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TEVENS&iAKE, Prop's.
- rftOam Year, In Advance, - fliSO.
SSix.Month, in Advance, Jl-'V" .75.
TlireeTJContns, in Advance, - .50.
" Advertising Rates on Application.
Took Effect March 9, 1885.
C0' ?i Denver Express....
No. 19, CaL & Ore. Fet Ft.
t- iroaWi freight.,
ho. 2S, Way Freight,?!.. ..
'8:35 ji. m.
10:12 p. m.
4:00 p. m.
8:45 p. m.
6:30 p. m.
Z1M p. m.
Ito. 2, Atlantic Ex
o.4, Chicago Ex
No. 18, ColoradoFastFt...
V1- Ore. Est Ft..
t ttv22, Freight....
f - No. 24, Freight....
725 p. m.
520 a. m.
5:10 p. m.
7:15 p. m.
4:30 a. m.
5:15 p. m.
10:18 p.m.
4 do p.m.
9:10 p.n..
920 p.m.
230 p.m.
8:00 p.m.
6:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
735 p.m.
6:10 p.m"
620 a.m.
. i- -
All trans dailt except nnmbera 23 and 24.'
Trains vwt of North Platte use Mountain
Xime, one faolumi than Central Time.
. CooBselor. CityAtt'r.
Shannon & Church,
"With nany years experience in Contest and
other cases before U. 8. Land Office, -we will Rive
strict attention to land business. Briefs prepared
nndjirgumenta tiled in the Interior Department.
Office, Boom 12, Opera House Block, Oppo
site Railroad Hotel.
Office, Spruce St, 1 Door South TJ. S.
Land Office.
NO 41.
We have just received the
finest line of Hanging
Lamps that has. ever been
brought tOithe" city and will
be sold at lower prices
than ever before.
If you are
in need
pi ease. call.
of a
J. Q. TH ACKER, Druggist.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office: Opera Houso Block, over Thacker'a
Drug Store.
Residence on West Sixth Street.
Leave orders at Thacker'a Drug Store.
0. K. Tonsorial Parlor,
Front St, over Star Clothing Ilouse.
"ls?!Eandsomest "Barber Rcroms
in NORTH PLATTE, and excels an'
three-chair oKop in the State.
First-Class Artists
. Always in Attendance.
dfc FREES,
Shingles, Posts,
From the Teigpwjilt. . ,
T. C. Patlswoa edRor of the North
Platte TeUafmk ;in. the city last
Saturday, awi tBaibXthi office 'a
visit fife----Jf"
H. L. 7aMeditoof the North Platte
Nebrask iaif? at&:. cha&mu 'of the demo
cratic centraljcomittee of Lincoln county
was in theV-'dty -Taesday closeted
ticians. Look, bat for something to
drop. . " ,
There are. twenty-one candidates for
the county offices' of Cheyenne connty
and only eight (sfficea to be filled. The
Telegraph offersloiE-yeirfs subscription
ee to .w?rJiiPifcfflfcoMe nearest
Write the
r with your
Sto this office
Fine Boot and Shoe Maker,
And Dealer In
Perfect Fit Best "Work and Goods
Represented or Sloney Refunded.
ront Street,
one door east of Nebraska Ilouse,
City Bakery.
Cigars, Tobaccos,
North Platte
D. A. BAKER, rop.
Goods and Express Matter Prompt
ly Delivered in any part of
the 0.
Orders may be left at Buckwortli &
Bixler's office. ,
ewes which I
purchaser or
have a good quantity of
will sell in lots to suit the
trade for other stock or
We Caution all
The unprecedented
success and merit
o T. -vr nrnal cure for catarrh, hay fever and cold
Tilsce catarrh medicines bearing some resem
blance in appearance, style or name upon the
.arket, in omer to trade upon the reputation of
KIv'b Cream Balm Many in your immediate lo
cafitr -will tosd in highest commendation.
Don't be deceived. Buy only Ely's Cream Balm.
mU. i x 1 tu. -n nfs. f flrnmncta
Building Paper, &c,5 &c,
TmFPTTR tt- CTT.VTNPl'X'JL' 3bT. 1?Try
North Platte. - - Nebraska.
I -will still continue at the old stand and carry on the wood department,
such as repairing wagons, carriages, buggies, &c, in a neat and substan-
tial manner. My paint snop is luu.or Duggies oemg repuimcu, ouc mere
is still room for a few more. First-class painting at reasonable rates for
cash. T will also redress buggy tops, making them look as good as new
New and second-hand buggies for sale. Paint shop at my residence, two
blocks southwest or court house.
hi Mi oi Csm-
i i
And Teams to Let
on Short Notice
Id at Reasonable Eaiss.
