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' STEVENS &BAEE, Prop's.
'"I TERMS: .
k One Year, in Advance, ..... 1.50.
Six Months, in Advance, - - - .75.
Three Months, in Advance, - - .50.
-Advertising Rates on Application.
NO. 18.
Office iaHinman's "Block on Spruce Street, orer
the Post Office.
-: Attoi'ney-at-Xjaw,
Office in Court Honee,
Physician and Surgeon.
Ornci: McDonald's Block, up staire.
Residenco on West Sizth Street.
Land Office at North Platte, Neb.. May 10th, 1687.
Notice is hereby given that the f ollowinp-nnmed
settler has tiled notice of her intention to make
final proof in support of her claim, nnd that said
proof will be made before the Register or Re
ceiver at North Platte, Neb., on July 7th, 1837, viz:
Mary K. llolcombe, who made homestead entry
2178 for the nortwest quarter, of section li), town
ship 13, range 27. She names the following wit
nesses to prove her continuous residence upon,
nnd cultivation of said land, viz: W. H. Plnmmer,
J.W. Jcwett, John McCullouh, llussell Fowles.
all of Maxwell, Neb.
17 Wm. Neville.
ofjfice at his old stax1) over
; e. Jl. cary's grocery stork.
Estimates on Work Furnished.
. Shop Corner Cottonwood and Third Sts
east of Catholic church.
U. S. Land Oflice, )
North Platte. Neb.. April?, 1887. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim and that said
proof will be made before the Register and Re
ceiver of the U. S. Land Office at North Platte,
Nebraska, on June 10th. 18S7, viz: Samuel R. Wil
son on declaratory statement No. 8018 for the
northwest Quarter section U, town 9, range S5.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
saii land, viz: David Brownley. John Harvey.
Timothy Hopping and Sidney Hopping nil of
Phebe. Nebraska.
And you, George C. Vauglin, who filed D. S.
0187 for the same land will appear at the same
time nnd place and show cause, if any, why said
proof should not be allowed.
Wm. Neville, Register.
Land Office at North Platte, Neb., )
April 11th, 1SS7. f
Notice is hereby given that tlie following-named
settler has filed notice of Ids intention to make
final proof in support of his claim and tiiat said
proof will be made before the Register nnd Re
ceiver of the 0. S. Land Office at North Platte,
Neb., on June lSth, 18S7. viz: Samuel B. Brooks, on
Homestead Entry No. 3438 for the northeast quar
ter section '2S, twp 3, range 28. He names the
following witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon anil cultivation of said land, viz: W.
II. Plummcr. T. Roberts. ('. W. Horn and J. W.
.Tewett, all of Maxwell. Neb.
13!) Wm. Neville, Register.
Land Office at North Platte, Neb., ?
i, 1K57. )
8 " i Notice is hereby given that the following-named
finnl proof in support of his claim and that said
proof will bo niado before the Register and Re
ceiver of the U. S. Land Oflice at North Platte,
Neb., on June 13th, 1887, viz: George C. Hawkins
on Homestead Entry No. 4',:i7 for the south half
of tho southeast quarter and the northwest quar
ter of the. southeast qnnrter section 18, and tho
northeast quarter of tho northeast quarter sec
tion lit. two Si. ranee 2li. He names the follow
ing witnesses to nrove his continuous residence
J upon nnd cultivation of said land, viz: Wallace
i Raskin, Rodger Davidson, Thomas McClealland
j and Wallace Votaw,aIl of Buchanan. Lincoln Co.,
ftel). 13 M. Neville, Jlegister.
ill mm and Mcniiogc,
Room 12, Land Oflice Block.
General Law and. Land Oflice Business
City and Farm Property for Sale.
Fire and Tornado Insurance Written.
Money to Loan on Improved City and
Farm Property at Low Rates of Interest.
Studio in county superintendent's ollice
at court houso. Instruction given in oil
painting, portrait and crayon work and
drawing. Class meets Tuesday and Sat
urday afternoons. Visitors welcome.
Manufacturer of
And Dealer In
Pipes, Tobacco, Etc.,
Spruce St., North Platte.
