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The following program will be pre-j A S'-ottNh Kite danee is p'anned foi
tented by the Alliance band at the
Imperial theatre, i-Vbruary , J. P.
aiann, director.
Miss Janet Grassmun, Soloist
March "Sinfunia"', Hayes.
"Entry o. the Gladiators.- Fulik.
Overture, "Hose d'Amour," Blecer.
"Gems of Steven Foster," (Ameri
can Fantasia), op. 205, Tobani.
"A Perfect Day," vocal with orches
tra, Carrie Jacobs-Bond.
"I Love You Truly," Carrie Jacobs
Bond "Spring's Awakening," Bach.
"The Secret." intermezzo, Gautier.
Iiost Arrow, Indian
Keif, ley and Thompson.
March from "Athalia," Mendelssohn,
a I . i ...
itp rooi frarnen on rrntnv even-nr
rebruary 1, to which all members of
nil .Masonic bodies have been invite
to attend. Refreshments will " be
served and an extra pleasant evening
is cxjeciea
Little Miss Grace Berrv, prand
dauphter of .Tudpe and Mrs. L. A.
Berry, spent Thursday evening at the
nome ot her grandparents here. She i
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Berry of Lakeside.
Mike Callahan of Ardmore, S. D.,
vas brought to Alliance yesterday for
medical attention. He was injured
when he fell into a car of coal which
was being dumped from a high trestle.
Tbe lumps of coal and the fall from
the trestle seriously injured him,
breaking his left wrist and his nose
an badly cutting him about the head.
He is in the hospital at present and is
said to be doing as well as could be
Mrs. Henry Kaulfman was oiirrntoil
romance, on for goiter Monday. This is the
seconn operation of this kind ever
performed in Alliance. She is reported
as doing nicely.
John McCormick, -of Grand Island,
is visiting with his wife and small
daughter. Jean, at the home of Mrs.
McCormick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.
F. Nolan.
Mrs. I. E. Tash entertained Mrs.
Bess Gerhardt Morrison, a well known
singer and her accompanist, Miss Mur
iel Mimson, at luncheon Unlay. Mrs.
Morrison, was here between trains, and
will sing at the National soldiers home
in Hot Springs next Sunday. Mrs
Morrbon has been prominent on Ly
ceum and chautauqua platforms for
the past several years.
Wednesday evening twenty-three
friends and neighbors of Mrs. John
Nation very pleasantly surprised her
at her home, the occasion being her
sixty-fourth birthday. The evening
was spent in mus;c and games, and a
splendid luncheon .was served. The
guests presented Mrs. Nation with a
beautiful china tea set and set of cups
and saucers.
Several Alliance Odd Fellows and
Rebekahs went to Antioch Thursday
evening to install the officers in the
Antioch lodges. Among those to go
were Miss Opal Russell, district deputy
grand master, Mrs. Charles Jeflers,
Mrs. John Snyler, Mrs. Fred Trabert,
G. B. Gadsby, district deputy grand
master of Odd Fellows, A. J. Pickerell
and E. C. Drake. ,
Frank Keid, manager of the Forest
Lumber company's yard at Berea, has
been ill the past week with a severe
auacK ot tonsilitis, but is reported im
proving. The past matrons and patrons club
of the Eastern Star met last Tuesday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Meyer, and had a very interesting
"N tKi'Hr, the medical authorities say,
July place it won t reduce a swelling
iii the dome.
Newark man tarried home to his
ig w ie a while carnal. on wreatrt
.vhich was insenbed: "lo my beloved
Aifo from her lov.nj husband." So
...r, so rood. On his arrival home, ai-
ir bestowing his gift, be tried to kill
cr with a hatchet.
A pood punster could make a wheorc
ut of th.s. We suggest either "kil
i"g tfith kindness" or "sav it with
i lowers,' and you may work it out
it your leisure to suit yourself.
coming in late, hears his
1 1 v. t'olib has collected a lot of jokes
''"I h:s hatl them r.n 1 iV lit.-.l m,,
Neln'a.-k.i new i):iik r w !.;.,
any feature ot them. tr ..,.. .,f
llnvo iokes )ui.l I
lay they were hV-t sni ,n. the rithts
Would li.nve exuiin.l I'
a. llllU'ton knew thorn u-.ia ii T..1..-
.vare. We don't object to an author
ep righting original stulf. but there
ininlit to be some way to save all those
Id wheezes from becoming exclusive.
