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The Students of St Agnes academy
have lately enjoyed a number of very
attractive school functions. The senior
boarders entertained the day pupils of
their class at a Follyanna party. The
fipst part of the evening was f-pent in
playing the "Glad same," at which
Miss Doris Tyler won the prize, a
silver pencil. A dainty luncheon was
served later in the evening.
The junior class party was a com
plete puccess. The evening was p'eas
antly spent at cards end dancing. Miss
Leona Schlautman carried off the first
prize. A much enjoyed luncheon closed
the evrn;ng's festivities.
The commercial class entertained at
a Hearts' party." Pro?rresFive hearts
was played with much enthusiasm. A
pretty box of stationery was won by
Miss I.cona Ellis.
The sonhomore class nr.rtv was
mi(iio. The so-called "Miss Tree'
f'uh." is?uel invitations to a "Hard
Time party.' The prize for naiveness
of costume was between Miss Clara
Cates and Thelma Kiesel and was
drawn bv the former.
T'.e colonial party of the freshmen
brought the functions to a pretty close.
The "Virginia Reel-' was the distin
guishing feature of the evening.
Mrs. Inice McCorkle Dunning en
tertained the members of the Meth
odist choir Thursday evening at her
home. Those present were Mr. and
The Federated Shop Crafts will hold
hold their regular meeting tonight in
the Labor Temple. This is a very im
portant meeting and a large atten
dance is desired.
The young peoples' missionary circle
of the Christian church will -meet at
he home of Mrs. L. A. Hall, 904 Box
uutte, Monday evening, February 13
Everyone is invited.
Mrs. Fred Carlson will entertn'n a
few friends Saturday evening for Miss
Lois Smith of Sioux Falls, S. 1)., who
is visuing jwrs. a. u. smart.
Mrs. John O'Brien, who has been
visiting her parents. Mr. ami Mrs. M
F. Nolan, leives tonight for Omaha,
wncre she will make her home.
Mrs. A. Swett has returned from
Kansas City, where she has undergone
two operations.
Mrs. B. G. Bnuman will entertain
the Fortnightly kensington club Mi.i
day evening.
. Tom Gee returned to Alliance Thurs
day, after a few days on the road.
Mrs. William Hackett has lecn 111
for the past week with the grippe.
'I'll A Tvrninlro fnmnfiro o-trle YinA fi
nome. more present were nir. nmr ,- -
Mrs. C. A. Dow, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin, theatre party Monday evening.
D. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dono- '
van, Mr and Mrs. William LaMon, Mr.: Wirrn TTfnrinrra
and Mrs. Floyd Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. " afoL llttinilj,!
ot Larjor Hoard
to Start March 6
The United States Railroad Labor
Board at Chicago will start its hear
ings on wages lor all railroad em
W. R. Harper. Mr. and Mrs. Ward
Joder, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bearing,
Mr. end Mrs. Frank Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Mearl C. Smith, Mrs. W. R. Fate,
Mrs. Fred Yanders, Mrs. A. T. Lunn,
Mrs. Nellie Wilson, Miss Eunice Bum
well, Miss Ada Watwood, Miss Edna
lieneuict, iuiss unci vir;uiuu, iint " . .
Rosina Merk. Miss Josephine Wilson, ' iows crepi m uie nam aim
Mis Verna Dow, Miss Mabel Sward, yard service on March C, it was an
Miss Janet Grrssman and Herbert nouneed in a resolution adopted late
Young. After the usual practice, the luesday.
game of "Hearts" furnished the enter-! lhese hearings will bring to a di
tainment for the evening. A dainty . max the controversies between the em
two course luncheon was served. , ployees and the carriers which ha?
been on ever since the awarding of a
Miss Virtrinia Broome, a former res- ( reduction in wage of $400,000,000
ident of Alliance, has created a won- handed down last July 1.
