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H. L. St Germain left Thursday
nisrht for Minneapolis to attend the
funeral of his father.
M. McKenzie, bridge and building
foreman, left for Denver Tuesday
night to see a throat specialist.
Superintendent A. G. Smart left for
Sheridan Thursday on railroad business.
Divine Service next Sunday morning
at 10:30 o'clock. Sunday school at 10
enjoy, it Is, "Talk, Talk, Talk; or God's
Propagandists." Evening a special lec
ture topic, "Lincoln, the Apostle of
the Golden Rule; or Lincoln and To
day'ji Problems."
After this week we resume our serv
ices at Angora, and soon hold revival
meetings at that point A number are
talking of affiliating with us, and we
certainly will do our best by them.
Tonight we open the building for ft
get-together meeting between the rail
road men and the farmers. It is our
aim to serve every class of people of J
tne community, we beneve me cnurcn
cause of this we say to the farmers, as j
wen as an otners, "ine laicn nangs on
"The Christian and Personal Evan
gelism," will be presented from the
A conference was held Thursday T. ft. ihlii u..." ''v"'?I
between the representatives of the MmnliIm which will h mntintuwi ntii r -..? : --.- i... i
railroad crks and officials from dif-I Eai&e sunday. The last TwV week, ,n on 'sVtdaTeveing. and
will be an Intensive program with aU ill In a few weeks have a boxing ex
hibition as part of a program by the
B. Y. P. U. We love to encourage
clean athletics, clean sport has suffered
through misguided reformers and we
hope to make this a nucleus for clean
sport among the boys of the church
and Sunday school. We have been
asked to give lessons to the scouts,
and we are trying to find an evening
for this but as yet have failed.
Welcome to the friendly church with
the friendly grip.
B. J. MINORT, Tastor.
fcrent parts of the division and from
Chicago, to explain the new stale of
wages and changes in the w writing
R. G. Gregory, train dispatcher, is
vnable to work this week on account
cf illness.
A noticeable increase in oil business
with a demand for empty cars has
jciven freight train movement of late a
slight spurt, which while not lasting
lone caused several waycara to be
sermon each evening. You will see
further announcements in this column.
Watch for them in the future.
At the evening hour a chart sermon
will be preached picturing the work of
the movement for the restoration of
primitive Christianity. This is an
other chapter following the work of
the great reformers. You will not
follow the chain of evidence unless you
are present and hear every one that is
We were happily surprised in the
sent un onlv to be pulled off a train in i
a few days. The Kirby mines had p,.eU:mng services last Sunday mom
irany orders to be filled and this to-jj K in mind that we have one
a. y .J .1 tintmh fMktnht " - - .
seiner wan uemai u ii "Y'B"W ( continuous service from 1U ociock un
cars at Sheridan kept the business
fairlv well balanced. Many good runs
liave been given on the oil f pedals also
on the empty return specials, which as
a. whole are from Baton Rouge, re
ceived by the Burlington at Concordia.
Two work trains on the east end,
liave been doing a rushing business!
unloading cinders, one at Whitman and
the other at Dunning, where much
needed ballast on the grades is putting
the tracks in excellent condition.
Over a hundred cars of cinder3 have
been unloaded. Conductor Campbell
and Engineer C. J. Young have the
Whitman work train.
Leonard Gadient, agent at Minne
Tcahta is on a six weeks' vacation visit
ing friends and relatives in and near
Minneapolis. Mr. Morse, extra agent,
formerly of Mullen is relieving at
Agent J. G. Davis, of Provo, will
return shortly from an eastern trip.
Guy King is relieving him.
After a three months vacation Mr.
and Mrs. C. F. McDonald of Ard
more, are back on the job. Relief
Aeent G. C. Hobson relieved Mr. Mc
Donald until a week before his return
when R. J Reynolds took the agency,
. tii. inmnir nff to take his small
olrM in Fareo. N D.. where she
underwent a minor operation,
til noon. Those teachers and officers
will be glad to see you and the wel
coming committee will give you a cor
dial ereetine at the door. The En
deavor prayer meetings at 6:30 in the
evening will be glad to have you par-
ticioate m their services.
The Apostle Paul said, "the gospel
is the power." That i3 what we are
trying to preach. You will be helped
when vou attend the church with a
message and a welcome.
S. J. EPLER, Minister.
cot by the people of ScottshtufT but
due to their record which hardlv bears
out the ferocity of the name they can
hardly expect it to be accepted by
others. Suggestions are welcome.
Chndron defeated Gordon In what
was evidently a hard-fought game, 24
to 22. Chadron is leading in north
western Nebraska, although Alliance
easily defeated them in a game at the
beginning of the season.