Add to list of inexpensive amuse
ments: Keeping an eve on the show.
ses for the Iihotoe-rnnhpi. Th.
scenery is changed as often as twicp
week, sometimes.
there was my wife stretched out 01
the floor, phwn unrmisn'o'H, with a
(bib lin" a'otifsidf her where Mime
l'iy had kno:.ed her cold. U cer
tainly w::s a ' rriMe th:rir
I!e-e J ,p oil th train all tired
'at after 1 in' in Kim. a Citv wrestl-
ne tia-m sheep to market, and-
.n;:l ltd t!ie sheen brine?
liii.reii me inemi.
wife move in bed; to he swiftly move
.o the cradle ami begins to rock it,
"W h:t are you doinir there?" asks
his wife.
Hush!" says Peterson. "I am keen1
,v. i. v.. .. 1
:HK llic UUU1 UMCVW. 11 WOHe up an I r.,,. i,- . : ... i.
hour or t o ago and I have been by it n ViTZ"?
box mute county the coming summer.
The pay Lothario, havi ig lieen nskel
fo sing, approached the careful girl.
"Wdl ou accompany me on the
pi; no?" he asked.
"Not without n chaneron." nnwiml
the caieful gil l.
Because she was a very, very careful
Hiitf, Paland & Co.. who manufac
ture aeroplanes, flying bjats, motor
boats and small craft t.f
have written in to our information Ia.
ever since.
"Indeed!" replied Mrs. Teterson.
tnat s strange! Baby has been in
bed with me."
Frank Freimuth, properietor of the
Ford garage at Lingle, Wyo., who has
been in Alliance for the past Week on
business, returned to Lingle Thursday.
Mrs. F. E. Ueddish and Mrs. Edith
Anderson arrived from California to
day to attend the funeral of their hus
band and father, F. E. Beddish.
The country is petting into a fear
ful shape when the Salvation Army
authorities have to issue an order for
bidding the lassies to wear their skirts
higher than seven inches above the
The attention of Leo and Gatenbv.
Cliadron s poet laureate and his side
kick, is respectfully directed to the fol-
It anyone desires to tell them the
truth, we'll gladly give the address.
e navent had the heart to say it.
At that. Jimmie Max field miirht Imv
a flying boat.
(Scottsbluff Star-Herald)
A gazink who hnd mvnmiunin.1 a
tock train met a friend the other
evening and we overheard the start of
what we thought was going to bo n
real story. "I got oft ut the depot an'
The feature photoplay at the Im
perial tonight w.ll be -lhe Man From
l ost River " which is a repeat show
ing of a Mm that plasead spectators
yesterday. The cast includes House
iciers, rrr.z: iJrunctte and Allan For-1
'ack Nornvm, hn?e mother was one
'ovrd by S las !yo, Multimillionaire,
o Jj.ck going home after lieing fired
.'roni a I o-ikkeeper's job reads of thn
rich man's- death and lenm that ho
is he r to the nii.-er's e'g'hy millionflL
A black hand rang h id ki'lnd Gydi be
' Hi e ho refused to pay (hem tribute,
nd the panniers send .T:.ck the samo
l."mands nnd threats. He is doubly
'rave becau ;e his girl th'nks that ho
will Ik weakened by wealth and re
fuses to marry him until he proves
otherwise. Underground passages, se
cret apartments tenements and fino
hotels all are woven into a chain of
Wesley Barry, the freckhvfarod
child phenom, stai fn "Dintv,'' which
will Ik shown Monday. How Dinty
becomes king of the newsboys' trust.
works his way into the good graces)
of the assistant district attorney, aids
n tne recovery or his fiancee, who
has been kidnaped by a gang of Malay
half breeds and engineers a littlo ro
mance of his own. is revealed in nnn
of the best films of the tcrecn.
Mary Miles Minter w ill appear Mon
lay in "Pont Call Me Little Girl."
playing the role of an incorrigibla
girl of eighteen, who rebels at beini?
ueaied iikc a little girl by her moth-
rest, and the storv dfut ;h Kier a widow who is trying to ftpuc-ar
trials of a lumber camp foreman who I orP i'nutnfuI than fhe really is.
sUnds by the girl he loves when she r , ry' lrpw,l aml reatoi liko
in m:m iom to n wpnlr nnlur .
mdlionuire. The play is well cast and
the working out of tho plot provides
some fine opportunities for House
Peters, who finally is rewarded for
nis tailhtu.ness in the manner whirh
I U'onf V,. ...... . U - a .. ,1. . """"HI niiltll!
lowing lines from the bard of Potter. "v Sl lII,nK nouceiine considers most fitting. I
The Chadron men will please note that n'ls snme. V'0 Potn on the Ziehen , .
