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Rules Governing
Slaughtering on
Nebraska Farms
To injure clean nnd sanitary hand
ling of moat from animal slaughtered ,
en the furma and sold to town cus-
tomcrs or to neighboring farmera, the
Excavating and Building
(Br Rev. A. J. Kearnn, Pastor of
the First Presbyterian Church,
Excavating and building go hand in
hand, the former necessary to the lat-
levolu'ion. The churches' business h e1 to. This Is In obedience to the Alliance, Neb. We are deeply con-f "Done by the people of the Angora
to preach good will. It must nave both command of our Lord as given in the xiova of the help Rev. Minort has community. ...
classea, all classes to the controversy, last Great Commission. Following!. t d grateful to the Alii-1 s"re'y su as these inspire
It must save the situation, it must save Christian baptism when one is planted , becn ?f a a"lu' e one to do h.s best for folks who an
nate ngncuuure (ippnmcnv nus term any worthy work. An excava
drafted a set of rules and regulations. ' tion is to no purpose unless a building
No restriction is placed on the size of , followsi it. An excavation Is a source
pieces to be sold, but farmers are f danger, and with danger signs all
Rociety. It mast preach a universal win me Lord in the likeness or his
p-osnol. The resnonsibilitv nt ihe death, then comes the growth in
church is to build mankind together Christian grace. Day by day we are
by a gospel h'ff enough for the whole expected to advance in the develop
family of mpnkind. It is utter mud- men cf Christian character and to en
nesa for the church to align itself large our vision of service. We shall
alone the lines of the diversions of w- endeavor to give encouragement and
around an excavation some are going
to fall into it and get injured. But if
the superstructure is worthy the ex
cavation is worthy. It must le guard
ed as diligently as possible and if folks
fall in despite the siyns it it their own
fault. We excavate certain ideas that
are unwholesome to the development
of a true community life. We must
make deep and sure foundations for a
building of truth.
God has placed the human family,
11 of us, down here on the little old
earth together. We are going to have
to learn to live together. AH are
urged to sell only halves or quarters
of carcasses and not smaller portions.
The regulations cover these points:
Premises To be clean ami sani
tary, with on accumulat.ons of refuse
or rubbish.
Hot water supply Means for scald
ing all utensils and equipment.
Utensils, machinery and equipment
To be scalded after each killing nnd
kept clean at all times. No spitting
on whetstones or teel sharpeners al
lowed, when edging knives.
Handling or storing carcasses To
be in building free from dust or dirt.
Delivery to customer Hauling to
be in covered wagons, or if in open
wagons the meat to be wrapped in
clean pnjicr or cloth.
The circular quotes penalties of f 10
to $100 fine, or three months in jail,
for ordinary violations, and $100 to
$1,000 fine, or six months to five
years' imprisonment for selling meat
from diseased animals.
An unexpected order from railror.d
officials terminated in the closing of
this railway station on Sundays only
six hours on the agent's and second
operator's tricks, third trick not being
closed on this order. The hours when
the station is open for business Sun
days are now 11 a. m. to 1 p. m. nnd in
the evening 5 to 7 p. m. thence own
ing at 11 p. m. on third trick and con
tinuing as usual. Service to the public
is but slightly impaired by this order
and we feel quite fortunate as many
other stations has been reduced to
only right hour service.
Mike Peterson, foreman at the
Spado ranch, was a business visitor
hete Saturday nccoinpaniod by second
foreman, Hugh Moran. Mike was qu'te
seriously injured nearly a month
previous when a horse fell that he was
riding and as a result Mr. Peterson
t-till walks with a decided limp and
with the aid of a cane.
Saturday afternoon an informal
meeting of the local Federal Farm
Loan bureau was held in the station
waiting room, Secretary S. I. Watson
reading some lute nnd important bul
letins concerning the organization.
Many of the local menbers and other
interested ranchers were present.
Saturday evening being a d:ince
right at ISingham, many had planned
to attend, but owing to a party of
ouiir folk at the home of Million
Donohoe, no one made the trip. A
Moore announces an Kllsworth daw I
here Saturday evening. January 21.
The same good orchestra will furnish
tl e music.
S. II. Stewart left Sunday afternoon
for a short business trip to Alliance
leUmiing Monday afternoon. .
Mrs. P. K. Law, who had been visit
ing friends and relatives at her former
home near Gordon, returned Saturday.
Father Nally of Ilannb held serv
ices at St. Bernard's church- Sunday.
The weather being excellent many
were in attendance.
