mont In l?l3.M!-- Sampey vl.-jted his old
tor the pat few weeks, returned Sat- .e ln ,rel:lnl and on his retn-n
urday night. ' lrid to got passage on tch ill-fated Ti-
tunic, but was u.iable to do so.
The cho!r of the M. K church will . ,1 J J . , m.
moet at 7:30 Thursday evening at fhe .Tonight only Imperial The
home of Mrs. C. A. Dow, 804 Platte b'K sensation of the year, "Saw
avenue, 'ino- si Wnman in Tvvr.". IlnnM
nM TrTI i i v. front the Orphcum at Denver,1
;ur.-. JJora rieuheus and dauchter v . .
Mrs. Willis, of B,i,lgeport, w Alii- hore lt causcd more comment
rnce visitors Monday. 1 than any act ever presented in'
ine city. rhotoolav. I)ou"ku
"The Rookie's Re-
E. J. O Neil, of Antioch, was in Al
liance for medical treatment at Dr.
uasKin s on ice.
The official board of the Baptist
church, and their wives met with the
Rev. Minort and wife at the parlors of
the church and enjoyed a chicken
Runner, flftpr U'ViJcVi thpv rotirorl in iha
auditorium .where they approved the Umon choir practice will e held at "The Toy Shop", by the kiddies and
1922 program as laid out -for the t 'sbytenan church Friday r.ight I "A Little Excitement" by the h"h
church by the pastor. The following at ' i-rhonl trnU i iho tmn
v Mr. and Mrs. Loe Moore returned 'ss wants to buy your
Sunday ti-om a week's visit in Lin-1 killing hogs and cattle. Phone
coin with relatives. him at 813G12. ' 13tf
men were attendance: ti. G. Lamg,
Charles Fuller, A. II. Robbins, -C.
Powell, John Pauling, S. B. Mitchell,
E. F. Herbaugh, A. A. Wright, J. S.
Corp, W. E. Gillett, H. D. Hacker and
Rev. Mr. Minoit; also Mesdames E.
G. Laing, Charles Fuller, A. H. Iiob
bins, C. Powell, John Pauling, S. B.
Mitchell, O. F. Herbaugh, A. A.
Wright, J. S. Corp, W. E. Gillette, H.
D. Hacker, B. J. Minort and Mrs. Julia
The Mintennnce of Way mvon held
a meeting at the I. 0. O. F. hall last
lie given by Mrs. Dunning's pupils at
the Imperial Theatre, January 19. 13
Tonight only Imperial The
big sensation of the year, "Saw
ing a Woman in Two'. Direct
f rrm f Ti o Hi-nliniiiii of llnnt'Ai.
inmi ..: r ' " "0- where it caused more comment
Sehriq R. M. Bruce, of Ruhville,
was in Alliance Monday on business.
The capital, surplus and un
divided profits of the Alli.inrn
' The Rural Woman's club met Janu-! National Bank amount to SI 30 -
ary 5, at the home of Mrs. Guy Rust
Mrs. Linder assistant hostess. In spite
of cold weather and snowy roads a
good attendance of members and visit
ors enjoyed a New Year's program.
The course of study for the year 1922
than any act ever presented in,
ine cuy. l noiopiay. jjoucins,
MacLean in "The Rookie's Ue-turnv
After all, the best way to keep the
weeds off vacant lots is to build houses
on them.
It must be pleasant to be a Chinese
examinations will lu 7ni,i
. , ..... - - -' i . k.
was decided upon, and after a delicious ; 5r ' oaiUiUcl 0d"1iary , statesman ami have nothing to do but
rT T TlTTrtf.T.T -r . - ...... U.U.UI.
nLaobLLi, county supt.
luncheon meeting adjourned to meet
with Mrs. Neuman and Mrs. Detamore !
at the Newman home, Januray 2G. j HERALD
Tanlac Vegetable Pills are sold on a
positive guarantee to give perfect sat-h
isfaction. Try them tonight and you i
will be delighted to find the results you
have obtained. . F. E.' Holsten. 13 ,
. One of the most important phases
to beinr entertained is knowing when
to reach for your hat.
