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(Continued from rage 1.)
"Thus it appears that this special
(session is uniue in the annals of Ne
liraska legislatures, in that this is the
first time in the history of the state
that such a program of retrenchment
in expenditures ha leen considered
outside of regular session. It comes
ahout like this: The 1919 regular ses
sion of the legislature enacted the
from Is used for the general support
of the government, while the proposed
gasoline tax will fall only upon those
who use motor vehicles, and then only
n the proportion that they u; the
"3. While lightening the tax bur
den on other taxable assets the gaso
line tax does not materially increase
ihe burden of those who are less for
tunately situated. For instance, as
suming that the taxpayer of moderate
mean owns a car in proportion to
civil administrative code, the central ; m.i means, ne m . . .c vy -feature
of which was the budget This t fifteen hundred mile (at fifteen
was the first executive budget the ; miles per gallon) for the amount of a
i-Ute ever had, and in its operation, I poll tax, or $1.00. Surely this will im
the code departments were brought pose no hardship upon anyone, nor
through to the end of the biennium ; o I believe that anyone will con end
rot only without deficiencies, but with j tha t the automobile user regardless
I literal unexpended balances in the var-1 of bis station, ""M ber el ey ed of
lous accounts. This demonstration of . payinr this small proportion of cost
the practicability of an executive bud- for the bulling ot siaie roa. is.
pet encouraged tho memlers of your 4. "The roads in Nebraska, in
honorable boly in the last regular ses
sion to extend the operations of the
budget to all of the expending agen
cies. We have now operated under
this budget for nearly a year, and, as
a result, we are able to recommend
the reductions hereinafter enumerated.
"It is argued by some that these re
ductions and savings might be made
without calling a special session of
the legislature. It is true that a part
of the pavings would be made in any
event, but no immediate benefit would
nccrue to the taxpayers of the state
therefrom, for the reason that the
State hoard of equalization is required
to fix the state levy upon the full
amount of the appropriations that
were made by the legislature. And
there is the still larger fact that for
the state to take this action now will
lend encouragement to other subdi
visions of government to follow a sim
ilar course, and this should result in
additional retrenchments of millions of
kllars nmong the various counties,
municipalities and school districts of
the state. It may also be said, in pass
ing, that it is hardly incumbent upon
un administration that inherited over
a third of a million dollars in deficien
cies to leave unexpended balance in
the general fund to be reappropriated
and used by the next administration.
Permanent Improvements.
mon with other states, are used every
year by thousands of tourists who pay
no part of the cost of building or main
taining them. It is estimated that one
hundred thousand tourists travel thru
Nebraska every year. The gasoline
tax would collect thousands of dollars
from these tourists.
"5. It is estimated that the cost of
running the average automobile is
$100.00 per thousand miles. Therefore
the amount of gasoline tax is saved
many times over the automobile user
in the reduced cost of operating his
car on good roads.
"6. The cost for collecting the gaso
line tax is almost nothing, as the tax
is levied against the wholesale dis
tributor when the gasoline is inspected
in other states it cosU only a fraction
of one per cent to collect the tax.
There is no reason why it should neces
sitate the addition of a single em
ployee to the public payroll.
"7. The bill that will be presented
to you provides for the exemption of
gasoline that is used for purposes
other than motor vehicles. In other
states that have this exemption, it
amounts to less than one per cent.
These exemptions are covered by re
imbursements to be made to those who
have used gasoline for purposes not
provided in this act. .
"8. Sixteen states already have a
gasoline tax. They are as follows:
"In connection with the appropria-'Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Conneeti-
s and the pres- cut, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, New
rider it. Therefore, and inasmuch as
it is the state bankers who are oi-
liVed to nnv th ilrnft nnon t Via mftn.
lee fund, 1 am not disposed to recom
mend the rnnuidrrnt inn nf thla ni nnv
other amendments to the banking laws
-e . i . . .Li.. : i .
ui me Mue m un.i sfntiui neKRIon.
Legal Notices in Newspapers
"The last regular session of the
legislature amended the law relating
to legal newspapers so as to require
that all such newspapers should file
affidavits twice a year. Only a very
few newspapers have complied with
this law, with the result that numerous
llegal publications have been made
and it is impossible to estimate the
far-reaching injury that may result
unless some corrective measure is pas
sed by this special session. I ther
fore, recommend that proper note be
taken of thia fact and remedial legis
lation be enacted to cover the situation.
