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building, 235,000, live stock com
mimion. 80.240: 'railroad commis-
- f 9
gion, 23,516: fish commission, 12,
500; insurance on public buildings,
24,000; revenue books and blanks,
25,000; 500 copies new edition com
piled statutes 12,500; abstracts of
lands from TJ. S. land office, 2,500;
fugitives from justice, sheriffs fees,
etc., 40,000; county treasurers fees
and mUege, 75,000; prosecuting un
authorized insurance companies,
1,500; advertising, 4,871; printing
laws, journals, etc., 25,000; board of
agriculture, 4,000; state historical
society, 2,500; state horticultural
society, .2,000; refunding taxes 6,
000; capitol, 325,000; support of
militia, 48,000; miscellaneous, 53,
307.23. Making a total expendi
ture of $2,722,896.86.
Several of the appropriations
suggest that economy could be prac
ticed without injury to the interests
of the state. We will only refer to
two. For instance $2,400 for a
clerk is a pretty comfortable salary,
more than nine-tenths of our busi
ness men make with the investment
of capital and years of experience.
$20,000 are appropriated for fuel
and lights for the insane hospital at
Lincoln. We would not haye the
unfortunate inmates of this institu
tion suffer with cold or live in the
dark, but it will occur to the aver
age taxpayer that $20,000 will buy
a "right smart" of coal and gas.
Its about $55 per day or ten tons of
coal for every rday in the year.
North Platte, Aug. 29, 1887.
The Lincoln County Teacher's
Institute commenced at 9 o'clock a.
m. in the public school building,
the county superintendent, J; I.
Nesbitt, in the chair. Prof. All
wine and J. H. Byerly were appoint
ed instructors. The Superintendent
and Prof. All wine made some ap
propriate instructors remarks after
which an organization was perfect
ed, A. J. Dill was appointed secre
tary. Outlines under the head of
"School Economy and Object
Words" were placed upon
the board and instruction given
in the subjects by Prof. Allwine.
A committee of three, consisting
of A. J. Dill, Mary Loftus and Mary
A. Conway, was appointed to pre
pare questions for discussion.
The following questions were
proposed after which the Institute
adjourned until half past one
o'clockp. m.
1. Which should be taught first,
scnpt or print; the discussion to be
opened by Miss Federhoff.
2. What is the best method of
teaching spelling in the country
schools; the discussion to be opened
by Miss Wheeling.
- The subject Alcohol and Narco
tics was taken up and instruction
given by J. H. Byerly, such ques
tions as he deemed proper were put
before the class during the time.
Prof. Allwine then gave instruc
tion on the first principles of ;pen-
lanship including penholding,
bsition and movement.
The discussion on the subject of
tript and print became quite inter-
King ana occupied an me time to
devoted to the discussion of
bjects. The following persons
irticipated in the discussion fA. J.
ill, Miss Loftus", Miss Federhoff,
iss Kocken, Miss Mason,. Miss
eland .and Miss Conway. . This
followed by primary geography
Prof. Allwine. Business papers
jrethen presented and occupied
e remainder of the time till adornment.
The following are the names of
e teachers present:
Prof. H. W. Allwine and J. H.
rerly, insiructdrs: Misses Mary
Conwav, city; badie Thomas,
by, taught 1 term; Mary Loftus,
y, 7 terms; Maggie McKenzie,
y; Mellie Clark, Garfield; Lida
impoeii, uarneitt; Mary. A wroner
ax well; Nettie Isenhood, city;,
anie Wheeling, city, 2 terms;
atie McKoen, Vroman, 2 terms;
luline Kocken, city, 8 terms;
ara Federhoof, city, 4 terms;
unice Babbitt, city, 8 terms;
onie Stolle, city; Effie Cleland,
fcy-,.16 terms: Mamie C. Mason,
fcyi taught m Normal school;
lartha A. Kirby, city, 2 terms;
flla blade, city, b terms; Nellie
Baker, Cottonwood Springs 4
rms; Jennie Bostwick, city;
Irtha Thoelecke, city; Annie
lyder, Maxwell; Mrs. Bessie John-
i, Myrtle, 4 terms; Mrs. Artie
iher, Brady Island, excused and
nt home; A. J. Dill, Brady Is
id, 20 terms; J. I. Porter, Wal
be; John Grant, Samuel A.
