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fS A BABE.Editobs atd Psops
i M. Holer. aa"okf reeident of Br adv
i Bretcrnitz has opened a lunch
Mifiman Hooae block on Jfront street
r, the photographer, made a triD
t business connected wilh his prof es-ik.
I weather of Wednesday and Thnrs-
ltle reminder that Old Winter is
l Teacher's Association will be
it on the 27th. 28th and 2&th of this
'dealers anticipate a much livelier
i than last. Already parties are
lerons private residences.
; people held a sociable at their
' evening which was well patron-
i present had a pleasant evening.
er, of Logan county, was in town
: fouling happy over the advent of a boy
to ins home last week.
Waarry is now officially installed as
i that he will fill the bill is conced-
Mi"6 Nellie White will continue in the
Calhoun, of Kearney, has accepted
Kwenyer as route agent between
I.thtBcity. Hois on duty four days
i a lay-off of four days.
Fiairie aakooners and small herds of cattle
t westward already, the first fleet passinc
t.tevn lt -Saturday. This of itself is an
nvnng ia near at hand--
ever, T 5m
om thr&ambcr of licenses thus far
ierthe new ordinance, dnra nro
at eaaaidared very valuable. Up to Thursday
amlf tasm daaa had asked for protective collars.
J. 8. Keagkfid met with a narrow escape whilo
at Sidney last week. He had intended to take the
limited that was wrecked at Oolton, but did't do
so, aad heaee is with us as well and hearty as
W. H. Brooch has leased fine rooms on tho
ettk aide of the Grady block and will have a
akylifjh' patra. This will make a fineproto-
f, and as Mr. Broach is a firs t-c las s
3D8 will receive satisfactory work.
Tbeaaa.W. Loftus died Thursday morning
after a protracted illness with a disease of the
liver. He wee 23 years of age. The funeral took
place yesterday afternoon, the remains being in
tarred in the Catholic cemetry south of the city.
As aaother; indication that the Northwestern
wiUaeiMhVorlb;Platteextension,'is the fact
that the eaajttwnrvis. anloading hundreds of cars
o . .
mwous of the branch. How-
DKE has better and surer informa
tion thaa"tais&Mll give it to the public when
the proper time arrives.
Kearaer w opposed to having this city desig
nated as the. place for holding United States
court, claiaiag that as we have the land office we
should be content. North Platte does not want
the earth, bat it does believe that this is the most
convenient point for the people of western Ne
braska to attaad United States court. It is easy
of access and has a central location.
In addition to the large number who receive
the Ceatury Magazine through lbs mail, K. W.
Hammoadv eapplies about thirty-five copies to
regular readers each month, besides disposing of
a large rather of Barper'6 and Scribners. This
is an ijaJamaian that our people read a good class
of literaaa; In this connection The Tribune
woald stale that those wishing to have their mag
arises boaad can leave them at this office and we
will harethaaa bound for $1.25 par volume, six
numbers enaeti toting a volume. This does not
include freight, charges. - -
The praaaairk the proper season for aettisg
AowTojaamamm woric in toe. way of seuuar aartta-
ired attractions of tMtU
aad oar beard of trade shcd bethe "1
moves our little world." The gentlemen
thk oraankation are all interested iu the welfare
of the town and they should know' that "what is
good for the town is also good for them individ
ually. The board of trade should awaken from
its lithargic sleep and do a little rustling. In or
der to bring business to our town wo must show
the advantages we possess. Let us act in unity
and good will result.
A correspondent of the State Journal, writing
from Logan, gives the following account of the
forgeries of B. H. Mitchell: "The forged county
warrants of B. H. Mitchell, ex-county clerk and
judge, are accumulating very day nntil about
$900 have turned' np and there is no guessing
where the ead may be. The bank of Arnold is
the heaviest loser so far as known, with the First
National of North Platte and the Logan County
bank a good second and third. Honaker Bros.,
money loanors of Gandy, and Hupfer of North
Platte are also out large amounts on snide chat
tel mortgages, while his bondsmen are also out
on money paid into his hands as district court
clerk and squandered for drink and gambling.