Dennv Landrigen nnd family spent
Sunday at the J. B. Kennedy home.
L. L Dunn, employed with the
Richards & Comstock company, made
a trip to his ranch si miles cast of
here, Sunday afternoon.
vr. minor morns oi finance nissm in iic 0.-n nrocesses. T.nhur tiinf
through here Sunday afternoon, cn have a voice and must he given a fair
route to Bingham. representation in industry. The public
James Armstrong of Lmcoln, in tho roust uUo have a voice in the essen
fur business for the Lincoln Hide & tial industries. The time is at hand
fur company spent aaiuruay ami when capital must realize that it can
no longer dictate all the policies in in
dustries. Monarchy has been dethron
ed in government and representative
government set up. It is inevitable
that the human spirit which has-
achieved so much in democracy, and
'Ihe construction engineers who
must rebuild a condemned railro.il
bridge, do not destroy the bridge i.l-
ready standing bearing the traffic.
help to all who worship with us.
S. J. EPLrJR, Minister.
ance uapusi cnurcn ior mailing n pos- preciate. We wish to thank our
Kible for Reverend Minort to minister friends both individually and collec-
unto us. While he needs no vote of tively for the many letters and reso-
confidence to sustain him in ever ad- lutions handed to ua, all in the same
nering to the 'right' as he 'sees the spirit as the above. Many are asked
right', yet we are pleased to thus to be published, but I have made bold
mblicly go on record and commend to keep them from publication, for the
him in his tireless effort in preaching newspaper space can be used to better
and practising the gospel of real reli- advantage.
I gion. We pray that he may be spared,
for many years, in health and nappt
Sunday will go down as one of the ress, to carry on his work and noble
The old bridge with its tottering pil- greatest days of the church. After calling for which he is so splendidly
lars is braced and supported in all an unusually inspiring program the fitted.
its parts. Careful excavations me speakers of which all were laymen, '
made for the new footings, and not and one woman, over two hundred and i
until the weight of i.he traffic is sus- fifty took dinner together. In the eve-j
tained by the new piers arc nny of ning after the fine W. C. T. U. pro-,
the old ones removed. The same care gram over one hundred enjoyed sup-;
must be exercised in this time of re- per together. All this food was pro
construction. Capital and labor tie vided by the members and friends of,
the pilings which have supported the, the church, no charges being made.,
traffic of civilization in the past. The Practically every church in town was
engineer., let ua hope, who will have represented at the dinner, showing
the expert work of building ihe new that good feeling exists between the
bride have learned some thins in knowing ones. Angora was repre-
Prayer meeting Wednesday. Worn
an's society that afternoon at church.
io if. u ii n live lUKcmvi nil uie. uiiko icm " u - ,
made in God's image. All are sons of 1 bridge building Bince the time when sented in the person of Mr. and Mrs.
the Most Hio-h. A have a nart that . the old structure was made. We are "lc ""K""' u""k,i ;.
is not matter but spirit or personality
and thus like God. God is the Father
of Spirits. As children nre sometimes
disobedient to an earthly parent, so
there are those who are in rebellion
against God. They are disobedient
sona find daughters. They make havoc
in the world. They create hell. Hell
comes out of selfishness. Heaven
comes from love and unselfishness. We
may have whichever we desire. No
one but you yourself can consign you
to one or the other.
If wo are seifish or exclusive about
even so wonderful a thing as religion
just so far we are perpetuating error.
Are we justified in hoping that good
will, will ever he established among
all men? Jesus says yes, "I if I be
lifted up will draw all men unto my
self." The will of God has eternities
to work in but it will accomplish its
final purpose a redeemed humanity.
As to social progress. God and
Christ are not satisfied with the status
quo. The nearer we are to Christ the
more we deplore the wrong and in
justice state of society occasions. It
is not nil wrong but it is far from
leing nil right. God will never be
satisfied with the state of human so
ciety until the human race has achiev
ed in its entirety the will of God. "lie
hall see of the travail of his soul nnd
.-hall be satisfied." God has sent forth
His word which is tho expression of
His will, and He assures us that His
"word will not return unto Him void,
' ut will accomplish the thing where
unto He sent it."
We know that God is not satisfied
with the status quo, because good will
is not everywhere prevalent The
church in all of its branches nnd in
those kindred organizations inspired of
the spirit of Christ, discerning the
wonderful love and good will of God
have proclaimed again nnd again
against the evils in the present stnte
of society. F.vils international, nation
al evils, political evils, social evils, in
dustrial evils, civic evils, rural evils.