Isley; visitors, Rev. Stump.
Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1886.
fThe Institute opened with sing-
h: the superintendent in the
pir. All the teachers were pres-
Permanent school organization
Is then taken up and made very
eresting and called out various
mons or the class.
language lessons came next and
Til I " I !!
jupiea tne time tin recess.
Elementary arithmetic, primary
ping and the query box occupied
time to noon.
(he general discussion of ques
s was resumed in the afternoon.
( question "What is the best
it i t ii n
uoa or teacning spoiling m ine
mon schools was discussed at
fch by the members of the In-
bnmanship was continned, the
ructor dwelling on the princi-
used m writing aud the analy-
the letters.
pis was followed by instruction
kcal and advanced geography.
istruction on narcotics and alco
pras given by illustration experi-
E3 in cnemistry, snowing tne
ical change produced by the
i-of heat on alcohol.
pe -superintendent gave some
labie instructions in regardto
ttcial jand, "school Maw. The
(in.iweri.vMitwp8 - durii
tev. Stump,. Mr. Stevens, editor
Lklbuke, attorney Manna, and
Votaw aud D. M. Gorman
thers. The following Questions
e read for discussion.
What are the objects of reci-
Ion i discussion opened by Miss
How manv distinct recitations
luld we have in country schools?
jassion opened by Miss Conway.
lTTI 1 1 ii n
p. vvnataie tne ooiects or ex-
lination? discussion opened bv
Iss Kocken.
ft. What are essentials in educa-
h? discussion onened bv A. J.
Vedotsday, Aug. 31, 1887.
nstitute opened by singing,
)f . Allwine in the chair. The
nutes were read and approved.
School economy was the first ex-
sise. Most of the time was occu-
;d with the particular division
own tis "school government,
veral persons save opinions in
ning Prof. Allwine, Miss Feder-
Dt, Miss Conway, Messrs Dill,
rter, Votaw, Nation and others.
language lessons, primary anth-
ilhic and primary reading occu-
kl the time until noon.
Miss Cleland and Miss Kocken
illustrated their methods of teach
ing primary reading; the former
favoring script and the latter print,
in beginning the work.
The general discussion of subjects
was continued in the afternoon.
The time was devoted to one
question on "objects of recitation."
rlhe next exercise was penmanship,
followed by advanced geography,
including map drawing.
The first period after recess was
taken up by Mr. Byerly in explain
ing narcotics, which resulted in the
opinion that alcohol is" useless as
food and as medicine except in rare
cases where it is used as a stimulant
Prof. Allwine then took up the
time till four o'clock with practical
instructions m book-keeping, ex
plaining drafts, orders, due bills
and other every day facts. The
following visitors were present dur
ing the day. Messrs Nation and
Porter, teachers. P. H. Sullivan,
member of the school board North
Platte, Jennie Carlson, Annie
Kraniph, Mrs. Dr. Longley, Lepra
Stevens, Belle Adamson, Jessie
Ries, Minnie Shrader, Allie Dickey,
Opal McGaughey, Birdie McGau-
Shey, Mrs. J. S. Hoagland, Miss
ibbie Hoagland, Miss Susie Hoag
land, Mary Sullivan, Mrs. Iddings,
Henry W. Wagenseller, teacher in
the county enrolled, and Rev. Ams
bary. Thursday, Sept. ls
The institute opened by singing,
Prof. Allwine in the chair.
The mwm called and thirty
two teachers responded to their
names. The following teachers of
the county" were 5 enrolled: Misses
Florence andi Georgie McNeil, Mina
M. Mills m; J. W. Nation. School
economy Tvaff jthe first; exercise. The
subject &b)l 'exercises regulated
and unregulated occupied consider
able time. During I the language
exercise an interesting discussion
took placknvolving the principles
of advanced grammai-. Thii was
f ollowedVbv - the usual exercises.
Considerable flinie was taken up
during thef afternoon session in ex
hibiting progress prepared by diff
erent teajkers.
Mr. Byeily in his instruction on
narcotics idwelt at , considerable
length on'the effects of tobacco.