The board of county commissioners have offered
a reward of $100 for his return and conviction on
any one of tho "many forgeries, while the banks
and his bondsmen are raising a purse to odd to
the reward, which will make the amount in the
neighborhood of $300. He mortgaged not only a
large amount of ficticious property but also his
wife's team, as well as her house and lots in Gan
dy, and after the mortgage was acknowledged
forged her name thereto. His offico fees were
sufficient to make him more than a comfortable
living, but "Strong drink hath destroyed many."
A gentleman in North Platte tells how ho has
been known to carry off at the gaming tables
there in one night six hundred dollars, but he
doesn't say who carried oil the same money the
next night. He did not stop when his term of
office as county clerk expired, but supplied him
self with blank warrants and has been forging the
name of the present clerk, C. C. Beckwith. A
large number of the warrants have found pur
chasers amongst the brokers of Lincoln. His of
fice has been declared vacant, and next week an
election will be ordered to fill his place as county
judges also to vote bonds to complete the court
A new time card will go into effect
to-morrow but we understand no material
changes will be made, the desired end
being to make closer connections with
the Iowa roads at Council Bluffs.
Mr. Allum, of the Roller Mill, returned
Wednesday from a trip up the road in the
interest ofhis firm. The Hoar made by
this mill is in good demand all along the
V. P. west of the city.
Mr. Moody, the evangelist, arrived in
Hastings Thursday and will bold a series
of meetings in that city. Mr. Moody's
tame extends over the civilized world and
his, success as an evangelist has become a
part of the religious history of the present
Grand Island with its usual push and
vigor, is making bids for the Democratic
state convention. The Tribune would
like to see her get it.
A gentleman who made a trip over
theB. fcM. Denver line last week in
forms us that the people of Culbertson
are confident that a branch will be built
from that point to North Platte. Just at
present the air is full of railroad rumors,
some of which are bound to matarialize.
The strike on the B. & M. or some
other cause delayed the mails so that our
Wallace and Wellfleet correspondence
came to hand just before we went to press
yesterday evening, too late for publication
this week.
Gt). R Golvin has entered suit
agaiaat Jno. Keith, J. Jft . Bickal, W. H.
Dudley nd Wm. Alger for malicious
proeeeertion and false imprisonment,
placisf the damages at ten thousand
dollar. The case will be- heard at the
coming torm--wT district coTirt.
if to
The familv of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Van Camp was increased Tuesday morn
ing by the arrival of a boy.
Mr. Rennie will soon commence the
erection of a fine residence in the south
west part of the city near B. I. Hinman's.
Best fittiner corset in the market at
Conway Sisters. Try one and you will
never wear another.
Foley's grocery department lias been
repainted and tne sneiving rearrangea,
adding much to the general appearance
of the store.
Five or six inches of snow would be
welcomed bv farmers. The ground is
quite dry, and moisture from this source
would be a great benefit.
Oysters served in any style at Hin
man House Lunch Room.
The storm of Thursday caused a tem
porary let-up on building operations, but
the work will be pushed all the more
rapidly when fair weather sets in.
In his recent lecture tour, Bill Nye
came as far west as Nebraska, and gave a
lecture at Hastings. Bill is acquiring
quite a reputation as a platform orator.
The G. A. R. memorial meeting at
Odd Fellows Hall this evening in memory
of late Comrade Anthony Ries, will be
public, and all friends are invited te attend.
The interior of the Palace clothing
store has been freshened in appearance
by a liberal coat of kalsomine. This is
preparatory to the stacks of goods to be
received in a couple weeks. -
With the exception of the-Catholic
entertainment, we believe there is nothing
as yet billed for the opera house this
month. Theatrical companies do no,t
seem to be coming our way. v
. - "
McEvoy has repapered, painted and
re-arranged the shelving in his store,
giving everything a much more artistic
appearance." Mac proposes to have as fine
looking store room as there is in West
Business men generally are of the
the opinion that before this month passes
by business will look up considerably and
by the first of April trade will bo good.