derful impression in Des Moines musi-1 The railroads are seeking to have
cal circles by a song recital given in wages reduced from ten to forty per
that city. Miss Broome, who is a so- cent. Several union organizations have
prano, was well known as a singer put in counter proposals asking wage
before she leu Alliance anu appeal cm jhcicivb.
in a number or local enieriammcnis
Rev. Mearl C. Smith anounces that,
beginning fcunday night, he will de
liver a series of sermons on the sub
joct of the dance. It is a well known
fact that the Methodist church has al
ways been bitterly opposed to dancing
and in former years no one would
think of identifying himself with the
Methodists unless he renounced this
practice. The discipline of the church
is very plain on this point and al
though many people including a etoud
of dancing masters petitioned the last
general conference to remove the ban
of (lancing, the rules of the church
still stand.
Rev. Mr. Smith maintains that it
not an arbitrary rule to keep young
people from enjoying life, but is based
on the mo.-t fundamental laws of the
Bible and the moral universe, and
thnt those who break this law, must
suiter me natural reaction wiucn is
certain to follow.
When the sin of dancing is men
tioned, Mr. Smi'.h says, many young
people will ask questions such as
these: What harm is there in dancing?
Does r.ot the B ble say, "there's a
time to dance?'' Did not David
dance? It is not possible to answer
these questions in a sentence, so they
will be answered in a series of Sunday
night addresses. The first of these,
next Sunday night at the Methodist
church, will answer the question,
"Why Is It Wrong to Dance?" This
will be followed by a sermon on "The
Dance of Death."
Rev. Mr. Smith promises to bring
ample evidence to show that dancing
more than any other amusement is
detrimental to one's highe. t develop
ment, and is the largest cause of moral
corruption which the present age
knows. Everyone is invited to attend
this series of sermons, but a special
invitation is extended to young people
and parents of young people or child
it n.
American Legion Notes
Exception to the strtment of Gen
eral Amos Fries, chief of the chemical
warfare service, that poison gas is
"humane" is taken by William F.
Deegnn, head of the American Legion
of New York. He cites X-ray proof
to show that 50 per cent of the state'?
tubercular war veterans are victims
of gas.
and benefits. ' The Des Moine3 paper
pavs of Miss Broome:
"Mrs. Grace Clark Degrfiff pre
sented her pupil Miss Virginia Broome,
soprano, in a song recital with Gladys
Monroe Stribling. at the piano last
evening at the home of Mrs. Walter
hp in at the annual
bv Chanter V,
P. E. O. , , . ' and the feature of the month, is the
"Miss Broome has a beautiful qual- Es vaudeville. There'll be a three
ity of voice and a splendid range, reel comedy, starting at 7:30, and fol
Her singing last night was a reveu- jowei by -seven acts, under the per
tion to this Des Moines audienoe. ohe iSOnai direction of Gassowav Miles
.,o .wmaiiv at home in her operatic fffrrsf anil till rtf thorn nra .lraMiloftl r
TVCWt -i- ...7 I f v " v . . . j ;
nnmKnps flnn tnP SmallCL SOngS. I nvirul Hqvtiap hna Knn tViinlincr lini
' new stunts and cracks steadily during
Russell Mann, who is at present at- the japt weoic, and the performance
tending Colorado college at Colorado unioubtedly be a scream all the
Springs, has made a decided hit with way through. Admission fees have!
his cartooning in the form of a chalk 1)Cen pUip0Feiy made low, and there,
talk according to the Colorado news- are no rese.ej SCuts, so the audience)
nno Tin ic tinw travel in IT With the , 4 . t V,,,..,l it tn nvniil .
Glee club of the school and his "stunt
is a feature of the program. The Den
ver and Colorado Springs papers praise
the club very highly anu me nm
wants to get a hustle on it to avoid
standing in the aisles.
fin Rnturd.iv. in addition to four
the ciud yery mum " 'acts of vaudeville, there will be "raise
paner makes special comment on kus starring Miss du Pont. The
Cell's act. While- in Alliance hu?h 'a. ,:ule home in a fish.
school Russell was. the schoo ;1 paper tor i
cartoonist and showed marked talent.
