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throughout the potash district cast of
Alliance. These plants, which are now
closed down, duo chiefly to the h "-i-cost
of coal for fuel purposes, might
J re-opened in case fuel oil csin be
furnished to them, through pipe I'nes,
at a reasonable co. Oil pipe line
engineers advi-e the Alii; noe chamber
cf commerre that the oil can be car
Tied through the pipe lines for about
rne-hulf or less than the railroad
freight charges for hauling it in tank'
KeuTcnate Potash Industry.
Under the pending tariff bill in
Congress, a reasonable tariff will be
placed on the iiotash imported from
Germany. If cheap fuel oil could be
eured by the potash plant. the com
tiinHtion of the tariff and cheap luol
might result in their resumption of
jHitash production lrom the western
Nebraska lakes.
Another benefit which might accrue
from the installation of the pipe hnos
through Alliance territory would be
that in cat-e oil is discovered at Lake
side in the well now drilling, h ready
market would be provided for the oil
jiroduced, adding greatly to the vaiue
tf the proiluct. 'khe chief problem in
M newly discovered oil field is that of
jretting the oil to mniket and u pipe
line through or near the newly dis
covered field would be of immense
The preliminary surveying party,
composed of Sinclair engineers, arrived
in Alliance late Tuesday afternoon by
auto, enroute south und east. They
came by way of Harrison, Agate and
Jlcmingford, following the newly open--d
Agnte highway. On their arrival
here, they were immediately taken by
Sccrctaiy Thomas of the chamber of
commerce to Hollland, Anlioch and
Lakeside to view the potash plants
and di.-trict and to inspect tho Lake
side well, as well as to get an idea ot
. thP sandhill countrv which would be
traversed by the pipe lines in case the
linen come through this territory,
which would be the shortest distance.
The party stayed overnight in Alli
en r sine 1 continued on their way
Wednesday morning,
maid alone, lo di-covered Sam w. on
the job. .Such a vt.ito of tl'-ir- coubl
not last not with two ied-l,loiled
men. ,
'il:e lncrs decided to have n private
war and end the suspend. Antonis,
armed with a knife, 11 the way, ar.d
Sam, with an iron bar ns a weapon,
Figures Show
(he Tourist Trade
Is Profitable!
Heretofore voter? away from home
set" not mere than thirty d:-.y "fi
less than two be'oie elcvt on. Ti e
vote may be cast by the absent voter
before a'nv officer having a .-eal out-
at tr.o time of election cou'd not vote i side the countv. The ballot is then
Prcperitv l.niely confined to Vr.e
I oc 'tlegger. and bandits. Columbia
followed clo.-e inter. There was (,me bu-im-s n-en arc get in jwt a 'tiAe '.Slate
doubt a- to wh eh started the fivhting,1 of what ie; I tojn.-t bu.-mess will be 1:,ki
each claiming .-elt"-d. fen:', but when; to the town wr.en the io;-.d- from the i or w
the smoke of battle had cleared away, east and south imp gotten in'., shape : thHr
! mailed to the county clerk in whi h
I countv vou reside. The clfvk keeps
the ballot sealed until the merttn" of
i, .. r.w.Hv l-.i v enrvpi nn eni lo orinir me iiK iuuii.1 imt i mi- .
Antonis hud .-everal dent in his bead, From fie fo ten touri t car per day
for which the iron bir was responsible. now pass thru the city with good
The two men me again fast friends, highways going thiu the c:ty this can
u,.,i ...,.,! in tinv lil finn. ea-ilv be increased from one hundred
and $2.."0 left over, which lie lent to to two hundred car ier day
n.s lormer rival, woo, t-n vinu mc
if they were outside the state. Now
the law iiermlts mail votinir if the
tomi-t l u ine s pay? Alliance i voter J anvwhere in the-e United
men arc gctin? jut a "tn te" t Slate? of America, wi'hout the need of the ennvassimr board rrior to the be-1
. i... :. ...:n l.-.. ... ... . . - . .' 4
Kin,: a ioig inn nome. ine man ginning or the regular canvass, .a
woman who w i. hes to e.er ie i nenaltv of from one to five years in
piivilege of voting, but who; prison is provided for those who im-
i-n't home when the time comes should j jiersonate another when voting by
rue application mr nn art-ent voter s i mr .
istance of a friend
lacked just th.it
amount of gaining liberty. I he hat
chet is buiied; they will fight no more,
or at least they so assured ibe on it.
And by tomorrow they will be far
away from Maria and it i.-n't likely
they will ever again fall in love will,
the same girl.