Dickinson & Wilkinson
Locust Street, Between Fifth and Sixth,
trade amr Btanlea&d
TofeMMTCfearettes, Plpe,
General Land and Real Estate Agents,
EXa.'ve 3Eoxc Sale Clxoioe SazreadLxxs
Settlers located on tree claims, pre-emptions and homesteads. Good land
jan vet be had convenient to town, to the railroad and the Platte river.
No trouble to get water.
eight names o a sap,
own name and mail
i. - .'S Ft tf
where they will be;kptvskled until
day after election. -Mark three crosses in
the corner of tne eavjelope:
mt " i f . " . .
xae item in. tmr news columns in
relation to the first load of Cheyenne
county com being brought to market is
significant. A year.ago eves last spring.
we were told .that corn would not grow in
Cheyenne county;- Tet we see a man
with a forty acre field of sod corn which
yields twenty-five "bushels- to the acre.
With such results as -this the future of
Cheyenne county,cahreadily be surmised
and that future; is., bo. less welcome
because it was so :litle; expected so short a
time affo.
- S
Sunday night Joe Crawford, who had
been employed. 'by Mr.'"E. Witcher, of
Antelbpeville, stole "& span of mules,
harness and wagon belonging to-the latter
and decamped. Telesjrams were sent to
Deputy Sheriff, John Carley. at Sidney and
Tuesday afternoon Mr. Carley nabbed the
man with the mules. Mrr'Witcher came
in from Antelope on NdiJJjyuid Crawford
was given a preliminary 'hearing before
Justice Shuman whosent'thim to jail to
await the action of the district court. " 3Ir.
"Witcher praises the deputy sheriff for
the promptness and care he exhibited in
handling the case and iwell pleased with
the outcome of the affair? " ?
"Wednesday afternoosJrt;
saloon. W. M. JJodson
in the -shoulder.
had some words, the cause
Dodsoii BBfi
1 1
being a" woman.
ing. bar, camero:
bar and threatened 5bput T)eKrick but.
The latter picked up a spittoon, but set it
down again as soon as Dodson returned to
his place behind the bar. There was an
old quarrel between the two on the same
subject, and Dodson who is quick temper
ed, crabbed a pistol, and as some claim
struck at Swan across thp bar, the pistol
going off and the ball entering his left
shoulder. Swan Deitrick says he did not
know that Dodson had a pistol or intended
to shoot him until he was shot. Dodson
hn3 nothing to say only that he considers
himself justified in defending himself.
Dr. Ewen was called and dressed the
wound, but did not probe it. The ball is
thought to have lodged near the neck.
The wounded man is getting along very
comfortably ,and the vound is not con
sidered dangerous. . JDodson was arrested
shortly after, the shooting by Sheriff
Fowler, and gave bond for his appearance.
At the preliminary examination Thursday
morning he waived examination and
was bound over to the district court.
Arthur B. Lewis, editor of the Greeley
Tribune, and superintendent of public
instruction of Greeley county,, having
perpetrated swindles upon a number of
his friends, to the amount of several
thousand dollars; has skipped out.
Among the principal losers are S. 15".
Wolbach, of Grand Island 185; Citizens
Bank, Central City, $150; H. A. Babcock,
$325; and Willie Weekes, of Greeley
county, $1,600. Mr. Lewis left Scotia, on
Monday the 12th, as hejsaid, forLincolnto
attend the State convention, and from
there nothing has been heard of him.
The Merchants Eank, of Scotia, held a
mortgage on the printing material of the
Tribune, on which they closed Saturday
afternoon, and it will probably be sold
at sheriff's sale to satisfythe mortgage.
Everything Lewis had was plastered -over
with mortgages, and his victims of mis
placed confidence will have to be losers.
Mr. Lewis was one of those goody-
goody-men. Iforth Loup Mirror.
An elopement! No, not quite that, but
there came near being one Saturday night.
A young man, a former resident of this
place, who now resides at a neighboring
town, had wooed and won the heart of
one of our young-ladies, and on Saturday
came' to Central City for the purpose of
taking his affianced to his home and
making her his wL.i. The objection of
paterfamilis standing in the way of a
happy and harmonious wedding, a meet
ing was arranged and was about to take
place, when the stern parent swooped
down upon the scene and escorted the
young lady home. The last heard from
the other party to the muss was that he
would be back, again soon, and would then
take the girl with him or bust Central
City Nonpareil.