.i- . i . . ... . I Moor. An tnpn I cm hiw iAi.t V. ; . i Tn. - i,;n . ... i
ine poeiicai ieci. iracK witnout sacn- ... , . c"le,l,li muronaire is tne fmn at-
fice of sense: s m' Up F Kl'c me a k,nl tnwtlon for Satui-day, in addition to I Al
Slimmer prows my purse alas!
t.asn i have none, I'm afraid.
Sadly then I sit and wait:
Wait for springtime's happy hours.
ice is hard to masticate
1 would rather dine on flower
The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,
according to figures recently given out
by the imperial wizard, during the
year lf21 distributed more than r
an infant, decides to strike and puite
turns the family affairs topsy-turvy.
Wanted 100-lb. slock
pigs. O'Bannon & Neus-
wangcr. . 18tf
so when the divorce suit is filed
Ftrong circumstantial evidenco
the honeymoon is ended.
vv u....u , ! million dollars in charity. Perhaps thi:
, ... ..rt.Miaw i eiui ne( io ner, ncu.es t ip sal:n-in .f ITi
home in Rapid City, S. I)., this morn-1
ing, after a five weeks' visit with herl
daughter, Mrs. R. C. McCluie.
The bureau of the census has figured
Mrs. H. V. Campbell entertained the
following guests Tuesday evening at
her home, the occasion being in honor
of her birthday: Mr. and Mrs. James
Dobry, Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Shawver,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Edwards, George
Nation, Miss Ethel Clary, and Mr. and
Mrs. Joe D. Williams.
M w t 1 !l ou that women in the United States
con- reel i rh, . live longer than the men. Which re-
uSAaifIl'rIeiuned , m''" us of the married men who waf
p ""' tuuiMiuv Hiier a weex s ,.i.i u..t i
viit with MI,:., Mo,i w . '""" livu innper mar.
Division Engineer A. M. Gaddis of
Scottsbluff was in Alliance Wednesday,
checking up claims filed against the
state highway funds.
their wives. "No." he commented, in
a hopeless tone, "we don't live longer;
it only seems that way."
Incidentally, the census figures show
that women in the rural districts live
. r. ,, . , I longer than onyo?.e else. Where arc
uS!hu"J!f.-Wr w,as operated on at the reformers wh are always spout-
VYT " r" ua - mormnK ,.Ior ing about the poor, downtrodden
iTn o, ,B mceiJ' accorujn6 farmers wives?
Postmaster Robert Graham, who has
been quite ill for the past few days
with an attack of la grippe, is much
improved today.
Ernest Essex, son of Mr. and Mr.
"The big bum," explained the shrimp
xor the benefit of a group of friends,
"the big bum was standing on the
corner when I passed by with several
ladies. He saw me and I said to him
N. W. bridge club met Thurs- William Essex.' underwent a minor - in passing:
day evening at the home of Mrs. A. W. eration at the hospital Wednesday t speak to me in public,' I
Newberg. , The guests included Mrs. B.
L. Sturgeon, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. H. A.
Dubuque, Mrs. A. E. Nelson, Mrs. E.
L. Finch, Mrs. H. Patrick, Mrs. Tom
Griffith, Mrs. Bert Ponath, Mrs. Joe
Bogan, Mrs. Roy McKenzie and Mrs,
L. P. Dickinson.
said, 'because if you do I'll just bust
your face on the sidewalk.' "
But the same big bum happened to
The regular meeting of the Daugh
ters of the American Revolution will
be held at the home of Mrs. F. A.
HiveJy Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
with Mrs. W. D. Rumer as assisting
hostess. A paper, "Landmarks," will
be given by Mrs. Roy Beckwith. Dele
gates will be elected for the state con
vention. -
The Thursday Night bridge club was
entertained at the home of Mrs. Frank
Abegg last evening. Those present
.were Mrs. B. G. Bauman, Mrs. Joe
O'Connor, Mrs. Walter Buechsestein,
Mrs. Dewey Donovan, Mrs. Dr. Ever
ett OTCeefe, Mrs. Clarence Schafer,
Mrs. Roy McCormick and Mrs. John
Miss Opal Russell, county superin
tendent, plans to leave Sunday night
on a ten-day trip, during which she
will attend the state convention of
county superintendents at Lincoln
Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
She will visit at York and Giltner be
fore returning.
The Lodeka Campfire girls met at
the home of the guardian, Miss Avis
Joder, Thursday evening. They held a
council fire, and awarded honors to the
following meSLers: Dorothy Hampton,
Margaret Schill, Evelyn Kuhn and
Bernice Wilson. Four new members
were initiated.