Fine Boot and Shoe Maker,
And Dealer In
Land Office at North Platte, Neb.,
April 11th, 1857. f
Notice is hnrebv irivon that tho followinc-named
! settler lias filed notice of his intention to make
' 12 1 r 1 J
mini proot in support oi ins ciaim nnu ir.ai, t-uui
proof will be made before the register and re
ceiver of the U. S. Land Office at North Platte,
Nebraska, on Juno 13th. 1887, viz: Solomon
Urooks on Homestead Entry No, 2345 for tho
southeast quarter section 21, twp 13, range 23
west. Ho names the following witnesses to
prove Ids continuous residence upon nd cultiva
tion of said land viz: W. H. Plummer. T. Rob
erts. (.'. W. Horn. J. W. Jewett, all of Maxwell,
Neb. J3- Wm. Neville Register.
Perfect Fit, Best Work and Goods as
Represented or Money Refunded.
8pruco Street, bet. Front nnd Sixth,
L Haynes,
Successor to David Cash,
And Everything Usually Kept in a
Always on hand. The patronage of the public
respectfully solicited.
At the old stand. Cor. Front and Locust Sts.,
North Platte, - Nebraska
House, m m mm
Special attention given to paper hanging nnd
ceiling decorating.
Lettering and all branches of sign work in the
latest and highest 6tjle of art.
Can give figures on old and new work to con
tractors and other.
far- Acceptable trade for work solicited
3BMtal3llel3.od -- 186
Odd Fellows' Block, Spruce St.
Tho appraisers appointed to appraise tho value
of certain estrays, to-wit: One ranro and colt, ono
two year old horse and one yearling colt, taken
up by Ray Thompson on or about the 3d day of
October, 1835, and duly advertised according to
hw. having made return nnd valued the same at
$87.00, notice is hereby given that said estrays
will be sold at public auction, to tho highest bid
der for cash, at tho residence of said Ray Thomp
son, on section 22, town 14, range :, in O'Pal
lons precinct, Lincoln county, Nebraska, at the
hour of two o'clock p. m. on Tuesday, tho 7th
day of June, lft".
Dated this 5th day of May. 1837.
175 0. W. Kei's. Justice of the Peace.
In the District Court of Lincoln Count',
Clarence V. Greenaineyer, defendant,
will take notice that on the 2d day of
April, 1887, Kahn, Nusbaum & Co.,
plaintiffs herein, tiled their petition in the
district court of Lincoln county ,Nebraska,
the object and prayer of which is to re
cover from defendant the sum of $113.20
due plaintiffs on account for goods and
merchandise sold and delivered by plain
tiffs at his instance and request. That an
order of attachment was issued in said
action by the clerk of-said district court,
and on the 4th da' of April, 1887, the said
attachment was by the sheriff of said
Lincoln county duly levied upon the fol
lowing described real estate of said de
fendant to satisfy the said claim of plain
tiffs, to-wit: The north half of the south
east quarter and the north half of the
southwest quarter of section 20, township
11, range 2G west in Lincoln county, Ne
braska. You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the (ith day of June,
K.virx, Nuskaum & Co..
By J. S. IIoAGii.vxn,
Their Attorney.
iA. rvx v Of 1;o coed tilings of this
vVvt.i life ;iro sorro.fuiiy ot
alone on account of Dyspepsia. Acker's
Bvspcpi; a Tablets will euro Dyspepsia,
Indigestion and Constipation; sold on a
positive guarantee at 2o and 60 cents, bj
J. Q. Thacker.
Stat;-: ok Neiiuaska, cg
Lincoln Connty. " '
At a county court, held at the county
court room, in and for said county, April
27th, A. D. 1887.
Present, George T. Snelliug, County
Judge. - -
In the matter of the estate of Patrick
Lahey, deceased.
On reading and Sling the petition of
James Lahey, praying that administra
tion of said estate may be granted to Pat
rick Fitzgnrald as administrator.
Ordered, That June 2d, A. D. 1887, at
one o'clock p. m., is assigned for hearing
said petition, when all persons interested
in said matter may appear at a county
court to be held in and for said county
and show cause why the prayer of peti
tioner should not be granted ; and that no
tice of the pendency of said petition and
the hearing thereof be given to all per
sons interested in said matter by publish
ing a copy of this order in the Licoif
County Tkiuune, a weekly newspaper
printed in said county for three succes
sive weeks prior to said daT of hearing.
A true copy.
George T. Spelling,
1G3 County Judge.
results, are Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets.
