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Several Ornnliationn Make Direct
I'ontrihutionn Kch Cane Is
Thoroughly Investigated
Mrs. S. W. Thompson, chairman of
the ccntrat committee of the Alliance
Community Charity organization
has made a report of the
activities of the bureau Hince its or
ganization, a few weeks aj?o. Some
ilea of the calls for assistance and
the work of the investigating com
mittee may be (rained from the lari?e
rumlxT of cases listed which have re
ceived assistance. SeveraJ donations
of cash and supplies have boon made,
rnd the committee believes that with
the continued co-operation of the city,
it will bo able to handle the charitable
Work of the city systematically.
Mr. Thompson's report follows:
As chairman of the central com
mittee of the charity organization, I
wish to submit the following report of
the activities of the committee up to
Cash donntTons have been received
as follows: Collected by S. G. Tillett,
roprexentinc the engineers, $14.00;
Dr. Willis, Hurlinjrton doctor, $2.50;
Dr. Minuj- Morris, $.".00; the Womiin's
club, $10.00; J. H. King, $3.00; E. A.
Hall, $5.00 I'. K. O. organization,
$25.00; round house employes, $14.75;
otal, $H0.75. ;
Up to date we have drawn on this
fund for clothing and groceries to the
amount of $24.10. The sum, of $100
ias been appropriated by the B. P. O.
Klks and $25.00 by the Travelers')
Protective Association, Post M, to be
used upon the recommendation of the
We also wish to acknowledge receipt
of a fine bunch of potatoes from, L. U.
Timmons, a kind-hearted farmer liv
ing near Alliance, and also from Kib
b'e &. Hopkins, the commission men.
The Sanitary Market has very kindly
stored these potatoes and delivered
them on our orders to deserving fam
ilies. Mrs. W. I. Ixrance very kindly
donated fifteen chickens which were
distributed at Thanksgiving time to
needy families.
A number of families, described be
low, are being looked after by the
committee. Kach family, before re
ceiving help, in investigated thorough
ly, so that only deserving cases are
given help. The head of the family if
required to be working, if he is well
and if work can be secured for him.
We keep in touch with the different
avenues of employment in Alliance
for the purpose of securing work
whenever possible for those who reed
it. Five of the families investigated
have been found unworthy, because of
the fact that those able to work were
The following are being cared for
at this time: Man and wife, with
eight childien, ages ranging from
eight months to sixteen years; man
has a team and wagon and will do
any kind of work; has a temporary
job at present
Man, wixe and five children, aes
ranging from two yenrs to eight, tne
two youngest being boys. The bus
band is away looking for employment.
Man, wife and three boys, aged
eight, twelve and fourteen; and one
girl, ten years ! J," Tltv man, because
of ill health, cannot work and the
only source of income for the family
is from the sale of newspapers by tl.e
two oldest boya.
Man, wife and baby. He. $3 an ex
soldier. He has secured steady em
ployment and is now becoming self
supporting. Man, wife and two boys, aged sev
en and eleven years. Parent are in
poor health, although the man ha
worked whenever he can get some
thing to do.
Man, wife and baby. Man now has
temporary ' work and the wife is in
the hospital.
Man, wife and two children, nges
two and three years. Man is a crip
ple and unable to work.
Elderly lady and boy.
Elderly lady and invalid daughter.
Man, wife and four children.
Two families of colored people.
At Christmas time, sixteen baskets
were specially prepared with an ex
cellent dinner tor the entire famil',
and sent out under our direction by
the following: Elks club, Woman a
club, P. E. O. society, Mrs. CantliVs
Sunday school class, Mrs. Bledsoe's
Sunday school class, Kinunka ' camp
fire girls, and the central committee.
Mrs. L. M. Beat has been donating
one gallon of fresh milk each day for
the past six weeks to be given out
to families who need it. This has
been distributed to families where
there were small children. Many
clothes have been donated and there is
still need for many more.
We appreciate very much the as
sistance which has been rendered the
committee by kind-hearted citizens it
Alliance and vicinity. We have found
automobile owners always ready and
willing to assist us in distributing
things and we have found that many
peope are only too willing to help
when they are shown how they can
do so. The assistance rendered us !y
many of the organizations has been
We believe that with continued co
operation and assistance, the commit
tee' will be able to systematically and
"cipeHy handle the chariatble work of
the-, city.
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so that anyone having registered All i
pnee school district warrants can turn
them into us, or to the banks and get
cash for them. By doing this they
will save the taxpayers the interest on
whatever amount they hold. For the
time being we will probably hold all of
our outstanding school warrants.