It is hoped such predictions will provo
XrsVE. R. Griffin spent Thursday with
relative in. Kearney.
Lester Eells spent the early part of the
week in Nebraska's metropolis transact
ing bqsiness.
J. H. Holiday a B. & M. contractor from
lhe North Loan. Dsssed through with his
outfit Monday, bound for the south.
Mrs. H. C. Lanrdon. wife of the well-
known engineer, went to Denver Monday
on a visit to friends.
W. E. Beach having been on a months
visit to friends in York State, arrived
home Saturday morning.
J. kM. Clifford arrived home last Satur
day, having been an a visit for the past
three months at his old home in Missouri.
A F. Streitz, an officer of the Nebraska
Board of Pharmacy, leaves for Lincoln
tomorrow to attend a meeting of that
Mrs. C. H. Randall was taken seriously
ill Thursday evening, but last evening was
somewhat improved.
3Irs.B. Gorman, saleslady in Foley's
store, left Thursday evening for a visit
with friends in O'Neil, this state.
Mrs. Ries took her son Tony to Omaha
Tuesday evening to have his eyes treated,
fears being entertained that he was grad
ually losing his sight
R. D.Thomson went downto Plum
Creek Monday Morning, where he will
likely take contracts to put up a number
of large ouildings daring the summer.
We understand that Louis Burke will
shortly move to this city and make this
his home. He .and his esjjnajble wif
will-be gladly welcomed
by tbeir many
Judge Church was in our city last
Thursday circulating a petition to have
the U. S. court located at North Platte.
The petition was signed by a number of
our citizens. Under the new districting
several towns are competing for its loca
tion, but we hope our neighbor may be
successful Ugalalla Jtcflector.
MissEfnie A. Dougherty, sister of
Mrs. James Ray, and well known in this
city as a teacher, was married at her
fathers house in Secorro, N. M., on Feby
22d, to Mr. Joseph A. Bent jr., of Lincoln,
this State. The couple will make the
latter place theirhome.
The building association held its
regular monthly meeting in the court
house hist Saturday evening. Two loans
were made of 1,000 each, the premium
offered being forty per cent. That would
make the annual interest just ten per cent
on the amount received by the borrowers.
The meeting called by Mayor Ham
mond to convene at the court house last
Saturday to discuss city extension matters,
was not called to order for want of a
quorum of the council. Tho members
probably wanted more time to consider
what the- had' already heard on the
Conductors Wyman and States, who
were "let out" oh account of their mishap
up the road, are two of the best boys the
U. P ever had in their employ and their
raany friends in this city regret-that jnia-
fortuB ftftaa oeraiiem tmnm. It is- to be
A letter received frost
bora by Robert Douglas states tkat Mr.
Coburn has not beea restored from .tliaf
office of inspector in the land depart,
ment, as published by The Tiibusic
last week, at least he had nottieefcrnoti
fied of such removal up to the 29th of
February. The information giving rise
to our statement was received from W.
S. Peniston, chief clerk in the land office,
and from Mr. Patterson.
Mrs . J . F. Hinman returned from New
York on Friday of last week, and we are
informed the medical treatment she
received while away has resulted quite
Rufus Br ices, who had been suffering
with rheumatism for a couple weeks, was
taken to Omaha the early part of the week
for treatment. It is hoped he will soon
return completely restored.
Miss Kate Bentley, who sprained her
ankle at the last Apollo Club dance, is
improving much more slowly than she
and her many friends desire, being at
present unable to walk without assistance.
J. W. Wilson, editor of the Paxton
Pilot was a pleasant caller at this office
Tuesday. He is of the opinion that
. ! 1 .1 " 3
iraxton win enjoy a Doom mis year auu
we trust that such will be the case.