L!y evils wo mean conditions that can
not represent the heart or spirit of
One of the great challenges to re
ligion in our day is the application of
the social gospel to the industrial sit
uation. That great and terrible u .onvh
have been f-ulfcied bv labor is true.
The greatest injustice has not been in
hours or wages or other material con
ditions bad as these have been or aie
in some forms of m u ; rv. Tho irm.it.
v,o o iri,io-o than tha ,i,l Aside irom tne very appropriate re-,
one of rough hewn timbers. The new marks he made he read the following
bridge will have piers of solid masonry resolution which the deacons wished
and structural steel will gird its spans, me to put here:
While it is building the thundering! "We the people of the. Angora corn
traffic of civilization must not be in-munity of all creeds but one faith, in
terrupted ' meeting assembled, extern! greetings
Things'are in a bad state in the old to our pastor. Rev. B. J. Minort, and
hri.lo-e Worse in fact than i.uny through him to the Baptist church of.
realize. Things have gone so long that
it is going to make the work of re
construction more difficult. A little
too much jarring around the pillars of
labor and they will fall with the;r
massed weight on the pillars of capital
and both will be crushed while tne
superstructure of society falls v ith
them and all the thundering cargoes of
civilization plunge into the chaos.
The new bridge to be constructed by
capital and labor and society to bear
its traffic must be cemented by good
will. It must realize and show forth
in its structure its entire interdepen
dence, and then capital and labor and
society can take pride in their united
achievements for the good of men. The
church throughout our country is try
ing to bring in this new day, not by
making wider the divisions of society,
not by jarring the foundat ons of any
of the pillars with radicalism but by
opening mens eyes io me uuiy oi
righteous order, nnd by enabling ihe.n
to have the grace and good will to
work for it unitedly to the glory of
God and men. Community life depends
on the same spirit of good will and
not on antagonizing divisions. It is
liecause we want to see these noble
structures erected and have a part in
developing the good will of the King
dom of God that it is somtimes neces
sary to do the dusty difficult work
excavating false ideas and false alignment.-.
This startling teit is a positive fact
and you can reudily prove it yourself
right in your own home.
the remarkable hot
Valspar is
ep it
waterproof varnish the varnish
reouirea no oild or ooliahca to ke
Valspnr is the washable, sanitary,
cn.oy-to-keep clean finish for all wood
work, indoors and out. Saliufaction
guaranteed or no pay.
Scottcn & Ilcrsliman
Phone 132 214 Box Butte
Foil the Burglar
Put your money in the Bank where it's
safe, and besides will earn interest for you.
It is the surest way to foil Mr. Burglar
and insure yourself against his intrusion.
Money lying carelessly about is an invitation
to him to enter.
Start an account. It protects you against
o c
First National Bank
An Pnu-nrth liiicinops meet
ing wil be held tonight at the M4h-l
odist parsonaog.
The choir will meet Wednesday
evening at the home of Mrs. Thiele.
Last week there were thirty present
We look, for more this v.eek.
The ladies' aid will have its monthly
Birthdav meeting Wedensday at the
Sundav morning here, driving on out
to the 11. C. Minnick ranch north of
here. Mr. Minnick is a distant rela
tive of Mr. Armstrong's and he will
visit there a few days.
Saturday evening Pillion Donohoe
find Neal Ballanger entertained at
Million's home on the Kllsbury ranch.
Nearly all the young jeople from this
section, of the sandhills were present
home of Mrs. Hampton. All ladies
that they are not reckoned in the dig- who have birthdays in either Decem
nity of their manhood but treated as ! her or January will be the guests of
a commodity. I.alor has had r.o voice honor.
Owing to the notice that Rev. and
Mrs. Saito, the Japanese missionaries
would be here next Sunday, the fam
ily day service and reception of mem
bers will be postponed till the next
Sunday, January Hit.
It was a beautiful sight to see so
many fathers, mothers and their chil
dren at the Bible school and preach-
the liberation of their fellows in civil ' ing services on Lord's day moniing. A
government, desires to extend the con- ' section has been reserved for mothers
stitutional processes that give dignity ' who have babies so that it will not
una worm io every citizen or tne embarrass tne moiner w nen me uauj
Games of various kinds helped pass a , or.mmonwonlth. U i inAtrituhia t Cnr wxIIpss. It is the nroner
most pieasant evening wncn ut a iuio
hour the guests adjourned but not be
fore dainty refreshments had been
served by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Thomp
son. All present reported a most en
joyable time.