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conte.-ts und relay races, at.d auton o
I ile contests of various kinds. This i
to be a "home a Hair" and everyone in
l!ox Uutte county and adjacent terri
tory who has the least desire to try
out their steeds or brones or who be
lieve that their flivver can win a slow
race or some other contest, is urged
to be on hand, ready for the fray.
The street program is expected to
start at 10 o'clock in the morning and
it w II include a wide variety of con
tests, for old and young. Chairman
Konu'g und his committee nre noted
for thtir ability to provide entertain
ment in which people of all ages may
join. The Alliance volunteer tire de
partment men, hers have pledged their
aid in makip" the entertainment f.
. i . i - . ... ru
ueces j nr.i thev will uiKe pari. i"c
In order to give our :eopIe an idea
of what this business will mean to the
city, the chamber of commerce has
been doing a little "checking up" on
the business now being realized from
the touri.-ts who now visit cur city,
with astonishing results.
On Wednesday aitcrnoon two auto
loads of tourists from Alliance, O..
stopped over in Alliance, Neb., for
about three hours. They made the trip
up fiom the Lincoln Highway via
ishkosh and Hroadwater over the
C-P-C, ami although their cars were
heavy cars a sedan and a coupe
they 'said that the road from Broad
water to Alliance was not bad travel
and not nearly so bad as some of the
mud thev had'wiggled through farther
During their short stop they visited
garages, tire shops and clothing
stores. A check-up of their purchases
revealed the fact that they had f-pent
over !?K)0 while in the city. That
means .1."j0 that will roll around
Alliance, from till to till and pocket
to pocket, until they have paid $1,000
or more of debts and in purchases of
goods, after which they will probably
journey east to buy more goods to sell
to more tourists ami so on "ad inf.n-itr.m."
t Another nmtv composed of four men
Imperial Theatre
"Where Those Cooling Breezes Olow"
"Yellow Men and Gold19
With Helene Chadwick and Richard Dix .
Adapted from the famous tale of adventure by (iouverneur
Admission Matinee, 10 and l''c; Night, 10 and 27c. 1
Adapted from Ilooth Tarkington's great success.
You've heard about it and what a side buster it is now
Kut prepare yourself for more laughs than ycu have
had for some time.
Admission Matinee, 10 and I'.lc; Night, 10 and 27c.
olentv of seats for the weary ami
plenty of ice water for the thirsty,
while the ice cream and refreshment
parlors are going to be heavily stocked
up with the delicious confections for
which they are noted. Practically all
,,r tVia tfnie timl business ertablish-
The fJct that ... .;il mmnin rmen until noon. SO
the iiotash industry alone would con- ine visitors who want to do some
sume probably a minimum of 2,000 M,0.jai .hopping while in the city may
i i -: i ...... t i tt s i
committee is planning on providing and going east, stopped over night this
fiirrels of fuel oil ucr day, it in op
eration, will undoubtedly Ik; seriously!
considered by the pipe line company
in determining the line to be followed.
Other points to be considered are
distance ami railroad lines, as the item
of freight and hauling of pipe line ma
terial is a huge one, umounting to
probably several millions of dollar f;r
this line alone. This piie line, it is
estimated, will cost probably $20,000,
000. Some estimates run as high us
9 nun win.
liarry F. Sinclair, head of the
ti.mni) nil riimnnnv. passed
.1 tlllll' v. i - -v
through Alliance bound for Casper
veveral days ago, accompanied by the
head liuiiington otliciais
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changed the charge against them from
lelontous assault to mere assault and
battery. At a hearing held on the
first day of June, the two man were
bound over for trial in district court
under bonds of $500, but something
softened the heart of the county at
torney, who may have remembered his
town courtship days, and the severe
charge wa withdrawn nnd the two
disappointed lovers allowed to plead
iruilty to a lesser offense. Judge Tash
assessed Antonis $100, because he
wemed to be the aggressor. Resides,
,Tony used a knife and Sam, who got
off with a mere fine of $a0, had done
nothing more than wrap an iron bar
around the neck of his rival.
Fought Regular Duel.
The story of the plight of the two
young men reads like a red hot movie.
Both youths loved Maria, but each
thought the other knew nothing about
it. Antonis and Sam were pretty good
Iriends until they discoveied that they
vere rivals. Antonis, not suspecting
Sum was matrimonially inclined, show
ed Sam some letter from Maria. Then
the trouble started. Kvery time Sam
came to see her, he found Tony at her
feet, pouring out his love and adora
tion. When Tony hoped to catch the
week. Their expenitures while in the
citv amounted to only about $33 but
the dollar? will roll around tire town
"ad infinitum." Oops it pay? Get
behind the chamber of commerce with
your help and your dolhus in the form
of dues and it will be the best invest
ment vou ever made of time or money.
have the opportunity of doing so.