Those who are to take part in the play
"Rory O'Moore" on March 17th, as well as
those who are to furnish the vocal music
on that occasion, are busily engaged in
practice of the different parts. The en
tertain mrnt will be the best ever given by
the literary society, and the price of ad
mission only one half as much as on
former occasions. Tickets will be on sale
next week.
A half dozen couples of Mr. H. S.
Keith's friends gave him a little surprise
on Wednesday evpning, the day before
, having been the anniversary of his advent
into this world of -pleasure and sorrow.
The guests were entertained at progressive
euchre until midnight During the even
ing light refreshments were served. The
attendants passed the hours pleasautly and
on departing wished the genial H. S.
many returns of his anniversaiy.
In the summer of 1885 a small band of
buffalo numbering about 40 passed through
this county. Several of them were killed,
some calves caught, and the balance were
driven southwest out of the county. This
little band were the last wild buffalo that
will ever be on Keith county soil, nothing
is left but their old trails and now and then
a horn or some bones to tell that they
ever existed, where but a few years ago,
tens of thousands of them existed and
grew fat on the rich grass of these
prairies. Paxton Pilot.
On Wednesday we evidently caught
some of the raw wind that had covered
the eastern part of the State" for a few
days previous, judging from the State
Journal Topics xnavT. He says: Pat
riotic citizens will observe that, the wind
of the past few days has the Nebraska
signature engraved on its label. There is
but one Nebraska and the zephyr is its
prophet. Considering the raw
winds of the past few days it is a pleasure
to turn to the Bible and find that the day
cometh which shall burn as stubble."
The second election for the location
of the county seat in Perkins county took
place on Tuesdav last. Grant people
had been in the habit of casting so many
illegal votes that Madrid decided to watch
them and prevent, if possible, a repetition
of the same. A row resulted, the com
mittee being handled and some of the
members pounded in a rough manner.
Up to yesferday morning no news of the
result of the election had been received.
There is hot blood in both Madrid and
Grant, and the war is itf progress.
In view of the fact that there are
quite a number of farmers short of seed
wheat, and especially from the fact that
much of the wheat raised here isr of an
inferior flour making quality, steps "were
taken early this week to secure several
car loads of Dakota wheat for seed pur
poses. A society of subscribers was
formed who raised the
and tne wheat will soon
plan is to sell the seed to farmers at cost,
to be paid for after next harvest. This
will be a good thing for all parties con
cerned, insuring the sowing of a. much
larger breadth of grain, at the same "time
making it easy for farmers to get seed of
a superior quality. To Messrs. Allum &j
Holtry 'is ;due the; credit of starting the
GiRiijW anted, Apply at the. milUn
ery store" bf Conway Sisters. . .NT , " 'V
. i
John Enlow came down from the Foley
ranch on Snake Creek the fore part of the
week. They are wintering about 1,800
head of three and four-year-olds, and the
cattle have never passed a winter thus far
in such good shape.
3Ir. Streitz, of Omaha, father of- the
druggist, stopped over Sunday to visit his
son, being on his way from California .
He was a former freighter over the plains
when it took eight months to make a trip
to Montana and return; now if he con
sumes six weeks in a journey to Califor
nia he considers it a waste of time. The
world is growsng fast.
Save time and money by buying the
Perfect Fitting Universal Patterns at
Conway Sisters,
Did she come in like a lion? That's
what she did ! Will she go out like a
lamb? That's another problem.
At the foreclosure sale at Van Doran's
stable last Saturday two horses and three
head of cattle were sold for $191.50.
Frooertv sold under the hammer is gener
ally kaaxta eJ M' coafdsrasle tear than
JL ' .' A -1
8fcaw; of Plaam Creek, Neb.
r j
Rem ember "the-place to go, (for pho
to&i'aghs) is eke place yoa know," and that
is W. A. Bradley s Photo Car, -the best
work Is guaranteed. I will only remain
possiblya week longer.