Recommecd-jd by plijsicins and endorsed
by all who liavo'nse-l ib;;;n. The best
remedy forByspcp?-;a, F!atulcncy,acd Con
stipation. Guarantee.?, rr.vl sold at 25c by
J. Q. Thacker.
)3urfc and Mears' Shoes for men
are the best shoe made in the United
States. For sale at the Star Boot
and Shoe Store.
New California can goods and dried
fruits at Grady's opposite the postoffice.
I that mystic path was treading " V:
When the sun his rars were shedding, . . v ;
Beaming,- gleaming, fairly streaming. throtKo'trees;
And I watched the streamlet glistening ' ; .
As entranced, I there was listening,
To the merry, melting music oii.the breeze;- :.
When beneath a tree reclining,
Where no rays of sun were shining,
Lo! I saw a fellow being on the ground. ' ,y4
Though no other feature shifted. :
Quickly his eyes uplifted
Upward lifted tts he wildly looked ariumd.t"
"Good friend,1' said I approaching, ,.
;iDo not charge me with encroaching;
Are you wailing for some messenger you chose?'5
But no other vord he uttered, ,savc.
"You'll iind none other like the Palace Clothes'."
"That's '- acrauge expression, surely,"
Said I, looking down deinurel, - :
ul trust good sir that 3rou the question will suppose"
Bur. he only looked the prouder
As he-spoke the. words the louder.
"There's always perfect comfort liitffcHarace Glothes."
"Why bless me man,'" I shouted,'
As his sanity I doubted, ' " -
"'Tis surely naught to me what you propose,1' '
But he only cried the higher - .
With enthusiastic fire,
"You'll save your cash by wearing Palace Clothes."
So then resolved to tiy them, ..
Nay, I felt compelled to buy them,
And behold! I've cause for gladness,
For the words I deemed were madness
Induced me thus to purchase Palac3 ClotHes
Very truly yours,
- V ft
LOU F. SIMON, Manager.
Clothiers and Gents' Furnishers.
Bargai ns in -an.Lo.
Sghty Acres of Land Suitable for Addition to Sterling.
Choice Tree Claim Relinquishments Cheap.
School and Mm kit h Sale Skp.
Tf you have anychiug for sale or trade write to
Brick Livery Stable,
IS-u-rL To3r ZD. "W. Besacli,
on short notice and tit reasonable rates. Horses boarded bv the week or
month. Careful and competent employes. Stable opposite the Hawley
House on east Fifth street.
The Logan Guard ct Honor met on
Saturday eveniug and made further ar
ragements for the special service which
they design holding at General Logan's
tomb on Decoration day. It is very prob
able that 5 p. m. will be the hour selected
so that those who attend the services at
Arlington will have a chance to witness
the Logan ceremonies also. A committee
of ten ladies, Mrs. F. V. Tallmadge,
chairman, was appointed to take charge
of the flowers. A special badge for mem
bers of the guard will be manufactured.
A committee on programme was appoint
ed. Dr. John P. Newman sent an invit
ation to the Guard, requesting their pres
ence at Metropolitan church on Sunday
evening, May 29, when special services
will bo held. The Commander-in-Chief
was notified as to the proposed special
service and comrades throughout the
country were invited to send floral tributes
Armour & Co. have consented to store all
flowers received by the committee.
Berg's Cherry Cough Syrup
' "Will relieve that cough almost instantly
and make expectoration easy. Acts
simultaneously on the bowels, kidneys and
liver, thereby relieving the lungs of that
soreness and pain and also stopping that
tickling sensation in the throat by remov
ing the cause. One trial of it will con
vince any one that it has no equal on
earth for coughs and cold. A. F. Streitz
has secured the sale of it and will guar
antee every bottle to give satisfaction.
New Yoke, May 14. The Times speci
al from Ottawa, Ontario, says that the
Government has decided to expend $G0,
000 more than last year in tha way of
coast defences as well as average at an
early date for a large supply of the rifles
and three pound Nordenfeidt guns which
will he placed in position along the At
lantic and Pacific, as well as different
poiuts along the coatt. Only a few days
ago the English government forwarded
three heavy cannons to British Columbia
to be stationed at Fort Moody, and several
others are to he placed at different points
along the Pacific coast. It is not at all
unlikely that at an early day a regiment
of English soldiers will be dispatched for
regular service in British Columbia.
