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- W
Al Marker Who Iioxes
Here Thursday Has
IJeaten Good Fighters
Al Marker, one of tho principals in
tli Itoxing hhow Thursday lia an
enviable record, having beaten lioth
ileorge Manley, tlio Denver marvel,
and Johnny Stopper, also of lienver,
iind one of the leading welter-weights
of the wf.'-t, Muiker has just come
to this part of the country from Cali
fornia. He i. out now to gain u repu
tation thntwill entitle him to fig-lit
villi the good boys in this section.
Tommy IMdy, his opponent, lias also
fought t-ome pood toys, and will un
tloultt i-clly Ik1 iilde to take pood cam
of himself. Murker and Lddy will
weigh in -'it l-"'" pounds.
'T.attline-' li k Yeas:cr, the Chaitron
Ado ils, will tane-le with "Kid" Iemith,
tin: lighting soldier Innii Fort Kohin
on. I (emit h i known as a "touszh
I' ihy," nnd has fought some good men
iilthouph he has only recently entered
the f iulit name. Ycager is u clever
loer, und hus a wallop that would
put out a heavy-weight. Dcmith likes
to mix it and will cause eager some
"Cowboy' Wyland will take on
""Shufflim; ' 0'Co:.nor in a four-round
preliminary. These buy both can nock
vith lerrifTic force and should put on
a good lout. They are about evenly
matched for experience. Hoth prefer
to box at a long range, as neither cares
1or the infighting wirt of the game.
O'Connor is believed to be a comer,
and will Ret his first real bout in this
fhow. He appeared before in a four
round exhibition with Lloyd Ilotson
nnd made a favorable showing. Should
he beat Wyland, he will be in line for
more fights with the local post of the
Preparations are being made to care
for the crowd in an efficient and sys
tematic manner, and those in charge
of the bout believe that his show will
draw the largest crowd that has yet
Ash Grove Wins
Over Pleasant Hill
20 to 8, Sunday
I two j ears ago and it i evpected that
mey win make totn rJiswoith linn
Wlutmun go in the r.ear future, they
having lost a game to each of those
two teams. KiKworth plays the re
turn tame at A.-hby next Sunday.
,sbli ah r h po a e
Copenhagen, ss f. 2 5 0 2 1
Chri-tensen, if fi 1 4 2 0 1
Maupin, 2b 5 12 3 12
J. Foley, p 1 2 0 4 1
Wolfe, c .5 1110 1
Hr'e. :,l 5 0 10 11
R. Folev, lb .p, 1 2 G 0 0
Uia-'ork, cf 0 0 10 1
Graham, If. r, 1 2 0 0 0
Totals -F.ll
Schonard, 2')
Fleasnnt Hill was unable to break Wjyhtma'n, rf I 5 2
it-' run of had hick and was defeated Vmllorn c !" 2
Sunday by Ash Grove, 20 to K Ash C'iark, lb' !" 0
Grove has been ili-plaing a good Ynuntr, Sb"! 0
brand of ball and will make any Coun- lilack, p 4 1
i league ie:im step. a cr(,o sizei i'rnnnn.i.. ,l 1
crowd witne-sed the game. Iloth of I oonliock 1?-"IZ-I4 1
me miners were Hit rally hard. Seebohm. rf 4 1
sn uiiim- is Mm in sei'otui ii ace.
j nnd seems to have excellent chances
of staying there.
i leasant n:n puei up us runs in
me mst innings, putting four runs
j over the plate in the eighth. Thump
son oi rtsn iirovo connected lor a
three-base bit. The game was played
ai ami i, rove, rieusant 1 1 1 1 1 still
maintains its clutch on last place, al-
tnoueii one or two victories would ma
teriaily mirv the standing.
Snake Creek Wins
From Fairview in
a Heal Swat f est
Fairview was unable to overcome
the losinf strp.'llf til it luw ninnn,!
them for some time, and lost to the
last inake Creek aggregation, 24 to 8.