H.M. Grimes leaves for Washington
to-day for the purpose of presenting North
Platte's advantages as a point for holding
United States court Mr. Grimes will
undoubtedly do his level best for the town.
He will be absent about two weeks.
Among the hard working "boosters" in
the late county-seat contest in Perkins
county was C. C. Williams, until recently
an attorney of this city. Being a resident
of Grant, he quite naturally advocated
the rights of that place.
Nebraska is remarkable for two
things u she has 3,751,556 acres of school
land and is the second stato in the union
in regard to sweet potato culture, the
average production being 117 bushels to
the acre.
A resident of the First ward sends in
the following: "Some person is cutting
off large limbs from the trees along First
street Come, do not mar the beauty of
those trees. It took money to put them
there not only money but hard work
and patience."
A few hours spent in Ogallala Mon
day convinced the writer that the resi
dents are of the progressive stripe. A
school house costing $7,000 is receiving
the finishing touches and as soon as the
weather will permit work will be com
menced on a court house which when
completed will cost $18,000.
A Card. We wish through your
paper to return our thanks to the friends
who so thoughtfully provided a generous
stock of groceries and provisions initiatory
to our housekeeping in North Platte.
Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Hall.
Quarterly Meeting. The second
quarterly meeting of the Methodist Epis
copal church will be held next Sabbath,
Rev. WT. A. Amsbary, Presiding Elder
will officiate and preach morning and
evening at the usual hours. The sacra
ment of the Lord's supper will be admin
ihtered at close of morning service.
T. C. Patterson and J. W. Bixler
visited Lincoln this week to attend the G.
A. R. encampment. The attendance was
very large, and good feeling was upper
most Mr. Patterson arrived home yester
day morning. Up to the time he left,
the commander had not been elected, but
Norfolk had been selected as the place
for holding the next reunion.
The North Platte 8todc , rar4a.
Louie Burke has purchased
Platte stock yards, and hfinftajijBi
permanently reside in this cxt m wm
ger. V" r ' f
Air. Burke is exceptionaHjr . well
for this position, having hal exteMrre
experience with handling. aKl saippinf
cattle. He also has several iktrasAafas
that will bring increased bsitess to the
yards, being thoroughly waHyacquaiated
wnn cattlemen on the ptaMt aad wltt
commission merchants' in OfcaJu; indeed
being connected with-the?.'! Brk
Sons commission house of Saita Omaha
The Tribune wishes him tMsaccem be
is sure 10 achieve. T , - ,
The Lone: Pine Chimeia. ' ,
The annual meeting of ffcefLeof 'pfee
Chautauqua will cnmrneneefatLoag Plae
on the 12th of July, contiaaiie atatU the
25th. Last year was the IhaiiaietxW. bat
it was a success nevertheless iM)e tWs
year the prospects are,(leti toiffkfer.
Rev. Geo. W Marvin of taiatftviis areai-.
dent, having just been reteetef at taw
meeting of the directors. '-Moet of tie
instructors who take aleelin inert at
Crete are engaged for L6e, Pia, 'while
Rev. Martin and his a&oaiaies 'are sot
sluggards ia the work, f Under 'tkeir
efficient magement the' Loag; Mae
Chautauqua promises to "become oae of
the noted summer gatn'eriJgs of ' North
Nebraska. !? ' . ' s M
I car l
- The Weather During February.
From the monthly report of J. W. By
ram, local observer of the U. S. signal
corps, we excerpt the following informa
tion of the condition of the weather
during February. Mean temperature
31:5 r highest temperature, 67.8 on the
13th; lowest temperature, 4.2 on the 9th,
the only time that the mercury fell below
zero 'during the month; greatest daily
range 49.5; least daily range, 10.5; mean
daily range 24.4. Mean temperature for
this month in 1875. 31.3; '7fi 39. 7- 77
n30ra? '34.7; '78, 35.3; '79, 19.7; '80, 29.4;' '8l!