Nov Has Faith.
I had been troubled all winter with
cold and pain in the chest and got no
relief from remedies recommended by
Druggists and Physicians. At the same
time I was advertising Dr. Bosanko's
Cough and Lung Syrup. I had little
faith, but thought to try it as a last resort,
now I believe even more than they tell
me of its curative qualities. From tho
iVctM, Elizabeth, Ivy. Sample bottles
5 cen.'s at A. F. Streitz's Drug Store. 1
If there ever was a humbugged and
badly taken in American people it is that
class of fools who flock to see the elon
gated Sarah Bernhardt. There are at
least a dozen American actresses who
can discount this foreign upstart, who
possesses neither reason, natural beauty
nor talent to any particulor degree.
Sarah held fortli at Omaha on Saturday
night, and the wise people of that city did
uot care to see or hear her. The result
was a small audience at which Sarah gave
an exhibition of her wretched judgment
and worse intelligence by ranting and
acting the fool, forgetting that those who
had ventured to the theatre went in good
faith and were entitled to just as good an
entertainment as the company could bring
Purify Your Blood.
If your tongue is coated.
If your skin is yellow or dry.
If you have boils.
If you have fever.
If you are thin or nervous.
If you are bilious..
If you are constipated-
If your bones ache.
If your head aches.
If 'ou have no appetite.
If you have no ambition, one bottle of
Beggs' Blood purifier and Blood Maker
will relieve any and all of the above
complaints. Sold and warranted by A. F
If the members of the next National
nominating conventions went to rest and
sleep and see the Mississippi River and
the big bridge they wiil go to St. Louis.
If they want to drink lager and take a
ride on the Miami Canal they will go to
Cincinnati. If they want to attend to
business where everybody will be com
fortable, and when the whole world can
every day know everything that is done,
they will come to Chicago. No other
city east or west offers such conveniences
as Chicago. Intcr-Occan
QLjivvp t!ie C'i'udipn. They are cs
V-JVKrV.v pocI"5.y to nuddci
Colds, Cough.-, Whooping- Coalt
etc "We i:-.-.:2;'vi Acker's Englisl
Remedy a pr it-To care. It save:
hours of anxious watching. Sold bj
J. Q. 'J backer.
Says the Hastings Gazette-J onanal:
"Tho forgeffulness of the former oflicials
of the Union Pacific when questioned as
to their knowledge of the crooked trans
actions of eight or nine years is as sur
prising as it is child-like and bland If
the Pacific Investigating committee
wishes to learn anything of the workings
of the old Union Pacific regime it might
as well ask the stars as to interrogate the
men who are most interested in covering
up their share in the questionable
f A cndreliabloMcdicincsnrelhctcst
VJ o, to depend upon. Acker's Wood El
ixir has been prescribed for yeans for all im
purities of tlie Blood. In every form of Scrof
ulous, Syphilitic or Mercurial diseases, iti3
invaluable. For Rheumatism , has no equaL
For sale bj' J. Q. Thacker.
Building in Chicago comes to a stand
still yesterday morning, and there are
probably from 13,000 to 20,000 men idle.
Part of these had no work to do, owing
to the order of the Master Mason's Asso
ciation to quit work Friday night. Others
bricklayers, stone masons and plasterers
quit work on the non-association jobs
to ascertain what their meeting at the
Battery would do. A large number of
men just on the outskirts of these trades
teamsters, hod-carriers, carpenters
were also obliged to quit. Nearby every
body recognized that there was a, chance
of a long, hard fight, and, from the various
conditions, that it was greatly a question
of endurance who would win, though
both "sides still appeared confident of
success. The contractors and material
men want the strike over, but not until
they can have all their demands allowed
without fear of au interference for a
"Wills Point, Tevas, Dec. 1,-1885.
After suffering for more than three
years with disease of the throat and lungs,
1 got so low last spring 1 was entirely un
able to do anything, and my cough was so
bad I scarcely slept any at night. My
druggist, Mr. II. F. Goodnight, sent me a
trial bottle of Dr. Bosanko's Cough and
Lung Syrup. I found relief, and after
using six $1 bottles I was entirely cured.
J. M. "Weldex.
Sample bottle 5 cents at A. F. Streitz'
The town board has taken steps to
cause tho construction of water works
in Ord, as will be seen by the minutes of
their last meetings published elsewhere.