He is thinking of taking up profes
sional drawing and cartooning and
those who have seen his work are cer
tain that he will make a success in
Mor -in two hundred were pres
ent at the "Get-together Social, given
ing village and the living room of a
lighthouse. Two chums want the
same girl. One gets her; the other
goes away. In five years he returns,
and the chum and the girl are in his
evil power.. The happy ending is ac
complished without "mush," the press
agent says, and this is a wonderful
em at me un-wmiu i i i .
at the Christian .church on 'nestoy charles jn ,,T nutes to
evening. A brief musical program attract on for Sunday,
was given at the beginning, fhw con- Go s the & boy
Fisted of flections ' "V """ who is force.l to earn his own school
niano !uet by the andeilas Fisf" ..ri.OJ irPts a ob on a milk
route. Out late at a party the night
before, he hasn't time to change .us
clothes before reporting for work in
the we hours or u.e morning. i
arrives on the job all togged out in l is .
evening clothes. His consternation
when he meets his sweetheart on nis:
route while so attired knows no
.bounds. All sorts of complications
ensue, and tne resuix, is one ui uic
amusing and fascinating screen enter
tainments of the decade.
piano i.uv . -; - .
and songs oy me u.... ----was
follows! by a reading from
Iucile Young and a shadow pictuie
stunt by several of the young people.
The committee then saw that every
body was made acquainted. This was
Srried out by the purchase of art.cles
paper and signing the name. The
vouhg people and children were enter
LTned with games and all were treated
to refreshments consisting of apple
pie, sandwiches anci conre. v
very enjoyable occasion for all.
A literary program was given at
thf Fainiew church Thursday evening
of this week, the program including : a
. number of songs, readings, dialogues
and musical selections. The regular
right for the event was Friday of this
week, but as a number in the neighbor
hood are coming to Alliance this even
ing for a meeting with labor unionists
at the Baptist church, it was decided
to hold the program earlier in the
week. There was a large crowd pres
ent and standing room was at a prem
ium before the evening was over.
A Valentine social has been an
nouned for the Fairview church for
Thursday evening of next week. The
affair will be on the order of a "corni
valentine supper" and is expected to
provide considerable amusement.
The Knights of Columbus held a
card party at their club rooms Thurs
day night, about eighty attending.
The ladies were requested to bring box
lunches and a pleasant evening was
John Wiker went to Gordon Wednes
day oa business.
"Did the Huns whip all the fight out
of the American boys in France? Is
that the reason why so many of them
are quitters and will not join the Am
erican Legion to help their helpless
"The father of a buck private,'
writing in the Douglas County Legion
naire, states his opinions with force
and vigor. "A soldier who will not
join the American Legion is a quitter,'
he says.
"From the last pood-bye at the sta
tion, on through the homesickness of
the camps, through the dayf
when 'broke' was the common finan
cial condition, over in the jammed
shins to France; through the days and
nights in the trenches; there grew up
a new affection of hian for man .
"My Buddy. Fdr him the sky was
the limit. The last cigarette would be
out fifty-fifty with him . Lives
were risked in No Man's Land for him.
To the fathers back home this beauti
ful new sentiment of buddyhood be
tween four million young men meant
protection for America from all it
ills, Then came the organization
of the American Legion.
"But what had come over the soldier
loys who went through the hell ir
France? It looks to me as though the
Huns had whipped all the fight out of
them. Too many of them refuse tc
join the legion. They have laid down
cold and refuse to lend a hand to the
wrecks of the war who are in 'No
Man's Land' in America today. The
victims of tubercu'osis, the mental
wrecks, the crippled boys, the out of
work unfortunates in this country
need the help of their buddies more
now than during the war, because
then we were all willing to do things
for the soldiers. Now that our lives
and property are safe we are tired of
hearing about the fellows who did the
"But is that the excuse for the sol
diers who came out able-bodied and in
good shape? If the Huns whipped all
the fight ut of them we are willing to
accept the decision and overlook their
quitting, just the same as we would
humor a soldier made mentally de
ficient by the hell he went through
over there."