The contest was featured by heavy
stick work, both teams slamming the
pill in workman-like fashion. Fair
view's best work came in the fifth
inning when the losers put over seven
runs. Schwaderer and Swanson, the
Snake Creek pitchers, struck out nine
men, although Schwaderer was a lit
tle wild. Swanson, in addition to
hurling a good game, got five hits,
one of which was a three bagger.
Hann of Fairview, and Jones and
Schwaderer of Snake Creek connected
with the sphere for two bases.
i ne nox score:
Southwell, p
II. Reader, 3b
Totals . -Snake
r h po a e
..2 3 6 2 1
..1 1 10 2 2
-l 1 1 0 0
.1110 1
-110 13
-110 2 1
8 11 27 12 9
r h po a e
Nelson, c 5
Swanson, ss-p 5
Weimmer, 3b 2
G. Schwaderer, p 2
Jones, cf 4
Vogel, If 2
Nichols, lb I
ltanwdell, rf 2
Totals - - - 23 31 27 13 3
The score by innings:
Fairview 0 0 0 1 7 0 0 0 08
Snake Creek 2 7 0 2 2 2 1 4 424
Summary Two base hits: Jones,
Ilann, Schwaderer: Three base hits,
Swanson; Sacrifice hit, Weimmer.
Stolen bases: Fairview 5, Snake Creek
41. Passed balls: Nelson 2, Hatcher 2.
Hase on balls by Southwell 3; by
Schwaderer 3. Struck out by South
well 2; by Schwaderer 5; by Swanson
4. Time of game 2:20. Umpires:
Herbert and Wilkins.
You can bring the color to your
cheeks and the sparkle of health to
your eyes by taking Tanlac. F. K.
llolsten. 7
Bilkcn.s, much aggrieved, was before
the court for speeding.
"What have you to say for your-
sen 7 iiemanuea ine magistrate.
"Ti.-n't fair," remonstrated Ililkens
angrily. "Why don't you arrest that
motor cop there? He was going aster
than 1 was."
You can make no mistake in follow
. ing the advice of millions who have
' teen restored to neuith and happinc
' by Tanlac. F. K. Holsten. 70
lierca Defeats
Lawn Sunday in
Up-hill Cattle
Ilerea maintained its lend In the
county league bv a hard nr-hill t tuft 1 a
and a spectacular ninth inning rally,
',u "cn me uerea pastimers de
feated Lawn. The I-awn team opened
the fireworks by putting across seven
runs in the first inning, and one in the
second. Berea failed to score until the
fourth, inning, then putting across one
run. At the beginning of the eighth
nning Rerea was in the rear 8 to 3.
They then proceeded to lambast the
Lawn pitcher, who until then had
pitched fine ball, for eight runs. This
sewen up the game for Berea, but
they put five more runs across the
piauer in ine ninth.
B. Mundt twirled for the Berea team
and allowed only fix hits. Wanek, on
the mound for the I .awn Acrirfpcriif i-.n
hurled the pill in fine form until the
iaiui eignui. a good sized crowd at
tended the game.
The score by innings:
0 0 0 1 0 2 0 8 r. 1(5
Lawn 7 1000000 08
Ellsworth Defeats
Ashby Team Sunday
by Score of 10 to 8
Ellsworth defeated Ashby Sunday
afternoon on their home grounds 10 to
n ?Lhe Kame belonged to Ellsworth
all the way, they starting out with
three runs in the fir.it, and four in the
second not permitting, an Ashby man
to pass first base in these two innings
making the score 7 to 0. Ashoy
squeezed in a run in both the third
and fourth innings, Ellsworth scoring
a run in the two innings also leaving
the score 8 to 2 at the last of the fifth
but timely hitting aided by costly er
rors allowed the Ashbyitcs six runs in
the first of the sixth inning which tied
the score but this lend was easily
overcome by Ellsworth's two runs in
the seventh which again cinched the
game for them.
Foley on the mound for Ashby was
wild in the pinches walking a man in
the second inning with the bases full.