Inappropriate Capitol Funds.
"The constitution requires that all
funds that have not been expended or
contracted shall lapse at the end of
each biennium. There has been some
question about whether this applies to
the capitol building fund, provision for
the raising of which was made at the
regular session in 1919 to continue over
period of six years. In order that
11 questions upon this point may be
removed, I recommend that the unex
pended balance of the amount raised
during the last biennium be reappro
priated at this time.
lions or the last previous and the pre
ent bienniunis, it should he explained
that when the present administration
came into office, it found deficiencies
amounting to $313,277.03. It also in
herited a five year contract that had
been made with the federal govern
ment for the building of roads with
federal aid, for which $5,493,721.73 has
since been appropriated. Federal aid
Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota,
Oregan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota,
Washington, Montana and Florida.
Also. I am advised by the governors
of nearly all the remaining states that
they intend recommending the tax to
the next session of their legislatures.
In fact. Governor Ritchie of Maryland
and Gov. Russell of Mississippi have
for vocational education has also been j just made such recommendations to the
accepted, ami $274,388.65 has since ' general assemblies that are now in
been appropriated by the state for this
activity. The improvements and needed
extensions at state educational, penal
and charitable institutions had. in
session in those states. All of these
states report that the gasoline tax is
very favorably accepted by the people
and in no state ha it increased the
ninny instances, been sadly neglected, price of gasoline more than the amount
and these institutions were unprepared of the tax,
to provide for the demands that were "9. The argument is advanced by
Innng made upon them. In meeting 'some that road building should be dis
these conditions, nearly $20,000,000 has continued at this time. This will be
locn appropriated for capital invest-. done in part whether the gasoline tax
ments alone that is. for roads, build- poes into effect or not. but for thi
ings at the state institutions, a new suggestion to come from communities
capitol building and the creation of a that have been fortunate enough to
permanent rumt or $20,000,000 for the have their part of the program com
relief of ex-service men. No apology pleted appears to me as very unreason
is made for these activities, in fact we .able, indeed. The gasoline tax would
re proud that the work has been so enable the carrying on of a modest
well clone, and- we are proud of the road building program and the state
lacr, xoo, vnut all or this has been done could continue to receive at least a
without imposing a single penny of portion of its share of the federal aid
uonueti ticot upon the state. Now, If this can bo done, I believe It will
however, conditions are such that it is
necessary to retrench, and it is fortun
ate, indeei that the system of admin
istration has been so arranged as to be
meet with general approval
Amending the Revenue Laws.
"The constitutional convention open
ed the way for the making of extensive
immediately responsive to the needs ! amendments in the revenue laws. The
or the times. last legislature undertook a ports
"In reporting the proposed reduc-of this work and provided for an i
tions in appropriations, due credit . tangible property tax. Much remains
should be given to the various expend-, to le clone and it appears to me that
ing agencies for the generous coonera-! it would be wise foresight to make
tion that they have accorded the execu- some provision now through the tax
tive department in bringing about this ! commissioner's department for a care
ilosirable result, and it should be ' ful study of this question during the
recognized mat many or these retluc- present year, so that the operations
tions are suffered to bo made on ac- j of the pie-sent laws may be carefully
count oi general business conditions, understood and intelligent recom-
aml do not rellect the needs of these mendations made to the next regular
expending agencies in normal times.
"In the official call, no reference
viiii made to the subject of salaries.
After considering the question fiom
all angles, it appeared that the con
stitution foreclosed to the legislature
any means by which reductions in the
The Ranking Laws.