A Tnpshiv the bhotoolay
feature will be Priscilla Dean m "Con
;,. it'a n renuine thriller of the
Dean sort, and includes some exciting
scenes taken in British Colombia, "lf-
Universal offered me one minion col
lars to do again what I did in 'Con
flict,' I would refuse. Life is too
precious," the star is quoted as Faying.
Tli outstanding characteristic of
the typical American is the faculty
of being busted again Monday morn
A daughter has learned her hardest
music lesson when her request lor
money sounds like music in ner
father's ears.
If, as one speaker declares, the
world is one big corporation, it 8ure
ly need3 a new board of directors.
About the time the Mexicans be
come reasonably quiet along comes old
Pppocateptel and starts an eruption.
The ideal condition of international
exchange would be permission to pay
an, income (ax in Russian rubles.
Here and there are evidences that
the tendency to forget the war, so
strong in the last three years, is be
ing done aw ay with.
One way to relieve the Jam in the
patent office would be to invent some
thing that would increase efficiency
Alliance queens may have their
faults, hut thank heaven none of them '
has developed an aesthetic bug as yet. I
Dow-n in Florida, a twenty-two-year-i
old flapper has jut been discharged by
the judge, with a warning to control
her artistic impulses. She had dyed
the family eat a lautiful shade" of
rose to match the draperies.
V Thick's
It seems that the only way the cura
tive properties of radium can be de
termined is by a referendum of the
Little boy, after older rirl had
knocked off his new stocking cap.1
which fell into the mud a ; d water.
"Why this is my very newest hat I
only got it yesterday." I
A German scholar announces that
the human race will eventually d'e of
thirst. This accords with the convic
tions of a lot of Alliance men, but the .
calamity which the scientist foresees'
may not le averted by patronizing the
bootleggers. The German's theory U
based on the fcict that the desert of
Sahara was once a deep lake ami that
springs in the Pyrenees mountains, I
after flow ing for centuries, hr.ve '
ceased. In support of this theory, it
may be mmtioncd that there are thou
sands of "wet spot" in Nehraska that
have cra-ed to exist during the past
five years. I
Whatever you do, don't forget to
see Gassowny Miles and his rnnir at
the Imperial tonight . Gassoway is to
appear in person.
Dr. Adolph I.orenz, famous Vienna
orthodepic surgeon, has admitted, ac
cording to news reports, that he re-:
cently underwent and was reiuvonated
bv a H and ojeration. Who'll le the
first Alliance man to be as frank?
Hurray for ex-President Wilson.
One of the so-called national humorous
weeklies is putting on a "Smile Week"
and a.-ked a number of public men for
ome message for the country on such
nn Important occasion. A lot of them
didn't rcpond to the request, but
Woodvow was the only one who had
the courcge to come right out and say:
"T bnv nothing to say on such a silly
Incidentally, National Prune Week is,
headed toward us.
"Will all the prunes please stand up?
According to the esteemed contemp.,
Perc Cogswell is getting all the dope
and is planmng to install at the Elks
club a radiophone with a "rndius-of 17
miles. Menibers of the Alliance lodge
will soon b? able to hear grand opera
and equally important events in the
metropolitan cities, we are told.
However, with a radius of but 17
miles, .all the grand opera we'll hear
will have to come from Berea, al
though on good days we may be able
to make connections with Antioch or
Hemingford. Think of the pleasure ,
Alliance people could have had if there I rrz
had been a radio telephone to let the
whole cty enjoy the now famous Hem- "
ingtjord roati meeting. (
Mavbe those radiophones are all
that they're cracked up to be, but if a J
man ever gets one in his home, he n
have to conduct himself pretty much
as though a dictaphone were in the
same room with him.