Mrs. J. L. Young will return from
Omaha Wednesday, where rhe has
been visiting relatives the past month.
Kdward Kennedy who has been em
ployed in Casjier the past six months
will return to his honte here Monday
for an indefinite vacation.
that a free-born citizen of so gracious training to bring the babes and let
a government would desire to extend them grow up in the church services,
the constitutional processes to the oov- The 2(19 in Bible school welcomed the
trnment of the industry in which he new superintendent, Mr. Wilson and
invests his life and his labor that these showed their earnest desire to cooper
things might give dignity to his toil, ate with him in making the school
a voice in his investments, a sense of better than ever. We are hoping that
responsibility and a just pride in the the many who were absent last Sunday
achievements nnd service his industry can be present next Sunday, and re
made to the good of men. member the services begin at ten
It is simply madness for capital to o'clock and closes at noon,
maintain that the present system is At the Wednesday evening meeting
sacred. Property rights have always the minister will present another ser-
had to give way to human rights and mon following the half hour's devotion
they always will give way. If good led by the leader selected ior tne
will obtains the process can be carried prayer meeting. The ordinance of
To Our Many Friends and Neigh
feTt appreciation an7ihank7 foTt OUt by eV,Utin ratheF than by ChriStian baptism be
many acts of kindness and thoughtful
ness during the recent death of our
beloved wife awl mother.
The Alliance National llank is
the strongest bank in western
Nebraska. 10-15
Teachers' examinations will be held
nt the court house, Saturday, January
21. 13-16
OPAL RUSSELL, County Supt.
Do your business with ''Th
OM Kfluhle" Alliance National
I'Lis h to be a velvet sea-mi," bays
J-'a- ui'-u Art. Yes, for the women; but
tl -- ii n .:ie not wealing vety much
Yfi.t'. iii their clothes th.'.-e days.
An optimist is a man who believes
th it '.he tune will come when liquor
wri t v lirst page news matciial.
l!;C"n.e laxpaying is not an ecstatic
i p. j l. nee, tut we fancy it inu.-t be
io!.. i .i.-'j joyful computed with pay
in i;liziiuiiv.
ms urn
rm m u a h v ten
Each burial service flarmed and executed by us is mark
ed by the distinction that our gocyi taste makes possible.
Our undertaking wisdom solves every burial problem. Local
or shipping funerals attended to in a manner that warrants
your confidence.
Miller Mortuary
Phones: Day, 311
Night, 522 or 535
123 West
Third Street
Ilavinpr disposed of my farm, I will hold a closing out sale at my place just east
of the tracks at Lerea, on
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1922
Consisting of the following property:
1 pair of black Geldings, coming four years old, weight 2300. . t
1 Iluckskin Horse, six years old, weight 1300. :i ' ' : ;
1 bay Mare, 7 years old, weight 1300. '
1 gray Mare, four years old, weight 1200. ' ' l : I ' '
1 black Mare, ten years old, weight 1300. '" ' - : - ; f
1 bay Mare, ten years old, weight 1300.
The above horses are all broke to work.
including 1 five-year-old cow with three-weeks-old calf by side; 1 six-year-old cow, been
fresh about three months; 1 seven-year-old cow, and 1 three-year-old cow, will be fresh
in about six weeks.
consisting of two sows due to farrow about May 1. Four shoats, weight about 150 lbs.
One 8-foot McCormick Linder.
One 8-foot Kentucky Grain Drill.
One 8-foot Disc.
One John Deere 12-inch Gang Plow.
One O. K. Champion Cup Potato Planter.
Three-section Harrow with riding attach
ment. Potato Digger.
Six-shovel Cultivator.
Potato Cutter.
Eighty Potato Crates
Potato Sorter.
15x27 Case Tractor and Tlows. ',-
One 300-gallon Steel Tank. ' , . ;
One low-wheel Wagon with rack. ' t. '
One high-wheel wagon with box.
Four sets. of Harness.
800 bushels of small Potatoes, can be left
in cellar until June 1st.
Ten dozen Chickens.
150 bushels of Oats.
50 bu. Black Macaroni Wheat, practically
free from Barley.
50 bu. Wheat, mixed with Barley and Oats.
TERMS: All sums of $25 and und. r cash. Over that amount a credit of 9 months
time will be given upon approved security, at H)'v inteiest. oil for cash All credit
desired must be arranged for before purchase. t
H. G. TUTTLE, Owner
Auctioneer. , Farmers State Bank, Hemingford

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