JlT;.de 21.6; '82, 33.4 ; 83, 168; '84, 19.7:' -85
19.8; '86, 34.8; '87, 19.3. It is generally
supposed that this February was very
warm, but it will be seen from the above
figures that it is not uncommon for Feb
ruary to be still warmer. The mean daily
relative humidity was 69.7. Prevailing
direction of wind northwest highest
.velocity of wind 54; total movement of
wind 6263; total precipitation .42 inches.
aooui an average amount Number of
clear days 10, fair days 15, cloudy days 4
Principal Transfers fof Eeel
Recorded in the office of ;tke Coaaty
Clerk -from Feb. 14 tn Marci 1st 1191.
Benj. Murphy and wifefto C. H. X
ue y on, wis ana u, otocK 17m.
No Platte :...t300Q 90
Lizzie L. Tracv and hiubanld Jo.
Retta. Le-Mastersfrafilinatfr1te- 4?
5. 0, 7 and 8, blk188jNatPlatte 99100
NPTLCtoHS Kelth.Mnt li
blk C, T L C addn to NotPlattii 99 00
Robert W Welborn to hag 0 .
Locke, w hf sw qr, se eMaw q
and sw or se or, 14-9-W. . S'Jl U09 00
A R Pierce and wife toiWCJMett.-
op, se qrsw qr, 34-10Jjr
ne or and Its 2 and 3. ei-ll J:. ltOO 09!
A R Cruzen and wifef ami' J B-
! x T 1 ITT Tf'Jil-- - .
cruzen 10 uuuu vv iubmb, 11
7, block 14, and lot It Meek 11, T
Wallace . 450 00
Solomen Greenameyer to John
Johnson, all sec 17, 11-2G.... 5760 00
Annie M and W S Peniston to
Anton Paschmann, Its 1 and 2
blk 7, Periston's addn; 100 00
David I Wilkins and wife to F A
Reynolds, nw qr. 10-11-26...... 1000 00
John Keith to M C Keith, Its 4
and 5, 34-14-31 100 00
Clinton C Griswold and wife, to P
L Harper, It 13, blK 19, Wallace 150 00
W 31 McConnaughey and wife
to James R Bangs, lotl, blk 64,
North Platte 350 00
A R Cruzen and wife and J B
Cruzen to Patrick G Heagney,
lot 11, blk 10, Wallace 225 00
Marianna Byerle to David Min-
shall, its 5and 6 blk 12. Miller's
addn 250 00
David Cash and E L Cash to
Louis Burke, 16 acres in jiw qr
sw qr 34-30-14, (JNorth Platte
stockyards). 8000 90
A Bad. .Railroad Accident.
An accident occurred at Colton, nine
miles east of Sidney, about 2 o'clock Sat
urday morning last, that was one of the
most serious that has ever occurred on the
ine of the Union Pacific. The Overland
Flyer left Sidney with instructions to
meet freight No. ,19 at Colton. The en
gineer, Michael Powell belonged on the
Cheyenne division, the train being in
charge of the regular conductor, A B.
Wyman, of this city. The freight was to
pull on to the side track at Colton, and it
is asserted was fate in making the siue
track,' coHtwjB-aore- than-the -fita
Mantes r mav&3faitk witmsmiti
a mtj, au BHiea aav
Have you ever known a COX
Shoe to disappoint vou in style or
wear.-' Have you ever Known the
time when so many dealers are urg-
ig the names of different manu
facturers for recognitipn? Don't
"you know all shoe makers consider
their make the best? Whv? Sim-
ply because they want to flood the
country with "trash", claiming at
the same time that they are cheap-
er in price Out better in aualitv.
Don't be deceived by this nonsense.