The citizens of Alliance certainly
ewe the banks a debt of gratitude for
the splendid spirit shown by them in
cashing all city warrants through this
high money period without discount
ing them in any way. Nearly every
town in the state outside of Alliance
ha-rnad their warrants discounted
more or less. This means that the
taxpayers have to pay this much more
in taxes. There are always some peo
ple who are ready to criticise the
banks; perhaps this 13 because they
have not made them a3 large loans
as they thought they should have.'
The facts are, however, that our
banks were perfectly willing to han
dle the school money as above out
lined. Naturally it means consider-1
a J ii l m. '
a me less money ior mem dui more
for the school district and less taxes
fr all of us to pay. Most people put
their own interest first and the public
interest afterwards.
It is our practice to go to the county
treasurer at least once a month and
get whatever money he may have
gathered in from taxation and in this
way tie pay our registered warrants
as "soon 83 possible and stop the in
terest thereon. By watching this we
can save a good many hundred dollars
a year in interest for the city.
In the next day or two the county
treasurer will know how much money
we will have in our various sinking
funds and if we have enough to retire
any of our various bond or warrant
issues, etc., we will call in as many as
we can and pay them off and stop in-,
terest. The only way to reduce our
taxes is to economize and pay our
Some have asked U3 whether or not
we are planning on any paving this
year. That is a matter for you to
decide but as we see it, it would be a
better plan to continue this season ut
least with our liquidation process and
pay off all of our obligations that we
can. In the meantime freight rates
and materials will surely come down.
We will then have our slate pretty
well cleared ofT and will we where we
can make thees improvements without
bankrupting ourselves.
The Alliance National Bank is
the strongest bank in western
Nebraska. 10-15
Mrs. W. C. Mounts underwent a
very serious operation Wednesday
morning at the St. Joseph hospital.
She is reported to be getting along -r.icely.
The public mind may be somewhat confused by the recent epidemic of sa-called "Sales" and offerings of unknown qualities at said to
be "low Prices." But here is a bona fide sale, that for the past five years has won the favor and patronage of every thrifty shopper through
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Please do not confuse these with ordinary low cut3
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The season's newest, smartest styles that fashionable women want,
LESS THAN HALF the cost to manufacture.
KttOWN CALF LACE OXFORDS with imitation or straight tip; Cuban or military heel.
BLACK KID LACE OXFOHDS, imitation tip or plain toe; Cuban heels.
F1ELDMOUSE KID, TWO-BUTTON PUMPS, imitation tip and fancy perforations and
stitchings; Cuban heels.
We expect women to buy two or three pairs, the values are so exceptional, so plan to be
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m 'ivi. ; Vv
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Men's Diess Shoes
100 pairs genuine Goodyear
welt dress shoes in popular
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cally all sizes in the lot but
not in every style. While
they last we challenge com
petition to equal these $5
and $6 values at CO AO
our sale price, pr.yjO
Women's Comfort
Oxfords & Slippers
Black cabaretta leather
comfort lace oxfords and
one-strap slippers. Made on
comfort last with cushion
insoles, flexible leather soles
and rubber heels. All sizes
included. Actual $3.50
values. We challenge com
petition to equal CO AO
them at ; p.jO
Children's Shoes
Here are sturdy shoes of
black and brown kid and
gunmetal leathers. Button
style, made on broad toe
last with flexible leather
soles and wedge heels. Sizes
1 to 8. You buy two pairs
for the usual price of one
in this great tale. Acfaal
$t.50 values. We chal
lenge competition CO OA
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Fast black or brown, real OCp
35c value, pair LOKt
Women's Cotton Lisle Stockings Black,
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values go in the chal- OT
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Women's Silk Stockings Black and brown
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Men's Finest Suits and Overcoats
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And there's not just a handful to choose from, but styles
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THE O'COATS All this year's models, no THE SUITS Single or double-breasted
leftovers; full arid semi-belted styles, for carefully tailored of dependable materials
men auu juuhk men. ojkuinci sauu tutu in allies uj piease men and
plaid back lined; all sizes. men.
We are Exclusive Alliance Agents for the Kincaid-Kimball Clothes
Real $8 and $12 Values at These Two Sensational Sale Prices
New Norfolk belted models of wear-resisting
materials in popular patterns. The
Knickers are full lined. Suits you'd never
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Clearance Sale price . url.Od
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ers, which just double the life of the suit
Snappy styles of carefully selected mater
ials in choice colorings; real $12 C7 OC
values. Clearance Sale price $1 .OJ
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