The fielding of Christensen and Wight
man featured, also Pitcher Black made
a neat play in the first of the ninth at
a critical moment picking up a batted
ball between third and home just in
time to tag an Ashby runner only a
few feet from the home plate. Joe
Maupin, last year's twirler, for Whit
man, plays second base for Ashby and
although an effective hitter last sea
son was unable to land more than two
scratch hits out of five chances.
Ashby has several men left of the
old team that cleaned up the sand hills
19 12
h po
Totals - - 41 10 10 21 11
The score bv inning:
A.-l.bv 0 0 1 1OH00D-
Kl Invert h 3 4 0 1 0 0 2 0 x-
Summafy Sacrifice hits: Young.
Wolfe. Two base hits: VanHorr..
Claik, Seebohm. Cownluigcn. Stolen
bases: Young, Black, Maupin, Fo'ev.
Struck out by Black 8, by Foley 2.
Double plavs": Young to Clark. Maupir
to Foley, 'l-'it by pitched ball; Black
3, Foley 1. Umpires Thompson am'
Graham. Time of game, 1:45.
Standings of Sandhill Ball Teams.
W L Pet.
Antioch .
4 1 800
3 1 7.K
2 l err,
2 2 r.o
1 2 3?4
0 3 000
Bingham was defeated on the home
grounds Sunday by the fast Whitman
team 10 to 3. Batteries: Whitman
Hill and Carpenter: Bingham, Burton
and Crandall.
Lakeside defeated the Antioch team
on their home grounds 13 to 6. It was
not learned whether or not the two
teams will consolidate as was planned.
Time is Extended
for Applications
to Training Camps
Applications for admission to the
citizens' training camp at Foit Des
Moines, la., from August 1 to 30 of
this year, will be received up to June
30. Announcement was previously
made that the time limit on applica
tions would be May 31, but this has
been extended for one month.
Y'oune men of South Dakota, lova
and Kansas are eligible to enter the
training camp.
The government offers the privilege
of attending this camp. All expenses
will be paid. There will be a month's
training devised to benefit physically,
mentally and morally. Ihere will be
ample facilities and time for recrea
tion. Among other things, three good
army meals will be prepared daily.
Application will be received for
this camp till June 30. For blanks
and particulars write the Chief of
Stay, 89th Division, Omaha, Neb.
Marie Frazier from town is spend
ing a few Hays in the country.
Grandpa Lawrence from town spent
a few days in the country last week.
Mrs. Lee Holcomb has been quite
sick for several days.
F. H. Nason took his son. Melvin,
to town Saturday to have his arm
placed in a cast, which was broken a
couple of weeks ago.
The Otto Matz and Ed Carry iam
ilies spent Saturday evening in town.
J. W. Frazier spent Saturday and
Sunday in town with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nason took Sun
day dinner at the Joe West home.
Herman Rheder and family attended
church in town Sunday.
Mrs. Howe from near St. Joseph,
Mo., visited a couple of days with her
sister, Mrs. William Rust, Jr.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Wessel nnd
A funeral service conducted by us is noted for its sim
ple, dignified grandeur. The talents of our well directed
organization make each funeral ceremony a decidedly artis
tic achievement. To lx?nefit by our experience, talk over
your problem with us.
Miller Mortuary
Phones; Day, 311
Night, 522 or 533
123 West
Third Street
daughter rnd Wi'liam Rheder took Wi'l:pi MM ""i t Sunday vi.- jurv to her leg which was broken about
inner at the lrg 1 Wes.-el home Sun- iter at the Aspden home. a year ago.
' i ii i ' l Tiu Heath was tatctn to ne bos-
Fred Herbert and family attended nital Sunday, where she underwent tn We need somebody to step on tho
church in town Sunday. j operation Monday morning i"r nn n- gas prices.
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Ford car; the wonderful Ford Model T Motor, the dependable Vanadium steel
chassis, and the manganese bronze worm-drive. A strongly built truck that
serves satisfactorily and lasts in service If these statements were not true,
the demand for Ford Trucks wouldn't be so constantly on the increase. We
will be pleased to take your order for one or more Ford Trucks, will see that you '
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Coursey & Miller
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i ' 1 ' ..in,
at the Roof

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