We could give the names of hun-
dreds of these people who . aredaily
deceiving the public' by stating
their so-called facts. Who wears
tha Cox Shoe? Whv those who
recognize a good article of wear
when they once get it. They are
worn by ladies who. take special
pride in footwear. They are worn
by young ladies to give them an
elasticity in walking that no other
shoe can srive. They are worn bv
we.- w
everybody for style, cheapness, com
fort and economy. They are the
rasra everywhere and we have CUT
the prices.
North Platte, Neb.
P. S. We are giving great drives
this week iu Ladies' Underwear
New Goods.
A five-room house on West Third Street.
Apply to C. L. Wood.
The best quality .of Beef. Pork, Mut
ton, Lamb, Veal and all kinds of sausage
at Charley Lekdek's
North Side
tf- Brooklyn Market.
r1BS:.2!v.t' ! 13 . ?" : 31 .n.. Hi JI ' - IS- .iWaBLMBSanBBBBBBaBrii i 1HaBHBl
ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - Lj j!
lp3 h se. fig: ; r
' S H ill . :;rv Jl:
ag l.EiTiiistef i:
I am now receiving plenty of Rock fah'tyfy 1
Springs coal to supply all the demands of ; . ' Ji's vt
this season of the year. Can deliver . ?J&., . ,, "j. - - '
promptly and will guarautee courteous "r n '
treatment. C. F. Iddesos. : ' . - ' . ' ' ' - f " & ?
Washburn flour at Grady's opposite lSUiti" waki-L
the postoffice. WORTH OF" - j;
j.; ;"
make a
Go to Grady's opposite
for choice groceries.
the postoffice
The sausage of all kinds manufactured
by Klenk & Gatward has achieved a wide
reputation for excellence. They ship
large quantities to dealers up and down
the road.
Any person desiring a second hand
sewing machine can find a good one, by
applying at this office, and it will be sold
almost at the purchasers price. tf.
Cheap Coal OIL
150 Test Oil 20 cents.
175 Test Head Light 25 cents.
G. R. Hammond.
A fine 4-year old colt will
fine draft horse for sale cheap.
to Li. A. btevens, this office.
on the.
oaded with oil. The eomne rolfei
into the ditch, the baggage; maul aad ex
press cars, smoker, day coacJl aad oae
sjeejper were thrown-into admass and
burned, the oil being ignited almost im
mediately. Engineer Powell was killed,
and fireman, August Johnson,, had both
legs broken near the thigh and was other
wise injured. There was only a light
load of passengers none of whom were
killed, but nearly all of those in the day
coach and smoker were injured. Below
is a list of the wounded:
F. Lawrence, brakeman, head, neck
and face cut; head, back and hands burn
ed. A. A. Brown, Norwich, N. Y., face and
nose cut.
W. H. Murphy, Salone, la., cut and
E. D. Isaacaon, Howard, Neb., back
and head cut.
George Keller, Mansfield, O., bad cut
on hand. N -t
Mrs. Burton Reed JanesviTle, N. Y.,
left arm and foot mashed.
Mrs. Baird, Laramie, Wyoming, ankle
Joseph Smith. Grand Island, Neb., head
cut and leg bruised.
Mrs. Lucy Hackenburg, Burchard,
Neb., back and hand cut.'
John Lead, Julesburg, Neb., wrist
broken and face cut.
George McNary, Kimball, Dak., arm
bruised and ankle spraioed.
W. D. Knowles, Green with, 111., back,
side and both legs badly hurt.
P. J. Carlston, Kearney, Neb., cut on
Frank N. Keith, Grand Island, face
and nose cut.
J. C. Fox, Haley, 111., hand cut.
Mrs. John Lighthall, Helena, Mont.,
collar bone broken.
Mrs. Eli Douglas, badly bruised aud
thumb broken.
E. Johnson, Beresford, DaWrta, side
bruised. .