Wolves are getting bad in the German
neighborhood west of us. They have
destroyed forty pigs for Agusta Rathe and
a great deal of poultry and young stock
for other farmers. A turnout anions- the
farmers, would be a good thing. It is
suggested by -a friend that a day be set
for a grand hunt to exterminate them.
Sterling Press. ,
.Pipes and all kinds of .fixtures.for pipes
at Schmalzried ITinton's.
Mr. Fiemer reports that a-farmer living
northwest of Holdredue a few miles,
killed thirty-three rattlesnakes last week
They had taken possession of an aband
oned prairie dog town. Holdrege
A lady who has kept a record of the
time elapsing; between rains since her
arrival here last April' says that nineteen
days is the longest period during whiclx
we have been without ruin. Culbertson
The Plattsmouth Journal says that "the
state democracy is, as of old, face to face
with the enemy." This is a gratifying
piec jf intelligence. The democrats o
Nebraska are --generally ,onthe run with
their backs to the enemy.
Last Friday a large gray eagle swooped
down on the poultry yard of P. G. Tyler,
who lives in K precinct. Mrs. Tayler ran
out. and seizinjr a club, knocked the bird
down and killed it. It was brought to
Seward on Saturday and bought by John
Zimmerer, who will have it mounted
The bird is a large one measuring seven
feet from tip to tin' of its wings. Seward
Reporter. n
From a private source we learn that
the youth who was appointed to a naval
cadetship from, the Second Nebraska
District, has got hisfpojjn it at Annapolis.
On arriving at the acadjmy he, of course,
was put through the hazing process, and
to use a slang expression "squealed on
the boys," which has raised a little row,
All the cadets are now making it about as
warm for him as possible and the end is
not yet. Hastings Gazette.
From J. C. Lewis, who came down
from the north Thursday afternoon, we
learn of a sad accident which happened
at Pierce at 9 o'clock in the morning.
Mr. Campbell, the liveryman of the town,
was in the office of the constable, who was
at that time cleaning his shotgun. After
the weapon had been carefully cleaned, it
was loaded up with a heavy load, and in
careless handling it was discharged, the
contents striking. Campbell, and tearing
off the top of his head, scattering his
brains all over the walls, and, unneces
sarily to state, killing him instantly
Aliens own twenty-five million acres of
3-Hierican sour; vv.-
.S-maturCt nf fcrptnrir?Vii?a',nlpfl" at.
iiuuisuu, w is., Dinuruay.
The railroads of Pennsylvania employ
over seventy thousand men.
Barnum wants to buy and exhibit the
engine which killed Jumbo.
President Cleveland has expressed an
opinion that the Republicans will carry
New York.
There are in Utah 12,000 polygamists
according to President Taylor. It is clear
that the Territorial penitentiary
enlarged. .
The English language contains
38,000 words, and yet when a man wishes
to stop a street car he cannot think of
anything better to say than "Ili !"
The New York bank statements of
last week show a reserve decrease of six
million. Banks now hold thirty-one
million iu excess of legal acquirements.
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Coon in compliance 'with a request from
Secretary Manning lias handed in his
resignation. It was done for political
reasons only.
In the single scull race between Teemer
and Hanlin at McKeesport last Saturday
Teemer won by eleven lengths. The time
was 21 :13, the distance being three miles
and a turn.
In a game of ball played at Cincinnati
Saturday between the St. Louis Browns
and the Chicagos, for the championship of
the world the former club won by a score
of 13 to 4.
Human lives are valued at 5 apeice in
Pennsylvania ; at least a mine boss who
was convicted at Wilksbarre of causing
the death of ten men went free after pay
ing a $50 line.
Oscar Wilde says : "The American girl
is the prettiest despot in the world. She
seems to me to be a little oasis of pictur
esque unreasonableness in a desert of
common sense."
"A Denver Chinaman, who stumbled
over a nest ot hornets,-' says tne isew
York Sun, "was seen flying down the street
yelling: "Jess! Dam! Melican hellee,
firee birds !"
A noticeable migration of Chinese from
the west to the east is noted. Since the
Wyoming massacre not less than 500 are
said to have gone into New York and
A Indian youth of the Kiowa tribe is
being educated for the ministry by the
Presbyterians of Carlisle, Penna. He
belonged to the Indian training school at
that place.
Detectives now travel on the Pennsyl
vania Railroad trains with orders to arrest
all persons found stealing rides. This
will save many lives and limbs and
effectually break up the ride-stealing
business heretofore extensively indulged
in by tramps.