"In my official call I included a ref
erence to the banking laws. I had in
mind then an amendment to the bank
guarantee act similar to the South
principal salaries might be made. Con- f-'atota law, which provides that w
sequently, it seemed unfair to call 11 appears mat "any ban is being con
ipon the employees not enumerated in 'ducted in an unsafe or unauthorized
the constitution to bear the burden of manner, or that it is unsafe or ir.ex
the reductions. Moreover, it is appar-' pedient. to continue business, or that
ent that only very minted uenetits 113 to me u-kui require
could accrue to th average taxnnver ments" the state department of bank
f the state from such reductions. This'nff may "take charge and control of
fact is very forcefully demonstrated the property and manage it as a going
in the following illustrations: If the concern." The department of banking
state house should be cloned outright i ls lhn authorized to draw against the
und all of the salaries for the em- guarantee fund and to "use such fund,
Iilovees therein. were to be diseontin- or any Part thereof for the purpose of
ued". including tha constitutional I making deposits in the banks so be-
ntricps. thi endo dencirtmentft and the ing managed by him." And it i3 fur
supremecourt.it would save only I ther provided that the total amount of
seventy-nine cents to the taxpayer in sMcn drafts upon the gurantee fund
l-nnpastM- rmintv who now navs 1100 , shall at no time "exceed fifteen (15)
in taxes. This is about the ratio of P" cent of the total amount in such
.. . .11 . , .1 l.lll fun. I " C.xU U I. I.'..:
KAVinf mat wmim noin mrouirnaui an , uuu. uw.ii uaua mav men w iiuut-
o -- -- o i .... , . - ... - ,
uaieu in an rueriy way, or returned
to the proper officers whenever the
drafts upon the gurantee fund have
been fully repaid, and "the reasons
for assuming control and management
by the state department of banking
no longer exist.
'Under the operations of this law
aoutn uaicota occupies the unique
position of not having a single bank
failure, and it is fair to assume that
if such amendment had been made
to the Nebraska bank gurantee law
this 6tate might have been in almost
a similar position. At least the drafts
that have been made upon the guran
the counties in the state,
! A Tax on Gasoline.
I am recommending that you ap
propriate, for the purpose of building
roads with federal aid, the revenue
that shall be raised from an excise tax
of one cent per gallon on gasoline
used in motor propelled vehicles. The
arguments for thia tax are as follows:
t Th tax on real and personal
property has become unreasonably
hiirh and. in some instances, is out of
proportion to the benefits that accrue
to such property. This applies par
;..., loi-i.r tha huililinar of state roads.
and it is easy to conceive that a fairer tee fund to pay the depositors of failed
method of raising revenue for this pur- banks would have been made much
: t.lv thus who use the roads, less than fifty per cent of what thev
Therefore the bill that will be present- ( have been, the several comunities of
.,a nmvides that the revenue . the state in which bank failures have
for meeting federal aid for road build- occurred would have been relieved of
ing purposes shall be derived wholly the stigma and loss that is attended
frora an excise tax on ga.line. This upon such failures, and the minimum
would reduce the general fund levy in of hardship would have been felt in
jin amount equal to tne amounv um an i"
from the gasoline tax. "These facts were brought to the at
u f.,rv. on vis tax on gasoline tention of a large body of state bank
rannot be properly compared with ajers, and while they were no doubt in
intneral sales tax, for the latter tax is sympathy with such an amendment to
tax that is levied upon all the neces- the present gurantee law, they felt that
M&A i . i (ItAWl. ,ima ui a tint Aiinti4itnA 4 Ann.
cities of life anu wu ivvuw kvv-ww mv n vrrvuiuiv w
Other Subjects.
"Section 2j, article 4. chapter 116,
general laws of Nebraska for 1921
(the Omaha Charter)) provides that
the payment of special taxes that may
be assessed for improving the streets i
and alleys within any improvement!
district shall become due and delin-'
quent within one month after the as-'
sessment has been made and thereafter
shall bear interest at the rate of one
per cent per month. Under present
conditions, it is almost impossible to
make any improvements of the charac
ter herein referred to, and I am there
fore recommending to you that this act
be amended so as to permit the distri
bution of these payments over a ten
year period.
"The present law requires that fe
males, who have committed felonies,
shall be committed either to the re
formatory for men or the state peni
tentiary. The law should be so amend
ed as to provide that such violators
should be committed to the state re
formatory for women, or the state
penitentiary. v
"At the present time there is no
legal provision whereby the board of
control may remove prisoners from
either of the reformatories to the peni
tentiary. It is desirable that this au
thority should be given, so that the
disciplinary measures requisite to
well conducted penal institutions may
be properly invoked.
"The only appropriation that you are
requested to make at this session is to
cover the cost of holding the session. I
take it that it is not even necessary
for me to make this recommendation,
inasmuch as it was included in the
official call.
"I am convinced that these subjects
may be disposed of by your honorable
body within the remaining five days
of the present week, and if you do act
thu3 expeditiously, you can reduce the
cost of this special session at least
$5,000. I therefore commend these re
commedations to you for favorable
consideration, and thank you in anti
cipation of the careful and conscien
tious manner in which I feel sure you
will dispose of them.
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