The regular meeting of the Woman's ;
club will be held Friday, January 13.
Hostesses will be Masdames Hunter,
Hampton and Strong. The subject for
Friday's meeting will be: "Home
Economics," with demonstration by the j
Mesdames Cantlin, Hawes, Isaacson,
Baker and Martha Sturgeon. The club
is open during the month of January
for new members.
A joint meeting of the home and'
foreign missionary societies of the
M. E. church will be held at the home
of Mrs. A. W. Newberg, Wednesday
afternoon promptly at 2:30. Every
one is expected to bring their donation
to pay for the window in the new
church that the two societies are in
tending to purchase.
A meeting of the stockholders of
the Alliance Country club has been
called by the board of directors to be
held on Wednesday evening, JanuaTy
11, 1922, at Reddish Hall, at 8 p. m.,
Matters pertaining to the upkeep of.
the club and of raising the dues lor
ensuing year will be discussed.
Harry Thiele had more calendars
than usual this year but still did not
have enough to go around to all his
friends and customers. He has ordered
tome more and if he can get them '
you'll sure get yours. 13
E. H. Scott, formerly piano sales-j
man for the Darling Furniture store ,
in Alliance and late auto insurance ad- :
jusW in Boston, d:ed in Boston De-1
cember 20 of apoplexy. Mr. Darling
received word of his death Irom.Mr.
Scott's fiancee.
At Your Service
The new bakery wants to be of real help
to the housewife who heeds to get appetizing
desserts, wholesome bread and fancy extras
for the family table. .
' . - . f
We are specializing in the things you will: care for. We
want you to come in and see what we offer. If . we don't
have exactly the thing you desire for an occasion, just tell
us and we will make it specially for you.
"Krispy Krust" Bread, Hard Rolls, Cookies, Cakes, Pies
the "Home-Made" Kind, anr Potato Chips
Our Famous 1,000-Island Dressing, and
a Large Line of Pure Home-Made Candies
- : 1
Alliance Hotel Bakery
(Continued from Tnge 1.)
Won't Iluild Track Road.
Division Engineer Caddis was in Al
liance one day la.t week. He brought
the information that the letter writton
by the Uox Uutte commissioners, in
which thpy uid that they weren't ut
all favorable to the present routing of
the Alliance-HridgeiKirt w, and that
if it couliln t be made to follow the
Uurlim-ton tracks, would prefer the
Broadwater road, has never been made
public in Bridgeport. The Morrill
commissioners nave not held a meeting
. " wv it..ia " .tuii-w. illlll lull-
setjuently no indication of their senti
ments has been received here.
Mr. (iaddis was quoted by a county
officer as raying that the Morrill com
missioners were rot in a frame of
mind to consider the track road. The
impression gained was thut if Box
Butte county wouldn't accept the pres
ent '.ir..'hill route, no load at all would
be built.
The Uox lJu'te commlsrionrrs wrote
to State EnginrcK John on tibout the
same tnr.c that tr.ey wrote the Morrill
commissioners, and to practicully the
Kame e.Tect, but Mr. Johnson hu. not
yet favored ther.i with a reply. The
tommii . loners asked him to meet with
the Box Butte and Morrill men ard sec
if some other road couldn't be desig
nated. Kinl.aid Willing to Help.
The Broadwater men, unwilling to
leave any avenua of assistance un
opened, has also appealed to Congress
man Kinkaid. The congressman, in
the following letter, indicates that his
hands are tied, but that his heart is
with them:
WASHINGTON, D. C, Doc. 30 Mr.
G. R. llarriees, Broadwater, Neb. My
dear Mr. Harries: Your esteemed
favor of the 20th inst., written in be-
half of Federal Aid in the construction
of the portion of the so-called Gulf-i
Plains-Canadian highway, has been re- j
ceived and noted. j
Making refpome, I nsrure you that
1 1 shall be pleased to do everything 1 1
can to assist your people in securing!