The ladies' aid of the Methodist
church met at the home of Mrs. W. R.
Pate Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs.
E. C. Drake and Mrs. Fred Yanders
as assisting hostesses. The meeting
was a work day meeting with about
twenty-five members present. Dainty
refreshments were served.
Mrs. F. E. Holsten returned Thurs.
day from Omaha, where she has been overhear . the shrimp relating the in
unaer medical care in the Clarkson cioent.
hospital. i "You said all this to me in pass-
. ing?" he demanded threateningly.
Elgin D. Ray of Calloway and Isa- "Y-y-yes," stammered the shrimp,
belle J. Hathaway of Arnold were "But we were passing in a car at about
married Wednesday by Judge Tash. fifty miles an hour."
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nelson have' A county officer started to tell us
returned from a visit in Omaha at some good joke that his wife got oft
the home of Mrs. Nelson's parents. on him. but right in the middle of it
decided that it was entirely too clever
William V. Ooodman and Mrs. Ella and proceeded to forget. If it were a
Compton, both of Fairbury, were mar-, witness under examination who did
ried Wednesday by Judge Tash.
Mrs. C. E. Cole of Morrill is in the
hospital after an operation which was
performed Friday of last week. '
The P. E. O. sisterhood will meet at
the home of Mrs. M. S. Hargraves
Monday afternoon.
the forgetting, wouldn't there be a I
One local crowned head is reported
to be worrying.
Worry is as good as a diet for re-
Mrs. Gillispie, 211 Yellowstone ave.,
has been quite ill for the past week
with the la grippe.
The Episcopalian ladies will hold a
food sale at Duncan's Saturday afternoon.
Jaunita Leggett had her tonsils re
moved Friday afternoon at the hos
pital. Miss Emma and Mamie Baltes were
in Alliance Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs. W. T. Roberts of Crawford was
operated on for gall stones Monday.
Mrs. Carl Thomas of Morrill was
operated on for gall stones Monday.
Frank Potmesil of Hemingford was
an Alliance visitor Wednesday.
There will be held an examination
on March, 8 and 9, 1922 for the posi
tion of Inspector of Locomotives.
There will be held an examination
Thursday evening the Methodist on March 22 and 23, 1922 for the posi-
choir met at the church for rehearsal . tions of inspector of safety appliances
of the "Story of the Orient," a song ' and inspector of hours of service,
hervice to be given at the church next j Further information may be ob
Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. tained from the secretary of the local
Deering were hosts and served a dain- j board of examiners at Alliance, Neb.,
ty Valentine luncheon after the re- or U. S. civil service commission,
hear sal.
The Knights of Columbus will enter-
Washington, D. C.
It may be granted that some of the
tain the children at the club rooms on alleged comic artists can draw pictures
Valentine day. The committee in and salaries, but it still remains one
charge is Mrs. Frances Nolan McCor- of life's little mysteries how they ever
mick, E. C. Zimmer and Dr. J. M. drew laughs.
Kennedy. It is planned to send out
about a hundred invitations. The world is acting as if it had
gumboils and tonsilitis, instead of as
The monthly meeting of the Box if it had a crop to make and a soul
Butte county medical association was to save.
held last night with the statf of St. .
Joseph's hospital. The meeting opened A Boston jurist wants the word
with a banquet at 6 o'clock after which "gent" eliminated from our language.
a rounti lauie mscussion 01 various oun, mere are men no other a one a-
topics of interest was held.
- I
tion will fit.
Fountain Syringe
Special ,
Two for
Two for
Two Tubes of
60c Pound of
I 9
the cr rival of
Spring Vogues
SPLENDID SHOWING of chic TaiUeurs and smart
Wraps and Frocks as well as colorful Chapeaux is
hereready for an advance Spring showing. Many
very interesting style features are in evidence and
Milady will welcome some novel and delightful depar
tures that we do not wish to disclose without having an
opportunity of showing them.
In every garment we have selected
you will see that distinctness of style that
can be had only at the Fashion Shop.
There is an added charm in our apparel
which icomes from the assurance that
only the most correct inladies' ready-to-wear
is shown here.
May We Not Expect An
Early Visit From You?
We also wish to call your attention to our full
line of Munsing Underwear for Spring and Summer
wear. You can.be sure to find here those things that
will give you the greatest satisfaction.
Earliest Showing
of Spring
Fisk Hats
Ultra-Smart models, which
have filled our salesforce with
enthusiasm, are here await
ing your early inspection. You
will be delightfully surprised
with their originality.

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