Evelyn wants out, but she'll have
plenty of opposition if it is proposed to
make any one of her hall a dozen con
fessions public.
We are informed that "the village1
queen has. already maii-oniereu a set
of those new, nifty and stylish Kussian
boots, with the red leather tops.
Ain't we metropolitan, now?
Maybe the sort of love that Mary
Miles Mintcr had for Bill Desmond,
Taflor was a pure, swett. clvWish
variety but do children, in such a
state of exalted and noble love, scrawl .
a lot of X's at the bottom of the sheet 7
We ask to know.
A lot has been said about the typo-.
graphical errors in the newspapers,'
but other business enterprises pull
some of the same sort of mental
aberrations once in a while. For in
stance, there was a man in Nebraska
Citv whose wife died and the was a
devout woman and a church worker
and. in short what we call a lovely
character, and after she had died and
the undertaker had got hisn, the man
dwided he would have a marble testi
monial of his love and affection erected
over the remains of the woman, le-
fore he fortrot about it or was vamped
again, as it were, so he ordered a very
imposing stone and gave implicit in-,
structions to have this inscription'
graven on its smooth surface: 'Lord,
She Was Thine." And in a month the
stone was set up and one Sunday the
man walked out to the cemetery to
view the masterpiece, and he nearly
fell dead himself when he read the in
scription, for the engraver had run out
of room, and had omitted the "E"i
from the last word.
A Necklace of Flower
She always received a
valentine present when sho
was n pivl. Why not frive
her one now Some little in
expensive article of jewelry
a jr.'fe that lasts. Head:?,
Fancy bracelets, a pair of
long enr-drops. They're not
expensive and they will
make her a delightful
Come in and let us show
them to you.
' SOAP ,
Gypsy Blues Fox Trot'
Victor record 75c.
Stealing Fox .Trot
Victor record 75c.
Jut a Little Love Sonp;
Fox Trot Victor, 75c.
For that Tired, Lazy
It puts jazz in your blood.
tht Sttrt With Cuaranlu Without Rid 7aft
New Flour Sacks J
For Tea Towels ji
Many housewives will welcome our sale of :
flour sacks at this reduced price. We have
quite a supply on hand and want to move $
them fast. .
Small Large
75c $1.25
per dozen per dozen
has to do with supplying the nece.v
siues oi uiose wno uo iruus rwiw
than with amusing the idle.
A Cambridge psychologist is investi
gating the reasons why girls kisa fcI
diers, apparently oblvious to the fact
that there are but two girls and soldiers.
An unfortunate part of the typhus
epidemic is not only the number it
kills but some of those it has missed,
to date, in Moscow.
Russia having returned to vodka is
moving forward So far as we have
heard, vodka is calculated to make
anybody move somewhere,
Alliance Bakery
I; Phone 649 Opera House Block
5 i
Gavlord Chase, the sweet singer of
the Harper department store, dropped
into a barber shop in Alliance yetiier-(
day for a shave. Under his arm,
securely wrapped, was a new alarm
clock he had just purchased. ?hile
the barber was scraping his chin, the
alarm proceeded to sound. Confusion
followed. Every barber in the place
immediately dropped his razor and
started for the door. , The porter got
a head etart and up to noon today had
not returned. I
, One argument for the aerial mail
seems to have been overlooked. It,
might keep the mails out of reach of)
Music is to be utilised in A merl
es nJ tat um of the foreign born. If
Jszs is used in the process what hope
will there be lor the republic 1
If wish to have it publicly known
and distinctively understood that. I
am not now, nor have I been in any
way connected with the so-called
firm of Gerard & Velous Wholesale
Box 383
Alliance. Nebraska

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