The exercises in , book-keeping
consistedfof an explanation of how
to open and conduct a set of books
in single entry.
The following visitors were pres
entJXrs. Stevens and daughter
Thomas Keliher.
Friday, Sept. 2, 1887.
The institute opened by singing,
Prof. Allwine in the chair. Miss
Mason presided at the organ. She
has kjndly volunteered her services
as organist during the session of
the institute. Thirty-five teachers
have enrolled.
An interesting discussion took
place in regard to school govenir
ment. Several teachers gave their
opinion on the subject. Prof. All
wine read an appropriate article on
"Motives of Teachers."
The following committee on reso
lutions was appointed: Samuel A.
Risley, Misses Babbitt and Mason."
The usual program was followed
in theafternoon after which the
institute closed.
A. J. Dill, Sec'y-
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of sale issued by the clerk of the
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska,
in an action therein Kuhn, Nusbaum &
Co are plaintiffs and Clarence V. Greena
jneyer is defendant; I will on the 3d day
of October, 1887, at one o'clock p. m. on
said day, at the front door of the court
house of said county, in North Platte, sell
at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, the following described real es
tate described in said order to-wit: The
north half of the southeast quarter and
the north half of the southwest- quarter of
section 20, township 11, range 26, in Lin
coin county, Nebraska.
334 Luke Haley, Sheriff.
WE WAKN all those who have not taken
advantage of the Clearance Sale at the
North Platte Boot and Shoe Store to
do so at once. Time is passing. Our 30
days will soon be up, and those who shall
have neglected to take advantage of the
Will have reason to regret their action
when prices are advanced.
We Wll have quite a lot of goods on
hand which we are obliged to sell
As oiir'Fall Stock is arriving weekly. Come
one and all. We are always ready to show
our goods. 4 Tours Truly,
M(9lSiilBidck, Stxrace stelii;. A--
No. Platte Town Lot Co.
'r - I.
Mm !
We are now prepared to fill orders for both
Cheap and Medium- Priced Goods. We do not
bicy in Omaha or Council Bluff s. We buy direct
from the manufacturers, being thus enabled to
give our customers the benefit of the profit those
Oma7ia firms must have.
Cur goods ave the best, and they must be
closed out for want of room, and there being too
much iveight for our building. ;1
We will offer extra inducements to puf
chasers during the next 15 days.
Be sure and call before the stock, is brokea and
see for yourselves.
Any one wishing to buy on long time withpasy,
payments, they can buy and not miss what they
have to pay each iveeh or month.
Be sure and call. Whether you buy oiJtob.
you are welcome just the same. It is no trouble
to shoxv goods.
10 per cent off for cash on all goods. ' i
Conway & Keith.
Try our Choice Winter
Wheat Flour, "Crosby'Sg
Best." Every sack waril
ranted to give satisfactihg
or money refunded. Onjlijff
$1.50 per sack.
W it
Sole Ageritg. '
4. A
W. T
preigs & Draggists SaMrifes
Pure Dniffs and Chemicals, Toilet Mcl
Cigars, Tobacco and Smokers' Articles. ,
Prescriptions carefully compounded. Headquarters for Dr. Diracu.
No. 3406.
Offers, for the first time,
1 LOTS 371
Magnificent cLcLition
To be sold at Low Prices and on Easy Terms: Only
and balance on monthly payments. A discount of 10 per cent
on all sales made uring the month of August and twenty
per cent"6ii whole blocks. A number of fine residences are
now under contract to be erected in t;his addition. Now is
the time to invest if you want the benefit of bed-rock prices,
discounts and the pick of the location that suits you best.
By purchasing now you may be su xe to double your money
in ninety days. The sale will continue during the month of
August at the office of
- : Thos. C Patterson,
Sec'y N; P. Town Lot Co.
North. Platte, - ISTeb.
Authorized Capital, $200,000. Paid in Capital, $50,(XX)i
Banking In All Its Branches Transacted
Sell Bills of Exchange Direct on Great Britain and Ireland, Switzer
land, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria.
Lath, Shingles,
Building Paper,
- $
FIfUl Street, Cor. Locust, Opposite Baptist Chnrcb,
North Platte, - Nebraska.
si 1 r

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