It is needless to say that such a move is
an eminently proper one at this time.
Ord has attained a size which warrants
the procurance of the best water facilities
and the certain growth before it will mako
i them all the more necessary as the months
go by. The proximity cf the hill in the
southwest part of town renders a stand
pipe unnecessary in other words we
have a stand-pipe built by nature which
can neither burst nor blow down. The
summit of the hill is far above the tops
of the highest building and will afford
ample pressure for all needs. Let the
good work go on. Quiz.
With a view of looking over proposed
grounds for the State Hospital for Incur
able Insane to bo built at or near Hast
ings, Gov. Thayer and the entire Board
of Public Lands and Buildings, consisting
of the governor, treasurer, secretary of
state, attorney general and commissioner
of public works, arrived in the city this
afternoon at 3:50. The governor and
other oflicials were met at the depot by
Senator Ileartwell, E. C. Webster, Presi
dent Deitrich of tho Board of Trade and
others, in carriages who will cssort the
distinguished visitors to the several sites
proposed for the institution. During
their stay in this city the members of the
Board will doubtless make a definite se
lection of suitable ground, and prepara
tory work upon the hospital may bo ex
pected at au early day. Gazette-Jo urnal.
vv , .- vo -Grvcv "hy Acker's
is rrinteu, is because it 23 the best
Bic. 'I Preparation l;;:ov.n. It will posi-:5v-Ir
cure all Blond Diseases, purifies the
v.'ltc lvi sv.?tom, and ihoi oughiy builds up the
constitution. Remember, wo guarantee it.
Sold by Thacker.
Loxdox, May 14. London was ablaze
with exitement this afternoon, the occa
sion being the visit of the Queen for the
purpose of opening the People's Palace
at Mile End. The route selected for the
royal progress extends from Paddington
station in the western portion of London
to Mile End, at the extreme eastern limit,
a distance of about eight miles. After
leaving the station the line of parade de
flected southest a short distance to the
marble arch of Hyde Park ; thence it lies
in almost straight line to its termination
and was through tho longest stretch of
busy and crowded thoroughfares existing
anywhere in the world, perhaps, taking in
as it does Oxford street, Holborn, Hol
born Viaduct, Newgate street, Cheapside
Corn Hill road. Aldgate 6treet, White
chapel road and Mile End road. The
buildings along the entire way were gaily
decorated with banners, wreaths, colored
trophies, and flags, the Irish colors, and
the stars and stripes being conspicuous
in many places. The Lord Mayor and
the municipal officers of the city of Lon
don went in carriages from the Mansion
House to the city s boundary line at Hol
born. Here they alighted and awaited
the Queen, who was in an open carriage
At the Queen's approach the Lord 3Iayor
received a pearl sword from the sword
bearer. His worship lowered the point
congratulated her Majesty in coming to
the most loyal city, and presented the
sword to the Queen. She took it and re
turned it. The Lord Mayor and retinue
placed themselves in advance of the
Queen's carriage, and escorted her across
the city to the eastern boun dary at Aid
gate. Here they bade her farewell for a
brief time, and repaired to the Mansion
House to await her Majesty's return.
would enjoy your dinner
and arc prevented by Dys
pepsia, uso AcKcr s JDyspepsia Tablets.
They aro a positive cure for Dyspepsia, In
digestion, Flatulency and Constipation.
Wo guarantee them. 25 and CO cents.
Sold by Thacker's.
The greatest of American millers i3 W.
D. Washburn, of Minneapolis. He has
one mill that turns out 5,000 barrels of
flour a day, and is interested in others
whose output is enormous. There is
probably no man living who is so largely
interested in flour.
President. Cashier
on it
Ktimvi n ultimo.
Dis'coiaait Creed. STotcs.
Accoants solicited and prompt attention Riven
to aU business entrusted to its care. Interest
paid on tinio deposits.
Made at the Very Lowest Rates of Interest.
Girls look pretty on horseback, and we
love to see them. We popped tho ques
tion to the lady we now board with while
we were'gayly cantering sido by side
long ago. She jumped at the chances
and we've been jogging on together ever
since. In a town like ours, where horseu
are plenty and other outdoor Mmusement
not very numerous, we think all the girls
should be encouraged to become accom
plished equestriennes. Let young girls
ride horseback. It will make them
healthy, strong, active and self-reliant,
and gracious don't they look handsome,
prancing along on a spirited charger. Ex.