Andrew Carnegie, of Pittsburg has
given the workmen of the Keystone
bridge works -a house, and lot worth
$25,000 dollars to be used as a public
library and meeting place for themen,
and a cash gift of $1,000 toward buying
the books necessary for a library.
must be
The hostility of the New York Times
to Senator Sherman has been traced back
to its starting point and found to date
from the time when Sherman, as secretary
of the treasury, made Jones, the owner of
the Times, pay duty on a large quantity
of goods he was caught trying to smuggle
into tho country.
The democrats boasted last year that
they had killed the republican party : but
the grand old party persistently refuses
to stay dead. The election of Logan in
Hlinois. the recent victory in Ohio and
the excellent prospects in New York
are evidence of a pretty lively corpse
John Sherman will now be one of the
three -men elected to five-full terms to
the United States Senate. Thomas H.
Benton of Missouri, was tho only man
who served thirty consecutive year3 m
th senate. Henry B. Anthony was
elected to five full consecutive terms to
the senate by Rhode Island, but he died
soon after entering his fifth term.
igland is apparently preparing to
acquire the kingdom of liurmah. Tiie
declared purpose of the British govern
ment is only to depose the present king,
and raise up a new rulor who will bo con
troled by a resident and be thoroughly
subservient to British interests. The
actual absorption of Burmah will come
The National bank and government of
Mexico have finally come to an agreement,
greatly to the relief of the business com
munity. The bank will now resume full
operations. The government now agrees
to give, the bank 114 per cent of customs
and revenuesbeginning with November,
the Verna Cruz custom house not to be
included until the beginning of the new
The Fusion canididate for auditor of
Wayne county, la., has just been caught
short about a thousand dollars in his
accounts, he being the incumbent of the
office. They do all seem to be tarred and
feathered with the same stick. In this
case the rascal was allowed to pay up, and
will probably not be jailed.
Omaha is troubled with thieves, thugs,
oot-pads And other disreputable char
acters. Street cars are stopped and the
drivers robbed at the muzzle of revolvers;
houses are entered and the iinates chloro-
ormed and robbed and all of these things
withjn,a week.. The Herald, of-thatcity
calls loudly for better police protection
aud throws out suggestive Mnts of vigilant
General Manager Callaway, of the
Union Pacific sa3's that all reports of a
threatened coal famine in the district
dependent upon the company's mines
are untrue. The needs.of the road will
bo supplied from Iowa and Missouri,
while the output from Wyoming and
Colorado, although a trifleshort at present
will be soon ample to meet all custom
A stock train on the Chicago Burlington
Quinc- the other night crossed the
land office blanks apply at this
state of Iowa from tho Missouri to the
Missippi, a distance of 21)0 miles, in
seven hours anu twenty-one minutes.
his is at the extraordinar- rate of 39.4
miles per hour. The train consisted of
seventeen cars, equipped with air brakes
At the end of the run the contents must
have been "jerked beef."
"No, sir," said a gentleman from
Arkansas, as he sat down in the sanctum
chair yesterday and elevated his boots
with tho firmness and grace belonging
to his citizenship. "The fact that mobs
are in the habit of burning people alive
in jail down in my state is no reflection on
the civilization of my state. It is merely
an efficient and emphatic reminder to the
criminal class that a jail is a healthy
place to stay out of. We don't have any
Ferd Ward parlor bed rooms and forty'
dollars a day board attached to the
reformatory institutions of our state."
The reports from tho iron indnstry in
the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, are of
an exceedingly encouraging nature. It
is said that the preperation of mills in
order to resume work contim j steadily,
and that nearly every day adds another
mill to those in which it is expected that
work will soon begin. Thero has not
been a more cheering piece of informa
tion in a long time. It confirms the
favorable reports which we have heard in
an inde'finite sort of way for several
months past. When the iron mills start
up we may feel assured the return of
prosperous times is near.
The legislature of Ohio will have 37
senators and 110 representatives. Fifteen
counties in the state have not been heard
from officially, yet enough is known to
make it certain that counting Hamilton
county as giving 4 democratic senators
and 10 democratic representatives, the
senate will stand democrats, 20; republi
cans 17; while the house will be, demo
crats, 52 ; republicans 58. This will make
the complexion of tho legislature on joint
ballot republican. No change from this
adversely' to the republicans is likely to
occur. Contests will likely seat the
entire republican delegation from Hamil
ton county.
You may not be aware of it, but it's a
fact, that many of the medicines recom
mended for croup contain cither
chloroform or opium, and cannot be
given to children in tho large and
freq'uent doses required, in cases of croup,
with any degree of safety. They are
dangerous and should be avoided at all
times. There is oue preparation, however,
that does not contain a single ingredient
that would injure a child, and it is certain
and positive cure for croup, and that is
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It has
cured thousands of cases and can always
be depended upon. Sold by Gray &
A Brooklyn landlady nccidently put
kerosene in her coffee the other morning
and was much mortified when her board
ers unanimously congratulated her upon
the improvement thereby created. New
York 'Graphic.