The coroner oLCaeyenne county held
an inquest as to the cause of the death of
Engineer Powell. The jury decided that
he was censurable for neglecting to obey
rule 37, which provides that the main
track will be considered' as obstructed
while the headlight is shown, and that he
juiieu iu muck iiis sueeu, aiuinuira we
headlight of train 19 waasbini
that Conductor Wyman w
with the engineer for viol
Conductor Ralph States
f lumps of tram 19 wen
violation of rules.
Conductors Wymat
gineer rhillips, it.
been discharged b
The company
ruies tor tue mat
they strictly ot
reduced to thei
ing of bridges
of orders, acci
one was clea
bedience of :
the poweri
life to hai
,.. Ifyou want to see a fine picture stop
at poaway & Keith', wiadow and see a
ia "Crayoa" of Mr, W. E. Beach tor $13.
want one like k leave your 'orders
SWaiWigr iaidim ,af Pkoto
Car fAll'warkaaaM4. Call and get
pncea! TwUl be here poasiMy all next
Good work or driving horse, 7 years old,
weighs about 1,200 pounds. Apply to
L. Haynes,
2w At City Meat Market.
Hinman House Lunch Room opened.
Miss Louise, Breternitz, Manager.
Fon Rent. A Dwelling House. In
quire of Mrs. Babb.
I have purchased the Union Gallpry
of Mr. Mathewson and will hereafter
run the business and endeavor to please
my patrons. Call and see my work and
get prices.
tf W. H. BnoAcn.
Telephone communications can be
had with Banc's Livery Stable by stepping
into Streitz's drug store.
1 desire to call the attention of the
ladies to my stock of Fine Stationery
These goods are of latest styles and have
been carefully selected. I also have a
fine stock of Artists Materials, which
I would be pleased to have you examine.
A. F. Streitz.
Of nice corn-fed steers were received
by Klenk & Gatward this week. They
will have no others.
I shall remain here permanently, and
there is no need to be in a hurry on
account of the weather. We will have
plenty good weather to finish pictures
during the spring. But if you want a
good picture, give me a call. I am bound
to please. W. H. Broach.
We have just closed our firstyear's bus
iness with the people of North Platte and
Lincoln and adjoining counties, which we
assure you has been very satisfactory to
us; our trade being at least double what
we anticipated. For ths liberal patron-
ewe are thankful to yoojniL-ShaJl try
aw "
The North Platte Creamery
Will be ready to receive cream between
April 20th and May 1st. Parties who have
cows ure requested to send in their names
and state the aumber of Mwa thej expect
to milk. The preseat otttloek k that the
price of cream will be from 15 to 18 cte
per gauge . A gaage will make om poa
creamery In the state.
milk all the cows they own; there k
mosey in it.
For information address,
North Platte, Nebraska.
Lovers of a good smoke will find that
A. F. Streitz carries the finest cigars to b
had in the market, and his patent 're
frigerator" case keeps them in prime
Telephone communications can be
had with Bang's Livery Stable by stepping
into Streitz's drug store.
. rmrrri-iiiUHi m-wr-nr ct - wm
Telephone communications can be
had with Bang's Livery Stable by stepping
into Streitz's drug store.
Also, Rod Breaking Plows of home
Deere, Hapgood, )
Moline, Brown, CULTIVATORS
Keokuk, Maud S )
Rose, (
Empire C
Evans, r PLANTERS.
Little Yankee,
Clipper Tricycle,
Flying Dutchman,
Ole Oleson,
Hats, Caps,
Boots and Shoes
This stock
but must
One hundred head of Western Horses
for sale. May be seen atWm.Cokert
Ranch, five miles west of Brntt's Birdwood
Ranch. Post office address North Platte.
4w Eugene Emert.
?nk & Gatward are slauehteriac
2D Beeves exclusively. Steo
isrket and be convinced .
ed bushels of French Imper-
it always pays to bn
SS, J. xC (jKAPDf,
North PI
J f '.life1
is Mitirtly ntw , ' !'
1 I mmmm
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