Federal Aid, but it will bo necessary j
that the mattor be presented to the ,
Bureau of Public Works, Department j
of Agriculture (which Bureau has jur-
id'etion over such matters) in the;
first instance by the Nebraska State;
Highway Commission. I suggest that
your county commissioners and the1
county commissioners in the other:
counties which the road traverses1
make application to the State High-i
way commission for buite ana fed
eral Aid.
I rcirret to sav nothing can be done
here in Washington to further thej
E reposition until an application has:
een made to the Bureau of Public;
Roads in the manner above described.
1 shall hold myself in readiness to do
everything I can to bring about favor
able action in the premises, and shall
be pleased to have you advise me of (
any steps taken. Very cordially yours,
Mr. Jackmrn and daughter left for
Rutland, Tuesday:
A few vonng rvople met at Iw
Hawkins' Friday evening nnd rejwleil
a fine time.
The ladies aid will hnve an all dav's
meetinir while the men wmVr.l nn flirt
church. Everyone come nnd dnnn
some help as there will be plenty of
Lew Hawkins was a visitor in A1II
rncc Wednesday.
Tonight only ImperialTho
i big sensation of the year, "Saw
ing a Woman in Two". Direct
;from the Orphcum at Denver,
where it caused more commont
than any act ever presented in
jthe city. Pho'ophy, Douglas
iMtcLeaa In "The Kookie's lie
turn 13
With a house on every lot the profi
teering landlords couldn't make a lot
on every houe. ,
Many Are Doing This
Arc You?
Many of the men and women
of Alliance are taking advan
tage of this winter weather nnd
are having all their jewelry
looked over. Stones reset,
clasp3 tightened, rings made
over nnd nil 'cleaned and pol
ished. Now is the time, don't
If we don't happen to have the one you
want, we'll get it for you.
We've just received a
new shipment of those
pink powder puds.
Need a New One?
All the new things
always at Thiele's
of course
Herald Want Ads Results.
7ht Sttrt With a Guaranin Without Rid Tft
J. M. MILLER, Prop.
A luncheon in honor of the general , fcUUU&Utt
chairman of the Machinists union, Mr. ,
Kercurak of Omaha was given at the I
Baptist church last night. Rev. Minort j !
addressed the union, after which a ;
luncheon for aLout fifty men was1,
Alliance Knights of Columbus
ere making plans for a card party,
which will be held Friday evening at
the K. ot C. club rooms on Box Butte
avenue. Members, their wives and
friends will be present.
The ladies' guild of St. Matthews'
Episcopal church will meet at the par
ish house Wednesday afternoon. The
newly elected officers, Mrs. Cogswell,
Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. H. E. Ganti and
Mrs. Dickinson, will be hostesses.
Joe says "That cough syrup of
Thiele's must be good stuff, even
Thiele's clerks use it." '. 13
The social and taffy pull given by
the Presbyterian Christian endeavor at
the church basement last Friday even
ing was very well attended and a good
time wa3 enjoyed by all present.
There will be a business meeting of
the W. C T. U .at the home, of Mrs.
J, J. Vance, xnursuay aivemova,
To My Friends
I have been informed that several articles have been
sent, and many others will be sent to the papers in my de
fense and expressing indignation at the attack made upon
me. Now, if you really mean to help me, please desist from
writing any more articles, as I have asked the editors to de
cline any more articles or letters written in my behalf.- A
mistake has been made, let us be big enough to forgive
for two wrongs will not right one. '
Furthermore let us realize that no individual is as big
as the community, and we should be willing to lay down our
individual interest for the general welfare of the commun
ity. Let us not make a whole community suffer for the mis
takes of an individual or two. Hoping that you will honor
me this far by dropping this unfortunate affair as far as our
side is concerned, I am,
Thankfully yours,
B. J. MINORT. . .
H & I
I X w
S ( w
r TP TTD 11 TI I
; . JJL 6 Ji-o JllLJllL
is coming

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