One of the Talifero boys, living near
Effingham, recently made a bet that he
could kill, clean, cook and eata spring
chicken in fifteen minutes. Preparatory
to the contest he secured the chicken, and
provided himself with a pot of boiling
water, a bucket of cold water, a hot
skillet and a hot flat iron. Wnen time
wjis called he jerked the chicken's head
off, doused it in a pot of boiling water,
slipped the feathers off, cleaned it, aud
then laid tho fry flat in the pan, with the
flat iron on top, to cook the upper side
At the close of eleven and a half .minutes
he had tho chicken's bones beautifully
Red Cloud, Neb,, May 14. A hotly-
contested wrangle of over two days' dura
tion about the question of license was
to-day finally disposed of. The petition
of J. A. Palm being rejected, and those of
J. S. Rotherick aud James Gremmenger
were withdrawn, after a bitter contest in
augurated by the law and "order league.
Red Cloud will have no saloons for the
present, and probably none during the
present year.
The Ilastiugs Independent utters truth
in the following: "Nowspapers owned by
corporations maybe afraid the working
men will turn out anarchists, but journals
of sense havo the confidence in the sturdy
loyal character of the men who are poor
and have to labor. Take it in the late
war and the lorger part of the fighting
was done by tho laboring men or their
sons. The poor people never yet ruined
a nation or a state."
A fine horse that was ridden at the in
auguration of President Cleveland and
of Governor Beaver, ran away at Shamo
kiu, Pa., the other evening, threw Father
O'Reilly out of the carriage, plunged into
a mine and was instantly liilled.
A bar of iron, worth 5, worked into
horseshoes, is said to be worth lO.o'X;
made into needles is worth 335; made
into penknife blades it is worth 3,2S5 ;
made into balance springs of watches it la
worth $250,000.
New York World, dem: The presi
dent undoubtedly gains from the fact that
the old leaders are mostly dead. Sey
mour, Tilden, Hendricks, Hancock, Mc
Clellan are gone Thurman survives, but
is too old to be considered as a candidate
The democratic party is really poor in
statesmen of national reputation, of the
ability, learning and experience that
should be looked for in a presidential
At a representative gathering of west
ern and southwestern newspaper men at
Kansas City the other day, resolutions
were adopted-commending the provision
of the inter-state commerco law which
prohibits the issuing of passes.
Belvidere, following the example of
Hebron, sent to Chicago a train load of
cattle, sheep and hogs. The train w:u
decorated with flags, mottoes and invita
tions to the world to come to Belvidere.
It went over the Burlington road.
A queer accident happened ne:ir Ponca
one day lsst week. Paul Duflin, a
butcher, had erected a small platform
upon which to slaughter a cow. While
jumping up and down upon it to test its
strength a board broke and the end flew
up and struck him in the back of the
head, killing him instantly.
A peculiar blunder occurred in the
engraving of the plate from which the
reverse sido ofthe 5 certificates were
printed. It will be noticed that on the
back of the certificates are the fac-siiniles
of five silver dollars. The third one
from the left corner of the certificate has
"trust" spelled "trast". Where the word
appears in other places on tho certificate
it is spelled properly.
The New York Tribune says as "they
arc talking of starting a 'wet' campaign
in Atlanta, Ga., they couldn't do better
than to secure the services of Colonel
Rainwater, of St. Louis; Major Drink
water, of Denver; General Rosewater,
of Omaha, and Captain Broadwater, of
Governor Hill of New York will please
take notice that it is authoritatively stated
that "General Buckner's babv will bo
good for at least 10,000 votes for the
General for Governor of Kentucky." If
such facts don't open the eyes of bachelor
Governors, what will ?
Kansas City is getting very jealous of
Omaha and Nebraska, since Buffalo Bill
was welcomed by the royal family, and
hints are given that the Prince of Wales
will visit the chief of "the Wild West
Show," in his Nebraska home next year.
Kansas City has nothing to bank against
such destinction. If the Prince comes ho
will likely buy a corndr lot in Omaha
and then K. C's anguish would be com
plete and overwhelming.
For the most delicious ice creamand
soda water call at Ries'.
For fresh delicious ' candies call at

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