Paul Schissler, former Nebraska
basketball and baseball coach, is mak
ing a good record for victories at his
present position at Lombard college in
Galesburg, III. His team during foot
ball season ran up two victories of
over 100 to 0 and his basketball team
defeated the Michigan Aggies last
week, 26 to 14, while at Nebraska
Schissler put out winning basketball
and baseball teams.
The local basket ball team will play
at Oshkosh Saturday of this week be
fore returning from the. trip to Chap
i ell. Oshkosh is not reputed to have
a very strong team and little difficulty
is expected for the boys in bringing
home the bacon.
were irlad to welcome a number
of new people to our congregation last
Sunday morning,. and invite them to
come again, uur congregations are in
creasing. Only this weeic a numDer oi
people whose children have been con
nected with the Sunday school have
promised to begin attending the church
It is encourag-ng to see the large
number of adult3 in the Sunday school.
The two classes for ladies taught by
Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Baker and the
class for men taught by Mr. Pate are
growing with each Sunday.
"College Life," will be the topic for
(ha ! nV nvth lpatme next Sunday
night, taking up chapter three of
"John Wesley. Jr." An interesting
program is being planned
"Publicans and Harlots in the King
dom," will be the sermon topic Sunday
At 11 o'clock.
nr. i a. U11 xASnt attention trt
. r TT TlAnAH haa hMH " " rt
f 'AdtifTfr vv . ri. uca.ii - it. r oarmnno nn - uanc nir.
doing extra passenger work for some that win given in our church be
time. R. C. McKenzie taking ni
n the freight pool.
Operator "Bob" Robinson of Ra
venna is now all smile3r an eight and
one-half pound baby girl having re
cently arrived at his home.
"Slim" Mahoney, third trick train
crew caller, is on a forty-five day vaca
tion at his home in Denver. Wade
Crassman is working in his place.
Brakeman H. Nelson will leave soon
to attend a government vocational
training school in Omaha, afterwards
finishing up in St Louis. The course
i .,r-t nrrnuntacv and liberal
expense salary is allowed until the
entire course is completed. Mr. Nelson
will do doubt retain his seniority for
some time. "
During the recent spurt of business
Brakeman Charles Widman was called
from his mother's home in California,
'where he had been since. being cut off
the board a few months previous.
After finding prospects not any too
favorable for much work Mr. Widman
plans to return to his home soon.
As in days long gone cy. No's. 39
and 40 will be discontinued between
Seneca and Broken Bow, effective the
15th. This will throw one more Alli
ance division crew out of work as one
crew can handle this run from Broken
"Bow to Ravenna and return although
there is some talk of running a Lincoln
division crew and one Alliance division
crew through from Lincoln to Broken
How and return. In either case the
turn will be a preferred run and many
no doubt will place bids for the posi
tion. "Bill" Cunnigham still swears that
every one who ever dispatched trains
out of Alliance has a grudge against
him. Only two stock pickups were
Tun out of Seneca last week and he
drew them both. However, he says he
never was bashful and his favorite
pastime is, as always, getting on the
dispatchers' phone and telling them
about it, not generally in beautiful
language but its always "forceful."
On account of the discontinuance of
Wo's. 39 and 40 between Uroken uow
and Seneca after the 15th, No's. 41 and
42 will make "flair" stops at five
points, Thedford, Halsey, Dunning,
Anselmo and Merna, doing Jhe passen
jrer work formerly done by 39 and 40.
TsVs. 43 and 44 will also make flag
stops in addition at five blind sidings
Letween Seneca ana uroiten cow.
Harrv Hilver of third Seneca is lav
ing off a few nijrhts, being relieved by
Extra Operator l. v. uorman oi uxtx
Operator M. W. Ashby of Halsey
xvi,9 relieved bv Arthur Lhl of Craw
ford W'ednesday night. Mr. Ashby
took degrees in the Anselmo Masonic
lodge that night
Wanted to Buy Your
fat hogs or ship them on
commission. O'Bannon
& Neuswanger. 17-tf
ginning Sunday evening. We have
MoiiTiwi for Rome time that- this is
t.h most serious problems con
fronting Christian parents and Chris
tian young people in Alliance. Our
purpose is not to abuse those who
dance, but to be helpful in pointing
out the wronsr and more serious
dangers. In our ministry, many young
oaVpA us. "What harm is there
in dancing?" This shows that most of
our Christian young people have an
open mind and are willing to refrain
from any diversion if they see it to be
wrong. No one will fail to understand
wrimt u A hav reference to. we will use
ninin iflncnmco. As a minister of
Christ, we can oo nouuns iea.
eviai nrnmt.ifln bv which Rome fell is
coming upon us, and Christian people
are losing their capacity ior morai in
dignation. It is time we are becoming
concerned when this moral leprosy
threatens the life of the nation itself.