The prospects of a splendid building x
season in 1886 are getting brighter- every
day. The future of Hastings is assured,
and nothing can prevent her from becom
ing a city of 20,000 inhabitants inside of
ten years. Hastings Gazette. -
From behind the counter the salesman
and the saleslady are as impassive as ever,
and we all feel, probably, something akin
to dread at proposing thepurchase of aa .
article-lest the transaction involved some "55
trouble on their part. Philadelphia
Sutherland Edwards has published a
novel called "What is a Girl to Dor
That depends somewhat; if she wants to
climb over a fence she is to look cau
tiously in every direction, gather her
skirts in one hand, then change her mind
and crawl under. Binghamton Hcpubli'
Dr. Townsend a methodist clergyman
at Buffalo has resigned his charge because
he does not belivee in eternal punishment.
And a great number of clergymen who
don't believe in it any more than he does,
but who lack f his manliness, are stoning
him from a safe distance. Philadelphia
The Romanist, the Episcopalian, and .
all the Protestant sects.are too busy build
ing hospitals, foundling schools and co
operating societies, and reforming ino
drunkard and the prostitute, to arguo
about the old tenents for which they used
to shoot and burn each other. Jvtttaatf-
phia Press.
The Right of way.
The most satisfatory evidence that tho
new railroad, the Grand Island & Wyo
ming Central, means business is the fact
that they have already commenced the
purchase of the right-of-way from the
new road north west from this places
Yesterday Mr. L. M. Bennett who owns
the first section of landadjacent to'the
city limits received "'payment from the
company, and other land through which
the line is surveyed will be bought as
rapidly as possible. G. W. Holdrege, J.' .
G. Taylor and C. D. Dorman, in hehalf of' - :
same will bo opened at the company's
office iu Grand Island, the capitol stock a3
provided in the 'articles of incorporation
amounting to over $7,000,000. That tho
new corporation means business there no
longer exists a doubt, and Grand Island
has just causo to feel elated over the
railroad prospects, this new line, and one
or two prospective ones insure the city.
G. I. Independent.
New Plan for Transporting: Emtgranta.
A circular has just been issued by J. W.
Morse, general passenger agent of the
Union Pacific railroad, announcing an
important change in the traveling accom
modations offered by that road. The circu
hir announces that beginning with the
date of the circular rntnh.
13th, tho third class emigrant
tickets of the road will be honored for
passage on express trains, not only over
their lines, but also over those of their
western connections. Emigrant sleeping
cars, with free births, are provided as
as before, except that these are attached
to fast express trains, instead of freight
trains, at Ogden. A passenger holding a
third class or emigrant ticket to any point
west, will now make exactly the same
time as one holding a first or second class
This is a change which tho road has
desired for years. It is esnecinHv rrot?
- j
fymg to them, therefore, to have their
California connection follow the example
of their Oregon connection, and give their
emigrant passengers first class accommo
dations as to trains and running time.
Through emigrant passengers now hav
all the privileges of first class passengers
except stop over and Pullman sleeping
car accommodations. The patrons of the
road will appreciate the change. They
will now save two day's time between
Missouri River and California points.
The through time between Omaha nrf
San Francisco is three and one half days.
Time between Kansas City and Sn
Francisco is less than four days.
A few years ago the emigrant time
from Omaha to San Frncisco was seven
days. The change announced in this
circular reduces it to three and one-half-days.
This rapid transit, combined
with the superior accommodation afforded
emigrants going to California, Oregon
or Washington, via Union Pacific will
increase its already large emierant mD?
- W (J - MU4i
The stop-over privilege often days to
look at lands in California. "Mh
Oregon, and Washington is continued.
lime Dy days at present is as folios .
Leave Omaha, Monday 8:20 t
Cheyenne, Thursday. 6:10 o. m- nJ
Wednesday 6:00 p. m.: Reno. Thnrtw
8:40 p.m.; arrive San Francisco. Friday
11:10 a.m.
Colic in Horses, Chamberlain' nnK
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is a re
tain cure for colic in horses. Many horse
men have used it for years and in
hundreds of cases without loosino- r.
The dose for colic in a horse ia four
table-spoons in half pint of water to be
repeated in 30 minutes, if nece&wrv tk
second dose is seldom required. Sold bv
vrav oc. jo.
Thacker keeps the finest hrrt of
portal CV.W. Try them.
-.-.- Ja r-. .tsar . :-.- ?. .

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