Picnic at City Park.
This vear the city park is to be
thrown open for Use as a picnic and
rest mound. Chairman 1. H. i.arnes
and his committee are planning on
oroviding ample room lor picnic par- , -
ties and they will exert every eiion to . n(?w ve!, NVe 0).(icle( it .May
maKe lireo moineis miu uiu
dren comfortable at the park, which
is well provided with comfort stations.
There will be free swimming for
those who wish to indulge in that
luxury at Bronco lake, with Billy
Wood's in charge, w ith a committee on
b.-.nd in bathing suits to pull out ama
teurs who might venture beyond their
depth. The municipal pier and bath
house is being placed in good shape
spot during the day.
Rest rooms and public comfoit sta
tions will be provided at different
points, including the court house, gar
ages and other points. Chairman Lee
Basye of the committee on rest rooms
and' public welfare will seeUbat the
rest rooms are provided -and well
The devotee of the gentle art of
and it will undoubtedly be a favorite
horseshoe pitching will have his en
City Manager's Corner
We have hat! considerable difficulty
in getting a piece of fourteen inch
pipe lrom i.nicago to nnisn up
Complete your
vacation preparations
Taze plenty of
Our stock, the genuine
Kodak Film in the
yellow box, is com
plete for every sized
Before you start on your
vacation, show our expert
some of your negatives.
His helpful criticisms are
sure to mean better pic
tures from your Kodak.
I tertainment provideel for him, with E.
R. Harris, well known local traveling
man and horseshoe pitching artist, in
charge. The committee on tiecorations,
with E. C. Drake as chairman, will
see that the town is decorated in the
proper manner, as will befit the day.
Home people are to be given the
preference in the matter of conces
sions of all kinds. Applications for
concessions should be made soon at the
office of the chamber of commerce.
From present indications, the atten
dance at the celebration will be the
largest of its kind.
First Sunday after Trinity. Sunday
services at 8 and 9 a. m. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Morning prayer
and sermon at 11 a. m. Subject of
sermon, "The Spiritually Uneasy."
Everyone is welcome to come and wor
ship with us.
A. O. DODGIJ, Rector.
12 and
Mr. Newberry placed a .special order
personally with a firm in Chicago on
May 10 in order to hurry it out. We
expected this pipe to arrive by May
25. When it did not come, however,
we began wiring Chicago about it only
tn find it had not been shinned. The
firm then wired us that they would
ship it June 1. We immediately be
gan tracing it on the railway and
could not find it. Yesterday we re
ceived a bill of lading stating that it
was shipped on June 9 just twenty
four days after receiving the rush
order. Mr. Gavin and the men in the
freight department of the Burlington
railway from Chicago to Alliance xjte
doing" air they can to rush tSfs
through and are hoping to have it he re
by Saturday or Monday.. This has de
layed us nearly six weeks in finishing
the well but unless some unforeen
obstruction arises we will make th
our fast order of ba?irec p.r.d it wM
not take long very to finish it. We
have had plenty of water so far tut
these warm days alarm us an 1 July
and August may be our driest months
and we want to get the well cert
pleted before our dry season sets in.
. We are continuing our program of
grading the streets. We have riot f
the streets in good shape out there
are quite a number of them which ori'y
need a small amount of work. We
are hoping to have a rain to I.iy the
dust before we start this work becavse
after ft once is looseneel up if it stays
dry the. streets will become very tlusty.
Everything is moving along in leg
ular order at the cemetery. Things
are in good shape there. Our windmill
gives the usual amount of trouble.
However, we have plenty of water ut
there so far.
Herald 'Vant Ads Results. .
What's the Use Cooking
These Hot Days
As usual, we are always willing to serve the public, so we
So get your Roast Beef, Pork and Veal home cooked
every day Pies, Cakes and Salads all kinds of pickles,
cheese and relishes.
Service With a Smile
We Deliver 4 times a day
Phone 30
JULY 4th
Rodeo, Bronco Busting, Horse and Pony Races, Baseball,
Auto Races, Swimming and Boating Contests, Foot and
Novelty Races, Horseshoe Contests. ' . .
IJree admission to fair grounds arid all events bn the program, but small charge of 25c may be made ,
for reserved seats in grandstand. ?. 1 M . . A ' " ;

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