M. C. SMITH, raswr.
Sundav school chair gift morning,
KunHav morninc. Let all who wish to
pay for a primary chair come prepared
to eive it Sunday. Another primary
table has been constructed, to accom
modate the ever increasing attendance.
We registered 214 last week, can't we
top that a little? Let us all be out
with the children and we will more
than pass that record.
Wednesday evenintr meeting was
unusually spiritual, and we hope to
make the Sunday services also spirit
The morning topic for. the sermon
will be a novel one, but one you will
There will be a number of good
games at the high school gym during
the next week for Hyannis will play
here on Saturday the 11th and Bridge
port here on Tuesday the 14th. Bayard
with one of the fastest teams in west
ern Nebraska will play on Friday the
ith. While the Alliance boys took
the measure of the beet pickers once
before they gave them a stiff game and
will probably do it again. Hyannis
has been defeated but once this being
by Alliance during the holidays when
the locals were on their annual trip,
Bridgeport has done little this year
and Coach Prince will probably give
some of his reserves a chance to show
what they can do. With three games
scheduled which promise to be as fast
as these the people of Alliance should
surely turn out to see them, there
will also be irood preliminaries to each
of the games, the first being the his
toric scrap between the bmerson and
Central Krade srirl3 and the second be
tween the A. H. S. girls' second team
and the Antioch crirls. The prelimin
ary for the Bayard game has not as
yet been definitely decided.
Let's get together on some name to
call our honored rivals. Scottsbluff
has often been affectionately referred
to as the Beet Pickers, but why not
confine this name to Bayard and call
the Scottsbluff aggregation the Irriga
tors, which name was applied to the
late Scottabluff baseball club. The
Sidney team might be referred to as
the Highwaymen as their little village
is located on the Lincoln highway, but
out of courtesy we will refrain from
that Our local team will undoubtedly
be bubbed the Zebras due to their
present taste in socks. The main thing
however is to agree on something. The
Scottsbluff team has been styled Bear-
The controversy over a free throw at
the Sidney irame Friday brintrs back
to the minds of some of the older
basketball fans the Sidney-Alliance
game of 1912, which was played at
Sidney. At the end of the game the
Alliance coach maintained that the
game was a tie and that an extra
five-minute period should be played.
The Sidney coach, on the other hand.
was just as certain that bidney had
won by one point The altercation
grew hotter and hotter, until the play
ers and the crowd joined in. Finnlly
a number of the spectators decided
that the best way to settle the argu
ment was to clean up the Alliance
team, and they proceeded to do it with
disastrous results to the said Alliance
team. After the smoke had cleared
away, Martin Nolan, one of the Al
liance forwards, was found to be a
sorry-looking wreck and medical at
tention was required to return him to
his former health and beauty. Need
less to say, the game was never fin
ished and the mystery of whether the
score was a tie or whether it was one
point in favor of Sidney was never
as to when and where the conference
games between Chappell and Alliance
would be played. The board decided
that Chappell should play at Alliance
March 4 and Alliance should play at
Chappell February 9; that each Wm
should pay iU own expenses; and it
was further decided that Shellenbrrg
oi me university or Nebraska should
referee both games. The expenses of
Shcllenberg, the referee, who liva at
Potter, will be paid bv each of thft
teams, the board decided.
Wanted 100-Ib. stock
pigs. 0'Bannon& Neus
wanger. 18t
Herald Want Ads are read.
i .
7cT"-r ---- i
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. but what ft I
V ' will make you V
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Pt5.0tNT CF.
STAHL.Vici Puts " LOUIS ANDEftS0N.5tor.
Bavard hiirh will play at Alliance a
week from today. The Bayard bas
keteers do not have a very high stand
ing in th rnnfprpnce. but have shown
every team they have played a fast
game. Bayard s captain, nariman, a
200-pound "forward, has been able to
lrwnnia thn UnsVet for a few counters in
every game, in spite of his weight.
Most people s idea oi a lorwaru is
a speedy man, usually not very heavy,
but Hartman seems to De an excep
tion to the rule.
A mufinxi rvf fVia hoard of Control
of the western Nebraska conference
basket ball association was held at
noon Saturday at the Lincoln hotel in
Scottsbluff, wcording to the Daily
News. Coiich Green of Sidney and
Coach Johnson of Scottsbluff were
present The meeting was held at the
request of Coach Prince of Alliance
on.i rVinrh Kopntpr of Channell to de
cide an issue between the two schools
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